Friday, March 30, 2012

Earth hour (60+) 2012 - Light off please!

Earth hour (60+) 2012 - Light off please!

Earth hour (60+) 2012 - Light off please!

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 09:46 AM PDT

Today... March 31st 2012 - The whole world is gonna to Light off for at least 60 mins

What would be your action? Are you gonna do this...

Off the lights
but remember to do this too...
Off the aircon / fan
And... this need to be switched off too...

Off the lappie

Last but not least... this portable device also need to SWITCH OFF

Off the Phone

So, are you gonna switch off whatever you have for 60 mins (1 hour)... Let's save our mother nature by showing some contribute to the World Earth Hour day.

[BERGAMBAR] Sekitar Majlis Solat Hajat & Ceramah Perdana Di Padang Perdana Kota Bharu

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 11:41 AM PDT

Majlis Solat hajat & Ceramah Perdana yang diadakan di Padang Perdana Kota Bharu ini dimulakan dengan kuliah maghrib oleh YB Ust Nasuruddin Daud,seterusnya solat isyak dan solat hajat oleh puluhan ribu rakyat Kelantan dengan diimamkan YB Ust Muhammad Mustafa.

Majlis diteruskan dengan Ceramah Perdana 'PUTRAJAYA BERMULA DISINI' oleh YB Tan Seng Giaw, Hj Muhammad Sabu, YAB Tok Guru Nik Aziz dan YB DS Anwar Ibrahim. Turut berucap YB Datuk Husam Musa.

Solat Hajat :

Ceramah Perdana :

Gambar : Berbagai sumber di Facebook dan edit Ustream
ehsan: Tinta Hijau dari Kaki Bukit

Miniature Waterfalls..

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 08:13 AM PDT

It rained so heavily just now.
With all the gales, lightning plus thunder, I sensed something was not right.

As I sat near my reading table, I could hear the roof shaking.
It was rather loud.
Luckily, the ceiling did not crash down.

When I peeked outside the window with my verbal doas in sync, I only saw a vagued shadow of the neighbour's palm tree stretching way out in the thunderstorm..
Their manual gate was already flung open.

I was more worried for my 'roommates', Eva, Simba and Merlin.

The other Persians were in the girls' room.
Fortunately, there were no 'waterfalls' there.

Only my bedroom and the landing area were partially flooded.

Banun and Casper were downstairs.

After getting the pails, removing the wet rugs and wiping the wet floor..Banun did fall on one of the slippery patches while trying to get one of her furkids to a safer area, the place looked manageable.

Syukur Alhamdulillah it wasn't a twister or a tsunami..thank God!

I wonder how the kampong folks in the nearby areas are coping..I hope theirs too are okay.

Will find out from my cleaner tomorrow..if her roof didn't fly off!
I pray the rain will not pay us another visit tonight..or else, I have to be on a sleepless, overtime guard duty..:)

Jack Neo Director Was At Taylor’s University

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 08:49 AM PDT

Jack Neo Director Was At Taylor's University

Jack Neo Director Was At Taylor's University – Do you know the hit Singaporean movie – I'm Not Stupid? The director of that movie was here at Taylor's University yesterday, promoting his new film We Not Naughty, which partially filmed in Taylor's campus too!

Jack Neo Director Was At Taylor's University

Wooo! I am looking forward to watch the film, some friend went to be keh-leh-fair in the film too.

Jack Neo Director Was At Taylor's University

Yesterday, he was in Taylor's University, selling movie tickets, and giving out free poster and autograph, cool right? But I didn't buy too because I don't know I want the poster for what use.

Are you looking forward like me do?

Oral Cancers On The Increase

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 09:00 AM PDT

BBC ONLINE 16 March 2012
Last updated at 00:43 GMT

Oral cancer cases on the increase - Cancer Research UK

Most oral cancer cases are linked to smoking

Oral cancer cases are increasing, with 6,200 this year, figures from Cancer Research UK show, with two-thirds of cases in men.

This compares with 4,400 cases a decade ago.

Most cases are linked to smoking, but alcohol

The Talent, Spirit and Music of Peter Seeger

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 08:28 AM PDT

If I could go to university again, I would choose to study contemporary music. When I was in school, I wanted to be a lawyer, writer or musician. When the time came for my son to apply to university, I wanted him to do either law or accountancy but ironically, he chose to do contemporary music. That is the circle of life for me. I still remember how he used to share with me what he learnt each semester and I confess I derived much pleasure listening to him share about protest songs and the defining music of the 1960's which I love.

The idea for this post started in the afternoon right after I finished the post on The Silent Cry from a Mother's Grieving Heart. As always, I like to post my favourite oldies in my Facebook status updates and today, I shared the link to Where Have All the Flowers Gone? by Peter, Mary and Paul. A response from a friend to that posting "All deflowered by the hedonistic days of youthhood?" made me all the more determined to write about that song and its composer.

I confess I thought it was Bob Dylan who wrote that song but was pleasantly surprised to discover that Peter Seeger composed "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" and many other songs to emerge as "a prominent singer of protest music in support of international disarmament, civil rights, and environmental causes".

According to Wikipedia:

Peter "Pete" Seeger (born May 3, 1919) is an American folk singer and was an iconic figure in the mid-20th century American folk music revival. A fixture on nationwide radio in the 1940s, he also had a string of hit records during the early 1950s as a member of The Weavers, most notably their recording of Lead Belly's "Goodnight, Irene", which topped the charts for 13 weeks in 1950. Members of The Weavers were blacklisted during the McCarthy Era.

As a song writer, he is best known as the author or co-author of : 
  • "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"
  • "If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)" (composed with Lee Hays of The Weavers) 
  • "Turn, Turn, Turn!" (popularized by The Byrds and I have also written about it HERE)

Seeger was one of the folksingers most responsible for popularizing the spiritual "We Shall Overcome" (also recorded by Joan Baez and many other singer-activists) that became the acknowledged anthem of the 1960s American Civil Rights Movement, soon after folk singer and activist Guy Carawan introduced it at the founding meeting of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in 1960. In the PBS "American Masters" episode Pete Seeger: The Power of Song, Seeger states it was he who changed the lyric from the traditional "We will overcome" to the more singable "We shall overcome".

Seeger was born in French Hospital, Midtown Manhattan. His genealogy can be traced back over 200 years. A paternal ancestor, Karl Ludwig Seeger, a physician from Wurtemburg, Germany, had emigrated to America in revolutionary times and married into an old New England family in the 1780s.

Wikipedia states that "his namesake, Pete's father, Harvard-trained composer and musicologist Charles Louis Seeger, Jr., established the first musicology curriculum in the U.S. at the University of California in 1913; helped found the American Musicological Society; and was a key founder of the academic discipline of ethnomusicology. Pete's mother, Constance de Clyver Edson, raised in Tunisia and trained at the Paris Conservatory of Music, was a concert violinist and later a teacher at the Juilliard School."

CLICK HERE to read more about his family background and how his father was forced to resign in 1918 because of his outspoken Pacifism during World War I. Charles and Constance moved back east, making Charles' parents' estate in Patterson, New York, northeast of New York City, their base of operations. When baby Pete was eighteen months old, they set out with him and his two older brothers in a home-made trailer, on a quixotic mission to bring musical uplift to the working people in the American South.

I can see how his political roots and perspective emerged even when he was a student. Wikipedia states that Seeger enrolled at Harvard College on a partial scholarship, but as he became increasingly involved with politics and folk music his grades suffered and he lost his scholarship. He dropped out of college in 1938. He dreamed of a career in journalism and also took courses in art.

Far beyond his time, Seeger was the one who introduced the Steel Pan to Americans. In 1956, then "Peter" Seeger (see film credits) and his wife, Toshi, traveled to Port of Spain, Trinidad, to seek out information on the steel pan, steel drum or "Ping-Pong" as it was sometimes called. The two searched out a local panyard and proceeded to film the construction, tuning and playing of the then new, national instrument of Trinidad-Tobago.

Today, Seeger lives in Beacon, New York and remains very engaged politically with active lifestyle in the Hudson Valley Region of New York, especially in the nearby City of Beacon, New York.

What struck me is how Peter Seeger has not wavered at all in his activism from the 1940's to the present! Take a look at his record of activities and be inspired by the talent, spirit and music of Peter Seeger that has resounded for more than half a century now!

According to Wikipedia:

On January 18, 2009, Seeger joined Bruce Springsteen, grandson Tao Rodríguez-Seeger, and the crowd in singing the Woody Guthrie song "This Land Is Your Land" in the finale of Barack Obama's Inaugural concert in Washington, D.C. The performance was noteworthy for the inclusion of two verses not often included in the song, one about a "private property" sign the narrator cheerfully ignores, and the other making a passing reference to a Depression-era relief office.

90th Birthday Celebration

On May 3, 2009, at The Clearwater Concert, dozens of musicians gathered in New York at Madison Square Garden to celebrate Seeger's 90th birthday (which was later televised on PBS during the summer),[35] ranging from Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, Billy Bragg, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Morello, Ani DiFranco and Roger McGuinn to Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Tom Paxton, Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Arlo Guthrie. Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez was also invited to appear but his visa was not approved in time by the US government. Consistent with Seeger's long-time advocacy for environmental concerns, the proceeds from the event benefited the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater,[36] a non-profit organization founded by Seeger in 1966, to defend and restore the Hudson River. Seeger's 90th Birthday was also celebrated at The College of Staten Island on May 4.

Other recent appearances

On March 16, 2007, Pete Seeger, his sister Peggy, his brothers Mike and John, his wife Toshi, and other family members spoke and performed at a symposium and concert sponsored by the American Folklife Center in honor of the Seeger family, held at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.,[38] where Pete Seeger had been employed by the Archive of American Folk Song 67 years earlier.

On September 29, 2008, the 89-year-old singer-activist, once banned from commercial TV, made a rare national TV appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, singing "Take It From Dr. King". In September 2008, Appleseed Recordings released At 89, Seeger's first studio album in 12 years. On September 19, Pete Seeger made his first appearance at the 52nd Monterey Jazz Festival, particularly notable because the Festival does not normally feature folk artists.

On April 18, 2009, Pete Seeger performed in front of a small group of Earth Day celebrants at Teachers College in New York City. Among the songs he performed were "This Land is Your Land", "Take it From Dr. King", and "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain".

A number of Pete Seeger celebrations are being organized in Australia including a revival of the musical play about his life One Word ... WE!, a DVD of his 1963 concert in Melbourne Town Hall, and concerts in folk clubs and folk festivals. One Word ... WE! was performed at the Tom Mann Theatre in Surry Hills, Sydney, on 12, 13 and 14 June 2009. It was written by Maurie Mulheron, who is also musical director and a performer. Frank Barnes directed.

In 2010, still active at the age of 91, Seeger co-wrote and performed a song "God's Counting on Me, God's Counting on You" with Lorre Wyatt, commenting on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.[39]

On October 21, 2011, at age 92, Pete Seeger was part of a solidarity march with Occupy Wall Street to Columbus Circle in New York City. The march began with Seeger and fellow musicians exiting Symphony Space (95th and Broadway), where they had performed as part of a benefit for Seeger's Clearwater organization. Thousands of people crowded Pete Seeger by the time they reached Columbus Circle. Pete Seeger performed with his grandson, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, David Amram, and other celebrated musicians. The event, promoted under the name #OccupyTheCircle, was LiveStreamed, and dubbed by some as "The Pete Seeger March".

He contributed a spoken version of Forever Young to the 2012 album Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International.

Thank you, Peter Seeger, for your life, your music, inspiration and for being such a wonderfully dedicated, spirited and committed activist to every cause in which you believed!

Enjoy the following videos:

1. If I had a hammer - Recorded Live in Australia in 1963

2. If I had a hammer - Recorded live at Wolftrap, August 8, 1993.

After watching both videos, you can see that despite moving on in years, Peter Seeger is still as robust and spirited in his delivery of the song!

3. Where have all the flowers gone?

In July 26, 1956, the House of Representatives voted 373 to 9 to cite Pete Seeger and seven others (including playwright Arthur Miller) for contempt, as they failed to cooperate with House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in their attempts to investigate alleged subversives and communists. Pete Seeger testified before the HUAC in 1955.

In one of Pete's darkest moments, when his personal freedom, his career, and his safety were in jeopardy, a flash of inspiration ignited this song.

The song was stirred by a passage from Mikhail Sholokhov's novel "And Quie Flows the Don". Around the world the song traveled and in 1962 at a UNICEF concert in Germany, Marlene Dietrich, Academy Award-nominated German-born American actress, first performed the song in French, as "Qui peut dire ou vont les fleurs?" Shortly after she sang it in German.

Marlene sang to the troops, often a stone's throw away from enemy lines. She was a fervent anti-Nazi and was fearless and dedicated to serving the Allied troops during WWII. She saw a lot of death and injury with her own eyes; you can see the sadness of that experience in her, and the outrage that people keep making the same mistakes over and over. What a woman! We may never see the like again.

The song's impact in Germany just after WWII was shattering. Its universal message, "let there be peace in the world" did not get lost in its translation. To the contrary, the combination of the language, the setting, and the great lyrics has had a profound effect on people all around the world.

May it have the same effect today and bring renewed awareness to all that hear it. (from HERE)

Students to take to the streets against PTPTN

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 08:12 AM PDT

"The student group Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) will hold a rally on April 14 to demand the immediate abolition of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans, a scheme that is said to be a burden to university undergraduates."

WTF is this SMM ...stupid tahap dewa a ? pinjam loan dun want pay back...LU INGAT U BAPAK PUNYA DUIT A?

Belajar sampai degree otak tak pakai!

if dun wan, dun take la. rally for wat.

Will Lai Kwan's son death spell the death of Lynas?

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 08:11 AM PDT

By Shannon Teoh
March 30, 2012
Critics of the Lynas refinery contend that it will cause the same health problems that have been blamed on the ARE facility. — File pic

KUALA LUMPUR, March 30 — The federal government must learn from the mistakes of the Asian Rare Earth (ARE) plant in Bukit Merah, Ipoh, those leading protests against Lynas Corp's rare earth refinery in Kuantan said today after an ARE worker's son died last night.
They told The Malaysian Insider the Barisan Nasional (BN) administration must "stop gambling with people's lives" after the death of Cheah Kok Leong, whose mother Lai Kwan blames congenital defects he was born with 30 years ago on radiation exposure from working at the plant while she was pregnant with him.
"How many more lives must we lose before Putrajaya learns its lesson?" said Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh, who has led protests against Australian miner Lynas's RM2.3 billion project there.
"I will do my best, so that not even one family will have to go through the same kind of suffering as Lai Kwan in Kuantan, STOP LYNAS!!" the PKR vice president added on micro-blogging site Twitter.
Save Malaysia Stop Lynas chairman Tan Bun Teet also said it was "sad that politicians are making decisions that capitalise on the forgetfulness of others."
"Lai Kwan's 30 years of suffering and other deaths in Bukit Merah, although not proven to be a direct result of ARE, should convince the government to show more prudence and care," said the leader of the group of Kuantan residents opposed to the plant that has raised fears of radiation pollution.
The 11,000-strong Bukit Merah community blames the ARE plant for birth defects and eight leukaemia cases in the last five years, seven of which were fatal.
But radiation regulator Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) has said it was unlikely that Lai's child was born with mental defects because of her exposure to radiation, explaining that nerve tissue is the most resistant to radiation.
DAP MP Fong Po Kuan said that in her emergency motion on reports of unsafe radiation in the area that was debated in Parliament last week, she had called on the government "not to make the same mistake in Gebeng as it did in Bukit Merah in 1983."
Fong's Batu Gajah constituency includes Bukit Merah
"The issue is simple: stop Lynas and stop gambling with people's lives," she added.
Lynas Corp has insisted its RM2.3 billion plant is safe, saying it produces only low radiation waste that the Australian miner says it will recycle into commercial products.
The project was on course for approval until the New York Times highlighted it a year ago, using the ARE plant as a cautionary tale.
An article in the newspaper's March 9, 2011 edition zeroed in on Lai's story of how she decided to take up a better-paying job in the refinery.
Lai, now 70, told the NYT that she was told to take unpaid days off while pregnant when factory bosses said particularly dangerous consignments of ore were arriving.
"She has spent the last 29 years washing, dressing, feeding and otherwise taking care of her son from that pregnancy... she and other local residents blame the refinery for the problems, although birth defects can have many causes," the daily reported.
The report galvanised local opposition to the Lynas plant, leading Putrajaya to call for a review by an international panel of experts in June the same year.
However, the AELB has since approved a temporary operating licence subject to a few conditions yet to be fulfilled that include finding a suitable waste disposal site.
But continued protests, backed by the federal opposition, have forced the government to form a Parliamentary Select Committee to study the project.
However, Pakatan Rakyat has refused to participate in the panel, calling it an attempt to "whitewash" the alleged danger of radiation pollution from the refinery.

Kes Imam Hoslan Islamkan Banduan: Sesiapa Pun Boleh Islamkan Orang Lain

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 10:09 AM PDT

Jabatan Penjara nafi Hoslan islamkan banduan

KUALA LUMPUR: Jabatan Penjara Malaysia menafikan dakwaan sebuah media online berhubung bekas imam yang dipenjarakan atas kesalahan menghina mahkamah selepas membaling selipar ke arah hakim, Hoslan Husin yang didakwa mengislamkan dua banduan dan menjadi imam di penjara Kajang.

Ketua Unit Perhubungan Awam Jabatan Penjara Supri Hashim dalam satu kenyataan berkata pihaknya telah menghantar pegawai untuk menyiasat perkara tersebut dan hasil siasatan mendapati laporan itu tidak tepat dan boleh mengelirukan orang ramai.

"Ibu Pejabat Penjara telah menghantar pegawai untuk menyiasat laporan media berkenaan kerana mendapati ia bertentangan dengan tatacara dan prosedur jabatan," katanya.

Pada Khamis, akhbar Harakah Daily melaporkan dan memetik kata-kata isteri Hoslan, Noorliza Mohd Isa yang memberitahu suaminya telah mengislamkan dua orang banduan selain mengajar fardu ain serta menjadi imam kepada banduan lain ketika solat berjemaah.

Hoslan merupakan bekas imam Masjid Ar-Rahimah, Kampung Pandan dipenjarakan selama setahun sejak 8 Mac lepas atas kesalahan menghina mahkamah selepas dia membaling selipar ke arah tiga panel hakim ketika mahkamah bersidang di Mahkamah Persekutuan, pada 22 Feb lepas.

Supri berkata, berasaskan prosedur yang diguna pakai oleh Jabatan Penjara, urusan pengislaman seseorang banduan dilaksanakan secara teratur dan melalui Jabatan Agama Islam dan bukannya banduan lain.

Sebaik sahaja seseorang banduan menyatakan hasrat untuk memeluk agama Islam proses pengislaman akan dilaksanakan dengan kehadiran pegawai dari Jabatan Agama Islam, pegawai agama Jabatan Penjara serta saksi-saksi yang diperlukan bagi memastikan pengislaman dilaksanakan secara teratur.

Katanya salah seorang banduan yang dilaporkan diislamkan oleh Hoslan sebenarnya telah memeluk agama Islam pada 2009 iaitu sebelum dipenjarakan.

Manakala seorang lagi dalam proses memeluk agama Islam yang mana akan diuruskan oleh Jabatan Agama Islam dalam masa terdekat.

Beliau juga berkata pegawai agama atau pembantu pegawai agama akan menjadi imam kepada banduan di surau-surau penjara dan bukannya banduan seperti yang dilaporkan oleh media tersebut.

Semua program keagamaan Jabatan Penjara akan dikendalikan oleh penceramah bertauliah atau pegawai agama penjara, katanya.

"Kemungkinan Hoslan hanya menjadi imam di sel bersama beberapa banduan lain yang ditempatkan bersama semasa mengerjakan sembahyang pada malam hari.

"Bagi tujuan keselamatan banduan tidak akan dikeluarkan dari sel mereka pada waktu malam. Oleh itu pada kebiasaannya semasa mengerjakan sembahyang berjemaah di dalam sel pada waktu tersebut banduan akan bergilir-gilir menjadi imam sesama mereka," katanya. - BERNAMA

Ulasan GB

Mengajar Islam (berdakwah) dan mengislamkan orang lain adalah tugas mulia didalam Islam.

Sesiapa pun dari kalangan umat Islam boleh malah digalakkan melakukan kerja mengislamkan orang lain. Terlebih patut lagi kepada mereka yang mempunyai ilmu Islam kerana mereka akan ditanya kelak oleh Allah apakah mereka menyebarkan ilmu yang dikurniakanNya itu untuk menegakkan kalimah Allah.

Di dalam negara kita ini, ada kerja tambahan selepas mengislamkan seseorang iaitu mendaftarkan dengan jabatan agama Islam (dengan beberapa syarat seperti membawa saksi). Itu sekadar memenuhi formaliti untuk pengesahan dan untuk mendapatkan Kad Akuan Masuk Islam dan kemudian meminta muallaf berkenaan menghadiri kursus ilmu Islam terutama Kursus Intensif Fardhu 'Ain atau Kelas Asas Fardhu 'Ain anjuran mana-mana Jabatan Agama Islam / Cawangan Saudara Muslim di NGO-NGO Islam seperti PERKIM dan lain-lain.

Itulah pengalaman yang pernah GB lalui sewaktu mendaftarkan seorang muallaf satu ketika dulu.

Hakikatnya, seseorang itu telah Islam apabila dia mengucapkan dua kalimah syahadah di hadapan seorang Islam yang lain. Cuma syariatnya sahaja perlu memenuhi formaliti yang dinyatakan tadi untuk disahkan sebagai muslim di atas dunia ini.

Apa yang perlu diketahui juga, seseorang muallaf lebih selesa untuk belajar Islam dari orang yang disenanginya daripada mengahadiri kuliah secara paksa yang kadang kala lebih menambahkan kebingungan mereka terhadap Islam.

Sepatutnya Jabatan Penjara gembira dan berterima kasih kepada Imam Hoslan kerana turut membantu melaksanakan kerja dakwah di dalam penjara. Tetapi apa yang berlaku kerana politik, maka peranan imam berkenaan ditutup.

Justeru itu penafian jabatan Penjara di dalam hal ini sebenarnya amat tidak relevan samasekali.

Sepatutnya di dalam usaha dakwah kita berpegang kepada hadith Rasulullah yang mengingatkan kita supaya "sampaikan dariku sepotong ayat" (Hadith riwayat Bukhari) dan anjuran supaya kita "memudahkan dan bukan menyusahkan."

"Yassiru wala Tu'assiru, Bashshiru wala Tunaffiru",
yang bermaksud "pemudahkan jangan menyusahkan, beri khabar gembira bukan menakutkan" Hadith Riwayat Imam Ahmad.

Laporan sebelum ini
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10 Sekolah Ditutup Di Klang Berikutan Banjir Kilat

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 06:18 AM PDT

Klang: Sepuluh sekolah ditutup pada Jumaat selepas banjir kilat melanda beberapa kawasan di Klang, kata Pengarah Pelajaran Selangor Abdullah Mat Yunus.

Beliau berkata sekolah berkenaan membatalkan sesi pagi persekolahan manakala beberapa sekolah lain terpaksa ditutup pada Jumaat.

"Sekolah Menengah Tengku Ampuan Rahimah adalah salah sebuah sekolah yang perlu ditutup sepanjang hari kerana kedudukan air separas lutut," katanya kepada Bernama apabila dihubungi, Jumaat.

Ditanya adakah sekolah berkenaan akan mengadakan kelas tambahan pada hujung minggu, beliau berkata itu bergantung kepada keputusan Kementerian Pelajaran.

Antara sekolah yang terjejas ialah SMK La Salle, SRK Simpang Lima, Sekolah Teknik Batu Ujong dan Sekolah Tinggi Hin Hua.

Sementara itu, banjir di Kampung Raja Tun Uda, Kampung Delek dan Sungai Udang sudah beransur reda.

Sidang media berhubung banjir berkenaan akan diadakan di Pejabat Daerah Klang pukul 3 petang ini.

Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat tidak dapat dihubungi untuk maklumat lanjut. - BERNAMA

Beberapa Bekas Menteri UMNO & Pegawai Tinggi Kerajaan Temui Presiden PAS

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 05:17 AM PDT

Hadi bertemu bekas menteri Umno, pegawai tinggi kerajaan

PETALING JAYA: Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang berkata, beliau telah megadakan pertemuan dengan tokoh Umno termasuk bekas menteri dan exco Umno Selasa lalu.

Pemimpin PAS itu berkata, tokoh Umno berkenaan dari Johor, Terengganu, Pahang dan Selangor.

Mereka pernah menjadi menteri dan exco berjumpa dan berbincang bagaimana mahu meyakinkan rakyat supaya menolak Umno, lapor laman web rasmi PAS Terengganu.

"Tokoh-tokoh Umno mahu PAS membuat perubahan politik dan menyelamatkan negara dari pemerintahan BN yang diterajui Umno.

"Saya turut dikunjungi oleh Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian, pegawai-pegawai tinggi polis dan tentera.

"Jeneral-jeneral yang bersara, bekas pegawai tinggi polis Bukit Aman yang berjumpa (kerana mereka) melihat sudah muak dengan Umno, (mereka berkata) Umno kena berundur," kata bekas Menteri Besar Terengganu itu dalam ceramah di Dungun, Rabu lalu .

Menurut Abdul Hadi, pemimpin Umno berkenaan memaklumkan kepada beliau bahawa Jawatakuasa Keselamatan dan Kemajuan Kampung (JKKK), ketua-ketua cawangan Umno dan imam-imam masjid adalah yang berpengaruh di kalangan masyarakat kampung.

Katanya, pengundi-pengundi peringkat kampung, peringkat Felda dikuasai oleh JKKK, Ketua-ketua cawangan (Umno) dan imam yang mereka lantik.

"(Cuma) 20, 30 orang sahaja yang menguasai beratus-ratus pengundi, (tetapi) rakyat yang miskin, yang terima duit, tak tahu apa,"jelasnya.

Hiroko Reaney - Lucky, the Black Cat

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 03:05 AM PDT

The memory of Hiroko Reaney's first class with me is still so fresh even though it was in 1990. Then, she had just joined my Year 8 Sociology class together with wonderful students such as Patchari Raksawong, Wu Pei Fang, Kevin Lin Yu Kai, Noriyoshi Tomonaga, Yuko Ushiama and Yeap Soon Rhee.

I was stupefied when Hiroko handed up her first Sociology project - a comic strip to illustrate 'The Generation Gap'.

You can see the project AT THIS LINK. Yes, I kept all her works for me for they were talented works of art indeed. From that first project, I just knew in my heart that Hiroko will go places one day in the world of art and anime. We keep in touch via Facebook.

Today, Hiroko lives in Santa Ana, California with her husband and two children. She loves to draw fairies such as:

And also mermaids such as:

And even angels such as:

Recently, Hiroko embarked on a book project and to support her efforts, I am featuring her book in this evening's post with the hope that as many of you all over the world can support this charity project.

"Lucky the Black Cat" is a heart-warming, humorous story about an abandoned cat who is down on his luck, but keeps his spirits up and finds a happy home. The colorful artwork and simple writing make for an entertaining book that children of all ages will love.

You can buy Hiroko Reaney's "Lucky, the Black Cat at the following links:

For the ebook version -

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

For the paperback -

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Please note that the ebook version is free, but part of the proceeds from the sale of the paperback will go to an anti-bullying charity.

It is only available at at this time, it won't be available for distribution on amazon or other sites for another 6-8 weeks. She will let me know the link when it's ready!

Currently, Hiroko is busy again making more art for contests and working on her next book. This one will be an educational children's book about going to the dentist :) The idea was inspired by her son, who is afraid of going to the dental clinic. Taking care of dental hygiene is so important! She hopes her book will alleviate a lot of children's anxieties. If it's good enough, she may try submitting it to a major publisher.

I am very proud of Hiroko and hope that as many of you can support her in her endeavour to promote art, reading and to raise funds for the anti-bullying charity!

Take care and have a lovely evening!!!

Restoran Didakwa Jalankan Aktiviti ‘Dangdut Rimba’ Disita

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 03:11 AM PDT

Gombak 29 MAC : Jabatan Perhutanan Selangor hari ini mengambil tindakan menyita sebuah restoran di Batu 12 3/4 yang didakwa menjalankan aktiviti tarian 'dangdut rimba' sebagai salah satu 'menu' penarik pelanggan.

Menurut Penolong Pengarah Kanan Bahagian Penguatkuasaan Hutan, Mohd Yussainy Md Yusop, tindakan itu diambil bagi membolehkan pihaknya menjalankan siasatan lanjut berhubung dakwaan itu.

"Tindakan kita pada petang ini ialah untuk memberi respon serta merta ke atas satu aktiviti pendudukan tanpa kebenaran dalam Hutan Simpan Hulu Gombak yang disiarkan di sebuah akhbar nasional.

"Jadi, hari ini Jabatan Hutan seramai 30 anggota telah hadir ke kawasan ini untuk kita buat sitaan dan kita membuka semua struktur sementara yang dibangunkan," ujar Hussainy.

Operasi petang tadi menyaksikan tiga buah khemah tidak kekal dan dua buah khemah besar disita bersama-sama dengan peralatan perniagaan.

Beliau menjelaskan, tindakan tersebut juga merupakan satu proses siasatan di bawah Seksyen 32 iaitu menduduki tanpa kebenaran dan permit penggunaan menurut Akta Perhutanan Negara 1984.

"Jika disabit kesalahan, pesalah boleh didenda sehingga RM50, 000 atau penjara antara satu hingga lima tahun," tambah Yussainy sambil memberitahu kebanyakan pusat rekreasi di kawasan berkenaan dijalankan tanpa kebenaran.

Satu laporan penuh akan dikemukakan kepada Kerajaan Negeri Selangoruntuk diputuskan oleh Majlis Mesyuarat Exco mengenai tindakan dan langkah untuk menangani masalah tersebut.

Sementara itu, pengusaha restoran terbabit, Mohamad Asri Md Nur,38, menyangkal dakwaan akhbar berkenaan yang disifatkan sebagai fitnah semata-mata.

"Apabila jadi perkara begini atas dasar satu fitnah yang tidak berlaku pun, tidak apalah, saya pasti ada hikmahnya," ujar Asri sambil menafikan restorannya menjalankan aktiviti tarian sebaliknya sekadar perkhidmatan karaoke.

Asri juga memberitahu, restoran berkenaan baru beroperasi selama tiga bulan dan menjalankan operasi perniagaan selepas waktu Isyak dan menutup operasi sekitar 1 pagi.

Sebelum ini tapak rekreasi yang berkeluasan 10 ekar itu menjalankan operasi kem motivasi. -selangorku

Jawapan Menteri dalam isu hospital mengundang banyak lagi persoalan.

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 01:26 AM PDT

Dalam persidangan Dewan Rakyat minggu ini telah dibangkitkan pertanyaan mengenai status pembinaan Hospital Rembau. Menteri Kesihatan berkata bahawa proses tender telah siap pada 27 Mac dan kos projek ialah RM 122.6 juta dibina atas tanah seluas 45 ekar. Semakin banyak fakta yang mengelirukan mengenai projek ini.
Pertama : Jika rujuk laman web JKR , tender yang telah siap pada 27 Mac hanyalah Fasa 1, iaitu Kerja-kerja Tanah.
Kedua : Jika kos projek ialah RM 122.6 juta telah diumumkan awal, tidakkah ini menjejaskan proses tender Fasa 2 iaitu pembinaanBangunan Hospital?
Ketiga : Menteri Kesihatan mengatakan projek dibina atas tanah seluas 45 ekar (RM 43.1 juta), sedangkan Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan mengatakan tanah dibina atas tanah seluar 20 ekar (RM 19.1 juta) pada harga yang dipohon oleh PKNS sebanyak RM 22 sekaki persegi atau RM 958,320.00 seekar.
Keempat : Jika tanah yang terlibat ialah 45 ekar (RM 43.1 juta), bermakna 35 peratus kos projek, ialah kos tanah. Jika tanah yang terlibat ialah 20 ekar (RM19.1 juta) bermakna 15.5 peratus kos projek ialah kos tanah.
Kelima : Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan pada laporan 25 Jan 2012 menyatakan antara faktor kelewatan projek ini ialah kontraktor swasta yang mahu mengambil keuntungan pembinaan sehingga RM80 juta. Kemudian laporan 15 Mac 2012 MB berkata antara faktor kelewatan projek ialah PKNS membuat bantahan di Mahkamah Tinggi kerana tidak bersetuju dengan harga itu kerana mahu menjualnya pada harga RM22 sekaki. Yang mana satu faktor kelewatan projek yang sebenarnya.
Keenam : Pada tahun 2008 projek ini dianggarkan kosnya ialah RM 100 juta. Kontraktor mana yang hendak untung sampai RM 80 juta tersebut? Adakah ianya melalui proses tender terbuka?
March 29, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR: The government will kick-start the Rembau District Hospital project in May to fulfil a promise made during the 2008 general election campaign.
Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai, who made the announcement in Parliament today, said the project would cost RM122.6 million.
Liow said the hospital would be built on a 45-acre site and would have the capacity for 76 beds and a surgery room. About a dozen doctors would be stationed there permanently, he added.
"We completed the tender process on March 27 and construction works will start by the end of May," he said. "We expect the project to be completed in three years' time."
Pembinaan Hospital Rembau bermula April ini – Menteri Besar
SENAWANG, 25 Jan 2012 – Hospital Rembau yang di pohon oleh penduduk Rembau telah diluluskan pembinaanya melalui Rancangan Malaysia ke-9 (RM ke-9). Namun ketika itu, pembinaan hospital ini di berikan kepada kontraktor swasta yang mahu mengambil keuntungan pembinaan sehingga RM80 juta.
Selepas persetujuan itu, Kerajaan Negeri juga telah mendapatkan lokasi hospital yang akan di bina di tanah PKNS seluas dua puluh ekar di tanah industri Chembong.
Menurut Menteri Besar lagi, "tender pembinaan hospital Rembau akan di buka pada bulan April 2012 dan orang ramai tidak perlu gusar lagi tentang isu hospital yang di bangkitkan pembangkang."
Tajuk Projek Cadangan Hospital Rembau (76 Katil) N.Sembilan.(Fasa 1 - Kerja-kerja Tanah)
Tarikh Iklan 27/02/2012
Tarikh ditutup 27/03/2012
Berita Harian 15 Mac 2012
Projek itu pada mulanya dirancang dilaksanakan pihak swasta, namun Kementerian Kesihatan mahu ia diletakkan di bawah kendalian Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) dan perubahan itu menyebabkan rombakan semula memakan masa.
Berikutan itu, Kementerian Kesihatan membuat perjanjian dengan PKNS untuk pembelian tanah berkenaan. Bagaiamanapun, masalah harga tanah pula timbul dan menyebabkan projek itu tertangguh lebih dua tahun apabila kementerian hanya membayar RM16 sekaki, sedangkan harga kos ditanggung PKNS adalah RM18 sekaki.
Berikutan itu, PKNS membuat bantahan di Mahkamah Tinggi kerana tidak bersetuju dengan harga itu kerana mahu menjualnya pada harga RM22 sekaki.
Hospital RM100 juta bagi penduduk Rembau
REMBAU 7 Mac 2008 - Hospital Daerah Rembau yang boleh menampung 76 katil akan dibina di sini dengan kos RM100 juta untuk memberi kemudahan kesihatan yang lebih baik kepada 60,000 penduduk, kata Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan di sini hari ini.

SAMM akan jelajah Malaysia susun komrad muda sebelum pilihanraya

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 01:13 AM PDT

Kenyataan Terbuka
30 Mac 2012

Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) seperti yang anda kenali adalah sebuah gerakan radikal anak muda yang mendapat sambutan besar dari golongan muda dan juga yang berjiwa muda. Sedia maklum, SAMM bukanlah front kepada mana-mana parti politik tetapi menjadi front kepada rakyat terbanyak. Itulah resam anak muda, pertahan rakyat dan lindungi tanahair dari dijahanamkan oleh regim tidak bertanggungjawab.

Sejak sekian lama tanahair kita telah dikhianati dan perubahan total diperlukan untuk mengubah sistem korup. Perubahan hanya boleh dilakukan selepas regim pewaris penjajah ini dijatuhkan. Jesteru itu sedaya upaya usaha menjatuhkan regim menjadi tumpuan utama SAMM buat masa ini.

Ketika ini, ribuan anak muda kini sudah berjuang dalam kerangka SAMM samada secara terang di medan lapangan mahupun bersolidar melalui rangkaian media sosial. Dari jumlah ribuan itu, ratusan operator terlatih SAMM sedang bergerak hebat di seluruh negara dalam pelbagai aksi yang disusun rapi. Antara program yang dilaksanakan oleh komrad operator SAMM termasuklah menganjurkan program rakyat seperti bantuan kepada rakyat susah, program ceramah penerangan, pengedaran maklumat secara konprehensif dan juga program-program anak muda seperti konsert dan aktiviti konvoi rakyat.

Dalam aspek menumbangkan sebuah regim, SAMM terlibat dalam mengedarkan 100ribu DVD kesedaran beserta dengan risalah kesedaran seperti Risalah Cincin Puaka. Pelbagai risalah di peringkat negeri dan nasional telah diterbitkan SAMM demi menumbangkan regim. SAMM juga telah menerbitkan beberapa judul buku yang mendedahkan konspirasi melibatkan kepimpinan tertinggi negara. SAMM juga telah acap kali menggegar parlimen dengan pendedahan yang mencelikkan minda rakyat.

SAMM juga terlibat secara langsung mengaktifkan semula slogan Asalkan Bukan Umno yang menjadi senjata penting menghadapi PRU-13. Roadshow ABU fasa pertama telah berjaya dilancarkan di 18 venue seluruh negara walaupun beberapa venue diganggu oleh regim yang terdesak.

Pada 17 - 18 Mac yang lepas telah diadakan Rapat Kebangsaan kali ke 3 SAMM yang mengumpulkan penggerak SAMM dari seluruh negara. Beberapa keputusan telah dicapai. SAMM telah bersepakat mengenai peranan yang harus dilakukan sebelum, ketika dan selepas pilihanraya. SAMM juga bersedia untuk mobilisasi besar rakyat khususnya dalam menangani pencabulan demokrasi dan penipuan pilihanraya. Untuk mempeturunkan 'pedoman' dari rapat tersevut maka satu siri jelajah akan diadakan ke seluruh negara. Siri jelajah akan diadakan dalam bentuk aktiviti pertemuan dalaman dan ceramah umum.

Pertemuan-pertemuan (seperti dalam jadual di bawah) ini sangat penting dan wajib dihadiri oleh semua komrad berdaftar. Perbincangan serius peranan SAMM Pra-PRU13 dan juga Pasca-PRU13, iaitu detik paling kritikal yang menyaksikan bagaimana kerajaan berusia 55 tahun tumbang. Pertemuan dalam Jelajah Anak Muda SAMM Juga akan turut membincangkan aksi dan strategi SAMM dalam demo terbesar tanahair iaitu BERSIH 3.0.

Berikut adalah jadual Jelajah Anak Muda SAMM, dan komrad sekalian diwajibkan untuk luang masa dalam pertemuan tertutup seperti yang diatur;

10 April (5.30 ptg) JOHOR
12 April (5.30 ptg) KEDAH & PERLIS
13 April (5.30 ptg) P.PINANG
15 April : (5.30 ptg) WPKL & SELANGOR
16 April : (6.00 ptg) MELAKA
19 April : (6.00 ptg) PERAK
21 April (9.30 pg) N.SEMBILAN
3 Mei (6.00 ptg) TERENGGANU & PAHANG
5 Mei (3.00 ptg) KELANTAN

Maklumat mengenai lokasi pertemuan akan dimaklum melalui hebahan email dan sms. Kepada yang belum berdaftar keanggotaan sila daftar segera, inilah wadah untuk berjuang tanpa kongkongan dan limitasi kepartian. Kita anak muda, buat cara anak muda! Sekarang tiba masanya untuk SAMM jelajah pusing ke seluruh negara untuk pertemuan secara tertutup dengan komrad-komrad baru yang telah mendaftar keanggotaan di alamat portal .

Penyelaras-penyelaras negeri akan berhubung dengan semua komrad untuk menjayakan Jelajah Anak Muda SAMM kali ini. InsyaAllah kita akan menjurus ke fasa seterusnya iaitu fasa latihan komprehensif menjadi pejuang rakyat yang berkualiti.

Pada tarikh tersebut juga akan diadakan ceramah umum bagi menerangkan kepada rakyat untuk bersedia menyertai mobilisasi terbesar rakyat berdepan dengan pencabulan demokrasi.

"Perjuangan Adalah Perlaksanaan Kata-Kata"

Pengarah Propaganda SAMM

Earth Hour in office NOW! Do your bit for Earth Hour -

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 07:01 AM PDT

It all started with a simple request by my boss' four-year-old daughter who went around the office and petitoned to have the lights off for 1 hour.

I signed the petition.

Well, none of us employees quite expected the boss to switch off the main office lights. Thank God we still have the air-cond but it feels slightly cooler now that most lights are off.

Oh, by the way, my office will be unofficialy supporting Earth Hour 2012 Malaysia tomorrow Saturday - EVERYTHING will be switched off and NONE of us will be working!

Friday March 30, 2012

Do your bit during Earth Hour


Come Join Earth Hour 2012 at Sunway Pyramid, Selangor

WWF-Malaysia and Sunway Shopping Malls would like to invite everyone to participate in the Earth Hour 2012 event at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid on Saturday 31st March 2012 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Members of the public are invited to join the "Dance in the Dark" for Earth Hour; please learn the dance steps here.

From its inception as a single-city initiative in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a global movement where hundreds of millions of people from every continent join together to acknowledge the importance of mitigating climate change.

We hope that you can lend your support by joining us at the Earth Hour event – along with celebrities Amanda Imani, Amber Chia, Chermaine Poo, Joey G, Rina Omar, Soo Wincci, Xandria Ooi and Yuri Wong – where we will stand together with the world in a global celebration of the one thing that unites us all: our living planet.

Celebrity emcee Jeremy Teo of Red FM will energise the event!

Earth Hour 2012

Day, Date: Saturday, 31st March 2012

Time: 8:00pm to 9:35pm

Venue: Main Entrance, Sunway Pyramid

At main entrance, Sunway Pyramid
8.00 pm Welcome by emcee
8.05 pm Speech by Sunway Shopping Malls CEO
8.10 pm Speech by WWF-Malaysia Executive Director/CEO
8.25 pm Countdown
8:35pm SnL singers

8:50 pm Dance in the Dark for Earth Hour (Music by Air Symphony, public invited to join)
9:05 pm Media guided up the ramp to take photos of the "60" formation
9:15pm "60" formation by students, public invited to join / Media guided back to main entrance
9:25pm Spokespersons invited back on to stage
9:29pm Countdown to lights on
9.30 pm Lights on

Hope to see you there!

Note: You can purchase Earth Hour T-shirts at Sunway Giza, Ground Floor or Sunway Pyramid, First Floor near Cha Time from 24th March to 31st March.

Look out for updates at

Program Jelajah "Jom Ubah-Demi Rakyat NS 2012"

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 01:22 AM PDT

Kenyataan Akhbar
29 Mac 2012


Pilihanraya Umum sudah terlalu hamper. Dalam pada masa yang sama manipulasi media terus berlaku dalam keadaan melampau. Masalah rakyat seperti kenaikan kos kehidupan kerana kenaikan harga barang, kos perubatan, kos pendidikan dan seumpamanya cuba dialihkan dengan isu rekaan seperti perkauman dan seumpamanya. Negeri Sembilan kini semakin hilang daya saing. Senarai projek terbengkalai, projek tertangguh, salah guna kuasa memparahkan lagi keadaan. Negeri yang berpotensi untuk 'menjadi hebat' ini hilang serinya kerana pentadbiran kerajaan yang lemah dan tidak cekap. Begitu juga kerajaan di peringkat pusat.

Pilihanraya 2012 dilihat ramai sebagai peluang terbaik untuk rakyat melakukan perubahan bagi menyelamatkan negara dan negeri ini. Cuma kadangkala permainan media melampau sedikit mengelirukan rakyat.

Maka dengan ini dimaklumkan akan diadakan Program Jelajah Demi Rakyat N.Sembilan 2012 ke arah mempertingkatkan kesedaran rakyat N.Sembilan.

Matlamat program ini :

  • Meningkatkan kesedaran rakyat terhadap kegagalan Barisan Nasional mentadbir Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan termasuk kerajaan pusat dengan menerangkan kelemahan dan penyelewengan yang wujud.
  • Menyakinkan rakyat mengenai alternatif terbaik (Pakatan Rakyat) dengan menerangkan mengenai tawaran seperti Buku Jingga dan Manifesto Tunggak Nan 9. Juga dengan menerangkan 'success story' kerajaan di bawah Pakatan Rakyat sedia ada.
  • Mendaftarkan dan mengumpulkan seramai mungkin sukarelawan.
  • Mengenengahkan set pemimpin yang berwibawa kepada masyarakat.
  • Mendekati masyarakat secara terus dan cara yang menarik.

Program ini mengandungi 'Jelajah Ceramah', pengedaran risalah, siri pendedahan, program kebajikan dan seumpamanya. Tidak ketinggalan program dalaman seperti latihan jentera parti.

Jadual program umum adalah seperti berikut :

  • 1 April 2012 ; Pelancaran Jelalah Jom Ubah Demi Rakyat ; depan Pejabat PKR Cabang Kuala Pilah
  • 4 April 2012 ; Jelajah Dun Linggi ; Kg. Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson
  • 7 April 2012 ; Jelajah Dun Pertang ; Kg Petasih, Jelebu
  • 11 April 2012 ; Jelajah Dun Sikamat ; Pastim Taman Desa Rhu
  • 14 April 2012 ; Jelajah Dun Johol ; Kg. Inas, Johol
  • 18 April 2012 ; Jelajah Dun PD Bandar ; PD Walk (sebelah The Store, PD)
  • 21 April 2012 ; Jelajah Dun Gemencheh ; Markas Pas Bukit Jalor
  • 22 April 2012 ; Jelajah Dun Labu ; Pekan Bt.8, Labu
  • 25 April 2012 ; Jelajah Dun Rantau ; Pusat Khidmat PKR DUN Rantau (depan Petronas pekan Rantau)
  • 29 April 2012 ; Kemuncak Jelalah Jom Ubah Demi Rakyat ; Seremban

Selain program ceramah di kawasan yang di namakan akan diadakan juga pengedaran risalah, ziarah kebajikan dan perbagai aktiviti pada hari yang sama dengan tarikh tersebut yang akan diumumkan dari masa ke semasa.

Jelajah kali ini mempunyai tema khusus iaitu Jelajah Demi Rakyat NS 2012. Akan juga memperkenalkan buat kali pertama maskot istimewa yang akan hadir disetiap kempen yang akan diadakan. Mengenengahkan Motto "sepakat – beradat – selamat" memberi kempen ini kea rah rakyat sepakat (menyatukan) membentuk kerajaan beradat (mengangkat undang – undang adil) maka melahirkan sebuah negeri yang selamat (sejahtera) untuk rakyat. Pendekatan kempen mempunyai tema dan mascot yang istimewa ini akan berbentuk mesra rakyat dan julung kali diadakan dengan menampilkan tokoh nasional dan tempatan.

Kesemua siri program jelajah ini akan mengajak rakyat untuk bersama dalam program kemuncak. Kemuncak program jelajah ini ialah pada 29 April 2012 di Seremban dan dijangka akan dihadiri oleh puluhan ribu rakyat negeri ini bagi menunjukkan ikrar dan kesediaan bagi mengubah kerajaan ke arah menjadikan negeri ini benar – benar berdaya saing ke arah kesejahteraan hidup rakyat. Himpunan Kemuncak ini akan menjadi himpunan rakyat terbesar Negeri Sembilan dan akan diadakan dalam suasana meriah dengan semangat penyatuan semua rakyat kea rah membentuk kerajaan baru dengan harapan baru. Seketeriat hari ini akan ke Majlis Perbandaran Seremban bagi menghantar permohonan untuk menyewa Padang MPS di tengah Bandar Seremban bagi mengadakan acara kemuncak nanti.

Kerajaan Umno / Bn Negeri Sembilan sering mendabik dada sombong yang mereka kuat dan Pakatan rakyat lemah maka mereka dicabar untuk meluluskan permohonan padang MPS bagi kami mengadakan program secara meriah dan aman.

bagi pihak
Seketeriat Jelajah Demi Rakyat NS 2012
email :

Masyarakat Tionghua Kemasik Bersama PAS Hadapi PRU-13

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 01:33 AM PDT

Kemaman - Kebangkitan rakyat untuk membuat perubahan politik telah melangkaui batas perkauman dan fahaman agama berikutan kegagalan UMNO/BN mengurus tadbir kerajaan yang diamanahkan menyebabkan masyarakat mulai bangkit menunjukkan ketidakpuasan hati naluri mereka.

[Gambar - Puan Wang (berbaju merah) memanjat sendiri tangga untuk memasang bendera PAS, bendera PKR dan banting manifesto tawaran air percuma di Pekan Air Jernih, Kemasik petang kelmarin].

Bagi sebahagian masyarakat kaum Tionghua di Pekan Air Jernih, Kemasik menaikkan bendera PAS di premis mereka telah menceritakan kemahuan mereka dalam PRU Ke-13 nanti.

Puan Wang Liang Seng, 47 tahun kelihatan begitu bersemangat memasang bendera PAS dan Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Beliau sendiri memanjat tangga setinggi lima belas kaki untuk memasang bendera PAS tersebut.

Puan Wang menyifatkan PRU Ke-13 ini merupakan detik terbaik seluruh masyarakat membuat perubahan dengan memilih PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat menerajui pemerintahan di Terengganu dan di Putrajaya.

'Saya yakin perubahan pasti berlaku, ramai jiran - jiran dan sahabat handai datang berbisik kepada saya menyatakan sokongan secara diam dan akan membuat perubahan di PRU Ke-13 nanti', ujarnya ketika ditemubual oleh wakil

Beliau seterusnya berkata, 'pembaziran dan keborosan kerajaan UMNO/BN di Terengganu ini cukup banyak dan kita sebagai rakyat dihimpit penderitaan hidup dengan harga barang yang mahal dan gagal dikawal oleh kerajaan UMNO/BN', ulasnya.

Puan Wang seterusnya berkata, 'dimana keupayaan dan ketegasan kerajaan Ahmad Said melindungi rakyat yang dihimpit harga barang yang melonjak naik, apa guna kalau ada kerajaan tapi tidak dapat buat apa pun untuk menolong rakyat macam saya ini', tegasnya dengan perasaan penuh kecewa dengan kerajaan UMNO/BN.

Turut hadir di acara memasang bendera di premis rumah kedai di Pekan Air Jernih ialah Ustaz Alias Abdul Hamid, Pengarah PAS DUN Kemasik dan Mohd Tishaah Hamzah, Ketua Penerangan PAS DUN Kemasik. -BO

CFM strongly protests provocative seminar on unfounded Christian threat to Muslims

Posted: 29 Mar 2012 10:52 PM PDT

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Address: 10, Jalan 11/9, Section 11, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Telephone: (03) 7957 1278, (03) 7957 1463, Fax: (03) 7957 1457
30th March 2012
The Christian Federation of Malaysia strongly and unreservedly protests against the seminar to be held this Saturday 31 March 2012 organised by the Johor State Education Department with the co-operation of the Johor State Mufti's Office.
The Johor State Education Department and the Minister of Education who is responsible for the Department as well as the Johor State Mufti's Office should be held accountable for the content as well as the theme of the seminar which had been posted on the Johor Bahru District Education Office website as : "Pemantapan Aqidah, Bahaya Liberalisme dan Pluralisme serta Ancaman Kristianisasi terhadap Umat Islam. Apa peranan guru?"  (Strengthening the Faith, the Dangers of Liberalism and Pluralism and the Threat of Christianisation towards Muslims. What is the role of teachers?).
Once again, Christianity has been identified as a threat to Islam, this time by a State Education Department of the Ministry of Education.This is unfounded and unjustified.
Such a move is contrary to our Government's attempt to showcase Malaysia as a moderate nation in the international conference on "Global Movement of Moderates" held in Kuala Lumpur at the beginning of the year.

Our Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib bin Tun Razak has called on all Malaysians to work together on the basis of our common religious principles and values of moderation in nation-building.
Our Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin also launched in February this year an annual programme to promote inter-faith understanding in the schools. Yet just over a month later, in the Minister of Education's home state, tax-payers money is being used to pay for, and civil servants are being asked to attend, a seminar that seeks to sow disunity and discord amongst school-teachers and, through their influence, amongst our school-going children.
Indeed, the chairman of the Cabinet's inter-faith committee, Dato' Azman Amin Hassan, has since said that the "provocatively-titled" seminar flies in the face of the government's school-level inter-faith harmony week which is to be an annual celebration in the month of February.
We condemn the Johor State Education Department's action in this matter. We take umbrage at the clumsy attempt in wording the theme of the seminar as such. Even though there has now been an attempt to re-name the title of the seminar, the intent of the seminar has been clearly exposed for all to see.
No government-organised seminar should ever be conducted to implant fear and foment tensions among our peaceful and harmonious peoples. It is insufficient to re-name the seminar without changing the content and structure of the seminar.
Religion must never be used to divide our country, destabilise its harmony and destroy its unity.
The Government in carrying out its responsibility must take immediate and concrete steps to put an end once and for all to concerted efforts to paint Christians in Malaysia as enemies of Muslims.
As loyal citizens of Malaysia, our churches have always stressed and emphasised nation-building, religious freedom, peace, harmony and unity amongst all people living in our beloved country.
Government departments must not be seen to be working and should not be allowed to work at cross- urposes to the Government's aims by instilling hatred and ill-will between religious communities. Such contradictory objectives will only serve to divide the nation rather than unite it.
The Christian Federation of Malaysia remains committed to building a just and equitable nation that recognises freedom of religion for all. This is the only way to a genuine and lasting peace.
We call on all Malaysians to join us in prayer and action to embrace moderation and reject the extremism exhibited by the organisers of the seminar and all those who defend it.
Yours sincerely,
Bishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing
Chairman and the Executive Committee,
The Christian Federation of Malaysia

The Silent Cry from A Mother's Grieving Heart

Posted: 29 Mar 2012 10:50 PM PDT

With six children to feed, Madam Lai Kwan had no choice but to take up a position as a bricklayer with a building contractor during the expansion of Asian Rare Earth in 1982. Driven by poverty and oblivious to the risks and occupational hazards she faced then, Madam Lai Kwan worked hard to make ends meet for her family even though she was pregnant with her seventh child Cheah Kok Leong. Last night, Cheah Kok Leong, 29, passed away at the Ipoh General Hospital from a serious bacterial infection.

In a Malaysiakini report, his sister Lai Sun said that Kok Leong had been suffering from both fever and cold two days ago, and the antipyretic medication he was taking had been ineffective.

When Kok Leong's condition deteriorated yesterday morning,  he was immediately sent to the hospital by ambulance at about noon yesterday after he started complaining of pain in his ears and was shivering uncontrollably.

According to the Malaysiakini report:

"We tried to calm him down and told him not to be afraid, and let the doctor examine him. He then held my hand and leaned on my shoulder," she said. 
Following medical tests, it was discovered that the bacterial infection had spread to Kok Leong's brain and he was in critical condition. 
Lai Sun said that after unsuccessful attempts to save his life, Kok Leong passed away at 9.32pm last night. 
"When he died, his arms and legs turned black and blue." 
As for her brother's funeral arrangements, Lai Sun said her family had held a funeral recently and did not want a second funeral as it could have detrimental effects on the older members of the family. 
Thus they decided to skip the funeral and cremate Kok Leong's remains today. His ashes will be interred at the Paradise Memorial Park near Ipoh tomorrow. 
"We have decided to keep things simple. If anyone wants to come, they can visit my mother (Lai Kwan)," she said.
Flashback to the early 1980's

When Madam Lai Kwan heard that Asian Rare Earth was producing radioactive waste, she quit her job. But alas, it was too late. A few pregnant mothers who worked there also suffered from miscarriages. Kok Leong was underweight at birth and had severe health and developmental problems. Diagnosed with Down's syndrome, Kok Leong also had cataracts, a hole in his heart and frequently suffered from asthma. By the time he was five years old, Kok Leong lost his vision in his left eye. When Kok Leong died at the age of 29, he had no language skills, severe eye defects and had been dependent on care for life.

For 29 years, Madam Lai Kwan gave nothing but her love and devotion to care for Kok Leong who being mentally challenged, had the mentality of a toddler. With little or no capacity for speech, and always in diapers, Kok Leong could never tell his mother how he loved her and appreciated the way she gave of herself to care for him. I am sure he is  now looking at her from heaven where he will never have to suffer pain again.

As a mother, I grieve with Madam Lai Kwan. It must have been such an uphill task to be a caregiver in such circumstances but she never backed out of her duty or maternal responsibility.

To keep him from wandering out of the safety of their home, Madam Lai Kwan kept Kok Leong at the back of their modest home. Only  a makeshift wire mesh door at his chest level separated him from the rest of the world - a world that he never really knew because of all the limitations and handicaps he had in his life.

For almost three decades, 69 year old Madam Lai Kwan cared for Kok Leong with faithful and loving devotion from the first day she brought him home to the last second of his brief existence on this earth.

As I type this, tears are rolling down my face. I salute Madam Lai Kwan's love and perseverance in the way she persisted through the challenges she faced last 29 years when bringing up Kok Leong. How many would do likewise? Some would have abandoned such a child or left him in a home but to have given up almost thirty years of her life for Kok Leong is testimony of how great is Lai Kwan's love for her son.

With her limited education and linguistic abilities, she has never really communicated the deep grief she has carried within her all these years and now with his demise, can you hear the silent cry from her grieving heart? Would we ever be able to understand the burden of pain and suffering she has kept within all these years? Would we be able to feel the depth of her remorse over her loss?

The sacrifices made by Madam Lai Kwan and her family stem from an unselfish love for Kok Leong. One of her daughters stopped schooling to help support the family. The expenditure from diapers alone for all these years must have been very high!

Early this month, the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) said that Kok Leong's condition was "unlikely" to be caused by exposure to radiation. You can read about it AT THIS LINK. When the Asian Rare Earth plant opened in 1982, the villagers had frequent bouts of coughs and colds. There was also a rise in the incidence of leukaemia, infant deaths, congenital disease and lead poisoning among residents. To date, seven of the leukaemia victims in the community of 11,000 have also died.

This video clip produced by Tan Chui Mui that can open a window for us to see the kind of life Madam Lai Kwan had with Kok Leong. My deepest condolences to Madam Lai Kwan and her family. May Kok Leong rest in peace always.


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