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Myth or Reality?

Myth or Reality?

Myth or Reality?

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 10:24 AM PDT

Myth: Only women with a family history of breast cancer are at risk.

Reality: While having a family history of breast cancer may put you at a higher risk of developing breast cancer, most women (over 85 per cent) diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a family history of it.
Your risk may increase as you age, or if your periods start early (below 12 years old) or stops late (more than 55 years old). It is also higher if you have a personal history of cancerous changes in your breast.
That said, even when breast cancer affects mostly women, it can also affect a very small number of men (less than 2 per cent according to Malaysian statistics).

Myth: Wearing an underwire bra increases your risk of getting breast cancer.

Reality: Wearing a tight underwire bra may sometimes restrict your ability to breathe properly, but there is no sufficient evidence to support the claim that it will increase your risk of developing cancer. The same goes for claims about deodorants and antiperspirants, and drinking from a plastic water bottle left in a hot car.
Even if you do not practise any of the above, or are not categorised in the high risk group, you should not take your breast health for granted.

Myth: Breast cancer always comes in the form of a lump in the breast.

Reality: The early signs of breast cancer can differ between individuals. Although a lum
p or lumps in the breast are more common, other signs such as swelling, skin dimpling (a dimple in the breast), an inverted nipple and nipple discharge can also occur.
In the earliest stages, breast cancer may also develop without any signs or symptoms. This is when a mammogram is useful in detecting any early changes.

Myth: Herbal remedies and dietary supplements can help treat breast cancer.

Reality: So far, there are no herbal remedies or dietary supplements that have been scientifically proven to treat breast cancer, says Dr Manivannan. It is important for women to consult a medical doctor for the diagnosis or treatment of breast cancer. Those who are interested in starting alternative therapies when they are on treatment should consult their doctors before doing so.

Cervical cancer
Myth: Cervical cancer, like many other cancers, cannot be prevented.

Reality: Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers because some of its risk factors and causes have already been identified. Studies have suggested that the most common cause of cervical cancer is the repeated and persistent infection of certain strains of the HPV virus (mostly HPV-16 and HPV-18). Therefore, HPV vaccination against these two strains can help reduce your chances of getting infected.
That said, it is still possible to develop cervical cancer due to other strains of HPV that can cause malignant changes in the cervix. This is why even those who are vaccinated should still continue to go for regular Pap smears so that early changes in cells in the cervix can be detected, says Dr Liew.
The earliest signs of cervical cancer is unusual bleeding, especially in between periods or after sexual intercourse. So, you should consult your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

Myth: I'm too young to have cervical cancer. After all, cervical cancer does not run in my family and only promiscuous women get cervical cancer.

Reality: The incidence of cervical cancer increases with age, but even women in their 20's can develop cervical cancer.
Unlike breast cancer, cervical cancer is not hereditary. Therefore, if none of your family members have the disease, it does not mean you are at a lower risk of developing it.
While sexual promiscuity is a major risk factor for cervical cancer, especially when it starts at a young age, women who are in monogamous relationships can still develop cervical cancer.

Myth: If I am diagnosed with cervical cancer, I must have my uterus removed. Even if I don't have to, I won't be able to have children after treatment.

Reality: Again, the treatment of cervical cancer depends on the stage of the cancer and whether it has spread to other parts of the body. If the cancer is detected in the early stages within the cervix, cancerous growths or areas can be removed by minor surgery.
However, if it is detected in later stages, or if the cancer has spread to surrounding structures, radiotherapy and a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) may be needed. Women who have undergone both these procedures will not be able to conceive after treatment.

Thanks to Angela who sent me this post.

Happy Deepavali... (avoid that RM170/kg sugar)

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 10:11 AM PDT

Deepavali is our national celebration.

I have fond memories celebrating it with my Hindu friends at the Sungai Baru Estate, just a 10 minutes walk from our house. There were Chandra, Ramu, Loga, Suresh and others. We went to the same primary school, Masjid Tanah English School.

No problems then. The Malays in our kampung Moncino Bosa (known as the High Chapparal then), the Indians at the Estate and the Chinese knew each other very well. We were like a big family, helping each other and enjoyed a harmonious life.

But those were the days. As development and modernisation wrap us up, we tend to forget where we used to belong... and how we got started.

To peace-loving Malaysians, HAPPY DIWALI... and don't end up buying a RM170 per kg sugar (here). Its bloody expensive... heh heh!

(To Ramu and Loga who are still there in the Estate, check my facebook... our childhood photos are there)

Local Councils Need New Mindset On Animal Care

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 09:00 AM PDT

The following is Cruzin Thots second part of his views of MBPJ's animal seminar recently: 

Part II

Now for my take on the whole situation ...
Society as we know it in Malaysia today, has sacrificed everything- their philosophy, morality, dignity,  humanity, rights and even "souls"- at the altar of prosperity.
The injustices we perpetrate is often justified for selfish reasons from

PRU13 Lebih Awal Kerana Najib Khuatir Rahsia Terbongkar

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 09:40 AM PDT

Semua jentera pilihanraya PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat diminta meneruskan kerja-kerja untuk mencapai kemenangan pada pilihanraya umum ke-13 (PRU13) akan datang.

Setiausaha Agung PAS, Dato' Mustafa Ali meramalkan, PRU13 akan diadakan sekitar bulan Februari hingga April tahun hadapan (2012).

Menurutnya, walaupun Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dan Mantan Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir mahu PRU13 dilewatkan, namun Najib dijangka mememanggilnya lebih awal keana beliau takut rahsianya terbongkar.

"Najib nak cepat sikit, Mahathir dengan Muhyiddin nak lewat lagi, pasal apa begitu, Najib nak cepat takut rahsianya terbongkar,

"dia (Najib) nak cepat kerana dia takut dipanggil menjadi saksi dalam perbicaraan di mahkamah Perancis," ujarnya ketika menyampaikan ucapan dalam Majlis Ceraah Penerangan di Kampung Kubu Pengkalan Berangan dekat sini, Isnin 24 Oktober.

Kataya, menurut sumber, Mahkamah di Perancis sudah mengemukakan kes yang membabitkan dakwaan memberikan rasuah kepada pemimpin Malaysia termasuk Najib.

Sekiranya, Najib dipanggil menjadi saksi dalam kes tersebut, kata beliau, ia akan memberikankan imej yang huruk bukan sahaja kepada Najib malah kepada Malaysia.

Oleh itu, katanya, Najib akan memanggil PRU-13 sebelum beliau dipanggil menjadi saksi dalam perbicaraan yang turut berkait dengan kes pembunuhan model warga Mongolia, Altantuya.

Mengulas lanjut tentang tarikh pilihanraya, menurut Dato' Musatafa, PRU13 tidak akan diadakan kecuali selepas sambutan Tahun Baru Cina pada bulan Januari.

"Bulan sebelas (November) musim orang pergi Haji, tak mungkin diadakan (PRU13) pada musim Haji, awal bulan Dua Belas (Disember) Perhimpunan Agung Umno

"dan akhir bulan, Najib nak menikahkan anaknya, bulan Januari Tahun baru Cina, jadi sebab itu, pada saya (PRU1) akan diadakan selepas raya Cina,"jelasnya.

Beliau menambah, PRU13 akan diadakan selewat-lewatnya pada bulan April, kerana 13 Mei adalah tarikh 'khurafat' bagi Umno yang takut kepada peristiwa rusuhan tersebut yang berlaku pada tahun 1969. -buletinonline

A Valid Rant

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 08:38 AM PDT

Dammit, i am sick and tired of the reading the news already. Everyday there are something "good" which came up. All those ministers elected by us the people, of course, screwing up our beloved country. The latest, a minister who purportedly wanted to create our very own "beef valley". Now doesn't that sounds great. In fact it sounds wonderfully great. A beef valley where everyone could get our own beef without depending on other nations to serve us.

How many times have i read people who commented or wrote that we will not vote for the present government in the next GE. How many times have i read or heard of the Auditor-General's report year after year of all the preposterous bollocks happening with our government's ministries and departments. i have lost count of them all.

As a modern slave myself, i understand that if my work is not up to par, i would be very afraid. Afraid of not only my future but my immediate 'rice bowl'. i would give my utmost care to my work not only because my work is my livelihood. But it is also part of my life.

Not only me, but my boss are also working hard to make sure his company is making profits so that he would be able to pay his staff and his other commitments. He would also want to expand his business if possible. In addition, he would also be able to reward his staff by paying incentives or bonuses.

This is what is called responsibility. Now isn't every responsible person suppose to act this way?

Now these people who are doing business. These government servants actually. Do they care whether their companies are profitable? No, let me rephrase that. Do they care if the money they get for running their business will make profit in the end? When in fact the money for their capital are not their own money but the taxpayers money, from you and me.

No, they don't care if the companies or the business they run make profit. They only care if they themselves make 'profit'. And when we think harder, it just simpy means that these ministers aka government servants don't care at all about the people they served.

If they do care they would not treat our money in so 'cincai' a manner and not take great care in using them. If they do care, they would not be involved in any business in the first place.

Who the hell gives them the right to be involved in business when their job is supposed to be serving the people. Who the hell gives them the right to use the people's hard-earned money to invest in businesses that make huge losses. And who the hell gives them the right to appoint their family members to high position and get paid highly for it even when these businesses are making huge losses.

And highfalutin words like "Blue Ocean Strategy" to sound respectable are being used to confuse ordinary people that these very people who are cheating us are 'respectable' people who knows what they are doing. They certainly know what they are doing alright. Cheating us and our children of a bright future, that is.

In the end, all i know are people seemed to have become 'immune' to these kind of news. They will exclaimed "Wah!" or "What the ***k!". All sorts of expletives would be coming out of their mouths. But at the end of the day, what will happen? Absolutely nothing. Do we take any action? Absolutely not. We have become the very people we despised.

-Written by CW, a blog reader-

Sent to me via email.

to all those who celebrate the festival of lights…

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 08:09 AM PDT

Sonnet: Diwali
Today's the `Festival of Lights' all o'er; 
A joyful day for minds and hearts and souls;
And people throng the Temples to offer, 
Prayers, resolving to take better roles.

And most of them are richly clad and clean, 
And eat such dainty foods and sweets with mirth; 
Whilst noisy crackers burst, their lights are seen, 
It seems to be a happy day on Earth! 

But are there not hearts woe-filled, very sad? 
Denied of laughter, smiles for days; 
Today's the triumph of Good over bad; 
But what about the wastage in much ways?
True joy is when you see someone else smile! 
True charity gives joy in Heav'nly style. 
Dr John Celes 

Happy Deepavali

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 07:51 AM PDT

Hishamuddin Hashim and 'pack of liars' go scot-free

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 07:50 AM PDT

By Shannon Teoh
October 25, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 25 — Lim Kit Siang called today for the Attorney-General to prosecute "the pack of liars" linked to Teoh Beng Hock's death.

A fatal plunge ended the life of the former DAP aide  at the premises of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over two years ago.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz told Parliament yesterday that no legal action would be taken against the anti-graft officers who drove Teoh Beng Hock to suicide as no police report has been lodged over the matter.

But the DAP parliamentary leader said in a statement today that de facto law minister had given a "very lame excuse" as the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on Teoh's death offered "sufficient reasons... to bring to book Beng Hock's killers."

Lim (picture) pointed out that the RCI was "most scathing in its indictment of the character and testimony of the MACC officers... apart from two brave and truthful souls, the RCI virtually dismissed the rest as a pack of liars led by Hishamuddin Hashim, the "mastermind" of the massive and unjustified operation which resulted in Teoh's death."

"In fact, the report is a fertile source for multiple perjury charges against Hishamuddin and other MACC officers in giving false testimony at the RCI," he said, referring to the offence under Section 193 of the Penal Code that provides for a maximum sentence of seven years jail and fine on conviction.

The Ipoh Timor MP said A-G Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail should "direct a police report be lodged on Teoh Beng Hock's death based on the findings and new leads in the RCI... and vigourous prosecution pursued (to ensure) no cover-up."

Teoh, political aide to Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah, was found dead on July 16, 2009 on the fifth-floor corridor of Selangor MACC's office in Shah Alam after overnight questioning.

The government formed a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into his death early this year after the coroner delivered an "open verdict" ruling out both suicide and homicide.

The royal panel found that Teoh had been driven to suicide after harsh, relentless questioning from MACC officers.

But while the RCI was in session, a second person fell to his death while under the MACC's care.

Senior Customs officer Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed was found dead on a badminton court on the first floor of the MACC building in Cheras on April 6, after purportedly returning to amend his previous testimony as a witness.

Neither the police nor the AG are interested to investigate or prosecute these 'pack of liars'.


Because both are 'Umno-sponsored' government agencies!

Near miss

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 07:00 AM PDT

Last Thursday, it was raining heavily in the evening. By the time i was heading home, there were still drizzling and the road was full of running water. That day, I skipped gym as i was tired and promised my mom to go back for dinner. 

Since i was not heading to FF-1MK, I used the non-Toll road which is Jalan Istana. If you have been to Jalan Istana before, you will know how the road looks like... There's a lots of curves in and out. I was happily cruising in the fast lane and didn't notice i was driving quite fast. Suddenly the front car pressing the emergency brake. And immediately i pressed mine. I forgot the road was full of water, as i pressed mine, my car slip out from the fast lane and nearly hit the car besides me. I thought i'm gonna hit the car besides me but luckily i was quick enough to pull back my steering to the other side and I ended up clashing my car into the side of the road. 

Car was slightly damage at the bottom, I was in shocked... I was so soooo soooo lucky that i didn't hit any cars... =.="

So folks, do drive slowly during this rainy season eh~

Selamat Menyambut Hari Deepavali

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 06:56 AM PDT

Setiap kali menjelang Hari Deepavali, saya teringat kepada intipati di sebalik perayaan ini yang diraikan masyarakat India beragama Hindu. Makna di sebalik festival bercahaya ini membawa kita merenung setiap saat kehidupan yang wujud dengan cahaya dan juga kegelapan.

Walau saling bertentangan, ada kalanya pabila kegelapan bermaharajalela, kita semua mengharap dan berusaha untuk meniti hari bilamasa cahaya menyinari seluruh semesta. Mengikut kepercayaan penganut agama Hindu, pada Hari Deepavali ini, cahaya yang mewakili kebenaran dan kebaikan berjaya mengalahkan kegelapan yang mewakili ketidakadilan dan kejahatan.

Hakikatnya, kita hidup dengan berharap akan cahaya yang bakal menjelma; di lapangan, masih ramai yang belum mengecapi kemenangan yang digambarkan dalam perayaan ini. Secara khusus, saya teringat akan nasib masyarakat yang majoritinya India yang masih menetap di Estet Ladang Bukit Jalil, di satu penjuru Lembah Pantai – seiring dengan kad ucapan Hari Deepavali saya yang mereka sendiri gubahkan.

Estet ini yang wujud sebelum Malaya merdeka lagi kini hampir menjadi kenangan – cuma sekitar 40 penduduk asal masih menetap di situ, disebabkan arus pembangunan yang menelan kawasan berdekatan. Arus pembangunan ini telah dizahirkan dalam bentuk arahan yang kini memaksa mereka meninggalkan tempat tinggal mereka ini, tanpa pampasan yang memadai penduduk yang membanting tulang bekerja sehingga 4 generasi lalunya sebagai penoreh getah.

Akan tetapi para penduduk Estet Ladang Bukit Jalil enggan berganjak, dan akan terus bertahan, kerana mereka menaruh harapan yang disimbolkan menerusi Hari yang penuh bercahaya ini – di mana selaku penduduk yang telah 4 generasi lamanya mengukir sejarah di halaman tersebut, berhak mendapat sekurang-kurangnya tanah empat ekar – sekadar sekangkang kera – dalam usaha mereka meneruskan penempatan, perumahan, kehidupan bersama keluarga dan jiran tetangga yang mereka kasihi.

Moga harapan mereka dipenuhi dengan masa depan yang penuh bercahaya lagi bermakna.

Untuk mereka, dan semua warga Malaysia yang menyambut Festival Bercahaya ini: Deepavali nal valthukkal!

Siasat Kegagalan Projek Lembu Anak-Beranak Sharizat Jalil RM250 Juta

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 08:18 AM PDT

Kerajaan didesak perjelas projek lembu RM250j

Kerajaan diminta menjelaskan kegagalan projek RM250 juta Pusat Feedlot Kebangsaaan yang dikaitkan dengan seorang menteri Umno yang dikatakan gagal walaupun menelan belanja besar.

"Kajian awal oleh PKR ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa projek ini telah gagal walaupun menelan belanja jumlah wang rakyat yang besar dan kurniaan tanah seluas 5,000 ekar.

"Malah, ada petani dan penternak kecil yang mempunyai operasi yang lebih besar dan berkesan walaupun tidak mendapat apa-apa bantuan kerajaan," kata Ketua Wanita PKR Zuraida Kamaruddin.

Dakwanya, projek syarikat National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd itu dikendalikan suami dan anak-anak menteri itu, bawah Rancangan Malaysia ke-9 (RMK-9) untuk memenuhi sasaran 40 peratus (1,500 ekor sehari) permintaan dan pengeluaran daging lembu untuk pasaran tempatan.

Sebaliknya, berdasarkan tinjauan PKR, projek yang beroperasi di Gemas, Negeri Sembilan itu didakwa hanya mengeluarkan sekitar 1,000 ekor lembu dipelihara dan sebanyak 20 ekor lembu disembelih setiap hari.

Sehubungan itu, PKR berpendapat isu itu perlu diberikan perhatian serius kerana ia salah contoh utama bagaimana "penyelewengan" wang rakyat dan mempunyai kesan mendalam kepada kenaikan harga barang.

"Rakyat memerlukan penjelasan segera mengenai kegagalan projek nasional yang menelan belanja besar ini," katanya.

Ahli parlimen Ampang itu juga mendesak Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin - yang didakwa terlibat menganugerahkan projek itu - tidak boleh terus berdiam diri. -mk

PKR kutuk Shahrizat: Buat kenyataan segera berkenaan Nat'l Feedlot Corp

KEADILAN menyambut baik keputusan Jawatankuasa Kira-kira Awam (PAC) untuk memulakan siasatan ke atas National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd yang dimiliki oleh suami dan anak-anak kepada Dato' Seri Shahrizat Jalil, seorang menteri kanan dan Ketua Wanita Umno.

KEADILAN telah membawa isu ini ke perhatian rakyat sejak awal tahun 2010 lagi memandangkan kedudukan strategik projek seperti yang didakwa oleh kerajaan dan peruntukan besar yang terlibat.

Di bawah Rancangan Malaysia Ke-9, Pusat Feedlot Kebangsaan yang dimiliki dan dikendalikan oleh National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd diberi status Projek Berimpak Tinggi dengan sasaran memenuhi 40% permintaan dan pengeluaran daging lembu untuk pasaran tempatan.

Pada hari Khamis, 20 Oktober 2011 satu pasukan peninjau KEADILAN yang diketuai oleh Saudara Mohd Rafizi Ramli (Pengarah Strategi) dan YB Aminuddin Harun (ADUN Sikamat) telah membuat kunjungan tidak rasmi ke Pusat Feedlot Kebangsaan seluas 5,000 ekar di Gemas untuk menentukan prestasi pencapaian pusat tersebut memenuhi sasaran yang ditetapkan.

Hasil dari temuramah dengan pekerja-pekerja, maklumat yang diperolehi adalah seperti berikut:

Jumlah lembu yang dipelihari pada satu-satu masa: Sekitar 1,000 ekor
Asal-usul lembu: Diimport dari luar negara
Anggaran sembelihan setiap hari: Sekitar 20 ekor
Pasaran: Hypermarket seperti Giant, Carrefour dan lain-lain
Anggaran daging lembu yang dikeluarkan sehari (dikira): 3,000 kg
Anggaran daging lembu yang dikeluarkan setahun (dikira): 900,000 kg atau 900 tan

Prestasi operasi ini perlu dibandingkan dengan sasaran yang ditetapkan memandangkan projek tersebut dikurniakan tanah kerajaan seluas 5,000 ekar di Gemas dan mendapat bantuan kewangan kerajaan berjumlah RM250 juta. Oleh itu, prestasi Pusat Feedlot Kebangsaan:

Jumlah penggunaan daging lembu Malaysia setahun: 162,357 tan
% permintaan yang dicapai oleh Pusat Feedlot (dikira): 0.6%
Sasaran % permintaan yang perlu dicapai ditetapkan RMK9: 40%
Jumlah lembu yang perlu disembelih untuk mencapai sasaran: 1,500 ekor sehari
Jumlah lembu yang kini disembelih: 20 ekor sehari

Kajian awal oleh KEADILAN ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa projek ini telah gagal walaupun menelan jumlah wang rakyat yang besar dan kurniaan tanah seluas 5,000 ekar.

Malah, ada petani dan penternak kecil yang mempunyai operasi yang lebih besar dan berkesan walaupun tidak mendapat apa-apa bantuan kerajaan.

Penyelidikan KEADILAN juga menunjukkan bahawa sehingga kini, komponen-komponen operasi yang lain yang diamanahkan kepada syarikat milik suami dan anak-anak Dato' Seri Shahrizat Jalil masih belum dilaksanakan walaupun mendapat peruntukan besar.

Selain dari aktiviti mengimport lembu, syarikat ini juga dilantik oleh kerajaan untuk:

1) Membangunkan penternak kecil melalui konsep "penternakan satelit" untuk menggandakan pengeluaran lembu
2) Membangunkan makanan lembu berkualiti
3) Membangunkan baja dari operasi penternakan lembu

KEADILAN berpendapat bahawa isu ini perlu diberi perhatian serius kerana ia salah satu contoh utama bagaimana penyelewengan wang rakyat akibat ketirisan mempunyai kesan mendalam kepada kenaikan harga barang yang menekan rakyat.

Projek ini dilancarkan oleh kerajaan bertujuan untuk mengurangkan import makanan yang memainkan peranan utama kepada kenaikan harga barang makanan yang terpaksa ditanggung rakyat. Walau bagaimana pun, sebahagian besar dari peruntukan kepada projek-projek pertanian dan makanan untuk mengurangkan pergantungan kepada import tidak sampai dan diselewengkan sehingga mengakibatkan import makanan mencecah RM30 bilion setahun sehingga akhir 2010.

Dato' Seri Shahrizat Jalil sebagai menteri yang berkepentingan dalam projek ini dan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin sebagai bekas Menteri Pertanian dan Agro Industri yang terlibat menganugerahkan projek ini kepada rakan menteri beliau tidak boleh lagi terus berdiam diri. Rakyat memerlukan penjelasan segera mengenai kegagalan projek nasional yang menelan belanja besar ini.

Sekiranya kedua-dua mereka masih berdiam diri sehingga Isnin minggu depan, KEADILAN dan Wanita KEADILAN akan menganjurkan satu lawatan menjejaki lembu ke Pusat Feedlot Kebangsaan di Gemas untuk mendedahkan perkara ini dengan luas kepada rakyat.


Siapa Dibelakang National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd

Projek ini telah dianugerahkan terus kepada sebuah syarikat, National Feedlot Corporation Sdn. Bhd (NFC) yang mana yang mana antara tulang belakang disebalik syarikat ini adalah – Gambar dari (kiri), Wan Izzana Salleh (anak Sharizat) selaku Pengarah Ekskutif NFC, Datuk Dr. Mohamad Salleh Ismail (suami Sharizat) selaku Pengerusi Eksekutif NFC, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil yang merupakan Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, Wan Shahinur Izran (anak) dan juga Wan Izran Salleh (anak). Wan Izzana Salleh pada ketika "menerima anugerah" melaksanakan projek melibatkan pelaburan sejumlah RM250 juta ini sahaja berumur 20 tahun dan tidak pernah ada pengalaman di dalam sektor penternakan lembu secara besar-besaran seperti ini.

Milktea – Prince of Ramyeon music video

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 06:07 AM PDT

Korean music video of The Prince of Ramyeon, by indie pop duo Milktea. A cheerful and delicate song, with some cute animated graphics in the MV…

Milktea – Prince of Ramyeon music video from YeinJee's Asian Blog

The Auditor-General

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 06:16 AM PDT

A few postings ago after that Blue Global Media thingy I told you guys about, I said that I didn't want to complain or bitch too much but heck, don't blame me for this bitch post, blame our own 'beloved' government agencies and their amusing and silly antics.

After glancing through the top affiliate networks today, I was reading the Auditor-Generals reports and was shaking my head in disbelief, well I shouldn't really cos it was to be expect with the corrupt thieves we have running all and I mean all the government agencies in this country.

First, let me start by saying that I should close down my printing company and start up a binoculars selling business cos the incredibly smart people in the marine department actually pays RM56,350 for a pair of binoculars that only cost RM1,940! Good god, imagine how rich I could be if I was in business with these morons in the marine department. Then again, maybe they aren't really morons cos I'd bet my last dollar that someone in there got a huge kickback from the sale.

Then comes revelation number two with the National Sport Council and the National Sports Institute pay RM6 million to purchase 23 horse for some show with 18 of the horse not being qualified to take part. So what happens to the money? Can they get a refund? I'll bet some idiot ... opps, let me rephrase that, some clever guy probably pocketed some good money for approving the purchase of unqualified horses.

Next on my list goes to that ministry run by that seriously suspect woman Ng Yen Yen which does direct negotiations with ad agencies bypassing the open tender process. Aiyaaa, this one so clear cut la, we all know kickbacks were given.

And trust me on this cos back when I was working in the advertising industry, the agency I worked with has attended tender briefings with the Tourism Board and some of the agencies there are on first name basis with these ministry people. The rest of us are actually just wasting our time trying to pitch cos we all know which agencies are going to get it no matter how good or how cheap our proposals are. So I'm not at all surprised by the shenanigans going on in the Malaysian Tourism Boards.

That woman Ng Yen Yen will try to tell you otherwise and that everyone else is a bunch of liars but we all know who the real liar is. I mean, they actually paid RM45 ringgit for 1000pcs of printed canvas bags when I know for a fact that even with a hefty mark up, it wouldn't cost more than RM12.00 and I know what I'm talking about cos my company can print canvas bags too!

What's saddening is the fact that this goes on every year and someone should be severely punished for this but the culprits all get away and are laughing all the away to their secret bank account somewhere ... siggghhh ... These people should all be hauled up and made to justify their corruption at our expense yet, in about a few weeks time, this will all be forgotten cos the idiots in the government will just quietly push this in some far corner.

It's blatant corruption in the open and yet we can't do anything cos the present government are the very people who are doing this. Please, let's vote them out once and for all. I mean, do you really want to let these people keep screwing us every single day? Do you really want to keep on letting them think we're a bunch of stupid people for condoning this? Let's stand up and make our votes count in the next GE.

I'm going to vote for the opposition, they're no saints either but how bad can they be? They're definitely a much better choice than the present crop of nincompoops. Besides, like I keep saying in my posts, it's only five years, if the oppositions screws up, vote them out in the next GE. We have the power to do this so let's not waste it.

Ok, now back to something more interesting and not so depressing like this article on Payday affiliate program that has caught my eye.

Activities for the past 2 days

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 06:00 AM PDT

I spent the whole day Monday at the Dewan Komuniti Taman Meru for the Kempen Kesedaran Pencegahan Penderaan Kanak-kanak & Keganasan Rumahtangga organised by the State Health Department. Other than inviting us to set up a booth, the organisers also sent us a letter asking us to send a few participants to the seminar. I told them that since it was a working day, it was either the booth or the seminar participants for us, not both. Most of our volunteers work in the private sector, so in order for them to attend, they'd need to take leave.


So yes, we opted for the booth. The booth was after all, inside the hall, and so while manning the booth, I could listen to the talks by the various speakers as well.

Another volunteer promised to join me early morning to help me set up the booth. She didn't turn up, so I was all alone setting up the Buddies booth. The volunteer only turned up at 12.30 pm, long after the guest-of-honour left. Another volunteer who promised to help out later during the day, never turned up at all. Sigh! Oh well, you get that sometimes when you do voluntary work.

Since I was all alone at the booth when the guest-of-honour, Dato Dr Mah Hang Soon, went round, I sought the help of one of the volunteers at the neighbouring booth to help snap a few pics when the YB stopped at the Buddies booth.


With 9 speakers talking on various topics – this brain of mine had to absorb so much the whole day. Luckily we had good speakers, so it wasn't too bad. The downside however was that it was rather… ermm no, it was VERY warm in the hall. This time I was not willing to wear the Buddies vest, except for a short while when Dato Dr Mah went round the booths.

Today being the last Tuesday of October, I was on clinic duty in Taiping. Earlier on Sunday, Sofie called me seeking my help. She said someone from KPW's e-kasih programme called her up asking her to attend a course at a hotel in Ipoh starting Tuesday (today) but she didn't know where the hotel was. She asked if I could help send her. I told her I needed to go to Taiping, but when I found out that she had to report before 9 am while I usually only make a move to Taiping at about the same time, I agreed to help her out provided she arrived in Ipoh a bit early. The only problem was, she didn't get the letter from the organisers, just a phone call, and so the name of the hotel was based on what she heard, or what she thought she heard. She told me it would be at "Hell City".

Huh? Hell city?! Where the hell is that?!! After a while I managed to figure it out. She must have meant Hillcity Hotel. Duh!

So yes, this morning I went to fetch her at the bus station and sent her to Hillcity Hotel. The moment we got to the hotel I saw a large banner welcoming participants to a Kursus Kemahiran organised by the KPW so I immediately knew I brought Sofie to the right place.

After sending Sofie to the hotel, I stopped by our center for a while to unload the exhibition materials from my car. We finished quite late of Monday and I wanted to rush home for my asar prayer and so when I went home all the materials were still in my car. I didn't want to bring them all the way to Taiping, and since I was still rather early, there was ample time for me to leave all the stuff at the center before making a move to Taiping for my clinic duty.

My colleague in Taiping was already waiting in the praying room aka our makeshift counselling room when I got there. She had to report for duty at 10 am and was only there to report to me on the status of a 13 year old HIV+ girl who was referred to her by somebody else due to the family's poor condition. The girl goes to the Taiping paed's clinic and so the case was never referred to us earlier. The girl's parents both died of HIV related illnesses and so she and her younger sibling now stay with their grandma. The younger sibling however had been spared from the virus. My guess is when the mother was pregnant with the second child, her HIV was detected and so precautions were taken to avoid transmission to the child.

Anyway, apparently everyone in the neighbourhood and in her school seem to know about this girl's HIV status, thanks to a newspaper, under the pretext of highlighting her sad story, even published the fact that the girl's HIV+. The girl has stopped going to school for the past few months. I asked my colleague to arrange for a suitable day for us to go and visit the girl at home. I think I need to speak to the girl myself before I can decide what kind of help we can give her.

My colleague had already gone off by the time the nurse came in to refer one case to us. A young lady then walked in. Unlike in Ipoh hospital where the nurse would usually give me a brief background of the case before referring the patient to us, in Taiping the nurse simply got the patients to go see me in the room without even giving any details except for the name.

This young lady, Nor, found out about her HIV during her pregnancy test. I asked where her husband was; she smiled sheepishly and said, "Tak ada." I immediately knew this was another unwed pregnancy case. But unlike the other unwed pregnancy cases that I've handled so far, this one seems to have the least problem. I don't have to worry about finding a shelter home for her as her parents do accept her at home despite knowing of her unwed pregnancy and HIV. I asked if her parents did attempt to get her "partner-in-crime" to marry her, but according to Nor, her parents dislike the guy. And when asked if the guy had gone for testing, Nor said she did call him to ask him to go for testing, but he refused. In fact he got mad when the hospital people called him up (number given by Nor) to ask him to go for testing. Ah well…

The next case referred to me was a guy. Not a new case actually, but he was still referred to me as he needed financial help, particularly for his schooling children. He is working but now that he is already on his second line of HAART, he needs to buy one of the antiretroviral drugs. Although the cost is subsidised, he still needs to fork out RM200 a month to pay for it. I told him we can't help him out with the cost of the drugs, but we can help out with his children's education.

One more case was referred to me after that. A new case referred to Taiping Hospital, but not someone newly diagnosed. He had been diagnosed HIV+ a few years ago in another state where he was working, but after going for appointments a few times, he gave up. In fact, he admitted that at one time he almost wanted to just end his life, but according to him, somehow, "Saya ingat Tuhan tolong sama saya la." He moved back to his hometown to stay with this mother, and now no longer has the urge to end his life.

All cases were referred to me quite early this time, so by the time I finished seeing the 3rd case, it wasn't even 12 pm yet. I even had enough time to get home in time for lunch!

Jururawat Melecur Dibakar Suami Meninggal Dunia Pagi Tadi

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 06:27 AM PDT

Kuala Lumpur: Seorang jururawat yang bertarung nyawa dan tidak sedarkan diri selama 10 hari akibat melecur lebih 80 peratus pada badannya selepas dibakar suami sendiri dipercayai bermotifkan cemburu, akhirnya meninggal dunia pagi tadi.

Mangsa Suriani Yahaya, 28, meninggal dunia di Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) kira-kira jam 4.30 pagi selepas kecederaan yang dialami mangsa bertambah teruk dan gagal diselamatkan.

Timbalan Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Kuala Lumpur, Asisten Komisioner Khairi Ahrasa, ketika dihubungi mengesahkan mangsa yang bertugas di HKL itu meninggal dunia akibat kecederaan parah yang dialaminya itu.

Katanya, sehingga kini polis masih menunggu laporan penuh bedah siasat daripada pihak hospital yang dijangka diperoleh selewat-lewatnya esok.

"Suspek yang juga suami mangsa kini masih dalam tahanan reman dan dijadualkan akan tamat esok. Namun, polis akan cuba mendapatkan permohonan baru untuk sambung reman selama seminggu bagi melengkapkan kertas siasatan sebelum dihantar kepada Timbalan Pendakwa Raya.

"Setakat ini, polis menyiasat kes ini mengikut Seksyen 376 Kanun Keseksaan kerana mendatangkan kecederaan dan bergantung kepada hasil laporan sama ada perlu disiasat mengikut Seksyen 302 Kanun Keseksaan kerana membunuh," katanya.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 12.30 tengah malam Ahad lalu, mangsa yang baru tiba di rumahnya di Kampung Baru dikatakan memasuki bilik air untuk mandi sebelum suaminya didakwa sengaja membuang puntung rokok ke bilik berkenaan menyebabkan satu letupan kuat berlaku.

Difahamkan, sebelum mangsa tiba di rumahnya, suspek berusia 28 tahun itu dikatakan terlebih dulu menyimbah petrol selain meletakkan bom petrol dalam bilik air itu sebelum bertindak membuang puntung rokok sebaik melihat isterinya memasuki bilik berkenaan.

Lelaki Rancang Bunuh Isteri

KUALA LUMPUR: Suami setan! Itu ungkapan layak diberikan kepada seorang lelaki berusia 28 tahun apabila didakwa bertindak kejam 'meletupkan' isterinya menggunakan bom petrol ketika mangsa sedang mandi di rumahnya di Kampung Baru di sini, tengah malam kelmarin.

Perbuatan keji yang dipercayai bermotifkan cemburu itu menyebabkan mangsa, 28, yang juga jururawat di Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) di sini, kritikal apabila lebih 80 peratus tubuhnya melecur.

Semuanya bermula jam 12.20 tengah malam apabila mangsa yang baru pulang kerja, masuk ke bilik air di rumahnya untuk membersihkan badan.

Menurut sumber, sebelum insiden itu suami mangsa dipercayai sudah menyimbah petrol selain meletakkan bom petrol di dalam bilik air berkenaan.

"Sebaik isterinya masuk, suspek dengan sengaja membuang puntung rokok ke kawasan berkenaan menyebabkan tercetusnya api sebelum satu letupan kuat berlaku.

"Api hasil letupan kuat itu menjilat pakaian dan tubuh mangsa menyebabkannya menjerit meminta bantuan daripada suami," katanya.-hm

Dog Trouble In Kajang?

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 05:21 AM PDT


REPORTS ARE COMING IN of a possible situation of animal cruelty in Kajang, in the state of Selangor.

An email message posted on the Net claims that a location where stray dogs are temporarily housed after being rounded up by the Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKJ) have been cruel to the animals under their care.

The email was referring to an

How To Become The QUICKEST Player On Your Team

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 04:34 AM PDT

  Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you train or which programs you buy into, you still get stuck with "average speed ", or even worse.. you're slow? Or why some of your friends seem to have been born with that "spotlight" speed and quickness we all admittedly want, while you were born with two slow feet and little or no explosiveness to speak of? You see, on the very page

Apabila telaga minyak kering

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 04:14 AM PDT

"Salam sejahtera. Saya seorang rakyat Malaysia. Saya cintakan negara kita. Malaysia cukup indah, tapi ada macam-macam masalah. Tak perlulah saya sebutkan, kita tahu apa masalah ini. Masa depan negara kita terletak di tangan kita sendiri. Ingatlah, apa pun terjadi Malaysia ini negara kita. Ia memang banyak masalah. Malaysia perlukan kita semua. Ingatlah walau apa pun terjadi, negara ini adalah negara anda. Ia negara kita. Malaysia perlukan kita semua."
Itulah kata-kata Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah dalam video Undilah yang diharamkan penyiarannya di stesen-stesen televisyen. Ini realiti sekarang tetapi hakikatnya, Malaysia cukup bertuah kerana kaya dengan pelbagai sumber asli, terutama minyak dan gas. Khazanah ini semestinya digunakan untuk manfaat rakyat generasi ke generasi.

Sebaliknya, ia diguna untuk keuntungan pihak terpilih di mana dalam generasi ini jika tidak ada perubahan dasar dan amalan pengurusan yang strategik, rakyat akan terus menjadi mangsa kepada apa yang Perdana Menteri sebutkan sebagai perangkap sumber asli (resource trap) atau sumpahan sumber (the oil curse) – di mana negara-negara yang kaya dengan sumber minyak akan lebih autokratik, pembangunan ekonomi tidak seimbang dan jurang kemiskinan akan melebar.

Adakah negara kita termakan dengan sumpahan sumber ini? Pada hemat saya, memang negara kita menyaksikan bahana sumpahan sumber dalam penyalahgunaan pendapatan sumber minyak dan gas negara yang boleh dibahagi kepada lima, iaitu sebagai Sumber Ketirisan Ekonomi, Sumber Herotan Ekonomi, Sumber Pemborosan Belanjawan Kerajaan, Sumber Kewangan 'Gelap' dan Sumber Krisis Ekonomi Generasi Muda.

Pertama, Petronas dijadikan kerajaan sebagai sumber ketirisan ekonomi. Sejak 1974 Petronas peroleh keuntungan (pendapatan tolak perbelanjaan) RM700 bilion. Sekiranya nisbah 30 peratus diambil kira sebagai ketirisan 'perbelanjaan' sebagai wang komisen orang tengah, mungkin kah keuntungan Petronas cecah RM1.0 trilion? Ke mana pergi jumlah wang begitu besar ini?

Kedua, Petronas diarah kerajaan menjadi penyumbang sumber herotan ekonomi. Subsidi gas dan petrol yang kurang saksama mencetus herotan ekonomi di mana subsidi 'tenaga' dinikmati pelabur asing sebagai sumber kos rendah bila ditambah dengan kos buruh asing yang rendah akan terus memerangkap dan menjerut potensi peningkatan manufacturing value chain untuk negara – tidak seperti di Jepun, Korea dan Singapura di mana mereka ini miskin sumber asli tapi kaya sumber modal insan.

Ketiga, Petronas menjadi telaga buta kewangan untuk belanjawan boros kerajaan. Sepatutnya hasil khazanah negara digunakan secara bijak seperti di Norway yang menubuhkan Tabung Hasil Minyak Negara untuk menabung bagi generasi masa depan apabila sumber minyak habis. Tabung negara Norway hanya membenarkan empat peratus hasil pendapatan minyak (bukan 40 peratus seperti di negara kita) digunakan dalam belanjawan negara.

Keempat, Petronas menjadi sumber kewangan 'gelap' di mana segala akaun dan pengurusan kewangan syarikat tidak perlu dilaporkan kepada Parlimen untuk pengetahuan umum. Oleh demikian kita dapati sumber wang Petronas digunakan untuk pelbagai 'projek khidmat negara' seperti Malaysia Philharmonic Orhestra yang berbelanja tinggi, membina Putrajaya dengan kos berganda dan pelbagai projek mega yang membazir.

Kelima, lebih dari persoalan penyalahgunaan dan pengurusan tidak strategik sumber asli negara adalah apa yang akan berlaku apabila telaga minyak kering? Apakah ini akan cetuskan krisis ekonomi generasi muda kelak yang akan memperlihatkan negara bukan saja miskin sumber asli, tetapi modal insan kerana kurang tumpuan dan pelaburan pendidikan strategik ketika mewah?

Apabila telaga minyak kering, kerajaan terpaksa mencari sumber pendapatan lain seperti menambah pelbagai jenis kutipan cukai baru seperti GST, menaikkan yuran perkhidmatan kerajaan seperti pendidikan, kesihatan, tol, tarif elektrik dan semua yang boleh dinaikkan sehingga beban rakyat berganda.

Oleh itu tidak terlambat untuk rakyat menuntut agar dasar dan pengurusan sumber minyak dan gas negara dipulihkan dengan bijaksana melalui dua pendekatan iaitu Petronas diletakkan di bawah kawal selia Parlimen dan keuntungannya digunakan 10 tahun untuk menjayakan gagasan revolusi pendidikan yang akan membina kapasiti daya saing rakyat.

(Pertama kali disiarkan di Sinar Harian, 25hb Oktober 2011)

Courtney Stodden and her tiny shorts kicked off farm

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 04:02 AM PDT

Oh, Courtney Stodden. If you're going to be a reality TV star, you're going to have to… never mind. You're doing just fine for reality TV. The Ocean Shores child bride, who married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison earlier this year, is in the news again. This time, it's for dressing and acting inappropriately at a Santa Clarita Valley pumpkin patch. Read Full ArticleContain Reading

[Waspada] Kerana Tergilakan IPAD, Bil Telefonnya Melambung

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 04:36 AM PDT

Kerana terlalu inginkan sebuah iPad sempena Deepavali, seorang lelaki kini terpaksa menanggung bil telefon bimbit hampir RM2,000 selepas mengambil bahagian dalam peraduan menerusi talian telefon bimbit.

Mangsa, M. Tirunovakarsan, 62, berkata, dia mengambil bahagian dalam pertandingan berkenaan selepas menerima satu emel yang dihantar syarikat telekomunikasi terbabit ke alamat emelnya pada 19 Oktober lalu.

Menurutnya yang juga merupakan Pengerusi MIC Cawangan Bukit Beruang, emel berkenaan memaklumkan mengenai hadiah menarik yang boleh dimenanginya dengan hanya menjawab beberapa soalan mengenai sejarah Malaysia.

"Bagaimanapun, sebelum saya boleh menjawab soalan berkenaan melalui komputer, saya perlu menghantar satu pesanan ringkas (SMS) kepada penganjur. Penganjur kemudiannya menghantar satu kata laluan bagi membolehkan saya mengambil bahagian.

"Setiap kali saya merasakan saya gagal menjawab, saya akan mendapatkan kata laluan baru untuk bermula sekali lagi," katanya kepada media, di sini semalam.

Menurut Thirunavokarsan, beliau mengambil kira-kira sejam untuk menjawab kesemua soalan yang dikemukakan sebelum perkataan 'tahniah' terpampang pada skrin komputernya selepas itu.

Menurutnya, walaupun daripada pesanan diterimanya, dia sepatutnya dihubungi penganjur bagi memaklumkan bila serta di mana boleh mengambil hadiahnya, namun sehingga kini, dia masih belum menerima sebarang maklumat.

"Saya ingin sekali mendapatkan iPad berkenaan untuk diberikan sebagai hadiah Deepavali kepada anak saya yang berjaya mendapat keputusan cemerlang dalam ujian percubaan Sijil Persekolahan Malaysia (SPM) baru-baru ini," katanya.

Menurutnya, harapannya itu akhirnya berkecai apabila dia menerima bil telefon berjumlah RM1,989,20.

Bagaimanapun, menurut Tirunavokarsan, dia kecewa dengan kegagalan syarikat telekomunikasi menghadkan penggunaannya, sedangkan kredit maksima untuk taliannya adalah RM300. -SH

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