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Football for years has had a common goal: Bringing people together. That is the true joy of the sport and it will remain so for the rest of days. You could be at a game sitting by a complete stranger, and for those ninety minutes you are united as one. Football's popularity is unrivaled, its attractiveness unquestioned, and its reputation as a trend-setter unmatched. With over 3.5 billion people watching the World Cup every four years, football (or Soccer in some parts of the world) is at the apex of sports. However, the World Cup is not a sufficient enough example portraying why football is such a popular game. Around the world, from Europe to China, Australia to South America, and India to the USA, big leagues to bigger tournaments, small leagues to even smaller tournaments are all set up in order to give people the opportunity to take part in the beautiful game; and make no mistake about it, football is the world's beautiful game. Unfortunately, with everything beautiful, there is a downside. In the world of football, the problem with racism is an ever-growing reality. This distinctive predicament makes us, the fans and players alike, forget about the game and realize at the end of the day that it is a game played among all human beings, among one race. This element is a nasty one and should be completely stamped out, not only in the world of football, but in every sport and in our everyday lives as well.

The issue of racism has been a growing problem in recent years, not only in football, but in-fact in all sport societies where an increased interaction between cultures is ever present. It has been cruel and sometimes downright evil to watch some matches where racism takes place, and fighting it should be the number one priority for every football association set up around the world. Two main examples come to mind when thinking of extreme racist abuse. Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o, who also plays for giant club Barcelona in Europe, received vigorous "monkey chants" from groups of spectators which seemingly grew within seconds to the whole stadium. Eto'o threatened to leave the pitch because the abuse was honestly that horrible. The other incident occurred during a Spain-England friendly, where many of the black English players received that same abuse. I remember watching these games and thinking to myself the referee should simply stop the game. I couldn't believe that during such matches, between two such well-known sides, at club level and international level, such incidents could occur. It was literally painful to watch and I was disgusted with anyone who called themselves fans for participating in such an act. These people, or fans in their own regard, which joined in such "monkey chants" or any other similar behavior, are simply adding to racial divisions in sport. It could be that they are not fully aware of the wider consequences of their actions, where lack of education and experiences among other cultures and people acts as a heavy contributor to their intolerance of others. This is where the work of sport federations together with clubs, fan associations, governments & NGO's must join forces in order to support the movement of fighting racism. Football has been at the forefront of fighting this epidemic in sports, with such countries as England, Austria, Germany, and Australia leading the way. FIFA has pulled several campaigns to combat racism, among others, Kick It Out& Show Racism the Red Card, My Game Is Fairplay, Campaign Against Racism, and the United Against Racism in European Football. FIFA effort appears successful, especially in Europe.

These high profile campaigns have been put into place and are slowly making headway in the fight against racism. In an attempt to teach tolerance and understanding, these organizations are hoping that with time, the will and desire will break through in order to achieve a cleaner environment in the world of sports. Football leads the way in this struggle because of the popularity of the game. It will be a long-term struggle to eradicate it fully, but with education and by raising awareness in younger generations, the future does look better. Discrimination towards any athlete is improper conduct. Any sort of intimidation toward any person, anywhere, because of the color of their skin is unacceptable. This is the message. This is the fight. Racism must be kicked out. It does not belong in the beautiful game and does not reflect the spirit of the game.

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Miss A – Touch music video & pics

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 10:51 AM PST

Music video and HD concept photos for Touch by Korean pop group Miss A, title track of their latest single album. Nice pictures, interesting choreography, horrible song…

There's more, read the full post »

Miss A – Touch music video & pics from YeinJee's Asian Journal

Kanna Curry House: Real banana leaf out, paper in!

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The last time I had a banana leaf meal at Kanna Curry House was on Sunday, 4 December 2011.

It was simply delicious. Why? Reason being the food was served on the authentic banana leaf and I didn't have to pay for it! Now who says there is no free luncn in this world? ;)

Unfortunately, beginning this year, Kanna Curry House has been serving the dishes on paper "leaves" that look like the real ones. The popular restaurant chain has 'turned over a new leaf' due to two reasons - hygiene and shortage of banana leaves.

How sad!

What hygiene? If my memory serves me well, I have never had a diarhoea from eating banana leaf meal at Kanna Curry House though I am not a regular customer.

Will I go there again to try the new paper banana leaf meal?

If I know I can get to have another free lunch, I will!

 Saturday January 28, 2012

A banana leaf meal on paper


PETALING JAYA: You've had "paper thosai". So how about paper banana leaf lunch?
Breaking away from tradition for the sake of hygiene and due to a shortage of banana leaves, a popular restaurant chain has decided to replace the leaves with bio-degradable paper "lookalikes".
Kanna Curry House, which is famous for its South Indian banana leaf meals, is now serving the dishes on paper "leaves" that look like the real ones.
Patrons settling down to a banana leaf lunch at a popular restaurant in Petaling Jaya. But it was a banana leaf spread with one big difference. - RAJA FAISAL HISHAN /The Star
"We have a shortage of banana leaves," said restaurant assistant manager Muthu Kumar, 23, at the chain's Section 17 outlet here.
"Another reason for the change is because a lot of our customers have been complaining that the leaves are dirty. For us to clean each leaf individually is just too much work."
He said the restaurant chain used up to 5,000 banana leaves daily.
Muthu added that the change would be implemented at the other outlets all over the Klang Valley.
"Some of our regular customers said using the paper leaves take away the authenticity of the traditional banana leaf meals.
Breaking tradition: An employee of Kanna Curry House showing the difference between the banana leaf (left) and the paper leaf.
"However, most of them don't mind the change as it ensures cleanliness," he said.
A regular customer at the restaurant's Section 17 outlet for over 15 years, Mary Chong, 48, said although she preferred having her meals on a "real" banana leaf, she would continue to patronise the restaurant because she enjoyed the food.
"The paper leaves take away the feel of a banana leaf meal, but the food still tastes the same," she said.
Shamrat Sengupta, 34, who frequents the outlet for breakfast before heading off to work, said it was "strange to eat from leaves made of paper, but at least it was clean".
Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners' Association president Datuk R. Ramalingam Pillai said he did not foresee other banana leaf eateries in Malaysia following suit and replacing organic leaves with paper ones.
"Indians have practised eating on banana leaves for centuries. In Malaysia, the banana leaf meal is a staple among locals and has even become a tourist attraction.
"It is true that it is harder to get the leaves now, but in my opinion, banana leaf restaurants should not stop using real leaves as it takes away the authenticity of the traditional meal," he said.

Suara Sebenar Masyarakat Cina Mula Kedengaran Selepas Debat

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 09:53 AM PST

Warga maya marah Sin Chew siar laporan berat sebelah

Selepas isu "Kak Tunda", akhbar Cina Sin Chew Daily pula menjadi sasaran keberangan warga maya berhubung perbahasan antara presiden MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek dan setiausaha agung DAP Lim Guan Eng, Sabtu lalu.

Ini kerana, menurut warga maya, laporan Sin Chew terlalu "berat sebelah" yang memberikan liputan yang menonjol kepada Chua dalam edisi akhbar itu semalam.

Ini memaksa akhbar itu membuat penjelasan yang berulang kali di Facebook - tetapi mereka gagal meredakan kemarahan pembaca.

Pada edisi Ahad, Sin Chew melaporkan hujah umum antara Chua dan Lim di muka depan, tetapi pada halaman berikut, iaitu pada muka surat 2, 3 dan 4, tumpuan hanya diberikan kepada Chua dan ucapan pemimpin BN yang lain.

Ucapan Lim hanya dilaporkan pada muka surat 31, iaitu dua halaman terakhir dalam akhbar itu.

Tindakan itu mengundang kemarahan warga maya yang membidas Sin Chew kerana didakwa berat sebelah pada laman Facebook akhbar itu.

"Sin Chew Daily memberi Chua liputan luas, manakala berita Lim hanya dapat liputan kecil. Protes amalan harian berat sebelah itu," tulis seorang pengguna Facebook yang menggunakan nama Tan.

"Sin Chew Daily menipu pembaca," kata seorang lagi pengguna Facebook yang menggunakan nama Samc Chen. -mk

Star akui kesilapan berhubung petikan Guan Eng

Akhbar harian Inggeris, the Star hari ini menerbitkan kenyataan ringkas berhubung kesilapan dalam laporannya dalam artikel semasa perdebatan Setiausaha Agung DAP Lim Guan Eng yang dibuat semasa persidangan 'Kaum Cina di persimpangan', Sabtu lalu.

"Kami dimaklumkan bahawa semasa perdebatan dengan Presiden MCA, Chua Soi Lek yang bertajuk 'Apakah sistem dua parti menjadi sistem dua bangsa? setiausaha agung DAP Lim Guan Eng tidak ada membuat kenyataan berikut: 'Kami tidak bersetuju Perdana Menteri mesti sentiasa terdiri daripada orang Melayu kerana kami mahu rakyat yang membuat keputusan'.

"Kesilapan dalam terjemahan itu amat dikesali," petik kenyataan dua perenggan pengakuan kesilapan itu yang dicetak pada halaman enam akhbar berkenaan.

Bertajuk 'Ralat dalam terjemahan', artikel itu tidak membawa sebarang permohonan maaf atau menyiarkan petikan yang betul.

Lim, semalam menuntut permohonan maaf daripada harian milik MCA itu berhubung laporannnya mengenai perdebatan dua gergasi politik itu.

"Petikan yang dikatakan dikeluarkan oleh saya adalah palsu dan tidak benar kerana tiada rujukan sekalipun pernah dibuat oleh saya mengenai isu ini yang tidak ditimbulkan semasa perbahasan," kata Lim dalam kenyataannya itu.

Ulasan GB

Kini suara masyarakat Cina yang sebenar telah kedengaran. Mereka membantah laporan senget terhadap debat.

Bukan saja wartawan Sin Chew Jit Poh, malah hampir kesemua akhbar media arus perdana tidak memberikan liputan yang adil kepada debat. BERNAMA sendiri membuat laporan yang berat sebelah apatah lagi wartawan-wartawan akhbar arus perdana yang lain.

Mungkin benar dakwaan sesetengah pihak bahawa taraf kewartawanan negara ini sebagai "pelacur".

Kebenaran akhirnya terserlah jua sekalipun NUJ cuba menafi dan menolak dakwaan tersebut.

Jika sebelum ini NUJ berkehendakkan fakta ddengan bukti dan keterangan, laporan di atas menjelaskan segala-galanya.

NUJ, what say you now?


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A man was sitting by a lake. He was throwing small pebbles into it from time to time. A young boy happened to cross by. He was intrigued to see that after every few minutes or so, the man would toss a pebble into the lake.

The boy went up to the man and said, "Good pastime, this stone throwing, he?" "Hmmm," said the man. He seemed to be deep in thought and obviously did not wish to be disturbed.

Sometime later, the man said softly, "Look at the water, it is absolutely still."

The boy said, "Yeah, it is."

The man tossed a pebble into the water and continued, "Only till I toss a pebble into it now do you see the ripples?"

"Yeah," said the boy, "they spread further and further."

"And soon, the water is still again," offered the man.

The boy said, "Sure, it becomes quiet, after a while."

The man continued, "What if we want to stop the ripples? The root cause of the ripples is the stone. Let's take the stone out. Go ahead and look for it." The boy put his hand into the water and tried to take the stone out.

But he only succeeded in making more ripples. He was able to take the stone out, but the number of ripples that were made in the process were a lot more than before.

The wise man said, "It is not possible to stop the movement of the water once a pebble has been thrown into it. But if we can stop ourselves from throwing the pebble in the first place, the ripples can be avoided altogether! So too, it is with our minds. If a thought enters into it, it creates ripples. The only way to save the mind from getting disturbed is to block and ban the entry of every superfluous thought that could be a potential cause for disturbance. If a disturbance has entered into the mind, it will take its own time to die down. Too many conflicting thoughts just cause more and more disturbances. Once the disturbance has been caused it takes time to ebb out. Even trying to forcibly remove the thought may further increase the turmoil in the mind. Time surely is a great healer, but prevention is always better than cure."

Before you allow a thought or a piece of information to enter your mind, put it through the triple filter test of authenticity, goodness and value.

-Author Unknown-

Penang State Museum to enhance security

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 07:30 AM PST

As reported in Sinchew.

由星洲日報大北馬于 2012年2月20日22:06 ·






















Lauching the Seminar on Intellectual Property

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 07:23 AM PST

As reported in Nanyang Siang Pao.

黄汉伟:栽培专业人才 大学应设知识产权课程


2012-02-13 13:08











董薇凌:意识须加强 知识产权对经济影响重大



Bangkok: Wat Pho

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 06:45 AM PST

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Bangkok Trip: Wat Pho (Day 4) – After getting back from Wat Arun, we went to the famous reclining Buddha temple – Wat Pho right away. Mom and dad were not interest in it too because they had went in before, so it's me and Hueisean who went in to check out the reclining Buddha.

The Wat Pho was under-renovation at that time, but luckily it's still open to visitors. Entrance to the Wat Pho Reclining Buddha Hall is charged at 100 Baht per person, with a free bottle of mineral water. That's sounded cool. It was just a small bottle of mineral water, better than nothing.

The Wat Pho was pretty crowded with tourists. The hall that lies the huge golden Reclining Buddha is hot, and narrow. Although the hall is not very big, yet exploring the hall takes time because of the narrow passage and the presence of huge crowds.

After exploring the reclining Buddha (sleeping Buddha), I went to tour around the Wat Pho compound for a little while. Wat Pho is not actually about the Reclining Buddha only, but there's also a proper shrine hall that house the Buddha statue for people to worship with joss stick. There's also presence of Thai-style holy tower-liked structure in the Wat Pho compound.

I am pretty amaze with the huge Reclining Buddha in the hall, it's really huge and the whole statue is painted in golden paint and mother of pearl are inlaid at the Buddha's feet. However, the 100 Baht entrance is expensive though, 50 Baht would be better. Haha. Nevertheless, it's a must visit if you are in Bangkok since it's so near to other attractions like the Grand Palace and Wat Arun.

View Nick Chan's Travel Map in a larger map

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Penyempurnaan Pengecatan Blok B Kampung Melayu

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 07:19 AM PST

As reported in Nanyang Siang Pau.

黄汉伟:挑选儿童填色赛设计 甘榜马来由组屋重新粉刷

2012-02-20 14:36

















Penang Chingay on National Cultural Heritage Listing

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 07:15 AM PST

As reported in Sinchew.


2012-02-13 15:01













Launching Affordable Housing Project at Batu Kawan

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 07:11 AM PST

As reported in China Press

有運動場綠肺人工河流 全馬首創有素質平民屋

16/02/2012 18:00



































Open Air Concert at Wawasan Open University and Penang Botanical Garden

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 07:06 AM PST

As reported in Guangmin.

露天音樂會奏響 經典名曲等你來欣賞


2012-02-20 18:07


Penang Philharmonic will be organising two open air concerts this weekend. On Saturday night, Penang Philharmonic will be presenting 100 musicians strong concert at Wawasan Open University. On Sunday 5.30pm, Penang Philharmonic together with Chung Ling Butterworth will organise a open air "Music In the Garden" performance at Penang Botanical Garden. Admission free. It is an on-going effort by the Penang State Government to promote smart way of using public space for musical performance.










Lauching Penang Free Wifi @ Air Itam

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 07:07 AM PST

ADUN Air Itam, YB Wong Hon Wai, melancarkan pemasangan 15 hotspot di KADUN Air Itam. Ini adalah sebahagian daripada Penang Free Wifi Program untuk memberikan akses Internet secara percuma kepada penduduk-penduduk. Kawasan hotspot termasuk Pejabat JKKK Kampung Melayu, Pusat Penjaja Kampung Melayu, Jalan Thean Teik, Jalan Zoo dan Fortune Court.

As reported in Sinchew Jit Pao.








Tun Dr Mahathir: Myanmar Politics Interview

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 06:18 AM PST

Source_Interview with Former Prime Minister of Malaysia: His Excellency Tun Dr Mahathir about Myanmar Politics from Perdana Leadership Foundation Library interviewed by Dr San Oo Aung


We easterners look up at H.E. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with respect and praises and sometimes even jealously because Burma  lack a good leader with vision and ability like him.   H.E. Tun kindly allows Burma Digest to tap his Intellectual legacy and had given us some valuable advice on how to attain economic social and political progress of future Burma. Burma Digest hereby thanks Tun for being kind and generous enough to provide and share his huge invaluable thoughts, ideas and advises. Allowing Burma Digest to interview in spite of very tight schedules, meetings and interviews with world renowned journals and Broadcasting services and heated political battle he is facing at home means a great honour to us and he really  had taught us, the younger generation of Myanmar Intellectuals to understand the various aspects of politics. It is a great gift for the present Myanmar  Burmese scholars and thinkers of both side of the political divide. We hope Tun's great intelligence and advice could help us to get a lasting peaceful resolution that is acceptable and beneficial to all the parties; present SPDC Military Junta, all the opposition groups and all the ethnic and religious minorities.


Born on 20 December 1925 in Alor Setar, the capital of the State of Kedah, Tun Dr. Mahathir did his early and secondary education in his home town. In 1947, he gained admission into the King Edward VII College of Medicine in Singapore. Upon graduation, he joined the Malaysian government service as a Medical Officer. He left in 1957 to set up his own practice in Alor Setar. Tun Dr. Mahathir has been active in politics since 1945. He has been a member of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) since its inception in 1946.

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad became the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia on 16 July 1981 and towered over Malaysia's politics for more than two decades. the ruling party Barisan Nasional (National Front) won landslide victories in the 1982, 1986, 1990, 1995 and 1999 General Elections.

His legacy is largely due to the economic development of the country, which by and large has benefited all races. Mahathir left behind a peaceful, prosperous, and self-confident Malaysia, for which he has been granted the soubriquet of Bapa Pemodenan (Father of Modernisation).

After 22 years in office, Mahathir retired on October 31, 2003, making him one of Asia's longest-serving political leaders. Upon his retirement he was awarded a "Tun"-ship, Malaysia's highest civilian honour. During his term in office, Mahathir turned Malaysia into a regional high-tech manufacturing, financial, and telecommunications hub through his economic policies.


H.E. Tun Dr Mahathir is credited with spearheading the phenomenal growth of the Malaysian economy, now one of the largest and most powerful in South East Asia. Growth between 1988 and 1997 averaged over ten percent and living standards rose twenty-fold, with poverty almost eradicated and social indicators such as literacy levels and infant mortality rates becoming on par with developed countries.

[Interview Start]

BURMA DIGEST: Good Morning Your Excellency Tun. Thank you very much for allowing us to interview you.

His Excellency Tun Dr Mahathir:  Good Morning.


Do you see any sign of possible changes in Burma in a near future?


Burma is of course not a democratic country and is ruled by the Military Junta. When that happens, it is very difficult to change because the Junta will feel unsafe if they give up power, actions could be taken against them. This has happened in the case of Bangladesh when Ershad giveup power. He was jailed. It had happened in South Korea when Chun Doo-hwan gave in to the democratic process, he was charged and he was actually sentenced to death. And it also happened in Indonesia when Suharto agreed to the democratic process. Action had been taken to try and punish or to jail him. So these models do not encourage authoratian rulers from giving up their power easily. So it is going to be very difficult to change the political culture of Myanmar/Burma.


Do you want to recommend something to us, e.g. power sharing situations like Indonesia or South Africa. Do you believe that it will be able to achieve between Myanmar Military and the people e.s.p. with the opposition?


It could. But one has to remember this takes a long time. In case of South Africa, it takes three quarters of a century to reach the understanding with the authoritarian government and even in Indonesia, it took a long time. So of course, those people who wish to see change in Burma will have to work and be very patient.


What is your view on the arresting of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi?


That is very unfortunate. I don't believe that is the kind of action that would bring about reconciliation. On the other hand of course Daw Aung San Suu Kyi also has to be more diplomatic. Perhaps too much dependence on foreign support is not very conducive to perusing the present régime to accept her.


When you were a PM before, you were one of the persons of the ASEAN, pushing for accepting of Burma as a member. So are there any changes after that?


We are hoping that  through accepting Burma and having contact  with the government, we would be able to persuade them and indeed we tried to show that in Malaysia, democracy was not done us any harm. But we find that the response although initially it was quite good. Later on this form of tentative reforms that took place when (General) Khin Nyunt was the P.M., we were very hopeful. But as you know he was subsequently put under house arrest.


And what is the future of Burma in ASEAN. Can you say that, Burma is a thorn among the roses?


Well, it is going to be a problem for ASEAN.  ASEAN does not want to interfere too much on the internal affair of a country. But ASEAN is feeling under strong pressure from the countries like US and Europe for the force to use for example to apply sanctions this and that. This can have a negative result also. So ASEAN is quite embarrassed by the situation because our own idea that by submission contact, we would able to be useful for changes to take place is not proven to be correct.


Recently you are sponsoring the meeting and negotiations for the unrest in Southern Thailand, between the Thai Government and Southern Muslim Rebels. Could you also help negotiate the peaceful transition to democracy in Burma?


I don't think so. In the case of Thailand, I was approached by the very senior Thai Politician, former PM. And he was the one who suggested that , what I explained to him should be conveyed to the (Thailand) King and also to the Thai government. So it came from within Thailand, not from outside.


So, incase, the political parties from Burma approached you?


But it must include the (Myanmar Junta) government. See, in the case of Thailand, the initiation that came with the approval of the government.


And now we have a stalemate in Burma. The Military Junta refused to negotiate with the Democratic parties and opposition. What is your comment and advice? What should we do or happen? Should we go back to the elections like 16 years ago?


Well it is very difficult to say. But you know people are very impatient. I just finished the biography of Nelson Mandela. He was in jail for 27 years. And yet he continued the struggle from within the jail. If other people, they would have given up. But he went on and on and he eventually, of course, he achieved success. So, those who wish to see Burma change and be more democratic may have to be very patient and may have to wait.


Let's see what happen to Nelson Mandela. He is respected as the great leader even after he resigned as the president of South Africa. But that kind of trait is absent in Asian countries. In Burma we all see that we forget easily and ignore the. Independence General Aung San, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's father. And your good long service to Malaysia is also ignored by some.


I think Daw Aung San Suu Kyi might just be able to show that kind of determination. And the kind of patience, that was shown by Nelson Mandela.


So she has to go through like all those 27 years?


No! But it may be even longer. We don't know. But the struggles of the nations take a long time. We want to be in a hurry. But in case of Malaysia, e.g. it took us 450 years to regain our independence. 450 years is a long time.


But as for Burma, could the Generals' trend and approach soften towards the reconciliation sooner?


I think the different Generals have a different attitudes. Presently, of course, the hardliners have the authority. People like the more accommodating one, those may be some still in the government and it is up to them.


The decision of a constructive engagement by ASEAN and the embargos of all sorts coming from the west. Are they helping?


The (Burmese) people, I think are very resilient. They have put up with a lot of things over so many years. And of course sanctions might hurt them. Again if I may make reference to South Africa, it is the people of South Africa themselves who asked that there should be sanctions even if that meant they will suffer.


At this moment, both constructive engagement and the embargos are not helping. What ever it is, have the citizens of Burma started the wrong steps or wrong turn-up of events?


Yes. Unfortunately it is so. But what is the answer? Do we disengage? Does it helps? Or if you lift the sanctions, would it help the people of Myanmar/Burma. It is yes or no. This cannot possibly project or predict exactly what is going to happen.


Is that because of the people, a kind of disengagement because the head of the people is put under house arrest. I think she should have a free movement and ability to talk.


Well, that could be ideal of course, if she is able to talk. But as you know, when they had elections there, she won. And then I think this had frightened the Junta.


The (Myanmar) Military, as you can see has no mood of releasing the power they got hold of it. But in Malaysia, you had actually done it. You let go the power while you were still strong enough (to dodge your opponents). And you did not drive from the backseat. (Like in some countries.) You dare to let go the powers you have. But in Burma, the Generals, actually the term Generals meant the Military (As new generals would replaced the olds endlessly) would be there for a long long time. They should (instead) work together with the people for the betterment of the country and society.


They might be (scared). (But) I have no fears. If I give up the power, I did not think, I would be arrested and throw into jail. But I think the situation is different in Myanmar/Burma because the (Myanmar) Generals feel that action would be taken against them. So, they are not going to give up. But one has to remember that even though they may be Generals, they may be authoritarians, they are still Burmese people. Some where along the line, they may feel for the Burmese people and for Burma. They (may) want to see Burma becoming the country where the people are happy and prosperous.


Yes for the Burmese people. But for the other Ethnic Minority Races, Muslims and Christians like Chins and Rohingyas are systematically chased out. So…


So… well. This of course is a very unfortunate. We believed in being tolerance. And that has the best results. But sometimes people are sort of carried away by their religious believes. And they do what actually is not taught by their own religion. Buddhists should be tolerant of the people. But unfortunately some of them are extreme and they are not tolerant but it would not harm them to be tolerant. Besides it would do them a lot of good.


The neighboring countries like China and India, and Russia and both Koreas are bursting the embargo and are even helping with nuclear technology. Should ASEAN try to influence those super-power big countries to pressure or persuade Burma to change?


Well, we are not in a position to stop the super-powers, to stop the big countries like China, India or Russia. For ASEAN to play a bigger role, ASEAN is not a monolithic set up. It is made up of 10 different countries, each one has a different attitude towards the problems in Burma. So it would be very difficult for them to formulate an aggressive campaign for intervening with Burma.


Is ASEAN becoming like EU and Integration and changing of the people of ASEAN possible?


Well, it will take a long time. One is to remember that EU took more than 50 years to reach its present state. And there are less differences between the European countries than there are between the countries of South East Asia. So, for South East Asia to become, kind of unifying like Europian Union, it will take a very very long time. We are ethnically different, religiously different and of course our languages are different. So it is very difficult.


Can UN play a more effective role? Although not an OIC member, as there are 5-10 million Muslims there, could OIC play some role to pressure Burma to change?


Yes, they can play the role but not necessarily to pressure and confrontation. May be to do with engagement. Whether it will work or not, I don't know but I think confrontation and strong arm methods, it won't work.


What do you want to comment about the present economic condition of Burma? Any advice to improve?


It saddens me that a country that is, that has tremendous potential, very very rich should actually remained poor, because the government has not worked out a solution that would benefit the people of Burma. Do you know, Burma is very rich, a lot of minerals, a lot of precious stones. But wealth by itself, existence of wealth by itself, does not mean anything, until the wealth is mobilized. So the government can, even if it is an authoritarian, it still can work hard for the people.


Just one more question. Do you think that we all let by gone be by gone, forgive, forget and start a fresh new relationship for the benefit of all the people and the country?


Well, I think, if that can be done, certainly, we have to forget the past. If we think in terms of taking revenge for what happened in the past, there will be no solution. But if you want to have a good relation, we have to deliberately forget the past. Because if you keep on thinking about the past, there is no end to the problem.


Thank you very much for the time and trouble for our interview.

 His Excellency Tun Dr Mahathir:

You are welcome.


We are indebted to you for a long time since you were the Prime Minister of Malaysia, for the kindness and help for our people and country. We thank you again because Your Excellency Tun's words are a great gift for the present Myanmar Burmese scholars and thinkers of both side of the political divide. We hope Your Excellency Tun's great intelligence could help us to get a lasting peaceful resolution that is acceptable and beneficial to all the parties; present SPDC Military Junta, all the opposition groups and all the ethnic and religious minorities. We pray and wish for your long life and good health.

 His Excellency Tun Dr Mahathir:

Insyallah (God willing). Thank you.

 [Author's Note: The facts or ideas in this interview may not represent the concepts of Burma Digest Team and some of the opposition groups may not be agreeable to all of these. We are just presenting the alternative views, facts and ideas of the third party, interested and trying to help our country.  H.E. Tun Dr M was a most powerful man in Malaysia and given up power voluntarily although his opposition was not strong enough to remove him at that time. So he definitely has a better understanding of the powerful rulers' fear of losing power, repercussions, revenge legal actions, the new government's differing change and style of administration of  the country,  and views on the opposition parties.We hereby thank H.E. Tun Dr M for opening our eyes to have an understanding of the SPDC Government so that we could formulate strategies to reassure and persuade them for a true dialogue leading to the National Reconciliation and power sharing agreement with the opposition.]

Inconsiderate Driver of WUS 2722

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 06:05 AM PST

The following photos were taken at The Gardens Mall. Wuan and I were on our way back to the car after shopping. As we came out from the lift lobby at Level P2, we saw this Volkswagen Polo parked in front of the ramp to the car park. That was not a parking space in the first place. The car was parked so close to the ramp that there was not enough space for me to maneuver my wheelchair. In fact, my wheelchair could not even totally get off the ramp. My legs would have hit the car with the wheelchair's back wheels still on the ramp. And that was the only ramp to the car park from the lift lobby.

Car blocking ramp at The Gardens Mall
Car blocking the only ramp from the lift lobby to car park at The Gardens Mall Level P2 basement car park.
Photo by Wuan with the Samsung Galaxy S II.

I had no choice but to get Wuan to lift the wheelchair, with me, down the kerb. If I were by myself, it would have been impossible for me to get down to the car park. With access to the ramp blocked, it was also impossible to get to the lift lobby from the car park. I complained to the security personnel afterwards. He came out to have a look but did not seem to take any action in clamping the car for the nuisance it has created.

Access to ramp blocked by inconsiderate driver at The Gardens Mall
Another view of the car blocking the ramp at The Gardens Mall Level P2 basement parking.
Photo taken with the Samsung Galaxy S II.

It is inconsiderate people like this driver that makes life difficult, not only for disabled people, but also for shoppers with trolleys and baby prams. This is also the reason why many disabled people are unable to be independent outside of their homes. Apart from the environment being not fully accessible, ignorant and inconsiderate people also add to the problems by making accessible facilities inaccessible.

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[Dedah] Kapal Israel Di Pelabuhan Kelang Bukti UMNO Hipokrit Paling Nyata

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 07:03 AM PST

Jingga 13: Bukti video, kapal Israel di Pelabuhan Klang

NGO mesra PKR, Jingga 13, hari ini membekalkan bukti menunjukkan kapal-kapal yang dimiliki sebuah syarikat yang didakwa dikuasai oleh kerajaan Israel mempunyai akses bebas ke Westport, Pelabuhan Klang.

Mendedahkan dokumen dari Jabatan Kastam, Wesport dan syarikat Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd, Jingga 13 berkata kapal, Zim Atlantic, yang berlabuh di Pelabuhan Klang pada 16 Februari lalu datang secara langsung dari pelabuhan Ashdod di Israel.

"Dagangan ini menyumbang kepada ekonomi Israel, dan kami percaya bahawa Malaysia telah menyumbang wang yang digunakan untuk membeli peluru yang membunuh rakyat Palestin," kata ketua penyelaras Jingga 13 Fariz Musa.

Menurutnya, saham Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd turut tersenarai dalam Bursa Tel Aviv.

Beliau turut mendedahkan beberapa dokumen termasuk kebenaran belayar atau 'sailing clearance' dan dokumen penerimaan ejen penghantaran yang disahkan Kastam Diraja Malaysia.

Fariz turut menayangkan rakaman video telefon pintar kehadiran dua kapal kargo, Zim USA dan Zim Atlantic di Pelabuhan Klang.

"Zim USA dan Zim Europa belayar terus dari Pelabuhan Ashdod, dipercayai kapal milik Zim turut belayar ke pelabuhan di Sabah dan Sarawak," katanya.

"Persoalannya, kenapa ada hubungan dagang? Polisi tak jelas. Dasar kerajaan patutnya tidak mewujudkan sebarang hubungan diplomatik. Apakah ini satu pengiktirafan kepada kerajaan haram Israel?" katanya. -mk

Ulasan GB

Doa kita supaya kebenaran itu terbuka akhirnya dimakbulkan Allah swt jua.

Terdedah nyata kini bahawa Malaysia mempunyai hubungan dagangan dengan Israel.

UMNO menunjuk orang lain denagn satu jari tetapi tidak sedar empat jarinya menghala kepada diri sendiri.

Dulang paku serpih - mengatakan orang sedangkan kamu sebenarnya yang lebih!

Laporan sebelum ini
klik untuk baca

Latif Ibrahim Kembali Ke Rahmatullah

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 05:12 AM PST

Latif Ibrahim Meninggal Dunia Akibat Sakit Jantung

PETALING JAYA: Penyanyi Abdul Latif Ibrahim,62, atau lebih dikenali sebagai Latif Ibrahim meninggal dunia di Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) dekat sini, Isnin akibat komplikasi pelbagai penyakit termasuk penyakit jantung.

Adik penyanyi itu Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim berkata, Allahyarham menghembuskan nafas terakhir kira-kira pukul 6.10 petang di samping keluarga termasuk isteri dan anak-anak.

Katanya, jenazah Allahyarham akan dibawa pulang ke rumahnya di AU3, Keramat dekat sini dan akan dikebumikan malam Isnin (malam ini).

Sehingga berita ini ditulis pada Isnin kira-kira pukul 6.30 petang, lokasi pengebumian Allahyarham masih belum dapat dipastikan.

Allahyarham yang turut menghidap kencing manis dan paru-paru dimasukkan ke IJN pada Sabtu lalu.

Selain menyanyi, Allahyarham juga aktif berlakon dan membintangi lebih 15 buah filem termasuklah Hapuslah Air Matamu, Dendang Perantau, Sumber Ilhamku dan Ragam Pemandu.

Filem terakhir Allahyarham ialah 4 Madu arahan A.Razak Mohaideen yang diterbitkan pada tahun 2010. -mstar

Ulasan GB

Tiada yang kekal di atas mukabumi ini.

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

Dari Allah kita datang kepadaNya kita dikembalikan.


Isi Kandungan Debat Soi Lek - Guan Eng: PAS Tak Pernah Bunuh Orang Cina

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 03:17 AM PST

Seluruh Malaysia ingin saksi debat Najib vs Anwar"

Meskipun dianggap sedikit keluar tajuk, namun kesemuanya teruja dengan debat antara Setiausaha Agong DAP Lim Guan Eng dengan Presiden MCA Chua Soi Lek. Dari pengulas, pengacara rancangan, sehingga hadirin yang ditemubual, kesemuanya menyatakan hasrat yang sama, yang turut diungkapkan oleh Lim Guan Eng sebermulanya debat pada petang ini, "Seluruh rakyat Malaysia ingin menyaksikan debat antara Najib dengan Anwar!"

Perbahasan dua pemimpin tertinggi dari DAP dan MCA ini diadakan dalam conference bertemakan "Kaum Cina Malaysia di persimpangan politik", dengan tajuk debat "Apakah Sistem Dua Parti akan menjadi Sistem Perkauman untuk dua kaum?", pada jam 5 petang di Hotel Berjaya Times Square. Perdebatan anjuran bersama Institut Kajian Kepimpinan dan Strategi Asia (ASLI) dengan badan pemikir MCA, INSAP ini berlangsung untuk sejam, merangkumi sesi soal-jawab dari bawah pentas, dipengerusikan oleh Tang Ah Chai, Ketua Eksekutif Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Kuala Lumpur-Selangor (KL-SCAH), disiarkan secara langsung oleh ASTRO.

Chua Soi Lek bermula dengan mengakui kebaikan "sistem dua parti" di negara demokrasi, namun menyerang DAP sebagai parti yang menabur fitnah dan mengamalkan politik dendam untuk merampas kuasa. Chua mendakwa DAP sekarang sudah tidak sama dengan DAP yang lalu, kerana bersekutu dengan PKR dan PAS - satu gandingan politik yang akan didominasi PAS pada akhirnya. Chua mengulangi serangannya, bahawa PAS akan menubuhkan Negara Islam dan melaksanakan Hukum Hudud di Malaysia, dan ia gagal dihalang oleh DAP, yang disifatkan olehnya sebagai "eunuch" (pegawai yang dimandulkan) politik.

Chua menyindir DAP sebagai parti yang bijak menyolek imej dirinya, memberi contoh bagaimana parti yang mendakwa dirinya berbilang kaum itu selama ini hanya berani bertanding di kawasan majoriti Cina. Malah, Chua sekali lagi menyindir bahawa DAP tidak berani bertanding untuk mencabar UMNO.

Pakatan bersedia diperalatkan Rakyat

Lim yang berucap kemudiannya, mampu menjawab beberapa soalan, termasuk menyanggah tuduhan dengan mengemukakan hujah UMNO yang menyerang bahawa PAS dan PKR diperalatkan DAP. Malah Lim menambah, parti komponen Pakatan Rakyat bukan saling memperalatkan, tetapi hanya bersedia diperalatkan oleh rakyat.

Sebaliknya, Lim berkata sistem perkauman wujud dalam Barisan Nasional sendiri, dengan UMNO untuk Melayu, MCA untuk Cina dan MIC untuk India. Lim juga memetik kenyataan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Muhyiddin Yassin yang mendakwa dirinya mendahulukan identitinya sebagai orang Melayu lebih daripada sebagai orang Malaysia, untuk menunjukkan sistem perkauman dalam BN. Malah, beliau mencabar pemimpin UMNO untuk mencontohi keberanian Anwar Ibrahim, yang melaungkan "Ketuanan Rakyat", menggantikan "Ketuanan Melayu", bukan sahaja di depan bukan Melayu, tetapi di depan masyarakat Melayu sendiri.

Malah Lim menekankan sekurang-kurangnya 40% Melayu menyokong parti komponen PR dalam PRU 12, yang menyebabkan beliau mampu diangkat sebagai Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang.

Chua-Lim bersilat lidah

Perdebatan semakin menyimpang dari tajuk, apabila memasuki pusingan seterusnya. Beberapa contoh dipetik oleh Chua, mahupun hadirin di bawah pentas, antaranya isu pengambilan komisen di Kedah yang didedahkan baru-baru ini, malah bantahan Pemuda PAS ketika Najib mengumumkan untuk memansuhkan kuota bumiputera - untuk menunjukkan PAS masih mengamalkan politik rasuah dan perkauman. Malah, Lim diserang dengan isu tender "kot" yang melibatkan Nga Kor Ming (bekas EXCO Pakatan Rakyat Perak), dan ketidaksampaian kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang untuk melaksanakan manifesto pilihan rayanya.

Lim apabila sampai gilirannya, menyerang dengan mendakwa bekas Presiden MCA yang terpalit dengan skandal-skandal, termasuk skandal koperasi pada tahun 1980-an, hingga PKFZ pada beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini. Malah beliau mempersoalkan sama ada Chua menerima keadaan di mana tiada pimpinan UMNO didakwa dalam kes PKFZ?

Chua tidak menyerah begitu sahaja, mendakwa MCA yang berumur lebih 60 tahun, semestinya melakukan kesilapan, sementara kebaikan yang juga dilakukan pada masa yang sama. Namun, Pakatan Rakyat yang hanya berumur 3.5 tahun, telah menunjukkan rekod yang tercemar, menurutnya. Malah, Chua mendakwa MCA yakin dengan sistem penghakiman untuk menegakkan keadilan, berbeza dengan mereka yang mengerah demonstrasi apabila dibicarakan di mahkamah.

Ketika menggulung perdebatan, Lim lebih untuk mempromosi dasar Pakatan Rakyat, mengambil kesempatan untuk menyeru agar masyarakat Cina menyokong PR. Lim tidak menjawab isu Negara Islam, cuma membalas dengan "PAS tidak pernah membunuh orang Cina", tanpa sebut nama Teoh Beng Hock.

Bagaimanapun, Chua mengasak Lim untuk mengemukakan satu dasar ekonomi - bagaimana untuk mengeluarkan rakyat dari tersepit dengan pendapatan rendah? Chua menganggap Lim masih kekal dengan perangainya sebagai kaki demo, dan hanya mengubal dasar populis ketika menerajui tampuk kerajaan.

Debat itu dihadiri oleh kira-kira 1,000 orang dalam dewan, terdiri daripada penyokong MCA, DAP, orang awam dan pengamal media, dengan kelebihan peluang soal diberikan kepada penyokong MCA - sehingga diprotes penyokong DAP. Pengerusi debat ini, Tang Ah Chai bagaimanapun memuji prestasi kedua-dua Lim dan Chua, dan berharap masyarakat ini memiliki keberanian untuk bersuara, dan kelapangan dada untuk mendengar pandangan yang berbeza. -MR

Tender Hospital Rembau Terpaksa dibuka menjelang Pilihanraya

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 12:56 AM PST

Kenyataan Terbuka
Parti Keadilan Rakyat Rembau

20 Febuari 2012


Pada pilihanraya Mac 2008, Barisan Nasional menerima tentangan yang sengit di mana - mana sahaja termasuk di Rembau. Panik melihat momentum kebangkitan rakyat maka banyak janji telah ditabur ketika pilihanraya tersebut. Antaranya pembinaan Hospital Rembau. Masih segar rasanya bagaimana majlis meletakkan batu asas telah dibuat gilang gemilang, ratusan kakitangan kerajaan diwajibkan hadir menyaksikan Calon Bn menyimin batu bata sebagai batu asas memulakan projek hospital Rembau. Majlis tersebut telah diwajahkan sebagai majlis Barisan Nasional, sebagai medan kempen PRU 12.

Namun masa berlalu, tapak batu asas tersebut tinggal sepi. Namun bagi pakatan rakyat Rembau tidak pernah henti menuntut janji PRU yang banyak tak tertunai termasuklah janji pembinaan hospital ini. Walaupun belum menang namun tanggungjawab kami tidak pernah abaikan dari pembelaan kebajikan hinggalah mendesak dan menyedarkan rakyat mengenai penyelewengan Bn setempat. Dari Mac 2008 dan kini sudah menjelang Mac 2012 tiba - tiba di umumkan bahawa tender projek pembinaan hospitak tersebut 'akan' dibuka.

Malah kawasan yang dulunya bersemak ditinggal sepi telah dipagar zink dan diletakkan papan tanda berbunyi "Cadangan Tapak Projek Membina dan Menyiapkan Hospital Rembau Daerah Rembau". Agak lucu dengan gimik papan tanda bertulis besar itu, adakah orang Rembau tidak tahu mengenai tapak itu dicadangkan untuk bina hospital. Majoriti orang Rembau tahu cuma menanti bila janji itu hendak ditunaikan ?

Persoalannya :

1. Kenapa setelah lebih empat tahun upacara Perletakan Batu Asas ini disempurnakan pada 7 Mac 2008 baru tender akan dibuka pada bulan April 2012?

2. Jika pada tahun 2008 kos pembinaan Hospital Rembau ini ialah RM 100 juta, berapa ratus juta pula kosnya pada tahun 2012 ini? Siapa yang akan bertanggungjawab dengan peningkatan kos tersebut ?

3. Apakah tanah seluas 20 ekar milik PKNS yang akan didirikan Hospital Rembau ini masih milik PKNS, milik individu atau milik kerajaan pusat? Jika bukan lagi milik PKNS, berapakah kos jualah tanah tersebut dan hasil yang diperolehi oleh kerajaan negeri?

4. Selepas proses tender selesai, bilakah proses pembinaan Hospital Rembau ini akan bermula dan bilakah dijangka akan siap ?

Kepada semua orang Rembau yakinlah ini berlaku kerana panik pilihanraya umum akan menjelang tiba. Mereka telah mengukur mood sokongan rakyat, hasilnya mereka panik dengan tahap kesedaran. Pengundi Rembau masih mempersoalkan janji - janji PRU yang tidak tertunai. Janji akan dibina IPTA di Rembau akhirnya tinggal janji apabila UITM telah dimulakan pembinaannya di Mambau. Kenapa di Mambau bukan di Rembau ? Jawapanya di Dun Mambau dan Parlimen Rasah Bn tewas maka untuk memujuk sokongan maka UITM dibina di situ maka di Rembau Bn yakin menang maka rakyat akan terus ditipu dengan janji kosong pilihanraya.

Seperti janji Hospital apabila ditanya kepada orang - orang lama Rembau rupanya PRU sebelum 2008 juga sudah kedengaran janji itu.

Akhinya adakah orang Rembau akan terus dinyanyikan janji kosong PRU ke 13 ?

Ketua Cabang
PKR Rembau

untuk baca lanjut klik tuntut janji PRU 12 Rembau

Pelacur Dari Negara "Gohed Gostan" Berlambak Di KL

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 01:24 AM PST

Melancong untuk melacur

KUALA LUMPUR – Kegiatan pelacuran membabitkan wanita dari negara-negara Asia Tengah yang pernah dibanteras pada 2009 kini dikesan cuba dihidupkan kembali di kawasan Bukit Bintang di sini.

TINJAUAN wanita dari negara Uzbezkistan yang menawarkan dirinya untuk dijadikan pelacur di sekitar jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur.

Risikan polis mendapati, pelacur dari negara Asia Tengah termasuk Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan dan Turkmenistan berusia lingkungan 20-an itu dibawa ke sini oleh sindiket tertentu dengan menggunakan pas pelajar atau pas pelancong.

Mereka kembali digilai atas beberapa faktor termasuk cantik, bertubuh tinggi lampai, berkulit gebu dan seksi.

Ketua Penolong Pengarah Bahagian Kongsi Gelap, Maksiat dan Perjudian (D7), Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Bukit Aman, Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan berkata, ia terbukti apabila pihaknya menahan 15 wanita dari negara-negara itu baru-baru ini.

Katanya, kemasukan semula wanita itu disebabkan permintaan tinggi dari lelaki warga asing dan tempatan.

"Aktiviti persundalan sejak hujung tahun lalu itu mula dikesan pada awal tahun ini. Pelacur-pelacur itu akan 'dibela' oleh seorang bapa ayam yang akan menghantar mereka ke sebuah pub di Bukit Bintang di sini pada pukul 9 malam untuk mencari pelanggan," katanya kepada Kosmo!.

Tambahnya, dalam serbuan itu, 13 gadis dari Asia Tengah tersebut gagal menunjukkan dokumen perjalanan dan polis percaya pasport mereka dipegang oleh pihak sindiket.

Menurut Abdul Jalil, gadis berkenaan mengenakan caj di antara RM500 dan RM1,000 bagi sekali perkhidmatan seks.

"Pelacur China pula dicari kerana caj perkhidmatan seks yang murah iaitu RM150 hingga RM200 manakala wanita Vietnam pula dipilih kerana pandai berbahasa Inggeris," katanya.

Ujar Abdul Jalil, pihaknya percaya sindiket-sindiket itu tidak akan berputus asa dan sentiasa mencari jalan untuk menghidupkan semula kegiatan tersebut walaupun polis kerap melakukan serbuan.

"Kita akan tetap mengekang kegiatan itu walaupun mereka menggunakan pelbagai taktik termasuk mengubah tempat operasi," katanya. -kosmo

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