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Posted: 14 Dec 2011 01:30 PM PST

It has been a week that I posed a challenged to Bigdog aka Mohammed Zakhir Mohammed, to come out and face Brig Jen Dato Abdullah Mohammed over the former's accusation that the latter had joined PKR with 50 other retired armed forces personals (refer to my article posted on Thursday, December 8, 2011 titled 'Bigdog – A liar of the highest order).

I had provided Bigdog my hand phone number and suggested that he decides the place and time of the meeting at his own choosing. As at today, Bigdog hasn't responded, although many had called me that they too wish to be around, if the meeting materialized. I do not really know why others have a special interest in Bigdog. I never had any interest in Bigdog before this issue came to light.

Come on Bigdog, don't tell me you have chickened out? I can assure you that there will not be any punches thrown at you by Brig Jen Dato Abdullah, because I know him to be a true gentleman. What he wants is an honest answer from you to clear his name.

For your information, Brig Jen Dato Abdullah is a well known figure in the Armed Forces. I being his neighbor before, can vouch that he is an honorable person who had served his country with distinction. However, the lies that you had so willfully written about him, and so daringly posted in your blog has somewhat smeared his good reputation. And it is an apology that he wants from you. Is this asking too much?

I have been told that you are close to some political masters, and this must have given you the audacity to post something that is false without regards as to who the person is. If this is true then you are worse than a roden that scrounges filth and stale foodstuff in stinking alleys and potholes. I do not care who your political masters are, because liars are people that Brig Jen Dato Abdullah and I hate most, and they ought to be taught some manners. I hate telling you this, but that is what you portray yourself to be – a coward and an incorrigible liar.

My final word to you Bigdog – please do not take retired military officers for granted because we are no fools.


gosh! i’m time’s person of the year!

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 09:29 AM PST

ahem! ok not really. if i am, so are thousands others all over the world. hundreds in penang. well time magazine has picked 'lhe protester' as person of the year 2011' and since i often join protests, so i consider myself as time's person of the year. comprehendo?

yes, i had been to lots of protests within this year and past years. the most recent one was the peaceful assembly bill protest and the best and most memorable one has to be, now simply known as '709', i.e.  july 9 – the bersih 2.0 protest in KL!!

hmm… being a protester pays off eh. we are recognised. unfortunately though, not in our own country. our un-democratic, police state country. nevertheless, it is precisely that reason that many people protests! 

it was the ISA protests that i attended the most number of times and experienced lots of excitement. there was even one in penang that i was one of the organiser… and our MC was detained by the police. another one that i attended in penang, saw several pro-umno and pro isa people coming to disturb us and i witnessed 2, 3, people (friends i know casually) being hauled by the police onto the black maria (police van).

i will not forget the ISA protest i attended in KL too as two of my friends were arrested. four of us from penang left for KL and we joined one of the friend's son in KL, and all 5 of us went to the protest. two were arrested by police and we had to go to the police station to wait for them. i remember spending so many hours in front of the police station.

why do i like to go for protest? do i fear being arrested? yes sure i do but since mostly i'm not involved in the organising and i didn't go forward to speak…. well… like… i'm trying to be inconspicuous, i was not a good target for arrest i guess.

several of my friends knows that i like to join protests/demonstrations/rally (and attending forum, workshop, ceramah), and some of them do express concern for me (including my family). one of them, once said to my mother "auntie, one day you will see your daughter end up in prison".  haha. don't think so. well… er… there is a teeny weeny possibility but most probably not since i'm only a small fry and i usually join large protests not small group protests. 

why do i like to join in protests? simply for the reason to stand up for my rights. to 'speak up'. or to be in solidarity with others who are standing up for their rights. when was it that i started to immersed myself in protests? i really couldn't remember. maybe it was after the perak state grab fiasco… the time when we started wearing black t-shirts. hmm… that was in 2009. the election was in 2008. i could well started my interest before the infamous march 8 election. it could be the time when i first started to known well known penang activist, bk ong (the long white beard guy!)… and that was before 2008. 

will i continue to join protests? you bet! joining 'em makes life more interesting!

Sri Paandi PJ: Banana leaf rice with moru. YUMMY

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 08:46 AM PST

My lunch on Wednesday, 14/12/2011.
Remember, every Wednesday, this restaurant serves moru (yoghurt curry).
This lunch cost me only RM8.50.

Click here for my previous (and first) post about this moru / mork curry.

According to my Sri Lankan friend, this special yoghurt curry is spelt 'moru' and not 'mork'.

Love and Loathing

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 07:51 AM PST

Dear readers, I have not been able to blog because I have been spending time with Una's family and the wake service tonight. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning so it will be back to normal by tomorrow. In the mean time, it is my pleasure to share with you Dean Johns' latest article extracted from Malaysiakini.

Love and Loathing in Malaysia by Dean Johns

My first trip back to Malaysia after four years away is proving quite an emotional roller-coaster. A series of heart-stopping highs and stomach-churning lows that's fairly making my head spin.

On the upside, I've had the pleasure of meeting a new nephew and two new nieces who have arrived since I was last here, and enjoyed the warmest of welcomes, as ever, from my wife's beloved parents and brothers and sisters and their families.

I've also been extended the most heart-warming of hospitality by old friends and countless new ones among those I've long seen as my spiritual family, the pro-democracy bloggers and political and social activists of Malaysia.

I'm not mentioning most of these wonderful peoples' names, lest I put them in official, professional or social jeopardy. But they all very well know who I'm referring too.

And then there are those whose names and works are public watchwords among those of us working towards a new incarnation of Malaysia, and on whom those of us who write rather than blog depend to have our stuff exposed to potential readers.

Steven Gan and Prem Chandran, who co-founded Malaysiakini 12 years ago and thus were among the earliest inspirations for us all, and who now, with the help of their 70 or so talented and dedicated staff, attract around 400,000 unique readers a day.

From prison to leading publisher

And another major figure providing us writers with an audience is the widely admired and loved Pak Chong who, having started his working life as a construction labourer, then languished in prison for eight years on suspicion of socialist activism, has by now become one of Asia's leading publishers of academic and activist literature through his Strategic Information and Research Development (SIRD), and its book-retailing arm, Gerakbudaya.

Just as I'm indebted to Steven, Prem and their colleagues at Malaysiakini for publishing my weekly columns online for the past five years or so, I have to thank Pak Chong first for collecting my columns into hard-copy books, and now for sponsoring my return to Malaysia to belatedly launch them.

I say "belatedly" because I was for one reason or another never able to get to Malaysia at the appropriate times to launch each book individually.

But now, finally, all four of Pak Chong's books of my Malaysiakini columns - 'Mad about Malaysiia', 'Even madder about Malaysia', 'Missing Malaysia' and '1Malaysia.con' - are to be launched this coming Friday, Dec 16, at 7pm at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in KL.

And immediately following the launch will be a forum on the future of the Malaysian media between Steven Gan, members of the audience and me, moderated by Dr Carmen Nge, Assistant Professor/Dean, Faculty of Creative Industries, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar).

But despite all this good fellowship I'm enjoying, this brief return to Malaysia by no means entirely a love-fest.

In fact, the more I see of Malaysia at first-hand again after so long observing and writing about it from a distance, the more intense my loathing for all the repression, corruption and outright criminality that my Malaysians are subjected to by the ever-ruling Umno/BN regime.

And nothing brings this sense of loathing home to me more intensely than the process of forcing myself, as long as I'm here, to read the appalling local mainstream press.

Only the English-language sector of it, thank goodness, as my illiteracy in any other tongue spares me the horrors of the hardest-core regime-controlled hate-rags like Utusan Malaysia.

But The Star and New Straits Times are disgusting enough to be going on with, due to not only their blatant pro-Umno/BN bias in selecting which 'good news' to report, spin and if necessary fabricate about the government and which 'bad news' to neglect to mention, but their sickeningly sycophantic treatment of any story whatever about the 'officially' powerful and privileged.

Arguably monstrous investment schemes

For example, last Monday, Dec 12, both these so-called 'newspapers' carried virtually identical front-page 'stories' positively swooning over the alleged success of one of the Umno/BN regime's monster and arguably monstrous investment schemes.

The Star headlined its take on this non-story 'A greater Iskandar', with a picture of the prime minister trying on a tie, and quoted him as declaring that "There is no doubt that Iskandar will be a vanguard for Malaysia and the region in the years ahead."

In case any readers were thick enough to miss the message, the tale continued inside the paper with four more puff-pieces headed 'JPO (Johor Premium Outlets) set for more top brands', 'Premium Outlets a hit among the celebs, too,' 'Najib lauds southern corridor as a national success story', and, to show that Umno/BN has a heart for non-celebs as well, 'Home sweet home in Iskandar'.

The New Straits Times headed its shameless sales-pitch 'Iskandar Malaysia soars', then followed it up with items headed 'Investors see Johor's potential', '12 new deals worth RM1.73b inked', and as a sop to the peasants, 'A roof for all under the Iskandar sun'.

Having parroted the government's sell on the Iskandar scheme, the NST then switched to plugging the prime minister himself with the story 'King lauds government under Najib', that quoted the outgoing Yang di-Pertuan Agong as saying that he was "concerned about the inclination of certain parties to raise sensitive and racial issues and to politicise matters which should not be politicised".

It was my understanding that royalty should not permit itself to be politicised. But apparently not, as The Star ran a somewhat similar article stating that the Sultan of Selangor "advised the Malay community to stay united in protecting the sanctity of Islam and not be divided due to differences in political ideologies and beliefs", which sounds to me tantamount to advocating a concerted Malay vote for Umno.

Considering that this is the kind of rubbish that the mainstream press prints in support of its Umno/BN overlords, it's small wonder that I, or anyone else who sincerely loves Malaysia, take to writing, blogging, or whatever else he or she can possibly do to oppose this lying, cheating, thieving and altogether utterly loathsome regime.

DEAN JOHNS, after many years in Asia, currently lives with his Malaysian-born wife and daughter in Sydney, where he coaches and mentors writers and authors and practises as a writing therapist. Published books of his columns for Malaysiakini include 'Mad about Malaysia', 'Even Madder about Malaysia', 'Missing Malaysia' and '1Malaysia.con'.

[Video] Bekas Ketua Puteri Umno Ikrar ‘Gantikan Umno Dengan PAS’

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 09:48 AM PST

Kuala Nerus - Bekas Ketua Puteri Umno Kampung Banggol Donas berkata 'penghijrahan' beliau bersama 40 rakan Puteri yang lain, adalah atas kerelaan mereka sendiri tanpa paksaaan mana-mana pihak.

Puan Rusni Hassan, 37, mewakili rakan-rakannya berikrar akan bersama-sama dengan PAS untuk menjatuhkan dan menggantikan Umno dengan PAS dalam pilihanraya akan datang.

"penghijrahan kami secra sukarela, tiada paksaan dari mana-mana pihak, ini adalah kerelaan kami semua dan tidak ada paksaan dari mana-mana pihak.

"Ini dikira satu penghijrahan pada bulan muharram, bulan yang mulia. Insyaalah! Kami akan mula kekal dan kami akan terus bersama PAS untuk menjatuhkan pemerintahan umno pada PRU yang ke 13 nanti insyaalah! Insyalaah!,"tegasnya

Beliau berkata demikian ketika dtemui selepas menyerahkan borang keahliannya kepada Naib Presiden PAS, Salehuddin Ayob pada Jumaat malam, 9 Disember. [Gambar]

Menurutnya, beliau dan rakan-rakannya tidak lagi merasa 'selesa' duduk di bawah Umno dan hilang keyakinan kepada kerajaan Umno.

"kami rasa tak begitu selesa dan tak yakin lagi dengan kerajaan Umno yang memerintah Terengganu pada sekarang ni kerana masalah yang berlaku di (Kampung) Banggol Donas ni dah masuk 5 tahun, tak juga selesai,

" jadi, kami dengan keadaan Umno yang sedang lemah jadi kami ambil keputusan untuk keluar dari parti, menyertai parti PAS dan juga parti Pakatan Rakyat,"jelasnya.

Beliau yakin bahawa PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat adalah satu parti yang dapat menolong orang-orang Melayu, terutamanya masyarakat kampung. -buletinonline

"November Iran blast an attempt to assassinate Khamenei"

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 06:37 AM PST

From JPost:
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hoseyni Khamenei has ordered the arrest of a number of senior members of the Revolutionary Guards he suspects of planning to assassinate him, pan-Arab news Channel Al Arabiya reported Tuesday.

Khamenei demanded an investigation of the detainees, "and others," about the alleged assassination plot, an "informed source in Iran" told the Emirati news station. According to the source, "some of those" detained had invited Khamenei to come and visit the same weapons depot near Tehran where a large blast killed 17 people, among them the head of Iran's ballistic-missiles program.

Khamenei was invited to visit on Novemeber 12, the same day as the blast, according to the Al Arabiya report. Mojtaba Khamenei, Khamenei's son and an ardent supporter of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was one of the officials that was arrested, according to the report.

The explosion at Bidganeh, near the city of Karaj, was the first of three mysterious blasts to occur in Iran in the last few months.
The excellent Missing Peace website had reported two weeks ago that Khamenei was supposed to be at the base that day - which means that if it isn't already on your daily reading list, it should be. Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon.

Winnable Candidate: Shahidan Kasim Dah Lompat Masuk Bakul Dulu

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 07:14 AM PST

Shahidan Kassim: 'Saya calon boleh menang'

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 Dis — Timbalan Pengerusi Perhubungan Umno Perlis Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim berkata beliau adalah seorang "winnable candidate" iaitu calon boleh menang untuk Umno dan Barisan Nasional (BN) pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Bekas Menteri Besar Perlis itu yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Perlis kawasan Tambun Tulang berkata keyakinannya itu berdasarkan pandangan rakyat terutama di kawasan yang diwakilinya.

"Semua rakyat tahu. Kalau tidak ada hal saya tak akan keluar dari Perlis.

"Saya akan duduk dari pagi sampai ke malam di kawasan saya sahaja... jumpa rakyat dan sebagainya. Kalau macam itu bukan 'winnable candidate', apa makna sebenarnya?" katanya dipetik Bernama Online.

Ditanya sama ada beliau bersedia untuk bertanding semula pada pilihan raya umum datang, Shahidan yang juga ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno dan Ketua Umno Bahagian Arau, itu terserah kepada pucuk pimpinan untuk menentukannya.

Dalam laman Facebook beliau, Shahidan turut mengulas mengenai calon boleh menang bagi semua kawasan di Perlis, dengan memberi penilaian iaitu baik, sederhana baik, buruk, terburuk kepada mereka.

"Ada sesetengah pihak mempersoalkan kenapa saya buat macam itu.

"Masalahnya rakyat dah bercakap (menilai) macam itu. Bukan kita yang buat penilaian tetapi rakyat yang membuat penilaian. Jadi saya bagi pandangan rakyat apa yang berlaku. Kita bercakap (mengenai winnable candidate) tapi tak ada ciri yang jelas," katanya.

Shahidan berkata bahawa dalam menyelesaikan masalah rakyat, seorang calon boleh menang tidak akan memberi alasan tidak ada peruntukan dan sebagainya, sebaliknya perlu berikhtiar dan berusaha termasuk mengeluarkan perbelanjaan sendiri.

"Rakyat tak faham (soal peruntukan) itu. Kalau calon boleh menang, dia perlu berkorban. Tetapi pada masa yang sama hakikatnya ialah bukan semua masalah boleh diselesaikan serta merta oleh kerajaan," katanya.

Mengenai senario politik semasa, beliau berkata negara tidak akan kekal aman sekiranya kemenangan berpihak kepada minoriti yang mahu menguasai majoriti.

Katanya penduduk Malaysia merangkumi 67 peratus kaum Melayu dan Bumiputera, 22 peratus Cina dan lapan peratus India, jadi kemenangan wakil rakyat mesti mewakili nisbah mengikut kaum untuk keharmonian negara.

"PAS tak akan jadi pemerintah sebab dia minoriti. Kalau nak jadi pemerintah pun DAP. Tapi kalau dia jadi pemerintah pun, bolehkah dia mewakili rakyat secara keseluruhan?" kata Shahidan.

Menyentuh politik di Perlis, beliau berkata, Umno dan BN boleh mengekalkan negeri itu pada pilihan raya umum akan datang dengan syarat parti dapat memperkukuhkan perpaduan anggota dan mempunyai jentera pilihan raya yang berkesan.

"Kita boleh menang dengan cemerlang dan boleh kalah dengan teruk. Isu dalaman kena diperbetulkan. Begitu juga dengan orang yang menyokong MCA. Tapi di peringkat akar umbi, jentera sudah bergerak di seluruh negeri," katanya.

Shahidan berkata Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak sendiri telah menunjukkan jalan terbaik dan memberi contoh kepada kepimpinan peringkat bawahan supaya bermula sekarang bagi memenangi hati rakyat.

"Siapa yang tak mahu ikut perubahan dia mesti diubah," katanya. -TMI

Cerita-ceriti sana-sini…

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 05:19 AM PST

Lin sent me a text message on Sunday asking if her children would still be getting any assistance for their schooling needs. Last 2 years I took her 2 younger children out shopping but I had been quite busy this year with so many additions to the list of children needing schooling assistance, it had been some time since I last contacted Lin.

Knowing that I may not have the time to bring all the families out separately as I usually did in previous years, I figured this year I'd try something I had never done before – get a few families to shop together at the same place at the same time, especially those from out of Ipoh.

So I decided on a supermarket in a town easily accessible to a few families within the same district and sent out text messages to Nuri, Rin, Mrs K and Lin. They all agreed to bring their children and meet me at the supermarket on Thursday at 10 am.

Then last night, I received a text message from Imran, asking me how to get help for his children's schooling. I've met Imran before at the hospital but I've already assigned him to another volunteer. He had already bought his children's uniforms using the RM100 per child received from the government, but there were so many things they still needed and his small business had not been doing too well of late, mainly because of his poor health. In fact, he had not been paying his rental for the past 3 months.

Since Imran stays in the same district as the other clients I'm taking for their back-to-school shopping on Thursday, I told Imran to bring his children to the same place at the same time.

So yep, on Thursday I'll be doing some back-to-school shopping for 12 children from 5 families. God help me please…


On Monday I received a call from an unfamiliar number. It was actually from a public phone. And the caller was Jah's husband (yeah, the same guy I mentioned in my blog posting on 5th December). He told me Jah had delivered their baby, not in Ipoh but in Teluk Intan. I was quite surprised really, I didn't even know until last week that Jah was pregnant, and suddenly this week she had already delivered. And in Teluk Intan? Jah usually comes for her appointments in Ipoh (she stays in another town, neither Ipoh nor Teluk Intan) and so I was wondering why they sent her to this other hospital. "Yang jumpa doctor untuk sakit satu lagi tu pun dah tukar Teluk Intan ke?" I asked. I assumed the husband would know about her appointments in Ipoh. "Sakit satu lagi? Apa benda?" he asked. Alamak, I didn't dare say anything further. The line got cut off anyway as Jah's hubby ran out of coins for the public phone. But later at night he sent me a text message to say that Jah had delivered a baby boy.

I was on clinic duty this morning and so I decided to ask SN about Jah. SN knew Jah was pregnant but was surprised herself when I told her that Jah had already delivered in Teluk Intan. According to SN, when Jah went for her pregnancy test at the district hospital in the town where she stays, they referred her to Teluk Intan instead of Ipoh. But she still comes to Ipoh for her appointment at the ID clinic. It would have been much easier for the departments (O&G and ID clinic) to liaise with each other if Jah went to the same hospital instead of 2 different hospitals.


Reading the status updates of a few friends on FB about their children getting offers to fully residential schools, I decided to check on Maya's daughter. Maya told me that they had received the SMS from MOE informing her that her daughter got a place in a residential school in Perak but they'd have to go online to accept the offer first. They don't have internet access at home, so getting online meant having to go to a cyber cafe or a friend's house with internet access. Since I was already online when I called Maya, I offered to do so for them and asked her to SMS me her daughter's UPSR index number which is required when we check the offer status online.

Maya immediately sent me her daughter's index number and IC number as well. I guess she wasn't too confident when I told her I only needed the index number. I immediately went to the MOE website and accepted the offer on their behalf. Now they'd need to wait for the official letter from the ministry.

Am so happy that finally one of "my children" gets offered to go to a fully residential school. I hope the new school will provide a better environment for her to excel in her studies. All the best to you girl! Don't you worry about your schooling expenses… you're still under our education sponsorship programme.

Najib Sudah Bersedia Untuk Bubar Parlimen, Tunggu Hakim Putuskan Kes Liwat

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 05:38 AM PST

Anwar ramal PRU-13 sejurus selepas kes liwatnya selesai

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 Dis — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim meramalkan pilihan raya umum ke-13 akan dipanggil sebaik sahaja kes liwat dihadapinya sekarang berakhir, sambil menegaskan ia sebahagian daripada usaha menamatkan kerjaya politik beliau.

Ketua Pembangkang itu memberitahu pemberita bahawa beliau bersedia untuk yang terbaik tetapi pada masa yang sama menduga keadaan paling buruk.

"Ini bukan secara kebetulan, akhir kes ini akan secara kebetulan (selari) dengan pilihan raya (umum)," katanya di pekarangan mahkamah.

Hujah penggulungan masuk hari kedua hari ini.

Ini kes liwat kedua membabitkan beliau.

Semalam bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad meramalkan pilihan raya umum akan berlangsung awal tahun depan.

Mandat semasa hanya berakhir April 2013.

Menjawab hujah penggulungan pihak pendakwa yang menyerang keputusannya memberi keterangan dari kandang tertuduh, Anwar berkata beliau menggunakan perbicaraan untuk mengetengahkan keadaan sistem perundangan yang cacat.

"Saya mengambil kedudukan menerusi saksi-saksi yang kompeten. Satu-satunya usaha mereka ialah memusnahkan doktor-doktor yang ternama di dunia," kata beliau lagi.

Perbicaraan akan disambung Khamis ini dengan pasukan pembela akan menjawab hujah pihak pendakwa.

Kemudian Hakim Datuk Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah akan memutuskan tarikh mengumumkan keputusannya. -TMI

Ulasan GB

Ramai yang berpandangan begitu. Tun Mahathir menyatakan awal 2012 - di mana seiring dengan telahan Anwar - pilihanraya dipanggil sebaik saja hakim menjatuhkan hukuman kepada Anwar.

Ramai juga yang meramalkan Anwar akan dijatuhi hukuman penjara - setidak-tidaknya itulah kehendak petualangnya, sekurang-kurangnya integriti Anwar lebur sebelum pilihanraya umum dipanggil.

Namun ramai juga berpandangan jika Anwar dipenjara, maka Pakatan Rakyat akan menang besar di dalam PRU nanti.

Hal ini dibuktikan di dalam pilihanraya 1999 dimana menurut Mahathir sendiri, isu mata lebam Anwar telah menyebabkan 300,000 pengundi telah lari dari menyokong BN kepada pembangkang ketika itu.

Justeru, samada Anwar didapati bersalah atau tidak, suka atau tidak suka - masa depan kerajaan Malaysia adalah untuk Pakatan Rakyat.

Lim Boo Chang quits PKR

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 04:25 AM PST

As expected, Bukit Gelugor PKR division chief Lim Boo Chang (a good friend of mine) finally calls it quits. He left Anwar Ibrahim and others, leaving PKR with no legitimate leaders in the State, especially after Zahrain did the same last year.

The Datuk Keramat former assemblyman announced today he was resigning from all posts in the PKR and return to Gerakan, where he once served for 15 years, from 1984 to 1999.

Lim said he was attracted by PKR's reform agenda but after three years in the party, he had lost confidence in it as it failed to fulfill its promises. That's exactly what Zahrain said on the day he left PKR.

"Conflicts among members continue to take place in the party. Thus, with a heavy heart, I am resigning from all party posts," he told reporters in Georgetown. He also quits as Penang municipal councillor, a post to which he was appointed by PKR.

He said he was resigning as councillor as the municipal council had no more autonomy, with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng intervening in its many decision.

"The council had never experienced such intervention before, and this by a CAT (competency, accountability and transparency) government," he said.

In his resignation letter, he cited the Subterranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition Centre (sPICE) mega project as a clear abuse of power by the Pakatan Rakyat state administration helmed by the Chief Minister.

Lim was among the two councillors to openly object the project when debating the council Budget 2012 in October.

Lim was a former national Gerakan Youth chief and vice-president in the 1990s. However, he quit the party shortly after the 1999 polls when he successfully defended the Datuk Keramat state seat in Penang.

About three weeks after his resignation, the two-term assemblyman joined MCA where he stayed for eight years before joining PKR in June 2008.

Well Lim, let's get back to where you belonged...

Private Khairy Jamaluddin, are you born of Chicken or Lion?

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 05:43 AM PST

This is the guy who wanted to prove something to himself, so he joined the Wataniah (Home Guard), now it is known as the Territorial Army (reserves), wait, there is nothing dishonorable about being a member of the Wataniah. Well, he only managed to prove to himself that he was tough. He because of his privileged position he even managed to undergo Airborne training. He is a paratrooper now. The thing is, he is not an officer, he is just a mere 'Private', not a real private. As far as soldiering is concerned he knows zilch. I love my soldiers, still do and I have nothing against lower ranking soldiers, I have only love for them. I was a private soldier too at one time. Khairy Oxford, is not the normal lower ranking soldier. Remember he was born with a silver spoon. That is the basis of my prejudice against him.

When I used to give instructions to my LMG( Light Machine Group), to get into fire positions, the smart mouth of my most lowly Private, my Ranger soldier will always give me 'lip'. "Sir, we can get shot and killed". This is from my youngest soldier, where I will retort, "Do you want to feel my size 8 boots on your arse?" No sir, he replies, carrying the over sized LMG (7.62mm), which actually dwarfs him, moves with his Lance Corporal, into a fire position, very lithely, swiftly and aggressively.

His Commander(Lance Corporal)smiles at his young charge, affectionately. No hesitation, no qualms at all placing himself (young soldier) in the line of fire or mortal danger. He actually smiles at his situation, you can say he looks at death in the eye and does not blink. He is a young boy from a Kampong, his Dad who is an ex-soldier adores him. The father is a retiree and taps rubber and plants padi. These are the simple folk who do not ask for much in life. I knew his Dad. I have this great affection for his dad, I solemnly promised myself that no harm should befall this soldier, who was a joy. I went out of my way to make them good at managing death and destruction.

I like to be around these kind of a people. They laugh from the heart, at simple jokes. Sincere guffaws and heart wrenching tales of disappointments. I like soldiering, all the more, when I am around these sincere young men. If you have never been around a soldier, you will not know what I am talking about. When they want to buy a half boiled egg, they think many times about the cost of it, when traveling, where they have no choice but to eat out. The National Fat Cow issue is scandalous. They even have it on U Tube!

Private Khairy, it is a disappointment to the serving Military and retirees when you take cover when challenged. We will be waiting a long time for you, Khairy Jamaluddin to take up the challenge to debate PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli. Why? Because he hasn't the cojones? I do not think that, probably he will come out flailing. All he has is a sleepy headed father in law and a mouth that is constantly filled with spin and lies. When more and more Umno warlords come out of the woodwork to slam Shahrizat for the NFC fraud involving her family (and very likely herself).

Rafizi Ramli, the PKR director for strategy, received the official reply from UMNO Youth to his debate challenge on the RM250 million Shahrizat Jalil-NFC debacle only 3 weeks after throwing down the gauntlet. Gosh, I never expected this of a 'Wannabe Soldier', UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaludin decided to chicken out, saying he could not make the event which had been slated for December 12 as he had another engagement.

After deep thought, which critics say is surprisingly slow for an Oxford graduate, it appears that Khairy finally came to his senses and decided that not only is it a lost cause, but it could also lead to more UMNO wrong doings being exposed.

Furthermore, the UMNO top echelon have put their foot down, making it clear they want a full stop on the matter before more amongst them were implicated, resulting in themselves not being categorized as "winnable" candidates by their party. More.... Do you seriously think, Private Khairy Oxford will obey orders as my young soldier did? That will be day when hell freezes over. What is his point?

Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the Peace Process

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 04:02 AM PST

Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The video explains that the reason there is no successful peace process is because of decades of Palestinian and Arab recalcitrance and the main reason for the conflict is not Israel's presence in the West Bank, but successive Palestinian leaders resistance to Jewish sovereignty.

There is a lot of hate in the U Tube site. I will delete any abuse for this post, you are of course allowed to debate, rationally.

Islamist parties call for ban on Westerners drinking, wearing bikinis and mixed bathing on Egyptian beaches

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 03:53 AM PST

No more Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.
(Daily Mail) Bargain holidays for Westerners looking to get a bit of sunshine and a drink by the pool in the winter could be a thing of the past on Egypt's Red Sea coast.
The Muslim Brotherhood, which won success in the first round of parliamentary elections last month, is set on turning Egypt into a 'sin-free' holiday resort.

But the end of sun worshippers flying to resorts like Sharm el-Sheikh could spell disaster for an economy that has already been battered by this year's political unrest.
Azza al-Jarf, a candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood, told supporters: 'Tourists don't need to drink alcohol when they come to Egypt; they have plenty at home.

'They came to see the ancient civilisation, not to drink alcohol.' Since its success in the first round of elections on November 28 and 29, the Brotherhood and the even more fundamentalist party of Salafi Muslims called Al-Nour have been under pressure to define their stance on a wide range of issues - including Islamic law, personal freedom and tourism.

Al-Nour has said it seeks to impose strict Islamic law in Egypt, while the Muslim Brotherhood says publicly it does not want to force its views on an appropriate Islamic lifestyle on Egyptians. More...

Holland to reconsider UNRWA funding

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 03:49 AM PST

One can say some are getting sick of the UN's Palestinian refugee scam.
THE HAGUE (EJP)---Holland will "thoroughly review" its policy on the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA), Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal told the parliament in The Hague. The Dutch ruling party called UNRWA's definitions "worrisome." Holland is UNRWA's 6th largest donor, with an annual contribution of roughly 30 million dollars.

Rosenthal announced the review in reply to a question by the speaker of his own faction, the Liberal VVD. "UNRWA uses its own unique definition of refugees, different to the UN's. The refugee issue is a big obstacle for peace. We therefore ask the government acknowledge this discrepancy, which leads to the third-generation Palestinian refugees," VVD speaker Hans Ten Broeke said. UNRWA refugees keep their status after gaining citizenship. UNHCR is responsible for all refugees except Palestinians.

According to UNRWA, there are approximately five million Palestinian refugees worldwide.

Last year Canada stopped its core funding of roughly 10 million dollars annually for UNRWA. In 2011 UNRWA enjoyed a budget of 1.23 billion dollars, roughly half of it provided by the U.S and the European Commission – its two largest donors, followed by Sweden, Britain and Norway. Hat tip: Eye On The World.

Perompak Ditembak Mati Oleh Pengawal Keselamatan Dalam Bank

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 04:39 AM PST

Maut dalam bank

AMPANG: Mungkinkah Geng Styer yang aktif sejak 1999 dan ditumpaskan polis beberapa tahun kemudian muncul semula apabila seorang lelaki bersenjatakan raifal sama merompak sebuah bank di Jalan Bunga Taman Muda, Pandan Indah, di sini, sebelum ditembak mati seorang pengawal keselamatan bank berkenaan, petang semalam.

Gambar: ANGKAT...anggota polis mengangkat mayat suspek.

Dalam kejadian jam 3.18 petang itu, seorang lelaki berusia 30-an yang bersenjatakan raifal styer meluru masuk ke dalam bank berkenaan sebelum cuba melarikan wang tunai RM253,000.

Difahamkan, lelaki itu masuk seorang diri di dalam bank manakala rakannya menunggu di luar bank dengan menunggang sebuah motosikal.

Ketua Polis Daerah Ampang Jaya, Asisten Komisioner Amiruddin Jamaluddin berkata, suspek yang memakai pakaian hitam dan topi keledar masuk ke dalam bank berkenaan sebelum mengugut 20 pelanggan dengan mengacukan raifal styer supaya mendiamkan diri.

"Suspek melompat ke dalam kaunter dan mengugut 12 kakitangan supaya memasukkan wang tunai ke dalam beg galas dibawanya sambil mengacukan senjata.

"Selepas memperoleh wang, suspek cuba melarikan diri, namun ditembak pengawal keselamatan bank berkenaan yang bersembunyi di belakang kaunter dari jarak kira-kira 50 meter," katanya dalam sidang media di sini, semalam.

Beliau berkata, pengawal keselamatan berkenaan ketika itu bersembunyi dan tidak dapat dikesan suspek.

"Kami akan membuat siasatan terperinci dengan meneliti kamera litar tertutup (CCTV) bagi mengesan dan menyiasat situasi kejadian," katanya.

A local newspaper

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 02:37 AM PST

runs an advice column every Tuesday entitled "Ask Anna". Readers can write in with any personal concerns or questions that they may not feel comfortable addressing to anyone on a person-to-person basis. Lately, Anna has been getting quite a few letters from husbands and wives who are questioning their partner's fidelity. For instance, Eddie from Edwardsville writes, "My wife has become

A Tragedy Prevented

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 02:37 AM PST

Brock had used a website called one time to find out who the owner was of a cell number he had found in his briefcase. It had been scrawled on a napkin and must have been there forever because he had totally forgotten where it came from. After finding out about this website through a search online, he had found out that the number was from a client that he'd worked

Access Civil Records

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 02:36 AM PST

Marriage records, divorce records, birth records, property records, attorney records, and court records – these are all civil records and they are all available to you at, a recognized and trusted online records information provider, lets you utilize a network of multiple data sources to find the exact records you are looking for. Get the data from

Access Court Records Nationwide 2

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 02:36 AM PST

It can sometimes be difficult to get the information you need from individuals who will be working in your home. Many companies claim that their workers are licensed and bonded, but they do not always follow through with the proof you need in order to make an informed decision. For this reason, you may have to do some additional work to find out if the people working in your home are safe.

Access Court Records Nationwide

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 02:35 AM PST

 is a recognized and trusted online records information provider that lets you utilize a network of multiple data sources to find the exact records you are looking for. Get the data from thousands of sources, public and private, quickly and conveniently right to your screen. All that is required to begin your search is a first and last name and state of residence and you are on your way to

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