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Seoul club HEAVEN party scene

Seoul club HEAVEN party scene

Seoul club HEAVEN party scene

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 11:21 AM PDT

Wild parties at Club HEAVEN, one of the hottest nightclubs in Seoul, South Korea. Photos by Soonja [Kr], via Cutkillavince [Fr]. Some pics a bit unsafe for work…

Seoul Club Heaven, South Korea

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Seoul club HEAVEN party scene from YeinJee's Asian Blog

Lessons From Children

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 09:45 AM PDT

  • There is no such thing as child-proofing your house
  • If you spray hair spray on dust bunnies and run over them with roller blades, they can ignite
  • A 4-year-old's voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant
  • If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan the motor is not strong enough to rotate a 42-pound boy wearing pound puppy underwear and a superman cape. It is strong enough, however, to spread paint on all four walls of a 20-by-20-foot room
  • Baseballs make marks on ceilings
  • You should not throw baseballs up when the ceiling fan is on
  • When using the ceiling fan as a bat you have to throw the ball up a few times before you get a hit
  • A ceiling fan can hit a baseball a long way
  • The glass in windows (even double pane) doesn't stop a baseball hit by a ceiling fan
  • When you hear the toilet flush and the words "Uh-oh", it's already too late
  • Brake fluid mixed with Clorox makes smoke, and lots of it
  • A magnifying glass can start a fire even on an overcast day
  • A 6-year-old can start a fire with a flint rock even though a 36-year-old man says it can only be done in the movies
  • If you use a waterbed as home plate while wearing baseball shoes it does not leak - it explodes
  • A king-size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 2000 square foot house 4 inches deep
  • Legos will pass through the digestive tract of a four-year-old... Duplos will not
  • Play Dough and Microwave should never be used in the same sentence
  • Super glue is forever
  • McGyver can teach us many things we don't want to know
  • Ditto Tarzan
  • No matter how much Jell-O you put in a swimming pool you still can't walk on water
  • Pool filters do not like Jell-O
  • VCR's do not eject PB&J sandwiches even though TV commercials show they do
  • Garbage bags do not make good parachutes
  • Marbles in gas tanks make lots of noise when driving
  • You probably do not want to know what that odor is
  • Always look in the oven before you turn it on
  • Plastic toys do not like ovens
  • The fire department in San Diego has at least a 5 minute response time
  • The spin cycle on the washing machine does not make earth worms dizzy
  • It will, however, make cats dizzy
  • Cats throw up twice their body weight when dizzy
  • Quiet does not necessarily mean don't worry
  • A good sense of humor will get you through most problems in life (unfortunately, usually in retrospect)
  • 2:00 AM is not a good time to hear, "Daddy, diapers don't flush!"
  • No time is a good time to hear, "Daddy, your tires are 'hisssssing.'"
  • You never want to hear, "Watch me fly!" coming from the roof
  • Nor do you want to hear, "Your new cel phone doesn't work underwater."
  • Driveway seal coating and children DO NOT MIX!
  • Never light fireworks inside
  • Under the bed is not a good place to save snowballs for summer
  • Daddy's shoe is not a good home for a pet tarantula
  • Hiding uneaten vegetables in daddy's shoes is not good
  • Bugs are not a dietary supplement
  • Walnuts make the blender act funny
  • Scissors and hair are often a dangerous combination
  • Collecting things is good
  • Collecting things that come out of your nose is not
  • Eating string is a bad hobby
  • Discovering string the next day is a disgusting hobby
  • Finger painting is good
  • Finger painting walls is dangerous
  • If you hear the words, "Can ya eat a lizard's tail?" it's too late
  • If you hear the words, "Guess what's in my hands?" you don't want to know
  • If you hear the words, "Guess what's in my mouth", you REALLY don't want to know
  • "Fan" and "flour" should never be heard in the same sentence
  • The toilet does not make a permanent fish aquarium
  • Most toilets cannot consume an entire roll of toilet paper without choking
  • Any sentence which contains the word "Oooops" is bad
  • Any sentence beginning with, "How much do you love me?" means "prepare for bad news"
  • Throwing daddy's wallet in the trash compactor can change his mood
  • Opening all 24 of daddy's cans of beer is a bad idea
  • Hiding parts of daddy's computer can make your butt hurt
  • Lipstick on the TV screen changes mommy's mood
  • Fish cannot use a remote control, even if it's placed in their tank
  • "Why do fish float?" means trouble
  • Any sentence beginning with, "When [your pet's name] dies..." is never a good sign
  • Setting the hamsters free changes the cat's mood
  • Cats do not like to be wrapped in duct tape
  • Cats get even
-Author Unknown-

Bersih is RACIST!

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 09:22 AM PDT

Its going to be free for all! Whether Bersih rally will be held at Stadium Merdeka, Stadium Shah Alam or elsewhere, it's not going to be good. Racial sentiments are being strewed again.

I am not so sure whether the widespread-circulated SMS urging DAP members and the Chinese to stay away from the demo did come from Lim Guan Eng or not, it is still not good for racial harmony and undermines our 1Malaysia.

If Guan Eng did it, he must be out of his mind (here). However, the authority must investigate the SMS and take proper action to defuse whatever tension that may arise from it. This is totally unacceptable!

The idea to let the Malays kill each other (as I wrote much earlier here) will run down the whole country and those who propagate such an idea must be held responsible should it mangles our unity. For one thing, they dont deserve to be Malaysians.

This is truly an unduly act!

And on Tin Chua's tweet - 'whatever happens, we will continue our walk for Bersih... gather at Masjid Jamek, Masjid Negara and Pudu Plaza first, then march to Stadium Merdeka'.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and the IGP are having sleepless night to find the best solution to avoid any untoward incidents tomorrow.

However, the idea to let the 'Malays confront the Malays' is much more alarming!

Lockdown in KL starting now! Police to blame for inconvenience, loss of biz

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 09:03 AM PDT

Police will close off several main roads leading into the Kuala Lumpur city centre from midnight tonight, ahead of the banned Bersih 2.0 rally tomorrow.

The blockades and diversions are scheduled to come into force at 12.01am, and will affect entry points along the entire stretch of Jalan Syed Putra, Jalan Istana, Jalan Bukit Petaling, Jalan Bellamy and the area surrounding Istana Negara, the National Mosque in the Lake Gardens vicinity, covering the entire stretch of Jalan Sultan Hishammuddin, Jalan Lembah Perdana and Jalan Chenderasari.

NONEIn the city centre, blockades will be set up around the following areas: Dataran Merdeka, Pasar Seni, Masjid Jamek, Dataran DBKL, Kompleks Sogo, Maju Junction, Masjid Kampung Baru, Jalan Kinabalu, Jalan Kuching, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Raja Laut, Jalan Sri Amar, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Haji Taib, Jalan Raja Muda Musa, Jalan Raja Bot, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Jalan Dang Wangi, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Jalan Gereja, Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan Tun Perak, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Loke, Jalan Sultan Mahmud and all nearby areas.

Acting city police chief Amar Singh also said three major bus terminals - Puduraya, Putra and Pekeliling - would also be shut down, and bus routes diverted around Kuala Lumpur for 22 hours starting midnight while riot police trucks and military personnel were seen throughout Kuala Lumpur today, ratcheting up tension in the capital city.

Pesanan Akhir Untuk Peserta BERSIH 2.0 - Perutusan Dari Dewan Ulamak PAS

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 09:57 AM PDT

Bersih 2.0: Jaga akhlak, usah layan provokasi

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 Julai: Dewan Ulamak PAS Pusat menyeru seluruh ahli PAS dan penyokong Bersih agar menjaga akhlak sesuai dengan tuntutan Islam semasa menyertai himpunan aman Bersih 2.0 esok.

"Saya selaku Ketua Dewan Ulamak PAS Pusat mewakili golongan para ulama PAS menyeru kepada seluruh ahli PAS dan mereka yang menyokong Bersih agar menjaga akhlak dan keperibadian mereka sesuai dengan tuntutan Islam yang sentiasa menganjurkan keperibadian yang mulia tanpa mengira sama ada mereka adalah kawan ataupun lawan.

"Perlu diingati bahawa sesiapa pun yang mengelilingi kita, mereka adalah sebenarnya mad'u kita," ujar ketuanya, Datuk Harun Taib dalam kenyataan kepada Harakahdaily.

Beliau mengingatkan para ahli dan penyokong PAS jangan sekali-kali mengganggu ketenteraman awam apatah lagi merosakkan harta benda awam kerana ia ditegah di dalam Islam, sekalipun di dalam peperangan.

Namun begitu, beliau tetap percaya bahawa ahli PAS tidak akan bertindak sedemikian rupa sama sekali.

"Sekiranya perkara sebaliknya berlaku, maka kita percaya ianya bukan daripada amalan ahli kita yang telah sekian lama dididik dan ditarbiah agar berakhlak mulia oleh pemimpin-pemimpin dan murabbi kita sejak penubuhannya lagi," ujarnya yang juga Adun Manir.

Beliau berkata, apa sahaja bentuk provokosi oleh pihak lawan usah dilayani, anggaplah mereka golongan yang masih belum menerima mesej perjuangan PAS.

Justeru, Ustan Harun meminta ahli PAS supaya bersabar kerana ganjarannya adalah sangat besar di sisi Allah SWT kerana itulah lumrah perjuangan para anbia, sahabat-sahabat dan ulama-ulama serta pejuang-pejuang sebelum daripada kita.

Dewan Ulamak PAS Pusat juga, ujarnya turut mengharapkan agar pihak kerajaan khususnya pihak keselamatan memberikan kerjasama yang sewajarnya lagi adil untuk menjayakan hasrat yang mulia itu.

"Kepada kakitangan keselamatan, sekiranya anda berniat ikhlas untuk melancarkan lagi tuntutan dan hasrat mulia ini maka ketahuilah, insya Allah anda akan berkongsi pahala bersama-sama dengan kami dalam menjayakan tuntutan ini," ujarnya.

Menurutnya lagi, ganjaran pahala pasti akan menunggu mereka di hari akhirat nanti. -HD

Panduan ringkas perhimpunan Bersih 2.0

1. Apa yang perlu anda buat apabila DIBERHENTIKAN polis?
o Minta beliau tunjukkan Kad Kuasa Polis
o Catit nama dan nombor anggota yang tercatat dalam Kad Kuasa Polis
o Jika beliau berpakaian seragam, catit nombor anggota pada pakaian seragam
o Jika beliau berkenderaan, catit nombor pendaftaran kenderaan

2. Apa perlu anda buat jika diminta pengenalan diri?
o Berikan nama, nombor kad pengenalan dan alamat sahaja
o Jangan sekali-kali menyerahkan kad pengenalan anda kepada polis; hanya tunjuk sahaja
o Jika polis paksa anda serahkan kad pengenalan, minta dikeluarkan Borang Pemeriksaan sebagai bukti kad pengenalan dirampas

3. Bilakah anda ditahan?
o Apabila anda dihalang beredar dari tempat tersebut
o Apabila anda digari

4. Apa harus anda buat apabila ditahan?
o Jangan melawan dan jangan beri alasan kepada polis untuk gunakan kekerasan
o Tanya apakah alasan anda ditahan
o Tanya ke balai mana anda akan dibawa

5. Apakah hak anda setelah ditahan?
o Anda berhak membuat panggilan telefon kepada keluarga dan/atau peguam dan maklumkan balai tempat anda dibawa, sebab tangkapan dan nama polis yang membuat tangkapan

6. Berapa lama polis boleh menahan anda?
o Polis boleh menahan anda tidak melebihi 24 jam di balai atau lokap polis
o Anda boleh ditahan melebihi 24 jam jika anda diberikan Perintah Reman oleh Mahkamah Majistret tertakluk kepada tempoh maksimum 7 (4+3) hari bagi kesalahan menghadiri perhimpunan 'Bersih 2.0'

7. Apakah yang perlu dibuat apabila anda dibawa ke hadapan Majistret untuk mendapatkan Perintah Reman?
o Beritahu polis/Majistret bahawa anda ingin diwakili peguam
o Jika anda diwakili peguam, anda tidak perlu bercakap kerana peguam yang akan bercakap bagi pihak anda di hadapan Majistret
o Anda hanya perlu beritahu peguam yang mewakili anda sekiranya anda sakit, didera, diugut atau tidak diberikan makanan/air/pakaian secukupnya semasa dalam tahanan. Buat laporan polis dengan segera jika berlaku keadaan sedemikian
o Beritahu juga kepada peguam sama ada polis telah menjalankan penyiasatan semasa anda dalam tahanan

8. Apakah yang perlu dibuat apabila polis ingin merakam Kenyataan Bertulis semasa dalam tahanan?
o Kenalpasti nama dan pangkat pegawai yang menyoal siasat anda
o Berikan nama penuh, umur, alamat dan pekerjaan (butir-butir peribadi) jika diminta
o Selain memberikan butir-butir peribadi, anda dinasihatkan untuk berdiam diri dari menjawab soalan dari pegawai polis
o Jika anda memilih untuk berdiam diri, katakan "saya akan jawab di mahkamah" terhadap sebarang soalan yang dikemukakan kepada anda dan polis tidak boleh memaksa, mengugut atau memukul anda jika anda enggan menjawab soalan

9. Bilakah anda didakwa di mahkamah ?

o Anda boleh didakwa di mahkamah pada atau sebelum tempoh reman yang diberikan terhadap anda tamat
o Anda didakwa jika pertuduhan dibacakan terhadap anda di hadapan seorang Majistret/Hakim dan anda ditanya sama ada mengaku bersalah atau minta dibicarakan
o Pastikan anda MENGAKU TIDAK BERSALAH dan peguam 'Bersih 2.0' akan mewakili anda sehingga perbicaraan selesai

Disediakan oleh: Unit Tindakan Undang-Undang Jenayah, Jabatan Undang-Undang & Hak Asasi Manusia (JUHAM), Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia dengan kerjasama Lajnah Undang-Undang PAS Pusat

Jika Anda Ditahan Hubungi No. Telefon Hotline Bilik Gerakan PEGUAM, Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia :

1. 0 1 6 – 3 1 2 6 4 6 3
2. 0 1 6 – 3 1 2 6 4 7 3
3. 0 1 4 – 6 4 5 1 7 5 3
4. 0 1 2 – 3 9 2 8 3 7 9

malaysiakini alternative site

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 08:25 AM PDT

if you can't access malaysiakini, please go to its alternative site at wordpress:

or go to its facebook:

why? the madness of malaysia continue as they will try to block certain websites. it already started this evening. read from malaysiakini.


Malaysiakini comes under DDOS attack
Jul 8, 11 6:05pm

As expected, Malaysiakini has come under a sustained distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack, which began at 5pm today. 

Due to Malaysiakini's new server infrastructure after the last DDOS attack during the Sarawak state election three months ago, the site managed to ride the first wave of the attack and remains accessible to the public.

Malaysiakini expects the attack strategy to shift, becoming more intensive and complex over the next 24 hours ahead of the polls reform group Bersih rally tomorrow.

"Managing a DDOS attack is really a battle of resources," said Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran. 

"After the DDOS attack in April, we have looked at the problem from all angles. There is no affordable way to be 100 percent sure that we can counter an attack."


Chandran said that Malaysiakini has disabled its log-in server as the attacks will make it harder for subscribers to access the website. The comments section has also been taken out since it is linked to the paying subscribers.

This has effectively made the website free to all readers.

However as a result of these measures, subscribers will temporarily be unable to post their comments to the stories for now.

Mirror sites 

In a DDOS attack, multiple bots, or programmes running on servers or personal computers in different countries are used to bombard a site's server with multiple requests to view the site.

The 'bots' will repeat the request for data so many times they flood the server, beyond its ability to respond. 

Malaysiakini will continue to monitor the attack and take steps to ensure the site stays up.

The site will also be launching mirror sites on blog platformsWordPress and Blogspot as well as publishing news onMalaysiakini's Facebook page tomorrow.

If Malaysiakini's site is blocked or inaccessible, readers can follow itsFacebook page for information on the latest access routes.




Himpunan BERSIH 2.0 Serentak Di 24 Bandaraya Dunia Esok!

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 08:30 AM PDT

Dengan pihak berkuasa meningkatkan tekanan menjelang perhimpunan di Stadium Merdeka esok, BERSIH 2.0 Global meminta rakyat Malaysia di seluruh dunia supaya turut berhimpun padaazlan masa yang sama, sebagai tanda sokongan kepada pilihan raya yang bebas dan adil.

Dalam kenyataannya, BERSIH 2.0 Global, menggesa supaya perhimpunan diadakan serentak di 24 bandaraya di 15 negara di Eropah, Asia Timur, Australasia dan Amerika.

"Di mana pun berada, kita hendaklah memakai baju-T kuning serta membawa sepanduk, belon dan plakad kuning bersama slogan menyokong pilihanraya yang bersih dan adil di Malaysia," kata wakil gerakan global itu.

"Kami bersuara kerana kita hidup di negara demokrasi yang terbuka di mana kebebasan bersuara dan berhimpun secara aman dan hak untuk mengadakan demonstrasi adalah satu norma dan bukannya pengecualian.

"Seperti kes perhimpunan di Kuala Lumpur, kami berhasrat untuk berhimpun secara aman dan bermaruah, serta kita akan berbuat demikian tanpa takut dengan meriam air, gas pemedih mata, intimidasi polis, atau tangkapan sewenang-wenangnya kerana berpakaian kuning.

"Kami, rakyat biasa Malaysia di seluruh dunia, menyokong BERSIH 2.0 kerana kita boleh dan kerana kita sepatutnya (berbuat demikian)."

Rangkaian Perpaduan Global BERSIH 2.9 menegaskan bahawa kini menjadi tanggungjawab Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak untuk "memenuhi tugas dan tanggungjawabnya" dengan mengakui "kehendak rakyat" dan untuk membenarkan perhimpunan tersebut diteruskan secara aman. -mk

Ulasan GB

Pemerintahan kuno rejim Najib bersama polis yang lebih kuno menganggap rakyat bodoh wajar ditentang habis-habisan.

Mengapa GB katakan mereka kuno?

Kerana mereka masih mahu mengekalkan kuasa dengan cara kekerasan, dengan cara ugutan, dengan cara memanipulasi SPR, dengan cara penipuan, dengan cara tekanan, dengan cara tangkapan, dengan cara yang jijik seperti mewujudkan kisah-kisah dongeng seperti terjumpanya parang dan bom molotov coktail untuk memburukkan BERSIH, malah tanpa segan silu menggunakan mimbar jumaat cuba mempengaruhi rakyat untuk membenci BERSIH.

Kita merasa hairan di zaman era internet ini, di zaman digital ini, mentaliti pemimpin negara dan polis masih terjajah dengan pemikiran lapuk sedemikian sedangkan rakyat sedunia sudah mara ke depan menghormati kebebasan rakyat berhimpun dan bersuara.

Didokong pula oleh media massa yang juga bermentaliti kuno sama seperti menteri-menteri kabinet Malaysia yang diterajui UMNO BN.

Tidak hairan di satu ketika baru-baru ini, pemimpin Papua New Guinea menyifat negaranya saling tak banyak beza dengan Malaysia!

Australians Warned About Protest Arrests In Malaysia

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 07:47 AM PDT

Australians warned as Malaysia threatens protest arrests PHOTO Travellers in Malaysia have been warned a political demonstration about electoral reform could become violent. [AFP] AUDIO from Asia Pacific - Radio Australia Bersih president Ambiga Sreenavasan speaks to Asia PacificCreated: Fri, 08 Jul 2011 22:41:09 GMT+0800 AUDIO from Asia Pacific -Radio Australia Malaysian demonstrator June

We Will Get There

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 07:42 AM PDT

Yesterday, I learnt a precious and painful lesson when I went for my maiden Hash House Harriers run and almost died. I collapsed twice from vertigo and fell down five times, almost smashed my face into a tree trunk when i tripped and fell, got stung by a bee, bitten by ants, suffered from dehydration, ended up with scratches on my hands even though I wore a long sleeved top and now I can hardly walk or go down the stairs. I took 4 hrs 15 minutes to complete the trail. Veteran hashers took 2 hrs to 2 hrs 45 minutes.

I wanted to give up.

I cried.

I really did.

There were times when I grabbed branches and got badly cut cos those branches were filled with thorns. Other times I grabbed branches hanging above my head and wondered if they were actually snakes lurking in the dark.

And you know what? When I was going through the pain, the inability to walk any more, when fear gripped my soul (because I had a hiking accident that left me immobile for 3 mths and full recovery took 2 yrs) and vertigo took over when I was walking at the edge of a steep cliff on a sandy slope in the dark, i thought of all those people who pressed on despite challenges, persecution and all kinds of tests and tribulations. All who were incarcerated for their cause. Some for decades.

I thought of war refugees/heroes/heroines and how they persevered.

I thought of Bersih activists and supporters and how they did not give up in spite of all the shit they are facing. It is a different ball game when we are in a real challenging situation.

You know, it takes a lot NOT to give up. Not giving up is more difficult than throwing in the towel.

When we are in trouble, who can really help? Martyrs and many social activists have gone through so much and it is amazing how no matter how dark the day, they clung on, hung on to every vestige of hope they have because of the cause. They just hung on in there and till this point, I am deeply touched by their grit, perseverance and single-mindedness in their cause.

It can be such a long lonely journey. But when together, there can be strength in unity and solidarity.

I was blessed last night cos I had three companions who were so patient with me.I have been on other trails and was scolded left and right for lacking stamina annd for slowing them down.

I kept asking the sweeper runner - how much further? how much longer? I just could not bear the pain and the agony any more. The batteries of our torchlights were getting weaker and at one point we could not find the paper trail. All they said was - we'll get there. Just a little further...don't stop. Same question I asked and I got more or less the same answer. And we walked through the jungle in the dark. Scary.

And when I asked why we never seemed to reach the top? They replied patiently that it was because I was going to slowly - with no admonishment whatsoever. Gently, they said, come, we can make it. You can make it. let's walk a bit faster. Such patient and encouraging mates they are!

And I am truly inspired this evening. With much tears in my eyes, after all the pain, the shock of fainting twice in a night from exhaustion, I made it. I cannot lift my legs and the only parts of my anatomy that are ok are my eyelids and my fingers.

I must have looked a sight - a drama queen hugging the tree and declaring with tears..i have no strength - please send a stretcher. ...but my team-mates just coaxed me to press on and I made it although in over four hours.

Somehow, no matter how difficult, I believe we just have to hang on, be united and persevere to attain that goal of a better nation. Fear can be real but it is all about attitude and faith.

We will get there.

This much I believe. And for those of you who will be there tomorrow, my prayers go with you. I am sorry I cannot be there physically cos my better half did not give his blessings for me to go. But for those of you who will be there - you have my deepest respect and my prayers.

Take care, think positive. Stay safe and I truly believe that one day, we will get there.

UN SG U Thant’s photos

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 07:19 AM PDT

United Nations Secretary-General U Thant Returns to Work 2.2239633

United Nations Secretary-General U Thant Returns to Work
06 December 1971
Secretary-General U Thant Holds Press Conference 2.2239633
Secretary-General U Thant Holds Press Conference
19 September 1966
Special Event: U Thant's Vision for Peace Celebration 1.9075665
Special Event: U Thant's Vision for Peace Celebration
03 December 2004
Special Event: U Thant's Vision for Peace Celebration 1.7791708
Special Event: U Thant's Vision for Peace Celebration
03 December 2004
Secretary-General U Thant Holds Press Conference 1.7791708
Secretary-General U Thant Holds Press Conference
28 January 1969
Secretary-General U Thant Holds Press Conference 1.7791708
Secretary-General U Thant Holds Press Conference
23 September 1968
Press Conference by Secretary-General U Thant 1.7791708
Press Conference by Secretary-General U Thant
20 January 1966
Secretary-General U Thant 1.7791708
Secretary-General U Thant
01 September 1965
Secretary-General U Thant Signs the Book of Condolences 1.7791708
Secretary-General U Thant Signs the Book of Condolences
26 January 1965
Secretary-General U Thant Interviewed Over UN TV 1.7791708
Secretary-General U Thant Interviewed Over UN TV
30 November 1964
UN Secretary-General U Thant Holds Press Conference 1.7791708
UN Secretary-General U Thant Holds Press Conference
21 April 1964
UN Secretary-General U Thant Holds Press Conference 1.7791708
UN Secretary-General U Thant Holds Press Conference
21 April 1964
Secretary-General U Thant on UN TV 1.7791708
Secretary-General U Thant on UN TV
27 March 1964
U Thant, Secretary-General of the United Nations 1.7791708
U Thant, Secretary-General of the United Nations
31 December 1963
U Thant, Acting Secretary-General of the United Nations 1.7791708
U Thant, Acting Secretary-General of the United Nations
24 November 1961
U Thant, Acting Secretary-General of the United Nations 1.7791708
U Thant, Acting Secretary-General of the United Nations
24 November 1961
Acting U.N. Secretary-General U Thant Leaves for Cuba 1.6284246
Acting U.N. Secretary-General U Thant Leaves for Cuba
30 October 1962
Secretary-General U. Thant Addresses UNICEF Executive Board 1.5567744
Secretary-General U. Thant Addresses UNICEF Executive Board
01 May 1970

Pemimpin PAS Dan Pakatan Tetap Hadir Esok Walaupun Ada Larangan

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 07:32 AM PDT

Pemimpin PAS tetap turun menyertai Himpunan Bersih 2.0 pada 9 Julai (jam 2 petang esok) meskipun terdapat larangan berada di Kuala Lumpur seperti perintah mahkamah yang dikeluarkan semalam.

Dalam keputusan berdasarkan permohonan sebelah pihak polis kepada mahkamah itu, hampir semua pemimpin tertinggi PAS termasuk dalam 91 individu yang dihalang berada di ibu negara pada esok hari.

Naib Presiden PAS, Haji Salahudin Ayub menegaskan pemimpin dan ahli PAS tetap akan hadir ke perhimpunan rakyat di Stadium Merdeka dalam usaha menuntut pilihan raya bersih dan telus dalam negara.

Beliau menyifatkan tindakan BN menggunakan mahkamah untuk keluarkan larangan menghalang 91 individu berada di KL esok hari sebagai tidak demokratik.

Jelasnya, tindakan menghalang dan mengugut itu jelas bertentangan dengan titah khas Seri Paduka Yang Dipertuan Agong, Sultan Mizan yang mahu semua pihak berunding.

"Tindakan menghalang itu jelas bertentangan dengan ruh dan semangat titah baginda," tambahnya yang juga termasuk dalam senarai 91 individu yang dihalang.

Pengarah Jabatan Pilihan Raya PAS, Dr Hatta Ramli pula berkata, pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat kekal mantap untuk jayakan himpunan Bersih itu meskipun terdapat berbagai halangan.

Dalam satu kenyataannya, beliau yang juga dihalang berkata, setakat ini belum menerima sebarang surat secara hitam putih tentang keputusan mahkamah majestrit itu.

"Jika benar, ini merupakan satu bentuk pencabulan hak saya untuk bergerak secara bebas dalam negara sendiri.

"Pemerintah semakin tenggelam punca dalam menghadapi kebangkitan rakyat," tegasnya.

Penegasan sama turut dibuat ketika menyampaikan ucapan dalam Majlis Pelancaran Gerakan Pilihan Raya Adil dan Telus di Seksyen 18, dekat sini, malam tadi.

Sementara itu dalam jawapan ringkasnya. AJK PAS Pusat, Haji Khalid Samad berkata, tindakan ini membuktikan pemimpin BN sudah tidak siuman.

Seorang lagi AJK PAS Pusat, Mazlan Aliman pula hanya ketawa geli hati dengan tindakan ini sambil menyatakan akan terus hadir. -HD

Pemimpin Pakatan tak akan hirau larangan ke KL

Di sebalik larangan polis ke atas 91 individu berada di Kuala Lumpur, pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat akan tetap turun bersama orang ramai yang akan berhimpun di Stadium Merdeka esok.

Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ketika ditanya di laman sosial tweeter sama ada mereka akan ke Kuala Lumpur esok, menjawab, "Pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat akan hadiri".

Semalam, polis mengeluarkan senarai beberapa individu yang dilarang memasuki ibu negara termasuk Anwar, Mursiyidul Am PAS Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat, timbalan presiden PAS Mohamad Sabu dan pemimpin veteran DAP Lim Kit Siang.

Sementara itu naib presiden PAS, Datuk Mahfuz Omar yang merupakan antara 91 individu berkenaan, mempersoal kenapa beliau dihalang untuk ke pejabatnya sendiri di bangunan PAS Jalan Raja Laut esok.

Katanya, adalah tidak kena, perintah larangan daripada majistret yang diperolehi polis, turut menghalangnya ke tempat kerja.

"Saya tak kisah kalau tidak dibenar ke tempat lain, tapi takkan pejabat sendiri pun tak boleh," katanya kepada Harakahdaily.

Turut mempersoalkan tindakan kerajaan itu adalah ahli exco kerajaan Selangor, Teresa Kok.

Dalam satu kenyataan, Kok berkata perintah larangan mahkamah itu adalah ultra vires dan melampaui kuasa yang termaktub dalam Artikel 10 dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

"Tindakan polis tersebut jelas dibuat demi menjaga kepentingan politik kerajaan BN.

"Berikutan dengan perjumpaan dengan Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Pengerusi BERSIH 2.0 Ambiga Sreenevasan telahpun mengumumkan bahawa jawatankuasa BERSIH 2.0 sudi menerima tawaran Perdana Menteri Najib Razak supaya mengadakan perhimpunan menuntut pilihan raya bersih dan adil di dalam stadium.

"Namun begitu, Menteri Dalam Negeri Hishammuddin Hussein dan polis masih lagi menghambat BERSIH 2.0 dengan tindakan kuku besi, dan mereka masih lagi mengisytiharkan BERSIH 2.0 sebagai pertubuhan haram," katanya.

Menurut Teresa tindakan polis menekan demokrasi, mengaibkan hak perlembagaan dan mengadakan sekatan jalan menunjukkan mereka tidak menghormati institusi diraja dan titah Seri Paduka.

"Bagi diri saya selaku ahli parlimen Seputeh, perintah mahkamah yang melarang saya hadir di pusat bandar Kuala Lumpur merupakan halangan bagi saya untuk menjalankan tugas untuk mengawasi perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0 selaku ahli parlimen Seputeh.

"Lebih-lebih lagi, saya bekerja dan tinggal berhampiran pusat bandar Kuala Lumpur. Tidakkah perintah mahkamah ini juga telah menjadikan saya seolah-olah di bawah tahanan rumah (house arrest)?" soalnya.
Ahli parlimen Shah Alam, Khalid Samad pula berkata akan tetap menghadiri himpunan aman BERSIH 2.0 walaupun namanya disenaraihitamkan daripada memasuki Kuala Lumpur esok.

Ini kerana beliau belum mendapat apa-apa dokumen rasmi dari Polis di-Raja Malaysia (PDRM).

Menurut Khalid, beliau tidak faham mengapa larangan tersebut dikeluarkan walhal pihak penganjur berkali- kali memberi jaminan bahawa himpunan itu akan berlangsung secara aman.

"Saya pun tak faham di mana logiknya, seperti yang diulang berkali-kali, BERSIH ini bukan bertujuan mahu mencetuskan huru-hara tetapi kita ni perhimpunan aman, jadi jangan samakan BERSIH dengan Israel."

"BERSIH ni bukan pertubuhan haram, ia satu program anjuran 62 NGO yang sah yang berdaftar. Ia merupakan program dan bukan pertubuhan, lalu saya takk faham apa alasan dan hujah pihak polis dalam perkara ini," katanya.

Sementara itu, Pengerusi Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM), Badrul Hisyam Shaharin berkata beliau masih tidak menerima apa-apa dokumen rasmi dari polis dan tetap akan menghadiri himpunan BERISH 2.0 esok.

Menurut Badrul, dokumen rasmi menghalang beliau dan 90 individu lagi daripada memasuki kawasan Kuala Lumpur esok, sepatutnya dikeluarkan lebih awal bagi membolehkannya memberikan maklum balas.

"Secara undang-undang teknikalnya saya tak pasti saya dapat ke tidak, kalau ada perintah mahkamah dia (polis) harus hantar kepada saya, perintah mahkamah tak boleh beritahu melalui media, saya pun sibuk dan saya tak tahu apa yang dilaporkan oleh media." katanya kepada TV Selangor.

Menurut beliau, kerajaan tidak pernah mengiystihar Kuala Lumpur dengan perintah berkurung, darurat dan sebagainya, justeru tidak ada alasan untuk polis menghalang 91 individu daripada menghampiri ibu negara.

"Itu terpulang kepada pihak polis atau penguatkuasaan undang-undang menyebut negara ini ada hukum dan saya perlu dimaklumkan secara rasmi mengenai perintah tersebut, saya setakat waktu ini, saya tidak dapat sebarang makluman," katanya. -mk

Penang Water Garden Not Wheelchair-Friendly

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 06:28 AM PDT

The Ministry of Tourism Malaysia spent RM7mil on the expansion of the Penang Botanic Gardens. Two controversial arches were built at a cost of RM150,000 at the Penang Water Garden located beside the car park and just outside the old garden gates. Those two arches were later demolished following public outroar that they were unsightly and does not blend into the landscape. The ministry allocated another RM70,000 for the demolition works.

News report mentioned that Penang Water Garden houses a complex of seven ponds, that altogether, cover the size of half a football field. This part of the expansion costs RM1.5mil. The ponds were cultivated with giant Victoria amazonica water lilies, lotuses and water plants. The Penang Water Garden is said to be the largest water garden in Malaysia.

No way for wheelchair user to get up the kerb and to the ramp at Penang Water Garden
No way for wheelchair user to get up the kerb and to the ramp at Penang Water Garden.
Photo by Wuan.

The Water Garden consists of several levels. There were two gentle ramps connecting the different levels. What exasperated me was that there were no ramps for wheelchair users to go up the kerbs from the road. One would expect that the Ministry of Tourism, Department of Irrigation and Drainage and other agencies responsible for this project would have the mind to include proper accessible facilities for disabled people visiting the gardens.

Unfortunately, RM220,000 was frittered away in building and then demolishing the arches while access needs of disabled visitors were not given due consideration at all. This is most disappointing especially when the Penang Botanic Gardens is popular among Penangites and tourists alike, and also the fact that the Persons with Disabilities Act has been in force since 2008.

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Kuala Lumpur Saturday lock-down

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 05:23 AM PDT

Malaysian authorities are limiting access to capital Kuala Lumpur on June 9 to avert a planned rally. Major city roads and public transportation hubs will be shut down or diverted from midnight (for 20-24 hours); ; restriction orders have also been issued to key individuals forbidding them from entering the city centre during the period.

Road closure infographic by Thestar, click image for larger pic.

Kuala Lumpur June 9 BERSIH 2011 road block

The rally is organised by an BERSIH, an opposition-political-parties linked NGO, in demand for the electoral system to be reformed. I'll skip the details to not bore most of you who are not from Malaysia. To make it short, our voting system is heavily biased in favour of the governmental coalition which has ruled the country for 50+ years.

A similar mass gathering was held rather peacefully in 2007 without major incidents, so I'm quite appalled by the government's iron-fist countermeasures despite not being a fan of public demonstrations to begin with. The rally will carry on regardless, hope that it won't turn into a tragic episode. Check BERSIH's website for updates.

Kuala Lumpur Saturday lock-down from YeinJee's Asian Blog


Posted: 08 Jul 2011 05:34 AM PDT

Malaysian Insider, today Friday 8th,2011 reports that Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein has assured that the military will not be deployed during the Bersih rally slated for noon tomorrow, despite it being declared an illegal rally. He went on to assure that even the internet services will not be disrupted.

You see, what trouble Hishamuddin has got into by shooting off his mouth without thinking? Didn't he say earlier that the military will be used; a statement that I suppose he made without due consultation with the military. He must have been shaken by someone to retract his earlier statement and to realize that the Armed Forces have the King as the Supreme Commander, not him as the Home Minister. In this regards, the Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi is much wiser for not saying anything to suggest that the military will deployed during the rally.

Even the statement he made to assure that the internet services will not be disrupted is not within his portfolio as Home Minister. I think it is the portfolio of the Communications Minister Rais Yatim and rightfully such a statement must come from the latter. Till now, we are yet to hear any statement from Rais Yatim to confirm or deny what Hishamuddin has said. I think Hishamudin has gone slightly overboard and this is an indication of his lack of knowledge and understanding on the workings of the various ministers and ministries within the government. And being the cousin of the PM is he assuming that he has the authority and mandate to speak and utter statements that are not within his ministerial responsibility? We can now imagine what we will be getting into if he takes over the mantle as Malaysia's Prime Minister one day.

It is only a few hours left before we see, or we do not see the Bersih rally. It is going to be one massive deployment for the police to the city, and rightfully so. It will be a sleepless night, not only for those policemen on standby, but this also includes the IGP and his Deputy. I can visualize how busy it is going to be for all those manning the police operation rooms at Bukit Aman and throughout the country. This is reminisce of my days as a staff officer manning the Brigade Operations room in the late 60's/early 70's in HQ 6 Brigade, Sg. Petani.

I do not know whether I am going to have a good night sleep tonight thinking of what will happen at noon tomorrow. To all my readers who want to be with the rally tomorrow, please do not forget to adorn your yellow, blue and green T shirt. Good night.


Voice Of America's Report On Bersih

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 05:21 AM PDT

VOA'S LATEST JUST IN:  Malaysian Activists Vow to Hold Rally Despite Government Opposition Friday, July 8th, 2011 at 10:25 am UTC Posted 2 minutes ago  Malaysian electoral reform activists are pledging to carry on with a scheduled rally in Kuala Lumpur Saturday, defying attempts by authorities to keep the demonstrators out of the city.

Leaders of Bersih, a coalition of more than 60

Umno above Agong? Polis Raja di Malaysia? Agong recognises Bersih! ;)

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 05:55 AM PDT

This article has been circulating via email:


Datuk: Tan Sri!
Tan Sri: Calm down, Datuk….apa hal bising sangat ni?
Datuk: I have some good news, Tan Sri.
Tan Sri: Ah, what is it this time? Ambiga has migrated and has applied for Australian citizenship? 
Datuk: No lah, Tan Sri. Better than that.
Tan Sri: What can be better than Ambiga leaving Malaysia?
Datuk: The BERSIH march is off…cancelled…batal.
Tan Sri: Hmm…that is certainly good news. How come?
Datuk: Ambiga had an audience with the Agong this afternoon and BERSIH has agreed to cancel the street march and hold a rally in the stadium instead.
Tan Sri: His Majesty agreed to meet Ambiga?
Datuk: Yes.
Tan Sri: So that means His Majesty recognises BERSIH?
Datuk: Looks like it.
Tan Sri: So that means we can't ban BERSIH then.
Datuk: Why not, Tan Sri?
Tan Sri: Aiyah...if His Majesty had an official meeting with BERSIH this would mean His Majesty recognises BERSIH. 
Datuk: So?
Tan Sri: So it means we can't ban BERSIH. If not then His Majesty would be guilty of collaborating with an illegal organisation and we would have to arrest His Majesty under the Internal Security Act.
Datuk: Oh…I never thought of that.
Tan Sri: Yes…and that's why you are a mere Datuk while I am a Tan Sri.
Datuk: That also means we cannot allege that BERSIH is backed by the Communists and Jews. If not then His Majesty would be guilty of working with the Communists and Jews.
Tan Sri: Now you are getting it. So how can that be good news?
Datuk: Didn't His Majesty think of this? Aiyah…why so stupid?
Tan Sri: Hey, that is seditious. You can't call the Agong stupid.
Datuk: No, I didn't mean it like that. I meant it was stupid of us to allow the Agong to meet Ambiga.
Tan Sri: But we dragged the Agong into this. So how can we prevent the Agong from meeting BERSIH?
Datuk: Ia lah. We made a big mistake in issuing that statement from the Agong.
Tan Sri: Hey! Cakap baik sikit!
Datuk: Sorry, I meant we made a big mistake in asking the Agong to issue that statement.
Tan Sri: That's better. Don't ever say we issued that statement on behalf of the Agong.
Datuk: Okay lah, but at least the street march is off…now it's been reduced to just a rally in a stadium.
Tan Sri: How many people do you think will attend the rally?
Datuk: Not sure. Maybe 100,000…could even be 200,000. Now that it is no longer an illegal assembly and there is no danger of arrests many more people may turn out. Those who were initially afraid to turn out may now turn out since it is safe. Mana tahu? Could even be 300,000 people.
Tan Sri: How would 300,000 people park their cars at the stadium?
Datuk: Oh, cannot lah. There is not enough car park space for 300,000 people. They will have to park their cars elsewhere and walk to the stadium…or take public transport.
Tan Sri: So, to get to the stadium they will have to walk, right?
Datuk: That's right.
Tan Sri: Which means they will be marching to the stadium instead of marching to the Agong's palace, right?
Datuk: Yes, that's right…oh…I see what you mean.
Tan Sri: Yes, that's what I mean. So the march is still on then. Only now it is a legal march, not an illegal march. And they will march to the stadium instead of to the palace. And we can't do anything about it because the Agong has agreed to this. We can no longer arrest the marchers.
Datuk: Aiyah! This is a disaster. We got tricked. What to do, Tan Sri?
Tan Sri: What can we do? His Majesty has just given BERSIH legitimacy and it has been agreed that a legal rally can be held in the stadium and because of the huge crowd that may turn out they cannot drive to the stadium but will have to march there dressed in yellow shirts. 
Datuk: Mampus! 
Tan Sri: Yes, mampus. This is even worse. At least if they proceeded with the original plan we can ban BERSIH and declare it a menace to society and a threat to nation security. Now we can't touch them. We can't even arrest anyone on 9th July. And because the rally is legal more people will come out. They are not scared any more. And Umno Youth and PERKASA can't march on the streets in opposition to BERSIH. If they do we will have to arrest them.
Datuk: Alamak. We can't touch the BERSIH marchers but will have to arrest the Umno Youth and PERKASA marchers. And Khairy already said if BERSIH cancels the street march he is prepared to work with them. So Umno Youth must now support the BERSIH rally at the stadium. 
Tan Sri: Exactly. Now you know why I am a Tan Sri and you are just a Datuk?
Datuk: And that means we can't also ask the Agong to revoke Ambiga's citizenship.
Tan Sri: Revoke citizenship for what? For obeying the Agong by cancelling the street march and by holding a rally at the stadium like how Najib asked them to?
Datuk: Somehow I think we have been had…suckered big time.
Tan Sri: Aiyah…please get out of here and leave me alone. I need to draft my resignation letter. 
Datuk: What should I do, Tan Sri?
Tan Sri: I suggest you also go draft your resignation letter. Najib will want both our heads on a silver platter after this.

46 Peguam PAS Mula Bertugas Malam Ini

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 05:55 AM PDT

Kuala Lumpur, 8 Julai: 46 peguam PAS akan mula bertugas jam 10 malam ini bagi memberikan khidmat kepada peserta perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 di ibu negara esok.

Gambar: Lima dari 46 peguam PAS yang akan bertugas mulai malam ini

Mereka memenuhi pejabat Agung PAS bagi mengikuti taklimat tugas mereka dan menerima pakaian khas yang akan mereka gunakan sepanjang menjalankan tugas itu.

Pasukan yang diketuai oleh Pengerusi Lajnah Undang-undang PAS, Haji Asmuni Awi itu akan berada di semua kawasan yang dijangka akan ada orang yang berhimpun sempena perhimpunan itu.

Di samping mempunyai nombor hotline, mereka juga akan berada di stesyen-stesyen yang ditetapkan mengikut giliran tugasan mereka.

46 peguam ini tidak termasuk 120 peguam yang disediakan oleh Majlis Peguam untuk menyeliakan perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 ini.

Selain mengiringi pimpinan PAS, para peguam ini akan berada di pusat-pusat tahanan sementara yang dijangka akan dibuka oleh polis untuk menahan peserta perhimpunan kali ini.

Mereka akan bertugas dari jam 8 pagi esok hinggalah jam 2 pagi ekoran tindakan polis mengetatkan sekatan terhadap perhimpunan ini.

Antaranya mendapat perintah dari mahkamah terhadap 91 pemimpin Bersih, PAS, PKR, DAP, Pemuda Umno dan Perkasa.

Perintah larangan itu diperolehi polis Kuala Lumpur daripada majistret untuk menghalang 91 pemimpin daripada tiga kumpulan utama yang merancang untuk berhimpun pada 9 Julai.

Perintah berkenaan melarang semua individu tersebut – daripada PERKASA, BERSIH 2.0 dan PATRIOT supaya tidak hadir atau mengambil bahagian dalam perhimpunan berkenaan.

Timbalan ketua polis Kuala Lumpur Senior Asisten Komisioner Datuk Amar Singh Ishar Singh (kanan, tengah) berkata, pelanggaran perintah berkenaan merupakan satu kesalahan di bawah Seksyen 188 Kanun Keseksaan.

(Salah seorang peguam PAS, Mohd Fikah Sanusi dengan pakaian rasmi yang akan dipakai oleh mereka esok)

"Perintah larangan ini adalah untuk mengelakkan dari perbuatan yang boleh mengganggu ketenteraman awam atau mendatangkan bahaya kepada nyawa atau keselamatan manusia," katanya yang membacakan satu kenyataan.

Seramai 66 orang invididu yang dinamakan dalam perintah larangan bagi kumpulan BERSIH 2.0 termasuk pengerusinya Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, timbalan presiden PAS Mohamad Sabu dan aktivis Hishamuddin Rais.

Seramai 14 orang daripada kumpulan PERKASA pula termasuk presidennya Datuk Ibrahim Ali serta barisan pemimpin tertingginya – Datuk Ab Rahman Ab Bakar dan Syed Hassan Syed Ali.

Polis turut mendapat perintah larangan bagi menghalang seramai 11 orang pemimpin pemuda Umno yang mendukung Perhimpunan PATRIOT termasuk ketuanya Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar serta Datuk Megat Firdouz Megat Junid dan Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican.

Turut disenaraikan adalah beberapa pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat seperti Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Mursyidul Am PAS Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat dan pemimpin veteran DAP Lim Kit Siang. -hd

Ulasan GB

Dengan adanya berita di atas, terbatallah SMS-SMS palsu yang beredar yang mendakwa kononnya pucuk pimpinan PAS memutuskan individu yang dutahan pihak berkuasa semasa demo perlu menguruskan guaman sendiri kerana dikatakan pihak PAS tidak menyediakan khidmat guaman.

SMS yang berkeliaran itu untuk menakut-nakutkan ahli PAS daripada menghadiri himpunan aman BERSIH esok.


PappaRich Wisma CKE: Video direction from Jalan Kuari off Jalan Cheras!

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 05:34 AM PDT

The Colors Of Freedom

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 04:13 AM PDT

I DESPISE the government, all its crony agencies, the law enforcement and every bit of machinery that is even connected to it and come the next general election and as many more elections to come, they can be sure my vote will never go to them! NEVER!

I was just caught in a chain effect of a police road block right smack in my residential neighbourhood of Subang Jaya, in an area that on a normal day, in fact everyday, is already synonymous with its infamous traffic snarls and those 'brilliant and intelligent' (I use those words VERY loosely) men in blue decide to punish everyone in this neighbour by setting up a roadblock right smack in front of the Summit Shopping centre and creating this nice long string of irate motorist who are just on their way back from work.

And I heard from another runner friend that they've also put up road blocks just at the exit of this neigbourhood thus bottling everyone up with inconvenience! 

For the benefits of my foreign readers and for anyone else who doesn't know, the government are trying to stop a coalition of NGOs called Bersih (literally means clean in Malay) with an aim of reforming the electoral process in this country from having a street rally tomorrow.

I'm not going to elaborate about it, just Google Bersih and you'd be able to know more. All I can say is the government is running scared and are doing everything within their powers to stop this rally and one of it is to create roadblocks right in the middle of major roads supposedly looking for banned Bersih paraphernalia and weapons.

Now, Bersih is a peaceful coalition and this weapons issue as far as I'm concerned is plain nonsense. They're just spiteful that the supporters of Bersih are not being intimidated by them and decided to make life difficult for everyone else with these stupid nonsensical roadblocks! People have to work and my job takes me outside to meet clients and being caught in jams created for reasons of spite is really pissing me off, BIGTIME!

The reasons they give for this roadblocks are ridiculous, checking for weapons and such but all they do is block a major 4 lane road into one lane and wave cars through without even stopping to check a single car. So how do they know that a particular car is carrying a weapon or Bersih 'propaganda' material? They've got super powers is it? They're like Superman and can see through cars is it? All they're doing is standing there and waving cars through this single lane and creating traffic snarls for miles on end! How does that equate to looking for weapon? Morons, that's what they are!

Please la, people are not stupid and everyone knows what you guys are doing. Trying to intimidate us is not going to work. People who didn't give two hoots about this Bersih rally are now bloody annoyed with the powers that be that they're actually rooting for Bersih. You guys are not only digging your own graves but sealing yourself inside the coffin and nailing it shut.

Practically everyone I've spoken to, from the mamak (Indian Muslim) food stall guy where I take my lunch, my delivery boy, my mechanic right up to all my customers, they all think the government are hopeless and it's time for a change. I haven't heard a single one condemning this peaceful Bersih rally and all of them are equally pissed with all the roadblocks and mischief the government are creating to stop this rally!

The people are not stupid, in fact we never were. We are just tolerant and peace loving Malaysians but we don't want to be screwed by you anymore. It's gone on for too long and it's time we all want accountability and it ain't gonna happen with the present government who are just more concerned about making themselves richer than actually looking out for the welfare of the very people who put them in power.

They claim we're a democratic country, do they even know what democracy means? We're being repressed over here. They make up all kinds of laws as and when it pleases them if someone decides to fight them? They arrest people wearing yellow just cause it's a color that is symbolic to the Bersih coalition. They say we're a democratic country but we're not allowed to speak up for our rights. Instead, they intimidate and threaten you with all kinds of acts and laws if you don't 'obey' their will. Yeah, we're really democratic all right. We've become the laughing stock of the entire world and we deserve it for letting this go on for so long.

I hope when the time comes, the rest of you don't chicken out and quietly vote them into power again. Vote for whom you think will take your interest at heart. Like I said before, it's only for five years and how much worse could it get if you vote for the opposition anyway? It'll probably be way better than the current regime! Right now, if there was an opposition party run by monkeys, I'd rather vote the monkeys than the current government!

So please, come the next general election, PLEASE think wisely and vote for whom you think will defend your rights as a free individual. Our children need to start living in a better Malaysia, the Malaysia I knew and grew up with. Now, if you don't see me online in the next few days, it means my democratic rights and free speech has been squashed and you can bring me cookies and cakes during festivals when you visit me in prison ... LOL!

What do i need to know before attending the Bersih 2.0 rally

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 02:58 AM PDT

What to Wear
-comfortable, protective shoes that you can run in
-clothing covering all your skin to protect from sun and pepper spray
-shatter-resistant eye protection (i.e. sunglasses, swim goggles,or
gas mask)
-zip-lock with bandana soaked in cider vinegar (water if nothingelse).
It can aid in breathing during chemical exposure
-weather-related gear (i.e. rain gear or sun hat)
-heavy-duty gloves if you plan to handle hot tear gas canisters
-fresh clothes in plastic bag (in case yours get contaminated by
chemical weapons)
-a cap or a hat to protect you from the sun and from chemicalweapons

What to Bring
-lots of water in a plastic bottle with sport-top, to drink and to
wash off your skin or eyes, if needed
-energy snacks
-identification and/or emergency contact information ONLY if you
want to be cited out of jail in the event of arrest
-just enough money for pay-phone, food, transportation
-watch, paper, pen for accurate documentation of events, police
brutality, injuries
-water- or alcohol-based sunscreen
-inhaler, epipen, insulin or other meds if applicable
-several days of prescription medication and doctor's note in case
of arrest
-menstrual pads, if needed. Avoid using tampons - if you're
arrested you may not have a chance to change it (tampons left in
more than six hours increase your risk of developing toxic shock

What not to do
-Don't put vaseline, mineral oil, oil-based sunscreen or
moisturizers on skin as they can trap chemicals.
-Don't wear contact lenses, which can trap irritating chemicals
-Don't wear things which can easily be grabbed (i.e. dangly
earrings or other jewelry, ties, loose hair).
-Don't go to the demo alone, if you can help it. It is best to go
with an affinity group or some friends who know you well.
-Don't forget to eat food and DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

Of Pepper Sprays and Tear Gas:
The first thing to remember about exposure to these chemical weapons
is that it is not the worst thing that could happen to you. The hype
and fear surrounding them is enormous, but in reality, if you are
careful and smart, you should survive it with little problem. This
information is the result of conversations with experts, pepper spray
trials done by the Black Cross, and our combined experiences of
treating thousands of people in various actions, including the WTO in
Seattle, and the IMF/WB in DC.

What They Are:
Tear gas (also called CS, CN, or CX) and pepper spray (OC) are chemical
compounds that are weapons designed to be used by the military and
police to disperse crowds and subdue individuals. They are mucous
membrane (the inside of your mouth and nose, among other places, are
ined with mucus membrane) and skin irritants. They are mixed with
solvents, and delivered through the use of propellants. Some people think
some of these can cause cancer, birth defects and genetic mutations.
In Seattle, one batch of tear gas contained methylene chloride, a highly
toxic solvent which can cause mental confusion, headache, tingling of the
limbs, rapid heartbeat, visual and auditory hallucinations, menstruation
cycle disruption, spontaneous abortion, and varying effects on lungs and
the digestive system.

How They Are Deployed:
Tear gas and pepper spray can be sprayed from small hand-held
dispensers or large fire-extinguisher size tanks. Tear gas is most
commonly deployed via canisters, which are fired into crowds,
sometimes directly at people. Don't pick up the canisters without
gloves as they are extremely hot. Be aware that the time it takes
you to throw it will allow you to be heavily exposed.

How They Affect You:
Both tear gas and pepper spray are skin irritants, causing burning
pain and excess drainage from eyes, nose, mouth and breathing passages.
Pepper spray is more popular with authorities as an agent of control
because of its immediate pain-causing qualities. It is harder to
remove from the skin and has the capacity to cause first degree burns.
If you are exposed to either,you may experience stinging, burning in
your eyes, nose, mouth and skin excessive tearing, causing your vision
to blur, runny nose, increased salivation, coughing and difficulty
breathing, disorientation, confusion and sometimes panic.

Some people report feeling intense anger. This can be useful if you are
prepared and able to focus it towards recovery and returning to the
action. The good news is that the effects are temporary. Discomfort
from tear gas usually disappears after 5-30 minutes, while the worst
pepper spray discomfort may take 20 minutes to 2 hours to subside.
The effects of both diminish sooner with treatment. Because pepper
spray penetrates to the nerve endings, its effects may last for hours
after removal from the skin.

There are many myths about treatment and prevention. Much of this
misinformation is potentially dangerous. Some of it, if applied,
could greatly increase or prolong a person's reaction to exposure,
or at the very least provide a false sense of security.

For most healthy people, the effects of tear gas and pepper spray
are temporary. However, for some people the effects can be
long-lasting and life-threatening. People with the conditions
listed below should be aware of these risks and may want to try
and avoid exposure. Please be aware that intense actions,
police behavior can be unpredictable, and avoidance is not
always possible.Folks with respiratory diseases, such as asthma,
emphysema, risk exacerbation or permanent damage if exposed.
Vulnerable people such as infants, the elderly, and the immune
compromised,risk intensified and possibly life-threatening
responses. Anyone with chronic health conditions or those on
medications that weaken the immune system, (ie: chemotherapy,
Lupus, HIV, radiation, or long-term corticosteroids such as
prednisone) risk exacerbation of illness,intensified response
and possible delayed recovery.
Women who are or could be pregnant, or who are trying to get
pregnant may be at risk of spontaneous abortion or increased
risk of birth defects.
Nursing mothers risk passing toxins on to their infant.
Folks with skin (ie: severe acne, psoriasis, or eczema) and
eye(ie: conjunctivitis or uveitis) conditions risk an
intensified response. People wearing contact lenses may
experience increased eye irritation and damage due to
chemicals being trapped under the lenses.

Avoid the use of oils and lotions because they seem to "trap"
the chemicals and thereby prolong exposure. We recommend using
a water or alcohol-based sunscreen (rather than oil-based). If
your choice is between oil-based or nothing, we advocate using
the sunscreen. Pepper spray on top of sunburn is not good. We
also recommend minimizing skin exposure by covering up as much
as possible. This can also protect you from the sun, as can a
hat. Gas masks provide the best facial protection,if properly
fitted and sealed. Alternatively, goggles (with shatter-proof
lenses), respirators, even a wet bandana over the nose and
mouth will help.

How to deal:
STAY CALM. Panicking increases the irritation. Breathe
slowly and remember it is only temporary. If you see it
coming or get a warning, put on protective gear, if able,
try to move away or get upwind. Blow your nose, rinse your
mouth, cough and spit. Try not to swallow. If you wear
contacts, try to remove the lenses or get someone to remove
them for you, with CLEAN, uncontaminated fingers. DO NOT RUB IT IN.

There are some things that you can do after being sprayed to help
minimize the discomfort. None of these are miracle cures: using
these remedies will help people to feel better faster, but it will
still take time.

For the eyes and mouth:
We recommend an eye flush using a solution of half liquid antacid
(Maalox) and half water.
A bottle with a squirt cap is ideal for the eye flush. Always
irrigate from the inside corner of the eye towards the outside,
with head tilted back and slightly towards the side being rinsed.
It needs to get into the eye to help. You may need to help open
the victims eye for them - they most likely wont be able willing
to open it themselves, and opening will cause a temporary increase
in pain, but it does help. This works great as a mouth rinse too,
as long as the victim is alert and breathing normally. Spit it
out after rinsing.

For the skin:
We recommend treating small areas at a time with MOFIBA (mineral
oil followed immediately by alcohol)Caution: in order to perform
this procedure correctly, you need to be trained. If done
improperly, harm can be done. Carefully avoid the eyes at all times.
Afterward, remove contaminated clothing and take a shower in the
coldest water you can stand. Wash your clothes with strong
detergents as soon as you are able. This shit is toxic, and will
continually contaminate you and everyone around you until you get
rid of it. Until then, try not to touch your eyes or your face,
or other people, furniture, carpets etc. to avoid further

Remember, it is only temporary, and we are extremely strong.
(Taken from Black Rose Collective)

Some important telephone numbers:
Bersih police violation sms report: 013 2102002
Legal Aid: 03 26913005, 03 26932072, 03 55107007, 
03 32812428
Legal Aid sms: 019 3255825 (Ravin), 0122841895 (Leena), 
0163435202 (Stephanie), 019 6353151 (Jeeva)
Jabatan Undang Undang & Hak Asasi Manusia (JUHAM): 
016 3126463, 016 3126473, 014 6451753, 012 2392879
Suaram: 03 77843525

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