Tuesday, September 20, 2011

U Mobile Offers Samsung Galaxy S2 From RM849

U Mobile Offers Samsung Galaxy S2 From RM849

U Mobile Offers Samsung Galaxy S2 From RM849

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 10:01 AM PDT


U Mobile Offers Samsung Galaxy S2 From RM849 – Latest news shows that U Mobile has join in the Samsung Galaxy craze by offering the famous Samsung Galaxy S2 together with the big 3 – Maxis, Celcom and DiGi with a price starting from RM849. The price is entitled when signing up the U Mobile's U Premium Plan with 24 month contract.

As comparison, Maxis offers the Galaxy S2 from RM1399, DiGi from RM1349 while Celcom from RM1208. So you can see that U Mobile has the lowest price, but a higher monthly commitment fee of RM168/month.

Check out the Facebook page for more.


ISA to be repeal? (contd.)

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 10:24 AM PDT

continue the post made on 16 sept.

in that post, i mentioned that yes, the PM said he is going to repeal ISA but… a big BUT… BUT then two new laws will be enacted to replace ISA. 

that is the frightening part. what will the two new laws be? according to malaysia chronicles, it is swapping one evil with two evils! so, like many of us, malaysia chronicles fear the new laws might be the same as ISA or even worst.

yesterday, nazri, then gave us an insight into the two new laws – he said one of the two new laws will focus on terrorism, while the other will regulate race and religious issues.  read about it from the malaysian insider.

what? race and religious issues? oh wow! that's the scary part! it was first said that the ISA should be used for terrorism only but it had been abused and used for other purpose like race and religion… and now we heard the ISA will be repeal, we are suppose to be happy but we heard one of the new law will be on regulating race and religious issues – so doesn't it come to the same thing, what the authority had been using ISA for?

the saya anak bangsa malaysia (SABM) movement had been fighting for the repeal of ISA with its tagline 'no to ISA, yes to anti-terrorism act'. yes that's because we believe the ISA should be used for terrorism only and not for any other things the fed govt feel like it, which one of them is for race and religion. so if ISA is out, then another law to regulate race and religion comes in, so what's difference is there? so malaysia chronicle was right – out with one evil, in another evil. (malaysia chronicle mentioned in with two evils but to me the anti-terrorism act is necessary so i don't look to it as evil),in fact, this 

although nazri assures us that under these two new laws n one can be arrested on the basis of differences in political ideologies and extended detention can only be approve through the court, i'm not convinced at all. why? it is because we are living in 2malaysia! a double standard country, where the fed govt, is heavily practising double standard (and hypocrisy). 

Change....What Change?

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 10:33 AM PDT

Since March 2008, there has been so much talk about about change but do we really know what change we want to see? Most have just been saying KICK OUT BN. That is not change. It is merely setting the platform for change. To be able to change, the rakyat and politicans need to deliberate over the type of constructive changes that we want to see in our country without lamenting that it is impossible but believing that together, we can do it.

Even though we claim to have a two-coalition system (albeit not formally),  the dominant coalition has shaped the political landscape to their advantage - almost transforming our system into a "single party in power" with the alternative coalition standing in the shadows and sometimes screaming for attention. The tendency is abuse comes into the picture and the rakyat are the biggest losers.

The inefficiency and lack of accountability of various departments leading to outlandish expenditures on nonsensical items, both big and small, must be stopped. In our midst are some who have no qualms about grabbing whatever they can while they can because they can. Report any abuse of power! There is a lot that needs to be done. Those who have not been performing up to mark must not be re-elected! There is no two ways about it. We have to put in place worthy leader to make that change happen.

Many of us believe that voting for the Opposition is the way to bring about change. That is just the starting point. If the Opposition has the interests of all at heart, I hope that their election machinery is all oiled and cranked up for immediate action that can happen any time. Instead of the usual mud-slinging, the Opposition must help to restore respect to politics.

While writing this post, I was chatting with Antares via Skype. He said:

"The negative traits that BN represents happen to be the lowest common denominator of the human ego - arrogance, greed, wanna be top dog, live in palaces, buy sex, luxury yachts, private jets. It is these attributes that make every jumno contractor aspire to live like some brain dead ruler."

The good news is that we don't have to suffer all those negative traits much longer because each of us has the opportunity to change the entire political discourse if we want to. Each of us could indirectly change the way that government works and the way the discussion progresses. Being highly connected via the net and telephony systems, we have become highly social beings who can be better prepared to lead/change the world. It is up to us to be part of that wheel of change that is spinning.

A few days ago, RPK wrote a timely proposal in his post called "Can We Look At This Instead, A Bill of Rights?"We need such proposals to engage the election candidates in a lively debate and test out the waters to see who is the one who can deliver those needs.

In the next GE, campaign speeches can no longer take the same theme, content or style like in the past. This is a more educated and enlightened electorate who should ideally know what they want and vote the right candidate into place. Change can only come the Opposition can offer candidates of calibre who can execute plans and follow through these to bring about change. Without sounding cliched, they must do more than just walk the walk. And they should have already handpicked the candidates, prepared the funds and election manifesto and paraphernalia.

Some say politics is the "art of the possible." That being the case, change can only come if we put into place leaders who can practice the political art without selling their souls to the devil.

Change can be effected if we elect candidates who can achieve the most for the common good which they must understand thoroughly!

We want leaders who listen to others, especially the rakyat and to tell us nothing but the truth. They must be gallant to admit their failings and learn from their mistakes. Change can come if our leaders do not waste their time merely demonizing their critics and opponents without doing much or worse still, become like them when they are in seats of power.

We want leaders who can compromise their convictions within acceptable limits, without betraying their consciences, in order to achieve the best for the most, as they understand the best to be, in cooperation with their political opponents. We want people capable of changing their minds and admitting their errors. And we want leaders who don't seek "all or nothing" in ideological battles that no one wins and that produce countless casualties. In a word, we want free human beings to lead us, not ideologues or demagogues.

Change can only come if we see election candidates who refuse to be trapped by power, profit, possession, position, privilege and pleasure. Before demanding anything from others, they should be able to demand it of themselves and to do for others what they would want others to do for them and their loved ones.

For the next GE, I really hope that there will not be any outrageously expensive and endlessly analyzed campaigns that drain us of our patience and sanity.

The  rakyat and politicians alike must be very clear about what sort of change we want to see in our country. Let us move beyond 'Kick BN Out' or Change is Imperative. Let us list out our concerns and see how these can be changed for the better.

What is everyone of us doing now to make that change happen? Are we sending out emails or engaging our friends in forums/social networking media/dinners etc? Are we volunteering our services and talents to the party we support so that they can call on us to help during the campaign period?

Are we jotting down our concerns and voicing these via the right channels?

There is so much to be done and we cannot be armchair critics. Yes, change is imperative and we have to make it happen but once it does, other changes must be put into place like clockwork. So I sincerely hope that the Opposition are well-prepared by now with their election manifesto and not to haggle or argue but to work cohesively to make that dream happen.

Hello New York

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 09:10 AM PDT

Hello New York

Hello New York – I am now in New York right now, weather not bad. I see many yellow cab, I see Apple Store on 5th Avenue, Statue of Liberty is very pretty, Times Square is really very happenings, but food here are so expensive.

=D I want to go NEW YORK CITY!

Going to be SICK...

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 08:19 AM PDT

Oh man! the sick season is coming to town... I hear gym goer cough cough here and cough cough there... everywhere cough cough... The weather changes very fast... morning it was sunny and blue sky. Few hours later, the sky turned dark and the rain drops started... Must be someone like to sing " Rain drop keeps falling on my head"... hey stop it... later you got wet and sick then you know...

Anyway, i have to get some rest too... Not feeling very well. Feel like i'm going to get sick too.

Anyway, my friend has already NOT feeling well...  I was MSN with my friend...

Me: why today no plan?
Me: Staying at home playing game?
Friend: Yea
Me: So bore?
Friend: No la
Friend: NOT feeling well...
Me: Too much of beer?
Friend: No ar
Friend: Long time no drink lo
Me: hahaha...
Me: Next time we go TGIF eh~ Now 2 cocktails for RM50nett.

Then my friend didn't reply... don't know whether too concentrate on the game or dozed off because of NOT feeling well. Anyway, take a good rest and get well soon eh~

Now i gonna hit the bed soon. Before that, if i'm really sick can someone please help to call my boss to inform him i'm on SICK LEAVE eh~

Penipuan SPR Terbongkar: 60,000 K/P Palsu & 170,818 Pengundi Kod Negara Misteri

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 10:01 AM PDT

Wikileaks: SPR pernah keluarkan 60,000 IC palsu

Kabel diplomatik Amerika Syarikat yang bocor mendedahkan, bekas pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman mengakui pernah mengeluarkan lebih 60,000 kad pengenalan palsu kepada pekerja asing di Sabah sekitar 90-an, atas arahan Umno.

Kabel yang dimuat naik di portal Wikileaks memetik bekas ketua NGO pemantau pilihan raya Mafrel Malek Husin sebagai mendakwa Rashid (kiri) mengakui perkara itu dalam pertemuan peribadi di rumahnya pada 25 Oktober, 2006.

Dalam kabel yang ditandakan sulit itu, Malek dilaporkan memberitahu pegawai Kedutaan Amerika Syarikat di Kuala Lumpur bahawa Rashid mengesahkan Umno melancarkan kempen 'kotor' sekitar 90-an untuk merampas Sabah - yang dikuasai PBS, ketika itu pembangkang, pada 1994.

"Sepanjang dekad berkenaan, Umno memberikan kewarganegaraan dan kad pengenalan Malaysia kepada lebih 600,000 pekerja pendatang asing (kebanyakan beragama Islam dari Indonesia dan Mindanao di Filipina) di Sabah, sebagai pertukaran untuk undi mereka pada pilihan raya negeri.

"Menurut Husin, Rashid 'mengakui secara peribadi mengeluarkan lebih daripada 60,000 kad pengenalan palsu di Sabah' bagi membantu Umno menguasai politik di sana," kabel itu dipetik.

Kewarganegaraan 'segera' dan hak mengundi untuk pendatang tanpa izin telah lama menjadi isu di Sabah, dengan pemimpin tempatan, sama ada dalam atau luar BN berulang kali menuntut penyelesaian daripada kerajaan persekutuan.

Bagaimanapun, tidak apa yang dilakukan berhubung tuntutan berkenaan.

Keadaan didakwa semakin parah pada tahun 1990-an, dengan kesalahan diletakkan di bahu perdana menteri ketika itu Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kerana didakwa melancarkan apa yang dikenali sebagai 'Projek IC'.

Ia operasi haram yang didakwa membabitkan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, agensi kerajaan berkaitan dan ejennya dengan tujuan meningkatkan undi Umno dan BN.

Pada pilihan raya negeri 1994, PBS - yang menguasai Sabah sebagai negeri pembangkang sejak tahun 1985 - mendapati majoritinya di Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) merosot mendadak.

Walaupun PBS akhirnya tumbang rentetan beberapa pembelotan kepada BN, ramai menyalahkan 'Projek IC' sebagai punca kejayaan BN menerajui Sabah semula. -mk

170,818 pengundi guna kod negara misteri

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 Sept: Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat hari ini mendedahkan pula sekurang-kurangnya 170,818 pengundi tidak diketahui negara asal kelahiran tetapi layak mengundi.

Mereka merujuk kepada kod negara "71 " yang terdapat pada no kad pengenalan pengundi tersebut seperti dalam Daftar Pemilih Induk (DPI) suku ke dua 2011 SPR.

"Berdasarkan kepada semakkan laman web JPN, tiada kod "71" disenaraikan sebagai kod rasminya.

"Oleh itu Pemuda PAS menganggap bahawa kod "71" adalah suatu kod warganegara yang tidak diketahui negara asal kelahirannya," kata Pengerusi Pemulihan Demokrasi dan Mobilisasi Dewan Pemuda PAS, Suhaizan Kayat.

Menurutnya, 42.33 % atau 72,742 pengundi yang tidak diketahui negara asal kelahiran ini adalah dari rumpun bangsa Cina iaitu Cina (71,252), Hokkien (521), Teochew (375), Cantonese (292), Foochow (135), Hainanese (119), Henghua (25) dan Hokchiu (23).

17.33 % atau 29,605 pengundi dari rumpun bangsa India iaitu India (24,663), India Muslim (2,399), Punjabi (796), Sikh (639), Sri Lanka (346), Pakistani (328), Tamil (324), Tamil Sri Lanka (67), Telegu (21), Malabari (12) dan Bangledeshi (10).

Bagi pecahan mengikut negeri tempat mengundi pula adalah Selangor (29,758), Johor (28,164), Wilayah Persekutuan (17,548), Perak (16,680), Kelantan (15,345), Pulau Pinang (12,799), Sarawak (9,324), Sabah (8,590), Melaka (8,069), Negeri Sembilan (7,516), Pahang (6,495), Kedah (5,793), Terengganu (3,313) dan Perlis (941) .

"Ini bermakna bahawa negeri Pakatan Rakyat (PR) termasuk Perak dan Wilayah Persekutuan mempunyai pengundi yang tidak diketahui negara asal kelahiran seramai 57.32 % atau 97,923 orang.

"Suatu jumlah yang cukup besar yang mungkin boleh menumbangkan kerajaan yang memerintah,"
katanya curiga.

Mereka juga turut menjangkakan bahawa terdapat lebih ramai lagi pengundi tidak diketahui negara asal kelahiran ini dalam Daftar Pemilih Induk(DPI) suku ke-3 2011. yang akan digunakan untuk pilihanraya akan datang.

Ekoran itu mereka mahu JPN memberi penjelasan terhadap persoalan berikut:

1. Mengapa JPN menggunakan kod negara "71" sedangkan setiap negara seluruh dunia sudah mempunyai kod negara kelahiran yang telah ditetapkan oleh JPN sendiri. Dalam Kes Mismah yang sepatutnya menggunakan kod negara Indonesia "61" tetapi Mismah diberi kad pengenalan berkod negara "71". Rujuk laman web JPN : http://www.jpn.gov.my/kodnegara dan http://www.jpn.gov.my/kodnegeri .

2. Kenapa begitu ramai sehingga 170,818 warganegara yang tidak diketahui negara asal kelahirannya dan mereka layak mengundi. Bilangan ini terlalu mencurigakan. Apakah ada agenda tersembunyi dibelakang JPN bagi tujuan manipulasi pilihanraya?

3. Apakah suatu kebetulan atau sememangnya satu perancangan bahawa negeri Pakatan Rakyat mempunyai bilangan paling ramai pengundi yang tidak diketahui negara asal kelahirannya iaitu 57.32% ? -HD

A Visit To KL Tower (Menara KL)

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 07:53 AM PDT

A Visit To KL Tower (Menara KL) – KL Tower is one of the building that beautify up the Kuala Lumpur skyline after the Petronas Twin Towers. It's actually a telecommunications and broadcasting tower that looks taller than the Petronas Twin Towers from far because it's located on a hill – Bukit Nanas.

I am bet many of you have been to the Petronas Twin Towers, I mean the bottom of it, but did not go to the KL Tower before. I know it's probably because it's not easy to access by public transport. Last week, brother brought me and his girlfriend to the tower for a visit.

The entrance is RM35 for Malaysian citizen and RM45 for non-local and included a walk in the observatory zone and a little fun time with either a ride on the pony, or a visit to the super mini animal house, or play the F1 simulation. I've got to say, it's not really a worth visit because it's just a view and the fun part is just stupid and lame. You will know later.

Audio guide is available too.

It's a good visit on top because you can take a good view on the city, yet not worthwhile. Sigh. It's really not international standard although the staffs were very friendly, greeting you from bottom to top. Hmm. It's just a small round at the observatory zone which takes about half an hour.

Telescope is free to use and there's mini souvenirs stalls on top. It was going to rain that day, but still get a glimpse of the Klang Valley.

From top, only then I know that the city planning is kinda, err, not organized. It's like building here and there with only a few significant architecture. Lalalalalala.

After taking photos, touring on top, we went down to get a drinks before proceeding to the F1 simulation that was included in our ticket. This is so bullshit that it's just a steering wheel controller connected to a computer. Maybe the software is good, but I still didn't get the feel of F1, the chair was not moving, the sound was not loud as if I am at the circuit, it just feels like playing a computer game. Hmmmmm. Lame.


45 minutes and here goes our RM35.

The lobby/entrance.

Bye bye. You can check out the website for more information.

Singapore’s Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands And Olympic Walk

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 06:39 AM PDT

Singapore's Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands And Olympic Walk – Today, I want to share with you the beauty of the Singapore's city and the recent Marina Bay Sands Resorts. I went there a few months back when I was visiting my brother and brother took me for a stroll after dinner at the Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands Resorts to enjoy the night scene of Singapore City and to take photos.

Singapore is a very standard country, what I mean standard is a very well-organized country with no messy construction. All building in the Singapore skyline are align in a proper manner which makes it a great city. Somehow, I still love my own hometown, Penang, which is also one of the Straits Settlement area.

Back to Singapore, I walked from Esplanade to Marina Bay Sands Resorts. The walk took about 15 minutes, from Esplanade, passing the Youth Olympic Park and crossing the cool Helix Bridge. It's my first time going there after so many visit to Singapore almost every year. I will be going there again soon.

So sad that I didn't bring a tripod with me, else the photo will be even nicer and cooler. I found some platform which I put my camera there, set on timer and take a shot. The Marina Bay Sands indeed look like a spaceship on top and a very futuristic architecture can be seen. The Singapore Science Centre is shaped like a hand and it fired beam during the light show at at night. It's nice that there's light show like in the Hong Kong entertaining people.

Checking out the inside, it's a shopping mall, hotel plus the main thing, casino! I saw skating in there but I felt weird because there's isn't any reflective ice surface nor it looks like ice. While getting closer, it looks like some sort of plastic and after Googling, I found out it's a kind of plastic laid with oil. Yeah, plastic! Cool, but weird.

It's like being in Macau or somewhere else with resort casino. Shopping, play, eat and gamble all under one roof. This is what Marina Bay Sands is, just without the theme park. Yet, the shopping experience is very cool, ranging from high end designers' brand to mid-end local brand.

I found out that it has a mini canal in the mall, just like the Venetian in Macau, providing gondola ride too, but then the canal looks just too modern with the lack of "real" canal look and feel.

At the outside, I found a very very very cool thing which I think is the best part of my tour that night. There's a big bowl outside Marina Bay Sands, which is actually a roof for the inner part. It's semi-sphere bowl with a thick glass material. Now the cool part is when you talk to the center of the bowl, your voice can be heard on the other end. It's just simply fun and marvelous. Brother and I actually found out this when we were standing by and we heard many voices coming around from the center of the bowl, as i someone was talking to us.

Lastly, we passed Olympic Walk, to the city centre, back to the MRT station and to somewhere else. Weeee. Don't like the lifestyle of Singaporean, but like visiting the place. =)

Sel Sperma Mampu Bertahan Lebih 100 Jam?

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 08:08 AM PDT

PPasukan pembelaan kes fitnah kedua Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bertelagah bersabit berapa jam air mani boleh bertahan dalam dubur seseorang.

Pada sesi soal balas, Peguamcara Negara II, Datuk Yusof Zainal Abidin mencadangkan bahawa sampel air mani boleh bertahan sehingga 113 jam dalam dubur setelah merujuk kepada tiga jurnal perubatan kes rogol luar negara.

Bagaimanapun saksi pembelaan, Pakar DNA Australia, Dr Brian Mc Donald enggan bersetuju dengan cadangan Yusof.

Beliau yang disoal Ram Karpal Singh sebelum ini berkata penemuan tersebut amat jarang berlaku dan ianya tidak boleh dijadikan rujukan.

Namun beliau tidak menafikan perkara tersebut boleh berlaku.

Suasana tegang seketika apabila Yusof dilihat cuba memaksa Brian bersetuju dengan penemuan dalam jurnal yang dikemukakan beliau termasuk menyuruh pakar itu membuat andaian ianya rujukan sahih.

"Saya tidak boleh baca kerana ianya tiada rujukan untuk perbandingan. Melainkan ada orang boleh terjemah. Saya yakin orang dalam dewan tidak boleh baca jurnal itu (bahasa Thailand)," katanya di hadapan hakim Datuk Zabidin Mohd Diah.

Peguam Ram Karpal kemudian membantah tindakan Yusof.

"Anda tidak boleh suruh saksi untuk buat andaian maklumat dalam bahasa Thai," katanya dan dibenarkan hakim.

Mahkamah Tinggi sebelum ini diberitahu spesimen yang diperolehi dari dubur pengadu Saiful Bukhari Adzlan telah mencecah tempoh masa hampir 100 jam sebelum diuji makmal Jabatan Kimia Malaysia (JKM).

Malah peguambela mendakwa sampel tersebut tidak dikendalikan dengan baik dan berlaku konteminasi.

Namun laporan pakar kimia, Dr Seah Lay Hong dan pembantu Dr Nor Aidora Saedon yang dikemukakan kepada mahkamah menyatakan sperma berada dalam keadaan baik ketika diuji walaupun telah terdedah kepada persekitaran.

Yusof pada sebelah pagi dilihat cuba mempersoalkan kredibiliti Brian merujuk kepada laporan perubatan yang pernah ditolak mahkamah di negara Brunei.

Namun Brian mempertahankan kedudukan beliau sebagai pakar ujian DNA dengan menyatakan bahawa hakim kes tersebut mengiktiraf beliau sebagai saksi yang benar.

Mahkamah kini berehat sebentar dan akan bersambung jam 2.30 petang.

Untuk Tegak Benang Basah, Mat Sabu Hendak Didakwanya Juga Esok

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 05:51 AM PDT

Mat Sabu didakwa esok

Timbalan Presiden PAS Mohamad Sabu akan didakwa di Mahkamah Sesyen Butterworth esok ekoran ucapannya berhubung isu Mat Indera dan tragedi Bukit Kepong.

Peguam Hanipa Maidin berkata, anak guamnya dimaklumkan pihak polis akan didakwa bawah Seksyen 505 Kanun Keseksaan kerana mendatangkan khianat awam.

Tambahnya, pendakwaan terhadap anak guamnya dijangka dibuat pada jam 9 pagi.

Utusan Malaysia pada 27 Ogos lalu melaporkan pemimpin parti Islam itu dalam ceramahnya di Pulau Pinang sebagai berkata, Mat Indera wira sebenar dalam tragedi itu dan bukannya "polis British".

Ucapan itu mencetuskan kontroversi besar dan dikritik pelbagai pihak, terutamanya pemimpin BN dan meleret kepada polemik kemerdekaan negara dan sama ada negara ini pernah dijajah.

Ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini hari ini, Hanipa berkata, pihaknya mempertahankan Mohamad tidak patut dituduh di mahkamah.

"Sepatutnya mereka dakwa Utusan (yang menyiarkan laporan itu)," katanya yang juga peguam PAS.

Jika sabut kesalahan, Mohamad boleh dikenakan hukuman sehingga dua tahun penjara, denda atau kedua-dua sekali.

Dalam ucapannya yang dibuat dalam ceramah pada 21 Julai lalu, Mohamad yang lebih dikenali sebagai Mat Sabu dikatakan mengeluarkan kenyataan seperti berikut:

"… Bukit Kepong, polis itu polis British, hak serang Bukit Kepong tu lah pegawai kerajaan, ketuanya Mat Indra, Melayu.

"Tetapi semua sejarah itu ditutup, Jins Samsuddin buat filem, Jins Samsuddin tu Umno, cerita Bukit Kepong, hak serang balai polis tu penjahat, polis itu polis British.

"Sebelum merdeka negara kita diperintah oleh British, tapi dia buat filem yang hero hak pertahan balai polis, hak serang tu pengganas, padahal Mat Indera ketua penyerang balai polis tu dan akhirnya dia dihukum gantung di Jering, Taiping.

"Begitulah juga Tok Janggut, Tok Janggut ni lawan British, tapi sebelum British nak... nak bunuh dia, dia menghasut Sultan Kelantan untuk mengisytiharkan Tok Janggut sebagai penderhaka, bila isytihar Tok Janggut sebagai penderhaka, barulah Tok Janggut dihukum gantung di Pasir Puteh Kelantan.

"Semua sejarah negara kita bohong…."

Ulasan GB

Kita akan dengar dahulu pertuduhan ke atas Mohd Sabu esok.

Sebelum ini GB sudah ulas panjang. Petikan:

Ternyata, polis pasti gagal untuk dakwa Mat Sabu. Mereka kekurangan bukti. Sekalipun beratus laporan polis dibuat ke atas Mat Sabu, namun kesemuanya hanya bersandarkan fitnah dari akhbar Utusan Melayu. Malah hampir kesemua mereka yang membuat laporan polis berkenaan tidak dengar pun ceramah Mat Sabu.

TETAPI, Mohd Sabu mempunyai banyak BUKTI KUKUH untuk mendakwa Utusan Malaysia yang memfitnahnya. Memang wartawan Utusan bakal terkencing terberak di mahkamah nanti jika kes ini diadili.

Yang nyata, Utusan bakal ditimpa kehinaan lagi selepas ini...

Benarlah janji Allah s.w.t.

إِنَّ الَّذِينَ فَتَنُوا الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ ثُمَّ لَمْ يَتُوبُوا فَلَهُمْ عَذَابُ جَهَنَّمَ وَلَهُمْ عَذَابُ الْحَرِيقِ

Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang memfitnah kepada orang-orang mu'min (laki-laki) dan mukminah yang perempuan kemudian mereka tidak bertaubat, maka bagi mereka neraka jahannam dan bagi mereka azab yang membakar. Al-Buruj:10

Klik di gambar bawah ini:

Belum? Sudah!

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 03:34 AM PDT

Day 1: My friends from KL promised to be at McD near the Ipoh Selatan exit at 8.30 am for them to stop for breakfast and for me to join them before heading to Banding Island. Since they weren't too familiar with Ipoh, I figured I might as well give them the easiest landmark to look out for once they take the exit, and McD was simply so easy for them to spot after the exit.

By 9.30am, we made a move to Banding Island and made it there in about 2 hours. There we met up with the rest of the gang with the last one arriving at Banding at about 12.10 pm. Tom of Belum Eco-Resort was already there and since another group was there earlier, they went first in the 2 boats waiting to bring us to the resort. My group had to wait for the same boats to come back to fetch us.

We finally made a move from Banding jetty at 12.58pm…

day1 2

Reached Belum Eco Resort at 1.16 pm…

day1 3

left our bags at the houseboat which was our choice of accommodation…

day1 4

and immediately went up to the dining deck for lunch.

day1 5

After lunch, we went to the houseboat to freshen up and to do our solat jamak zohor/asar and by 2.56 pm off we headed to Pulau Talikail. Got there in about 10 minutes and started our trek up to the lookout tower.

day1 6

The climb up took us about 40 minutes. After all the huffing and puffing, it was worth the climb! The view from up there was magnificent!

day1 7

We spent about 20 minutes up there. Couldn't stay too long as there was another 2 groups behind us and we could already hear the thunder. Getting down back to the boat took us about half an hour.

day1 8

It was free and easy back at the houseboat while waiting for dinner time. After the climb up to the lookout tower, all the adults wanted to do was to rest. But the kids (the duracell bunnies) never seemed to get tired. They wanted to fish, they wanted to swim, they wanted to kayak. Oh dear! But nope, none of them got what they wanted. Not on day 1.

We had steamboat for dinner…

day1 9

and after dinner we were shown a documentary on rafflesia.

Day 2: We woke up to a beautiful scene so serene…

day2 1

The kids again begged… err no… pestered their parents to do this and that, but there was another island hopping trip in the morning, so the parents didn't budge. After breakfast on day 2, we were in the motorboats again.

First stop, the rafflesia site, hoping to see a blooming rafflesia. The trekking wasn't as strenuous  as the climb to the lookout tower on day 1, but thank goodness I still decided to wear my trekking shoes. We still had to do some climbing here and there, it was quite slippery at certain parts, and there were leeches!

day2 2

We got to see dead a dead rafflesia…

day2 3

but no sight of any blooming rafflesia. We did however see rafflesia buds, which I wouldn't have known what they were had I not come for this trip.

day2 4

Our next destination was an Orang Asli village.

day2 5

After a while, we left the island and headed off to our next destination. On the way we saw beautiful sceneries such as this one…

day2 6

The only scene spoiling the trip was this… sheesh!!

day2 7

Our next destination was the waterfalls. Saw all sorts of trees and plants while trekking to the waterfall site. It took us about half an hour from the boat to trek to the waterfall site…

day2 8

Had a splashing time at the waterfall, albeit for a mere 35 or 40 minutes before we had to head back to the boat. While waiting at a shelter, for the gang behind me to catch up with us, a guy who I think works with WWF, came to us and said he wanted to show us something which can rarely be found… lantern bugs!

day2 9

After the waterfall, we headed back to the resort. Got there at 2.30pm and immediately headed for lunch. Then back to the houseboat for our prayer and a short rest. The kids of course found the "rest" to be a waste of time. They wanted to swim! Thank goodness while they were pestering the parents, it rained!! So they didn't have a choice, and the adults managed to get a short nap!

As promised, after the rain subsided, the children were given a chance to swim in the lake, with adult supervision. I wasn't one of the adults supervising the kids… I had other plans for myself. I (with 3 others) went kayaking around the island…

day2 10

and saw a beautiful rainbow while doing so…

day2 11

After dinner, there was another documentary, this time on Royal Belum. Then it was back to the houseboat… chit chat… and zzzzz….

Day 3: Managed to catch the sunrise at Tasik Temenggor…

day3 1

Breakfast is usually served after 8 am, and since I'm not the type to sleep after my subuh prayer, I decided to go kayaking once again before breakfast, this time bringing along my camera with a recharged battery (the day before the battery was already weak so I didn't bring it along in the kayak with me). Besides, I had asked Steve, the owner of the resort, if there were any hornbills around, and he specified that the bird are usually seen at a certain part of the island in the morning around 7.30. So together with my same kayak partner, we went to that section of the island at about that time… and yes, we finally saw a few hornbills. Too bad my camera wasn't good enough to shoot long distance objects…

day3 2

Back at the houseboat, the kids finally got to do some fishing.

day3 3

Well, somebody else went fishing and got the attention of a dragonfly instead…

day3 4

For our journey back to Banding jetty, the owners of the resort decided to bring all 30 over guests at the resort in a houseboat (not the one I was staying in, but the one beside it). Since the houseboat takes longer, we had to make a move from the resort earlier. We departed from the resort at about 10.20 am…

day3 5 

(The one you can see in the picture was the houseboat we stayed in for 2 nights)

and reached Banding jetty an hour later…

day3 6

I had a wonderful time. It was really worth the trip.

For those of you who love nature and adventure, I'd recommend you go there too.

FM movie soundtrack

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 02:31 AM PDT

I managed to buy this old, second-hand two-record set from Joe's Mac at the Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya when I was down there last month. I had been searching for the record for quite a while ever since I watched the movie a very long time ago. Of course, I was a little apprehensive about the sound quality but surprisingly there were very little pops and crackles. Besides, it looked like Joe Rozario, the shop's owner, had cleaned up the records quite a bit. My own cleaning process revealed very little dirt too. So it was a reasonably good buy.

What I liked about the record set was that it was something similar to one of those "Best Of" compilations. If anyone had watched the movie FM then, they'd know what I meant.

Anyway, FM was one of those movies that tried to jump onto the music industry-related bandwagon. It was a movie all about a radio station, how the station director had worked up its ratings until it went to number one, how the greedy station executives tried to sell more commercials for more profits (what's new??), how the staff rebelled and went on strike and how the matter was finally resolved. The best parts of the movie were the live performances of Jimmy Buffet and Linda Ronstadt.

Side One: FM (Steely Dan), Night Moves (Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band), Fly Like An Eagle (Steve Miller), Cold As Ice (Foreigner), Breakdown (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Bad Man (Randy Meisner)
Side Two: Tumbling Dice (Linda Ronstadt), Poor Poor Pitiful Me (Linda Ronstadt), Livingston Saturday Night (Jimmy Buffet), There's A Place In The World For A Gambler (Dan Fogelberg), Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel)
Side Three: Life In The Fast Lane (Eagles), Do It Again (Steely Dan), Lido Shuddle (Boz Scaggs), More Than A Feeling (Boston)
Side Four: It Keeps You Runnin' (Doobie Brothers), Your Smiling Face (James Taylor), Life's Been Good (Joe Walsh), We Will Rock You (Queen), FM-Reprise (Steely Dan)


Anybody You know? 0169065346 (Please help)

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 12:34 AM PDT

This morning, an unknown smser came in asking me questions.
I will print only a few below because there are too many..

After his/ her repeated smses, and after telling him/her off, warning that I will make a police report, the stranger turned rude!
He/She ajak bekerjasama..in relation to the previous smses where I sense the smser is out to get at my ex..

Stranger: Marilah kita bekerja sama

Me: Hotak engkau! Ingat aku ni jahat mcm engkau?

Stranger: Bastard punya janda aku akan C4ebk ( he wrote my IC number) nahas

Me: Nanti aku pampang phne number engkau kat blog n fb aku.
Aku nak mintak tlng public trace number engkau.

Stranger: Hada aku kesah jap eh ko dah tua nak mampos pun ada fb

Me: Nanti ye. Aku letak kat blog aku number telipon engkau n all the messages engkau anta. Bye.
Then, when the following sms came in, I guess he is a male..

Stranger: Aku tak sabar nak baca blog tu harharhar ko yang kecut gilo mu menatag

Stranger: Marilah kita one nite stand aku gersang ni nak mbain dengan mak jandg nurulhuda nak pukul mbain blakang bontot ko yang masih dara tu

Stranger: Nak main la dgn janda anak 7 ni mesti best kan

Stranger: Alamat rumah lu dlm poket i so ko tunhggu jerr report polis siap2 yg penting ko memantp ramai ntmusuh dlm selimut

Stranger's latest sms: My Kuantan house address

Stranger: Hahahaha omcm dato ariff sabri wcm buaya kjugak duduk kat kubang buaya

Now the smser is trying to call me..I have not answered his calls.
I hope his identity will be revealed soon.

Stranger: Adoi lu cakap besar rupanya penakut nak jawab col gua hahaha penakut nak nak mampos gua jumpa lu kat kuatan keta honda civic kaelabu bocor kepala lu dgn anak2 lu sbkali

Stranger: He wrote my car registration number

Now he's trying to get me to answer his calls!

More smses from the stranger:

Bastard aku nak fuck ko la mlm nhg jumpa

Nak isap tetek ko la msok konek aku dlm2 kat pepek lu sedapnya

And the stranger's calls are coming in repeatedly..

Terkedu Dengan Pendedahan Semalam, Pendakwa Tuduh Brian Bukan Pakar DNA

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 03:59 AM PDT

Pendakwaan: Dr McDonald bukan pakar DNA

Perbicaraan kes liwat II yang membabitkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bersambung hari ini dengan pemeriksaan balas oleh Peguam Cara Negara II Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden ke atas saksi pemebelaan - Dr Brian McDonald - pakar DNA dari Australia.

Yusof bermula dengan cuba mempertikaikan kelayakan Dr McDonald. Katanya meskipun beliau kagum dengan kelayakan pakar dari Australia yang mendakwa dirinya seorang konsultan molekular genetisis, namun McDonald bukan seorang pakar.

Menurut Yusof, dunia DNA telah berkembang pesat dan mendakwa beberapa kelayakan yang pernah diperolehi oleh Dr McDonald sudah lapuk atau usang dan ketinggalan zaman.

Beliau kemudian bertanya sama ada pada tahun 2002 Dr McDonald dikehendaki untuk menghadiri mana-mana program peperiksaan.

McDonald menjawap tidak ada sebarang pensijilan formal dalam bidang itu.

Katanya, beliau adalah penilai makmal forensik bertauliah NATA bagi pensijilan ISO 17025.

Yusof terus mempertikaikan kelayakan Dr McDonald dan menegaskan bahawa kelayakan McDonald yang diperolehi pada tahun 1992 adalah usang kerana perkembangan pesat dalam dalam bidang tarikh berkenaan.

McDonald mengakui bahawa beliau dia tidak menghadiri kursus ujian DNA forensik sejak lulus peperiksaannya.

Yusof: Adakah anda pernah dilatih secara rasmi? Untuk mentafsir, menganalisis?

McDonald: Saya dilatih secara sah sebagai seorang saintis.

Yusof: Adakah anda melatih orang?

McDonald: Ya, dalam semua bidang termasuk tafsiran.

Yusof bertanya bagaimana McDonald telah memperoleh kepakaran dan pengalamannya dan Dr Mc Donald menjawap melalui kerja-kerja yang dijalankannya, melakukan ujian serta analisis.

Yusof: Bilakah kali terakhir anda menjalankan ujian DNA?

McDonald menjelaskan bahawa pada tahun 2004, "Saya telah menjalankan sebahagian daripada ujian berkenaan. Tugas itu kini dilakukan oleh robot. Saya seorang saintis kanan dan perkara itu dilakukan oleh orang bawahan dan robot."

Ulasan GB

Begitulah kaedah yang sering digunakan oleh pihak pendakwa. Ia akan menyerang secara lain - iaitu mempertikaikan kelulusan pihak pembela - apabila sudah tidak mampu untuk menafikan hujjah pembela yang bernas dan jelas.

Sama seperti semasa kes Teoh Beng Hock tatkala pakar patologi dari Thailand, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand memberi keterangan dimana selepas itu, Abdul Razak Musa, Ketua pendakwam SPRM berkata berdasarkan kelayakan Pornthip, ahli patologi Thailand itu tidak layak bergelar pakar di Malaysia kerana universiti di mana beliau belajar tidak diiktiraf di negara ini.

Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand menjawab bahawa universiti tempat beliau belajar adalah satu daripada lima yang terbaik di Asia – mereka yang berada di mahkamah memberikan tepukan!

Samalah dengan kes liwat yang dibicarakan hari ini, taktik dan teknik yang sama digunakan.

Perbicaraan pada hari semalam:

[Bergambar] Rumah Mat Sabu Dilempar Bom Petrol. Kerja Siapa?

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 01:13 AM PDT

Rumah Mat Sabu disambar api

Kediaman Timbalan Presiden PAS Mohamad Sabu, di Seksyen 19 di Shah Alam dipercayai dilempar bom petrol tengah malam tadi sehingga menyebabkan sebahagian pagarnya terbakar.

Anak perempuannya Nurul Huda berkata, dalam kejadian kira-kira 12.30 tengah malam, beliau mendapati bahagian pagar depan dan lantai rumahnya terbakar, selepas dimaklumkan jiran.

"Saya tak nampak api. Waktu saya keluar rumah (api) sudah tiada. Cuma ada bau minyak dan gas," katanya yang berseorangan di rumah ketika itu.

Ibunya ketika itu berada di kampung halamannya di Perlis manakala Mohamad pula dipercayai mempunyai program di Pulau Pinang pada masa itu.

Nurul Huda, 27, berkata, jiran-jiran memaklumkannya melibat dua lelaki berada sekitar kawasan kediaman mereka sebelum mendapati api menyambar pagar rumah Mohamad.

Api itu juga dipadam terlebih dahulu oleh jirannya sebelum memaklumkan kepadanya kejadian itu, kata peguam muda itu.

Menceritakan kembali detik-detik semalam, Nurul Huda berkata, sejurus lepas kejadian, beliau terus menelefon pihak polis bagi memaklumkan perkara itu.

"Polis datang kira-kira pukul 1 pagi. Saya buat laporan polis di situ juga. Salinan repot saya ambil pagi tadi," katanya ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini hari ini.

Ditanya sama ada beliau merasa takut selepas kejadian yang pertama kali menimpanya itu, Nurul Huda berkata tidak kerana sudah merasa ada sesuatu yang tidak kena dalam masa terdekat.

"Saya sudah rasa lain macam dalam dua, tiga hari sejak lampu jalan depan rumah saya tidak menyala. Jadi, saya sudah ambil langkah berjaga-jaga," katanya.

Pada 8 September lalu, Mohamad mendakwa menerima SMS ugutan daripada daripada individu tidak dikenali yan mengancam mahu menyimbah asid terhadap isteri dan anak perempuannya.

Beliau menyifatkannya sebagai ancaman berat yang diterimanya berpunca daripada laporan Utusan Malaysia pada 27 Ogos berkaitan Mat Indera, tragedi Bukit Kepong dan sejarah kemerdekaan yang didakwa memfitnahnya. -mk

PAS kecam cubaan bakar rumah Mohamad Sabu

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 Sept: PAS mengecam pihak tertentu yang menyerang rumah Timbalan Presiden Mohamad Sabu di Seksyen 19 di Shah Alam malam tadi dipercayai menggunakan bom petrol.

Ketua Penerangan PAS, Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man berkata, PAS memandang serius perkara itu kerana sejak laporan salah media terhadap Mat Sabu berhubung isu Bukit Kepong, timbalan presiden PAS itu menerima pelbagai ugutan SMS sehingga ancaman fizikal hari ini.

"Kita pandang serius serangan ini. Sebelum ini Mohamad Sabu ada buat laporan polis beliau kena ugut dan terima ancaman, saya harap pihak keselamatan boleh meningkatkan kawalan terhadap keselamatannya," katanya kepada Harakahdaily hari ini.

Pada 8 September lalu, Mohamad juga mendakwa menerima SMS ugutan daripada daripada individu tidak dikenali yan mengancam mahu menyimbah asid terhadap isteri dan anak perempuannya.

Dalam situasi sekarang ini ujar Tuan Ibrahim, sebarang ancaman tidak boleh lagi dipandang enteng kerana kebanyakan ancaman disusuli tindakan.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira 12.30 tengah malam, bahagian pagar depan dan lantai halaman rumah Mohamad terbakar, dipercayai akibat bom petrol.

Ketika kejadian itu Mohamad dan isteri difahamkan tiada dirumah dan hanya disedari anaknya Nurul Huda, 27, selepas dimaklumkan jiran.

Mengulas lanjut insiden itu, Tuan Ibrahim menasihatkan semua pihak menggunakan saluran undang-undang yang betul jika tidak berpuas hati dengan mana-mana pihak dan bukannya bertindak melulu atas kemarahan diri.

Selain itu beliau turut menasihatkan media, agar melaporkan perkara yang betul supaya tidak menimbulkan kemarahan rakyat yang boleh mengancam keselamatan orang lain.

"Media pelu elak putar belit. Jangan sengaja bangkitkan kemarahan rakyat dengan isu agama dan perkauman sehingga mengancam keselamatan seseorang," katanya. -HD

Ulasan GB

Bom Petrol. Masih ingatkah sebelum berlaku perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 tempohari?

Ada sandiwara semusim dimana kononnya ada baju BERSIH dengan bom petrol ditemui... semata-mata nak burukkan penganjur BERSIH. Satu dunia sudah tahu ia sandiwara pihak tertentu.

Sekarang rumah Mat Sabu mangsa dengan bom petrol berkenaan.

Dulu GB ada ulas. Cuba baca semula:

Persoalan kini, ia angkara siapa sebenarnya?

Bila ada saja kes yang melibatkan perkauman dan agama, maka akan timbul kes bakar-membakar, simbah cat, gelidah curi komputer/laptop dan seumpamanya.

Jika berlaku sekali atau dua kali mungkin orang tidak tahu dan tidak perasaan. Tetapi apabila melebihi tiga kali, orang sudah menghidu ia adalah perbuatan....

P.Ramli di dalam kisah "Ali Baba & 40 orang penyamun" memberitahu "Chief Penyamun" (Ibrahim Pendek) buah dadu yang dipinjam itu boleh baling 2 atau tiga kali sahaja. Kalau lebih daripada itu akibatnya nahaslah yang akan diterima nanti.

Ibrahim mendengar dan patuh pesanan gurunya itu. Sebab itu selepas membuat dua kali balingan dia gulung dadunya dan pulang dengan membawa wang keuntungan besar. Orang lain yang menikam atas nombor lain semuanya kalah kerana nombor dua sudah dikontrak oleh Ibrahim.

Semua orang yang menikam dadunya kena tipu hidup-hidup oleh Ibrahim Pendek.

Pengajaran dari filem Ali Baba & 40 orang penyamun itu cukup besar ertinya. Ia sepatutnya diamati dan dihayati oleh mereka yang nak buat jahat. Apa yang hendak disampaikan P Ramlee, kalau nak buat jahat jangan lebih daripada dua kali. Sekali dua mungkin boleh sebab orang tidak dapat mengesaninya, tetapi kalau hari-hari bohong, kelentung, ampu sana ampu sini lama kelamaan pembohongan itu akan makan diri.

Takkan tak tahu-tahu lagi angkara siapa.

Breaking News: Mat Sabu to be Charged *updated*

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 11:12 PM PDT

According to a Malaysiakini report posted at 1.24 p.m. today:

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu is to be charged in court tomorrow over his Aug 21 speech in Penang, in which he questioned official accounts of the Bukit Kepong incident.

Mohamad, widely known as Mat Sabu, faces a charge under Section 505 of the Penal Code for making a statement liable to lead to public mischief.

He has to be present at the Butterworth Sessions Court at 9am tomorrow, according to his lawyer Hanipa Maidin.

If convicted, Mat Sabu could face up to two years in jail, a fine, or both.

Hanipa said his client is innocent and that the authorities would be charging the wrong person.

"They should be charging Utusan Malaysia," he said when contacted.

On Aug 27, Utusan had published several reports alleging that Mat Sabu had praised communists who had attacked the Bukit Kepong police station in 1950, leaving 26 people dead.

Mat Sabu had allegedly made the following remarks: "... Bukit Kepong, the police there were British police, the ones who attacked Bukit Kepong were government officials, the leader was Mat Indera (Mohammed Indera), a Malay.

"But history has been covered up. Jins Samsuddin, who made the (Bukit Kepong) film, ...is an Umno (member). His story of Bukit Kepong (said that) those who attacked the police station were criminals..."

The reports further alleged that the PAS deputy president had treated Mat Indera as a freedom fighter.

Mat Sabu has since claimed that Utusan had grossly distorted his words and has filed a defamation suit against the Umno-owned daily.

The speech also sparked debate between BN and the opposition on the country's independence history and whether it was ever colonised.

Cancer Filters

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 11:09 PM PDT

A few days back, after looking for some batteries for cell phones, the wife and I decided to the other having a quick and cheap lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant ... well not really cheap cos the price of food at these Chinese restaurants have shot up quite a bit, and happen to notice this guy a few tables away.

He was there by himself, had a teapot of Chinese tea on the table, was reading the newspaper and was happily puffing away, which is the norm in these restaurants. I'm not and never have been (and never will be) a smoker and I find it totally inconsiderate of people to smoke in public, let alone at an eating place.

But never mind, that's a story for another day. So, there was this guy, happily puffing away. I then noticed that he had attached his cigarette to one of those cigarette filter devises. Now, I find that to be the most ridiculous thing to do. If you're going to smoke and kill yourself (not forgetting the attempted murder of the innocent people around you who have to inhale your smoke), why even bother to put a filter to it?

Isn't it a little redundant, not to mention silly? Do you think simply attaching a filter to try and filter out the harmful effects of cigarettes is really going to work? I've got news for you smokers. No amount of filtering is going to help save your lungs and your life if you're still going to insist on lighting up that cancer stick.

The only way to make cigarette smoking safe is to NOT smoke! Period! There are no two ways or fancy shortcuts about it. So, please don't delude yourself that you're helping to save your lungs with that silly piece of filter cos you're still going to eventually die a horrible death from smoking!

Is it proper for the corrupt and those involved in vice to talk about morality?!

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 10:57 PM PDT

Anwar declines comment on 'new' video claims
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has refused to comment on allegations by an Umno-friendly blogger that he has further video evidence to implicate the PKR supremo in a sex scandal.

NONEAnwar, who looked calm when answering journalists, said he would not entertain questions on issues pertaining to morality, alcohol, gambling, vice, cruelty, slander or saying (about) a bad character of a person.

Later Anwar clarified to Malaysiakini that it is not that issues of morality are not important and asked, "Is it proper for those involved in corruption, murder, or consume alcohol to make such accusations and talk about morality?"

GOOD ANSWER. Also, if you are not caught not in the act, it does not mean that you are clean, ok?! ;) How many vices have been committed in secret? Nobody knows! Even Dr M had said before that:
Umno busuk hingga ke ususnya, makan rasuah macam makan babi

MB Kedah Jawab Isu Beli Kereta KCX 8

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 11:21 PM PDT

Alor Setar - Menteri Besar Kedah, Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak mengakui Kerajaan Negeri ada membeli sebuah kereta Mercedes Benz model S Class bernombor KCX 8 tetapi menafikan ia untuk kegunaannya sendiri.

"Betul kita ada beli tetapi kereta itu lebih untuk kegunaan tetamu kenamaan yang datang ke negeri ini, bukan untuk saya sendiri guna.Saya sendiri lebih suka guna kereta lama KBV 8 yang dibeli oleh kerajaan dahulu. Walaupun kereta itu selalu rosak malah pernah breakdown di Kuala Lumpur tetapi setakat ini, saya masih gunakan yang itu," katanya.

Mengenai kereta KCX 8, Azizan berkata, kereta itu pernah digunakan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ketika kunjungannya ke Kedah selain Tengku Mahkota Johor sewaktu mengikuti latihan penerjunan di Kuala Nerang selama seminggu, tidak lama dulu.

"Kita beli sebab ada keperluan. Hanya sebuah kereta dibeli untuk dijadikan kereta rasmi Menteri Besar yang turut digunakan oleh kenamaan yang datang ke Kedah," katanya.

Azizan turut menyangkal dakwaan kononnya beliau cuba menyembunyikan kereta KCX 8, sebaliknya berkata, kereta itu jarang digunakan kerana tujuan asal adalah sebagai kereta rasmi tambahan untuk kenamaan.

Menurutnya, sepanjang tahun ini, hanya sebuah kereta dibeli untuk kegunaan Menteri Besar, manakala sebanyak lima kereta Toyota Camry dan empat kenderaan utiliti sukan (SUV) Toyota Fortuner dibeli pada 2010 bagi menggantikan kereta Exco dan pegawai kanan yang sering rosak.

"Takkan pula kereta yang sering rosak masih nak digunakan, sampai masa, tetap perlu digantikan, termasuklah kereta saya, sebab yang sedia ada selalu rosak, tak salah beli sebagai persediaan apabila kereta itu rosak," katanya.

Menurutnya, beliau juga lebih gemar berulang alik untuk urusan rasmi di Kuala Lumpur dengan kereta berbanding kapal terbang, dan adalah wajar untuk memiliki dua kereta rasmi supaya urusannya tidak terjejas.

"Perjalanan dengan kereta lebih jimat berbanding tambang kapal terbang. Itu yang saya usahakan selain mudah untuk bergerak di sana. Dengan kapal terbang pun ada ketika jadual tertangguh. Sebagai ketua kerajaan, saya tak boleh ikut macam itu kerana ia melibatkan urusan negeri, jadi saya lebih suka guna kereta kerana ia mudah untuk kita buat perancangan," katanya.

Pengarah Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) Kedah, Ahmad Musadad Sulaiman ketika dihubungi, mengesahkan kereta Mercedes Benz KCX 8 dibeli Kerajaan Negeri.

"KCX 8 didaftarkan pada 20 Jun 2011, manakala KBV 8 didaftar 5 April 2006. Kedua-dua kenderaan itu didaftar bawah Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Kedah,"

Beberapa penulis blog sebelum ini mempersoalkan pembelian kereta Mercedes Benz bernombor plet KCK 8 sama ada ia dibeli dengan wang Azizan sendiri ataupun oleh Kerajaan Negeri yang dikatakan berbelanja besar untuk kemewahan Menteri Besar.

Menjawab soalan Sinar Harian, Azizan menafikan ada membeli kereta bernombor plet KCK 8 sama ada oleh dirinya sendiri mahupun Kerajaan Negeri. Hal itu turut dinafikan Pengarah JPJ negeri yang mengatakan kereta KCK 8 didaftarkan bawah nama indidivu yang tidak kaitan dengan kerajaan.

Soalan yang ditanya kepada Azizan adalah merujuk pada pernyataan penulis blog yang merujuk kereta itu sebagai bernombor plet KCK 8, bukan KCX 8 manakala nombor plet pada gambar kereta yang dipaparkan pula tidak jelas.

Bagaimanapun selepas penjelasan Azizan disiarkan Sinar Harian yang menafikan kereta KCK 8 dibeli, Menteri Besar itu sebaliknya didakwa sengaja memutar belit kenyataan kerana isu sebenar adalah merujuk pada kereta bernombor plet KCX 8. -SH

Bersih book: Ambiga should call it 'Bersih: First step to best democracy'! ;-)

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 09:20 PM PDT

By Melissa Chi
September 18, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 18 – Bersih 2.0 chief Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said today she is considering writing a book on her experiences of the Bersih rally, a Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections.
"If I were to write it, it would have many chapters, it wouldn't be just one story," the lawyer said at the launch of the collection of Bersih stories here at the Central Market.
Ambiga (picture) went on saying the first chapter will be entitled pre-Bersih 2.0 where she would summarise the first Bersih rally in 2007 as well as the birth of Bersih 2.0 and how it had became a civil society movement.
"I would also say how we tried the avenue of discourse, discussion, several memorandum being handed in, we've tried all that and I remember how difficult it was to get people, the rakyat interested in the issue of electoral reform, it is a boring subject, there is no doubt about that," she said, adding that work preparing for Bersih 2.0 took more than a year.
In the second chapter, Ambiga said she would talk about the need for Bersih 2.0.
"I would then talk about the Sarawak elections, one of the dirtiest elections we have ever had and I'll also talk about how EC continued to live in denial as they still do by the way in relation to our demands.
"I think it became absolutely clear to us that a rally was necessary if we were to ensure that what happened in Sarawak does not happen in the 13th general elections," she said.
The next chapter, the former Bar Council president said would be about the Bersih rallies held in 32 other cities on July 9 and that it was not part of the original Bersih 2.0 plan. She said people from all around the world had written in and asked what they can do to help their cause.
Ambiga said chapter four would be called the ugly side and it will be about the threats by the government to use the Internal Security Act (ISA) and that Bersih members were labelled communists, Jews, Hindu extremist and anti-Islam.
But she said, it was those things that had made the Bersih experience so different.
Ambiga said chapter five will be the week before the rally, about the stadium offer by the prime minister at first, which he later said was outside of KL, the meeting with Agung and meetings with police.
"I made my way to that hotel on the night before on the back of a motorbike, I've never been on a motorbike and that was my paranoia and I couldn't risk not being allowed in," she said with a chuckle.
She was among a long list of people who were banned from entering the city on July 9.
She said the next chapter would be about her experience on that day, how she was tear gassed at the KL Sentral underpass, and then detained. Ambiga pointed out that she was concerned about how they would treat her but the police had treated her well.
Chapter seven, would be about the reported police brutality, she said.
"I would also write about some of the policemen who were very good to the people who behaved very professionally who allowed them to come in and leave peacefully because they show they have now demonstrated that assemblies can be peacefully conducted and the police can play a meaningful role to make sure that happens," Ambiga said.
The last chapter would be called the rakyat takeover because after the rally, she said there was an awakening and awareness.
She acknowledged that there are "good people" in the police force, the government and all kinds of authoritative bodies.
"Now is the time for them to stand up and speak if they feel what is happening now is not right and i would appeal to them to stand with the rakyat and fight for what is great and for what is right for Malaysia.
"We have to show the way sometimes. The people just have to take over and get on with it because we are sick of slogans and taglines, we're not interested in that," she said.

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