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Of Mice & Men & Alisdair

Of Mice & Men & Alisdair

Of Mice & Men & Alisdair

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 12:21 AM PDT

I know TV is supposed to be bad — or at the very least not great — for small children. There are studies that say so, apparently. I'm tempted to think, however, that the people who did those studies didn't have children of their own. If they did, they might be kinder to that magical tool, without which many a parent would have way more trouble doing a load of laundry or preparing lunch for the kids. But yeah, I know, it's science and all that, TV is bad for kids' development, and when we hit old age we won't be able to rely on our kids to take care of us because they'll all be serial killers. I know.

In spite of the warnings about the evils of television, I let my kids watch it. I've tried to compromise, though, by mostly letting them watch Playhouse Disney, which only recently changed its name to Disney Junior. I figure if they're going to end up with severe ADD because they spent their formative years watching TV, they might as well watch programs that will teach them about good manners, patience, compromise, teamwork, and some ABCs and 123s. And hey, I think ADD runs in my family, so if they're probably going to get it anyway, might as well learn a few things along the way, right?

The other channels have always been somewhat dodgy, at least as far as small children are concerned. The Disney Channel and the Cartoon Network are obviously for slightly older kids, and by older I don't necessarily mean teens, just kids who are older than Al. Then there's Astro Ceria. If that were the only kids' channel on Astro, I'd be firmly on the side of the 'TV will turn your children into zombies' people. It's bad enough they have Ultraman on there, but it gets worse. One day Al was watching Hagemaru when a punk rock band appeared on the screen, not a big deal except for the fact that their drum kit bore the words 'F*CK YOU' (only they didn't censor it like I just did). Okay, so Al couldn't read at the time anyway. But still, come on.

Anyway, Al used to watch channel 613 all the time — that's the good one — but after his last visit to his older cousin Afiq's place in Muar, now all he wants to watch is channel 616 — that's Cartoon Network — and occasionally the other channels. He won't watch Disney Junior at all, because it's just not cool anymore.

It could be a coincidence, but lately he's been having mild nightmares. Not the wake-up-screaming kind but nightmares nonetheless. Leen figured the nightmares were a good reason for Al to stop watching channel 616.

Leen: You know why you have those nightmares?

Al: Why?

Leen: Because you like to watch 616. It has scary stuff. You should watch Disney Junior. Mickey Mouse isn't scary at all, right?

Al: Hey, Mickey Mouse is scary too!

Leen: What? Mickey Mouse isn't scary, silly!

Al: Yes he is!

Leen: How is Mickey Mouse scary?

Al: He stands up like a man. And he can talk. Mice can't talk!

Neither of us could come up with a suitable comeback to that. In fact we're both pretty sure we failed to deter him from watching the other channels, though of course we could still just forbid him from watching them. The upside is that yesterday I caught him watching Disney Junior. And just this morning, he heard the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme while having his morning bath and grabbed for his towel because he didn't want to miss anything. Maybe being 'scary' enhances Mickey's cool factor.

So, since we know TV is bad for small children, we don't let little Aaron watch it at all, right? Well, he watches Baby TV all the time. Nothing scary there, though I have to say I find Vegimals a little weird. He's into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now too. Once he can talk — if all this exposure to TV doesn't render him mute or unable to focus long enough to have a conversation, that is, because come on, there have been studies — we'll find out if Mickey freaks him out a little.

Funny One-Liners

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 10:15 AM PDT


Q: What is the diffrent between a girl and a cellphone...
A: You can put a selfone on silent.

Q: What does a clock do when it's hungry?
A: Goes back 4 secounds!!!

Research shows that 90% of men don't know how to use condom, these people are called DADS....

Did you hear the story about the giraffe?
Forget it - it's too long.

Q: Waiter how long will the chips be?
A: About five centimeters each, I expect sir.

Q: What do you do when you throw a clock up in the air
A: Times up!

Q: What did the dog say when he sat on the sand paper?
A: Ruff.

Q: What do you call a cow with no legs??
A: Ground beef.

Q: What do you call a monkey on a mine field ?
A: a baboom

Q: What do you get if you cross a bee with a skunk?
A: An animal that stinks and stings!

Q : What is the difference between women and magnets ?
A : Magnets have also positive side.

Q:What did one eye say to the other eye?
A:Between you and me something smells.

Q. What's the difference between an aerobics instructor and a dentist?
A. A dentist lets you sit down while he hurts you.

Q: Whats long, hard, and full of seamen?
A: A submarine.

Q. An ethical lawyer, an honest politician, and a merciful aerobics instructor all fall out of an airplane. Which one hits the ground first?
A. It doesn't matter - none of them exist.

A date with Harry Potter

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 09:49 AM PDT

"You're cordially invited to the screening of HARRY POTTER THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART2 on Saturday July 16th 6pm in e@Curve! See you there!" I received this text in my iPhone.

hurray~ i got the invitation to the latest and hottest movie in town for this month. The Harry Potter final episode. There are another friend of mine were invited too... :p Anyway, my friends and I have sitting in the Starbie coach sipping coffee and reading some books while waiting for the show to start on 6:35pm. 

The first scene of the movie for Part 2 was the last scene of Part 1... so how many of you still remember the last scene of Part 1?

Anyway, the story continues....

I think i would not describe too much and blog about the story line. This is because there are so many of you out there haven't watch this movie yet... I don't want to be the spoiler :p If you wanna to know the whole story, please buy a ticket and watch the movie.

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Warning To Binge Drinking Teenage Girls

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 09:00 AM PDT

From BBC ONLINE: 16 July 2011 Last updated at 00:12 GMT
Binge drinking 'can damage memory skills' in teen girls Adolescent girls could be risking damage to their brains if they binge drink. Teenagers - especially girls - who binge drink could be damaging the part of their brain which controls memory and spatial awareness, say Californian researchers.

Gema "SHAME ON YOU" Di London Bakal Akhiri Pemerintahan Najib Sebagai PM Malaysia

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 09:42 AM PDT

Berdasarkan kepada perkembangan mutakhir, nampaknya kedudukan Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri semakin goyah. Perlekehan beliau terhadap BERSIH 2.0 serta penipuan yang dibuat terhadap rakyat di dalam soal penyediaan stadium memakan dirinya sendiri.

Kini rata-rata sokongan rakyat terhadap BERSIH semakin meningkat. Jika perhimpunan 50,000 pada 9 Julai lalu diperlekehkan oleh polis dan Najib sebagai hanya 5,000, kini Tuhan membukakan mata semua untuk melihat bahawa bilangan rakyat yang menyertai BERSIH sebenarnya lebih daripada 50,000 - mungkin 500,000, munkin 5 juta mungkin 15 juta, hanya kerana ramai diantara mereka adalah majoriti senyap yang tidak dapat hadir ke perhimpunan kerana telah diharamkan oleh kerajaan Malaysia.

Jika tidak sepastinyalah hari ini juga kemungkinan Najib sudah terbongkang dari kerusi "menteri perdana"nya.

Pertama kali di dalam sejarah BERSIH, ia tersebar dan disambut di seluruh pelusuk dunia (bukan sekadar di Malaysia). Jika di dalam negara sambutan Bersih di kekang oleh Polis & FRU, tetapi di luarnegara mereka bebas. Dan GB percaya bilangan mereka yang menentang Najib (setidak-tidaknya di dalam isu BERSIH) semakin membuak dan membesar.

Dan satu ciri yang menarik pada BERSIH kali ini ialah ia disertai oleh rakyat yang multi-racial bukan lagi terhad kepada kelompok etnik Melayu seperti di dalam BERSIH 1.0.

Apa yang berlaku itu menunjukkan juga pemerintahan Najib sudah berada di penghujung jalan.

Jika sebelum ini diketahui, dahulu, Najib begitu beriya-iya ingin mengambil-alih tampuk pemerintahan dari tangan Pak Lah, kini, Najib akan merasakan hal yang sama malah mungkin lebih dasyat. GB difahamkan, pelbagai tekanan dilakukan oleh pihak Najib ke atas pentadbiran Pak Lah supaya Pak Lah berundur dan terpaksa melambaikan tangan mengucapkan sayonara kepada Jabatan Perdana Menteri lebih awal... tidak dapat memenuhi hasratnya menjadi PM selama dua penggal (Tempoh Pak Lah sebagai PM ialah 31 Oktober 2003 – 3 April 2009).

Kini hukum alam mengambil tempatnya. Roda berputar dan Najib perlu merasai bagaimana beliau kini ditekan oleh rakyat supaya berundur kerana kekejaman itu tidak akan dapat mengatasi kebenaran.

Dan terdapat juga kemungkinan Najib bakal mengakhiri pemerintahan sebagai PM lebih awal daripada Pak Lah.

Di bawah ini sebuah sketsa dari London. Dipetik dari sebuah blog bernama Jalanpulang1978. Menyaksikan detik bagaimana seorang PM Malaysia menerima penghinaan yang amat sangat dari rakyatnya sendiri di luarnegara sehingga rakyat sudah tidak lagi menaruh simpati kepadanya: SHAME ON YOU NAJIB!














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Anger Management

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 08:19 AM PDT

I am sure many of you are aware of the latest craze over Angry Birds. When I went to the pasar malam last weekend, I was quite surprised to see lots of Angry Birds paraphernalia ranging from t-shirts, pencil cases, toys etc,

According to Wikipedia:

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile. Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, the game was first released for Apple's iOS in December 2009. Since that time, over 12 million copies of the game have been purchased from Apple's App Store,[3] which has prompted the company to design versions for other touchscreen-based smartphones, such as those using the Android operating system, among others.

In the game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playfield. As players advance through the game, new birds appear, some with special abilities that can be activated by the player. Rovio Mobile has supported Angry Birds with numerous free updates that add additional game content, and the company has even released stand-alone holiday and promotional versions of the game.

Angry Birds has been praised for its successful combination of addictive gameplay, comical style, and low price. Its popularity led to versions of Angry Birds being created for personal computers and gaming consoles, a market for merchandise featuring its characters and even long-term plans for a feature film or television series. With a combined 250 million downloads across all platforms and including both regular and special editions, the game has been called "one of the most mainstream games out right now", "one of the great runaway hits of 2010",[6] and "the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far". READ MORE HERE.
Well, such angry birds should go for anger management. :-)

Thanks to TO who sent me the above illustration. Take care and have a restful evening! Cheers!

Gormless Rais wants to survey (and pay?) paid prostesters @ Bersih rally

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 08:00 AM PDT

July 16, 2011
A Bersih supporter holds a miniature Malaysian flag in the direction of water cannons fired by police, in Kuala Lumpur, July 9, 2011. — Reuters pic
KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 — Seeking to fathom why ordinary Malaysians thronged to the July 9 Bersih rally, the information ministry plans to survey some 2,000 respondents on their motivations for turning up for the march. Information Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim later revealed that the crux of the poll will centre on how much the respondents were paid to attend the rally for electoral reforms.
"For example, on July 9 so many of those who were involved did not know why they were in Kuala Lumpur... they said they were given a little bit of remuneration. When asked why they came, they said 'there were many friends so we came along, we got some payment, so we took part,'" Bernama Online quoted the minister as saying.
The minister did not divulge who the respondents will be or how his ministry will determine if they had participated in the rally.
Despite the efforts to prevent the July 9 Bersih rally from taking place, tens of thousands converged on the capital city in a march for free and fair elections.
The protest, which the government had earlier declared illegal, turned chaotic close to midday when the police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse protestors.
Authorities arrested nearly 200 people ahead of the rally for electoral reforms, and added almost 1,700 more to the tally on July 9 when Kuala Lumpur was put into virtual lockdown.

Larangan Baju BERS✔H, Helah Polis Untuk Jawab Kegagalan Beri Permit & Keganasan Polis

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 08:37 AM PDT

Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) mendakwa larangan pemakaian baju-T Bersih adalah percubaan Menteri Dalam Negeri untuk mengelak dari kegagalan menjawab dua isu utama, iaitu pemberian permit di Stadium Merdeka dan keganasan polis ketika cuba menyuraikan peserta Himpunan Bersih 2.0, pada 9 Julai lalu secara profesional.

Timbalan Ketua Penerangan AMK, Rozan Azen Mat Rasip berkata, pihaknya mendakwa larangan oleh Ketua Polis Shah Alam ACP Ahmad Zahedi Ayob itu didorong oleh laporan pihak berkepentingan berikutan kejayaan gerak kerja Biro Penerangan AMK Malaysia pada 9 Julai lalu.

"Walau apapun yang cuba dipolitikkan oleh polis dan Perdana Menteri, Najib Razak nyata larangan ini seakan untuk lari daripada kegagalan menjawab isu utama.

"Keengganan dan dolak dalik pemberian permit di Stadium Merdeka dan keganasan polis semasa mengawal perhimpunan hingga menyebabkan kematian, mendatangkan beratus kecederaan selain kemudaratan pada bangunan akses awam seperti Hospital Tung Shin yang terletak berhampiran Stesen Puduraya, KL," Razon berkata demkian dalam satu kenyataan media yang dikeluarkanya lewat petang semalam.

Rabu lalu, media alternatif melaporkan aktiviti jualan tali leher kuning Bersih 2.0 mendapat sambutan mengalakkan daripada Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Selangor ketika persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri itu berlangsung.

Sehubungan itu Ketua Polis Shah Alam, ACP Ahmad Zahedi Ayob mengeluarkan arahan larangan penjualan barangan tersebut termasuk baju-T yang mempunyai logo dan tulisan Bersih 2.0.

"Tindakan menahan, melarang dan cubaan menakutkan rakyat daripada memakai barangan yang menyatakan sokongan kepada Bersih 2.0 mahu pun pakaian berwarna kuning seperti baju kemeja-T, tali leher atau pengedaran risalah tidak harus menjadi isu.

"Penahanan untuk disoal siasat tidak sepatutnya menjadi isu kerana perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 pada 9 Julai telah selesai. Pihak polis perlulah bersikap profesional dengan tidak mengekang atau menghalang kebebasan rakyat.

Katanya, penjualan barangan seperti baju T dan tali leher yang mempunyai logo Bersih 2.0 tidak mendatangkan sebarang mudarat mahupun isu konflik kepatuhan perundangan.

Justeru, AMK bersedia untuk bertemu dengan Menteri Dalam Negeri sekiranya memerlukan penjelasan bagi memastikan rakyat tidak ditekan dengan isu hak dan akses maklumat asas.

Dalam pada itu, AMK memaklumkan suatu program bagi memperingati kematian peserta himpunan aman Bersih 2.0, Allahyarham Baharudin Ahmad akan diadakan di Avenue K, Jalan Ampang (hadapan KLCC) pada 16 Julai, jam 5 petang ini. -tvsnews

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Watch how a 7-week-old baby plays the air drum. 8D

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 05:53 AM PDT

Clearer sentences

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 05:20 AM PDT

Sunday February 6, 2011

Clearer sentences

Exploring English by Keith Wright

Communication can be significantly improved with punctuation and the use of words as different parts of speech.
THE 4S- Accelerated English Program's (4S-AEP) Art of the Alternative is all about techniques to improve speaking and writing skills by using alternative words and sentence construction.
By mastering the 10 techniques, the quality of one's day-to-day verbal communications can significantly and noticeably improve — making what is said far more interesting, enlightening and worth listening to.
At the same time, correspondence – be it personal letters or business e-mails – can achieve a higher level of reception and attract more positive responses.
This week, we continue the list of 10 techniques advocated by the Art of the Alternative to enhance one's English pronunciation and writing skills.
(iv) Using alternative forms of punctuation:
When writing, it is usual for most people to limit their use of full stops by writing very long sentences, and also to rarely use commas to indicate pauses. Compare these two texts:
Hiking in the national park Joseph Greta Guy and Joanna became separated in the thick forest and it took the park rangers Mike and his partner Trevor more than five hours to locate them because each hiker had decided to try to find their own way back to their camp by going in four different directions and soon became completely lost as the longer they walked the farther they ventured away from safety.
Hiking in the national park, Joseph, Greta, Guy and Joanna became separated in the thick forest. It took the park rangers, Mike and his partner, Trevor, more than five hours to locate them. This was because each hiker had decided to try to find their own way back to their camp by going in four different directions. They soon became completely lost as the longer they walked, the farther they ventured away from safety.
The second paragraph is far easier to follow because it is broken down into several shorter sentences.
Text can be made easier to understand and a passage can be even more interesting when shorter sentences are intermittently used. Commas can greatly add to the clarity of a sentence.
An alternative approach that also can make text more interesting – and often much clearer – is to use dashes and semi-colons instead of commas, and by applying the ellipsis when listing a series of words.
For example, compare these two texts:
Catherine Mendosa, the dux of her college, is keen to study physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer technology and geometry at university but cannot decide whether she wants to be a secondary school teacher, an environmental scientist, a mathematics lecturer, a dental technician or an orthodontist, a general medical practitioner or a physiotherapist or something else.
Catherine Mendosa - the dux of her college - is keen to study physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer technology and geometry at university but cannot decide whether she wants to be a secondary school teacher; an environmental scientist; a mathematics lecturer; a dental technician; or an orthodontist; a general medical practitioner; a physiotherapist or ...
Different shaped parenthesis and brackets can also be used for effect and variation. Compare these two sentences:
Every member of the squad, as well as the coach, Brian Hayes, and the club's board members, believe that their training facilities are the best in the competition.
Every member of the squad (as well as the coach [Brian Hayes] and the club's board members) believe that their training facilities are the best in the competition.
(v) Using words as alternative parts of speech:
An important characteristic of English to understand is that most words can be used as different parts of speech and have more than one meaning.
Learners need to develop knowledge of the alternative, grammatical uses of words. Knowing the various meanings of words is a pre-requisite to using them as superior alternatives to other words.
It is worth noting that some words are single lexical units or lexemes such as pneumonia and penicillin. These words have only one meaning each that never changes, regardless of the context in which they are used.
However, hundreds of thousands of words represent at least two or more lexemes. Many can be used as different parts of speech – with different meanings – depending on their function in a sentence.
Take for example the word "case". As a verb, "case" can mean to "carefully survey" or "look over" some particular thing, as in this sentence: Professional thieves always case a place before they attempt to rob it.
"Case" can also be used as an adjective to mean "a record", for example: My doctor keeps a case history on every patient.
And metallically, its meaning changes again, as in: That steel lid was case-hardened.
As a noun, "case" has as many as 10 different meanings! It could mean:
·"a container"
The miser hid his money in a metal case under his bed.
·"a statement of facts"
The prosecution had a strong case against the dishonest manager.
>"an instance of a disease"
He died after suffering from a serious case of blood poisoning.
That is the sixth case of pneumonia in the village in the last week.
>"an event or circumstance"
His failure to pass the test was another case of not studying.
>"an actual situation"
What the witness said happened was not the case.
>"a peculiar or unusual person"
My neighbour is a real case when it comes to politics.
>"case" is a grammatical category for nouns and pronouns that defines their relationship with other words in a sentence, e.g. Nominative Case and Objective Case.
>"a problem" (colloquially)
Don't worry, I am on your case too and I will resolve it.
>It is also the term used to define how Alphabetical symbols are written as Upper or Lower Case.
>Colloquially, "case" can also have the broader meaning of "personal life" or "private situation", e.g. Please get off my case. I can look after myself.
Now it's time to test yourself. Consider the words chair, farm, fish, light, lunch, mouth, school, table, target, test, and walk. Each word has various meanings and can be used as different parts of speech.
> Keith Wright is the author and creator of the 4S Approach To Literacy and Language (4S) — a modern, innovative and proven method of accelerating the learning of English.
The 4S methodology and the associated Accelerated English Program (AEP) mentioned in this fortnightly column are now being used internationally to enhance the English language proficiency of people from a diverse range of cultures and with different competency levels.
E-mail for your free PDF file on 150 Wrongly Pronounced Words.

Propaganda Murahan Burukkan BERS✔H Tidak Laku

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 06:49 AM PDT

Catatan 709: Propaganda murahan tidak laku

Demokrasi mempunyai dua aspek. Pertama-tama, sebagai sebuah sistem dan bentuk negara dan kedua sebagai nilai-nilai universal yang diperjuangkan demi kemanusiaan. Islam lebih daripada sekadar sebuah agama ritual (ed -GB). Di Eropah pula, ide demokrasi dikembangkan melalui sekularisme (Niccolo Machiavelli), Negara Kontrak (Thomas Hobbes), pengasingan kuasa (John Locke) yang disempurnakan (Baron de Montesquieu), kedaulatan rakyat dan kontrak sosial (Jean-Jacques Rousseau). Doughlas Lummis kemudian datang dengan ide demokrasi radikal tentang perlunya meredefinisi demokrasi, kerana demokrasi kini telah menggantungkan maknanya pada para demagog. Katanya, "Democracy doesn't means 'feeling' powerful. It means holding real power… Radical democracy describes the adventure of human beings creating, with their own hands, the conditions for their freedom".

Proses inilah yang berlaku pada 9 Julai 2011/ 7 Sya'aban 1432. Perhimpunan aman BERSIH juga diadakan di 18 buah bandar, mungkin lebih, yang melibatkan New Zealand, Korea dan lain-lain. "Anwar Dalang Perhimpunan Haram", "BN Tak takut", "Proses demokrasi salah" dijadikan tajuk berita media perdana agar perhimpunan dipandang serong. Stadium Merdeka mula dicanang mempunyai simbol negara. Walhal pada suatu ketika, stadium itulah yang mengalu-alukan Justin Bieber dan bakal dirobohkan untuk mendirikan bangunan 100 tingkat. Ramai masih dalam bebalisme-nya itu, tidak terkecuali para cendekiawan, yang "ter"pelajar dan penganut agama rasis- masih kukuh pendirian "orang Melayu itu seperti boneka yang dimainkan 'bangsa' lain".

Perhimpunan 9 Julai antaranya melibatkan wakil rakyat seperti Saifudin Nasution dan Liew Chin Tong dan ramai lagi, basah dengan rahmat rabbal alamin. Mungkin mengejutkan ramai orang, tetapi yang melaungkan kata-kata semangat, bukan "boneka" Melayu sahaja, tetapi etnik Cina dan India.

Inilah Malaysia yang rakyat perlukan. Tiada sempadan kelas, etnik, agama, gender yang menghalang hasrat rakyat yang inginkan keadilan (atau dengan "K" besar). Tiada siapa-siapa yang mampu untuk berkompromi dengan penindasan.

PM iaitu Perdana Menteri yang tercinta turun padang hanya selepas 24 jam perhimpunan diadakan semalam. Tidak cukup berani untuk berdepan dengan massa semalam. Hari ini (10 Julai 2011), kelihatannya yang beramai-ramai bersama beliau itu hidungnya terletak, orang luar, mungkin orang yang sama dalam "perhimpunan" Patriot. Malah, orang awam mengatakan baju Patriot disebarkan dengan percuma kepada mamat-mamat Bangladesh di KL. NGO terus mengutuk perhimpunan ini seperti pengerusi silat gayong - meminjam kata Hishamudin Rais, taktik persilatan ghaib amat berkesan semalam.

"Baru kena sikit tear gas, muka dahi berkerut, macam dah kena belasah je…lepas tu dah terlentang di hospital."- PM

Benarlah kata Rosmah sebelum ini yang ditemubual akan hal suaminya, PM kita ini pandai bergurau! Jika lihat di berita TV3 jam 8 malam semalam, orang yang dimaksudkannya itu mungkin Khairi Jamaludin!

Malah, kodok besar yang selama ini menyanyikan lagu sumbang, juga tidak ada semalam. Kodok yang satu ini tidak lebih tidak kurang seperti Encik Ghaffar. Rakyat masih ingat kata-kata Ibrahim Ali yang lancang menyuruh Cina duduk rumah. Tanggal 9 Julai sudah cukup membuktikan pihak yang berani dan pihak yang kecut. BERSIH 2.0 dikatakan hanya akan melagakan Melayu sesamanya, menjayakan agenda pembangkang, menjadi alat kepentingan politik dan macam-macam lagi telah menunjukkan ia perayaan yang dikongsi rakyat multi etnik. Mereka berganding bahu melindungi satu sama lain, menghulur tangan bagi mereka yang tersungkur di jalan dan memberi air mineral dan garam kepada yang lain. Mereka yang merupakan "bangsa pendatang", "kafir", dan entah apa lagi tohmahan ini melindungi pakcik-pakcik tua dan anak muda tampan yang sedang solat dalam hujan tetapi diserang atas arahan parti yang dikatakan membela "bangsa" dan agama.

Di situ, hari itu, cukup membuktikan rakyat telah menolak politik primordial yang berasaskan warna kulit, agama, "bangsa". Mereka berkongsi agama Cinta, rentas agama, etnik/ kaum, gender; mendahulukan kebajikan bersama daripada kepentingan diri. Perempuan juga sehebat bilangan lelaki turun ke jalan, lagaknya tidak seperti Maria Sunari dan Musa Elba. OKU juga didapati hadir dan bergerak bersama dalam laungan "Hidup Rakyat", "Daulat Tuanku", dan nyanyian lagu Negaraku. Unit amal terus mengawal lalu lintas, mereka yang hadir walaupun tidak cukup jari yang mengira, membuka jalan kepada kereta-kereta, biarpun itu kereta polis! Pemandu, penumpang, malah mereka yang berada dalam monorail menyatakan sokongan mereka dengan membunyikan hon dan melambai-lambai. Siapakah gerangan yang senang-senang dibodohkan dengan "BERSIH 2.0 tidak mendapat sokongan"?

Seperti biasa, media TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7 dan banyak lagi tidak akan putus-putus menyaring dan memilih berita yang serasi dengan kepentingan rejim sedia ada. Bukan semalam, tetapi sejak minggu-minggu lepas. Sekejap kerugian peniaga mencecah RM1 juta, sekejap RM100 juta? Setelah kerajaan mengarahkan peniaga-peniaga menutup kedai, kini melalui presiden Ikhlas dengan tag 1Malaysia di dadanya menawarkan khidmat percuma peguam kepada peniaga-peniaga?? Berita Harian juga tidak terlepas mempamerkan gambar pemuda memegang senjata berupa pisau semasa "perhimpunan haram". Propaganda murahan itu tidak laku. Media bukan satu. Rakyat multietnik semalam membawa bunga, membawa cinta kasih untuk disampaikan pada anjing-anjing penguasa. Turut kelihatan juga belon-belon kuning dengan mesej "balloons not bombs". Namun, semua itu dibalas dengan tuba.

Media sebagai aparatus politik terus mengabsahkan kata-kata dan tindakan kerajaan menipu orang ramai. Solidariti yang ditunjuk semalam itu tidak mampu dibeli dengan harga RM200, mungkin hanya dalam perhimpunan Belia di Putrajaya. 907 itu ekspresi rakyat yang mencapai kesedaran atas penindasan yang mereka alami. Pemerintahan BN selama lebih lima puluh tahun cukup untuk membuatkan siapa-siapa sahaja turun. Tambah lucu, penganjur dan pengikut perhimpunan ini dikatakan "menderhaka/ mengkhianati perintah YDP Agong". Orang ramai ada di Brickfields, ada di Hospital Tung Shin, dan ada juga yang memenuhkan jalan-jalan di hadapan KLCC, tertera "Daulat Tuanku" di situ. Mereka duduk. Sambil mendengar ucapan. Helikopter berlegar-legar di langit pun tidak mampu menutup suara dan telinga yang ingin mendengar. Ada juga yang sanggup keluar dari BMW untuk duduk mendengar bersama. Membuat stadium mereka sendiri. Semua ini gara-gara stadium tidak diberi, permit tidak dikeluarkan, "pertubuhan" BERSIH diharamkan kerana yang di atas itu tidak mampu atau mahu mengabulkan tuntutan berkehendakkan pilihan raya bersih.

Hari itu di sekitar Kuala Lumpur diakhiri dengan "tren rakyat". Di KL central pada malam harinya, kelihatan ramai yang melabuhkan punggung di lantai menantikan pembohongan tepat jam 8 malam. Berita Utama TV3 hanya menjadi hiburan bukannya alat hegemoni. Dalam tren, ramai yang masih melaungkan "Hidup hidup, hidup Rakyat!" sambil memberi laluan pada yang lain. Kata mereka ini tren rakyat, dan dengan senangnya perempuan masuk ke dalam gerabak bukan-perempuan. Budak- budak muda semuanya mendengar kata-kata nasihat dan komen orang tua yang juga penumpang. Gelak tawa seolah difahami pelancong luar yang ada. Sesudah tiga orang tua itu turun di Bandar Tasik Selatan, kedengaran takbir dilaung berkali-kali. Beberapa minit kemudian, tren berhenti di UKM. "FRU dan kereta black Maria telah menjadikan UKM sebagai tempat mereka keluar masuk." Universiti yang didirikan atas usaha rakyat, kini menjadi balaci penguasa yang zalim! Itulah mesej yang tertera di media baru seperti Tweeter, Facebook, WhatsApp.

Walaupun tidak dinafikan ia mungkin menjadi landasan buat mereka yang mempunyai kepentingan politik tetapi ia juga hasrat warga, hak yang telah dijamin dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Hak untuk bersuara. Penguasa bukan sahaja menggunakan berpuluh trak FRU tetapi polis dengan anjing buruan, polis yang berkuda di sekitar KL dan telah memberi amaran awal jika keadaan tidak terkawal, tembakan dengan peluru juga akan dibenarkan. "dispersed or we'll shoot" itu tidak lagi hanya tembakan gas pemedih mata. Penguasa harusnya menjalankan tanggungjawab melindungi rakyat bukan melindungi tembolok diri dan anak cucu cicitnya. -[Aisyah] MR

i. Encik Ghaffar ialah watak dalam cerpen Tamrin Gil karya A. Samad Said.
ii. Maria Sunari dan Musa Elba ialah watak dalam karya A. Samad Said berjudul Malam Merangkak ke hujungnya.

Poet Samad Said to boycott gov't functions, will only 'entertain' opposition!

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 03:44 AM PDT

Protesting the government's crackdown on peaceful protesters in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday, distinguished poet and novelist A Samad Said said he will from now on not attend government functions.

In an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini at a restaurant in Bangsar yesterday, Samad said, "I don't know how my friends in government will react, but I will not accept any invitation from the government. For the moment, I will not entertain them."

NONE"If the opposition wins, then I will entertain," quipped.the 76-year-old national laureate has written some 70 books and is a common figure at government functions.
One of his books, a novel entitled Di Hadapan Pulau is also part of the Malay language literature module for secondary schools.

Geek Meditation Session

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 04:16 AM PDT

Pak Samad - 'I walked barefoot to Istana'

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 03:00 AM PDT

Despite his age, 76-year-old national laureate A Samad Said was not spared the police crackdown on the Bersih 2.0 rally last Saturday.

"When I arrived at Istana Negara, there were two policemen who were bengis (fierce)… they told us to disperse or they would use force against us.

"With the look on their faces, if they could, they would want to devour me," said Samad..

In the third part of an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini on Thursday, the novelist and poet with his distinctive long white hair and beard, related his experience in trying to submit the Bersih 2.0 memorandum for free and fair elections to the Agong during the mass rally.

Samad was amongst the small group of protestors who had managed to march from KL Sentral - one of the flashpoints of the brutal crackdown due to the presence of top Bersih leaders there - to Stadium Merdeka and then to Istana Negara.

Earlier that morning, rally organisers had assigned two lawyers to bring Samad to the Hilton Hotel at Sentral after he expressed desire to join the demonstration. Once assembled there, the Bersih leaders held a press conference.

The gathered started to move out of the hotel towards their goal, at which point Samad found himself sandwiched by riot police at the KL Sentral underpass along with several other Bersih and Pakatan leaders.

"When tear gas was fired, we were trapped, like at Tung Shin (hospital)… we had no choice but to go through," he said.

In the brutal police assault, several leaders were arrested, among them Bersih 2.0 chief Ambiga Sreenevasan, Bersih committee member Maria Chin Abdullah and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang. Samad however evaded arrest and pressed on with other protestors, minus his chappals.

'I walked barefoot'

It was during the crackdown that Samad lost his footwear.

"I lost my chappals when I was hit by tear gas; it was chaotic. I ran to a wall to cover my nose and to find my water bottle and towel," he said.

"I had to walk barefoot. There were stones on the ground. The other demonstrators offered me their shoes; one even offered me a Nike. I thought it was a nice pair of shoes ... I could not take them.

"Later, I was given a big pair of shoes until I arrived at Midah Hotel, Kampung Attap and someone bought me a new pair of slippers," he said (photo below).

"Two or three (more) people wanted to go barefoot and offer me their shoes too. Indian youngsters wanted to give me their shoes; Chinese youngsters wanted to give me their shoes. I felt very proud.

"Never have I seen a group of young people of different races united by a common ambition," added Samad.

The final lap

With many Bersih leaders arrested and his two lawyers escorts missing, it was left to Samad to press on with the mission with the remaining protestors. Two Bersih committee members tasked with handing Bersih's memo to the Agong later caught up with Samad.

"I was accompanied by spirited youngsters whom I had to calm down. Later two Bersih committee members accompanied me; they were the ones who brought the memo (to me) and helped control the situation.

"When we arrived at Stadium Merdeka, there were already many people (there). After discussing with the police… I started to sense danger as there were police behind us with water cannons ready.

"That was when I decided it was best for us to move on to Istana Negara," he said.

Asked how he managed to reach within 200 metres of the Istana gates when many others could not even get close, Samad attributed it to divine intervention.

"Many people asked me that question. It was with Allah's help," he said.

Samad, who was not amongst the 91 served restriction orders - dismissed suggestions that the cops had given him special treatment.

"I was tear gassed too; I felt like I was going to die due to my age. I went prepared with water and salt but I could not use them.

"There were people left and right gasping for air, asking if I had water. I gave them mine, and later other protestors gave me theirs," he said.

'Would march again'

Samad was eventually stopped from completing the mission with just about 20 protestors in tow, with the palace gates in sight. Negotiations with the police failed and the group was forced to abandon their task.

"It is not my fault but the police's," said the septuagenarian at a press conference after the rally.

"I have decided to write a letter to the Agong later, to inform him that the Agong's readiness to receive the petition was not properly handled by the police.

A week on, Samad remains resolved in his pursuit of democracy, saying that he would be prepared to march again.

"If I am still alive, if the cause is good for improving and strengthening democracy, why not? I am prepared," he said.

"A literature scholar's duty is to the past; we record events. But I think with the turbulent situation now, we can no longer record the atmosphere. We too, become a trigger to that atmosphere.".



Bersih 2.0: Makcik Anne Lebih Hebat Dari Ibrahim Ali..

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 01:41 AM PDT

Makcik Anne we salute you!!

Antara yang mendapat perhatian dalam perhimpunan Bersih 2.0. Gambar aksi sahajanya Kide cukup suka. Dia cekal.

Bekas pesara guru.

Sebelum serangan polis dan FRU

Selepas serangan polis & FRU

Tapi dia lebih hebat daripada Ibrahim Ali dengan keris telanjang .

Rujuk: (Kide)

Ultimatum BERS✔H: Rombak Sistem Atau Tiada Pilihan Raya

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 02:00 AM PDT

Jika Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) tidak mahu mengambil pendekatan untuk berubah, maka tidak perlu adakan pilihan raya."

Demikian kenyataan ahli jawatankuasa Pemandu Bersih 2.0, Maria Chin Abdullah seraya mendesak suruhanjaya itu mempertimbangkan empat tuntutan utama bersabit rombakan sistem pilihan raya yang boleh dilaksanakan oleh suruhanjaya itu dengan kadar segera.

Tambahnya lagi, Bersih akan mengemukakan petisyen kepada SPR dalam masa terdekat sebagai tindakan lanjut termasuk memberi tempoh tiga bulan untuk melihat sebarang perubahan yang akan dilakukan agensi bebas itu.

Beliau berpendirian tindakan tersebut adalah sebahagian daripada cara gabungan 62 badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) itu mengekalkan momentum selain inisiatif rakyat menganjurkan program 'hari kuning' pada setiap Sabtu.

"Kita mahu bergerak ke hadapan. "Bola" kini berada dalam gelanggang SPR dan mereka perlu respon sekarang," katanya.

Bercakap dalam wawacana khas bersama Tv Selangor, Maria menyifatkan SPR tidak mengambil pendekatan proaktif untuk mencapai persetujuan dalam rundingan dengan pihak Bersih.

Malah katanya, sehingga kini suruhanjaya itu lebih gemar memberi pelbagai alasan seolah-olah cuba untuk melindungi pihak berkepentingan.

Menurut beliau, SPR mempunyai kuasa untuk merombak sebarang peruntukan yang diyakini dapat menambahbaik sistem pilihan raya di negara ini memandangkan agensi itu terletak di bawah kuasa Majlis Raja-Raja.

"Dalam perbincangan antara Bersih 2.0 dan SPR, kita sudah jelaskan mereka ada kuasa untuk merubah undang-undang dan mengemukakan kepada kabinet. Tapi mereka menghadkan peranan dengan mengatakan mereka hanya pentadbiran.

"Jadi inilah (sebenarnya) empat tuntutan yang utama (dalam aspek) pentadbiran. Membersihkan senarai pengundi, mereformasikan undi pos, penggunaan dakwat kekal dan tempoh berkempen selama 21 hari. Ini tidak perlu ubah undang-undang. Jadi saya rasa sekarang mereka tidak ada alasan (untuk tidak) melakukan dalam tempoh tiga bulan," kata beliau.

Timbalan Pengerusi SPR, Wan Ahmad Wan Omar baru-baru ini mengakui kelemahan aspek komunikasi suruhanjaya itu yang menyebabkan mereka gagal menjelaskan kepada rakyat tentang langkah penambahbaikan sistem pilihan raya.

Beliau turut berdalih tentang ruang yang terhad berikutan terikat dengan Akta Pilihan Raya 1957 selain mendakwa Bersih 2.0 membuat andaian tanpa sebarang bukti.

Beliau juga mendakwa pembangkang memanipulasi isu ketelusan pilihan raya sehingga menyebabkan rakyat turun ke jalanan pada 9 Julai lalu.

Mengulas perkara itu, Maria menyahut baik tindakan SPR untuk bertemu dan memberi penjelasan kepada rakyat namun katanya, tuduhan bahawa Bersih tampil tanpa sebarang bukti ternyata meleset.

"Sampai sekarang ada orang hantar bukti. Semalam, ada individu yang daftar dua kali menggunakan kad pengenalan yang sama dan dia telah mengundi dua kali tetapi dua tempat berasingan.

"Kita juga ada bukti di mana kad pengenalan baru dan lama digunakan untuk mengundi. Ini menunjukkan SPR sebenarnya tidak membersihkan senarai pengundi. Jadi kalau ini berterusan ianya akan memberi impak buruk kepada kerajaan sekarang," ujar beliau lagi.

Beliau turut mengulangi kejadian pembelian undi yang didedahkan portal berita alternatif pada Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak April lalu di mana SPR gagal mengambil sebarang tindakan walaupun gambar dan video telah tersebar luas di internet.

Maria menyifatkan sekiranya SPR melaksanakan tugas secara telus maka risiko bagi kerajaan Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk tumbang adalah lebih kritikal.

Dalam pada itu Maria berkata, pengenalan kepada sistem biometrik amat digalakkan namun katanya kaedah itu memerlukan kos yang tinggi berbanding dakwat kekal.

Jelasnya lagi, dakwat kekal telah digunapakai di kebanyakkan negara termasuk India di mana perlaksanaannya memberangsangkan.

Maka menurut Maria tidak timbul sebarang dakwaan bahawa kaedah tersebut ketinggalan zaman kerana ianya akan memberi kebaikan kepada parti politik yang bertanding seraya mengelakkan daripada salah laku pengundian.

Sehubungan dengan itu kata beliau, Bersih bersedia untuk mengadakakan pertemuan semula dengan SPR sekiranya suruhanjaya itu berhasrat untuk mempertimbangkan empat tuntutan utama yang dinyatakan. -tvsnews

Sebangkit Dari Tidur Petang

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 01:57 AM PDT

Tuhan Selamatlah Dr Lo'Lo'

SEBAGANKIT dari tidur, ingatan tiba-tiba saja terhimbau kepada Ahli Parlimen Dr Lo' Lo' Mohd Ghazali. Kebetulan pula di radio berkumandang lagu hindustan darI filem Kuch Kuch Ho Tai Hai yang iramanya penuh mendayu dan sayu. Seni kata dalam lagu itu mengisahkan mengenai kesedihan jiwa sepasang remaja yang sedang kesedihan lantaran cinta terhalang.

Tidak sekoyang-koyang pula jejari terus berputar mencari folder gambar lama untuk mengintai wajah Dr Lo' Lo yang lemah lembut dan cantik. Wajah Dr Lo' Lo' di tenung secara senyap dari dekat begitu menawan dan anggun sekali. Tutur biacarnya lemah lembut akan menawan hati sesiapa sahaja.

Sifat dan seni kewanitaannya sangat terserlah. Dia ada kalanya persis seorang kanak-kanak yang nakal dan suka menusik teman. Penampilannya dengan gaya dan fesyen tersendiri menjadikan ia mudah dikenali dan diingati.

Manalala pada wajahnya jika ditenug dari makrifat kemanusiaan seakan terpendam sebuah kesedihan yang tidak boleh dikongsi dengan sesiapa, hatta suami dan anakp-anaknya sendiri.

Ah jauh sekali saya menjelajahi ingatan kepada seorang serikandi Pas yang lantang ketika berbahas di Parlimen. Beliau juga semacam serangakian dengan kawan se parlimennya, Dr Mariah Mahmud.

Tahukan anda khasnya penjenguk setia blog Merah Tinta bahawa Dr kecil kesayangan kita kini sedang berada dalam keadaan kritikal saat ini. Khabar terbaru mengenai begitunya mengharukan perasaan, Dr Lo' Lo' kini sudah tidak sedarkan diri, dan terlantar di hospital Selayang disebabkan kanser. Saya khasnya semacam takut untuk berbicara mengenainya sebaik mengetahui keadaan terbaru beliau.

Dr Lo' Lo' sudah lama diketahui menghidap kanser. Dia sedang berperang dengan penyakit yang zalim itu. Namun kerana ketabahan dan keulitan beliau terus melawan dan mempertahankan dirinya. Suaranya yang tidak pernah diam membela nasib rakyat di Parlimennya khasnya rakyat Kampun Baru menyebabkan tidak ramai perasaan yang beliau berada di ambang maut. Melihat cara beliau menjalankan tugasnya seolah beliau sudah melupai kepada penyakit itu.

Di senja yang permai ini bersama kian menghijau subur ingatan saya dan kerinduan, bersamalah kita mendoakan semoga Dr Lo' Lo' selamat dan sembuh. Biarlah dia diberi peluang untuk bangun bagi terus berkhidmat kepada agama, bangsa dan nusanya. Dr Lo' Lo' dari jauh aku layang kepingan doa-doa ini, dan angin bawalah harapan ku ke sisi Yang Maha Berkuasa.

Semoha doa kecil yang diberai air mata ini didengari oleh Tuhan, dengar dan terimalah ya Azim ya Jabbar. [wm.kl.5:10 pm 16/07/11]

Yes Mr PM, it’s ‘all about politics’

Posted: 15 Jul 2011 10:06 PM PDT

Bersih 2.0: Kredit Kpd Facebook Geng Kartun!

Posted: 15 Jul 2011 10:09 PM PDT

Baju bersihku telah dikotori

Atas iniasitif ini. Good joke!

airmata menitis

Posted: 15 Jul 2011 10:28 PM PDT

Istimewanya menjadi penulis yang berbakat adalah hasil tulisnya. Tulisan bermakna mencetus idea, mengocak jiwa dan menjadi khazanah tidak ternilai. 

Tidak pernah ...., air mata menitis menatap baris ayat dalam sebuah novel. 

The Kite Runner mengubah rutin tidak pernah itu. Buku sudah lama di pasaran. Sejak 2003 lagi. Berlatar belakang Afghanistan, sebelum keruntuhan sistem monarki diikuti oleh pencerobohan Russia dan persengketaan etnik antara puak Hazara (Syiah) dan Pashtun. 

Khaled Hosseini, warga Amerika yang berasal dari Afghanistan adalah penulisnya. Penulisannya mencengkam hati saya. Bermula perlahan, kisahnya berkembang menjadi babak-babak sedih, tragis dan memilukan, silih berganti. 

Kisah hubungan antara dua orang budak lelaki, Hassan berketurunan Hazara dan Amir berketurunan Pashtun, berdasar pertalian orang gaji dan majikannya. Kisah tentang kesetiaan, pengkhianatan, rasa bersalah dan menebus kesilapan.

Menelusuri jalanan di Kabul.... walau kaki ini tidak pernah menjejak ke sana, rasa kagum dengan kisah mereka. 


"Sad stories make good books" ~ kata Soraya : The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.


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