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EC really, really need to be ‘BERSIHkan’ (cleaned)!!

EC really, really need to be ‘BERSIHkan’ (cleaned)!!

EC really, really need to be ‘BERSIHkan’ (cleaned)!!

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 10:43 AM PDT


cloned voters, phantom voters, permanent voters, immigrant voters, voters with no mykad code, sudden increasing voters, a voter named 'kg baru', citizenship for votes, army personnel forced to multiple voting…. what-have-you – that's our election commission (EC) for you. malaysia boleh! oh with the blessing of BN of course.

all these had been revealed in malaysiakini a lot lately. discrepancies here and there in the electoral roll and so on, mostly unearthed by the opposition. reading all these made me very angry. so this is WHY/HOW BN can win!!  this is why we need berish 3.0 if nothing will be done to address them. though there is a mention of setting up of a parliamentary select committee on electoral reform, i'm not convinced. 

i would like to highlight many of the reports from malaysiakini on all these discrepancies and 'scandal'  that were unearthed on this blog, for more people to read and be informed and be aware AND to KICK BN OUT in the coming election!!! i will also email this blog post to my friends, those who are not subscribers of malaysiakini to let them be informed, and one day i will also print all the reports out to give to those who are not online. i want as many people as possible, i want the WORLD to know this is the kind of election commission (AND government) that we have!! grrr!


PAS to expose 'a huge number' of cloned voters
Jimadie Shah Othman
Jul 26, 11

AS has in its possession of a list of "cloned voters" and the numbers are "shockingly huge", the party's vice-president Husam Musa said today.

PAS would expose the total number in stages, after having lodged an official complaint on the first 500 "clones" the Islamic political party had detected recently, he said.

"We will arrange for a conference. We will display to everyone, and the media can double-check on this," Husam (left) added.

However, he declined to reveal the number of persons whose names appear twice in the electoral rolls, but promised to supply the list to the mass media.

He reiterated that PAS opposes the biometric system for voters the Election Commission (EC) has proposed, saying it did not resolve the problem of recurring voters.

"Why waste so much money (on the biometric system), instead of using indelible ink?" Husam asked.
The EC has previously brushed off allegations of multiple voting, asserting that no one person had voted twice.

EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof only accepted that the purported "clone identities" could have resulted from a glitch in the system.

'So, whose work is it?'

Husam said the electoral system did not only have a problem of "cloned voters" but the EC could not even explain how this happened in the first place.

"Who is behind all this?" asked the Kelantan executive councillor and Salor assemblyperson, adding that the EC should investigate the claim.

At this juncture, he said, PAS did not intend to pursue legal action to support its claim as he did not belief justice would be served if this was done.

His demand to the EC was also supported by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang (left), who said the biometric solution would not resolve claims about phantom and cloned voters.

"In fact, the biometric system is also vulnerable to manipulation by those who manage it because only a few have the expertise in dealing with such a system," Hadi said.

He stood by the party's demand for the use of indelible ink and automatic registration to end all allegations of a rigged election system.

PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat, on the other hand, supported the implementation of the biometric system "if it is done in a transparent manner".

Today's issue of the Malay language daily Sinar Harian quoted Nik Aziz as saying that PAS was willing to engage in a dialogue with the EC to hear its proposal on the system.

"Whichever system, whatever it is, must lead to transparency… I'm not referring to just one system (the biometric proposal)… whatever system that is not transparent must be opposed," the Kelantan menteri besar and PAS spiritual leader added. 


EC changes 'Mismah' status in draft electoral roll
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Aug 3, 11

The Election Commission (EC) has changed the status of Mismah, a 'permanent resident' whose name had been entered in the draft electoral roll.

Based on a check of its online verification system at 2pm, under the 'record status', (highlighted in screen capture, right) it is now stated that her application to register as a voter is dalam proses pengesahan daftar pemilih (being verified for the electoral roll).

Her name had been included in the draft supplementary electoral roll that has been opened for public scrutiny for a week.

EC head Abdul Aziz Yusof, when contacted, explained that the objection period had ended yesterday.

"Those who did not receive any objection will be gazetted (as elegible voters). Those who received objections will be subjected to a verification process," he told Malaysiakini.

"(During the process) a public inquiry will be called, (enabling) both parties – the potential voter and the complainant – to be heard."

Malaysiakini yesterday discovered Mismah had been categorised as a permanent resident (PR) in the National Registration Department (NRD) online system.

The NRD online verification system, which allows users to check the status of an individual, shows that Mismah holds MyPR card No. 640704715238.

About four hours after yesterday's report, Mismah's status on the NRD online verification system had been 'upgraded' to that of a citizen.

Abdul Aziz had earlier attributed this to technical negligence on the part of the NRD, insisting that only citizens are eligible to be registered as voters.

'NRD online database not updated'

Elaborating on this today, he said he had contacted the NRD and was told that its online database had not been updated alongside the Agency Link-Up System (Alis).

"(It was only) when I called (them) that they realised they have not updated the names online," Abdul Aziz (left) added.

The NRD online database – used by the public to verify their status and details – is different from Alis, which is the reference point for the EC in registering voters, he said.

According to election laws, the EC updates the electoral roll every three months with a quarterly supplementary electoral roll draft.

The names of all newly-registered voters, voters who have changed their residing addresses and voters who have been removed from the electoral roll, are compiled in the supplementary electoral roll draft.

The roll is then displayed usually for one week, for public scrutiny, before it is gazetted and used in the next election.

During the display period, members of the public can raise their objection to the names listed in the supplementary electoral roll.


Chinese left out of rolls, claims Selangor PAS

Aug 3, 11 5:40pm

Selangor PAS today claimed that the Election Commission (EC) had failed to include many eligible voters on its latest supplementary electoral rolls, especially Chinese voters.

Selangor PAS secretary Mohd Khairuddin Othman (right in photo) said at a press conference that they discovered that 243 Chinese voters who had registered under the Paya Jaras state constituency were left out of the updated rolls.

He said this only added credence to concerns that the EC had not done its job in updating the electoral rolls, while at the same time allowing the rolls to be abused by interested parties.

"The supplementary electoral rolls have been abused by certain parties to bring in voters who are clearly not qualified to become voters in Selangor," he said.

Khairuddin also accused the EC of deliberately putting up a supplementary roll which did not have the complete address of voters.

"This has made it difficult for PAS' election machinery to trace the location of those who had registered as new voters," he said.

Opposition politicians kicked up a major fuss over the past few days, especially after Malaysiakini ran an article highlighting the inclusion of a Permanent Resident (PR) card holder on the supplementary roll.

Selangor PAS has also come up with its own data on the controversy, claiming to have found at least 1,100 names of PR holders on the updated roll.

The objection period for the latest supplementary roll closed yesterday.


200,000 Indonesians listed as voters, claims Anwar
Jimadie Shah Othman
Aug 5, 11

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim claimed that some 200,000 Indonesians have been registered as voters in Malaysia, complaining of another dive in the standards of democracy in the country.

He was quoted as saying by The Philippine Star that he has received reports of the allegations and added that Filipino migrants in Sabah have also been registered on condition that they vote for the ruling BN government.

"I believe in the people of Malaysia. The Malaysian media and the government may have labelled me as a threat to the country and accused me of being a pawn for Zionists and the United States, but I believe the people can't be fooled," Anwar was quoted as saying by the online news portal during his visit to Manila.

Anwar's (right) comments come in the light of the recent controversy where a permanent resident holding a red MyPR card had been registered as a new voter in the latest supplementary electoral roll issued by the Election Commission (EC).

Merely four hours after Malaysiakini reported that Mismah had become a voter despite being just a permanent resident, she had apparently become a citizen.

According to election laws, the EC updates the electoral roll every three months with a quarterly supplementary electoral roll draft and only citizens are allowed to be registered as voters, and that verification is done through the Agency Link-Up System (Alis) of the National Registration Department.

Claims that foreigners being illegally registered as voters to increase the support of the political parties in power have been continually raised by polls watchdog Bersih 2.0 and opposition parties but constantly denied by the EC.

MyKad syndicates found in Subang

Meanwhile, Selangor PAS said today that several months ago they caught a group of syndicates involved in issuing Malaysian identification cards (MyKad) to foreigners red-handed.

Division secretary Khairuddin Othman (left in photo, with Khalid) told a press conference today that they had raided two houses in Paya Jaras, Subang to nab the group.

Khairuddin added that the "house owner" was distributing MyKads to those suspected to be Indonesians and Cambodians.

However, the culprit managed to escape before the police arrived at the scene. Nevertheless, members of Selangor PAS had lodged a police report on the matter.

During the raid, which took place in February, a collection of MyKads and scanning equipment as well as card readers used to authenticate the identification cards were discovered, he said.

Oddly enough, said Khairuddin, the names of the owners of the confiscated MyKads are still only recognised as permanent residents, with red MyPR identification.

"We have lodged a police report, but we still waiting for an answer," said the practising lawyer, frustrated over the delay in investigations since their exposure in February.

"We don't dispute that many deserve to get the MyKad… but the discrepancies on the NRD's website give rise to doubts," he said.

Shah Alam PAS MP Khalid Samad, who was also present, said that this case is similar to what had happened in Sabah several years ago, allowing for BN to win big in the state.

"So it is not impossible for this to take place in the peninsula, moreover when there is no transparency in the award of the identification cards," he said.


Penang voters increase by 32,000 in three months
Susan Loone
Aug 4, 11

Following the allegations that over 1,500 permanent residents were allowed to be registered in the latest supplementary electoral roll, Penang Pakatan Rakyat today claimed that the state saw a sudden surge of 32,000 voters in just three months.

A staggering 1,400 postal votes were inserted into Batu Maung state constituency, currently held by state exco member Abdul Malik Kassim from PKR.

Between 2008 to 2010, the Malay-majority seat only saw an increase of 2,200 voters.

The influx of voters was revealed today during a press conference called by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, attended by Abdul Malik and Deputy Chief Minister Mansor Othman.
In the past, said Lim, there would usually be increases of about 10,000 new voters, but the triple jump in figures was "suspicious" and raised concerns "that there may be fraud".

"(The) general election is approaching. If the increase in voters is about 200-400, it is acceptable, but now there is an increase of three times (the amount). How to win?" he queried.

Ghosts hungry for votes

Lim said the hike in voter figures happened in three months, and recounted recent allegations surrounding 'Mismah' and more than 1,500 permanent residents were registered as voters.

"In this world, we have instant noodles, but in Malaysia, we have instant voters," Lim joked.

"This month is the hungry ghost month for the Chinese, but what we are more afraid of is phantom voters," he added.

Lim condemned the Election Commission for its reluctance to investigate the cases or take action.

Such tactics could probably be in line with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's (right) call for BN to do whatever it takes to win the coming election.

Lim further criticised the EC for providing the Pakatan Rakyat with the electoral roll (in a compact disc) a day before the deadline to the protest period.

Despite this, he said, the component party will continue to write to the EC to oppose the unusual findings.

He expressed disappointment that the CD was provided late to Pakatan parties, as this prevented them from being able to screen the details thoroughly.

"The EC seem to want to hide something, they do not want us to reveal more malpractices…that is why they are so afraid of Bersih."
Phantom voters

He added the BN tried to use undemocratic methods to win the elections, and mobilise phantom voters to deny the rights of genuine voters.

At the same press conference, Malik said that the additional postal votes were inserted into his state constituency in the past three months.

He added that he was only able to detect them a day before the deadline to protest the EC's electoral roll.

There are only two military camps in Batu Maung – Sungai Ara and Bukit Gedong.

"There are indeed quarters in Sungai Ara but in Bukit Gedung, there is only an administrative centre, and two or three bungalows for general level officers," said Abdul Malik, who is a Penang exco member.

"But now, 1,400 soldiers and their families are using the address, this is a place where no one is living, then suddenly, there is a drastic increase," he added.

Mansor, who is Penanti assemblyperson, said he had found several "suspicious identities" in his constituency, and would be revealing more details soon.


EC registers voter named 'Kg Baru'
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Aug 9, 11

The Election Commission (EC) has been found to have registered a female voter named 'Kg Baru'.

At the same time, a new search has turned up more names in the electoral roll without a record in the National Registration Department (NRD) online database.

According to the EC online verification system, 'Kg Baru' (MyKad: 830527115422) is a voter registered in the state constituency of Hulu Besut and parliamentary constituency of Besut, Terengganu.

However, a check with NRD online system revealed that the MyKad number is assigned to one Noraini binti Abdullah (left).

"The question is, how can the EC make such a shameful mistake? How did it happen?" asked Johor PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat, who discovered the flaw.

"Does (EC deputy chairperson) Wan Ahmad Wan Omar still think this is an issue that should only be answered by the EC clerk?"
Responding this afternoon, EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof admitted to Malaysiakini that it was a mistake and correction has been made.

"The record has been amended – (the individual's) name is Noraini binti Abdullah," he said.

Suhaizan also said he had detected a 'phantom voter' with no record in the NRD online database.

During a verification check this morning, the EC online system (right) showed that Farhana binti Abdul Rashid (MyKad: 840505715012) is a voter registered in the state constituency of Wakaf Mempelam and parliamentary constituency of Kuala Terengganu.

No result in the NRD database

However, the same identification number returned no result in the NRD online database, which stated 'no application/the number entered is not valid'.

"How can the EC register phantom voters when its registration system is linked with the NRD database through the Agency Link-Up System (Alis)?" Suhaizan asked in a statement.

This is not the first case of voters without a NRD record. This was also the case with two eligible voters, who appeared on the EC online verification system as being registered in the Hulu Langat parliamentary constituency.

However, Abdul Aziz rebutted this, arguing that the NRD database used by the EC contains details of the three voters.

He said he has no idea why the NRD website shows a different result.

Suhaizan (left) said such mistakes could have been due to human negligence, but that this showed the EC's voter verification system had failed to detect errors when the details were keyed in.

For this reason, he urged the EC to abolish the RM10 fee levied on each objection raised by the public, as well as the RM200 penalty for every objection that is rejected.

"One way to detect human negligence is through objections… But when the fee is too high, it burdens those who want to raise objections, when the purpose of objections is to clean up the electoral rolls," said Suhaizan.

"The objection fee is one of many weird matters in Malaysia. In fact, the EC should pay those who make objections as a token of appreciation, rather than charge them," he added.

Objection period 'too short'

Suhaizan also complained that the five-day objection period (July 29 – Aug 2), including a weekend, for the second quarter supplementary electoral roll draft was too short and unreasonable.

"The charges and short period make it seem that the EC has a hidden agenda to make it difficult for people to raise objections."

Under the election law, the EC updates the electoral rolls every three months with a quarterly supplementary electoral roll draft.

The names of all newly-registered voters, voters who have changed their residing addresses and voters who have been removed from the electoral roll, are compiled in the supplementary electoral roll draft.

The roll is then displayed, usually for one week, for public scrutiny, before it is gazetted and used in the next election.

During the display period, members of the public can raise objections to the names listed in the supplementary electoral roll, but must pay the related fees.


From 'clone voters' to 'clone Umno members'
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Aug 15, 11

The phenomenon of individuals having double identity cards may not be limited to the electoral roll for state and parliamentary elections.

According to PAS, there is evidence that a number of these 'clone voters' not only have two MyKad, but also double Umno membership, which raises questions about the legitimacy of the 65-year-old party which leads the ruling coalition.

Following his expose last week on three 'clone voters' who hold Umno memberships, Johor PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat (left) said a check with the websites of the Election Commission (EC), National Registration Department (NRD) and Umno's membership database found a number of Umno members and their 'clones' within the party.

A check by Malaysiakini with the NRD portal – which allows people to check the status of identification documents – confirmed that the three MyKad-holders have an 'extra' MyKad each.

The only difference between their respective MyKad is the last two digits of their number.

The three 'clone voters/Umno members' are alleged to be:

1. Azhar bin Ahmad

First MyKad: 680713095049 (valid)
Locality: Batu 13
Polling district: Tasoh
State seat: Beseri
Parliamentary seat: Padang Besar

Umno membership No: 00412036
State: Perlis
Division: Padang Besar
State seat: Beseri
Branch: Batu Hampar Beseri

Second MyKad: 680713095057 (valid)
Locality: Kg Baru Chuping
Polling district: Sg Buloh
State seat: Chuping
Parliamentary seat: Padang Besar

Umno membership No: 01167397
State: Perlis
Division: Padang Besar
State seat: Chuping
Branch: Kampong Baru Sungai Serai

2. Besah binti Mat

First MyKad: 450713095002 (valid)
Locality: Telaga Haji Abd Latiff
Polling district: Changkat Jawi
State seat: Guar Sanji
Parliamentary seat: Arau

Umno membership No: 00405301
State: Perlis
Division: Arau
State seat: Guar Sanji
Branch: Telaga Hj Latiff

Second MyKad: 450713095010 (valid)
Locality: Jejawi Batas
Polling district: Alor Lanchang
State seat: Sena
Parliamentary seat: Kangar

Umno membership No: 00401132
State: Perlis
Division: Kangar
State seat: Sena
Branch: Jejawi

3. Mansor bin Ahmad

First MyKad: 481104025705 (valid)
Locality: Felda Bkt Tangga
Polling district: Felda Bkt Tangga
State seat: Bukit Kayu Hitam
Parliamentary seat: Kubang Pasu

Umno membership No: 00145824
State: Kedah
Division: Kubang Pasu
State seat: Bukit Kayu Hitam
Branch: Felda Bukit Tangga

Second MyKad: 481104025713 (valid)
Locality: Kampong Masjid
Polling district: Felda Batu Lapan
State seat: Bukit Kayu Hitam
Parliamentary seat: Kubang Pasu

Umno membership no: 00144136
State: Kedah
Division: Kubang Pasu
State seat: Bukit Kayu Hitam
Branch: Pekan Changlun

Malaysiakini has not been able to verify their voting status because the EC online verification system has not been functioning this morning.
When contacted in the afternon, a public relations officer from the EC said there is a technical glitch with the website and it is currently being fixed.

Malaysiakini is also still seeking the response of the Umno secretariat.

Implications for Umno

Suhaizan claimed that the trio cited above – whose individual MyKad differ from their clones only in term of their last two digits – are just the tip of the iceberg, with many "thousands more" of such cases.

Dismissing the suggestion that double identities are a mere coincidence, Suhaizan said the case more probably reflects moves towards electoral manipulation, which has serious implications for Umno due to the possibility of its members voting twice in party polls.

"PAS Youth urges the Registrar of Societies to take stern action against the manipulation involving the Umno organisation and members.

"If it is proven that Azhar, Besah and Mansor had voted twice in the branch-level party elections, many annual general meetings of Umno branches would be void.

"Therefore Umno may face the 1988 crisis again, which caused the party to be declared illegal. This is a very serious manipulation. Umno members have a right to demand an explanation from their president."

On the denial by Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (left) that the party is not behind the registration of 'clone voters', Suhaizan said he is not at all convinced.

"Based on the evidence obtained by PAS Youth, it is impossible that Tengku Adnan is is unaware of this manipulation. This manipulation does not just involve the EC but also Umno," he said.

"If an Umno secretary-general cannot detect the data manipulation in his party, then he would be the weakest secretary-general in the history of Umno. (Umno president) Najib Abdul Razak should not continue his service. The Umno president also should not give excuse that it was just a mistake by the clerk.

"The EC and NRD should also give a satisfactory explanation to the people rather than dismissing this as a small issue.

"If this manipulation is just a small mistake, how is it that PAS Youth can find thousands of such cases?

"It can be exploited by those who have a vested interest in winning an election. Hence, an independent body should be formed to investigate this manipulation which we have proven."

EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof (right) has asserted that the issue of double identity is a result of human error when the MyKad numbers were keyed into the system.

He claimed that the EC 'cleans' up errors in the electoral roll on a daily basis.


PAS: 1,100 PR-holders in S'gor electoral roll
Aug 3, 11 1:19pm

Islamist party PAS has claimed to have found more than 1,000 permanent residence (PR) holders in Selangor alone who have been included in the electoral roll of eligible voters, strengthening assertions that the problem may be more than a case of mere 'technical negligence' by the National Registration Department.

Having identified the presence of foreigners in the list of eligible voters for Selangor, the state PAS Youth's elections-monitoring body urged members in other states to scrutinise the supplementary electoral rolls prepared by the Election Commission (EC) in their areas for more of such irregularities.

"In Selangor, there are about 1,100 names of permanent residents against which objections have been raised by the state PAS body, and it is hoped that those in other states can do similar work," said the wing's elections department director Mohd Sany Hamzan in a statement.

Yesterday, Federal Territory PAS had claimed to have encountered 52 such cases of PR-holders being listed as voters when filing complaints with the Federal Territory EC.

Just as Malaysiakini discovered with one PR-holder by the name of 'Mismah', Titiwangsa PAS division secretary Hedzer Ibrahim said the 52 PR-holders had by 3pm been categorised as Malaysian citizens.
'Grave threat'

In a statement, Selangor PAS also claimed that the PR holders it found on the draft electoral roll had their status suddenly changed to full citizenship, despite documented proof that these individuals had been PR holders just hours earlier.

State party secretary Mohd Khairuddin Othman (right) alleged that this was discovered by a team from their elections department during a check on the National Registration Department's website about 3pm yesterday.

He said the cases include an Indonesian born in 1984, who was said to have full-fledged citizenship with a Mykad bearing the code 71, which equates to permanent residents born overseas.

"If this person was born in Malaysia, then the code stated on the identity card should be the code for the state of his or her birth.

"If this person was born outside Malaysia, why give this person such privileges to the point of having a blue Mykad as young as 27 years?"

Khairuddin said the entire situation poses a grave threat to national security, and requires a credible royal commission of inquiry into the matter and that legal action should be taken against those involved.

"Selangor PAS believes this issue will erode public confidence in the electoral process, especially in the rolls to be used in the coming election," he said, adding that it adds credence to the immediate need for the use of indelible ink during the polls.


Ex-army man: I was ordered to vote for others
Jimadie Shah Othman
Aug 4, 11

A former army personnel stepped forward today and told a PAS-organised press conference that he was involved in manipulating postal votes while in service under orders of a superior officer.

Nasir Mohamad (left), who identified himself only as having been "a clerk" at an army camp in Sandakan, Sabah, said the incident occurred during the general election of 1986.

"I, along with another clerk, was ordered to open the (postal) votes bag … (We) were ordered by a higher officer to open the votes bag, and (we were) ordered to mark the ballots.

"There were about 900 ballot papers including those meant for the army (personnel) and their spouses.

"I was told to divide (the votes) into two, (the other batch was handled by) my friend, whose name is Ayub Mat. He took more than 400 (ballots), I took the remainder.

Nasir said as he was inclined to BN at the time, he marked the ballots at hand in favour of the ruling coalition.

"I took the right of other people who were supposed to have cast those ballots. But as I was in the army, I had to be a 'yes man', said Nasir, who left the service in 1998.

Nasir's claims mirror an earlier incident that allegedly occurred in October 2009, in which one Abu Kassim then-ranked 'Sargent' admitted to having voted for other army personnel in two general elections.

Also present at the press conference were PAS Youth's elections director Mohd Sany Hamzan Hadir and the wing's 'Mobilisation and Democratic Rehabilitation' secretariat chairperson Suhaizan Kaiat.

Asked why he was coming forwarding more than 20 years after the incident, Nasir admitted to having been "fearful" of doing so.

"But since I'm no longer bound to any instructions from the army, I've mustered the courage (to do so)," he said, adding that he felt a sense of responsibility to the country's system of democracy.

At this point in time, Nasir said he has no plans to extend the case he has kept to himself for the past 25 years to the Election Commission (EC).

"It depends on the situation," said Nasir, who is now a PAS member.

Suhaizan (left) said when the matter of Abu Kassim was brought to the attention of EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof during the Bagan Pinang by-election two years ago, Abdul Aziz had assured the incident would not be repeated.

"But if the system is still the same, the same thing may occur again. I said this to Aziz when we met him.

"I didn't meet with the clerk of (EC deputy commissioner) Wan Ahmad (Wan Omar). I met with the boss of Wan Ahmad," Suhaizan said snidely.
Postal votes 'too technical'

Going into the details of the problems they have identified with postal votes, Suhaizan laid out a host of data to support their claims of "fraud", particularly from the Bagan Pinang and Sibu by-elections.

He raised many issues that were "too technical", giving ample room for manipulation of postal votes such as through the sale of ballot papers on the black market and the limited power afforded to EC officials and observers at military camps.

Suhaizan, who is also Johor PAS Youth chief, questioned whether the EC has any intention of introducing early voting to replace postal votes as there has not been any attempt to push amendments to existing laws.

"If elections are held this November, will they do it? Amendments need to be brought to the Dewan Rakyat, and later the Dewan Negara. So what system will they use in the coming elections?"

Suhaizan suggested that postal votes only apply to troops who are carrying out critical duties, such as manning the borders, as a means to reduce the possibility of fraud.

"The wives don't need to be involved. They (soldiers' wives) are doing other things anyway. If they do vote early, do it outside the camp because it is harder to manage (voting) inside the camp," he said.


More 'cloned voters' detected in electoral roll
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Aug 10, 11

First there were 'phantom voters', then 'permanent resident voters' – and now, more 'cloned voters' have appeared in the electoral roll.

At least seven voters have been found to have a 'clone' in the electoral roll, having been registered under the same name and old identity card (IC) number, but with a different MyKad number.

According to information obtained from the Election Commission (EC) online verification system, the names appear twice in the electoral roll, raising the question of whether they can vote twice in an election.

In one case, where the old IC number of 1479323 was entered in the 'family members verification system' page, it returned two entries under the name Sa'ad bin Samsudin, but with different MyKad numbers – 380913105681 and 510913105553 – and a different registered address.

The website showed that both entries have the same old IC number and are registered in the same parliamentary constituency – Titiwangsa, a seat won by Dr Lo' Lo' Mohd Ghazali from PAS, who passed away last month.

A check with National Registration Department (NRD) online system, which allows the public to check the status of identification documents, showed that the first MyKad number (380913105681) exists in NRD database but there is no record of the second (510913105553).

Titiwangsa PAS Youth chief Mohamad Suhaimi Abdul Aziz said the wing has found four similar cases in the constituency, involving:

1. Shodah binti Abdul Rahman

Old IC: 4802777

First entry: MyKad 550620055800 valid in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa

Second entry: MyKad 560620055412 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa

2. Mohamad bin Ismail

Old IC: 8370614

First entry: MyKad 540405025757 valid in NRD website, registered in Setiawangsa

Second entry: MyKad 540405025095 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa

3. Anderson a/l P Arputhanathan

Old IC: A0831847

First entry: MyKad 671117106499 valid in NRD website, registered in Setiawangsa

Second entry: MyKad 671117105963 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa

4. Chellamah a/p Murugesu

Old IC: 7877951

First entry: MyKad 491006045672 valid in NRD website, registered in Setiawangsa

Second entry: MyKad 491006015094 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa

Two other cases

Acting on tip-offs from readers, Malaysiakini detected another two such voters registered in Perak and Terengganu.

The first – Mohd Rashid bin Ismail (old IC: 6397062) – has two entries in the Taiping parliamentary constituency (MyKad: 620108086991) and the neighbouring parliamentary constituency of Bukit Gantang (MyKad: 620108086713) respectively.

When both MyKad numbers were entered into the NRD online system, the result showed that the first card had been collected while the second is ready for collection at the Kuala Lumpur NRD office.

The second voter – Sulong bin Jalil (old IC: 6290844) – has two entries registered in the Ajil state seat under the Hulu Terengganu parliamentary constituency, but with different MyKad numbers – 611110015143 and 611110115371.

The NRD website showed that both MyKad had been collected.

These cases add to a claim last month by PKR Indera Mahkota MP Azan Ismail that he had found more that 60 voters with a double identity in the electoral roll.

Fake MyKad involved?

In a statement, Suhaimi said these cases are sufficient to prove that there is an organised effort nationwide to allow certain voters to vote twice.

"How can the NRD register the same old IC number and name for two different individuals? Or perhaps the same individual has two different MyKad? How can the EC accept this mistake without validating the name list provided?" posed Suhaimi.

He urged the authorities to remove all these names found in Titiwangsa, investigate their identity and withdraw their MyKad if they were found to have more than one.

"It is possible that fake MyKads were issued to these voters to allow them to vote twice. This is because some of the MyKad do not exist in the NRD list," said Suhaimi.

He added that a police report would be lodged if these voters were found to have two different MyKad.

Malaysiakini is attempting to contact the Election Commission and the NRD for comments.


'Cloned voters' vanish in 24 hrs, but questions remain
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Aug 11, 11

One day after the existence of 'cloned voters' – voters who have more than one entry in the electoral roll – was discovered, the Election Commission (EC) has removed the 'clones' from the roll.

However, at least one 'clone' (left) remains in the electoral roll, and there are still questions yet to be answered by both the EC and National Registration Department (NRD).

Yesterday Malaysiakini reported that at least seven voters have been found to have a 'clone' each in the electoral roll, having been registered under the same name and old identity card (IC) number, but with different MyKad numbers for the clones.

At that time, the EC online verification system showed that those names appear twice in the electoral roll, raising the question of whether they could vote twice in an election.

However, a check on the EC site this morning revealed that their 'clones' have disappeared from the same online system.
When contacted today, EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof said that his commission is 'cleaning' the electoral roll on a daily basis.

"Based on daily official information from NRD through Agency Link-up System (Alis), the EC will amend or delete content on the electoral roll," he said in a text message.

"In the case of double registration, EC will delete the not active ones subject to NRD confirmation, and the process will continue."

The latest status of the seven voters are:

1. Shodah binti Abdul Rahman

Old IC: 4802777

First entry: MyKad 550620055800 valid in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa, still remains in electoral roll.

Second entry: MyKad 560620055412 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa, deleted from electoral roll.

2. Mohamad bin Ismail

Old IC: 8370614

First entry: MyKad 540405025757 valid in NRD website, registered in Setiawangsa, still remains in electoral roll.

Second entry: MyKad 540405025095 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa, deleted from electoral roll.

3. Anderson a/l P Arputhanathan

Old IC: A0831847

First entry: MyKad 671117106499 valid in NRD website, registered in Setiawangsa, still remains in electoral roll.

Second entry: MyKad 671117105963 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa, deleted from electoral roll.

4. Chellamah a/p Murugesu

Old IC: 7877951

First entry: MyKad 491006045672 valid in NRD website, registered in Setiawangsa, still remains in electoral roll.

Second entry: MyKad 491006015094 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa, deleted from electoral roll.

5. Sa'ad bin Samsudin

Old IC: 1479323

First entry: MyKad 380913105681 valid in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa, still remains in electoral roll.

Second entry: MyKad 510913105553 has no record in NRD website, registered in Titiwangsa, deleted from electoral roll.

6. Mohd Rashid bin Ismail

Old IC: 6397062

First entry: MyKad 620108086991 valid in NRD website, registered in Taiping, still remains in electoral roll.

Second entry: MyKad 620108086713 valid in NRD website, registered in Bukit Gantang, deleted from electoral roll.

7. Sulong bin Jalil

Old IC: 6290844

First entry: MyKad 611110115371 valid in NRD website, registered in Hulu Terengganu, still remains in electoral roll.

Second entry: MyKad 611110015143 valid in NRD website, registered in Hulu Terengganu, deleted from electoral roll.

However, for Mohd Rashid and Sulong, although their 'clones' have been removed from the electoral roll, both of them still have two different MyKad numbers as shown in the NRD website, which allows the people to check the status of identification documents.

According to NRD website, both MyKad belong to Sulong have been collected while Mohd Rashid still has one of his MyKad waiting to be collected at the Kuala Lumpur NRD office.

Besides these two cases, a blogger also found another voter, named Isacc Yovan a/l K Pitchay, with two MyKad, numbered 630124035077 and 630124107421, in the NRD website.

The blogger claims that Isacc, who is registered in the Lembah Pantai parliamentary constituency, previously also had a double identity in the electoral roll, which was removed by the EC today after being exposed.

This reporter has been seeking explanations from the NRD on the double MyKad issue, but the department has yet to reply.

Malaysiakini also discovered that a 'cloned voter' exposed by Indera Mahkota MP Azan Ismail of the PKR last month still remains intact in the electoral roll.

The voter, named Tham Chow Hoong (old IC: 7124612) has two entries registered in the parliamentary seat of Tanjong and Bukit Gelugor respectively, but with different MyKad numbers – 630925075968 and 630925076968.

A check with NRD website showed that the first MyKad (630925075968) is valid but there is no record for the second (630925076968).


'Clone' voters are Umno members, discovers PAS
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Aug 12, 11

Following the expose of 'clone voters', PAS claims it has discovered that some of those with double identity in the electoral roll are Umno members, raising the question of whether the ruling party is behind the fraud.

Johor PAS youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat, (left) today exposed another three 'clone voters' whose double identity is still available on the Election Commission (EC) online verification website.

Malaysiakini has verified that the trio have double identity with same name, address and registered constituency but slightly different MyKad numbers.

A check with National Registration Department (NRD) website which allows people to check the status of identification documents, found that one of their two MyKads is not valid.

The three new cases are different to the previous cases reported by Malaysiakini, which had been removed by the EC.

Clones voted twice suspicion

They do not have old identity card numbers, and their double identities share the same address but written in different format.

Later this afternoon, Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor confirmed the trio are Umno members, but denied that the ruling party is behind the glitch in the electoral roll.

Disclosing the details of their alleged Umno membership, Suhaizan claimed the trio belong to the Umno Puteri and Umno youth wings.

He suspected that those 'clone voters' had been allowed to vote twice by convincing the EC presiding officers during the polls using:
Fake MyKad
Fake driving licence
Genuine MyKad but allowed to vote because of minor error in MyKad number
Form 11 to declare that the voter is person whose name appears in the electoral roll
Other suitable means
"The evidence seems to prove that Umno is involved in electoral manipulation. PAS youth urges prime minister as Umno president to explain this discovery by PAS youth," said Suhaizan.

He stressed that the existence of 'clone voters' is not mere coincidence because the three voters disclosed today are just examples of the many cases that the Islamic party has detected.

"If Umno youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin accused that the Mismah issue has being created by the opposition, I would like to ask who created this electoral fraud?"

Details of the three voters unearthed by PAS are as below:

1. Mohd Bahar bin Omar

First MyKad: 800105025489 (valid)

Second MyKad: 800105025459 (invalid)
Umno Membership no: 02914008
State: Kedah
Division: Kulim Bandar Baharu
State seat: Kulim
Branch: Jalan Junjung

2. Faten Diana binti Hassan

First MyKad: 810822035400 (valid)

Second MyKad: 810522035400 (invalid)
Umno Membership no: 03252506
State: Kelantan
Division: Tumpat
State seat: Kelaboran
Branch: Dalam Rhu Pantai

3. Sharina binti Mat Ariff

First MyKad: 800727095094 (valid)

Second MyKad: 800729095094 (invalid)
Umno Membership no: 02999301
State: Perlis
Division: Padang Besar
State seat: Santan
Branch: Kampong Petal

EC chief: It's a result of human error

In another related development, EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof told Sin Chew Daily that the issue of double identity is a result of human error when the MyKad number was keyed into the system.

He explained that some voters may have registered twice because their MyKad numbers were not correctly keyed in during their first registration. So they registered again when they found out their name did not appear in the electoral roll, resulting in the double identity.

These errors also occurred, said Abdul Aziz (left), when voters registered again after losing their MyKad, and during the process of changing the status of postal voters to ordinary voters.

He pointed out that many voters are not aware of their double identity because the EC only allows voters to check their status according to MyKad number and not name.

Abdul Aziz also said that those errors mostly happen to registrations done before 2002. After that, the authority made it compulsory for voters to register their constituency according to the address stated in their MyKad.

The EC will discuss with NRD on how to effectively address the errors in the electoral roll, he added.


PAS reveals another 'phantom voter centre'
Hazlan Zakaria
Aug 16, 11

PAS says it has more evidence of the government covertly issuing MyKad to foreigners and relocating locals, who are then inserted as BN Trojan horses in the Pakatan-held constituencies.

"A resort in Cherating, Kuantan, is being used as a processing centre as well as to distribute the MyKad.

"The centre is used for two purposes, one to hold and then coach foreigners who are then given Malaysian identity cards," PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali (right) told a press conference at the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.

"The other purpose is to process locals, who are then transferred to other voting districts."

The opposition has long been accusing the BN of such covert activities, allegedly using phantom voters who are inserted to swell the votes for the ruling coalition in areas it lacks popular support.

It has claimed that foreigners who are issued MyKad and the relocated locals will then vote for BN as coached and instructed during their induction at the 'processing centres'.

"I disclosed this yesterday at a press conference outside Kuala Lumpur, but it was not reported," lamented Mustafa.
'I can't trust EC deputy chairperson'

Asked if he has hard evidence to back his claim, he said he had what he needed to state his case.

"I shall report the matter to the Election Commission (EC), but I will hand over the evidence only to chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof.

"I will not hand it over to the deputy chairperson, Wan Ahmad Wan Omar (left). I don't trust him. Abdul Aziz, I can still trust a little bit," sniped the PAS official.

However, Mustafa declined to disclose when he would hand over his evidence.

"Soon," was all that he was prepared to say to reporters, adding that PAS would first have to see how the EC responded to its earlier complaints.

The party had earlier revealed similar cases in Salak Tinggi and Paya Jaras in Selangor, both of which it claimed involved 'processing centres' for BN phantom voters and Trojan horses.

'MyKad issued to foreigners'

On Aug 5, the Islamic party announced at a press conference that it had raided two houses in Paya Jaras, Subang, to catch a group it believes was distributing MyKad to foreigners.

The "house owners", who escaped before police arrived after a police report was lodged by party members, were distributing MyKad to people suspected to be Indonesians and Cambodians.

During the raid, which took place in February, a collection of MyKad and scanning equipment, as well as card readers used to authenticate the identity cards, were also found.

In Salak Tinggi, the party organ Harakah Daily reported in March, National Registration Department personnel were found to be conducting briefing sessions and issuing MyKad outside of office hours.

The matter, said PAS, was suspicious and hinted at abuses in the run-up to the 13th general election.


Citizenship for votes: Pakatan MPs want inquiry
Hazlan Zakaria
Aug 16, 11

Unhappy with premier Najib Abdul Razak's plan to set up a select committee on electoral reform, Pakatan MPs are demanding a public inquiry into what they say is a core issue – alleged express-lane citizenship for permanent residents in exchange for votes.

"When he announced the select committee, he said it will only focus on electoral reforms. We Pakatan MPs want to stress that Najib cannot run away from the core issue of the issuance of citizenship to permanent residents," said PAS veep Salahuddin Ayub.

He was speaking on behalf of Pakatan MPs at a joint press conference held at the PAS headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today, following up on a letter of Aug 8 demanding an emergency sitting of Parliament to address the issue.

"We waited for his response after the seven-day deadline, which ended late yesterday. We can prove it (our claims) and we cannot overlook this matter. This is a matter with a far-reaching impact," he said.

Pakatan has claimed that the electoral roll is tainted, hinting at collusion between the Election Commission and the National Registration Department, and has said this presents a national security threat.

"Would we consent to foreigners – who don't understand our culture – determining the political direction of our country?" Salahuddin asked.

PKR veep Nurul Izzah Anwar cast doubt over the sudden registration of the newly-made citizens as voters.

"Why is it that immediately after becoming citizens, they register as voters en masse? Doesn't this raise some questions?" queried the Lembah Pantai MP.

'Sop to public opinion'

Salahuddin warned that the PM and Putrajaya should not dilly-dally, but observed that authorities have failed to act accordingly.

"Since the PM has failed to call for an emergency parliamentary sitting, he must call for a public hearing on the matter – a hearing that tours the country for the rakyat to give evidence on the issue of permanent residents being given citizenship."

Pakatan MPs will send another letter to Najib demanding a public inquiry into the matter, failing which they will ask for a royal commission of inquiry, he said.

He also dismissed the premier's sudden proposal for the select committee a knee-jerk reaction to the demand for an emergency sitting.

It appears that Najib is looking to pacify the MPs and the public by appearing to take action over irregularities in the electoral roll, he noted.

"He was compelled to answer before sundown yesterday, so he just made it up," he added.

Meanwhile, electoral reform group Bersih 2.0 said that if claims that the NRD is giving out identity cards to foreigners is true, it would be tantamount to treason.

"If the NRD has done such a thing, it would have been effectively committing treason. Because they are selling off Malaysian citizenship rights like anything you can get from the pasar malam," said the group's steering committee member Wong Chin Huat.

Earlier today, Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin claimed that she had evidence of illegal immigrants being legalised under the 6P programme who were asked to pledge loyalty and vote for Umno and BN.

Expressing concern over the recent development, the coalition said that it will look into the evidence provided by Zuraida.

The group also acknowledged the need for NRD to clean up its records, but stressed that the EC should not push the ball to NRD as their systems are linked.

"About the case of Mismah, that was not NRD's problem. On NRD's records – at least at that point of time – she would have been a permanent resident. So if the record is flawed, there is no reason the EC would have given her the right as a voter.

"If they want to blame NRD, then they have to explain how could a guy called Kg Baru (be registered as a voter)? If you claim everything is linked up then there is no reason for all these flaws," he added.


'Script' of migrants' oath to back BN uncovered
Aidila Razak
Aug 16, 11

In what it claims to be further evidence that the amnesty programme is being used to create "phantom voters", PKR said today illegal migrants who go through the programme are made to take an oath of allegiance to BN and Umno.

PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin (centre in photo) said representatives of the women's wing had "sneaked into the syndicates running the amnesty programme" and found the "script" of the oath.

"(We) found that the illegal migrants were made to take an oath to support Umno and BN to be part of the amnesty programme. (We) managed to get the script to expose this fact to the public," she told a press conference today.

The copy of the script, said to have been taken from an amnesty agency in Selangor, made available to the press shows an oath typed out in Bahasa Malaysia.

It states that the person taking the oath swears to support and vote for Umno and BN, as would their husbands, wives and children.

"I will also continue to defend Islam and Malays. My family and I promise to keep this matter secret, or face the consequences," it said.

The source of the document could not be independently verified, and when asked about the veracity of the document, Zuraida only said it "is real" because "(PKR) went in there and took part as one of (the migrants)".

"There are also migrants who understand our federal constitution, know what is right and wrong and want to expose the truth," she said.

Zuraida, who is also Ampang MP, said PKR had spoken to about 10 witness who could testify that they were made to take the oath, but the party was "trying to compile more evidence before we bring them to the fore".

"We will reveal more concrete evidence. We had revealed it before, the use of Umno letterheads for citizenship, etc, but no action was taken so this is the result of our further investigation," she said.

She also called on the government to halt the amnesty programme immediately pending a "high level investigation" into the matter as it involved the nation's sovereignty.

"The important thing is for Malaysians to know how dirty and disgusting (jijik) BN and Umno are so they can make a choice," she said.


And now – voters with non-existent MyKad code
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Aug 17, 11

Even as the BN and Pakatan Rakyat trade barbs over the proposed parliamentary select committee on electoral reform, more flaws are being exposed in the electoral rolls by political parties and members of public.

The latest discovery by a PAS supporter shows several registered voters in Kedah having MyKad numbers that do not exist.

This information is posted on a Facebook page registered to a Pengundi PAS Kedah (Kedah PAS voter) and is accompanied by screen-capture images (left) of the search result from the Election Commission's (EC) website.

It shows the seventh and eighth digits of the MyKad numbers of three voters are listed as '00'. These two digits are used to indicate the place of birth of the MyKad holder.

According to the National Registration Department (NRD) website, which lists the codes for states in Malaysia and foreign nations, the code '00' does not exist.

When contacted, an NRD customer service officer confirmed that there is no such code and requested this reporter to lodge an official report with the department.

A check with the NRD portal – which allows people to check the status of identification documents – showed that there is no record of the three MyKad.

When accessed this morning, the EC online verification system confirmed the voting details of the trio:

1. Hasrullizam bin Halim
MyKad no: 800604002563
Voting constituencies: Bukit Pinang (state), Pokok Sena (Parliament)

2. Rosmadi bin Chik
MyKad no: 801111002544
Voting constituencies: Kota Siputeh (state), Jerlun (Parliament)

3. Shapiza binti Ghazali
MyKad no: 811020002568
Voting constituencies: Bukit Lada (state), Pokok Sena (Parliament)

EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof (left) has repeatedly explained that every voter registration will be checked with the NRD database through the Agency Link-up System.

Therefore, it is not known how the three voters were registered in the electoral roll despite their MyKad numbers being invalid.

"If they had been checked, the NRD would not have verified the existence of MyKad number with code '00'.
"If it was the fault of clerks, why are there so many people with the code '00' unless it was (a deliberate mistake)," Pengundi PAS Kedah says on the Facebook page.

"I hope that there will be a concrete explanation from the EC and NRD. A check with NRD shows that there is no record (of such MyKad), so where do these people come from? Born on the planet of Pluto?"

32 entries 'cleaned out'?

The Facebook page also posted screen-capture images of 32 Kedah voters who allegedly have a double identity in the electoral roll.

However, the double identity no longer exist when Malaysiakini checked with the EC online verification system this morning.

According to Abdul Aziz, the EC is 'cleaning' the electoral roll, including the removal of double registrations, on a daily basis based on NRD information.

Over the last two weeks, Malaysiakini has highlighted flaws in the electoral roll, including 'permanent resident voters' whose status in the NRD database had been 'upgraded' to 'citizen' within hours, and 'clone' voters who have two entries in the electoral roll or two different MyKad.

Under pressure from the opposition and electoral reform coalition Bersih 2.0, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak announced on Monday that a bi-partisan parliamentary select committee on electoral reform would be formed.


Four more ex-soldiers admit to postal vote fraud
Joseph Sipalan
Aug 17, 11

Postal vote manipulation has been a common practice in the military for many years – so it seems – now that more retired military personnel are speaking up.

Now, four ex-military personnel have confessed to committing election fraud – the same way an ex-army man said he did so earlier this month.

The four, who had served at army and air force bases across the country, say they marked thousands of postal votes in three separate general elections between 1978 and 1999.

The four – Major (Rtd) Risman Mastor (right), Kamarulzaman Ibrahim, Mohamed Nasir Ahmad and Mohd Kamil Omar – said they were ordered by their commanding officers to mark postal votes for the hundreds and thousands of personnel who were out in the field.

Their expose today is the second after an ex-army man came forward earlier this month, making a similar claim that he was ordered to mark postal votes for other personnel.

Kamarulzaman, who was a clerk working at the Terendak army camp in Malacca, said he was ordered to spend three days marking thousands of ballot papers during the 1986 general election.

The 53-year-old said he was given three pens of different colours, which he used alternately to sign the postal votes in the absence of the army personnel who were on their tour of duty.

"For example, I would use a blue pen to sign for one serviceman and a black pen to sign for his wife. I was also ordered to mark votes for the opposition," he said at a press conference hosted at the PAS headquarters by the party's youth wing.

When asked how many postal votes he signed, Kamarulzaman said he could not remember the exact number but was sure that it ran into the thousands.

"If you want to say how many, let's just say my hand went numb (from signing the ballot papers). I basically voted for soldiers from all over the country."

'It was the wrong thing to do'

Kamil, a retired Air Force commando based at the Butterworth Air Force base, claimed he was offered a "reward" if he complied with the order to mark a box full of postal votes during the 1999 general election.

The 21-year veteran however refused to carry out the order, saying that he realised it was not right for him to mark ballots for his colleagues.

"They gave me a box, and expected me to mark all the ballots in 30 minutes. I realised it was wrong," said the 49-year-old, adding that he has no idea what the "reward" was since he did not carry out the order.

Nasir, 50, who was a clerk based in Sandakan during the 1986 general election, said he and another colleague were told to split over 900 postal votes between them to be marked on behalf of their fellow soldiers.

He pointed out that being in the military, orders are orders and that soldiers were "not too bothered" about politics.

"Even after retirement, we didn't care so much about politics. But when Bersih came about, we started to realise that what we did was not right," he said.

Risman stressed that this practice went as far back as the 1978 general election, when he and nine others were ordered to go through around 200 sacks – each containing 10 postal votes – during his time at the Kampung Sawah army camp in Port Dickson.

"I did it just that one time… I don't remember the figures but I believe there were about 10 (ballots) in each sack. In effect there were just 10 of us actually voting," he said.


14,000 'foreign-born' voters in Penang, claims PAS
Susan Loone
Aug 17, 11

Penang PAS alleges it has detected about 14,000 'foreigners' in the state electoral roll and has launched an investigation into the matter so that a report can be filed with the Election Commission soon.

State PAS Youth secretary Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden (right) said the alleged irregularities were detected by the party's election committee over the week.

PAS party has its own computer system, Hamimi said, which has been able to detect the number of foreigners or permanent residents with the middle number '71' in their identity cards.

"The number of this kind of voters in the electoral roll is very high and appeared suddenly. Also, the controversy over Mismah has made us very suspicious," he told Malaysiakini today.

Recently, Malaysiakini exposed a case where an individual named Mismah was listed as a PR holder but was included in the latest update to the country's electoral roll.

However, her status was changed to full citizenship just hours after the issue made the headlines.
The Election Commission clarified the Mismah incident as a mere "technical glitch" as the National Registration Department had failed to update its data despite Mismah having received full citizenship since January this year.

Mismah has denied any irregularity in the granting of her Malaysian citizenship.

Penang voters surge by 26,000 in three months

PAS had earlier pointed out that checks conducted in Selangor, Perak, Penang, Johor, Kelantan and Terengganu yielded similar cases where PR holders were registered as voters, with at least 1,100 identified in Selangor alone.

On Aug 5, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng claimed that the state saw a sudden surge of 26,000 voters in just three months.

Lim said among others, the Batu Maung state constituency, currently held by state exco member Abdul Malik Kassim from PKR, saw a shocking increase of 1,400 postal votes.

On Aug 9, the PAS Penang election unit revealed that it had found 237 "suspicious" names in the electoral roll.

The findings showed several inconsistencies, including voters with two identity card numbers with different names, different people with similar names and similar ID numbers, as well as those with similar names but with different birth dates registered as voters in two different areas.

Meanwhile, Hamimi said the controversy over the ban on use of loudspeakers for the recital of verses from the Quran by the Penang Fatwa Council before dawn prayers was planned to divert attention from irregularities revealed in the electoral rolls.

He urged that the debate be stopped and focus be put on the "issue of betrayal" by certain quarters who had compromised the future of the country into the hands of foreigners through dubious practices involving the MyKad and the electoral roll.

The Penang Fatwa Council had been criticised for allowing the state government under Lim (left) to 'interfere' in the matter.

However, Lim has denied any involvement and this was duly confirmed by state mufti Hassan Ahmad in a recent press conference.

Afnan Hamimi noted that the Election Commission had admitted it was unable to prepare a completely clean electoral roll as demanded by Bersih 2.0.

Photogenic : Candid Shots @ Malacca

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 08:55 AM PDT

Maybe the person in the pictures knew i shoot their pictures. But most of them would NOT know. Why? Cause i have a claimed to have a "Big and Long..." by my friend. Okay, it's big and long lens. 

Anyway, this episode of Photogenic, i would like to share with you my Candid Shots that i took last weekend in Malacca.

Playing Angry Bird?
Four Cam Whorer and a Photographer 
I'm relaxing but I know WHAT ARE YOU DOING...
Among three of us, I'm the only one manage to take this... Why?
I have the "Big and Long" one
Nyonya clothing shops
What if the something that NOT suppose to move... moves
Visit A Picture A Day for more picture viewing...

60 Pemandu Teksi Sertai Pas

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 10:23 AM PDT

Kumpulan pemandu teksi, di sini menyerahkan 60 borang keahlian Pas kepada pihak Pas Kawasan Gombak.

Pengerusi Persatuan Pemandu Teksi Terminal Putra Gombak, Pie Abdullah menyifatkan tindakan penyertaan golongan pemandu teksi terlibat sebagai sokongan usaha Pas menegakkan pimpinan ke arah keislaman.

"Kita adalah negara Islam, tetapi masih banyak pengurusan tidak mengamalkan konsep pentadbiran berlandaskan Islam, dengan tidak berpandukan al-Quran dan al-Sunnah.

"Ramai pemimpin parti tertentu suka mendabik dada tanpa mempedulikan masalah rakyat, mengundang banyak kepincangan. Untuk itu kita saran rakyat dapat bersama mengubah pentadbiran pihak yang tidak betul," katanya semasa mewakili penyerahan 60 borang keahlian terbabit di Program Iftar Jamaie' di Perkarangan Pejabat Pas Kawasan Gombak, di sini, malam kelmarin.

Hadir sama, Ketua Pemuda Pas Selangor, Hasbullah Mohd Ridzuan; Timbalan Ketua Dewan Muslimat Pas Gombak, Khatifah Zamani Sulong dan wakil pimpinan Pas Gombak.

Dalam pada itu menurut Pie, seramai 184 persatuan pemandu teksi pihaknya berhasrat untuk menyertai Pas.

"Pas kami lihat adalah parti yang mengamalkan ajaran al-Quran dan sunnah dengan ikon Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat yang utamakan rakyat daripada kepentingan diri sendiri dan keluarganya," katanya.

Pada majlis sama, Setiausaha Pas Taman Pinggiran Gombak, Alias Yop turut menyerahkan 15 borang keahlian baru Pas yang dimaklumkan senarai terbabit adalah terdiri daripada bekas ahli UMNO setempat.

Menurutnya, sebelum ini sebanyak 20 borang dihantar dan diluluskan keahliannya, manakala pihaknya sedang dalam proses penyemakan kemasukan 30 ahli yang keluar daripada UMNO untuk menyertai Pas.

Mengulas perkara itu, Yang Dipertua Pas Kawasan Gombak, Sallehuddin Nasir melahirkan rasa syukur kerana Pas semakin diterima oleh masyarakat tanpa mengira bangsa.

"Penyerahan borang ahli Pas hari ini benar-benar membakar semangat kepada semua pucuk pimpinan untuk teruskan perjuangan ini dengan memastikan Pilihanraya Umum Ke-13 akan terus diperintah Pakatan Rakyat (PR)," katanya.

Beliau juga meminta agar semua ahli Pas terus mengikuti program dianjurkan Pas Gombak serta mengikuti semua usrah dibawa oleh Dewan Muslimat, Dewan Pemuda dan Dewan Ulama bagi memantapkan ilmu fikrah.

Sallehuddin berkata, dengan mengikuti program berkenaan mudah-mudahan ahli akan lebih mengerti perjuangan yang dibawa oleh Pas.

The Pastor's New Dentures

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 09:00 AM PDT

A Pastor goes to the dentist for a set of false teeth.

The first Sunday after he gets his teeth, he talks for only eight minutes.

The second Sunday, he talks for only ten minutes.

The following Sunday, he talks for 2 hours and 48 minutes.

The congregation had to mob him to get him down from the pulpit and they asked him what happened.

The Pastor explains the first Sunday his gums hurt so bad he couldn't talk for more than 8 minutes.

The second Sunday his gums hurt too much to talk for more than 10 minutes.

But, the third Sunday, by mistake, he put his wife's teeth in and couldn't shut up !!!

-Author Unknown-

Posted for laughs and with grateful thanks to TO who sent me this post.

Have a nice day, everyone. Keep smiling!

*This post was supposed to have been published at 6.15am on Aug 18th but I forgot to schedule it so it was published on Aug 17th, 11.57pm instead. Sighs. Must have been all the laughter that short-circuited my brain! :-)

Senjata Makan Tuan (The Knife Cuts Both Ways)

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 08:28 AM PDT

In politics, there are no permanent friends and there are no permanent enemies. One could be a friend today, and an enemy the next day. Judging from the dynamics of the power play, the balance of power is in such a delicate position that it could tip either way.

In  Just Another Political Fantasty,  Himanshu Bhatt of The Sun discussed the implications of the alleged invitation by Nazri for DAP to join BN. Nazri, who was quoted making the invitation by Sin Chew Daily on Aug 14, later denied he had extended such an invitation. Naturally, the DAP quarter  expressed surprise at the purported invitation by an Umno leader to join the BN. In response, Penang CM Lim Guan Eng said that the offer had come "out of the blue" as no one had mentioned it before. He then reaffirmed DAP's allegiance to Pakatan Rakyat.

In reality, the situation has very close parallels with the Gerakan situation in the early 70's after Gerakan swept into power with popular people's support to wrest control of the Penang government in 1969. Later on Gerakan joined the federal ruling coalition, the Alliance, which was renamed Barisan Nasional in 1973. Of course, the playing field was different then but this development certainly can (in the words of Himanshu Bhatt) "provide nevertheless some spice to the ever-percolating broth of our everyday politics."

On September 16th 2008, 30 BN MPs were supposed to have crossed over to help Pakatan form the new federal government. Prior to that fateful day, many Malaysians waited with much expectancy for that purported event to happen. However, nothing happened. No one crossed over to the other side.

Now, let's be honest. If any Pakatan MPs crossed over to join BN, they would have been labelled as frogs, traitors, turncoats, etc.

When BN MPs are enticed to cross over they are NOT frogs, traitors, turncoats, etc. They are regarded as warriors.

The truth is - BN MPs will NOT cross over unless there is some benefit to them. To put it simply, it means we need to buy them. Would this not make them mercenaries? That being the case, how different would the 30 BN MPs be to those Pakatan MPs who have crossed over then?

You can read more about what actually happened n RPK's post on The Bumiputera race torpedoed the Putrajaya race.

This post also provides the timeline of events that happened before September 16th, 2008.

This is the sad situation. We applaud and welcome BN MPs who cross over. We vilify Pakatan MPs who do the same. If so, what values do we in the opposition maintain?

Cheating is okay as long as we win. Cheating is not okay if it is BN that wins.

In short, we have reached that part in the political game where many seem to have no values. Why?

It is not about how you play the game. It is all about winning, by fair means or foul.

It is only when we lose that we scream. If we win, we will say all is fair in love and war. If that is so,  are we any different from the BN people?

Let's remember the Perak debacle.What happened to Pakatan in Perak was what Pakatan had hoped to do to BN but failed!!!

When BN turned the tables on PR, we cried foul.

Let's consider the cry for electoral reforms. We are screaming for electoral reforms because we are losing.

Let me ask you this: What will happen if later these same electoral reforms assist BN to win the elections?

Will we still scream? Or will we support gerrymandering so that Pakatan can stay in power?

A knife cuts both ways. One day that knife may also cut us.

Will we still be pro-electoral reforms then? Or will we want to 'tighten' things a bit to make sure that Umno and BN does not have any opportunity to regain its power?

ONE of the reasons Pakatan did well in March 2008 was because of the gerrymandering. The BN 'senjata makan tuan'. But that is nothing new.

They created Federal Territory so that the Chinese can be kept out of Selangor after May 1969. They wanted Selangor to remain Malay majority. However, when the Malays swung to the opposition, the Chinese (MCA) were not able to 'balance' the votes. That is senjata makan tuan.

That was Umno's dilemma.

Consider another example. Previously, they moved the Malay voters out of Kuantan to turn it into a Chinese majority seat. However, much to their surprise, the Chinese there decided to vote for a Malay candiate and Fuziah Salleh (PKR) won. UMNO-MCA thought the Kuantan Chinese would only vote Chinese. So they were caught by surprise when the Kuantan Chinese voted Malay. So the Chinese-majority gerrymandering failed. That is senjata makan tuan again.

History has shown that BN suffered this senjata makan tuan scenario and if truth be told, Pakatan is also not exempted from the same.

While we may celebrate the fact that Bersih 2.0 and concerned Malaysians are calling for electoral reforms for clean and fair elections, hold your horses! Let's not celebrate these so-called electoral reforms just yet. BN may have something up their sleeve.

Maybe they can see that if there are NO reforms then BN MAY lose power next election.

Remember how their 'secret weapon' in Selangor-FT caused the state and KL to fall to Pakatan? Then, they 'moved' the Chinese out of Selangor by forming Federal Territory thinking that the Malays would save Umno in Selangor.

However, the Malays then voted opposition and BOTH KL and Selangor fell.

So, BN was not so clever after all!

Similarly, they 'moved' Malays out of Kuantan to save Kuantan thinking that Chinese would never vote opposition and only vote MCA. Then Chinese voted opposition and Kuantan fell.

Do you see the point?

Senjata Makan Tuan!! 

Yes! The knife cuts both ways indeed!

So, we are facing a delicate balance and no matter what, we must always be true to ourselves, our values, morals and principles. A tall order?

Tony Pua: The Opposition Finance Minister!

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 08:19 AM PDT

Opposition Finance Minister Material?

Tony Pua fashions himself as some sort of an opposition shadow Finance Minister.

Unfortunately, since Anwar Ibrahim has failed to deliver on his pre-2008 election promise to set up a shadow cabinet, we shall just have to refer to Tony Pua as the "unofficial" opposition shadow Finance Minister.

Now, a Finance Minister would have to be someone who keeps his promise and delivers on time and as promised.

Unfortunately, the facts will show that Tony Pua is far from Finance Minister material.

Not only that, Tony Pua also fashions himself as some sort of an opposition Law Minister who constantly threatens to sue Government politicians for this and that. This is definitely something well within his expertise – court cases.

Continue reading Stopthelies...

Memang SPR Penipulah! Bekas Tentera Mengaku "Tolong Pangkah" Undi

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 08:14 AM PDT

Tiga lagi anggota bekas tentera hari ini mengaku pernah memanipulasi kertas undi pos Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) atas arahan pegawai atasan semasa tempoh perkhidmatan mereka.

Selain pernah ditawarkan habuan, mereka mengaku telah diarahkan supaya memangkah beratus-ratus kertas undi pos bagi pihak anggota tentera lain yang sedang bertugas termasuk undi isteri.

Dalam sidang media di Ibu Pejabat PAS hari ini, Mejar (B) Risman Mastor mendedahkan semasa PRU ke 6 tahun 1978, beliau yang ketika itu bertugas di sempadan Malaysia-Thailand telah menerima dua karung guni (Parlimen dan Dewan Undangan Negeri) yang berisi beratus-ratus undi pos.

Kemudiannya, beliau mendakwa pihak atasan telah mengeluarkan arahan supaya memangkah kertas tersebut kepada calon pembangkang kerana tidak berpuas hati dengan layanan kerajaan terhadap anggota tentera pada ketika itu.

"Sebelum PRU6 seorang menteri wanita Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN) dalam ucapannya di Parlimen telah menganggap kami anggota tentera tidak berkelulusan tinggi untuk ditawarkan gaji yang sama seperti guru sekolah.

Guru anak emas, tentera anak tiri

"Kami cuba diketepikan sehinggakan wujudnya kain rentang 'guru dianak emas, tentera dianaktirikan'," katanya yang mahu membuktikan undi pos merupakan sistem yang amat mudah dimanipulasi oleh parti dan individu namun tidak meberi keuntungan mana-mana pihak sama ada BN mahupun pembangkang.

Sementara itu, Kamarul Zaman Ibrahim, 53, berkata semasa berkhidmat sebagai kerani di Markas Tentera 3 Divisyen Terendak, Melaka, beliau turut melakukan perbuatan sedemikian termasuk menandatangani borang pengesahan undi selama tiga hari iaitu sepanjang tempoh undi pos dijalankan.

"Tiga hari saya berpanas dalam sebuah bilik memangkah dan tandatangan nama anggota tentera yang bertugas daripada seluruh negeri sampai terpaksa sediakan tiga batang pen biru dan hitam dalam poket," katanya yang mengaku tidak pernah berdaftar sebagai pengundi pos namun namanya wujud dalam sistem apabila disemak.

Namun beliau berkata tindakannya itu hanya sia-sia apabila hanya menguntungkan sebelah pihak sahaja.

"Tentera berkorban jiwa raga untuk negara tetapi kami hanya diberikan tanah tiga kaki lebar, tujuh kaki panjang dan tujuh kaki dalam sahaja (saiz keluasan kubur)," katanya kesal.

Namun tidak bagi bekas anggota Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) Mohd Kamil Omar, 49, yang pada mulanya diarahkan memangkah sekotak kertas undi pos semasa PRU tahun 1999 di Kem Butterworth.

Menceritakan pengalamannya, Mohd Kamil atau dikenali Komando Kamil yang keliru dengan arahan tersebut kemudiannya naik berang apabila pihak atasan menjanjikan habuan jika selesai melakukannya dalam tempoh setengah jam.

"Saya tahu itu salah dan tidak mahu bersubahat, ia seperti mengkhianati negara," katanya.

Sementara itu, bekas anggota tentera yang pernah mengaku memanipulasi kertas undi pos semasa bertugas di Kem Sandakan, Sabah sebelum ini, Mohamed Nasir Ahmad, 50, berkata mereka tidak sedar perbuatan mereka ketika itu mampu membawa kesan serius, dan tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa ketika berkhidmat sebagai kakitangan awam.

"Tentera ibarat 'Yes Man'. Kalau kami lawan negara akan jadi huru-hara.
"Selepas wujudnya Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil (Bersih) baru tersedar apa yang kami buat itu tak betul," katanya.

Undi pos mudah dimanipulasi

Sementara itu Pengerusi Pemulihan Demokrasi dan Mobilisasi Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat, Suhaizan Kaiat menegaskan undi pos adalah sistem yang boleh dimanipulasikan oleh sesiapa sahaja termasuk pemantauan yang lemah oleh SPR.

"Pengerusi SPR Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof dengan yakin pernah berkata perkara sedemikian tidak wujud lagi di zaman pentadbirannya.

"Namun bagi saya ia tetap wujud dari dulu sampai sehinggalah sekarang terutamanya ketika Pilihan Raya Kecil Dun Bagan Pinang 2009," katanya

Justeru kata beliau pihaknya akan terus mendesak kerajaan dan SPR dengan mendedahkan lagi beberapa penyelewengan dari semasa ke semasa sehinggalah pembaharuan sistem pilihan raya dilaksanakan sebelum PRU13. -FMT

Bekas tentera mengaku "tolong pangkah" undi

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 Ogos: Empat bekas anggota tentera mengakui pilihanraya di negara ini tidak bersih dan tidak adil, sehingga mereka sendiri mengakui pernah memangkah ribuan kertas undi pos anggota-anggota tentera lain dan kertas-kertas undi isteri anggota tentera, atas arahan pegawai atasannya.

Ketika itu, mereka melakukannya tanpa rasa bersalah setelah diarahkan berbuat demikian, tambahan pula mereka sendiri tidak pernah mengambil berat soal pilihanraya, pembuangan undi dan politik tanah air.

Seorang bekas tentera, Mohamed Nasir Ahmad, 50, mengakui pernah memangkah 400 kertas undi pos bagi pihak anggota tentera lain pada pilihanraya umum tahun 1986 lalu ketika bertugas di Sabah.

Menurut beliau, perbuatan itu dilakukan setelah menerima arahan pegawai atasannya dan arahan itu pula dilaksanakan dengan penuh tanggungjawab sesuai dengan disiplin tentera.

"Saya bertugas di bahagian perkeranian. Saya bertugas di Sabah selama 4 tahun. Sebelum bertugas di Sabah, saya pernah bertugas di Mindef dan kemudian di beberapa tempat lain lagi.

"Walaupun arahan dan pekerjaan itu hanya sekali sahaja saya terima dan saya lakukan sepanjang saya berkhidmat dalam tentera sehingga saya bersara cukup tempoh pada tahun 1998 lalu, tetapi saya tetap rasa bersalah sehingga sekarang," jelasnya pada sidang media di Pejabat Agong PAS, di sini, hari ini.

Seorang lagi bekas anggota tentera, Kamarulzaman Ibrahim, 53, mengakui telah memangkah ribuan kertas undi pos selama 3 hari sehingga lenguh.

Perbuatan tersebut dilakukan setelah menerima arahan dari pegawai atasannya pada Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) Ke-7 pada tahun 1986 lalu ketika sedang bertugas di Kem Terendak, Melaka.

Beliau yang bertugas sebagai kerani tadbir menjelaskan, selain memangkah kertas-kertas undi pos tentera sebanyak dua karung dengan angka ribuan itu, beliau turut menandatangan setiap borang yang dikepilkan bersama kertas-kertas undi tersebut.

"Ketika memangkah kertas-kertas undi itu, saya terpaksa menggunakan tiga jenis pen berlainan warna bagi mengelak dikesan. Jumlahnya memang banyak, sebanyak 2 karung, tetapi saya tak tahu jumlahnya, yang nyata ribuan, hingga lenguh tangan.

"Pen tiga batang ada dalam kocek saya dan saya isu borang sampai terpaksa tanggal baju kerana panas sebab dulu mana ada kipas. Saya perlu isi banyak nama dan pangkah banyak borang, jadi pen nak kena banyak," katanya yang bersara pada tahun 1991 lalu.

Beliau yang tinggal di Johor turut mengakui kertas-kertas undi pos yang dipangkahnya itu melibatkan anggota-anggota tentera di seluruh negara dan melibatkan pengundian untuk kerusi Parlimen dan Dewan Undangan Negeri (Dun).

"Saya berbuat demikian kerana "sekadar menurut perintah." Kini saya sedar apa yang saya lakukan itu adalah salah. Jadi saya turut tampil membuat pengakuan pada hari ini supaya semua orang tahu mengenai kepincangan pilihanraya di negara kita," katanya.

Sementara itu, Mejar (B) Risman Mastor, 64, pula mengakui turut diarahkan memangkah puluhan kertas undi pos ketika bertugas di Kem Kampung Sawah, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan pada PRU tahun 1978 lalu.

"Jika kepada rakan-rakan saya yang lain, mereka diarahkan memangkah BN, kepada saya berbeza pula. Saya diarah oleh pegawai atasan saya supaya memangkah pembangkang sebagai tanda protes kepada kerajaan.

"Puncanya, ketika itu kami marah pasal gaji sebab ketika itu gaji kami sangat rendah jika hendak dibandingkan dengan guru. Kami dianaktirikan, kami berjuang demi negara, kawan-kawan kami ada yang kudung kaki, kami berjuang demi mempertahankan negara, tapi apa yang kami dapat?"

"Disebabkan tidak puas hati dengan perkara itu, pegawai atasan kami telah mengarahkan saya memberikan undi kepada pembangkang, walaupun jumlahnya sekitar 20 hingga 30 kertas undi sahaja," katanya yang bersara pada tahun 1996 lalu.

Manakala seorang lagi bekas tentera, Mohd Kamil Omar, 49, dari unit Komandor TUDM menjelaskan, meskipun tidak pernah menerima arahan memangkah kertas-kertas undi pos, tapi beberapa karung kertas undi pos yang telah dipangkah oleh rakan-rakannya bagi pihak rakan-rakan tenteranya yang lain pernah dilihat dengan jelas di hadapan matanya sendiri.

"Namun ketika itu, kami anggota tentera tidak mempedulikan sangat tentang politik, tentang pilihanraya. Kami tak pernah mengambil tahu sama ada pilihan raya di negeri kita besih atau tidak, adil atau tidak.

"Kini menerusi perjuangan Bersih 2.0, barulah banyak anggota tentera yang sedar mengenai perkara itu. Mujur jugalah adanya perjuangan Bersih 2.0. Kalau tidak banyak anggota tentera akan terus tidak mengetahui perkara itu, malah ada yang langsung tak tahu hak mereka sendiri dalam pilihanraya," ujar beliau.

Kunjungan mereka ke Pejabat Agung PAS ditemani Pengerusi Pemulihan Demokrasi dan Mobilisasi, Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia yang juga Ketua Pemuda PAS Johor, Suhaizan Kaiat. -Hd

How the French deal with riots

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 05:39 AM PDT

You might be interested in Sarko's attitude to the riots in the Paris Slums a year or two ago.

As you remember the yobs - blacks mostly- burned cars and caused about as much damage as the UK lot. Sarko brought in the CRS and beefed them with three regiments of the Foreign Legion in black coveralls and balaclavas to disguise them as CRS gendarmes. Having arrested some 2000 and hospitalised about as many more, Sarko went on national TV. doing his best 'De Gaule act, he said " As patriots and true Frenchmen we all deplore this bestial behaviour mainly from our underclass minoroties. On Legal advice, I announce that as from 0800hrs tomorrow, anyone arrested of this type of behaviour will be deported immediately and within the day to his or her land of ethnic origin - whether they were born ...there or not and so will the rest of that family. If you don't believe, just try me the military aircraft are on standby.

An amazing thing happened, by midnight on that day all was quiet, the riot had stopped and peace restored. It was the families and parents of the miscreants who stopped it, fearful of being sent back to the Cote d'Ivoire or whereever because of little Abdul or Jean Claude's behaviour. Following that, those miscreants arrested were made to go and clean up the streets, supervised by the CRS.

Where are the English politicians with big balls to repeat the dose. Britain's wet handwringing gets laughed at by the tough right in Europe. Source

Panel Khas Parlimen: Pembentukan Awal J/K Sudah Tempang

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 06:25 AM PDT

Pakatan Rakyat mahu pembentukan jawatankuasa khas parlimen (PSC) yang majoritinya dibarisi wakil rakyat daripada parti pemerintah dipertimbangkan semula oleh pentadbiran Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Hal ini kerana menurut ahli parlimen Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar Ibrahim, kebiasaannya jawatankuasa-jawatankuasa khas di negara luar akan diketuai oleh pembangkang.

"Saya rujuk kenyataan media yang kita berikan semalam, kita sudah sediakan syarat rujukan sebagai jawatankuasa pilihan.

"Di mana-mana negara sama sekali pun jawatankuasa pilihan perlu dianggotai dan diketuai oleh pembangkang di sesebuah negara itu. Jadi pada pandangan awal saya, (pembentukan jawatankuasa) ini sudah tempang dan tidak mencerminkan hasrat keseriusan untuk melakukan reformasi dalam sistem pilihan raya," katanya selepas membuat lawatan ke Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) bersama Datin Seri Wan Azizah Ismail pada jam 3.30 petang tadi.

Hari ini, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz mengadakan sidang media tergempar untuk memberitahu jawatankuasa khas parlimen yang akan ditubuhkan akan dianggotai oleh lima wakil rakyat daripada parti kerajaan, tiga pembangkang dan satu bebas.

Nazri juga memberitahu, usul mengenai pembentukan jawatankuasa tersebut akan dibentangkan ketika sidang Parlimen Oktober depan.

Dalam pada itu, Izzah menegaskan keputusan yang dibuat dalam pembentukan jawatankuasa ini adalah penting memandangkan ia merupakan satu reformasi pembaharuan dan penambahbaikan terhadap sistem pilihan raya di negara ini yang sudah tertunggak sejak sekian lama.

"Bukan kita menolak, tetapi kita bersedia bekerjasama tetapi anda pun tahu bagaimana parlimen kita berfungsi.

"Kalau majoriti daripada BN, SPR juga bergantung kepada BN, Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) juga bergantung kepada BN, jadi bagaimanakah kita hendak pastikan ada perbezaan sedangkan tuntutan untuk melakukan reformasi sistem pilihan raya itu sudah lama dikenalpasti oleh Suhakam, sudah dikenalpasti juga oleh badan-badan lain...isunya ialah pelaksanaan,"katanya lagi.

Oleh itu beliau meminta Perdana Menteri, Najib Razak supaya beristiqamah dalam pembentukan jawatankuasa khas ini, sekali gus menilai semula tujuh syarat yang diletakkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat untuk menyokong penubuhan jawatankuasa terbabit.

"Saya menggesa sekali lagi kalau beliau (Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak) boleh merujuk semula perkara berbangkit ini.

"Pertamanya isu yang lebih besar sudah ada rekomendasi daripada Suhakam merujuk kepada laporan 2007 yang menyatakan ada tiga atau empat langkah yang perlu dibuat dalam reformasi pilihan raya," ujarnya.

Nazri: Saya tak tau siapa BERSIH?

"Kita tak berunding (dengan) BERSIH, saya tak tau siapa BERSIH?"

Demikian jawapan yang diberikan oleh Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz apabila diminta mengulas tuntutan gabungan NGO itu bagi mendapatkan dua laporan berhubung cadangan pembentukan jawatankuasa khas Parlimen untuk melakukan pembaharuan dalam undang-undang dan peraturan berkaitan pilihan raya di negara ini.

Sambil membidas BERSIH 2.0, Nazri berkata mereka tidak mempunyai alasan untuk memberikan kata dua, termasuk menetapkan tempoh masa kepada kerajaan untuk membuat reformasi dalam sistem pilihan raya negara.

"... Seperti saya katakan sebelum ini, kita akan adakan perbicaraan awam. Semasa perbicaraan, mereka seperti masyarakat lain - orang awam, mereka boleh datang dan memberikan pandangan," katanya kepada wartawan di lobi parlimen hari ini.

"Kita bukan sahaja tidak berunding dengan mereka, kita berunding dengan semua anggota masyarakat yang mempunyai sesuatu untuk disumbangkan. Kerana mereka bukannya istimewa, tiada sebab untuk mereka beri kata-dua kerana bukan bagi mereka memberitahu kita apa yang perlu dilakukan."

Semalam, anggota jawatankuasa pemandu BERSIH 2.0 berkata laporan petama jawatankuasa khas berkenaan mengenai pembaharuan harus dikeluarkan dalam tempoh tiga bulan dan diikuti satu lagi dalam tempoh setahun.

"Harapan kita ialah secepat mungkin. kalau sebaik baiknya, sesi akan datang, kita boleh pindah undang-undang itu. Saya ingat sesi ni tak sempat," kata Nazri.

BERSIH 2.0 juga mengalurkan garis panduan dan perkara-perkara yang perlu diberi tumpuan pada reformasi itu.

Sementara itu, Bernama melaporkan Jawatankuasa Khas Parlimen (PSC) bagi menambah baik sistem pilihan raya yang mungkin ditubuhkan selepas 3 Oktober, akan hanya dianggotai ahli parlimen (MP) daripada parti pemerintah Barisan Nasional, pembangkang dan Bebas.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz berkata beliau akan membentangkan usul untuk penubuhan PSC dwipartisan itu pada sidang Parlimen akan datang yang bermula 3 Okt dan anggota jawatankuasa itu tidak akan termasuk kalangan bukan anggota Parlimen.

"Pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) boleh turut serta sebagai saksi semasa pendengaran dan bukan sebagai anggota PSC. Prosedur penubuhan PSC amat jelas dan ia mesti dianggotai anggota Parlimen. Sebab itu ia dipanggil Jawatankuasa Pemilih Parlimen," katanya kepada Bernama di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata PSC bagi menambah baik sistem pilihan raya akan mengkaji isu-berkaitan pilihan raya yang dibangkitkan dan mencari jalan untuk menambah baik undang-undang pilihan raya sedia ada.

"PSC akan draf laporan mengenai isu-isu pilihan raya, kemudian ia akan mengadakan perbincangan dengan Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) untuk mencapai rumusan. Selepas itu, draf akhir akan dihantar ke Pejabat Peguam Negara untuk semakan sebelum diluluskan oleh Kabinet, dan akhir sekali dibentangkan di Parlimen untuk digubal menjadi undang-undang," katanya.

Nazri menjelaskan bahawa walaupun proses itu mungkin mengambil masa, kerajaan berharap untuk melaksanakannya sebelum pilihan raya umum akan datang kerana mandat sekarang akan berakhir pada Mac 2013.

"Jika pilihan raya umum diadakan pada 2013, kita kemungkinan akan menggunakan undang-undang yang telah ditambah baik seperti dicadangkan oleh PSC.

Bagaimanapun, saya tidak tahu bila pilihan raya umum akan datang diadakan. Hanya Perdana Menteri yang tahu," katanya.

Nazri berkata Kabinet akan membincangkan penubuhan jawatankuasa itu hari ini, termasuk bidang tugas dan jumlah anggotanya yang mungkin antara lapan dan 15 orang.

"Jawatankuasa ini kemungkinan diketuai Speaker Dewan Rakyat Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia. Baki anggotanya ialah anggota Parlimen daripada BN, pembangkang dan Bebas," katanya.

Nazri mendedahkan Kabinet, pada mesyuarat mingguannya Rabu lepas, telah membincangkan desakan pakatan pembangkang bagi diadakan sidang tergempar Parlimen bagi membincangkan dakwaan kononnya penduduk tetap diberikan kewarganegaraan dan hak mengundi.

Pakatan pembangkang yang terdiri daripada PKR, DAP dan PAS telah menghantar memorandum kepada Perdana Menteri pada 8 Ogos menggesa diadakan sidang tergempar Parlimen pada bulan ini bagi membahaskan apa yang mereka rujuk sebagai "isu penduduk tetap yang didaftarkan sebagai pengundi".

"Keputusan untuk menubuhkan jawatankuasa pemilih Parlimen adalah hasil daripada mesyuarat itu. Oleh yang demikian, tidak perlu diadakan sidang tergempar Parlimen sepertimana diminta oleh parti-parti pembangkang ekoran kerajaan telah memutuskan untuk menubuhkan Jawatankuasa Pemilih Parlimen untuk
mengkaji perkara itu," katanya.

Pengumuman yang dibuat Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak pada Isnin lepas mengenai penubuhan jawatankuasa itu mendapat sambutan baik daripada pembangkang dan orang ramai termasuk Gabungan Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (BERSIH).

Bagaimanapun, pakatan pembangkang mendesak supaya PSC dipengerusikan oleh anggota Parlimen pembangkang dan kerajaan memberikan jaminan pilihan raya umum tidak diadakan sehingga PSC menyiapkan tugasnya dan penambahbaikan yang dicadangkan itu dilaksanakan. -mk

The Importance of Colour in Nature

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 03:29 AM PDT

Yesterday, I had a workshop session with my college students. We laboured for two hours to work on how they could improve the quality of the homework they had submitted. Although it was tedious work, the students were fantastic in that despite the protests having to correct five to twenty times of different sections of their written work, the end result was most satisfying. Some were resistant to my input e.g. in the use of the word 'monochrome' instead of 'black and white' but in the end, they acquiesced to my advice with regards to the importance of conciseness, concreteness, completeness, correctness and clarity of ideas. Students were required to construct a topic sentence for each paragraph and had to follow paragraph development techniques taught in class and to substantiate their arguments with relevant and concrete examples. Word limit is a minimum of 600 words.

It is my pleasure to showcase the following student's work. Although she was the only one who did not hand up her assignment, I did not give her a piece of my mind. Instead, I encouraged her to give of her best in drafting her essay whilst I went round working with the various individuals. Certainly, it is a good piece of work and testimony of how we must never give up in the face of challenges. Well done, A.! I am really very proud of you. Keep up the good work!


Discuss the importance of colour in the world of nature.

Imagine living in a monochrome world. We would have to live with the bleakness, the dullness and the unattractiveness of such a life. Colour gives the extra boost not only in one's life but also in the world of nature as well. It has the power to sway our thinking, change our actions and and cause different reactions from various individuals. Let us consider the importance of colour.

The beauty of nature can only be described through its colours. Without colour in nature, it is impossible for its natural landscapes and wondrous scenery to catch one's eye. We could not tell the significant beauty between the Grand Canyon and the tropical rainforests in the Amazon when seen in a monochrome view. Picture those luscious green trees in the thick rainforests of the Amazon and the bright blue sky. How about picturing the gigantic brownish-orange crater in front of you, like the one in the Grand Canyon, with rocks of different shades and tone of the same colour creating that deserted planet environment. Now, with those picturesque views in your mind, imagine seeing it in only one colour. Will you be able to tell the natural God-given beauty of those landscapes?

Besides, colour also serves as a tool of survival especially in the area of camouflages. It allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain unnoticed, by blending with its environment. For example, consider a tiger's stripes and a butterfly camouflaging itself as a leaf. The predators of the animal kingdom like the tiger use it as a strategy to pounce on its prey. The preys on the on the other hand use camouflage as a form of self-defense. However, not all animals have the ability to camouflage itself and thus making nature far more interesting and harder to predict. This helps maintain the balance of nature.

"Go forth and bear fruit". Not a surprise to many, colour helps in the process of reproduction among a handful of animals in the animal kingdom. This is common among birds. For example the male Magpie species will make small nests and place shiny or colourful objects on their nests to attract the female Magpies. Another example would be where there are a group of birds that decorate their nests with blue colour objects. However, the splendid thing about this is that each bird had its own favourite colour. Interestingly, the male species in the animal kingdom are also the better-looking and more colourful ones. The male and female birds are attracted to one another based on the same favourite colour of the other. Perhaps this is where the term 'soul mates' originated?

Furthermore, colours are also needed for the sake of differentiation. Most fishes are differentiated based on their colour. An example would be the Angel fish. Scientists have proven that through their variety of colours, they are able to identify not only their species but their location and origin as well. In addition, this importance can be seen when it comes to curing those bitten by poisonous snakes in the rural areas. Different coloured snakes represents its own species. Thus, making it essential for a doctor to know the detailed description of a snake that bit its patient before providing them with a cure. For if not cured in time, those patients could die.

In conclusion, colour is evidently important in the world of nature. When one begins to ponder on these things, we begin to appreciate its beauty. Looking around at the beautiful shades of colours entwined with one another makes us realise how delicately nature was painted. The best portraits in the world would be those that can be seen outside our windows. Look carefully at the detailed shades and tones of green on the leaves or the light and dark hues of brown on the bark of a tree. Observe some of the flowers that until today modern painters cannot find an exact colour to match what they see in front of their eyes. Therefore, one does not need to spend a huge amount of money on painted portraits but simply take a walk in a park and enjoy the hidden mysteries of colour. (696 words)

-written by A.N. and posted with her permission-

Next post will be up by 10pm the latest. Sorry - I have been very busy with work and household chores even though it is a public holiday in Penang. Do leave a comment to share your thoughts and responses. Thanks! Enjoy the rest of the evening. Cheers!

Rakyat Tak Ada Mood Nak Kibar Bendera Malaysia Selagi BN Yang Berkuasa

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 04:46 AM PDT

BN punca semangat sambut merdeka pudar

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 Ogos: Tindak tanduk Kerajaan BN yang amat mengecewakan rakyat menyebabkan semangat rakyat untuk merayakan sambutan kemerdekaan negara semakin pudar dari setahun ke setahun.

Pada dasarnya, semua rakyat Malaysia pasti ingin merayakan sambutan kemerdekaan negara, tetapi kekecewaan rakyat terhadap tindakan Kerajaan BN menyebabkan rakyat tidak bersemangat untuk menzahirkan semangat patriotisme masing-masing menerusi sambutan perayaan hari yang amat bermakna itu bagi setiap warganegara ini.

Ahli Jawatankuasa Kerja PAS Pusat, Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa berkata, keadaan itu agak berbeza dengan sikap yang ditunjukkan oleh rakyat negara-negara lain di seluruh dunia, termasuk Indonesia, apabila tibanya bulan sambutan kemerdekaan negara masing-masing.

Menurut beliau, antara bukti kekurangan semangat rakyat negara ini untuk merayakan sambutan kemerdekaan negara boleh dilihat dari kekurangan orang ramai mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang di rumah-rumah, kenderaan-kenderaan dan premis-premis masing-masing.

Katanya, keadaan yang tidak memberangsangkan itu pula ternyata semakin ketara dari setahun ke setahun, lebih-lebih lagi pada tahun ini apabila bulan Ramadhan yang lebih menguasai suasana.

"Kerajaan BN sepatutnya faham dengan reaksi rakyat itu dan patut bertindak bijak mengatasi masalah. Reaksi seperti itu sudah ditunjukkan oleh rakyat sejak beberapa tahun lalu.

"Antara kekecewaan rakyat dengan tindak tanduk Kerajaan BN termasuklah tindakan kerajaan yang amat mengecewakan dalam melaksanakan pilihanraya sehingga pilihanraya di negara kita tidak pernah bersih dan adil.

"Apabila rakyat memprotes dengan mengadakan perhimpunan aman Bersih 2.0 di Kuala Lumpur pada 9 Julai lalu, Kerajaan BN mengarahkan pula pihak polis supaya berperang dengan rakyat yang berhimpun secara aman dan tanpa senjata yang menyertai perhimpunan itu,"
katanya ketika dihubungi Harakahdaily hari ini.

Sepatutnya, menurut beliau, kerajaan mendengar suara-suara yang baik dari rakyat kerana dengan itu barulah boleh diperbaiki segala kelemahan yang ada dalam kerajaan, tetapi tindakan Kerajaan BN ternyata sebaliknya.

"Itulah yang mengecewakan rakyat dan menyebabkan semangat rakyat untuk merayakan sambutan kemerdekaan turut berkurangan atau luntur dari setahun ke setahun, bukannya kerana rakyat negara ini sudah hilang rasa cinta dan sayangkan tanah air," katanya.

Beliau yang juga Ahli Parlimen Parit Buntar berkata, keadaan itu diyakini akan berterusan selagi Kerajaan BN tidak berusaha mengatasi kekecewaan rakyat berhubung segala tindak tanduknya yang tidak disenangi itu.

Namun selagi Umno memerintah negara ini, beliau yakin, seluruh rakyat tidak akan berpeluang untuk menikmati keadaan lebih baik dalam negara ini kerana para pemimpin Umno BN tidak mungkin akan berusaha memperbaiki segala kepincangannya disebabkan kepentingan mereka sendiri untuk terus kekal berkuasa.

"Sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat yang memerintah negara dengan perubahan yang dijanjikan, kita yakin keadaan itu akan berubah dan rakyat pasti akan kembali bersemangat untuk merayakan sambutan kemerdekaan negara.

"Jadi kepada seluruh rakyat, saya harap jangan menjadi lemah untuk terus melakukan perubahan yang baik terhadap negara kita, walaupun dikecewakan, walau siapa pun yang memerintah negara," ujar beliau. -HD

Ulasan GB

Apa yang GB dapat perhatikan ialah bendera Malaysia akan kembali berkibar megah di seluruh pelusuk negara apabila rejim BN ditumbangkan dan Putrajaya di perintah oleh Pakatan Rakyat.

Tak percaya? Tunggu detik keramat itu.

Dinner, iced sake @ Tonkatsu Pavilion, then to Tokyo Street, Daiso Japan

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 08:15 AM PDT

Iced sake. It's refreshing!

The grinders and bowls for the DIY sesame seed sauce.

Yummy Chawan Mushi - smooth egg!

 EBI FURAI - crispy fried prawns!

 Our dinner spread! Yeah!

DAISO: The RM5 shop!

Kolum Mendepani Zaman saya di Sinar Harian: Pengajian sebenar isu gereja

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 02:27 AM PDT

Isu terbaru melibatkan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Jais) dan Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) mengingatkan saya lawatan ke sebuah rumah perlindungan mangsa HIV Islam di Subang Jaya beberapa tahun lepas.

Salah seorang anggota Keadilan di cabang saya aktif di sebuah masjid di sana. Beliau memperkenalkan saya ke rumah perlindungan tersebut yang dikendalikan qariah masjid tersebut secara sukarela.

Kepentingan rumah tersebut ialah memandangkan seperti mana diketahui, prejudis terhadap mangsa HIV dan Aids masih berleluasa dalam masyarakat kita. Justeru ramai di antara mereka menghadapi masalah untuk kembali kepada keluarga selepas meninggalkan hospital dan penjara.

Hakikatnya ada mangsa HIV dan Aids Muslim yang menerima bantuan masyarakat Kristian. Ini sudah tentu bukan petanda baik bagi pihak berkuasa agama malah umat Islam di negara kita. Pihak berkuasa agama sepatutnya menjaga kebajikan umat Islam dengan sumber ratusan juta ringgit.

Menariknya dalam kes ini, ada sebuah gereja terlibat yang bekerjasama dengan rumah tersebut untuk menghantar mangsa HIV Muslim pulang.

Kita sewajarnya sangat prihatin dengan gejala murtad. Tetapi untuk menumpukan pada faktor luaran semata-mata tanpa melihat kegagalan kita sendiri sebagai masyarakat Islam menanganinya, bermakna kita tidak jujur pada diri.

Ya, mungkin mangsa HIV ini sengaja mengasingkan diri daripada keluarga mereka. Ya, ada di antara mereka terlibat dalam dadah dan seks bebas (walaupun kita sering terlupa jangkitan HIV juga datang daripada suami-isteri serta pemindahan darah). Tetapi itu bukan alasan agar mereka tidak dilayan dengan baik sebagai manusia, apatah lagi untuk mereka meninggal dunia di luar Islam.

Islam menekankan sifat Allah SWT yang Maha Pemurah dan Maha Penyayang. Tidak kiralah masa lampau mereka, mereka boleh diampunkan sekiranya bertaubat.

Sewaktu lawatan, saya menyedari rumah tersebut menerima ramai pelawat. Bukan sahaja pegawai-pegawai Jabatan Penjara dan Hospital (ramai mangsa HIV di rumah tersebut datang dari penjara ataupun hospital) tetapi juga ketua gereja yang disebutkan di atas, yang memindahkan mangsa HIV Muslim ke rumah tersebut.

Saya bertanya kepada mereka sama ada mendapatkan bantuan daripada pihak berkuasa agama. Qariah masjid ini mengatakan sudah mencuba tetapi dimaklumkan pihak berkuasa tersebut ada 'rancangan sendiri' lantas tidak akan menyumbangkan walau satu sen. Saya tertanya-tanya mengapa usaha murni sebegini tidak dibantu sejak mula, apatah lagi ketika rumah perlindungan 'rasmi' masih lagi di 'peringkat perancangan'?

Justeru saya bersetuju dengan pandangan bahawa kita harus meneliti semula bagaimana wang zakat dibelanjakan di Malaysia. Wang zakat boleh diuruskan dengan lebih baik.

Misalnya, saya terkejut apabila diberikan buah tangan selepas menghadiri acara penyampaian zakat kepada fakir miskin. Saya bersangka baik yang buah tangan itu bukanlah daripada wang zakat, tetapi amalan itu menghantar mesej yang salah kepada masyarakat.

Ini mengingatkan saya kepada kisah moyang saya, Haji Wan Musa Abdul Samad, Mufti Kelantan antara 1908 hingga 1916. Ketika Sultan dan majlis agama ingin membina bangunan konkrit Masjid Muhammadi (masjid negeri di Kelantan) untuk menggantikan binaan kayu – sebahagiannya menggunakan zakat fitrah – beliau meletak jawatan memandangkan fitrah diutamakan untuk fakir miskin dan bukannya untuk pembangunan.

Baru-baru ini seorang pengundi di kawasan saya menceritakan kisah pengemis Yahudi buta. Pengemis ini gemar mencela Nabi Muhammad SAW sebagai orang gila dan ahli sihir di pasar Madinah. Apabila Rasulullah mendapat tahu tentang perkara ini, Baginda tidak marah sebaliknya melawat pengemis tersebut tiap-tiap hari untuk menyuapkannya tanpa berkata apa-apa.

Apabila Rasulullah wafat, Saidina Abu Bakar as-Siddiq mengambil alih tanggungjawab tersebut. Tetapi apabila beliau menyuapkan pengemis tersebut, pengemis tersebut naik marah dan mengatakan ini bukan orang sama yang menyuapnya selama ini.

Abu Bakar terus menangis dan menceritakan bahawa orang yang menyuap pengemis tersebut setiap hari tidak lain dan tidak bukan Rasulullah sendiri. Pengemis tersebut terkejut, teringat celaannya tiap-tiap hari terhadap seorang Nabi yang hanya membalasnya dengan kebaikan. Akhirnya, pengemis tersebut memeluk Islam.

Tepuk dada, tanya selera – adakah respons kita dalam isu ini menggambarkan akhlak terpuji Rasulullah?

Pemuda Dipenjara Kerana Cabul Kehormatan Gadis 14 tahun

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 01:53 AM PDT

Kuantan - Kerakusan seorang pemuda menggunakan kekerasan untuk mencabul kehormatan seorang gadis bawah umur terbalas apabila dijatuhkan hukuman penjara 12 bulan selepas mengaku bersalah di Mahkamah Majistret di sini, semalam.

Tertuduh, Ermee Erzanee Abd Rashid, 19 dari Taman Balok Jaya, Perkampungan Chengal Lempong di sini mengaku bersalah di hadapan Majistret Rini Triany Mohd Ali.

Rini juga menetapkan denda RM2,000 dan jika gagal membayarnya, dikenakan dua bulan penjara dan dua sebatan.

Mengikut kertas pertuduhan, tertuduh telah menggunakan kekerasan jenayah terhadap mangsa berusia 14 tahun 9 bulan dengan maksud mencabul kehormatannya pada 8 Ogos lalu di Pantai Pelindung, Berserah di sini kira-kira jam 4.30 pagi dan dihukum di bawah Seksyen 354 Kanun Keseksaan (KK).

Manakala dalam waktu sama, rakannya seorang remaja bawah umur berusia 16 terpaksa menunggu keputusan hukumannya pada 12 September depan selepas mengaku bersalah.

Rini menangguhkan hukuman tersebut sementara menunggu laporan akhlak dan beliau menetapkan jaminan sebanyak RM4,000 terhadap tertuduh.

Mengikut kertas pertuduhan, remaja itu telah merogol mangsa di lokasi dan waktu sama dengan ketidakrelaan mangsa yang boleh dihukum di bawah Seksyen 376 (2) Kanun Keseksaan (KK).

Pendakwaan terhadap kedua-dua kes itu dikendalikan Timbalan Pendakwa Raya, Amalina Zainal Mokhtar. -SH

Ijat Panjang kawan kita memerlukan sokangan

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 01:18 AM PDT

Noor Izzar Jamaludin atau lebih dikenali sebagai Ijat Panjang (31 tahun) seorang aktivis yang gigih. Beliau yang che'GuBard kenali sejak 1999 lagi tidak pernah kenal erti penat dalam berjuang. Beliau bukan orang senang tetapi tumpuan isu rakyat membela orang susah menjadi keutamaan perjuangan beliau.

Kini Doktor mengesahkan Hijat terkena sejenis penyakit kulit yang dipanggil Pemphigus Vulgaris. Penyakit ini memang jarang ditemui...Hijat adalah pesakit keempat yang pernah doktor temui di hospital ini...jika anda ingin tahu butiran lanjut tentang penyakit ini...anda boleh layari di sini.

Telah hampir lebih setengah tahun beliau keluar masuk hospital. Kini syarikat insuran tidak lagi membayar kos perubatannya kerana sudah sampai had yang ditetapkan dalam polisi.

che'GuBard seru semua teman-teman , khususnya adik beradik SAMM untuk sama menyumbang seorang sedikit. Semua penyelaras SAMM pusat dan penyelaras negeri telah bersetuju menyumbang RM 100 - RM 50 seorang sebagai mengambil tanggungjawab ke atas Ijat yang juga merupakan aktivis SAMM antara terawal. Sumbangan sedang dikumpulkan dan akan disampaikan kepada Ijat, insyaAllah pada petang sebelum Eidulfitri.

Kepada yang sudi membantu sila salurkan sumbangan ke akaun Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad no akaun 05012010074930.

Selepas memasukkan sumbangan sila sms ke 0126937908 (Zam, penyelaras perbendaharaan SAMM).

Esei aneh Berita Harian

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 12:52 AM PDT

Seorang teman menyedarkan saya tentang esei aneh Berita Harian, akhbar milik syarikat UMNO, 'Kata Sepakat Kendali Pilihan Raya Pembangkang'.

Saya tidak mempertikaikan Abraham Lincoln. Bagus jika Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak ingin mengikut jejak langkah Abraham Lincoln yang mengatasi masalah perhambaan di Amerika, terkenal dengan sikap mempertahankan politik sosok tengah dan memimpin kabinet yang dipenuhi dengan lawan-lawannya yang berbakat 'Team of Rivals'.

Cuma saya tak rasa Najib sampai ke maqam Abraham Lincoln.

Pun begitu yang saya nak pertikaikan sebenarnya mengapa diselit bahawa Abraham Lincoln keturunan Yahudi? Umum mengetahui betapa sensitifnya UMNO ini dengan perkataan Yahudi sehingga Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim misalnya dituduh ejen Yahudi. Sentimen yang ditanam selama inilah yang menyaksikan Yossi Benayoun, pemain Chelsea dari Israel diboo sewaktu bermain di Malaysia baru-baru ini.

Ini bukan sikap yang diajar Islam walaupun kita semua menentang kezaliman rejim Zionis Israel di Palestin.

Masalahnya, sarjana umumnya menganggap Abraham Lincoln tiada keturunan Yahudi. Sebelum ini tanggapan ini timbul kerana namanya Abraham (Ibrahim) tetapi kita seolah-olah lupa Nabi Ibrahim a.s. juga dihormati oleh masyarakat Kristian. Sebab itu Ibrhaim dianggap bapa kepada penganut hanif atau penyembah Allah s.w.t. yang mempertahankan keEsaan Allah.

Adakah ini mesej dari sosok keras UMNO kepada Najib? Jangan berlembut dengan Pakatan Rakyat, jika tidak…

Sah muka depan berita harian menipu !

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 12:35 AM PDT

Seorang tukang kasut yang didakwa membawa pisau dalam perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0 menuntut gantirugi RM 10 juta dan permohonan maaf secara terbuka oleh Berita Harian - akhbar yang memuatkan laporan itu.

NONEMenurut notis tuntutan Abdul Razak Endot, Berita Minggu dan The New Sraits Times Press (M) sebagai penerbit dan pencetak dikehendaki mematuhi notis itu dalam tempoh 21 hari dari tarikh penerimaannya.

Notis itu dihantar oleh tetuan Sazali & Lim pada 10 Ogos lalu.

Harian itu masih mempunyai seminggu untuk memenuhi tuntutan itu sebelum tindakan mahkamah dimulakan.

Menurut notis itu lagi, Berita Harian pada 10 Julai lalu didakwa membuat pernyataan berupa fitnah di muka depannya melalui foto dan kapsyen yang membawa makna Abdul Razak sebagai perusuh yang membawa pisau.

NONEAbdul Razak juga mendakwa foto itu dipinda dan/atau dikacauganggu dengan sengaja untuk memberikan gambaran dia memegang sebilah pisah dan kapsyennya pula merupakan fitnah.

"Pernyataan-pernyataan dan paparan imej/foto yang dipinda tersebut adalah palsu, tidak berasas dan merupakan fitnah jahat terhadap pelanggan kami dan dibuat dengan niat untuk memfitnah pelanggan kami dan merosokkan nama baik serta reputasi dan telah menyebabkan pelanggan kami dipandang rendah oleh masyarakat," notis itu dipetik.

Abdul Razak, 32, juga akan memulakan tindakan mahkamah tanpa sebarang makluman jika tuntutan itu tidak dipatuhi dan kos notis itu akan ditanggung oleh Berita Minggu.

Berita Minggu (edisi Ahad Berita Harian) sehari selepas perhimpunan BERSIH menyiarkan gambar Abdul Razak di muka depan dengan tajuk: "Seorang perusuh membawa pisau dalam perhimpunan haram".

Tajuk kecilnya pula berbunyi: "Perusuh guna senjata, batu, lawan polis". Gambar yang sama juga dimuatkan di halaman utama New Sunday Times (edisi Ahad New Straits Times) dengan tajuk: "Peaceful (Aman)?".

Dianggap sosok 'misteri' sebelumnya, Abdul Razak bagaimanapun pada 17 Julai tampil pertama kali di pentas ceramah PAS di Kuala Lumpur menafikan dakwaan itu, sebaliknya mendakwa beliau hanya memegang sebatang bendera Malaysia kecil. - malaysiakini

Sah undi pos , undi tipu

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 12:31 AM PDT

Seorang bekas anggota tentera mendakwa, beliau telah menanda ribuan kertas undi pos semasa bertugas sebagai kerani tadbir ketika pilihan raya ketujuh dijalankan.

Kamarulzaman Ibrahim, 53, mendakwa beliau bersama beberapa lagi rakannya diarahkan supaya berbuat demikian oleh pegawai pemerintahnya.

Beliau mengaku berbuat demikian sepanjang tiga hari menjalankan tugas berkenaan di Kem Terendak, Melaka.

Katanya, beliau telah menanda kertas undi berkenaan "sehingga lenguh tangan" dan turut menandatangan setiap borang yang dikepilkan bersama kertas undi tersebut.

Bercakap dalam sidang media di ibu pejabat PAS hari ini, Kamarulzaman berkata, beliau berbuat demikian kerana "sekadar menurut perintah."

Selain Kamarulzaman, turut tampil membuat pendedahan hari ini ialah dua orang lagi anggota dan seorang pegawai tentera. - malaysiakini

MyKad tak sah pula dikesan dalam senarai pengundi

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 12:29 AM PDT

Ketika BN dan Pakatan Rakyat sibuk memperkatakan tentang penubuhan jawatankuasa khas Parlimen untuk reformasi pilihan raya, lagi kesilapan didedahkan dalam daftar pemilih oleh parti-parti politik dan orang awam.

NONEPenemuan terbaru oleh seorang penyokong PAS menunjukkan
beberapa pengundi berdaftar di Kedah mempunyai MyKad dengan nombor yang tidak wujud.

Maklumat tersebut berserta imej skrin (kiri) lamanweb Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) dipaparkan di halaman Facebook yang didaftarkan kepada 'Pengundi PAS Kedah'.

Ia menunjukkan bahawa angka ketujuh dan kelapan nombor MyKad tiga orang pengundi dicatatkan sebagai '00 '. Secara umumnya, angka itu digunakan untuk menunjukkan negeri lahir pemegang MyKad.

Menurut lamanweb Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) yang menyenaraikan kod bagi negeri-negeri di Malaysia dan negara-negara asing, kod '00 'tidak wujud.

Ketika dihubungi, pegawai perkhidmatan pelanggan JPN mengesahkan tidak ada kod itu dan meminta wartawan ini membuat laporan rasmi kepada jabatan berkenaan.

Semakan dengan portal JPN - yang membolehkan orang ramai menyemak status dokumen pengenalan mereka - menunjukkan tidak ada rekod tiga MyKad terbabit.

Apabila mengakses pagi ini, sistem pengesahan dalam talian SPR mengesahkan butiran pengundian ketiga-tiga mereka:

1. Hasrullizam bin Halim
MyKad no: 800604002563
Kawasan mengundi: Bukit Pinang (negeri), Pokok Sena (Prliament)

2. Rosmadi bin Chik
MyKad no: 801111002544
Kawasan mengundi: Kota Siputeh (negeri), Jerlun (Parlimen)

NONE3. Shapiza binti Ghazali
MyKad no: 811020002568
Kawasan mengundi: Bukit Lada (negeri), Pokok Sena (Parlimen)

Pengerusi SPR, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof (kanan) telah berkali-kali menjelaskan bahawa setiap pendaftaran pengundi akan diperiksa dengan pangkalan data JPN.

Oleh itu, tidak diketahui bagaimana tiga pengundi tersebut telah didaftarkan dalam daftar pemilih walaupun nombor MyKad mereka tidak sah.

Minit Mesyuarat JK Fatwa P.Pinang Yang Meluluskan Larangan Guna Pembesar Suara!

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 12:37 AM PDT

oleh : edyessdotcom

Saya adalah antara blogger prihatin yang paling awal memberi ulasan menjawab isu larangan penggunaan pembesar suara untuk bacaan Al-Quran ketika subuh di P.Pinang. Saya menyokong tindakan berani JHAIPP yang saya kira cuba memperbetulkan apa yang selama ini difikirkan betul.

Seperti yang kita jangkakan, UMNO melalui media putar belitnya pasti akan spin isu ini seolah-olah merekalah yang lebih mengetahui tentang hukum syarak sedangkan apa yang sebenarnya cuba mereka perjuangkan ialah melayu, bukannya Islam. Jadi mereka akan berbuat apa sahaja demi melayu hingga sanggup menjual agama.

Jangan kita lupa bagaimana mereka melebung umat islam 1Malaysia dalam isu judi kuda di Pulau Pinang tidak lama dahulu. Mereka menyembunyikan hukum sebenar mengenai hukum mengurus kewangan negera dalam mengagih bantuan kepada fakir miskin.

Kali ini mereka sekali lagi menyerang kerajaan negeri P.Pinang dengan mengakatan kononnya arahan pengeluaran pekeliling larangan guna pembesar suara itu adalah dari DAP. Sesungguhnya negeri Pulau Pinang cukup sinonim sebagai medan UMNO mendagang agama demi kepentingan survivalnya.

Atas faktor menyampaikan kebenaran, saya tampil bersama minit mesyuarat jawatankuasa fatwa yang membawa kepada keputusan larangan tersebut. Mesyuarat tersebut juga telah dipengerusikan sendiri oleh Datuk Mufti Hj Hassan Hj Ahmad, seorang ulama yang disegani.

Bersama ini dikepilkan sekali senarai kehadiran, dalil dan dokumen berkaitan minit mesyuarat tersebut. (semuanya di awal entry kerana method update dari BB yg serba terhad)

Pujian harus diberikan kepada YB Malik selaku exco agama P.Pinang, termasuklah pegawai kerajaan negeri Chegu Zulkifli Mohamed dan Mohd Fitri Ibrahim dan Zulkifli Hj Ibrahim SAMM yang memainkan peranan besar dalam menangani isu yang cuba di'spin' oleh puak regim yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Tindakkan pantas memberi kefahaman berkaitan larangan tersebut menyelamatkan bukan sahaja JHAIPP dan pejabat mufti, malah martabat Islam juga tidak sempat dicemari dengan cubaan mengelirukan umat Islam.

Diharap dengan pendedahan dokumen penting ini, tidak akan ada masyarakat yang memandang serong terhadap keputusan yang dilakukan oleh JHAIPP, terutamanya apabila membabitkan tuduhan keterlibatan kerajaan negeri dalam melontarkan arahan. Apa yang kita sedia maklum, kerajaan negeri yang diketuai DAP sangat peka dan prihatin dalam menjaga martabat Islam di P.Pinang dengan pelbagai inisiatif dan bantuan yang melebihi kebanyakkan negeri lain.

Dalam entri ini juga, saya mengambil kesempatan memetik sepenuhnya kenyataan Dr Asri Di Bawah;
Oleh: Dr Asri

Saya amat bersetuju dengan keputusan Jabatan Mufti Pulau Pinang yang mengeluarkan arahan agar suara bacaan al-Quran tidak dikuatkan melalui pembesar suara seperti yang berlaku di kebanyakan masjid sebelum waktu solat. Fatwa atau arahan ini bagi saya selaras dengan kehendak syarak. Seperti yang lepas, saya berpegang kepada alasan-alasan berikut menyokong keputusan berkenaan;

1. Apa yang Islam syariatkan untuk diangkat suara, hanyalah azan. Adapun selain dari itu, tiada nas yang menyuruh kita menguatkan suara sehingga mengganggu orang lain. Bahkan perbuatan itu dilarang oleh Nabi s.a.w. Apatah lagi dalam Islam ketenteraman orang lain dipelihara melainkan jika ada pengecualian tertentu yang diizinkan oleh syarak.

2. Walaupun bacaan al-Quran dan zikir amatlah baik. Namun kita tidak boleh memaksa orang lain mendengar bacaan kita. Mungkin orang lain ingin membacanya sendiri, atau ingin membacanya pada waktu lain, atau mereka sedang sakit atau ada anak kecil yang tidur, atau mereka tidak difardukan solat seperti wanita yang haid atau bukan muslim dan lain-lain.

3. Ramai orang bukan muslim keliru antara azan dan bacaan-bacaan selain azan yang dilaungkan menerusi corong pembesar suara. Mereka menyangka bacaan-bacaan itu adalah azan yang disuruh oleh Islam, lalu mereka bersangka buruk dengan Islam yang harmoni ini. Apatah lagi bacaan itu mengambil masa yang lama, sedangkan azan yang sebenar tidak lebih dari lima minit.

4. Sebenarnya, Nabi s.a.w sendiri telah melarang orang menguatkan bacaan al-Quran dalam masjid sehingga mengganggu jamaah lain. Dalam hadis Nabi s.a.w, kata Abu Sa'id al-Khudri:
"Ketika Nabi s.a.w beriktikaf (beribadah dalam masjid), baginda mendengar mereka mengangkat suara bacaan (al-Quran) sedangkan ketika itu Nabi s.a.w berada di tempat ibadah baginda. Lalu baginda mengangkat langsir dan bersabda: "Ketahui setiap kamu bermunajat kepada tuhannya, jangan sebahagian kamu menyakiti sebahagian yang lain. Jangan kamu angkat suara bacaan melebihi yang lain dalam solat" (Riwayat Abu Daud dengan sanad yang sahih).
Dalam hadis ini Nabi s.a.w melarang mengangkat suara bacaan di masjid sehingga mengganggu mereka yang lain yang sedang beribadah, atau menyakitkan orang lain. Jika mereka yang berada dalam masjid yang memang bersedia untuk beribadah pun, tidak dibenarkan untuk diangkat suara bacaan sehingga mengganggu konsentrasi mereka, mana mungkin untuk dikuatkan suara bacaan melalui pembesar suara sehingga menggangu mereka yang di luar masjid. Mungkin mereka itu mempunyai anak kecil, orang sakit dan seumpamanya.

Ulama besar di zaman ini, Al-Syeikh Muhammad Salih al-Uthaimin r.h mengulas hadis ini dengan katanya:

"Realiti hari ini menyaksikan apa yang disebut oleh hadis ini. Ini yang kita lihat mereka yang melakukan hal ini dengan menunaikan solat menggunakan pembesar suara (luar masjid). Mereka itu jika menyakiti sesiapa yang ada di sekeliling mereka, maka mereka berdosa..tiada syak lagi meninggal perbuatan ini lebih afdal yang pada hakikatnya tiada faedah pun, sebab insan tidak bersolat dengan mereka yang di luar masjid, sebaliknya dengan mereka yang berada dalam masjid..dengan itu kita berpesan kepada saudara-saudara kita, khususnya para imam masjid jangan lakukan ini..boleh jadi sesetengah orang telah solat dan perlu tidur dan berehat, boleh jadi dia sakit lalu terganggu dengan suara ini, boleh jadi juga masjid dekat dengan rumah, pada musim panas pula dan anak-anak kecil terganggu dengan bunyi pembesar suara. Kesimpulannya, masalah ini telah menimpa sesetengah orang sehingga mereka menyakiti jiran-jiran masjid atau rumah mereka dalam perkara yang tiada faedah baginya". (Ibn Uthaimin, Syarh Riyadh al-Salihin:

Bayangkan kenyataan ini dikeluarkan oleh ulama besar dan terbilang tersebut di negara Saudi Arabia yang penduduknya kesemuanya muslim. Bagaimanakah pula bagi negara yang seperti kita.

5. Ulama silam juga telah mengingatkan hal ini, bahawa bacaan-bacaan lain di menara-menara masjid adalah dilarang kerana boleh mengganggu orang ramai. Al-Imam al-Hafizd Ibn Jauzi (meninggal 597H) pernah berkata:

"Antara tipu daya Iblis ialah mereka yang mencampur adukkan azan dengan peringatan, tasbih dan nasihat. Mereka jadikan azan perantaranya lalu bercampur aduk. Para ulama membenci segala yang ditambah kepada azan. Banyak kita lihat orang yang bangun waktu malam lalu memberikan peringatan dan nasihat atas menara azan. Dalam kalangan mereka ada yang membaca al-Quran dengan suara yang tinggi lalu menghalang tidur orang ramai dan mengganggu bacaan orang yang bertahajjud. Kesemuanya itu adalah perkara-perkara munkar". ( Ibn Jauzi, Talbis Iblis, 159, Beirut: Dar al-Kutub al-'Ilmiyyah).

Ini adalah larangan ulama pada zaman yang belum ada pembesar suara yang gangguannya tidaklah setakat mana, bagaimana jika mereka melihat keadaan pembesar suara pada zaman ini?

Maka, dengan itu memang wajar arahan meminta dielakkan bacaan-bacaan yang dibuat melalui pembesar suara yang boleh mengganggu orang luar dan dalam masjid. Mematuhi hal ini bukan kerana isu politik semata, tetapi itu arahan Nabi s.a.w. dan juga menjaga Islam yang harmoni. Umat Islam Pulau Pinang sepatutnya menyokong keputusan ini, dan saya menyokongnya.


Semoga artikel maklumat ini dapat disebarkan ke seluruh pelusuk negara agar mereka faham, mengapa Pulau Pinang acapkali dijadikan medan mengelirukan fahaman umat Islam oleh pihak terdesak.

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