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Walla - Life IS a miracle

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Walla - Life IS a miracle

Walla - Life IS a miracle

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 03:30 PM PDT

The following post is a comment that Walla shared in response to my post on Life is a journey. I cannot remember when Walla started commenting in my blog but I remember two things:

a) When I first came across Walla's comments in another blog, I thought to myself - Walla has BOTH beauty AND brains! Wow!!!! Who IS she???? And I actually tried to find her true identity to no avail.

b) When Walla left her first comment in my blog way back in 2009, I nearly fainted from overwhelming joy. It can't be true, I thought to myself. She actually reads MY inane blog????

Through the years, we have had our share of differences of opinion - the greatest is about my hair hahaha...Suffice to say that the combined brainwashing of Angela and Walla wrt my dowdy school madamish look, I will be going for a makeover this I chickened out last week :-). Anyway, enough of my rambling. Here's Walla in her element on life....Thank you, dearie!!!!

Life is a miracle - written by Walla

What is the chance of two persons meeting in a sea of eight billion and just at the right time and place to zap each other?

What is the chance of two teeny things out of millions coming together at a certain microsecond to gazook each other because they want to become something fragile but with a remarkable potential to offer solace to others if not to change a small part of the world?

What is the chance of that something to grow and develop despite the vagaries of nature and the vicissitudes of life into a sure and sturdy adult endowed with another miracle called consciousness especially of its own mortality?

Every second everywhere in this world old plays retire and new dramas unfold in a flux reminiscent of van Gogh's swirling night sky riveted by the haunting tune of Barry's Somewhere In Time.

Gaiety and sorrow wax and wane in the interstices between most of the hours of the day which are only filled with mundane drab ordinariness, staple to all.

Against the stage's backdrop, life is anointed with dignity but only because it also engenders the inevitability of its own end.

The journey we each take in our own ways will be guided by the values and perceptions we choose, paved by the energy and effort we ourselves put in, and elevated by the calming emotion of singular faith by which we hold ourselves up and onwards despite all the trials and tribulations crossing our paths.

The course of our journey will be penciled by our actions as we navigate around and through all barriers and disappointments that pop up with stern regularity across a terrain of grey tiredness as familiar landscape.

And the last miracle of life's journey will be from the footprint we each leave behind on the sand of time. Even as the rogue wind comes to erase it, something will still remain behind to memorialize the dignity we fight so hard to save. A unique imprint in the minds of others who must themselves complete their own journeys, lightened by ours.

-Written by Walla-

P.S. I was so excited about finding the images to match Walla's beautiful writing that I accidentally clicked Publish when in reality, this post is meant to be posted only at 6.30a.m. :-( My apologies, especially to Feedburner subscribers because this means there will be lots for you to read. :-)

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Posted: 29 Apr 2012 07:53 AM PDT

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Can Evolutionary Theory Ever Explain This?

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 07:22 AM PDT

Recently, I posted an excerpt of The Maths of War from The Economist. Both Joshua and Walla left their comments/links there. Walla shared the following post. I had to change the title for obvious reasons. Here it is:

Can Evolutionary Theory Explain Terrorism? (Source: THIS LINK)

In military strategy, it is vital to know what the enemy is up to. Can evolutionary theory help? An interdisciplinary team at the University of Miami got their heads together and appealed to an evolutionary notion called the "Red Queen" hypothesis, and claimed it provides a "Pattern in Escalations in Insurgent and Terrorist Activity" that is neutral regarding the good guys and the bad guys. It resembles, they argue, how pedators and prey evolve in nature. They offer their model as a way military planners can have the ability "to estimate not only the number of fatalities but how often attacks that result in fatalities will take place." They applied their pattern prediction to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. How robust is this notion, and should evolutionary theory take credit for it?

The paper was published in Science July 1.1 Live Science provided a summary of the hypothesis. The "Red Queen" hypothesis comes from a character in Alice in Wonderland who complained that she had to run as fast as she could just to stay in place. Like a runner on a treadmill, or like the old Spy vs. Spy cartoons from Mad Magazine, predators and prey co-evolve just to keep up with each other's new technology. Can these cartoons apply to the real world? The authors realized that human armies are much more complex, but chose to omit all the factors involving human intellect, choice and planning, and make their theory completely amoral:


Ambiga: We Can't Control What Politicians Say

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 07:01 AM PDT

Ambiga: We can't control what politicians say

Tarani Palani |

April 29, 2012Free Malaysia Today

The rally was to feature only speeches from Ambiga, co-chairman A Samad Said and songs, says Bersih.
LUMPUR: Election watchdog Bersih 3.0 has no control over what
politicians say at its public events, its co-chairman

Ultranationalism or မ်က္ကန္းမ်ဳိးခ်စ္

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 06:48 AM PDT


Ultranationalism is a zealous nationalism that expresses extremist support for one's nationalist ideals.

It is often characterized by:

  1. authoritarianism,
  2. efforts toward reduction or stoppage of immigration,
  3. expulsion and or oppression of non-native populations within the nation or its territories,
  4. demagoguery of leadership,
  5. emotionalism,
  6. fomenting talk of presumed, real, or imagined enemies,
  7. predicating the existence of threats to the survival of the native, dominant or otherwise idealized national ethnicity or population group,
  8. In its extremist forms ultranationalism is characterized as a call to war against enemies of the nation/state, secession or, in the case of ethnocentrist ultranationalism, genocide.

instigation or extremist reaction to crack-down policies in law enforcement, efforts to limit international trade through tariffs, tight control over businesses and production, militarism, populism and propaganda.

Prevalent ultranationalism typically leads to or is the result of conflict within a state, and or between states, and is identified as a condition of pre-war in national politics.
Fascism is a form of palingenetic ultranationalism that promotes "class collaboration" (as opposed to class struggle), a totalitarian state, and irredentism or expansionism to unify and allow the growth of a nation. Fascists sometimes promote ethnic or cultural nationalism. Fascism stresses the subservience of the individual to the state, and the need to absolute and unquestioned loyalty to a strong ruler

SOURCE FB of : မင္းမင္း လတ္

လူမ်ဳိးတစ္မ်ဳိးကို အပုတ္ခ်ေျပာဆိုေနမည့္အစား ထိုလူမ်ဳိးအေၾကာင္း ထဲထဲ၀င္၀င္ ေလ့လာၾကည္ေစလိုသည္။

ေသျခာတာက Facebook ေပၚတြင္ သူမ်ားေအာ္လို႔သာ လိုက္ေအာ္ေနသူမ်ားၿပီး အေမာင္ ေတာင္မွန္း ေျမာက္မွန္း မသိသူေတြျဖစ္သည္။

ကိုယ့္အမ်ဳိးကို အထင္ႀကီးသူ အျခားလူမ်ဳိးမ်ားကိုႏွိမ့္ခ်ဆက္ဆံလိုစိတ္ရွိသူ မ်ားအတြက္ ဒီမိုကေရစီသည္ မထိုက္တန္။

အမ်ဳိးသားေရးဦးစားေပးၿပီး ထိုစိတ္ဓါတ္ႀကီးထြားလာလွ်င္ ေသျခာသည္ကေတာ့ ဖက္ဆစ္စံနစ္ သာျဖစ္မည္။

ဟစ္တလာသည္ နာဇီအမ်ဳိးသားေရး၀ါဒကို က်င့္သုံးခဲ့သလို ဂ်ပန္သည္လည္း အမ်ဳိးသားေရး၀ါဒီကို က်င့္သုံးခဲ့ျပီး ကမၻာကို ႏွိပ္စက္ခဲ့သူမ်ားး ျဖစ္သည္။

SOURCE FB of : Zaw Min Tun

လူမ်ဳိး နဲ႔ ဘာသာတရား
ဘာသာတရား နဲ႔ ႏုိင္ငံသား
ႏုိင္ငံသား နဲ႔ လူမ်ဳိး
ဒီ သုံးမ်ဳိးကို မကြဲၿပားတဲ႔
… မ်က္ကန္းမ်ဳိးခ်စ္

ဗမာစစ္ မစစ္
ရုိဟင္ဂ်ာစစ္ မစစ္
မ်ဳိးစစ္ မစစ္
DNA စစ္ႀကည္႔ႀကပါလားဗ်ာ


စာအုပ္ထဲက ယဥ္ေက်းမွႈေတြ ျပန္အိပ္မက္ဖုိ႔
ပန္းဦးဆက္ ဓေလ့ကို ေဖာ္ထုတ္မယ္။
ယဥ္ေက်းမွႈထိန္းသိမ္းေရး ဆရာမၾကီး တအုပ္
… ဘယ္သူေတြ သတို႔သမီး လုပ္မလဲ?

ျမစ္ဆံု… ရိုဟင္ဂ်ာနဲ႔ေရပုိင္နက္
ငါတုိ႔ သည္းေျခပ်က္ေနရေပါ့။
တဝမ္းပူ၊ ဘကုန္း
အကၡရာ ၃၃ လံုးထဲမွာ အေသမုန္းတယ္။
လွ်ပ္စစ္စာမ်က္ႏွာေပၚမွာ ေတာက္တခ်က္ေခါက္
ဦးေႏွာက္ထဲမွာ အၾကံဥာဏ္ ဟုန္းဟုန္းေတာက္တယ္။
ကြန္ျဖဴးရွပ္ရဲ႕ အဆံုးအမတရားေတြရယ္
တဂိုးရဲ႕ ကဗ်ာစာအုပ္ေတြရယ္ကုိ

The Horrors of Ultranationalism 

  1. To what extent are      ultranationalist actions and policies a root cause of genocide?
  2. Create a visual      representation explaining the roots, effects and aftermath of an      ultranationalist event that resulted in genocide.
Suggested Activities

Students explore to what extent ultranationalism   is a root cause of genocide and create a presentation to portray an   ultranationalist action that led to a catastrophic abuse of human rights.
The selection of topics, identification of suitable reference material and   handling of discussions must be done with sensitivity as some students,   because of their backgrounds, may be upset by the issues raised.

A. To what extent are ultranationalist actions and   policies a root cause of genocide?

Explore the causes of catastrophic abuse

Share with the class a newspaper article or show a video about a recent act   of catastrophic human rights abuse. After discussing the factors leading up   to the abuse, invite students to speculate on the reasons why events such as   these occur. Explore the extent to which ultranationalism is a root cause of   some or even many of these abuses.

Preparation to research human rights abuses
Organize students in groups and assign each group an incident of genocide,   such of those listed below:

Because of the disturbing nature of these events,   preselect the sites that students will use to gather information about their   assigned incidents. In addition, caution students about the need for   thoughtful and sensitive presentation and discussion of the details of these   events.

Research acts of catastrophic human rights abuse
Provide students with a recording chart to help them research their assigned   events. The chart might be organized around the 5Ws:

  • Who? Who        was involved?
  • What?        What led to the abuses? What ultranationalist policies were enacted        officially or unofficially? What were the primary interests of the        ultranationalist group?
  • Where? Where        did the event occur?
  • When?        When did the event take place and when did the world react to the event?
  • Why?        Why did one group resort to policies of genocide?
  • How?        How might the abuses have been prevented?

Stress the importance of asking critical   questions, such as why these abuses occur and what might be done to prevent   them. Direct students to create a comprehensive list of factors that   contributed to the abuse. Encourage students to look for immediate causes,   indirect causes and historical conditions that may have contributed to the   situation.

To structure and assess this activity, you may   want to adapt the chart and rubric found in Collecting   Information (Support Material).

Identify causal relationships
Invite students to illustrate the dynamic interactions among causal factors   that led to genocide in their assigned event by creating a web. Suggest that   students record the causes on paper, on the board or on an overhead. Ask   students to draw a circle (of varying sizes) around each cause to represent   the factor's magnitude or significance. Direct students to draw arrows   connecting the various circles and annotate the arrows with a short   description of the effects of factors on each other.

To structure this activity, you may want to adapt   the graphic found in Web   of Effects (Support Material). Use the following information on World   War II to demonstrate use of the Web of Effects.

Possible Causes of World War II

  • failure        of the League of Nations
  • militarism        (arms race)
  • worldwide        depression
  • imperialism        (territorial rise of totalitarian dictatorships)
  • appeasement
  • Treaty        of Versailles.

Determine and rate relative significance
After students have diagrammed the contributing factors to their   assigned incident, ask each group to identify which of these factors are   related to ultranationalism. Ask students to rate the extent to which the   incident was a result of ultranationalism on a scale from Little or No Effect   to The Dominant Factor.

B. Create a visual representation explaining the   roots, effects and aftermath of an ultranationalist event that resulted in   genocide.

Prepare presentations

Encourage students to locate information, including visual and graphic   representations of the incident, for use in their visual presentations; e.g.,   video, electronic slide show, poster. Remind students of, or have them   generate, criteria for effective presentations:

  • informative        (the 5 Ws)
  • concise
  • convincing
  • appropriate        for the intended purpose and audience
  • easy        to understand, read and view.

Discuss with the class the intended audience for   these presentations, such as a school assembly, a community program or a Web   site. Agree as a class on the intended audience. Remind the students that the   purpose of the presentation is to inform audiences about the dangers of   ultranationalism and to suggest what nations might do to prevent human rights   abuses.

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Happy 52nd Birthday Nain! Alhamdulillah...

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 10:37 AM PDT

[HOT] Pekung Polis Terdedah Lagi, Zaharin Minta Menteri KDN & KPN Letak Jawatan

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 10:45 AM PDT

Satu ketika dia peserta demo belasah polis trafik,
ketika lain dia anggota polis menangkap peserta BERSIH

Sedikit demi sedikit bukti penyamaran polis terdedah. Sesiapa yang mengenali polis ini, sila dedahkan namanya, akaun facebooknya (jika ada) dan berkhidmat di IPD mana.

Dan yang paling penting, bantuan diperlukan untuk mendedahkan gambar lelaki tidak siuman yang menaiki bumbung kereta polis dan menghentaknya. Jika Datuk Zaharin dari UMNO Bandar Tun Razak maklumkan hampir 2 ribu polis yang menyamar menjadi peserta Bersih untuk menimbulkan huru hara dan provokasi, maka tidak pelik kalau lelaki tidak siuman yang menaiki kereta polis dan menghentaknya juga seorang polis!

Ulasan GB

Kita akan terus berdoa kepada Allah swt agar kebenaran itu dibongkar dan didedahkan. Allah memperkenankan doa orang yang dizalimi dan difitnah. Petikan doa yang selalu GB siarkan:

Marilah kita sama-sama berdoa agar kebenaran dan keadilan itu didedahkan.

اللهم ارنا الحق حقا وارزقنا اتباعه وارنا الباطل باطلا وارزقنا اجتنابه

Allahumma arinal haqqa, haqqa, warzuqnattiba'ah,
wa arinal bathila bathila, warzuqnajtinabah

Ya Allah, tunjukkanlah yang kebenaran itu sebagai kebenaran, dan kurniakanlah kami kekuatan untuk mengikutinya (memperjuangkannya), dan tunjukkanlah yangg batil itu sebagai batil dan kurniakanlah kami kekuatan untuk menjauhinya (menghapuskannya).

Tulis Datuk Zaharin Mohd Yasin, Setiausaha Umno Bahagian Bandar Tun Razak (Sang Kelembai) dalam facebooknya:

Polis dah lebih cerdik dari dulu.. Dia bagikan anggotanya dua pasukan, satu pakai uniform polis, satu pasukan lagi pakai baju bersih tergelak saya jumpa seorang kawan yang masih polis, pegawai lagi dari Pahang, pakai baju kuning dan terpekik ayat reformasi. Saya tak tegur dia pun. Tapi bila tengok kat lengan dia ada getah warna kuning.. Dan saya jumpa banyak yang pakai getah yang sama.. Saya rasa terjaminlah dalam kumpulan pencacai yang tidak tahu apa benda ini..

Kini, orang UMNO sendiri mendedahkan pihak polis menyamar sebagai anggota BERSIH.

POLIS MERUSUH- provokasi polis kantoi,,, beliau memakai getah kuning, penanda bagi setiap Polis berpakaian preman (SB)

Selain itu Datuk Zaharin juga meminta Menteri KDN dan Ketua Polis Negara bertanggungjawab dan meletakkan jawatan disebabkan anggota polis yang cedera. Siap panggil mereka "monyet" lagi!

Apa lagi pencacai UMNO yang lain mahu cakap? Lu mau hantam dalam komen blog GB apa bikin? Pergilah hantam Datuk Zaharin di Wall FBnya... bingai...

Bagi kita, kita akan terus berdoa!

اللهم ارنا الحق حقا وارزقنا اتباعه وارنا الباطل باطلا وارزقنا اجتنابه

Allahumma arinal haqqa, haqqa, warzuqnattiba'ah,
wa arinal bathila bathila, warzuqnajtinabah

Ya Allah, tunjukkanlah yang kebenaran itu sebagai kebenaran, dan kurniakanlah kami kekuatan untuk mengikutinya (memperjuangkannya), dan tunjukkanlah yangg batil itu sebagai batil dan kurniakanlah kami kekuatan untuk menjauhinya (menghapuskannya).

Statement on Pha Kant and Kamma Issue of Former Political Prisoners (Burma) (DVB)

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 05:59 AM PDT

428 Bersih 3.0

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 05:31 AM PDT

The clean and green rallies worldwide on April 28 was a huge success. The protests sent a clear message to our government to conduct the upcoming GE clean and to keep our environment green. All the dailies today gave conspicious front page and extensive inner-page coverage of the event. I salute to all those who took part in 428 rally for good cause.

Police brutality at its best = Najib's best democracy

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 05:25 AM PDT

By Shannon Teoh
April 29, 2012

Singapore's Straits Times opined today "The political fallout may be severe, going by past precedents." — Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 — Yesterday's Bersih rally may undermine Datuk Seri Najib Razak's image as a reformist and delay polls expected by June, according to initial foreign media reports after police fired water cannon at protestors who defied a court order barring the public from Dataran Merdeka. The tear gas has barely settled after at least 25,000, more than last July's rally for free and fair elections, turned up for the planned sit-in, and were forcibly dispersed after some broke through the barricade around the historic square.

"Police fired tear gas and chemical-laced water at thousands of protesters demonstrating for cleaner elections, potentially undermining Prime Minister Najib Razak's efforts to present himself as a political reformer with elections months away," the Wall Street Journal reported.

Several newswires, picked up by major newspapers globally, also took the same line, with Reuters reporting that police action raised "the risk of a political backlash that could delay national polls which had been expected as early as June."

Reuters reported that police action raised "the risk of a political backlash." — Reuters pic
"The protest presents a delicate challenge for Najib. The violence could carry risks for Prime Minister Najib Razak if it is seen as unjustified... Najib's approval rating tumbled after July last year when police were accused of a heavy handed response to the last major electoral reform rally," it reported.

Agence France-Presse also said that "the rally poses a dilemma for Najib, who since last year's crackdown has sought to portray himself as a reformer, launching a campaign to repeal authoritarian laws in a bid to create what he called 'the greatest democracy'."

Several reports pointed to the first Bersih rally held just months before the March 2008 elections, which saw Barisan Nasional (BN) record its worst electoral performance ever, ceding its customary two-thirds supermajority in Parliament and five state governments.

Najib took over from Tun Abdullah Badawi a year later, ostensibly to improve on the results and some observers say only a return to two-thirds majority will guarantee he remains Umno president.

"I'm sure this weighs on Prime Minister Najib's mind. It's very clear already that the opposition has every intention to piggyback on Bersih," Bloomberg quoted Joseph Chinyong Liow, associate dean of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore, as saying.

Widespread condemnation from the international press of Putrajaya's crack down on last July's Bersih rally saw Najib announce a raft of reforms including a parliamentary select committee on electoral reforms and the Peaceful Assembly Act, a major concession to win back an alienated middle-class.

But the findings of a bipartisan panel have been criticised as cosmetic by civil society and the opposition and yesterday's planned sit-in was the first major test of the new law regulating demonstrations the BN chief says abides by "international norms".

The foreign press widely carried global civil liberties watchdog Human Rights Watch's criticism of the government, saying it showed "contempt for its people's basic rights and freedoms."

"Despite all the talk of 'reform' over the past year, we're seeing a repeat of repressive actions by a government that does not hesitate to use force when it feels its prerogatives are challenged," said Phil Robertson, its deputy Asia director.

Protesters take cover from tear gas fired by police. — Reuters pic
Singapore's Straits Times also reported that "while both police and protesters are blaming each other for the mayhem... it is undoubtedly a public relations disaster" for Najib, although the island-state itself barred Malaysians from holding a simultaneous sit-in there. "The political fallout may be severe, going by past precedents. The size of yesterday's crowd, easily in the tens of thousands, also surpassed expectations. That sends a grim message to the Prime Minister who had worked hard to regain the support of the middle-class urban electorate," the newspaper reported.

But the most damning articles have come out of Australia, whose independent senator Nicholas Xenophon was caught in the tear gas crossfire
 while observing proceedings.

Invited by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as part of an international fact-finding mission on electoral practices in Malaysia, he said that Canberra must rethink its relationship with Putrajaya.

"I wonder whether the Australian government has been mute about human rights issues... by virtue of our reliance on the refugee swap deal.

"It raises serious questions over how authoritarian it is," he said in a statement that was reported across several Australian newspapers, referring to plans to swap 800 asylum seekers with 4,000 processed refugees from Malaysia.

Overcoming Life's Challenges

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 04:25 AM PDT

I don't know about you but sometimes in life we can face things that seem to almost break us right in half. There are times when you honestly think you can't take anything else on or you will crumble under the pressure. You may be going through one of toughest challenges you have had to face in life right now. Here are 5 keys to help you overcome life's tough challenges.

You're Not Alone

Often when we are going through these times, we can feel very isolated. It is like we feel we are the only ones in the world that have ever faced something this tough. Of course, if you step back and start to really look, the reality is that there have been a ton of people that have gone through the exact same thing and made it out successful on the other side. Keep this in mind to help you feel confident that you will make it through.

See Past The Present

This can be very hard to do as we tend to focus on what we are going through right now. However, the more you focus on the negative of the present, the more you will attract negative things. You have to start looking towards the future and what you can or need to do now to make your future better.

Get Help

It is amazing how much our pride stops us from overcoming challenges in life. Sometimes all we need is the help of a friend, family member, or a professional. There is nothing wrong or weak in getting help from someone. After all, we were never meant to live this life all on our own.

Start to Talk Positive

One of the worst things that you can do is to continue talking negative about yourself or your situation. Now I don't mean be in denial about what is going on. What I'm talking about here is changing the way you talk. The more you talk about something the more you believe it. So start saying positive things about yourself and your situation, even if it doesn't feel good at first. If you can find the positive, you'll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Help Someone Else

Find someone else that is in a similar situation to you and help them in some way. When you can help someone that is going through something like you are or even worse then you are, it helps you put things into a little bit more perspective.

-Written by Jason Osborn-

Is there greatness on the inside of you but you don't know how to achieve it? Jason has just completed his brand new 7 part e-course, 'Find Your Greatness'

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Article Source: HERE

Tindakan Ganas Polis Semalam Tidak Berlaku Apabila PR Ambilalih Putrajaya

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 05:33 AM PDT

Kuala Lumpur: Anggota Parlimen Shah Alam, Khalid Samad berkata, di bawah Pakatan Rakyat kelak peristiwa seperti himpunan di Pulau Pinang dan Kuantan (perhimpunan Lynas) tempoh hari akan diterima sebagai KPI polis.

Peristiwa seperti di Kuala Lumpur akan dilihat sebagai kegagalan mereka, kata Khalid melalui twitternya hari ini.

Beliau merujuk kepada kekecohan yang berlaku dalam perhimpunan Bersih 3.0 semalam di Kuala Lumpur.

Perhimpunan yang asalnya berjalan dengan aman bertukar kecoh apabila polis bertindak menembak gas pemedih mata di tengah-tengah orang ramai.

Orang ramai juga mula marah apabila melihat sebuah kereta polis masuk ke kawasan mereka dalam keadaan pemandu kereta itu memakai topi kledar.

Akibatnya orang ramai melempar botol air dan sebagainya ke kereta itu.

Kereta itu kemudiannya melanggar orang ramai dan berhenti di tembok komplek Sogo.

Tiga orang dikatakan cedera manakala seorang disahkan cedera parah serta mendapat rawatan di Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Sebagai reaksinya, pemnadu kereta bertopi keledar itu di belasah oleh orang ramai.

Bagi Khalid, Walaupun dikatakan ada yang cuba merempuh pagar berduri di Dataran Merdeka, menembak gas ke arah ribuan orang yang sedang berkumpul secara aman hanya menjanjikan kekecohan.

"Polis yang pro tidak bertindak begitu, sebaliknya berusaha mengawal keadaan, menjaga keselamatan orang ramai, termasuk pendemonstran kerana polis bersenjata, rakyat tidak," katanya.

Oleh kerana hanya polis bersenjata, tindakan polis mesti lebih terkawal, lebih profesional. Mereka sepatutnya dilatih untuk jaga rakyat bukan memukul rakyat, tambah Khalid yang juga AJK PAS Pusat.

"Bawah PR kelak, polis akan dilatih menjadi pelindung/pembela rakyat. Perubahan ini wajib dilakukan demi masa depan hubungan rakyat dan institusi polis," tegas Khalid lagi.

Seorang lagi rakan beliau, Dr Syed Azman Syed Ahmad dalam kenyataannya pula mempertikaikan laporan media tradisional yang dikawal oleh Umno dan Barisan Nasional hari ini.

"Meneliti berita Bersih dalam akhbar New Straits Times, The Star, BHarian dan Mingguan Malaysia sambil sarapan.

"Takada yang baik dari himpunan aman Bersih..akhbar jijik," tulis beliau yang juga Penolong Setiausaha Agung PAS.

Salah satu tuntutan Bersih 3.0 adalah liputan media yang adil. -HD

Can You Answer These Twenty Questions?

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 03:45 AM PDT

1) Why does the glue in a tube not stick to the tube itself?

2) Academic research has detailed reports stating that from a group of four men or women one will most certainly have a mental ailment of some kind or the other. Think about this calculation: if you have three normal friends, then you unfortunately are the fourth one out. Who then is the fourth person? :-)

3) Why do we press down hard on the remote control even though we know that the batteries are weak?

4) Have you ever watched old or new films about Tarzan? If he is supposed to be living in the wild, why is he clean shaven?

5) Switched those bulbs that are enclosed in tight plastic shutters? Have you noticed that whenever you go to do that there are always dead bugs inside? How did they manage to get there?

6) Why can't we ever manage to open a plastic bag on the first attempt?

7) Why do they use sterilized needles when injecting a convict on death role?

8) Why does a bank take interest on money when your account is overdrawn? From where do they think you are going to pay them? If you had the cash you would have used it, wouldn't you?

9) Why don't we ever hear jokes about father-in-laws?

10) When statistics claim that the sum of all the stars in the sky is about four billion, people believe it. But, when someone sees a sign on a park bench or board stating "wet paint", why is it a natural instinct to 'verify' this?

11) How many times will be keep coming back and opening the door to the fridge when we are hungry? Do we really think that food will appear there miraculously?

12) Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest but ducks if after the bullets are over the gun is thrown at him?

13) I'm sure you've heard of the evolutionary claim that mankind has evolved from monkeys. If this is so, why are monkeys still roaming earth?

14) If you are sitting by a table and something is accidentally falling off, chances are you may not try to stop it. Why?

15) Why did the Japanese pilots who were planning to crash into American ships wear helmets?

16) Why do people move a vacuum cleaner over a small piece of thread again and again? Why do we pick it up, examine it and then place it back down and move the vacuum cleaner over it to give it a second chance?

17) Why are soap bubbles always white no matter what is the colour of the soap?

18) Is it winter or summer wherever you are right now? Have you noticed that if it is summer we try and make the house as cold as it would be during winter, and if it is winter, we try and make the house as hot as it would during summer?

19) Why is it that whenever you walk past a mattress dealership, they have large signs advertising a big price reduction?

20) Isn't it silly that when if wandering through one of the large shopping malls someone doesn't pay attention and the cart they are pushing smacks into your toes, and then they say sorry, all we can think of saying is that no harm was done while your toe is aching.

If you have answers to any/some/all of the above questions, do share that we can smile together. Take care and have a lovely evening!

Agnes Lim

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 03:49 AM PDT

English Name: Agnes Lim
Chinese Name: 林莉帏
Location: Klang Valley(Any function out of Klang Valley is considerable as well)
Horoscope: Leo
Height: 165cm
Weight: 44kg
Vital Statistics: 33B, 24, 35
Hobbies: Singing, Shopping, Hosting, Communicating, meet new people, outdoor activities, sports & etc...

Bersih - Original and Uncensored Version of BBC _

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 07:01 AM PDT

PET+BLOGSPOT is the ONLINE BLOG of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association or Petpositive.


We offer both local and foreign news on animals, disability and the elderly.

PET+BLOGSPOT was first established in October 2007. Our hits since then are now 150,000 and ever increasing!

PET+BLOGSPOT is updated

NUJ - Media Harassment To Black Out Misconduct?

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 12:54 AM PDT

NUJ: Media harassed to black out police misconduct?

Aidila Razak
11:04AM Apr 29, 2012

National Union of Journalists (NUJ) today said the alleged
heavy-handedness of police on media personnel during the Bersih 3.0
rally raises questions on the police's claimed restraint and

Lawyer Claims He Was Attacked By Cops

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 12:48 AM PDT

Lawyer claims he was attacked by cops

Nigel Aw
2:32PM Apr 29, 2012


lawyer who served as an observer at the Bersih 3.0 protest yesterday
said he was attacked by police officers who continued beating him after
he had been detained.Mohd Haijan Omar, who was observing the

Radio Australia - Time For Aussie Govt To Reconsider Its Relationship With Malaysia

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 12:03 AM PDT

Australian senator caught up in Malaysian violence

Updated 29 April 2012, 7:42 AEST

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon, who
is in Malaysia on a fact-finding mission, has been caught up in one of
the country's biggest demonstrations in decades.

Protesters take to the streets demanding electoral reform in Malaysia. [ABC] 

Peserta Demo Mengganas - Siapakah Mereka Ini??

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 03:06 AM PDT

Kenapa Mereka Tidak Memakai Baju BERSIH? Kenapa Mereka Nampak Teruja Sangat Memecahkan Sekatan Polis? Siapa Kenal Mereka2 Ini??

KUALA LUMPUR 28 April - Seperti mana dijangka, perhimpunan Bersih 3.0 yang diadakan di ibu negara hari ini berakhir dengan keganasan.

Ia berikutan tindakan peserta perhimpunan itu yang bertindak ganas dan biadab bukan sahaja dengan merempuh sekatan polis malahan turut menyerang serta memukul sehingga menyebabkan 11 anggota pasukan keselamatan cedera.

Tidak cukup dengan itu, peserta-peserta demonstrasi juga bertindak liar apabila mereka menyerang dan menterbalikkan sebuah kereta polis yang terbabas.

Mereka juga turut memusnahkan kawat besi dan penghalang yang dipasang di laluan masuk ke Dataran Merdeka, penyokong Bersih sanggup melakukan apa sahaja keganasan termasuk mencederakan petugas media sehingga parah.

Utusek Malaysia


Ulasan GB

Kenyataan Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur semalam, Datuk Mohamad Salleh menyatakan "Kumpulan berkenaan terus bergerak untuk memasuki Dataran Merdeka, pihak polis melepaskan gas pemedih mata untuk menghalang kemaraan peserta perhimpunan"..

Sekarang timbul persoalan "siapa sebenarnya: yang membuka benteng polis itu?

Dari gambar yang tersiar, kelihatan beberapa "pemuda berjaket" merempuh dan mengalihkan sekatan.

Seperti kata blogger bloglispolitik, mengapa mereka tidak memakai baju kuning BERSIH jika mereka peserta BERSIH 3.0?

Insiden itu menjelaskan lagi bahawa ada provokasi melampau untuk "menjustifikasikan" tembakan gas pemidh mata oleh pihak polis.

Marilah kita sama-sama berdoa agar kebenaran dan keadilan itu didedahkan.

اللهم ارنا الحق حقا وارزقنا اتباعه وارنا الباطل باطلا وارزقنا اجتنابه

Allahumma arinal haqqa, haqqa, warzuqnattiba'ah,
wa arinal bathila bathila, warzuqnajtinabah

Ya Allah, tunjukkanlah yang kebenaran itu sebagai kebenaran, dan kurniakanlah kami kekuatan untuk mengikutinya (memperjuangkannya), dan tunjukkanlah yangg batil itu sebagai batil dan kurniakanlah kami kekuatan untuk menjauhinya (menghapuskannya).

Voice Of America - Msian PM's Reforms Too Little Too Late

Posted: 28 Apr 2012 11:58 PM PDT

April 28, 2012

Malaysian Police Use Tear Gas, Water Cannon to Disperse Protesters

Photo: AP

Protesters march on a street during a rally to demand for electoral reforms in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 28, 2012.

Tens of thousands of people marched through the streets of the
Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, Saturday to protest what they say is an

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