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A Touch Of Poetry

A Touch Of Poetry

A Touch Of Poetry

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 09:46 AM PDT

Looking into the future
something my past didn't see.
The outcome of my experience
has allowed God to transform me.

Longing to be alive
for within I was dead.
Darkness was my company
and each day I dread.

Walking with a lost soul
Understanding nothing at hand
I once had a goal
My dreams turned to sand.

Seeking the face of comfort
To captivate my distressed mind.
can't give up on life
Hope, I must find.

Thank God I found hope
In the midst of the dark
Pursuing to find some light
Until it penetrates in my heart.

Now that I'm blessed with life
and has allowed God to transform me.
I'm excited about the future
Something my past didn't see



Beauty lies within.
How can you tell?
Is it the color of my skin?
The color of my hair?
Tell me so I can search to make sure it's there.

You walk by with your fancy looks.
Wearing earrings and silver hooks.
Teasing and laughing because I look like dirt.
Why are they laughing? We are all God's work.

My skin has bumps just like the dusty roads.
But your skin is smooth just like the crescent moon.
Why I'm I cursed with this horrible hair?
Soon I'm going to go bald and they will all stare.

With these wide hips and thunder thighs,
What man would want me? I'm ugly outside.
I've tried every trick to make my life perfect.
But can't you see its just not worth it.

I give up, I can't do this.
I'm going to accept my looks and be through with it.
Hey Beautiful!
Are you talking to me?
You are the beauty I see staring at me.
I guess beauty lies within after all.
Search within yourself its not that small.



You, you through your shining, painless, uninvaded eyes;
How did you see?

Past a mist of pain so smothering it was impossible to breath in its midst.
How did you see?

Through a massive sludge of hatred so thick, it clung and tugged until everything trying to pass through it became a part of it.
How did you see?

Into a vast, black emptiness that ran deeper and deeper until it reached a dungeon of nothingness; a nothingness so consuming the only life able to exist there was the rodents who dredged filth and contaminated all that surrounded them.
How did you see?

Yet you saw. There' hiding under the filth, less noticeable than the tiniest star on a bright starry night, was a minute speck of light, fighting to stay lit among the stench and bile.
How did you see?

It was so weary from running, shaking with terror at the prospect of death that was such a part of its being.
How did you see?

You pursued the spec like the sun chases a ray that tries to run under a maple tree on a bright summer afternoon, never quite able to be separate.
How did you see?

The spec was drawn to the brilliance and intensity of your stare.
It grew like a ray of sunlight peeping through a sliver of hope, filling the emptiness with light so radiant, it fought to permeate the sludge and the mist.
How did you see?

Once radiance started, it glowed into everything around it.
It emanated freshness and warmth, killing the rodents, fumigating the filth and stench; producing light so bright, even I could see.

By Tammy Stromko, 2004


Posted: 02 Apr 2012 08:32 AM PDT

BN or PR, the rakyat will make sure they will never be taken for a ride by any party!

[SEDIH] Ibu Terpaksa Relakan Dirinya Diperkosa Untuk Selamatkan Anak-anaknya

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 10:39 AM PDT

Seorang ibu terpaksa merelakan dirinya untuk diperkosa oleh seorang penyamun bersenjata di rumahnya minggu lalu untuk melindungi anak-anaknya. Gambar fail

Wanita tersebut, seorang surirumah berusia 38 tahun, dirogol berkali-kali manakala empat orang anaknya telah dikunci oleh suspek di sebuah bilik bersebelahan.

Kejadian tersebut berlaku jam 5.45 pagi apabila wanita tersebut dikejutkan oleh seorang lelaki yang memegang sebilah gunting.

Suspek, yang menutuo mukanya dengan sehelai pakaian kanak-kanak, dipercayai telah memecah masuk rumah berkenaan melalui tingkap.

Dia tangkas menutup mulut wanita tersebut dengan tangan dan mengacukan gunting yang dipegangnya ke leher mangsa. Suspek memberi amaran kepadanya untuk tidak menjerit atau dia akan dibunuh.

Mangsa juga dipaksa untuk menyerahkan barang kemas dan wang yang dimilikinya.

Wanita tersebut yang ketakutan lalu mengambil wang RM300, dua telefon bimbit, seutas rantai dan sepasang anting-anting, diletakkan di dalam sarung bantal dan menyerahkan kepada suspek.

Suspek kemudian menyatakan dia hendak merogol salah seorang anak perempuannya dan ini menyebabkan dia merayu dengan menyatakan dia sanggup menjadi pengganti kepada anaknya.

Ketika itu, anak-anaknya terjaga dan suspek telah mengunci mereka di dalam bilik. Suami wanita tersebut tiada di rumah dan tidak pulang kerana berada di luar untuk urusan perniagaan.

Suspek kemudian pergi mendapatkan wanita itu yang terpaksa membiarkan dirinya dibogelkan dan diperkosa.

Wanita itu kemudian memberitahu polis suspek tersebut tidak menggunakan kondom tetapi sekadar membaluti kemaluannya dengan bag plastik.

Mangsa ditampar beberapa kali apabila beliau meronta dan cuba menahan dari diperkosa lagi.

Setelah suspek pergi, mangsa memanggil jirannya untuk mendapatkan bantuan sebelum pergi ke balai polis untuk membuat laporan.

Beliau juga telah dihantar ke Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital untuk pemeriksaan lanjut.

Pasukan polis forensik tiba ke tempat kejadian untuk mendapat kesan cap jari suspek.

Mereka turut menemui gunting yang digunakan suspek untuk mengancam wanita berkenaan dan pakaian kanak-kanak yang digunakan suspek untuk menutup mukanya.

Ketua Polis Selangor Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah mengesahkan laporan tetapi enggan mengulas lebih lanjut. -NST /Terjemahan bebas:GB

Der Vorteil von LED Beleuchtung gegenüber anderen Beleuchtungsarten

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 06:18 AM PDT

Der Leuchtmittelmarkt ist in den letzten Jahren stark in Bewegung geraten. Steigende Energiepreise und das schrittweise eingeführte Verbot der herkömmlichen Glühbirnen bahnten alternativen Leuchtmitteln, wie der Energiesparlampe, den Weg. LEDs werden weltweit auf den verschiedensten Gebieten weiterentwickelt, wie beispielsweise in der Unterhaltungselektronik, auf dem Fahrzeugmarkt oder in der Haustechnik, da deren Eigenschaften und damit auch deren Anwendungsbereiche sehr vielseitig sind.

Vorteile von LEDs
LEDs sind anderen Beleuchtungsarten fast in jeder Hinsicht überlegen. Dies fängt beim Stromverbrauch an, der gegenüber einer herkömmlichen Glühbirne etwa 90 % geringer ist. Selbst gegenüber einer Energiesparlampe verbraucht sie in der Regel weniger Strom. Da die LEDs kaum Wärme entwickeln, sind sie auch an Orten verwendbar, an denen Lampen aus Brandschutzgründen untersagt sind. Außerdem sind sie weitestgehend stoß- und schlagfest, was ihren Einsatzbereich nochmals erweitert. So lassen sie sich beispielsweise auch problemlos in Fußböden und wegen ihrer kleinen Einbaugröße sogar in Fliesenfugen einbauen. Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Leuchtmitteln geben LEDs auch kein IR- oder UV-Strahlung ab und sind somit auch für Apotheken oder Lebensmitteltheken geeignet. Sie enthalten im Gegensatz zu den meisten anderen Leuchtmitteln auch kein Blei oder Quecksilber, was sie zusätzlich zu ihrem geringen Stromverbrauch zur umweltfreundlichsten Beleuchtung macht.
Noch sind LEDs in der Anschaffung zwar recht teuer, doch rechnen sich die höheren Anschaffungskosten in der Regel schon dadurch, dass LEDs mit Abstand die längste Lebensdauer von bis zu 100.000 Stunden aufweisen können. Dadurch lassen sich außerdem Wartungskosten für den Wechsel kaputter Birnen einsparen. Außerdem können Beleuchtungen so auch an unzugänglichen Stellen installiert werden.
Genau wie einst bei den Energiesparlampen werden aller Voraussicht nach auch die Preise für LED-Leuchtmittel künftig sinken, so dass dieser Nachteil wohl bald der Vergangenheit angehören dürfte. Gerade in den letzten Jahren zeigte sich eine rasante Entwicklung bei den sogenannten LED Lampen, inklusive neu spezialisierter LED Shop Fachhändler.

Moderne LED Beleuchtungen bieten heute außerdem schon die Möglichkeit, die Farbwiedergabe individuell zu gestalten. Sie flimmern nicht und kennen im Gegensatz zu Energiesparlampen auch keine Einschaltverzögerung.

LEDs verbinden somit sämtliche Vorteile der übrigen Leuchtmittel und können manches sogar noch besser, was sie letztlich zur idealen Beleuchtung machen.

Greater Monitoring Here and There

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 06:12 AM PDT

I just had my first accident this evening. :-( And it was not my car. Now in shock still. Brain frozen. Fingers quite numb and typing this post is a difficult task.

I always prided myself as being a careful driver with a clean record and after over thirty decades of driving, in a moment of night blindness, while turning out from one car park after dropping my son at orchestra rehearsal, I hit the kerb. :-(

And blew the tyre.

And drove home even though it was difficult to manouvere the steering wheel.

Trying to recover from the shock now. In the mean time, do check out these links from The Guardian and Malaysiakini:

The Guardian's Plans for greater email and web monitoring powers spark privacy fears

David Davis, the former Conservative shadow home secretary, has warned that government plans to allow police and security services to extend their monitoring of the public's email and social media communications are unnecessary and will generate huge public resentment.

Davis spoke out after proposals emerged for a system to allow security officials to scrutinise who is talking to whom, and exactly when the conversations are taking place, but not the content of the message.

The coalition plans are likely to feature in the Queen's speech on 9 May and rely on internet service providers (ISPs) gathering the information and allowing government intelligence operatives to scrutinise it.

Labour tried to introduce a similar system using a central database tracking all phone, text, email and internet use but that was dropped in 2009. It followed concerns raised by ISPs and mobile phone operators over the project's feasibility, and anxieties over who would foot the bill.

Civil liberties campaigners have strongly criticised the revival of the plan because of the risk it could breach the privacy of individuals. One liberal commentator warned that many Lib Dems would be infuriated by the proposals.

Davis, the Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden, who famously quit his seat to trigger a byelection over the Labour government's 42-day terror detention plan in 2008, said legislation was unnecessary. Current surveillance arrangements under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and the unwarranted checks on "who calls who" were already "too loose".

"I'm afraid what this does is makes it 60m times worse," Davis told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

The government had vowed to "end the storage of internet and email records without good reason" – a commitment enshrined in the coalition agreement in a section on civil liberties that says the British state "has become too authoritarian".

Davis said: "What is proposed is completely unfettered access to every single communication you make. This argument it doesn't cover content – it doesn't cover content for telephone calls, but your web address is content. If you access a [website], that is content.

"I'm afraid it is a very, very big widening of powers, which I'm afraid will be very much resented by many, many citizens who do not like the idea."

A similar attempt in Germany two years ago led to 35,000 complaints to the supreme court, which subsequently struck it down, he said, warning: "I suspect the same thing will happen here."

He added: "It's going to cause enormous resentment. Already thousands of people on the web are objecting to it. It was dropped by the last government … if it was so important, they should have kept going last time."


And a little closer to home:

Malaysiakini : Mariam Mokhtar's Gag online media, face a backlash

It's a great time to be Malaysian. By making the right noises, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has become more popular. His popularity is so great that his lieutenants are apeing him. Our education is so good that it triumphs over that of the USA, Britain and Germany.

azlanNajib claims our democracy is the "best in the world", despite its divisive religious and racial policies. The inspector-general of police (IGP) claims that only 1 percent of our policemen are corrupt. In January, our judiciary was declared free from government interference, because the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim had been cleared of a sodomy charge.

We are not a poor nation. In 11 weeks, Najib and his sidekick, Muhyiddin Yassin, frittered away RM608.68 million (or a cool RM55.33 million per week) on nationwide visits. No one in Putrajaya batted an eyelid when the Washington-based financial watchdog Global Financial Integrity (GFI), reported that in 2008, the money flowing out of Malaysia had ballooned to RM208 billion (US$68.2 billion).

In Sarawak, Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud will spend billions on 12 mega-dams. The indigenous people have no access to proper schools or medical facilities but Taib wants us to believe that these people are proud they vacated their lands and livelihood, for these dams.

The government's list of achievements is endless: The economy is booming. Debt is under control. Property values are rising. Unemployment is low, at least where unskilled labour is concerned. Foreign investment from Lynas Corporation and the Brazilian Vale in Lumut, may be dodgy, but billions will pour into the pockets of certain individuals, with a few hundred highly specialised jobs (for which few locals would be qualified) as a token consideration.

najib and media journalistLast week, Najib boasted that he had given the media more freedom. If he had said this yesterday, we would have believed his April Fool joke. Well he didn't and so why should we trust him?

"Since I become prime minister, Malaysia has moved up nine places in the Reporters Without Borders press freedom index, even as the likes of the United States and Great Britain have slid down.

"And we are now officially one of South-East Asia's most media-friendly nations, ranked well ahead of Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore."

Najib may be daft, but we are not.

Singapore may be a good place for someone with RM250 million to buy a few luxury apartments or set up a beef business, but the island state has no real press freedom. Singapore is repressive when it comes to dissent. The British author Alan Shadrake who wrote about Singapore's legal system and death penalty, was jailed. Najib's comparison between Malaysia and Singapore is no big deal.

In Thailand, reporters covering opposition protests have been attacked and there has been a rise in the nation's lese majeste laws. In the Philippines, journalists are murdered or face legal threats.

Najib said, "It is also why I have relaxed decades-old media licensing requirements, why I have ensured that the online sphere remains completely free of regulations, and why you can log on the likes of Malaysiakini or Malaysian Insider and find regular and strident criticism of the government."

Try as he might to bathe in the limelight of the success of the online media, their success owes nothing to him.

Excelling in being specious

Najib excels in being specious. When the opposition exposed the irregularities of the Election Commission (EC), readers will recall how the PM quickly stressed that GE-12 was clean otherwise "the opposition would not have 'won' five states". He knew he had to distract the rakyat before they could question the legitimacy of his government.

True. The opposition and the rakyat had been caught unawares and did not expect to win in 2008. Umno and the EC probably 'miscalculated' the various cheating techniques. The euphoric and daft opposition forgot to question whether they should have won more than just five states.


Damaged road irks Jalan Kiara 5 residents in Mont Kiara

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 05:55 AM PDT

New Straits Times (2/4/2012)

TTDI Lembah Kiara park in deplorable conditions

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 05:46 AM PDT

In a sad state: The pond has become a mosquitobreeding ground. (Photo by The Star)
WELL-MAINTAINED OR RUN-DOWN? Lim showing a septic tank from which water flows into a stream that runs through the park. ABOVE: The fountain that Lim says has not functioned for a year (Photos by The Malay Mail)

Source: (By FAZLEENA AZIZ, 2/4/2012)
RESIDENTS of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur are concerned over the dilapidated conditions of the Lembah Kiara recreational park. The park's water fountain has not been functioning for the past one year while the water lily pond has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Its hanging bridge has been out of order for two months with a sign erected by the authorities forbidding people from using it. The rubberised mats are also ridden with holes.
Residents said they believed the toilet's septic tank was out of order causing some of the discharge to flow into the drain and the stream.
Wee Y.C. 53, who has lived in TTDI for 28 years, said the poor condition of the park would have an adverse effect on events held place at the park. He said it was important to preserve the park as it was a family place not only for the locals but also for Klang Valley folks. "Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has an allocation to maintain parks. The money should be used to spruce up the place," he asked.
Meanwhile, resident James Ng, 58, is concerned for the aquatic life and tortoises living in the pond. "I am disappointed with the level of maintenance because the authorities should be aware of the problem and find a solution. "There is a site office for the Housing and Local Government Ministry which isn't used. They should be consistent in addressing the problems here," he said.
Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, who visited the park, agreed that there was a lack of maintenance of the park by the authorities. He said there was a question as to who was responsible for maintaining the park. "DBKL had handed over the park to the ministry. But on DBKL's website, it states you need to liaise with them. It's quite confusing who is the rightful authority, "In DBKL's budget, they have allocated RM96mil for park maintenance, so why are they not using the funds to upgrade this park?
"When I contacted DBKL, they said the fountain and waterfall pumps will be fixed as they are finding contractors. "DBKL said they have no expertise to fix them but it is important that the relevant authorities address them as the park is heavily used," Lim said.

MP, City Hall differ over Lembah Kiara Park
Source: (By Siti Nursuraya Ali, 2/4/2012)
WHAT constitute a good recreation park?
For residents and visitors to the Lembah Kiara recreational park in Taman Tun Dr Ismail here, as long as it is safe, clean and well-maintained, it is good.
For Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, however, the park is "run down" and, to prove his point, he took reporters on a tour of the park yesterday. Lim said it was sad to see the park in such a condition. "As a green lung, it deserves better maintenance than it is getting now," he said. Lim said he had received complaints a septic tank there had malfunctioned, causing sewage water to leak into a stream, which runs through the park before ending up in a lake.
"Children play in this stream not knowing sewage water is flowing in it as well. There is a natural spring here and poor maintenance will destroy it," he said. He said the other amenities at the park were also poorly looked after. "The water pump for an artificial waterfall and fountain in the middle of the lake have not functioned for at least a year," he said.
"When I questioned Kuala Lumpur City Hall about it, they claimed they had no budget and manpower or skilled workers to repair it." Lim said he was unhappy with the explanation as City Hall had allocated RM96 million or seven per cent of its 2012 budget of RM2.17 billion for recreational parks and green lungs upkeep alone.
He said there were rumours that City Hall was planning to re-gazette the park land and allow a development project just behind it. "Although the rumours are unconfirmed, they are enough to raise concerns," he said.
In response, City Hall director-general Datuk Salleh Yusup said: "Don't they have better things to do? The park is well-maintained. "And for their information, the Lembah Kiara recreational park is managed by the National Landscape Department, under the Ministry of Housing (and Local Government), and not the City Hall."

Mother of Four Assaulted & Sexually Harassed by PDRM

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 04:57 AM PDT


"A businesswoman has lodged a police report that she was assaulted and sexually harassed by police when she was interrogated at the Sri Petaling police station on the morning of March 24."

she lucky she didnt be shoot dead

Just because they're cops they think they can mistreat citizens.

Good cops don't do that.

Temberang "Video Murtad" Hassan Ali, Rupanya Hanya Sekadar Untuk Cari Publisiti

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 06:24 AM PDT

Video Hasan Ali dakwa kristianisasi 'mubaligh Australia'

Presiden NGO pro-Melayu Jalur Tiga (JATI) Datuk Dr Hasan Ali hari ini mendedahkan video yang didakwa menunjukkan gerakan kristianisasi ke atas orang Islam.

Dua versi video, masing-masing sepanjang 42 minit dan 16 minit, didedahkan kepada media dalam satu sidang media di kediaman bekas exco hal ehwal agama Islam Selangor itu, di Petaling Jaya.

Video berkenaan antara lainnya menunjukkan temubual dengan sepasang suami isteri yang mendakwa pernah dikristiankan oleh sekumpulan mubaligh Australia.

Seorang daripadanya, yang dinyatakan identiti samaran sebagai Ramli Abdullah, 47, turut menceritakan bahawa beliau pada asalnya didekati kumpulan mubaligh berkenaan yang menawarkan pekerjaan, tempat tinggal dan juga makan minum.

Menjelaskan latar belakangnya sehingga terjebak dengan gerakan tersebut, Ramli berkata ia bermula pada tahun 2002 sewaktu beliau mengalami masalah kesihatan.

Kemudian satu pasangan mubaligh daripada Australia memberi bantuan dengan membawanya ke hospital dan membenarkan beliau tinggal bersama mereka di Puchong.

Dakwa diberi wang, kereta

"Saya tidak tahu (mereka) adalah organisasi Kristian. Saya keluar masuk, dan tertarik dengan layanan (mereka). Dulu latar belakang saya yang kasar, tetapi boleh tertarik dengan kebaikan mereka," kata Ramli dalam video itu.

Ramli juga mendakwa, beliau pernah bertemu dengan sekumpulan orang Melayu yang juga telah dimurtadkan di Klang, dan juga sehingga 400 orang lain di seluruh negara.

Beliau juga mendakwa pernah menerima bantuan tempat tinggal di sebuah rumah di Kelana Jaya, barangan keperluan harian, wang untuk perbelanjaan berjumlah antara RM2,000 hingga RM5,000 dan juga sebuah kereta daripada kumpulan mubaligh tersebut.

Ramli juga mendakwa bahawa beliau pernah ditawarkan satu pekerjaan tetap, antara tahun 2004 hingga 2008, untuk menterjemah kitab Injil New Testament ke dalam bahasa Melayu.

'Dibaptis' di kolam renang

Dakwanya lagi, terdapat juga kumpulan Kristian, terdiri daripada "orang putih", yang turut mengamalkan cara hidup Islam.

Malah ada di antaranya yang pergi ke surau dan masjid dengan berjubah dan berketayap, dakwanya.

Kumpulan "orang putih" itu juga menggunakan bahasa Melayu dan juga perkataan Arab seperti "Assalamualaikum" dan "Alhamdulillah" serta menggunakan cerita dalam surah dalam Al-Quran untuk mendekati orang Islam, dakwanya.

Lelaki itu juga mendakwa pernah dimasukkan ke dalam satu kolam renang di sebuah apartmen di Kuala Lumpur, sebagai satu simbolik upacara pembaptisan.

Lelaki berkenaan, bersama isterinya, bagaimanapun telah kembali kepada Islam pada akhir tahun lalu, dakwa seorang pembantu Hasan Ali yang menayangkan video berkenaan.

Pembantu berkenaan, Suwardi Yaacob berkata demikian ketika ditanya sama ada pasangan berkenaan telah kembali memeluk Islam.

Dihalang rakam foto, suara

Dalam sidang medianya, Hasan berkata identiti kesemua individu yang ditemubual dalam rakaman tersebut tidak ditunjukkan atas alasan keselamatan.

Wartawan juga tidak dibenarkan merakam apa-apa bahagian daripada tayangan tersebut.

"Memandangkan eksklusiviti rakaman yang dibuat, terutama melibatkan kedua-dua individu, saya dinasihatkan oleh barisan peguam dan individu yang beri pandangan mengenai perkara ini (untuk) tidak mengizinkan mana-mana pihak menerbitkan semua sebahagian atau sepenuhnya rakaman yang dibuat.

"Permasalah keselamatan diri dan reputasi individu terlibat menjejaskan perkara pokok mengapa rakaman semula tidak dapat diberikan kebenaran," kata Hasan lagi.

Video berkenaan merupakan bahan yang sering diuar-uarkan Hasan, sebagai bukti bahawa gerakan Kristian telah menjalankan usaha memurtadkan orang Islam, dalam siri jelajahnya selepas menubuhkan JATI. -mk

Ulasan GB

Memang hampeh. Video yang tidak ada standard dan tidak berkredibiliti untuk sebarang pendakwaan atau bahan bukti.

Hanya sekadar rakaman temubual pengakuan. Pengakuan boleh direka oleh sesiapa. Dan apatah lagi wajah orang yang membuat pengakuan tidak didedahkan kononnya di atas alasan keselamatan.

Kita sangkakan ada intipan ke atau ada rakaman CCTV sulit ke atau seumpamanya. barulah ada "merit" untuk dibincang, dibahaskan atau disiasat. Itu pun kena lalui proses tertentu terlebih dahulu. Bukan sekadar macam Video Datuk T yang jelas penipuannya dan kantoi sebelum dapat "ditayangkan di pawagam" lagi.

Kalau sekadar pengakuan "didekati kumpulan mubaligh berkenaan yang menawarkan pekerjaan, tempat tinggal dan juga makan minum", itu setiap hari ada dan berlaku di mana-mana. Tak payah cakap. Hanya yang mengikut tu sahaja yang bersalah sebab tak kuat iman.

Apatah lagi kejadian "kristianisasi" itu dikatakan berlaku pada tahun 2004. Siapa memerintah Selangor dan siapa Exco Agama Selangor ketika itu? Kenapa mahu serang exco agama sekarang?

Memang patutlah PAS arah ahlinya agar jangan layan temberang Hassan Ali tersebut.

Laporan sebelum ini
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Thanasayan Confident Of Being Retained

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 02:41 AM PDT

All council posts to be filled soon

Delay caused by need to check backgrounds of certain individuals, says exco man

Monday, April 02, 2012 - 12:45

by Meena Lakshana


Dr Xavier speaking to the press on Sunday

PETALING JAYA: The four vacant seats in the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) full board will be filled next

[DEDAH] Pelajar Sekolah Jalin Hubungan Dengan Suami Orang

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 04:02 AM PDT

Kulim - "Masalah mengandung bukan serius seperti dulu. Terdapat ubat tertentu yang dijual di kebanyakan klinik dan ia mudah diperoleh, saya juga pernah memakan ubat itu empat bulan lalu," itu kata seorang pelajar tingkatan lima yang hanya mahu dikenali sebagai Adik.

Adik mengakui dia menjalin hubungan cinta dengan suami orang berusia 26 tahun sejak setahun lalu.

Menurutnya, teman lelakinya yang mempunyai seorang anak itu bekerja sebagai seorang penyelia di sebuah kilang di Kulim Hi-Tech.

"Saya rasa lebih terjamin dan selamat sekiranya menjalinkan hubungan cinta dengan suami orang berbanding rakan sebaya kerana pada saya seorang lelaki bergelar suami merupakan lelaki paling penyayang dan bertanggungjawab," katanya.

Adik berkata, dia hanya akan bertemu dengan kekasihnya pada hari cuti terutamanya Jumaat dan Sabtu. Untuk memastikan hubungan mereka tidak diketahui kenalan lain, mereka akan keluar bersama ke daerah lain untuk melepaskan rindu.

"Pada pagi hari Jumaat, saya selalunya akan ke sekolah untuk menjalani aktiviti kokurikulum antaranya berkawad. Saya akan ke sekolah seawal jam 7.30 pagi dan sampai kira-kira jam 8 pagi.

"Selepas meletakkan motosikal dalam sekolah, teman lelaki saya sudah menunggu dalam keretanya di luar sekolah. Selalunya kami akan ke Cameron Highlands yang terletak kira-kira tiga jam perjalanan dari Kulim.

Menurutnya, sebelum ke sana, teman lelakinya itu akan berhenti di hentian rehat Butterworth Kulim Express Highway (BKE) untuk menukar pakaian.

"Kami akan berada di pusat peranginan itu sehingga jam 3 petang sebelum berpatah balik ke Kulim dan sampai di sekolah sekitar jam 5.30 petang dan berada di rumah kira-kira jam 6 petang,"

Adik berkata, mereka juga sering bercuti bersama sekiranya pihak sekolah menganjurkan sebarang lawatan yang memerlukan masa dua hingga tiga hari.

Menurutnya, dia tidak akan mengikuti rombongan sekolah sebaliknya bercuti bersama kekasihnya dan akan berada di sekolah semula, sama seperti teman lain ketika rombongan itu tiba di sekolah.

Sementara itu, Ketua Wanita PKR Cabang Kulim Bandar Baharu yang juga Pengerusi Pusat Khidmat Aduan Rakyat Parlimen Kulim Bandar Baharu, Suraiya Hashim berkata, beliau tidak menafikan ramai remaja bawah umur lebih tertarik dengan suami orang berbanding rakan sebaya. Ini kerana, memiliki kekasih yang merupakan suami orang dapat memenuhi hampir keseluruhan kehendaknya sebagai pelajar sekolah.

Menurutnya, sebagai pelajar tidak banyak komitmen yang harus diberikan kerana remaja itu tinggal bersama keluarganya.

"Remaja bawah umur dijadikan kekasih hanya untuk tujuan berseronok semata-mata dan selalunya terjalin dalam jangka masa singkat.

"Bagi seorang suami, mereka hanya ingin berseronok apabila didampingi remaja bawah umur ini. Selain itu mereka tidak akan bosan melayan kerenah mereka kerana pasangan itu akan berjumpa seminggu sekali sahaja," katanya.

Suraiya berkata, bagi remaja perempuan mereka akan seronok apabila kekasih mereka memberi kad tambah nilai ke telefon mereka biarpun dengan nilai RM10 kerana jumlah itu sudah besar bagi mereka.

"Dalam masalah ini ibu bapa seharusnya melihat perubahan anak mereka. Bawa anak berjumpa doktor dan membuat pemeriksaan, sekiranya disahkan pernah melakukan hubungan seks, ibu bapa harus membuat laporan polis," katanya. -SH

Fast Forward

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 12:19 AM PDT

God, it's April already. Where does the time go? Soon it'll be December 12 and we'll all be wondering if there will be a December 13th the next day. I really can't recall the days going by so fast. There was a time when it would take forever for a month to go by, especially when you're broke and waiting for your next pay cheque ... LOL!

My day is normally so full from the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed that I hardly have time to do all the things I want to do in a day. There are days when I wish there was more than 24 hours in a day. It's not that I mind the days going by in a flash, but it also ages me so much faster.

I'm already 45 years old, though I still think like a 30 year old ... LOL! I'm getting sales people in shopping malls calling me 'uncle' and it sure ain't a nice thing to hear. Heck, only a few years back, I was calling people 'uncle'! I know they're only being respectful but I could do with a lot less respect sometimes and just be called a young punk once in a while ... hahaha!

I haven't really blogged about anything thought provoking in ages and I don't think this post will prove to be thought provoking or even the least bit interesting in any way. I just have some free time right now that I though I'd use to tell you all about all about Hipshot Extenders but I doubt you'd be the least bit interested. Finding the time to blog let alone blog about anything interesting is a challenge in itself.

Nothing much has been happening in my life. Things are still the same. I'm still slogging away trying to make living and earn enough to satisfy my running shoe buying fetish ... LOL! Most of my day is taken up by work and when I'm done with work, the other half is taken up by my passion for running. At least I have a similar minded life partner who shares the same passion so we get to spend time together doing something we both love :D

I'm running a marathon in approximately 2 months plus time and up until a few weeks ago, I was totally skeptical about being able to do it. But of late, with a huge change in training plans, I've found new confidence in my abilities to run the marathon and cross that finish line in respectable timing. Since this is my first ever marathon distance, I don't have a benchmark to gauge abilities against so the only goal I've affixed to myself is to finish the distance. Can and will I be able to do it? I'll tell you after the race :D

Meletakkan nilai agama pada batu dan simen

Posted: 01 Apr 2012 11:34 PM PDT

oleh iliya arashi

Balian   : What is Jerusalem worth?

Saladin : Nothing…everything!

(Kingdom of Heaven, 2005)

Memerhatikan isu terkini – berkenaan tapak masjid di Bayan Mutiara – yang berlaku di Pulau Pinang baru-baru ini, menyedarkan kita bahawa sememangnya kita telah gagal sepenuhnya dalam melahirkan sebuah masyarakat yang matang dan bersemangat kebangsaan Malaysia. Nilai dan kedudukan sesebuah bangsa terletak pada kebolehannya untuk menghargai dan memahami hukum yang asasi dan pada masa yang sama menolak perkara-perkara yang hanya bersifat luaran dan cetek semata-mata.

Oleh itu apabila terdapat kumpulan-kumpulan tertentu – sama ada parti politik atau badan bukan  kerajaan – yang menuduh kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang yang diterajui Lim Guan Eng daripada gabungan Pakatan Rakyat mengabaikan kebajikan masyarakat Islam di negeri itu melalui penjualan tapak masjid kepada pihak swasta, wajar kita bertanya: adakah setakat ini sahaja kemampuan kita untuk membincangkan tentang masalah-masalah yang membelenggu masyarakat kita, terutamanya dalam soal agama?

Yang dirisaukan adalah tapak yang dikenalpasti untuk pembinaan masjid dan bukan nilai-nilai atau falsafah yang dibawa oleh agama Islam itu sendiri. Dalam erti kata lain, batu-batu dan struktur fizikal yang dapat dikesan pancaindera adalah lebih mustahak daripada prinsip-prinsip abstrak dan segajat yang terkandung dalam Islam itu sendiri!

Di sini kita harus jelas; kita bukan hendak mengabaikan kedudukan dan keperluan masjid itu sebagai institusi dan komponen yang sangat penting dalam perjalanan hidup dan penghayatan Islam oleh masyarakat Islam secara umum mahupun khusus. Tetapi untuk merendahkan wacana tentang kedudukan agama Islam dalam sesebuah masyarakat hanya kepada persoalan tapak dan batu semata-mata adalah satu penghinaan yang sangat besar.

Ini kerana agama Islam itu sendiri kaya dengan nilai-nilai yang memperkasakan dan mengharuskan kita supaya bertindak dan menuntut perubahan, agar sebuah masyarakat yang lebih saksama dan sejahtera dapat dibentuk. Atau sekurang-kurangnya sesuatu keadaan yang lebih baik daripada yang sebelumnya. Bukankah itu salah satu keperluan asas dalam Islam itu sendiri, iaitu untuk sentiasa mencari dan melakukan kebaikan, tanpa mengira kaum dan agama?

Sekiranya kita betul-betul ingin mendapatkan penghormatan dan pengiktirafan masyarakat seluruhnya supaya agama Islam dapat memainkan peranan penting sebagai unsur yang inklusif dalam gerakan sosial dan politis di negara ini, maka perkara-perkara yang wajib diberi perhatian utama adalah persoalan jurang kemiskinan, taraf hidup masyarakat dan diskriminasi golongan tertentu.

Tidak ada gunanya beribu-ribu tapak dikenal pasti dan diperuntukkan untuk pembinaan masjid ataupun surau sekiranya mereka yang terlibat dalam kes rasuah dan pecah amanah sehingga berbillion-billion ringgit tidak dihukum dan masih dibiarkan bebas.

Tapak boleh dijual. Bangunan boleh diruntuhkan. Tetapi keyakinan dan kepercayaan kepada nilai kesaksamaan tidak boleh dirampas sebaliknya kekal sepanjang zaman. Itu yang mesti kita pegang dan pertahankan walau mana kita berada.

Tulisan ini pertama kali dimuatkan dalam pada 2/4/2012

Susulan Kes Pelajar Nigeria Mati Dibelasah: 7 Anggota Rela Ditahan & Mentaliti Menteri

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 12:51 AM PDT

Kuala Lumpur - Tujuh anggota Rela ditahan reman tujuh hari bermula hari ini, bagi membantu siasatan kes kematian lelaki warga Nigeria di Kondominium Venice Hills, Hulu Langat semalam.

Ketua Polis Daerah Kajang, ACP Ab Rashid Ab Wahab berkata, kes itu disiasat mengikut Seksyen 302 Kanun Keseksaan kerana membunuh.

Polis masih menunggu laporan bedah siasat bagi mengetahui punca sebenar kematian lelaki warga Nigeria itu, katanya ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata, kawasan kejadian juga dipantau polis bagi memastikan tiada kejadian tidak diingini, susulan perbuatan sekumpulan warga Afrika yang merusuh disebabkan insiden kematian rakan senegara mereka itu semalam.

"Setakat ini belum ada tindakan yang diambil ke atas warga Afrika yang merusuh semalam. Kita masih lagi menjalankan siasatan," katanya.

Semalam, seorang lelaki warga Nigeria, Onochie Martins Nwankwo, 35, mati setelah dibelasah kerana mencabul seorang wanita tempatan di kondominium itu dan akibat kejadian tersebut kira-kira 200 lelaki Afrika yang tinggal di situ merusuh dengan merosakkan fasiliti harta awam seperti pondok pengawal dan bilik gerakan Rela. – Bernama

Ulasan GB

Isunya: pelajar Afrika itu telah dibelasah kerana mencabul seorang wanita tempatan di kondominium itu.

Sekalipun kes itu disiasat dan anggota RELA itu boleh disabitkan mengikut Seksyen 302 Kanun Keseksaan kerana membunuh, namun penyelesaiannya perlu dilakukan di peringkar akar supaya kejadian tersebut tidak berulang.

Disiplin "Awang Hitam" ini memang teruk dan dasyat. Banyak kes telah dilaporkan sebelum ini, tetapi lebih dasyat dan malang lagi apabila menteri yang bertanggungjawab iaitu Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, memandang remeh isu disiplin Awang Hitam ini dengan menyatakan bahawa "Kes jenayah pelajar Afrika rendah".

Maka tidak hairan jenayah Awang Hitam menjadi-jadi.

Inilah tahap mentaliti menteri kabinet yang Najib ada!

Laporan sebelum ini
klik untuk baca


Posted: 01 Apr 2012 11:11 PM PDT

YEAH... one of my favourite personalities, Aung San Suu Kyi who was released from years of house arrest recently, took to the street and now lead her party to victory. Yes, it does not shake the existing government but, the point has been driven home. This amazing lady will change the country, in her own way. And that, to me, is an inspiration....

YANGON: Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi hailed a "victory of the people" after her National League for Democracy (NLD) party declared she had won a seat in parliament for the first time.
"It's usual that NLD members and supporters are happy at this moment," she said in a statement.
"But words, behaviour and actions that can harm and sadden other parties and people must be avoided completely. I would like all NLD members to ensure that the victory of the people is a dignified victory," she added.
If confirmed, the win would mark a dramatic reversal in the political fortunes of the veteran activist, who was locked up by the former junta for most of the past 22 years. Official results were expected within a week.
Observers says Myanmar's quasi-civilian government needs Suu Kyi to take a place in parliament to bolster the legitimacy of its political system and spur an easing of Western sanctions against the regime.
But even if her party were to win all 44 seats it contested in Sunday's by-elections, it would not tip the balance of power in a parliament dominated by the military and its political allies.
Meanwhile, a US lawmaker who has drafted sanctions against Myanmar said that it was premature to ease pressure despite by-elections forecast to see Suu Kyi enter parliament.
Representative Joe Crowley, a member of President Barack Obama's Democratic Party from New York, saluted the "incredible perseverance and courage" of Aung San Suu Kyi but said it was "important to keep things in perspective."
"Far too many political prisoners are still locked behind bars, violence continues against ethnic minorities and the military dominates not only the composition but the structure of the government," he said.
"Now is not the time for the international community to rush toward lifting pressure on Burma," said Crowley, referring to Myanmar by its former name.
President Barack Obama's administration has been seeking to encourage reforms in Myanmar. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on a visit to Istanbul, said the United States was "committed to supporting these reform efforts."
But most of the two decades of sanctions on Myanmar are under the purview of the Congress, which has long shown sympathy to Myanmar's dissidents. Some other lawmakers, however, have been open to discussing easing some sanctions.
Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the top Senate Republican who has also spearheaded sanctions legislation on Myanmar, was cautious about the election.
"While much remains to be done in Burma, Suu Kyi's apparent election to parliament, like that of the apparent election of large numbers of her NLD colleagues, is an important step forward for the country," he said.
The by-elections were the latest reform effort by President Thein Sein, a nominal civilian leader whose government has surprised even many critics by freeing hundreds of prisoners and seeking cease-fires with ethnic rebels.
Aung Din, a former political prisoner and executive director of the US Campaign for Burma, said that Western nations should wait to see how Suu Kyi and other NLD supporters are treated in parliament.
"The United States and EU should not reward the regime simply because the NLD has some seats in the parliament," he said.- AFP

Dong Zong's video dampens Wee's near-miss claim

Posted: 01 Apr 2012 09:42 PM PDT

Chinese educationist umbrella group Dong Zong has released three video clips to address claims by Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong that he was assaulted by participants in a rally that the group held last Sunday.

A screening of the three clips - about 15-minutes in total length - was held for media organisations at Dong Zong's headquarters in Kajang yesterday.

A scene where retired carpenter Lee Siew Taa, 65, extended his arm towards Wee with a thumbs-down gesture, while another video was trained on Lee's back was screened in two clips.

dong zong video screening on 325 rally 310312

On Wednesday, Lee had come forward and lodged a police report to deny attacking Wee.

Lee said he was merely showing Wee the thumbs-down gesture and had lodged the report because of photographs depicting him angrily extending his arm towards Wee during the rally.

Also, Wee was photographed touching his left cheek after the incident.

Wee has refused to confirm to the press if Lee was indeed the alleged would-be assailant. Instead, he has merely stated that such details would be provided to the police.

Doctorates from Chow Kit and Jinjang universities!

Posted: 01 Apr 2012 09:32 PM PDT

Not even a word to contest what was written by Stopthelies!

I believe 'Dr' Yap Sin Tian couldn't find the right words to explain where he got his 'doctorates' from. And no bona fide evidence for him to proof that all his degrees and other tertiary scrolls came from the universities and high learning institutions as per claimed.

However, such a scroll can be bought online, through the Internet at a high price. Or did he simply make such claims to impress others, especially among the Chinese educationists in Malaysia?

His is the only case we discovered. Others, we are still doing some diggings.

Its a shameful episode, especially for someone who all this while plays a pivotal role in championing the Chinese education. And now that PM Najib has pledged his fullest cooperation to settle the problems of Chinese education, this 'Dr' may as well find other avenues to sell his lies.

The Dong Zong chairman is now a man of disgrace to the association. Dong Zong, a well-established and well-recognised body, should by now has looked into the case before losing its credentials.

Yap has not one but two faked Ph.ds from unaccredited university which has been shut down by the authorities.

We don't need all this Ph.ds to champion the rights of education. All we need is fresh and positive idea. What's the point of having a degree if we can't contribute to the well-being of our present and future generations?

Yap is a remote case of 'Mat Jenin' among the Chinese educationists. While the government has alaways been supportive of any move to enhance the Chinese education system, we can't avoid organisations like Dong Zong from being manipulated by people with vested interest.

Education is the privilege of all and each and every individual deserves the rights to give input as to how we can further improve the system. No need for a bogus professor or someone who rings his own bell to tell us what is right and wrong!

Hujan Lebat Pagi Ini - KL Dilanda Banjir Kilat Lagi

Posted: 01 Apr 2012 10:49 PM PDT

Kuala Lumpur - Beberapa laluan utama menuju ke ibu negara mengalami kesesakan teruk pagi ini akibat banjir kilat dan kemalangan kecil berikutan hujan lebat sejak awal hari ini.

Antara kawasan yang mengalami kesesakan ialah Lebuhraya Persekutuan, Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2, Lebuhraya Sungai Besi dan Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway.

Kesesakan itu juga berpunca daripada penutupan Terowong Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel (SMART) bermula pukul 7 pagi tadi.

Menurut jurucakap SMART penutupan itu bagi membolehkan air banjir disalurkan ke terowong tersebut untuk mengatasi banjir kilat di beberapa laluan termasuk di hadapan Menara Tabung Haji di Jalan Tun Razak dan Jalan Jelatek di Keramat.

Jurucakap Polis Trafik Kuala Lumpur pula berkata kesesakan lalu lintas berlaku di hampir semua laluan menuju ke ibu kota namun keadaan adalah terkawal.

Sementara itu, Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia menyatakan ribut petir dan hujan lebat di beberapa tempat di Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor termasuk di Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Hulu Selangor, Gombak, Petaling dan Hulu Langat akan berterusan sehingga tengah hari ini.

Turut mengalami keadaan sama ialah Ledang, Muar, Batu Pahat, Pontian, Kulaijaya, Johor Baharu dan Kota Tinggi di Johor serta Jasin di Melaka.

Keadaan serupa juga dijangka berlaku di Segamat, Johor serta Melaka Tengah dan Alor Gajah di Melaka, yang mungkin menyebabkan angin kencang serta banjir kilat. - Bernama

Insignificant Little Things...Part 4

Posted: 01 Apr 2012 11:15 PM PDT

Assalamu'alaikum warrahmatullahhi wabarakatuh.

I have for starters, a few suggestions to lend Dato' Seri Najib and all the top politicians in Umno.
Let us portray a bit more of our Islamic social decorum upon our Umno meets.

Start seggregating the males and females for all functions and programmes.
The men must sit/stand on one side and our females on another.

Please do not let them mix about like our favourite rojak.

And the Wanita and's about time.
They must ALL wear tudungs at all times whenever there are political meetings, functions and whatever programmes.
Show the Muslim dressing code at our political gatherings or fieldwork.

There are some who actually come to melawa and want eye attention..eliminate such garbage.
Be serious!

After that, if they cabut their tudungs, they bear the burden of sins themselves..Wallahhu'alam.
Some wear tight jeans, thick make-ups and let their glamourous style loose.
Well, please do that at some other places for goodness sake.

Our beloved and adorable Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor must lead the way.
She must start the ball rolling.
Those Umno members who tak pakai tudung must follow the proper attire rules.

And DSN and top Umno leaders must stop shaking hands with both Muslim and non-Muslim ladies be they young or old..

Dato' Seri, you only salam with the menfolks.
No need to penat2 salam with the opposite gender.
Less dosa..

With PRU 13 somewhere in the near future, cancel or reduce drastically any VVIP dinners where wine drinks are served for the non-Muslim guests..

And all the expensive, wasteful-looking 5-star entertainment where there are songs and dances..
Please cut them down!

Umno leaders must be seen even more at suraus, mosques and religious programmes throughout the country..
Their presence at these venues must be intensified.

This simple, easy technique can definitely woo many Muslim fence sitters.
Nevertherless, it is undeniably advantageous spiritually.

O yes..if there are alcholic drinks stored at homes to serve guests, chuck them out immediately.
If there is a bar in the house, tear it down..people may think the Umno leader consume the arak.

Until the PRU 13 finishes, enough of galak entertainments and western-like functions.
Tone them down.
It may seemed unimportant but this image does help..InsyaAllah.


Pendedahan Video Murtad Hassan Ali Hari Ini - Ahli PAS Tak Perlu Layan

Posted: 01 Apr 2012 09:03 PM PDT

Video murtad: Tak perlu layan, kata Pas

SHAH ALAM – Pas tidak menggalakkan ahlinya, malah tidak akan menghantar wakilnya untuk mengikuti pendedahan video murtad oleh bekas Pesuruhjaya Pas Selangor, Datuk Dr Hasan Mohamed Ali di kediamannya hari ini, kata Pesuruhjaya Pas Selangor, Dr Abd Rani Osman.

"Pas Selangor sudah mendapat arahan daripada Pas Pusat, tidak perlu layan apa yang dia hendak cakap. Banyak lagi benda besar yang hendak berikan tumpuan seperti pengundi hantu, rasuah. Kita pandang isu ini isu kecil sahaja, bagi Pas Selangor, ini (pendedahah video) tidak penting.

"Kita tidak galak ahli pergi tetapi kalau ada yang pergi tidak mengapa, terpulang. Itu mereka pergi atas kapasiti individu bukan mewakili Pas. Kalau hendak pergi, pergilah. Tiada masalah," katanya kepada Sinar Harian, semalam.

Menurutnya, Pas Pusat dan Selangor sememangnya sentiasa menentang sebarang usaha pihak tertentu yang cuba memurtadkan umat Islam.

"Isu murtad ini memang perlu kita tangani tetapi bukan dengan cara pergi dengar orang seperti ini bercakap, dia pun tiada kuasa.

"Kalau Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Jais) atau Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (Mais) buat, kita akan pergi. Masa dia jadi Exco, apa dia buat? Adakah murtad turun atau berkurangan," katanya.

Beliau berkata, cukup dengan kehadiran media yang datang kerana media lebih berperanan membuat liputan dan menyiarkannya di televisyen, akhbar, internet dan sebagainya.

Ketua Penerangan PKR Selangor, Shuhaimi Shafiei berkata, PKR Selangor tidak mahu terlibat dengan cerita 'seinci jadi sejengkal dan sekaki' seperti yang didedahkan bekas Exco Agama Islam Selangor itu. -SH

Hasan Ali dedah video cubaan murtad Isnin ini

Bekas Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor, Datuk Hasan Ali berkata beliau akan mendedahkan pada hari Isnin ini, petikan video yang didakwanya akan membuktikan percubaan oleh orang Kristian untuk memurtadkan umat Islam.

"Isnin ini, anda boleh lihat sendiri," katanya dalam sidang akhbar di kediamannya di Kuala Lumpur petang ini.

Sebelum ini, Hasan mendakwa beliau mempunyai bukti konspirasi Kristian untuk memurtadkan umat Islam - suatu perbuatan yang menyalahi undang-undang.

Orang Kristian menunggu video tergempar Hasan Ali: Satu lagi gimik politik

Dimana sahaja Hasan Ali pergi, dunia bagaikan berpusing. Bukan sahaja untuknya, tapi untuk semua disekelilingnya terutama sekali orang Kristian. Isnin hadapan, rakyat Malaysia akan menunggu dengan penuh debar untuk video yang dijanjikan oleh Hasan Ali, yang menunjukkan orang Kristian sedang cuba memurtadkan orang Islam.

"Saya sudah berjanji untuk menyiarkannya didalam video. Pada hari Isnin, kamu boleh saksikan sendiri," katanya pada sidang media semalam.

Menurutnya, ada video sepasang suami isteri yang mengaku telah dibaptis dan dimurtadkan untuk memeluk agama Kristian, adakah berkata sepasang suami isteri atau ribuan suami isteri? Jika hanya satu, dia tidak tahu perbezaan antara satu dan seribu. Jika diingatkan kembali, dia pernah berkata dahulu semasa kekecohan serbuan Pusat Methodis Damansara Utama ribuan orang Islam telah dimurtadkan oleh gereja Kristian dan untuk menjalankan kegiatan itu, mereka menggunakan alatan canggih seperti kitab injil yang dibekalkan tenaga solar.

Kenapa ambil masa yang lama?

Sekarang, dia hanya ada video yang menunjukkan sepasang suami isteri sahaja dan kenapa terlalu lama untuk dia menunjukkan bukti itu? Adakah dia terpaksa mengambil masa yang lama untuk memaksa mereka mengaku dosa itu dalam kes memalsukan bukti ala Umno? Jika terlalu lama masa diambil untuk membongkar cerita tentang sepasang suami isteri, bayangkan masa yang perlu diambil untuk membongkar kegiatan seribu orang Islam. Ia akan mengambil masa hamper 10 jangka hayat.

Ini sahaja telah membuktikan masalah menyesatkan orang Islam tidak berlaku sebenarnya, tidak sepertimana yang mahu dibuktikan oleh Hasan Ali. Kenapa orang Kristian begitu galak hendak menyesatkan orang Islam? Untuk kekal dalam politik, perlu ada agenda. Ibrahim Ali dan Perkasa sudah mengambil tanggungjawab mempertahankan ketuanan Melayu. Semua agenda Melayu yang lain sudah dijaga oleh Umno dan PM. Jadi, yang tinggal hanyalah mempertahankan orang Islam daripada orang Kristian. Tiada cara yang lebih baik daripada menakut-nakutkan orang Islam terhadap gerakan memurtadkan mereka oleh orang Kristian.

Menjadi begitu hina

Sudah tertipukah kita? Kekecohan 7 bulan yang lalu apabila JAIS menyerbu DUMC dimana kita sudah tahu didalanginya, ramai yang mula tahu apa yang boleh dilakukan oleh Hasan Ali. Sungguh menyedihkan bahawa Hasan Ali sanggup menjadi begitu keji dalam menjalankan agendanya untuk melindungi orang Islam dari Kristian.

Orang Islam yang takutkan Tuhan tahu ianya tidak mudah untuk mereka meninggalakan agama mereka dan memeluk Kristian dalam sekelip mata. Akan ada kes murtad dimana-mana dan bukan hanya orang Kristian yang memurtadkan orang Islam. Orang Islam juga menyebarkan dakwah untuk mengislamkan orang Kristian. Taksub adalah satu daripada sebabnya. Cintakan agama adalah satu lagi sebab. Di Malaysia, ada undang-undang yang menghalang agama lain dari berdakwah kepada umat Islam, jadi kemungkinan berlaku murtad adalah amat sedikit.

Lagipun, sungguh besar perbezaan antara sepasang suami isteri dengan 18 juta orang Islam di Malaysia. Adakah ini relevan? Adakah ini membuktikan kenyataan Hasan Ali tentang geraka anti Kristian yang berjumlah jutaan ringgit yang akhirnya akan memalukan orang Kristian yang terdiri daripada 10% dari 28 juta rakyat Malaysia yang juga haknya dilindungi oleh Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Tiada kerja dan mencari agenda untuk memenangi kerusi

Sekarang, Hasan Ali yang tiada kerja setelah dilucutkan jawatan dari PAS dan majlis eksekutif Selangor sekarang sudah menjadi penyelamat orang Melayu dengan NGO yang baru ditubuhkannya, JATI, yang akan dibiayai oleh tahu-tahu sajalah! Hasan mengharapkan JATI untuk menjadi penyambung karier politiknya.

Melalui NGO ini, dia berharap agar Umno akan memberinya kerusi untuk dipertandingi pada PRU ke -13 nanti. Tapi, dengan Najib sebagai PM, presiden Umno, sudah kedengaran permintaan untuk member kerusi pada ahli yang senior, jadi ada harapankah Hasan Ali?

Untuk Najib dan Umno, mereka tidak kisah untuk memberinya dana untuk mengacau pembangkang kerana ini membantu Melayu untuk menyokong mereka. Tapi amat sukar untuk mempercayainya kerana dia merupakan ahli PAS yang telah dipecat yang ingin menjadi MB yang tidak mendapat sokongan akar umbi, dan salah satu kerusi Umno yang amat berharga.

Mungkin inilah yang menjelaskan kenapa JATI relevan pada Najib dan Umno. Dia mungkin boleh menipu mereka namun bukan rakyat yang mengundi nanti. Rakyat Malaysia sudah jemu pada katak yang tidak menghormati pengundi PRU ke 12 yang suka melompat parti. TIADA KATAK YANG AKAN MENANG PADA PRU KE-13!

Jadi, Hasan Ali, adakah anda telah membelanjakan RM 300,000 untuk mengubahsuai pejabat anda? Adakah ini cirri-ciri Islam? Apa sudah jadi pada semua ceramah motivasi dan moral anda tentang hidup berprinsip, adakah semua itu tipu belaka? Memang jenis pakar motivasi yang tidak tahu bagaimana untuk mengimbang keperluan sendiri!
-Malaysia Chronicle

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