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World-Class Education?

World-Class Education?

World-Class Education?

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 10:45 AM PDT

I have written many articles about the state of education in our country and as time passes, my heart continues to bleed. For once, I am not going to rant but wish to share KJ John's article
Our education world class? taken from Malaysiakini HERE.

Our education world class? by KJ John

The English-language daily The Star two Sundays ago quoted the minister of education as saying that the Malaysian education system is world class and implied that parents and citizens have little or nothing to worry about.

Worse still, the chief editor of the same newspaper continued the argument for a non-integrated education system which is producing large number of "poor citizens" who could not speak in either Bahasa Malaysia or English, at least to some degree of excellence.

The past weeks I also met a lawyer who told me that he was actually from the Tamil school medium, and then went to the RMC and now speaks both English and Bahasa Malaysia better than most Malaysians.

He appears to have mastered both English and Tamil literature more that most of us who claim to be Malaysian Indians.

That same week I also received word that my niece who finished SPM last year at the best school in the country, SMK Seri Aman, just got admitted to both John Hopkins University and Berkeley to pursue an undergraduate degree in biology, the subject her mother teaches.

Finally, the SPM results also gave me reasons to be both proud and upset for quite different reasons, much more along the lines of what Soo Ewe Jin wrote about good teachers, education and learning in the past in The Sunday Star.

I was proud that my youngest son finished his SPM, finally. With five children in the family and the oldest being 29, I once said that by the time my youngest finished Form 5, I should be prepared to be the minister of education.

I am not and never will be, but this column on the quality of our education system I can still write about.

My review will talk about what it takes for us to reach the world class standards, and not simply rely on village standards of performance but call everything world class.

A world class education must teach students in at least three areas and arenas of life. The first is to train and prepare the mind with some level of intelligence quotient.

In my time, after Standard 6 we sat for an intelligence test and if you got an A, everybody knew you were then an A student.

Most A students went on to score well in the LCE or the Senior Cambridge or the Higher School Certificate.

The next area relates to the whole area of training the heart; of developing the good human being.

Focus on character development

The heart relates to both one's self-view vide the mind and self-concept, but should also be able to help us to relate to others in terms of emotional quotient (EQ) and social quotient (SQ).

The relational quotient is what really much of life is all about. And most of the extra-curricular activities in school are really developing this social and leadership skills.

Finally, as part and parcel of the foundational education there must also be teaching about how to take care of one's body. It must include more than sex education.

It is about healthy living skills education and full-fledged focus on character development.

First, we must teach our students all about the basic care and concern for the human body; about what we eat and how we need to ensure a sustainable lifestyle, including basic family life values.

Physical exercise during school hours is also designed to help us learn how to keep fit.

For example, a friend's grandson, currently in the US has to make sure that he does not overshoot his body-mass-index; otherwise he has to do some extra rounds of the school field, almost voluntarily before class.

When we can do all these well and to the level of global and competitive excellence, then we can claim that our school system is second to none.

Therefore, is our school system able to prepare our children to be among the world's best? I think we can and do but one cannot say that for all the schools.

I believe that our school system has much of the ingredients, but much of the failure is related to the lack of the right environment to nurture and grow world class individuals.

In my experience, those who make it often owe their excellence to many factors outside of the school system but which still nurtures and support such world class standards.

But I must admit that the school system appears to have consistently dropped standards over the years; and that is our biggest problem.

The biggest problem of our education system today is not those who go overseas but rather those who never get to go overseas to study.

Are they learning to be good citizens; do they know how to earn an honest living; are they of good character and can they provide good and capable grassroots leadership at all levels without dependencies?

Nicole David is obviously a world class Malaysian par excellence in her chosen sporting career.

Nationalist world view

I got to hear her for the first time recently. Of course, she is a world class individual and has now excelled in squash so much that CIMB has unashamedly and unapologetically named their annual championship after her.

Congratulations to CIMB for a nationalist world view and to Nicole David for being such a world class individual who are both humble and sincere.

Now, coming back to our school system and standards of our education system.

My son, who was head prefect in his SMK school, was however given a final grade B for leadership, C for diligence, B for sense of responsibility, B for initiative, B for cooperation, B for confidence and B for perseverance.

He is not happy with it and considers it unfair and his father is livid. Of course, the certificate is called a testimonial. I also presume it is a testimonial for his five years in secondary school.

Quite independent of the school system, he is currently also appointed a MBPJ Child Counsellor - a first in the world for any city council.

I leave it to the parents and the citizens out there to decide what the fundamental problem is therefore with our school system.

When the school system elects/appoints its head prefect, they presumably do not choose an academically weak student to become one.

But after he had served from Form 1 to Form 5 as a prefect and they finally appoint him head prefect in his final year, how can they now officially say he was not even good enough to be one?

All I can say is that they "cakap tak serupa bikin" or is it that we do not "kotakan apa yang kita katakan".

I would let the minister of education answer the issues and questions.

And by the way, for the information of The Star's chief editor and his column piece, my son can speak English, Mandarin and Malay in that order of excellence.

And to my other friend Soo Ewe Jin, I can only say I agree with you that the primary job of parents is to help the children mature as they are learning, by unlearning and relearning all the wrong lessons in life.

We have to teach them what is right and wrong; especially when the school system cannot or does not do so well enough.

May God bless the Malaysian education system to strive to become excellent.


KJ JOHN was in public service for 29 years. The views expressed here are his personal views and not those of any institution he is involved with.


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Nazri Dan Najib Berperang

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 11:09 AM PDT

Saya dah lama berkhidmat, kata Nazri

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz bersedia memberi laluan kepada muka baru untuk menjadi calon pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Beliau yang juga anggota Parlimen Padang Rengas berkata perlu ada kesinambungan kepimpinan dengan memberi peluang kepada generasi baru.

"Saya serahkan perkara ini kepada Perdana Menteri, tetapi saya sebenarnya dah lama berkhidmat, sebagai Menteri dah 13 tahun, Timbalan Menteri lima tahun, saya pun dah berumur 58 tahun, dah berkhidmat untuk satu tempoh yang lama," katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan mesyuarat agung berkelompok cawangan Umno bahagian Alor Gajah di sini.

Mohamed Nazri berkata sebenarnya beliau telah lama berhasrat untuk memberi laluan kepada calon lain bertanding bagi kerusi parlimen tersebut.

Malah, katanya, beliau telah menyatakan hasratnya itu kepada Umno Bahagian Padang Rengas, namun masih dicalonkan oleh anggota Umno bahagian tersebut untuk terus bertanding di kerusi parlimen berkenaan. - Bernama

Ulasan GB

Jika tak ada apa-apa masakan tempua bersarang rendah!

Akhirnya hukum kebenaran dan keadilan pun berlaku ke atas Nazri. Beliau secara terbuka kini mengumumkan sedia memberi laluan kepada muka baru - sesuatu yang amat jarang didengar keluar dari mana-mana menteri dari UMNO BN.

Apakah gerangannya Nazri menyuarakan demikian?

Umum mengetahui bahawa mutakhir ini, Nazri mempunyai pandangan yang berbeza dengan Najib khususnya di dalam skandal lembu NFC.

Nazri sudah secara terbuka menyatakan NFC telah melakukan pecah amanah.

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 Feb — Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz hari ini berkata, National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) telah melanggar syarat perjanjian pinjaman dengan kerajaan persekutuan.

"Dalam kata lain, telah berlaku kes pecah amanah. Duit tersebut, yang seharusnya digunakan untuk tujuan penternakan lembu telah digunakan untuk tujuan lain.

"Dana berkenaan telah diserahkan berdasarkan projek yang diserahkab kepada NFCorp, yang mana mereka harus menternak lembu dan menjualnya dengan kadar yang lebih rendah," jelas Nazri kepada pemberita di sini.

"Pinjaman itu diberikan hanya bagi tujuan itu. Sekiranya dana itu digunakan bagi tujuan lain, kita tidak perlukan peguam untuk mengetahui samada berlaku pecah amanah atau tidak, sangat mudah," kata menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri yang memegang portfolio undang-undang itu.
-themalaysianinsider (15/2/2012)

Pendirian Nazri ini dilihat berbeza dengan keputusan dan pendirian Najib sebelumnya yang cuba mempertahankan keluarga Sharizat dan NFC.

"Kita tidak boleh anggap bahawa semua siasatan akan berkesudahan dengan pendakwaan. Pendakwaan itu mesti mengambil kira peruntukan tertentu dalam perlembagaan. -malaysiakini (26/2/2012)

Tetapi Peguam Negara lebih bersetuju dengan Nazri, iaitu tindakan diambil ke atas NFC yang menyebabkan Najib yang beriya-iya cuba pertahan NFC terkedu sebentar.

Namun jangan lupa, Najib masih PM. Beliau menggunakan kuasanya untuk mempengaruhi badan kehakiman. Buktinya:

Setiausaha Agung KEADILAN, Saifuddin Nasution mendedahkan wujud campur tangan Perdana Menteri dalam perbicaraan kes perahan minyak melibatkan peneroka dan Felda.

Beliau berkata, dalam dokumen rasmi mesyuarat dengan pengurusan tertinggi Felda yang diperolehinya, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, telah meminta supaya hakim dan peguam yang mengendalikan kes berkenaan diberi kefahaman jelas mengenai Kadar Perahan Gred Kelapa Sawit (KPG).

"Dokumen Mesyuarat Yang Amat Berhormat Perdana Menteri bersama Felda, bilangan 3, 2011, tarikh 27 Jun 201, tempat mesyuarat di Bilik Mesyuarat aras 4, Bangunan Parlimen Malaysia. Masa mesyuarat 3 petang.

Butiran minit 7.9 yang menyebut 'bagi kes melibatkan perahan minyak di mana kedua-dua kes belum ditetapkan untuk perbicaraan penuh. Pastikan hakim dan peguam diberi kefahaman subjek dan kaedah teknikal bagi pengiraan OER. Pastikan Felda menang kes ini supaya tidak menjejaskan kes-kes seterusnya'," katanya ketika membacakan minit mesyuarat itu.

Beliau berkata, arahan Najib seperti terkandung dalam laporan itu menunjukkan campur tangan secara jelas pihak eksekutif dalam badan kahakiman negara.
-BERNAMA (19/3/2012)

Sekalipun dinafikan, (Ahmad Maslan tidak menjelaskan di Parlimen sepertimana yang dijanjikan) namun terbukti nyata, pada 5/4/2012, Mahkamah Tinggi Kuantan telah menolak injunksi interim yang menghalang Koperasi Permodalan Felda (KPF) daripada memindahkan sahamnya dalam Felda Holdings Bhd dan 10 daripada anak syarikatnya kepada Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd.

Dan di dalam kes NFC pula, Mahkamah Tinggi tiba-tiba telah membenarkan Pengerusi NFC, Mohammad Salleh untuk menggunakan pasport beliau bagi tujuan perjalanan perniagaan.

Pemerhati politik melihat di dalam kedua-dua kes tersebut, ada campurtangan Najib bersandarkan kepada minit mesyuarat FELDA yang telah bocor itu.

Nazri kini terpaksa akur apatah lagi kini kes anaknya memukul Pengawal Keselamatan kondominium menjadi kes polis dengan pemilikan kereta Porsche dan Najib ada point dan peluang untuk membelasah Nazri.

Begitulah kisahnya.

Dan Nazri pun akhirnya menerima akibat daripada perbuatan lampaunya.

GB pernah membuat pemerhatian bahawa: Najib akan memancung Nazri sebelum PRU13 di dalam satu ulasan GB bertarikh 7 Jun 2011:

....akan berlakulah perebutan kerusi Ketua Pembangkang. Calon utamanya ialah Najib, tetapi akan digugat oleh Nazri Aziz. Kerana Nazri akan mendakwa beliau lebih vokal menentang MP-MP Pakatan Rakyat tatkala BN berkuasa.

Nazri akan mendakwa beliaulah paling banyak membantu Najib.

Gantungkan MP Puchong kerana selamatkan Najib daripada kes Altantuya daripada dibincang di parlimen, gantung Karpal Singh, Anwar, Azmin dan lain-lain kerana isu UMNO-APCO dan membuat paling banyak kenyataan untuk mempertahankan SPRM, Polis, video seks dan sebagainya.

Namun, apakah Nazri berjaya nanti atau beliau akan dipancung dahulu oleh Najib daripada bertanding di Padang Rengas?

Semua orang tahu, Nazri "kaki kipas". Di zaman TDM, beliau mengipas TDM, di zaman Pak Lah begitu juga, kini di zaman Najib, lebih besar kipasnya, ditibainya PM-PM terdahulu.

What goes around turns around. Apa yang Nazri buat ke atas ahli parlimen PR satu ketika dulu, kini beliau menanggung akibatnya. Itu hukum kebenaran dan keadilan. Orang yang diampunya itulah orang yang memancungnya kembali!

Giliran Najib akan tiba juga, apa yang dilakukan akan tetap mendapat pembalasan yang setimpal. kerana demikianlah hukum kebenaran dan keadilan. Baca di SINI

The Untold Stories Behind The Titanic

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 04:57 AM PDT

WQXR-FM (105.9 MHz) is an American classical radio station licensed to Newark, New Jersey, and serving the New York City metropolitan area. It is the most-listened-to classical-music station in the United States, with an average quarter-hour audience of 63,000.[citation needed] On the air since 1939, the station is also one of the oldest continuously operating FM stations in the world.

It is owned by the New York City-based, nonprofit New York Public Radio, which also operates WNYC (820 AM and 93.9 FM) and the four-station New Jersey Public Radio group. WNYC acquired WQXR on July 14, 2009, as part of a three-way trade which also involved The New York Times Company (the Times Company) – the previous owners of WQXR – and Univision Radio. (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)

April 15, 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. If you are a Titanic fan, I am sure you would enjoy visiting THIS SITE which has special articles to commemorate the centennial.

Last Friday, WQXR had a special feature on the Titanic AT THIS LINK. It is a wonderful article and has clips of the music played when the ship went down and also other saddening facts.

Excerpt from WQXR:

Echoes of the Titanic

Among the stories of bravery and heroism during the Titanic disaster, none is more fascinating than that of the ship's eight musicians, who continued to play on the deck even as the ship was going down. The performers saw it as their call of duty to provide comfort, even as they sacrificed their own chances of escape.

It's one of several stories explored in this one-hour program about classical music's connection to the Titanic on Sunday, April 15 -- 100 years to the day after the infamous maritime disaster.

The story of music and the Titanic went beyond the actual disaster, however. It starts with the memorial concerts organized in England and the United States in the months afterwards, and continues today, with composers who find inspiration in the story.

The On-Board Bands

If you had been a passenger aboard the Titanic, you would have heard music. The White Star Line, the owners of the ship, hired bandmaster Wallace Hartley and seven other musicians to provide entertainment during the voyage. They formed two on-board ensembles playing music as a quintet and trio. Most of it was what could be described as parlor music – lighter fare ideal for dancing and dining. But they also played classical selections, such as Strauss Waltzes and opera arrangements for first-class diners.

The most poignant -- and yet debatable -- part of the Titanic story concerns the last music that was heard as the ship sank. Christopher Ward is the author of And the Band Played On and the grandson of Jock Hume, one of the violinists in the group. He says the musicians kept things upbeat after the collision with the iceberg, potentially playing Ragtime that was part of the band's songbook.

"Early on they played ragtime to cheer the passengers as they were putting their life preservers on," he said. "But as the last of the life boats was loaded and the people left on the ship realized they were going to die, they started playing hymns to comfort people rather than cheer them up.

"Wallace Hartley was a deeply religious man, and one of the regular hymns played in chapel at times like this was 'Nearer My God to Thee.' It was in the White Star Line music book but, more importantly, it was in his DNA as a boy who was brought up in the choir in his hometown church in Lancashire... It's a very poignant hymn and it's hard to listen to even now without feeling quite emotional."

There is actually some dispute over what was played in those final minutes. Survivors recalled hearing other pieces as the lifeboats rowed away – including "Songe d'Automne" (Dream of Autumn).

"It seemed from witnesses reports the last song was 'Autumn,'" said Ian Whitcomb, who put together the 1998 CD "Titanic: Music as Heard on the Fateful Voyage." He argues that a hymn like "Nearer My God to Thee" would have been too alarming to passengers, and that "Autumn" was a bit more upbeat. "If I was leading band the last thing I'd want to do is cause alarm. I'd play something a little bit brighter."

We will never truly know what the band played that night. But we know that the bandleader Wallace Hartley and his men kept playing as long as they were able, to the end trying to comfort the passengers -- and themselves.

In spite of the musicians' bravery, when the White Star Line calculated its payment to their families, it cut off the salaries at 2:20 am when the ship sank. Ward recalls the other indignities his grandfather's parents endured. "His father got a bill for the brass buttons and epaulets on his uniform, even before confirmation of his death," he said. "When they asked if his body may be brought home they were told that normal cargo rates would apply."


PERKASA Nak Anjurkan Himpunan Lawan BERSIH 3.0

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 06:32 AM PDT

Perkasa anjur himpunan 'Raja Berdaulat, Kasih Dijunjung'

KUALA LUMPUR: Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) akan menganjurkan perhimpunan yang dikenali 'Raja Berdaulat, Kasih Dijunjung' pada 29 April ini sebagai tanda taat setia kepada Raja-raja Melayu.

Sambil mengalu-alukan penyertaan rakyat daripada pelbagai kaum, Presidennya Datuk Ibrahim Ali berkata pihaknya telah memohon kelulusan Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur untuk menggunakan sama ada Dataran Merdeka atau Padang Merbuk sebagai tempat perhimpunan.

Ketika ditemui FMT beliau berkata, tema 'Ke Titisan Darah Terakhir Demi Raja dan Negara' menjadi pemangkin semangat kepada perhimpunan pada kali ini bagi menarik seramai mungkin ahli dan orang ramai.

Menurut Timbalan Presiden, Datuk Abd Rahman, perhimpunan ini juga bagi meraikan Pertabalan Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agung ke-14, Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah di Istana Negara Jalan Duta pada 11 April lepas.

Beliau mengecam tindakan Pakatan Rakat yang didakwa mengejek dan mempersendakan Raja-Raja Melayu ketika majlis pertabalan tempoh hari.

Abdul Rahman berkata, mereka tidak berpeluang untuk bersama-sama dalam Balairong Seri Istana Negara bagi mengikuti adat istiadat majlis pertabalan Tuanku.

"Bukan seperti wakil rakyat Pakatan yang diberi keistimewaan hadir dalam Balairong Sri Istana Negara pada majlis tersebut.

Bukannya mahu menjaga tata tertib bahkan mengejek dan mempersenda Raja-Raja Melayu termasuk Perdana Menteri," katanya dalam sidang media di luar Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Dang Wangi petang tadi.

"Perkasa akan tentang habis-habisan pihak yang cuba menghapuskan sistem pemerintahan raja berperlembagaan dan menukar negara ini menjadi sebuah negara republik.

"Perkasa akan terus pertahan dan memperkasakan Raja-Raja Melayu. Itu adalah satu perjuangan Perkasa yang tercatat dalam Perlembagaan Perkasa," tegas beliau. -FMT

Ulasan GB

Yang nyata himpunan PERKASA itu ialah untuk menyaingi perhimpunan BERSIH 3.0 yang diadakan sehari lebih awal. Baguslah...

Nanti seluruh dunia dapat saksikan perbezaan perhimpunan BERSIH 3.0 pada 28 April dengan perhimpunan anjuran PERKASA berkenaan.

Jangan macam semasa BERSIH 2.0... batang hidung pun tak nampak.

Nuclear Titanics

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 03:36 AM PDT

Here's a very interesting article by Karl Grossman titled The Perils of Technological Hubris - Nuclear Titanics that you can read AT THIS LINK.

Karl Grossman, professor of journalism at the State University of New York/College of New York, is the author of the book, The Wrong Stuff: The Space's Program's Nuclear Threat to Our Planet (Common Courage Press) and wrote and presented the TV program Nukes In Space: The Nuclearization and Weaponization of the Heavens (www.envirovideo.com). He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion, forthcoming from AK Press.


On the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, The Japan Times yesterday ran an editorial titled "The Titanic and the Nuclear Fiasco" which stated: "Presenting technology as completely safe, trustworthy or miraculous may seem to be a thing of the past, but the parallels between the Titanic and Japan's nuclear power industry could not be clearer."

"Japan's nuclear power plants were, like the Titanic, advertised as marvels of modern science that were completely safe. Certain technologies, whether they promise to float a luxury liner or provide clean energy, can never be made entirely safe," it said.

It quoted from a piece by Joseph Conrad written after the Titanic sank in which he noted the "chastening influence it should have on the self-confidence of mankind." The Japan Times urged: "That lesson should be applied to all 'unsinkable' undertakings that might profit a few by imperiling the majority of others."

Yes, the same kind of baloney behind the claim that the Titanic was unsinkable is behind the puffery that nuclear power plants are safe. The nuclear power promoters are still saying that despite the sinking of atomic Titanics: Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and now the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants.

In fact, underneath the PR offensive are government documents admitting that nuclear power plants are deadly dangerous.

The first analysis of the consequences of a nuclear plant accident was done in 1957 by Brookhaven National Laboratory, established a decade before by the since disbanded U.S. Atomic Energy Commission to develop civilian uses of nuclear technology. Its "WASH-740" report said a major nuclear plant accident could result in "3,400 killed and about 43,000 injured" and property damage "could be about 7 billion dollars." However, this analysis was based on nuclear power plants a fifth to a tenth of the size of those being constructed in the 1960s.

So Brookhaven National Laboratory conducted a second study in the mid-60s, "WASH-740-update." It stated repeatedly that for a major nuclear plant accident, "the possible size of such a disaster might be equal to that of the State of Pennsylvania." It increased the number of deaths to 45,000, injuries to 100,000 and property damage up to $280 billion.

Then, in 1982, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories did a study they titled "Calculation of Reactor Accident Consequences" that analyzed the accident consequences for every nuclear plant in the U.S. It projected, for example, for a meltdown with a breach of containment at the Indian Point 2 plant just north of New York City: 50,000 "peak early fatalities; 167,000 "peak early injuries;" 14,000 "peak cancer deaths;" and $314 billion in "scaled costs" of property damage in, it noted, "1980 dollars."

As to likelihood, in 1985 there was a formal written exchange between U.S. Congressman Edward Markey's House Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations and the NRC in which the panel asked: "What does the commission and NRC staff believe the likelihood of a severe core melt accident to be in the next twenty years for those reactors now operating and those expected to operate during that time?"

The NRC response: "In a population of 100 reactors operating over a period of 20 years, the crude cumulative probability of such an accident would be 45%." But then it went on that this might be off by "a factor of about 10 above and below." Thus, the chances of a meltdown during a 20-year period among 100 U.S. nuclear plant plants (there are 104 today) would be about 50-50.

These are not good odds for disaster.


Isu Task Force Beri IC Kepada Warga Asing - Maklumat Datang Dari Orang Dalam Sendiri

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 04:25 AM PDT

Maklumat 'task force' IC dari orang dalam yang tak tahan

TEMERLOH, 17April: Ahli Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat Mohd Hanipa Maidin menyifatkan Umno dalam keadaan tersepit untuk menang pilihan raya umum (PRU) sehingga tergamak melibatkan penipuan dan pengkhianatan kepada negara.

Beliau yang mendakwa didedahkan sendiri maklumat berkenaan daripada orang dalam yang 'dah tak tahan', bahawa beberapa agensi terlibat memberikan kad pengenalan kepada warga luar atau yang masih belum layak.

"Di Selangor saja dah ratusan ribu kewarganegaraan diberi kepada mereka yang belum layak dan pengkhianatan Umno ini tak boleh dimaafkan langsung, hanya nak menang secara paksa sehingga membahayakan negara sendiri.

"Saudara tahu, ini diakui sendiri oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) bahawa 45,000 nama tidak dipastikan warganegara jadi tidak dapat dibersihkan daripada Daftar Pemilih.

"Inilah sebabnya itu kita sokong himpunan Bersih 3.0 untuk tuntut PRU yang adil kerana tanpa keadilan mana-mana negara pun boleh jatuh sebagaimana yang terjadi kepada beberapa rejim di Timur Tengah," katanya ketika berceramah di sini semalam.

Turut berceramah di Bilik Gerakan PAS Taman Sri Semantan itu Adun Kuala Semantan Syed hamid Syed Mohamad, YDP PAS Temerloh Haji Jusoh Darus dan Ketua DAP Temerloh Woo Chee Wan.

Hanipa berkata, dua himpunan Bersih yang lepas telah berjaya membuang rasa takut di kalangan rakyat dan dapat dilihat generasi muda begitu berani keluar walaupun terpaksa bertempur dengan polis.

Dalam pada itu Hanipa berkata, perlunya BN dijatuhkan pada PRU akan datang kerana hampir kesemua institusi di negara ini telah rosak dan dipertikaikan umum.

"Bayangkan, mahkamah pun dah ada orang baling kasut kerana tidak dihormati lagi. Negara pernah digemparkan apabila bekas hakim Syed Ahmad Idid pernah menulis tentang rasuah berlaku di kalangan hakim.

"Bekas Ketua Hakim Tun Mohd Sufian pula pernah berkata beliau malu jadi rakyat Malaysia kerana institusi kehakiman dah jatuh maruah. Itu bukan cakap saja, tengok kes video Linggam ada Suruhanjaya Diraja tetapi apa tindakan terhadap Yusof Chin?,
" soalnya.

Hanipa menambah, kini institusi polis kini mulai dipertikaikan apabila bekas ketuanya sendiri didakwa bersekongkol dengan gangster seperti didakwa seorang lagi pegawai tinggi polis Datuk Ramli Yusof.

Hanipa menceritakan, Ramli semasa majlis sambutan hari jadinya yang turut dihadiri Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Ismail Omar mengulangi dakwaan Datuk Mohd Zin dua orang besar terlibat melindungi penjenayah iaitu Musa Hasan dan Ghani Patail.

"Bayangkan yang ada bukti seperti itu tidak didakwa tetapi yang tiada bukti, seperti tangkapan ISA boleh dipenjarakan. Ini yang saya maksudkan institusi di negara telah dilihat tercemar," katanya.

Mengenai hujah beberapa pemimpin Umno jika dimansuhkan hutang PTPTN mahasiswa negara boleh bankrap, Hanipa berkata itu hanya alas an sedangkan wang Negara yang dibazirkan jauh lebih banyak daripada itu.

"Ketua Audit Negara sendiri menjelaskan dalam laporannya setiap tahun wang negara ini bocor RM28 bilion. Itu satu, yang kedua RM19 bilion telah diberi kepada IPP iaitu syarikat yang sudah kaya.

"Dua item itu saja dah boleh hapus pinjaman PTPTN. Jadi kenapa kalau hapus RM43 bilion kata bankrap sedangkan itu untuk mahasiswa yang bakal menerajui negara?

"Kalau untuk selamatkan kroni tak timbul langsung hal bankrap. Ingat mereka selamatkan Tajudin Ramli dulu kerajaan ambil alih saham MAS yang berharga RM3 tetapi kerajaan bayar RM8. Baru ni dapat pelepasan hampir setengah bilion lagi. Kalau macam itu caranya memang negara boleh bankrap," jelasnya.

Tegas Hanipa, sebab itulah BN perlu dijatuhkan, bukan saja negara bankrap wang tetapi bankrap moral.

"Sekarang perempuan yang dedah aurat didenda RM25, sebaliknya orang pandai, pakar dan sebagainya dibuang seperti Profesor Dr Aziz Bari dan Tan Sri Hasan Merican sehingga diambil bertugas oleh negara lain," ujarnya lagi. -HD

Mosque building halted in Burma’s Kachin state

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 02:40 AM PDT

SOURCE: Mosque building halted in Burma's Kachin state by KNG Kachin News

Construction of a Muslim mosque in Kachin state's jade-rich Hpakant township in northern Burma ceased on April 12 when a group of monks and their supporters intervened and proceeded to dismantle the partially built structure.

According to eyewitnesses a group of about 30 monks and dozens of their followers came to the construction site in the Shan Kone quarter of Seng Tawng at 4 pm demanding that building stop.

The group then set about taking down what had already been built.  Within about 8 hours most of the building was destroyed, according to witnesses.  The site of the mosque is now under guard by soldiers from the Burma army.

The monks and their supporters were apparently upset that the mosque was being built without proper permits and decided to take matters into their own hands, according to local residents.

In Burma government authorities often delay or refuse to allow proposed churches and mosques legal authorization to begin construction. Many existing churches and mosques are in legal limbo because proper permits cannot be obtained.

It is unclear if the group of monks and their supporters in Seng Tawng were encouraged by government authorities to take such provocative action as they did on Thursday.  Previous acts of communal violence that have taken place in Burma are alleged to have been orchestrated by government agent provocateurs.

For many years the US state department has listed Burma as a country that engages in the persecution of religious minorities.

Although most Kachin are Christian, Kachin state is home to a large Buddhist population, some Animists and significant Muslim and Hindu minorities.  The state capital Myitkyina also has a Sikh temple.  Due to Hpakant's jade mines the township has many migrants from across Burma.

Teh Tarik With Dr. Dennis Ngien

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 02:03 AM PDT

We met up with Dr. Dennis Ngien this afternoon in Bamboo House for a good chat over teh tarik.

Dr. Dennis Ngien is on a stop-over in Sibu for a few days before proceeding to China.

Kudos LOL! Lee, Ong, Lim are rakyat's TRUSTEES - PKFZ PKFZ PKFZ

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 02:00 AM PDT

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang has promised the establishment of a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) into the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal should Pakatan Rakyat come to power.

azlanLim, an ardent campaigner for disclosure over the PKFZ scandal announced at a book launch in Petaling Jaya this morning, "... if Pakatan Rakyat makes it to Putrajaya in the next general election, expected any time now, a RCI will be set up to get to the bottom of the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal."

Lim said, "The Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has thus far shown no commitment to pursuing this. This is evident from the premier's silence on the 'super task force' announced in September 2009 and headed by Mohd Sidek Hassan, the chief secretary to the government, to look into the scandal."

The book, jointly launched by Lim and former transport minister Ong Tee Keat, is entitled 'PKFZ: A Nation's Trust Betrayed'. It was written by former journalist Lee Siew Lian and former Subang Jaya state assemblyperson Lee Hwa Beng.

Lee said he wrote the book to convey the message that "silence is no option" when one faces injustice and expressed regret that Malaysian culture often allows those who remain silent when a scandal breaks out in their organisation to continue their service or even be promoted after the head is removed. Lee is also disturbed because politicians involved in any scandal were still being voted in by the public and appointed as directors by companies.

NONE Lee received a round of applause from some 100 people who attended the book launch when he said, "If I don't tell the truth to Malaysians, I'll be burdened for life. By telling the truth, I'm released." and another round of applause when he said, "My daughter asked me whether I'm scared (because I've written the book). I said I am but as a Christian, with God behind me, I fear nobody."

When You Get Bitten By An Insect

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 01:18 AM PDT

BBC ONLINE 11 April 2012
Last updated at 23:03 GMT

Doubts over insect-bite treatment

The bed-bug feeds on blood

should consider using a cold, wet cloth to treat insect bites instead
of turning to over-the-counter remedies, experts say.

An investigation has concluded that there is little evidence
that creams, painkillers and anti-inflammatories often used

Anti-Gay Campaigns Do Not Belong In Schools

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 01:19 AM PDT

Anti-gay campaigns do not belong in schools

Julia Tan

3:18PM Apr 3, 2012

Dear government of Malaysia,

I read an article in mStar
lately and I am deeply saddened and furious that you have allowed
Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) to host anti-gay campaigns in government

This is only one of the many anti-gay campaigns that you have allowed.

disrespect other people just

[Dasyat] Baru Bergelar Bapa Beberapa Hari, Dah Rogol Pelajar Tkn 2

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 02:05 AM PDT

Kuala Terengganu - Seorang lelaki yang baru bergelar bapa dalam tempoh hanya beberapa hari dihadapkan ke Mahkamah Sesyen di sini, semalam atas dakwaan bersubahat dengan dua rakannya dalam kejadian rogol pelajar tingkatan dua, awal April lalu.

Tertuduh, Nor Shahrul Zuraimie Noruddin, 20, dari Kampung Gong Pak Mentosa, Tembila, Kampung Raja, Besut, didakwa dengan sengaja telah bersubahat dengan dua rakannya merogol mangsa di sebuah rumah di Kampung Tembila, Kampung Gong Medang, Kampung Raja, Besut, pada 3 April lalu lebih kurang jam 8 pagi hingga 10 pagi.

Bagaimanapun, tertuduh yang bekerja sebagai buruh itu mengaku tidak bersalah dan mohon dibicarakan atas dakwaan mengikut Seksyen 116 Kanun Keseksaan dan dibaca bersama Seksyen 376 (2) (d) Kanun Keseksaan yang memperuntukkan penjara selama tempoh tidak kurang daripada lima tahun dan tidak lebih dari 30 tahun dan bolehlah juga dikenakan sebat jika disabitkan kesalahan.

Pendakwaan dikendalikan Timbalan Pendakwaraya Zulfazliah Mahmud di hada­pan Hakim Datuk Zainal Abidin Kamarudin.

Sejurus pengakuan tidak bersalah tertuduh direkodkan, Zainal Abidin menetapkan 17 Mei depan sebagai tarikh sebutan semula kes dan mahkamah tidak menawarkan sebarang jaminan.

Sementara itu, dua rakannya, yang juga bekerja sebagai buruh itu turut dihadapkan ke Mahkamah Sesyen berasi­ngan, semalam atas dakwaan merogol mangsa.

Bagi tertuduh, Abdullah Che Pa, 19, dari Kampung Gong Pak Mentosa, Tembila, Kampung Raja, Besut didakwa dengan sengaja telah merogol mangsa pada 2 April lalu antara jam lebih kurang 9 malam hingga 11 malam.

Abdullah didakwa melakukan kesalahan di bawah Seksyen 376 (1) Kanun Keseksaan dan boleh dihukum di bawah Seksyen sama yang jika disabitkan kesalahan boleh diseksa dengan penjara selama tempoh yang boleh sampai 20 tahun dan boleh juga dikenakan sebat.

Manakala bagi tertuduh, Faizol Yaacob, 22, dari Kampung Gong Medang, Kampung Raja, Besut didakwa merogol mangsa pada keeso­kan harinya iaitu 3 April lalu lebih kurang jam 8 pagi hingga 10 pagi di rumah sama.

Dengan itu, Faizol didakwa melakukan kesalahan di bawah Seksyen 376 (2) (d) Kanun Keseksaan dan boleh dihukum di bawah Seksyen sama yang jika disabitkan kesalahan boleh di penjara selama tempoh tidak kurang dari lima tahun dan tidak lebih dari 30 tahun dan boleh juga dikenakan sebatan.

Bagaimanapun, kedua-dua tertuduh mengaku tidak bersalah dan mohon dibicarakan atas dakwaan berkenaan.

Sejurus pengakuan tidak bersalah kedua tertuduh direkodkan, hakim Wan Fadhilah Nor Wan Idris menetapkan 17 Mei depan sebagai tarikh sebutan semula kes dan membenarkan kedua-dua mereka dijamin RM7,000 dengan seorang penjamin. -SH

Motor insurance renewal

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 07:00 PM PDT

I had meant to write about this episode in my life more than three weeks ago but time whizzed by so quickly that I had to put it on the back burner. Anyway, I've more free time this morning as I wait for my car to undergo its first major for a long time. Gonna cost a hole in my pocket, ouch!

Anyway, today's blog entry concerns my attempt to renew the motor insurance for my old car. Normally, I would travel all the way to Taman Inderawasih, near to Chai Leng Park on the mainland, to where the branch office of the Automotive Association of Malaysia (AAM) was located. A drive of at least half an hour to get there, if there is no traffic congestion.

So there I was, cruising leisurely along Song Ban Keng Road in Bukit Mertajam when suddenly, I noticed a Chartis office. Chartis was the name of the general insurance company that the AAM used to renew all the motor policies of their members.

Thinking that it would save me time - the Chartis branch was halfway between my house and Taman Inderawasih - and it would also be the same if I went to this Chartis branch instead of to AAM for the motor insurance renewal, I went to approach their staff at the front desk. I told her specifically that I wanted to renew the policy under comprehensive cover. The counter staff went to consult her supervisor and both came back to say that they could only offer me third party cover.

Why not, I asked them, I have always had comprehensive coverage for this car. They refused, giving me a cock and bull(shit) story that that the car was too old and it was their policy not to offer anything but third party cover for cars as old as mine. So I said thank you to them politely and told them that I'd go back to AAM.

Hopped into the car and continued with my journey to Taman Inderawasih. At the AAM office, I whipped out the old policy and asked them to renew it - with comprehensive cover. Which they did, with only one concern raised between us: that the sum insured would have to be raised to a certain minimum amount. Would I mind, the AAM lady asked me. No, I had no issue with that.

So that was that. I walked out of AAM a satisfied customer with my comprehensive motor insurance renewed for the old car. Whole irony was that the cover note that AAM gave me was also issued from Chartis.

There was a sequel to this story. When I arrived home, I posted this matter up on my facebook. Later that day, I received a message from someone at Chartis to apologise for the inconvenience that I had been put through. He said the staff at the Chartis branch should have contacted their main office in Penang for such matters. There were always exceptions that they were prepared to deal with, especially for policy renewals. Hah, at least someone noticed my inconvenience.


Skandal MEX RM1.7 Billion: "Abu Juling" Buat Keuntungan Guna Duit Kerajaan

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 11:31 PM PDT

Dr M: Jual lebuh raya MEX sama teruk jual AP

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 April — Mantan Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad menuntut Tan Sri Abu Sahid Mohamed menjelaskan tindakannya menjual Lebuh raya Maju Expressway (MEX) kepada umum kerana penjualan itu menyaksikan beliau memperolehi keuntungan.

Kenyataan itu dibuatnya selepas penjualan bernilai RM1.7 bilion bulan lalu menimbulkan tanda tanya terhadap perjanjian Abu Sahid Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd yang membuat keuntungan sebanyak RM660 juta dan RM1 bilion hanya selepas empat tahun beroperasi. Pembinaan konsesi lebuh raya bernilai RM1.3 bilion itu dibuat atas geran daripada kerajaan bernilai RM976 juta.

"Kamu jual milik kamu, bukan hak orang lain. Ia sama teruk seperti menjual permit untuk kereta import (AP)," kata Dr Mahathir kepada pemberita di sini, merujuk kepada amalan biasa ahli perniagaan Bumiputera membuat keuntungan mudah dengan menjual permit kereta import dengan lesen daripada kerajaan.

Bekas perdana menteri itu, yang masih lagi dilihat berpengaruh dalam kerajaan dan Umno berkata, Abu Sahid ada berjumpa untuk memberikan penjelasan kepada beliau.

"Beliau cuba memberi penjelasan kepada saya, tapi saya nasihatkan beliau untuk menjelaskan kepada umum kenapa lebuh raya itu dijual, dan kenapa beliau membuat keuntungan daripada kontrak kerajaan," katanya.

EP Manufacturing Berhad bulan lalu telah membuat perjanjian dengan Maju Holdings untuk memiliki Maju Expressway (MEX) pada harga RM1.15 bilion, dan dengan anggaran hutang sebanyak RM550 juta, jumlah perjanjian itu bernilai RM1.7 bilion.

MEX yang 96.8 peratus milik Abu Sahid menguasai 91 peratus pegangan saham.

MEX adalah konsesi terbesar untuk lebuh raya 26km — menghubungkaan Kuala Lumpur ke Cyberjaya, dan Putrajaya.

Terdapat juga laporan Maju Holding telah memberikan projek pembinaan MEX kepada kumpulan Australia Leighton.

MEX siap dibina pada Disember 2007 dan mula beroperasi Januari berikutnya. -TMI

Ulasan GB

Tan Sri Abu Sahid Mohamed atau lebih dikenali oleh masyarakat tempatan sebagai "Abu Juling" sepatutnya sudah diheret ke muka pengadilan kerana kes menjual Lebuh raya Maju Expressway (MEX) kepada umum dan penjualan itu menyaksikan beliau memperolehi keuntungan dengan penjualan dibuat atas geran daripada kerajaan bernilai RM976 juta.

Adalah amat tidak wajar wang rakyat digunakan untuk membuat keuntungan peribadi dan setakat ini tiada apa-apa kenyataan dari pihak SPRM dan kerajaan.

Only 0.3% dubious voters, EC? I only trust EC 0.3%

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 10:33 PM PDT

0.3pct enough to topple S'gor gov't, EC told
Bersih has slammed the Election Commission's (EC) assertion that dubious voters amounted to merely 0.3 percent of the total roll or 42,051 voters, saying the figure was enough to topple the Selangor government.

bersih announcing 3rd rally 040412 wong chin huatBersih steering committee member Wong Chin Huat (left), a political scientist, said based on the 2008 general election results, it would have taken only 10,158 votes to swing nine of the most marginal Selangor seats won by Pakatan Rakyat to BN - hence allowing BN to maintain power with 29 seats to Pakatan's 27 seats in Selangor.

In 2008, Pakatan won Selangor with 36 seats to BN's 20 seats.

Hello Samsung Galaxy... Goodbye iPhone

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 09:00 PM PDT

I used to be iPhone supported but iPhone let me down... Yes! they let me down...

I owned an iPhone 3Gs and happily use for few months... I was showing off my iPhone 3Gs to my friends whom owned the Dinosaur phone. As time gone by i upgraded to IOS4... still working and followed by IOS5 which claimed that iPhone 3Gs able to support. Bull Shit! I got cheated... The whole iPhone 3Gs gone after the upgrade :@... I was unable to slide to pick up calls, the whole unit lagging and hanging all the time, need to restart. My boss called and i could only tried and tried and tried to pick up, until my boss that i avoided his call... and the worst was i could not pick up Emergency call at all ... This was suffering... :@

Hey, as for me, iPhone was making history. This phone was the worst phone that i have so far... i have to continue to pay for the phone as this contract was 2 years with Digi... but not able to use it at all. Should I consider to claim from Apple my lost?

Anyway, I gave up iPhone and give Samsung Galaxy Note a try. One morning, i went down to Samsung @ The Gardens and bought my Samsung Galaxy Note within 15 mins. Now, I like my Samsung Galaxy Note so much as the HD screen is nicer... the built in camera is awesome... and also there is a pen to draw and write  message which iPhone could not provide... Everyone make a Wow to Samsung Galaxy Note... that's the best. The trend is moving towards Samsung eh~

So what phone are you using right now? 


Posted: 16 Apr 2012 08:20 PM PDT

I LIFTED this article, by KARIM RASLAN of The Star's CERITALAH. I bumped onto him recently. And upon seeing his efforts in trying to understand the illegal immigrants issue especially in Sabah, I thanked him. I also pointed out that it is not easy to understand the issue, especially about how the Sabahans really feel about the Mother of All Problems. "You really have to live here, or at least stay for a month or two before you get to the bottom of the issue," I said. Today, 17 April 2012, his Ceritalah came out. It is an interesting read. Thank you Mr Karim...

In the state known as the Land Below the Wind – a complex patchwork of loyalties, ethnicities and religious affiliations – a long-running problem concerning illegal immigration has once again risen to the fore.

KAMPUNG Putaton is deep in the heart of Penampang, some 10km from Kota Kinabalu. I'm waiting in the village's community hall – just opposite the home of Upko chief and Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Tan Sri Bernard Dompok's father – along with a few hundred deeply-tanned cocoa smallholders.
This is Kadazan country: it's sleepy and bucolic with small hills, streams, bamboo groves, fruit orchards and houses on incredibly tall stilts.
Of course, over the years the rustic atmosphere has changed as apartment blocks, housing developments and shophouses have started nibbling at the edge of this rural idyll.
Dompok is expected to arrive at any moment to officiate at the annual meeting of the Penampang Cocoa Planters Association. There's a rush as he steps out of his car and walks into the hall. He is surrounded by his supporters.
The meeting begins with an impassioned rendition of the national anthem Negaraku, after which it's an informal affair.
During the speeches, Dompok and the local state assemblyman Donald Mojuntin break into Kadazan, cracking jokes in between the more serious parts of their speeches.
Later, over lunch with the minister, I find myself popping milk chocolate-coated al­­monds into my mouth (we're at a cocoa promotion event, after all). However, the creamy hot chocolate drink after the meal wasn't enough for this coffee addict.
With the 13th general election around the corner, the Kadazan, Dusun and Murut communities (collectively dubbed KDM) have become an increasingly important part of the ruling Barisan Nasional's Parlia­mentary calculations.
Currently, 22 of Sabah's 26 parliamentary seats are held by Barisan – an integral part of the coalition's East Malaysian "fixed deposit".
Of these, six are majority KDM in composition and seven either majority Chinese or mixed with non-Muslim majorities.
Indeed, Sabah is a complex patchwork of loyalties, ethnicities and religious affiliations.
However, a long-running issue concerning illegal immigration has once again risen to the fore.
The KDM and Chinese communities have been questioning the dramatic rise in the number of Muslim Sabahans over past decades – an increase that has altered the power equation in the Land Below the Wind.
The issue strikes at the core of what it means to be Malaysian, not to mention the intrinsic value of our citizenship.
It also raises other questions: can we be Malaysian and Christian? Can we be Malaysian and Kadazan? What is our collective identity?
While nothing has been announced officially, Barisan is broadly in agreement about the need for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on alleged illegal immigrants in Sabah.
Nonetheless, the terms of reference on any potential RCI remain unclear. As a consequence, many in the KDM communities are waiting anxiously to see when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will make an announcement on this issue.
As one observer explained: "This has become the mother of all problems in Sabah. The KDM communities want the RCI. They want to know what's been happening over the years. It's all about transparency, integrity and sincerity."
However, there's no doubt that a full-on inquiry might well unearth extremely compromising material on what's been happening under previous administrations and there's a degree of uncertainty in Barisan circles.
As one Umno insider said: "The RCI can't be an excuse for a witch hunt."
Dompok has himself been among the most straight-forward on the issue – much as he's been on matters of religious freedom.
He told me during lunch: "It's important that the announcement on the RCI should come before the dissolution of Parliament. The RCI mustn't be seen as window dressing. The people appointed should be seen as credible.
"I've put my political life on the chopping block. If this isn't resolved, my position in the Cabinet will be untenable. Besides, the act of not proceeding with the RCI will say a lot about the Government's attitude to the KDM communities."
At the same time, he's more than aware of both the sensitivities and the complexities of the issue, of how the issue of illegal immigration is often tangled with that of undocumented citizenship.
In a separate speech to the Upko party congress last month Dompok had said: "We must welcome registration of Malaysian citizens who have not received identification documents.
"I would like to emphasise that we are talking about bona fide Malaysians. I am talking about people in mixed marriages whose children have yet to obtain their birth certificates.
"I will support all efforts by the Government in registering Malaysians and for them to get the necessary documents that they are entitled to as Malaysians."
Listening to Dompok over lunch, I'm suddenly reminded of the vigour and enthusiasm with which the assembled crowd had sung the Negaraku earlier.
As I leave the Dewan, I can't help wondering whether the KDM communities are just ano­ther embattled minority pushed increasingly into the periphery? Will the RCI serve to re­­verse this sense of alienation, or only increase it?
Whatever the case, political developments in Sabah will have implications for Malaysia as a whole. THE STAR

Gadis Sanggup Ponteng Sekolah Untuk Temui Teman Lelaki Di Hotel

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 09:47 PM PDT

Sura Gate – Demi cinta, seorang pelajar perempuan yang masih menuntut di tingkatan lima sebuah sekolah menengah di sini sanggup ponteng untuk menemui teman lelakinya bagi memadu asmara di sebuah hotel murah, dekat bandar ini.

Bagaimanapun, kunju-ngan gadis itu ke bilik disewa teman lelakinya dengan harga RM65 satu malam sejak dua hari lalu itu membawa padah apabila mereka dicekup pihak Pegawai Penguatkuasa Syariah (PSS) kerana berdua-duaan di bilik hotel.

Ketika serbuan dilakukan PPS Dungun kira-kira jam 8.30 pagi, gadis yang akan menduduki peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) itu berpakaian biasa manakala teman lelakinya yang berasal dari Kuala Terengganu hanya berseluar pendek.

Pelajar perempuan itu dikatakan keluar rumah dengan memakai uniform sekolah, namun dia tidak pergi ke sekolah, sebaliknya menuju ke bandar Dungun untuk menemui teman lelakinya di hotel yang terletak di deretan bangunan perniagaan Sura Gate.

Difahamkan, kedua-dua pasangan tersebut berkenalan melalui telefon sejak beberapa minggu lalu dan ketika ditahan, gadis berasal dari Kampung Tanah Lot itu dikatakan datang ke hotel berkenaan untuk menghantar makanan kepada teman lelakinya yang difahamkan baru bangun tidur.

Soal siasat PPS mendapati kedua-dua mereka tiada hubungan muhrim sah dan pasangan itu kemudiannya dibawa ke Pejabat Agama Dungun untuk diambil keterangan.

Mereka akan didakwa mengikut Seksyen 31(a) (b) Enakmen Kesalahan Jenayah Syariah Takzir Negeri Terengganu 2001. Jika sabit kesalahan, mereka berdepan hukuman denda maksimum RM3,000 atau penjara tidak melebihi dua tahun atau kedua-duanya sekali. -SH

Ulasan GB

Baru kenal beberapa minggu melalui telefon sudah boleh ke hotel untuk bertemu...

Sungguh hebat dan sungguh dasyat norma kehidupan remaja masakini....

Kenyataan media gabungan 39 organisasi anak muda dan mahasiswa

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 07:33 PM PDT



16 APRIL 2012


4 April 2012 menjadi satu lagi tarikh penting untuk negara Malaysia. Dengan dipimpin Sasterawan negara Datuk A.Samad Said, Bersih 3.0 diumumkan sebagai ekspresi bantahan rakyat terhadap sistem pilihanraya yang bercelaru. Setelah tercetusnya gelombang Bersih 2.0 pada 9 Julai 2011, kini gelombang yang lebih besar bakal tiba setelah sandiwara Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) semakin terdedah dan ditolak rakyat.

Sidang media ini kami adakan bagi menyatakan sokongan kami kepada penganjuran perhimpunan Bersih 3.0 yang akan diadakan pada 28 April nanti. Pada hari ini 20 kumpulan anak muda dan 15 kumpulan mahasiswa bersatu dan berjanji akan bersolidariti bersama rakyat dalam himpunan Duduk Bantah Bersih 3.0. Muafakat ini kami bentuk atas dasar penuh sedar untuk membela sistem Pilihanraya Malaysia yang berada dalam keadaan sangat kritikal.

Keraguan yang terdapat dalam senarai daftar undi masih gagal diperjelaskan oleh pihak SPR. Satu persatu ahli akademik tampil dan menunjukkan kecelaruan yang berlaku dalam senarai daftar undi, namun SPR masih enggan melakukan tidakkan drastik untuk membersihkan daftar undi. Yang terkini Merdeka Centre mendedahkan 32 % pengundi dalam senarai daftar undi yang tidak dapat dipastikan keabsahannya. Begitu juga dengan laporan pengkaji bebas yang menyatakan terdapat hampir 6000 kes pengklonan daftar undi di Selangor. Tidak cukup dengan itu, terdapat juga kes kad pengenalan segera yang diberikan kepada warga asing yang direkodkan di beberapa tempat di Selangor.

Penipuan ini terus berlaku dalam keadaan rakyat terbuai dengan sandiwara Jawatan Khas Parlimen yang kononnya ditubuhkan bagi meningkatkan kualiti Pilihanraya di Malaysia. Empat bulan Jawatankuasa ini bertugas dan dalam masa yang sama penipuan dalam senarai daftar undi terus berlaku. Hal ini menunjukkan SPR tidak memiliki iltizam dalam melaksanakan tuntutan rakyat yang telah disuarakan melalui Bersih 2.0.

Maka atas dasar ini anak muda, mahasiswa dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia akan sekali lagi tampil untuk menyuarakan tuntutan kepada Kerajaan Malaysia dan SPR agar segera melaksanakan 8 tuntutan Bersih. Kesemua tuntutan ini perlu dilaksanakan sebelum Pilihanraya Umum ke 13 dijalankan. Dan pada 17 April 2012, Anak Muda dan Mahasiswa akan mengadakan sesi rapat rakyat bertempat di Kelab Sultan Sulaiman Kampung Baru pada jam 8 malam bagi menyeru rakyat untuk Duduk Bantah bersama pada 28 April nanti. Seluruh kumpulan anak muda dan mahasiswa akan bersolidariti pada malam tersebut dan akan menyatakan sokongan penuh terhadap penganjuran Bersih 3.0.

Oleh itu sebagai penutup kepada sidang media ini, kami menyeru seluruh anak muda Malaysia untuk tampil dan bersuara dengan apa juga cara yang mungkin bagi menunjukkan solidariti kita dalam menutut Pilihanraya yang Bersih, Bebas dan Adil. Gunakan kemahiran masing masing samada dengan melalui laman sosial mahupun saluran saluran yang lain bagi menyuarakan tuntutan kita terhadap kerajaan Malaysia. Bagi yang berkelapangan, kami menyeru untuk tampil bersama kami pada 17 April ini agar kita dapat membina momentum ke arah Duduk Bantah Bersih 3.0 pada 28 April nanti.

Sekian. Terima kasih

Anak Muda dan Mahasiswa

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