Monday, November 21, 2011

Shahrizat's Hubby Explains Cattle Controversy

Shahrizat's Hubby Explains Cattle Controversy

Shahrizat's Hubby Explains Cattle Controversy

Posted: 21 Nov 2011 08:00 AM PST

Sunday Star November 20, 2011A beef with the OppositionBy SHAHANAAZ HABIB

Following allegations of wrongdoing and attacks from the Opposition, National Feedlot Corp executive chairman Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail has come out in defence of the Beef Valley project.

IT is a hot afternoon at the National Feedlock Corp (NFC) cattle farm in Gemas, and Datuk Seri Dr

OFA: 1922 or 1923?

Posted: 21 Nov 2011 04:19 AM PST

When was the Old Frees' Association in Penang founded? The year of founding is commonly accepted by all and sundry at the Association as 1923. The OFA's logo is simply that of the badge of the Penang Free School within two concentric circles proclaiming the name of the association and the year of its founding.

Earlier today, I was reading a short account of the OFA's history, written in 1966 by Tan Kiar Lew, from which I'd like to reproduce an excerpt.

"....Apparently nothing happened till six years later when a meeting, held on 20th February 1923, attended by over a hundred Old Frees and teachers of the School adopted a resolution, moved by the late Hon'ble Mr Yeoh Guan Seok, and seconded by the late Mr Quah Beng Kee, to form the OFA confining membership to Old Frees and teachers with over five years' service in the School. A committee was then set up to draft the rules of the Association, Messrs HR Cheeseman, Khoo Heng Kok and Tan Kiar Lew were elected members of this committee.

"The second meeting was called on 17th April 1923 when the rules recommended by the committee were adopted with some amendments. The following were then elected to serve till 31st March 1924: The Hon'ble Mr Yeoh Guan Seok (President) Messrs Khoo Sian Ewe and MHM Noordin (Vice-Presidents), Mr Khoo Heng Kok (Hon Secretary), Mr Tan Kiar Lew (Hon Asst Secretary) Dr Ong Huck Chye (Hon Treasurer) Mr Ooi Thean Soo (Hon Auditor) Mr E Mohd Hashim (Sports Captain) and Messrs HR Cheeseman, HH Abdoolcader, Quah Beng Kee, Lim Keong Lay, Ong Boon Swee, SM Joonos, Drs Lim Guan Cheng and AO Merican (Committee Members)."

"No. 10 Leith Street (next door to Sin Pin Jit Poe) was occupied by the Association as the first Club house officially opened on October 21, 1923 coinciding with the 107th Anniversary of the School...."

But it's very perplexing, you know. I've just uncovered a newspaper item that appeared on Page 8 of The Straits Times, 25 October 1925 edition, which reported: "On the 109th anniversary of the Free School and the third anniversary of the Old Frees' Association, Old Frees from all parts of the Colony have been holding a re-union at Penang. The premises No. 10, Leith Street were dressed with flags and bunting, and illuminated with myriads of coloured lights. Mr. Khoo Sian Ewe, the President of the Association, was the host at a dinner on Wednesday."

Now if 1925 was the third anniversary of the OFA, why, was the Association founded in 1922 and not 1923? Surely, some records must be wrong somewhere. Can Mr Tan Kiar Lew's written account be wrong or could The Straits Times be mistaken? Even until 1930, this anomaly was not cleared up because in the Malayan Saturday Post of 8 November 1930, it was reported that the eighth anniversary of the Old Frees' Association was celebrated on "Tuesday 21st Oct, 1930." 


Share price rose to 11-year high. Nazifuddin resigns

Posted: 21 Nov 2011 08:05 AM PST

Nazifuddin Najib has resigned as a director of Harvest Court Industries Bhd, after a few tumultuous weeks of the company catapaulting from a little known timber firm to Bursa Saham's top performer when reports emerged that the son of the prime minister had come on board.

NONEIn an announcement on the Bursa website today, Nazifuddin, 28, was reported to have resigned as non-executive director as part of Harvest Court's 'change in boardroom and still has 3,982,000 ordinary shares in the company, or about 1.7 percent of the total shares. Since it was first reported that the company's share price rose to an 11-year high following his appointment to the board of directors last month, Nazifuddin and Harvest Court have been at the centre of much buzz.

The share price hit RM2.14 last week, which was 2,575 percent more than the 8sen registered in October and earlier today, it was reported that Harvest Court shares continued to climb to RM1.56, with 1.1 million shares transacted, making it one of the top gainers after it slid the past two days.

Management of PPR Houses in Penang

Posted: 21 Nov 2011 06:18 AM PST

As reported in China Press

黃漢偉:重面試追295萬 欠租甭想再住
























MAKKAH in 1953

Posted: 21 Nov 2011 05:47 AM PST

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Thumbs up to 'detention without trial'... and TAHNIAH MALAYSIA!

Posted: 21 Nov 2011 07:39 AM PST

The score between Malaysia and Indonesia is 1-1 (as at 9.15PM). I believe my fellow-bloggers are watching the football match and of course I would like our Tigers to win.

However, let me be the first to comment on Hishammuddin's statement today - that the new Act to replace the Internal Security Act (ISA) will retain 'detention without trial'.

Good move by the Home Ministry. Indeed, such a provision has been very effective in keeping our home 'clean and tidy' from the elements of subversive, money laundering, drug trafficking and religious deviates.

And I am confident most bloggers, politicians and Malaysians are giving their thumbs up for the decision. With unforeseen domestic and outside threats that may cripple our democracy, detention without trial has been opted by many countries as a preventive measure to curb them.

Detention without trial was also being practised in some countries in the fight against terrorism, such as through the Patriot Act in the United States and Anti-Terrorism Act in the United Kingdom and Australia.

"The US, UK and Australia all champion human rights, but they realised that when dealing with militancy and terrorism, they needed to have acts of that nature.

"In fact, there are some Malaysians who are being detained by the US in Guantanamo without trial for many years now. So, please don't have double standards and we don't want hypocracy in this matter," Hisham said in Putrajaya.

So, to Hisham, just go on with it. We cannot discount on security matters, neither can we fall under pressure from any groups, including the Opposition.

This is our country, our homeland. What we do is for the benefit of the country and rakyat. Compared to the US, our set of preventive law is very 'mild and transparent'.

No need to listen to the Opposition, no need to succumb to the NGOs pressure as they have a stinky agenda if they wins the next general election. If they win, the country would be open up to any foreign onslaught as their 'free and total freedom concept' will destroy Malaysia.

There will be more foreign intervention under Pakatan Rakyat's government. Why? Their 'human rights' label will stay and our stability and harmony would go down the drain. To them, human rights is a new religion to worship, and don't be surprise if Malaysia under them signs a diplomatic treaty with Israel.

Furthermore, we need not listen to foreign pressure groups because their leaders are mainly from the US and Europe who are a bunch of coward for not trying their own governments to dismantle own set of laws.

I bet people like Kit Siang, Karpal, Anwar, Nurul, Guan Eng and perhaps Ambiga and Marina will blast the Home Ministry tomorrow but again, just ignore them because they don't know what are they fighting for!

and... TAHNIAH MALAYSIA, for defending the Sea Games soccer gold!

Duit NFC buat umrah? Korupsi dalam Umno lumrah

Posted: 21 Nov 2011 05:21 AM PST

PKR: Shahrizat's husband 'used' NFC money for umrah
PKR today revealed more alleged abuses of a RM250 million federal government soft loan to the troubled National Feedlot Corporation (NFC).

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution (centre in photo) said that NFC had forked out RM31,580 for the umrah expenses of chief executive officer (CEO) Mohamad Salleh Ismail and his son, Wan Shahinur Izran and charged that funds were also channelled to two companies in which Mohamad Salleh has interests in.

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Posted: 21 Nov 2011 02:46 AM PST

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Karpal says YES, Guan Eng says NO!

Posted: 21 Nov 2011 02:07 AM PST

Lim Guan Eng and Khalid Ibrahim said Penang and Selangor will not dissolve its state assemblies if Prime Minister Najib Razak calls for general election before June 2012. No reason given but I guess they are not comfortable with such a timing.

They need more time for two simple reasons - to proof to the rakyat that Pakatan Rakyat is a better choice; and to consolidate the problematic political pact.

Yes, they got problems. When LGE announced his objection to 'an early general election', DAP Karpal Singh on the other hand said the national poll must he called before mid-2012 because a simultaneous Parliamentary and State elections could save the Opposition (and the government too) a lot of money.

And Tian Chua, whose many statements and allegations turned to be a pact of political lies, is a mice since last week. When the Dewan Rakyat rejected his motion to cut Najib's salary for one month, he switched to mocking the BN of covering the Fidlot 'scandal'. And again, Khairy Jamaluddin shot him down.

The 'try-to-be-smart' Tony Pua, meanwhile, keeps mum over Kedah decision to to push for hudud laws. And the whole DAP is silence over Selangor claims about the solar powered Bibles.

"This has become the classic DAP approach – see no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil. For DAP leaders who spend their entire political career drafting daily press statements to win votes instead of doing some decent work – it has been quite a radical transformation.

"Suddenly, these outspoken heroes have nothing to say. Tony Pua, the failed economist, is busy visiting 1Malaysia grocery shops to compare prices while the mullahs in PAS are swiftly implementing hudud laws in Kelantan and Kedah," according to Stopthelies.

Well, DAP has to support the hudud for the sake of keeping the coalition intact for the general election. That's why they are so numb.

And they remain tight lips about Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming who has come under heavy shelling for using a Chinese school to campaign for the general election. Parents and teachers alike are fuming mad over such a blatant and despicable act.

Even PAS, with a hobby to exploit the mosques for campaigning, seems to be approving what DAP is doing. PKR? No comment so far. So, PAS rules!

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Posted: 21 Nov 2011 02:05 AM PST

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