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Aisyah: Saya Pilih Pas Kerana Islam

Aisyah: Saya Pilih Pas Kerana Islam

Aisyah: Saya Pilih Pas Kerana Islam

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 11:32 AM PDT

Aishah bersama barisan panel dan Azua (kiri)
di Dataran Al-Ikhwan, Air Mawang, kelmarin.

JOHOL- "Saya memilih Pas kerana Islam. Saya ingin berdakwah melalui Pas kerana parti ini mempertahankan agama Islam dan saya selesa bersama barisan kepimpinan Pas."

Itu pengakuan penyanyi Aishah atau nama sebenarnya Wan Aishah Wan Arifin yang diundang menjayakan ceramah 'Bilo Selebriti Dah Join Pas' di Dataran Al- Ikhwan di Air Mawang, petang kelmarin.

Aishah berkata, walaupun baru dua bulan menyertai Pas, dia yakin dan bersemangat untuk terus berjihad di jalan ALLAH SWT.

"Ini bukan bermakna semasa saya menjadi penyanyi, saya tidak mendekati ALLAH SWT tetapi selepas memilih Pas, saya lebih bersemangat ingin berjuang dan berdakwah ke jalan yang diredhai. Lagipun kita sudah sedia maklum, perjuangan Pas salah satunya adalah Islam.

"Bukan hanya seorang ulama sahaja yang boleh berdakwah, seorang penyanyi juga mampu melakukannya," katanya.

Menurutnya, asas pertama dia memilih Pas kerana Islam itu sendiri dan kerana kesucian agama Islam.

"Saya hanya nampak Pas sahaja yang mampu pertahankan agama Islam.

"Walaupun saya tidak belajar tinggi hingga ke Universiti Al-Azhar tetapi saya tidak jahil agama Islam, malah selepas masuk Pas, mereka banyak membantu dan memberi sokongan kepada saya untuk terus berdakwah kepada masyarakat terutama peminat saya," katanya.

Dalam pada itu, Aishah turut memuji keterbukaan Pas menerima golongan artis sebagai ahli.

Sementara itu, bekas kumpulan XPDC, Azua Md Tasi berkata, dia memilih Pas kerana mahu berhijrah.

"Dulu saya lalai dengan duniawi semata-mata tetapi sejak awal 90-an, saya sudah mula berjinak-jinak dengan aktiviti keagamaan.

"Saya sering bertemu imam dan pendakwah. Dari situlah, hati saya mula terbuka untuk memilih Pas. Kita mestilah berhijrah daripada tidak baik kepada baik, daripada kurang baik kepada lebih baik," katanya.

Menurutnya, jika mahu berubah, ia bermula dari diri sendiri.

"Jangan salahkan bidang nyanyian jika kita lalai, sebaliknya diri sendiri perlu berpendirian teguh.

"Bila waktu solat, kita solat. Jadi tiada masalah untuk kita meneruskan profesion dalam dunia nyanyian," katanya.

Does Truth Get Censored?

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 07:37 AM PDT

The July 2012 issue of Harper's Magazine featured "Rules of Engagement" - a piece written by Albert Camus in November 25, 1939 to be exact. At the time of writing, the French authorities censored his writings. It was first published by Le Monde in March this year.

Although "Rules of Engagement" was written for the Algerian newspaper Le Soir Republicain,  it was never published. No one knows why the French authorities suppressed it.

When Camus wrote "Rules of Engagement",  France and Britain were at war with Germany, with no direct engagement yet.  All the military action by Germany upon Poland  to neutralize the Soviet Union resulted in the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact in August 1939.

Clearly, Camus was acting as the "free journalist" in his crusade to defend press freedom and to protest the censorship of his work by censors. Although the piece was not signed,  it has been attributed to Camus. Despite the fact that it was written 73 years ago, those ideas still hold true today!

Rules of Engagement is largely a discourse about press freedom and the necessity of winning a war. Camus addresses the limits of freedom which must be "freely acknowledged, not imposed." Camus writes about how the fact that we will repeat all words that could possibly be written into the future.

Indeed it is so true,  73 years later.

Camus questions  how a journalist can remain free when battling the suppression of freedom. Camus defines the conditions in which freedom in the midst of war and opines that its enslavement can be preserved and demonstrated via clarity, refusal, irony, and obstinacy. I believe these conditions are are not only relevant but also applicable.

Here is a key passage in Rules of Engagement as translated by John Cullen:

"And so we come to irony. We can postulate that, as a rule, a mind with a taste for applying constraints and possessed of the means to impose them is a mind impervious to irony. 
We don't see Hitler—to take only one example out of several—employing Socratic irony. Conversely, when it comes to weapons that can be used against the too powerful, irony remains unparalleled.
It completes refusal in the sense that it often allows its user not only to reject the false but also to say what is true. A free journalist in 1939 hasn't got many illusions about the intelligence of those who are oppressing him. 
In regard to mankind, he's a pessimist. Nine times out of ten, a truth proclaimed in dogmatic tones gets censored. When presented in an amusing way, the same truth gets censored five times out of ten. 
This tendency represents, exactly enough, the possibilities of human intelligence…A free journalist in 1939 is therefore, necessarily—even if often reluctantly—ironic. Truth and freedom, having few lovers, are demanding mistresses."
Albert Camus, from a November 25th, 1939 article written for his Algerian newspaper, Le Soir républicain. 

Therefore (Camus reasons), a "free journalist in 1939" must employ ironic means. "Truth and freedom, having few lovers, are demanding mistresses."

Let's consider those four elements that Camus considered -  clarity, refusal, irony, and obstinacy.

Clarity is needed to help us  realize that everything can be avoided. We have to know that resistance to hatred is possible. With clarity, we can see the source of problems/issues and our personal role in self-actualization.

Refusal - When we understand that processes are not inevitable, we can make a conscious decision not to be a part of the action. Perhaps that is why some may be apolitical today.

Irony - Camus believes that irony is unparalleled in weapons to use against the all too powerful. He says:

"Nine times out of ten, a truth proclaimed in dogmatic tones gets censored. When presented in an amusing way, the same truth gets censored five out of ten times."

To help us to understand better, we sometimes use humor to poke fun at others and to laugh at the absurdity of life. Once one realizes that one is being treated unfairly, the next step is to refuse the powers that be and then poke fun at them. And I see this happening even in this land!

Obstinacy - Obstinacy must be used objectively with lots of tolerance. We have to be obstinate when fighting against:

  • the stupidity that rages around us
  • the spinelessness of some leaders
  • the unintelligence of some elected leaders in failing the electorate by not delivering promises 
  • ignorance 

I believe that even though Camus was writing about journalists in Rules of Engagement, these rules are applicable to all who cherish freedom over enslavement, upholds honor and justice and is willing to play their part in the maintenance of freedom.

So, when does truth get censored?


Please leave a comment to share your views. Do check out my posts on Albert Camus:

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Asean conference on Rohingya crisis

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 07:17 AM PDT

Source-  : Asean conference on Rohingya crisis

KUALA LUMPUR, July 19 (Bernama) — An international conference on the crisis of violence against Rohingyas in Arakan, Myanmar, will be held on Aug 14 to derive at a solution involving Asean members.

Malaysian International Islamic Cooperation Institute president (Ikiam) Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin said the location of the conference would be decided soon and was expected to be attended by Islamic non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the region.

"The aim of the conference, among others, is to create a big group which can voice out and help the Rohingyas, in terms of supplies and contribution of basic and daily needs.

"Although the crisis of violence had existed for a long time, no power or voice was capable of carrying out a mission on humanitarian aid to the area," he told a press conference here today.

He said it was hoped the conference would at least, help the Rohingyas emerge from oppression and violence, thus paving the way for peace and hope for a better life.

Also present was Malaysian Muslim Chamber of Commerce and Industry honorary adviser Datuk Seri Dr Jalil Siam.

Dr Jalil said it was not impossible for the conference to get the cooperation of countries in the region.

He said the conference could be the trigger for all peace processes, including discussing problems and challenges in creating an aid mission by a coalition from Asean to the problematic area.

At a separate press conference, Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) international bureau committee member Adli Zakuan said Abim, with the cooperation of the Global Peace Mission (GPM) had successfully built a network with Islamic NGOs in Yangon for humanitarian aid mission to Arakan.

He clarified that the Myanmar Government had recognised several of the NGOs and this facilitated Malaysian NGOs to hand over contributions to the Rohingyas.

"But, there are at least, 100,000 other victims who are now living in thick forests and mountains to avoid being killed," he said at the GPM office here today.

Also present was GPM deputy chief executive officer Mohd Shakir Fahmi Fakhrulrazi who also urged the public to contribute, via the RM200 One Family Campaign which targeted RM1 million.

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Papagomo Kena Lepuk Dengan Ulama Muda UMNO

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 07:56 AM PDT

Ulama Muda Umno tolak fitnah blogger Umno

SHAH ALAM: Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kerja Sekreteriat Ulama Muda Umno, Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya pada sidang media di Kompleks Karangkraf semalam menolak budaya fitnah yang dilakukan oleh blogger pro Umno, Papagomo.

Beliau yang menjelaskan pendirian tersebut ketika menjawab pertanyaan pemberita berhubung budaya fitnah yang dilakukan oleh blogger pro Umno itu yang sentiasa menjadi topik utama kepada media pro kerajaan dalam usaha meraih sokongan undi.

"Saya katakan secara prinsip tidak setuju dengan bentuk fitnah dan provokasi yang dilakukan.

"Sewajarnya kita perlu perbetulkan dan memperbaiki keadaan, perlu bekerjasama dalam mengurangkan budaya melontar persepsi tanpa fakta dan bukti," jelasnya selepas program debat anjuran Sinar Harian.

Tambahnya lagi, didikan perlu dilakukan dalam membuat analisa sebelum menjatuhkan hukum.

Sementara itu, Ketua Pemuda PAS, Nasrudin Hassan memberitahu mewujudkan budaya debat seperti ini adalah satu budaya yang sihat.

"Untuk buat budaya baru seperti debat ia perlu ada keberanian kerana politik tanah air bermula pertembungan yang sangat sengit.

"Walaupun kami berbeza pandangan dalam dunia politik kami tetap saling hormati menghormati," katanya.

Katanya lagi, budaya debat walaupun hujah itu kadang kala hangat serta tajam namun ia tetap menunjukkan satu kebaikan dalam mencari penyelesaian dalam setiap pandangan.

"Dengan debat secara terbuka kita dapat mengurangkan budaya lempar batu sembunyi tangan.

"Menuduh seseorang dengan pelbagai fitnah tanpa fakta tetapi tidak mahu bertanggungjawab terhadap tuduhan yang dilakukan itu," sambung beliau lagi.

Dalam pada itu, Fathul Bari memberitahu beliau telah menasihati blogger pro Umno yang telah menyebarkan fitnah tanpa asas terutamanya penyebaran video yang mengaibkan seseorang individu.

"Perkara yang melangkaui persepsi fitnah seperti penyebaran video yang mengaibkan memang kami tidak bersetuju.

"Yang salah tetap salah dan kami sentiasa membuat teguran," jelas beliau lagi.

Sebelum itu kedua-dua mereka telah bersama-sama dalam program debat yang bertajuk 'PRU13: Orang Muda Pilih Siapa' anjuran Sinar Harian yang dimoderatorkan oleh Prof Datuk Mohamad Abu Bakar dari Universiti Malaya. -HD


Posted: 20 Jul 2012 06:26 AM PDT

Beberapa hari tak dpt tidur dgn betul. Ada je kerja. Sumpah penat. Rasa macam buruh kasar baru balik dr kerja dekat lombong bijih timah. Nasib baik esok dah start puasa. Boleh ada lbh banyak masa untuk diri sendiri dan tuhan.

Salam ramadhan semua.

Semoga kita semua lebih dekat padanya, insyaAllah.

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Amnesty International said Abuse Against Myanmar’s Rohingya Erodes Recent Progress

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 05:50 AM PDT

Amnesty International

Amnesty International (Photo credit: AslanMedia)

Source – Amnesty International Press Release: Abuse Against Myanmar's Rohingya Erodes Recent Progress Press Release July 19, 2012. More Than 50,000 Displaced; Number of Political Prisoners Again on the Rise.Contact: Sharon Singh,, 202-675-8579, @spksingh

(Washington, D.C.) – Amnesty International today called attacks against minority Rohingyas and other Muslims in Myanmar a "step back" in the country's recent progress on human rights, citing increased violence and unlawful arrests following a state of emergency declared six weeks ago in the Rakhine state.

"Declaring a state of emergency is not a license to commit human rights violations," said Benjamin Zawacki, Amnesty International's Myanmar researcher. "It is the duty of security forces to defend the rights of everyone–without exception or discrimination–while abiding by human rights standards themselves."

The Myanmar government declared a state of emergency in Rakhine State on June 10, following an outbreak of communal violence in the previous week among the Buddhist Rakhine, Muslim Rakhine, and Muslim Rohingya communities. It remains in effect in several areas.

Since then, Myanmar's Border Security Force (nasaka), army and police have conducted massive sweeps in areas that are heavily populated by Rohingyas. Hundreds of mostly men and boys have been detained, nearly all held incommunicado, and some subjected to ill-treatment.

Most arrests appear to have been arbitrary and discriminatory, violating the rights to liberty and to freedom from discrimination on grounds of religion.

"Myanmar has done an about-turn on the situation of political imprisonment," said Zawacki. "After more than a year of prisoner amnesties and releases, the overall number of political prisoners in Myanmar is again on the rise."

Those arrested during the state of emergency must be charged with an internationally recognized offense. Related judicial proceedings must be both fair and impartial and not include the death sentence. If detainees are not justifiably charged, they must be released from custody.

Many Rohingyas and other Rakhine Muslims reported cases of physical abuse, rape, destruction of property and unlawful killings carried out by both Rakhine Buddhists and security forces. Authorities in Myanmar must take action to stop these acts and prevent future abuses from occurring.

Myanmar's National Human Rights Commission said on July 11 that at least 78 people have been killed since the violence began, and the government and the United Nations have estimated that between 50,000 and 90,000 have been displaced. The wide range results from the extremely limited access for independent monitors and humanitarian aid workers.

"The human rights and humanitarian needs of those affected by the violence depend on the presence of monitors and aid workers," said Zawacki. "The Myanmar authorities are compounding the error by exacerbating the suffering of those displaced by the violence and violations."

Amnesty International calls on Myanmar's Parliament to amend or repeal the 1982 Citizenship Law that rendered the Rohingya stateless.

"For too long, Myanmar's human rights record has been marred by the continued denial of citizenship for Rohingyas and a host of discriminatory practices against them," concluded Zawacki.

Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning grassroots activist organization with more than 3 million supporters, activists and volunteers in more than 150 countries campaigning for human rights worldwide. The organization investigates and exposes abuses, educates and mobilizes the public, and works to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.


Gril Besi Halang Lelaki Selamatkan Kekasihnya Semasa Kebakaran

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 06:04 AM PDT

Johor Bahru - Seorang pemuda 24 tahun hanya sekadar mampu melihat apabila teman wanitanya terperangkap mati kerana terhidu asap, apabila sebuah rumah dua tingkat di Taman Pelangi Indah telah dimusnahkan oleh kebakaran.

Mangsa, Loh Hui Jin, 24, dipercayai sedang tidur di tingkat atas apabila dia terbangun kerana merasa haba kebakaran.

Difahamkan Loh menghubungi teman lelakinya, Kee Yung Ywe yang sudah berada di tempat kejadian apabila Pasukan Bomba dan Penyelamat dari Jaya Johor tiba selepas menerima panggilan dari Loh pada 8.18 pagi.

Ketua operasinya, Syed Nasir Syed Abu Bakar, berkata Kee telah memanjat ke balkoni dan mencuba untuk memecahkan tingkap dalam usaha untuk menyelamatkannya.

Kee dapat bercakap dan cuba untuk menenangkannya tetapi gril besi tingkap telah menghalangnya daripada mendapatkan Loh.

Syed Nasir berkata pasukan yang terdiri daripada 10 anggota bomba telah memecahkan tingkap kaca sebelum memotong gril untuk mengeluarkan Loh daripada banglo yang terbakar.

Loh meninggal duniakemudiannya akibat lemas ketika dalam perjalanan ke Hospital Sultan Ismail.

Kee yang sesak nafas juga dirawat di hospital kerana terhidu asap. Keadaannya dilaporkan stabil.

Syed Nasir berkata selepas bomba berjaya mengeluarkan Loh, seorang jiran memberitahu bahawa terdapat dua lagi mangsa iaitu adik lelaki yang berumur 9 dan 14 tahun di dalam rumah.

"Kami masuk kembali dan cuba untuk mencari dua lagi mangsa dalam asap tebal tetapi tidak menemui sesiapa," katanya.

Mereka segera menghubungi ibu bapa mangsa di Ipoh, Perak, dan mendapat bahawa kedua kanak-kanak berada di sekolah pada masa itu.

"Ibu mereka terus menghubungi sekolah dan mengesahkan mereka berada di sekolah."

Ibu bapa mangsa terlibat di dalam industri kecantikan dan Loh yang bekerja sebagai pekerja kecantikan, membantu dalam perniagaan keluarga.

Kebakaran berjaya dipadamkan sepenuhnya pada jam 10.32 pagi dan punca kebakaran masih disiasat.

Kredit : NST/Pulakdah

Perhaps not a dictator, but clearly an autocrat by Commander (Rtd) S THAYAPARAN, formerly of the Royal Malaysian Navy

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 08:23 AM PDT

The essence of tyranny is not iron law. It is capricious law. - Christopher Hitchens in 'Love, Poverty, and War: Journeys and Essays'.

 COMMENT: So, is anyone going to provide proof, like what former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad demands that he is a dictator? For my part in my Malaysiakini pieces, I have (sometimes) drawn interested readers to the fact that the rhetoric of the opposition often times is in conflict with the banality of the everyday reality of the systemic racial or religious discrimination that (and here is the important part) we, had a hand in creating. The unbearable truth is, it's not about you but us.My piece on the former prime minister's bad medicine elicited brickbats here and elsewhere. 

I love the smell of abdication of personal responsibility in the morning. Smells like... victory. Providing proof of tyranny does not necessarily make a dictator (not that I have used the term or maybe I have, like many I too have had my bellicose moments) in the populist sense of the word and would no doubt lead to relativist tinged arguments with a base of solid pedantry. Some like the term "dictator", I prefer "potentate" or "autocrat". 

These last two I believe more accurately describes the reality of the power-sharing formula espoused by Umno and the subservience of those of us who allowed such an arrangement to go on for decades. Below Mahathir: Image of Our Great Leader with his "Peace Badge"
  For those of us who faithfully ticked 'opposition' on the ballot paper all those years, 'change' seems to be a fading ideal when it comes to any substantive principles that separate these two opposing forces. Yeah, I know, I know, federal power. We need federal power (sic). Mahathir bid us a teary farewell and we embraced Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, wholeheartedly. Never mind that the same Umno message was presented to us by his handpicked successor. 

Some of us bought into the fantasy that the Man was the problem and not the Machine. Of course, there were some of us who were shouting on the sidelines that there was (there always is) another alternative. We were ignored. Not surprising since Anwar Ibrahim had yet to discover his mojo. I have no idea why Mahathir would offer himself up as a punching bag. Revisionist history aside by the Umno faithful, all this does is just wave a bigger red flag in front of the Pakatan Rakyat faithful. Old stories are regurgitated which reminds us of why we need a change but does nothing (for our elected reps on either sides) to inspire any real meaningful departure from entrenched Umno dogma. 

But Mahathir is right. He is not a dictator. Not like his good friend Robert Mugabe. Mugabe the self-described "black Hitler" who famously said that "Our votes must go together with our guns. "After all, any vote we shall have shall have been the product of the gun. The gun which produces the vote should remain its security officer - its guarantor. The people's votes and the people's guns are always inseparable twins." Yup, Mahathir is not in the same league as dictators like Mugabe or the rest he mentioned but the company he keeps is telling. After all, isn't it the Malaysian way to point out that we are not as bad as "that country" or to compare ourselves to countries wracked with economic, social and territorial turmoil, sometimes all at once?

But since Mahathir bashing will always be welcomed in lieu of any collective reassessment of the role we as Malaysians played in the creation of the status quo (and by doing so, perhaps not replay the same game by keeping Pakatan honest) I, too will take a couple of shots of my own. Mahathir's modus operandi of late has been to plead ignorance of the excesses that occurred during his watch but to claim credit for every so-called success of his regime. In other words, he has no problem taking the credit for "making Robert Kuok a tycoon" but rejects the claim that he destroyed Salleh Abas and the independence of judiciary.Operation Lalang? The IGP's doing. You name it and Mahathir either pleads ignorance or shifts the blame to someone else. 

The hilarious thing is that plausible deniability is something that the higher echelons of power in this country don't have recourse to because greed and megalomania leave their wet dirty fingerprints everywhere. The quote that begins this piece best describes the malfeasances of Mahathir and then of Umno and BN. All those unjust laws like the ISA which has destroyed hundreds of lives and cloaked us in fear for some time were not a creation of Mahathir. He merely took them to their logical unjust conclusion.Look around us today and we are witness to how the same set of laws is applied differently depending on your allegiance to a specific political party. Enforcement arms of the government are as blatant in their prejudice as the propaganda organs of the BN. Mahathir was selective in his use of laws to muzzle the judiciary and curtail the constitutional powers of the royalty. 

He clamped down on so-called Islamic extremism all the while carrying out a programme of Arabisation/Islamisation which decimated the civil and military service. His was not the tyranny of bullets but rather the tyranny of ignorance. Manipulate the education system so that successive generations would only be able survive in a non-competitive environment like Malaysia. The fact that the non-Malays continued to thrive was cunningly used to play up to racial inadequacies and feelings of inferiority of the Malay 'majority'. Keep the people separated by giving in to their communalist desires. Let the 'Malays" or whoever Umno defined as such be forever in need of the crutch of Umno benevolence and let the 'others' fight it out in the racist private sector, all the while establishing a rent-seeking culture sanctioned by the state. 

We're part of the problem. The politics of patronage ensured that Umno would always have access to the Chinese-dominated business world and this in turn gave rise to the cronycrats who became a class in their own right, the tendrils of their corruption wrecking havoc on the economic and social ecologies of Malaysia. The ignorance Umno nurtured and the corruption they enabled is slowly but surely chipping away at their power. Umno encouraged a culture of mediocrity, which is why most voters either in Pakatan or BN partisans have such low expectations of their elected representatives. 

At this critical time where there are numerous opportunities for the Malaysian public to challenge their preferred political parties intellectually, pushing them to the limits on how they intend to face the economic and social challenges that lie ahead, what voters want instead is for their elected reps to coddle them emotionally and appeal to their baser communalist desires. And for Pakatan supporters, tart it up in the multicultural/racial feel-good rhetoric which plays well to the urban demographic. If the trains ran on time and our 'communal rights' were satisfied, nobody would be bothered about concepts such as 'ketuanan rakyat' or 'class-based solutions' to social problems or that cronyism or the politics of patronage existed. Like everything else here in Malaysia, it would have been 'tolerated'. 

The possible downfall of BN is that they could not control their greed, not that their ideology was suspect or that people wanted something different from what they offered. This is what the Mahathir years have wrought. A polarised electorate blind to the fact that in substance they are subscribing to the same ideology. One side fed up with the decades-long corruption of the current regime but unwilling to hold their preferred leaders to a higher standard (either in terms of principle or policy) in case the march to Putrajaya is disrupted.The other side fearful that regime change would end their dependence on a system which they believe sustains their way of life, but in reality was designed to keep them down. If this sad state of affairs in not a crime, 

I don't know what is. Malaysiakini.

Changing Again?

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:00 AM PDT

The following article by Josh Hong was first posted in Malaysiakini at this link. I am sharing this for the benefit of those who have yet to subscribe to the news portal.

Anwar Changing, Again
by Josh Hong

For all my support for a two-party system and consistent opposition to Umno hegemony, I am proud to say I have never been a blind follower of Anwar Ibrahim. In fact, I don't even consider myself an "Anwarist".

Those who lived through the eventful days of the late 1980s - when Mahathir Mohamad won against Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for the Umno presidency under most dubious circumstances and sacked top judges to save his own skin, culminating in 106 innocent men and women being put behind bars under the notorious Internal Security Act - will remember Anwar was firmly behind the tough guy.

Mahathir may not have been a dictator in the classical sense but there is no denying that his Machiavellian statecraft left incurable scars on Malaysian politics: the emasculation of the judiciary, a corrupt and trigger-happy police force, biased bureaucracy, and a sharpened racist and religionist agenda. It would not be unfair to say Anwar was part of it.

(And I am still wondering why some ostensibly liberal Malaysians would still choose to work for Mahathir by joining his Perdana Leadership Foundation.)

The first half of the 1990s saw Anwar (left) metamorphose into the Renaissance Man. It did give hopes to the country initially, and many were quietly awaiting the exit of Mahathir that would usher in a refreshing political atmosphere. All this was brought to an abrupt halt by the financial crisis of 1997/98 that also triggered the severest political crisis in Malaysia's history.

I had always been sceptical of Anwar's chameleon character, but decided to put aside my differences with him because I then regarded the autocratic regime of Mahathir as a far greater threat to Malaysia's future. My position has remained unchanged over the years: if you have an issue with your opponent, fight him/her in a fair manner and on an equal footing, and safeguard the dignity of his/her family.

Most important, spare the people the ordeal of skullduggery.

Still, one would have hoped that six years of political and judicial persecution might change Anwar, but it now appears that the man is stepping deeper into the morass of unprincipled politics as he gets closer to the corridors of power.

Forced into a corner, Anwar sought to prove his moral/Islamist credentials by stating publicly that "homosexuals should be discriminated against to protect the sanctity of marriage". His open statement not only undermines his image as a progressive alternative to Najib Abdul Razak, but also ups the ante with Umno in the race over who bests represents Islam, with the aspiring prime minister now declaring war on LGBT, liberalism and pluralism.

Deeply divisive issue

I fully respect Anwar's opinion on the deeply divisive issue. However, as a leader who aspires to take the country into a new era with some kind of paradigm shift, he ought to have been wise in choosing his words.

For instance, he could have made clear by saying "I disagree with homosexuals personally for religious reasons, but I am more opposed to discrimination against them".

Instead, he went a step further by endorsing those who are constantly on a lookout to portray homosexuality as a root cause of social ills!

And Anwar's opportunistic stance is a direct attack on my sexuality, as well as the green light for Malaysians - religious and moral fanatics in particular - to openly discriminate against me and countless other people like me.

The LGBT communities have long been a victim of political shenanigans. In the context of Malaysia, it is a surety to win conservative votes, be it Muslims, Christians or moralists.

I would have no issue with this had it come from PAS. After all, it is a party founded on the premises of preserving and enhancing Islamic values. But for the de facto leader of a so-called 'reformist' and 'forward-looking' party to say likewise is a betrayal of trust, for I know there are a sizeable number of LGBT people among PKR's supporters. But Anwar now seems to have made up his mind that they can be expended in order to secure more conservative votes.

Why is granting rights to LGBT persistently interpreted as destroying the fabric of society? Especially in Malaysia, even the right for LGBT to live as normal citizens would be a challenge to the 'social consensus'. Why should people be so afraid of LGBT that they perceive them as an imminent menace to the heterosexual institution of marriage?

No, you are not required to prove why it should be so, but the LGBT communities are constantly told to 'behave' and 'lie low' without a valid reason.

The irrational fear of LGBT is an emotional reaction that requires no explanation. As long as the Quran or the Bible says it is harmful, so must it be. No evidence is necessary, because more rights for them would entail less rights for us, period.

But isn't this us vs them mentality precisely the cause of our political malaise over the last five decades, during which time Barisan Nasional has been pitting one ethnic group against the other?

Imagine if Malaysia had its own segregation law that banned the Chinese and the Indians from front-row seats? This was what "keeping a low profile" exactly meant in 1950s America.

So is Anwar suggesting that, to ensure his entry into Putrajaya, he is ready to propose a law as such vis a vis the LGBT communities in Malaysia? It is his right to advocate that, but I am certain the whole world is watching. Anwar must therefore be careful not to allow his dwindling credibility to drop as far as that of Najib's.

JOSH HONG studied politics at London Metropolitan University and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. A keen watcher of domestic and international politics, he longs for a day when Malaysians will learn and master the art of self-mockery, and enjoy life to the full in spite of politicians.

Polis Mengamuk Bebas Walaupun Didakwa Hari Ini

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 04:13 AM PDT

Seremban – Seorang pegawai polis berpangkat Inspektor yang mengamuk dan mencederakan dua pekerja hotel dua bintang di Seremban 2, di sini, Selalu lalu, didakwa di mahkamah hari ini.

Timbalan Ketua Polis negeri, Datuk Abdul Manan Md Hassan berkata, pihaknya sudah melengkapkan kertas siasatan kejadian itu dan laporan siasatan diserahkan kepada pihak pendakwaan.

"Kita menahan pegawai polis terbabit kira-kira jam 10 pagi Selasa lalu dan direman dua hari bagi membantu siasatan tetapi dibebaskan hari ini (semalam) dengan jaminan polis.

"Kita serahkan tindakan selanjutnya kepada mahkamah dan pegawai polis terbabit tidak akan terlepas daripada dikenakan tindakan tatatertib," katanya kepada pemberita semalam.

Menurutnya, pihaknya tidak akan berkompromi dengan mana-mana anggota mahupun pegawai yang terlibat dengan kejadian mencemarkan nama baik Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM).

Abdul Manan berkata, siasatan pihaknya mendapati pegawai polis berusia 32 tahun itu mahu menginap di hotel berkenaan untuk berehat selepas pulang bercuti bersama seorang lagi anggota polis.

"Insiden dipercayai berpunca daripada salah faham mengenai harga pembelian aiskrim dengan dua pekerja hotel terbabit.

"Pegawai polis berkenaan dipercayai mengalami tekanan perasaan dan dibebani masalah peribadi serta keluarga,"

Menurutnya, pihaknya tidak menemui sebarang senjata pada pegawai polis terbabit ketika ditahan.

"Dia telah serahkan pistol miliknya sebelum bercuti dan kita tidak mempunyai maklumat senjata yang digunakannya untuk memukul dua pekerja hotel itu ketika kejadian adalah pistol.

"Hasil ujian urin juga jelas menunjukkan pegawai polis berkenaan bebas daripada pengaruh dadah dan alkohol," katanya.

Abdul Manan berkata, pegawai polis terbabit baru lapan bulan berkhidmat di Bahagian Siasatan Jenayah Komersial Ibu Pejabat Daerah (IPD) Seremban.

"Sebelum ini, dia bertugas di bahagian sama di Ibu Pejabat Polis Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur dan sudah berkhidmat sebagai anggota polis selama 10 tahun.

"Dia tidak mempunyai masalah disiplin sebelum ini berdasarkan semakan rekod peribadi," katanya.

Menurutnya, kes akan disiasat mengikut Seksyen 324/427 Kanun Keseksaan dan disiasat bersama Seksyen 506 Kanun Keseksaan.

Menurutnya, kedua-dua pekerja hotel terbabit cedera ringan dan menerima rawatan sebagai pesakit luar di Hospital Tuanku Ja'afar. -SH

CCTV: Polis pukul pekerja hotel guna buntut pistol

Seorang inspektor polis didakwa telah memukul dua pekerja hotel dengan buntut pistol selepas bertengkar dengan salah satu pekerja di Seremban semalam.

Kejadian itu dirakam oleh CCTV hotel tersebut dan pihak pengurusannya telah menyerahkan video itu kepada Ahli Parlimen DAP Rasah, Anthony Loke, yang kemudian memuat-naik video itu dan berkongsinya di laman Facebook beliau.

Menurut Loke, inspektor tersebut telah pergi ke hotel berkenaan pada awal pagi semalam dan menginap di sebuah bilik sebelum membeli ais krim dari hotel tersebut.

Dipercayai inspektor tersebut terbabit dalam pertengkaran dengan salah seorang pekerja hotel (yang memakai topi dalam video) mengenai harga ais krim, yang seterusnya membawa kepada kejadian tersebut.

Loke memberitahu Malaysiakini bahawa inspektor tersebut telah memukul pekerja berkenaan dengan buntut pistol dan menariknya ke sebelah lain hotel dan dipukul lagi.

Ketika dihubungi, Ketua Polis Daerah Seremban Saiful Azly Kamaruddin mengesahkan bahawa polis telah menerima laporan berhubung kejadian itu.

Rakyat Bukan Ahli UMNO Tidak Diperlukan Sambut Hari MERDEKA? Bagus!

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 02:08 AM PDT

Petaling Jaya:Bekas menteri kabinet, Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir membidas tema perayaan hari kemerdekaan yang disifatkannya sebagai kempen pilihan raya BN.

Tema hari kemerdekaan tahun ialah Janji Ditepati.

"Ianya begitu terang dan terbuka tanpa sorok-sorok. Ini jelas membuktikan sikap kerajaan yang begitu ego dan begitu yakin tentang kedudukannya.

"Ianya tidak peduli sama sekali dengan perasaan pihak rakyat keseluruhannya. Ianya seakan-akan perayaan kemerdekaan juga telah menjadi hak "BN"," katanya dalam kenyataan akhbar semalam.

Abdul Kadir yang juga Presiden Sementara Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia (Ikatan) berkata, beliau pernah menjadi pengerusi perayaaan kemerdekaan selama tujuh tahun dari tahun 1999 hingga 2006.

Katanya, beliau dapat memahami kenyataan kekecewaan yang diluahkan merata-rata mengenai tema perayaan kemerdekaan pada tahun ini iaitu Janji Ditepati.

"Saya diingatkan bahawa pada pilihanraya 2008 hampir separuh dari pengundi seluruh Malaysia tidak mengundi BN.

"Oleh itu sudah wajarlah kerajaan perlu mengambil kira bagaimana untuk menarik sokongan hampir separuh dari jumlah rakyat ini supaya sama-sama dapat merayakan kemerdekaan tersebut," tambah beliau lagi.

Pemimpin pembangkang

Abdul Kadir berkata, perayaan kemerdekaan adalah suatu peluang yang sebaik-baiknya untuk kita merapatkan hubungan di kalangan seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

Ia juga peluang untuk mengenepikan segala persoalan yang mengasingkan rakyat maka kerajaan begitu berhati-hati mengenai segala perkara yang berkaitan dengan perayaan tersebut.

"…supaya ia tidak menimbulkan sebarang kecurigaan dan sebaliknya pula perayaan tersebut dapat diterima dan disokong oleh semua pihak," kata beliau lagi.

Menurut Abdul Kadir lagi, pemimpin pembangkang dijemput untuk menghadiri dan bila mereka menghadirinya maka adakalanya mereka dijemput juga di pentas untuk bersama pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan.

Katanya, beliau sendiri setiap tahun sebelum perayaan bermula akan berjumpa Menteri Besar Kelantan dan juga Menteri Besar Terengganu (yang pada masa itu dipimpin oleh PAS) serta ketua pembangkang, Lim Kit Siang supaya memberi kerjasama dan merayakan perayaan tersebut sebagai suatu perayaan yang dipunyai oleh seluruh bangsa Malaysia.

Begitu juga bantuan-bantuan yang berbagai termasuk bantuan bendera yang termampu disalurkan juga kepada kerajaan-kerajaan pembangkang termasuk memberi ruang kepada mereka dalam media massa.

"Alhamdulillah, parti-parti pembangkang pada waktu itu telah memberi kerjasama 100 peratus kepada kerajaan dalam menjayakan program-program perayaan kemerdekaan," katanya. -FMT

Rais: Tidak salah guna slogan 'Janji Ditepati' untuk tema kemerdekaan

KUALA LUMPUR - Menteri Penerangan Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim berkata bukan satu kesalahan untuk menggunakan slogan 'Janji Ditepati' sebagai tema sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan ke-55 kerana ia sememangnya mencerminkan komitmen kerajaan menunaikan janji-janjinya.

Beliau berkata Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dengan gagasan 1Malaysia umpamanya telah menunaikan janji-janjinya melalui proses transformasi seperti Bidang Keberhasilan Utama Negara (NKRA) dan Bidang Ekonomi Utama Negara (NKEA).

Beliau berkata Najib telah melunaskan konsep 1Malaysia itu dengan menterjemahkannya antaranya dalam bentuk pengagihan buku, pemberian Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M), Susu 1Malaysia, pembukaan Kedai Kain 1Malaysia yang dinikmati lapisan masyarakat termasuk penyokong parti pembangkang.

"Apabila kita buat sesuatu yang baik kita mengatakan komitmen kita sudah selesai, sudah dibuat, jadi tidak salah...," katanya apabila diminta mengulas rasional pengunaan tema 'Janji Ditepati' untuk sambutan hari kemerdekaan tahun ini, yang didakwa pihak tertentu menjurus kepada kempen politik.

"55 Tahun Merdeka Janji Ditepati" dipilih sebagai tema hari kemerdekaan tahun ini.

Ketika ditemui pemberita selepas menghadiri majlis penyampaian Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang (APC) warga kementerian di sini hari ini, Rais berkata berlandaskan sistem demokrasi yang diamalkan negara ini, kerajaan harus bersaing memberikan yang terbaik kepada rakyat begitu juga pihak pembangkang.

"Jadi kalau pembangkang merasakan ini adalah slogan yang bawa kepada pilihan raya saya fikir memang tak salah jika disebutkan begitu.

"Dan pembangkang boleh kata kami (pembangkang) sudah buat ini dan ini, dan ini janji kami (pembangkang), ini pun tak salah.

"Tinggal lagi pembangkang harus terima satu hakikat, jangan dibohongi rakyat dengan perkara-perkara yang tak benar.

"Dan jika ada yang tidak betul dan tidak tepat..pembangkang boleh sebut dan kami (kerajaan) akan baiki menerusi sistem kerajaan kita," katanya.

Pada majlis APC itu, 1,018 kakitangan daripada 18 agensi dan jabatan di bawah kementerian itu menerima cek bernilai RM1,000 dan sijil pada majlis itu.

Seorang penerima APC daripada Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia (Bernama), Mahayudin Mohamad bersyukur dan terharu diberi penghargaan itu sambil menyifatkann pemberian anugerah itu menunjukkan sistem pentadbiran kementerian bertambah baik.

"Lebih banyak kakitangan di peringkat bawahan yang diberi pengiktirafan, ini menunjukkan sistem pentadbiran kementerian bertambah telus dan tidak memilih," kata beliau yang telah berkhidmat sebagai jurufoto berita selama enam tahun.

Penerima anugerah sebanyak lima kali, Fauziah Hussein daripada Unit Komunikasi Korporat daripada KPKK pula berkata penghargaan sedemikian, memberikan semangat kepada beliau untuk bekerja lebih baik.

"Yang penting, kita perlu lebih konsisten dan memberikan lebih daripada yang dikehendaki, perlu juga komited untuk menjadikan imej kerajaan lebih baik pada pandangan masyarakat," katanya.
- Bernama

Ulasan GB

Oleh kerana sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan pun telah dirompak oleh UMNO BN, maka apakah ini bererti rakyat yang bukan ahli UMNO BN tak perlu lagi sambut hari kemerdekaan negara?

Apakah sambutan hari kemerdekaan sudah menjadi hakmilik eksklusif ahli UMNO BN sahaja?

Jika demikian halnya, baguslah, kami tak kisah.

Kami tidak memboikot tetapi kerajaan UMNO BN seolah-olah menyuruh kami memboikotnya.

Kepada Rais, kami menyatakan:


Hal ini akan menguatkan lagi semangat mereka yang bukan ahli UMNO BN untuk berusaha "memerdekakan" pemerintahan negara dari UMNO BN didalam pilihanraya akan datang ini sehingga sambutan hari merdeka akan menjadi milik semua rakyat.

MERDEKA kali kedua iaitu kemerdekaan dari belenggu penjajahan UMNO BN selepas merdeka dari belenggu penjajahan British.

Sneaky Tactics To Give You More Energy & Productivity At Work

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 12:26 AM PDT

Dealing with the pressures and challenges that most of us face in the workplace on a daily basis is no easy task. You really have to go an extra mile in the workplace in order to get noticed, but you certainly do not have to compromise your health to do this.  Eating healthy at work isn't hard when you know how… It's no surprise that some people get tired and stressed at the end of a long day

Phonemic Awareness

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 12:11 AM PDT

Phonemic Awareness is defined as the ability to identify, hear, and work with the smallest units of sound known as phonemes. It is NOT the same as phonological awareness, instead, it is a sub-category of phonological awareness. For example, phonemic awareness is narrow, and deals only with phonemes and manipulating the individual sounds of words – such as /c/, /a/, and /t/ are the individual


Posted: 19 Jul 2012 11:23 PM PDT


[VIDEO] Abby Abadi Tamatkan Segala Spekulasi, Serah Borang Sertai PAS

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 11:45 PM PDT

Kota Bharu: Selepas menekuni semula amalan agama dan bersedia sepenuhnya menerima segala risiko, akhirnya pelakon Abby Abadi secara rasminya malam tadi menyertai PAS sebagai ahli seumur hidup.

Beliau menyerah borang sebagai pendokong berdaftar gerakan Islam kepada Mursyidul Am PAS, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat di Nilam Puri.

Biar pun dalam keadaan keuzuran dan kepenatan, namun Menteri Besar Kelantan mengagahi juga hadir pada program tersebut yang diadakan di padang Yayasan Islam Kelantan, berhadapan dengan kampus Akademi Islam Universiti Malaya.

Kedatangannya agak lewat, semata-mata bagi memenuhi impian dan hasrat pelakon terbabit yang kebelakangan ini muncul dengan penampilan baru.

Bersaksikan ribuan penduduk tempatan, Abby bersama seorang lagi pelakon Hairie Othman diserbu ramai peminat remaja untuk bergambar dan beramah mesra.

Selepas menyerah borang yang dirakam dengan puluhan lensa kamera, Abby kemudian dipakai selendang berwarna hijau oleh anggota Exco kerajaan negeri, Wan Ubaidah Omar. Hadir sama Naib Presiden PAS, Datuk Husam Musa dan Ketua Penerangan PAS Kelantan, Dr Muhammad Fadzli Hassan.

"Biar pun saya bersama dengan gerakan memperjuangkan Islam dan keadilan, namun saya masih sayang lagi kepada dunia seni.

"Sebagai orang seni saya tidak pandai untuk mencari rezeki dengan bidang lain. Oleh itu saya berharap selepas ada perubahan di Putrajaya nanti, kita boleh lakukan sesuatu bagi memartabatkan seni mengikut acuan Islam," ujarnya.

Hujah itu sebelumnya turut dikongsi bersama Hairie apabila mencadangkan kepada PAS supaya membikin drama berkaitan perjuangan Islam bagi membolehkan generasi muda tahu asal usul sejarahnya.

Menurutnya elok diterbitkan filem mengisah mengenai kegigihan tokoh terkenal dalam gerakan Islam di Malaya iaitu Dr Burhanuddin Helmy yang begitu banyak berjasa.

"Kalau PAS berminat untuk menerbit filem tersebut eloklah watak utama diberi kepada saya," katanya dengan nada berseloroh. -Detikdaily

Laporan sebelum ini
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Posted: 19 Jul 2012 09:06 PM PDT

20 Julai 2012


Setelah rakyat Malaysia dikejutkan isu masalah sistem radar yang dibangunkan Selex Sistemi Integrati (SELEX) dan Advanced Air Traffic Systems (M) Sdn Bhd (AAT) di Pusat Kawalan Trafik Udara Nasional (NATCC) di Subang, kini KEADILAN difahamkan salah satu syarikat tersebut telah mendapat projek di KLIA2 walaupun ia pembida yang kalah.
KLIA2 sebelum ini pernah menghadapi kontroversi antaranya, pemilihan tapak dengan permukaan tanah yang lembut dan tidak sesuai untuk membangunkan lapangan terbang – maklumat yang tidak diketengahkan Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB) dan Kementerian Pengangkutan (MOT) kepada rakyat. Selain itu, kenaikan kos dari RM1.7 bilion kepada RM 3.6 bilion dan penundaan tarikh siap pembinaan dari September 2011 ke April 2013; menambahkan lagi kontroversi, dan tentunya penggunaan wang rakyat apabila nilai projek KLIA2 melambung tinggi nanti.
Terkini, KEADILAN telah mendapat maklumat bahawa AAT merupakan salah satu dari tiga syarikat yang telah memasukkan bidaan untuk membangunkan sistem kawalan udara di KLIA2.
Bagi projek KLIA2, syarikat AECOM dilantik menjadi konsultan kepada MAHB dan telah memulakan pengumpulan maklumat, data dan laporan sejak Februari 2010 untuk memberikan pendapat komprehensif; terutamanya di dalam tiga aspek iaitu sistem kawalan udara, prosedur dan peralatan. AECOM juga mendapati ada keraguan dalam keberkesanan sistem kawalan udara SELEX dan mengesyorkan peningkatan sistem kawalan udara supaya ia dinaiktaraf dan kekal relevan supaya dapat menangani kapasiti penerbangan dengan lebih baik dan berkesan apabila KLIA2 dibuka nanti.
Meskipun laporan penilaian teknikal AECOM bertarikh 9 Disember 2011 telah mengiktiraf kebolehan syarikat AMP Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (AMCOP) untuk melaksanakan projek tersebut dengan baik dan telah menyarankan AMPCOP dipilih, namun akhirnya projek ini telah diberikan kepada AAT – sebuah syarikat yang, mengikut laporan penilaian teknikal tersebut, tidak memenuhi spesifikasi teknikal yang diperlukan untuk projek ini. (Lampiran 1)
Walaupun nilai bidaan AAT adalah lebih rendah daripada AMCOP, kelulusan hanya boleh diberikan sekiranya AAT menepati kesemua keperluan teknikal yang disenaraikan.
Tambahan lagi, Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Khas Perolehan MAHB juga telah dengan jelas memberikan penilaian dan rekomendasi seperti berikut pada 15 Mac 2012. (Lampiran 2)
Pemilihan AAT mengejutkan kerana sebelum ini AAT juga terjerumus di dalam kontroversi yang mengancam keberkesanan keselamatan sistem kawalan udara di Malaysia serta para penumpang pengangkutan udara menerusi makluman dalaman tentang senarai kecacatan dan kestabilan penyenggaraan sistem radar MIP-2 di Lapangan Terbang Subang.
Insiden-insiden kecacatan di dalam sistem MIP-2 juga diakui oleh Jabatan Penerbangan Awam, dan emel dalaman pegawai DCA dan ATC yang menggambarkan sistem radar kelolaan SELEX tidak berfungsi secara memuaskan.
Diperingatkan bahawa senarai kecacatan di dalam sistem MIP-2 adalah mirip masalah teknikal yang dihadapi oleh sistem LEFCO keluaran SELEX yang dibatalkan di Cyprus. Kalau Parlimen Cyprus berani membatalkan projek, saya desak Kementerian Pengangkutan menjemput ICAO untuk mengadakan audit ke atas sistem MIP-2 dan sekaligus melenyapkan tanda tanya terhadap keberkesanan sistem radar di Malaysia.
MAHB dan MOT wajib menjawab dan menjustifikasikan penganugerahan projek sistem kawalan udara KLIA2 kepada AAT kerana kita tidak mahu keselamatan orang awam diperjudikan dengan pemilihan semberono.

Nurul Izzah Anwar
Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai
merangkap Naib Presiden KEADILAN

Albert Camus Quotes

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 08:17 PM PDT

One writer/philosopher whom I admire greatly is Albert Camus, a French pied-noir author, journalist, and philosopher. Wikipedia states that his views contributed to the rise of the philosophy known as absurdism. He wrote in his essay "The Rebel" that his whole life was devoted to opposing the philosophy of nihilism while still delving deeply into individual freedom. Although often cited as a proponent of existentialism, the philosophy with which Camus was associated during his own lifetime, he rejected this particular label. In an interview in 1945, Camus rejected any ideological associations: "No, I am not an existentialist. Sartre and I are always surprised to see our names linked..."

In 1949, Camus founded the Group for International Liaisons within the Revolutionary Union Movement, which was opposed to some tendencies of the Surrealist movement of André Breton.

Camus was awarded the 1957 Nobel Prize for Literature "for his important literary production, which with clear-sighted earnestness illuminates the problems of the human conscience in our times". He was the second-youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, after Rudyard Kipling, and the first African-born writer to receive the award. He is the shortest-lived of any Nobel literature laureate to date, having died in an automobile accident just over two years after receiving the award. Read more HERE,

Here are some of Albert Camus' famous sayings/quotations. Then you may see why he is my favourite author.

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend. -Albert Camus -

Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better. - Albert Camus -

Those who weep for the happy periods which they encounter in history acknowledge what they want; not the alleviation but the silencing of misery. -  Albert Camus -

Integrity has no need of rules. -Albert Camus -

When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man can have no vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him; and you are torn by the thought of the unhappiness and night you cast, by the mere fact of living, in the hearts you encounter.Albert Camus -

To be happy we must not be too concerned with others. -  Albert Camus -

As usual I finish the day before the sea, sumptuous this evening beneath the moon, which writes Arab symbols with phosphorescent streaks on the slow swells. There is no end to the sky and the waters. How well they accompany sadness! Albert Camus -

Human relationships always help us to carry on because they always presuppose further developments, a future --and also because we live as if our only task was precisely to have relationships with other people.
- Albert Camus -

After all, every murderer when he kills runs the risk of the most dreadful of deaths, whereas those who kill him risk nothing except promotion. - Albert Camus -

The modern mind is in complete disarray. Knowledge has stretched itself to the point where neither the world nor our intelligence can find any foot-hold. It is a fact that we are suffering from nihilism. One leader, one people, signifies one master and millions of slaves.
- Albert Camus -

The real passion of the twentieth century is servitude. - Albert Camus -

Virtue cannot separate itself from reality without becoming a principle of evil. - Albert Camus -

Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question. - Albert Camus -

As a remedy to life in society I would suggest the big city. Nowadays, it is the only desert within our means. - Albert Camus -

You can't create experience. You must undergo it. - Albert Camus -

All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. - Albert Camus -

But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a person and life they lead. - Albert Camus -

The need to be right is the sign of a vulgar mind. - Albert Camus -

The most eloquent eulogy of capitalism was made by its greatest enemy. Marx is only anti-capitalist in so far as capitalism is out of date. - Albert Camus -

Hosni Mubarak Juga Tak Mengaku Dirinya Diktator - Mahfuz

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 09:10 PM PDT

Bekas presiden Mesir, Hosni Mubarak, juga tidak mengaku diktator sama seperti bekas perdana menteri (PM) Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, kata naib presiden PAS, Datuk Mahfuz Omar.

"Dr Mahathir mengambil Mubarak sebagai contoh kepada apa yang beliau sebut sebagai ketua negara yang dicap sebagai diktator," kata Mahfuz kepada The Malaysian Insider melalui telefon sebentar tadi.

"Sama seperti Dr Mahathir, Mubarak juga tidak mengaku sebagai diktator malah seperti Dr Mahathir juga, bekas Presiden Mesir itu mahu dikenali sebagai seorang demokrat walaupun beliau dikategorikan dalam senarai utama demokrat palsu."

Ahli parlimen Pokok Sena itu (gambar fail) menasihatkan Dr Mahathir supaya tidak perlu meminta bukti menunjukkan beliau seorang diktator.

"Tidak perlulah Dr Mahathir minta bukti kerana diktator tidak akan mengaku diktator.

"Lagipun, Dr Mahathir sendiri mudah lupa walaupun beliau suka menuduh orang lain mudah lupa," katanya sambil merujuk inkuiri suruhanjaya siasatan video Datuk V.K. Lingam empat tahun lalu di mana Dr Mahathir beberapa kali mengatakan bahawa "saya tidak ingat".

Mahfuz juga meminta Dr Mahathir "sedar sendiri" apakah imej beliau di mata dunia dan sebahagian besar rakyat negara ini.

"Adakah dunia khususnya sebahagian besar rakyat negara ini melihat Dr Mahathir dengan imej seorang pemimpin yang mesra demokrasi atau seorang diktator.

"Dr Mahathir jawablah sendiri, jika beliau sudah tidak ada lagi, adakah beliau akan diingati sebagai seorang demokrat atau seorang diktator," kata Mahfuz lagi.

Sebelum pilihan raya umum 2008 lalu, kata Mahfuz, Dr Mahathir sering memberitahu rakyat bahawa Perdana Menteri ketika itu, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi terlibat dalam rasuah dan nepotisme serta menjadikan negara ini negara polis.

"Dr Mahathir jawablah sendiri, adakah Pak Lah atau beliau sendiri yang pertama sekali diingati dan lebih dahulu terlintas dalam fikiran rakyat dalam soal rasuah, nepotisme dan negara polis?" katanya.

Naib presiden PAS itu menasihatkan Dr Mahathir, jika benar sudah tidak ingat apa mengapa beliau dilihat sebagai diktator ketika menjadi Perdana Menteri dahulu, tidak perlulah beliau menulis meminta orang lain membuktikan sifat diktatornya.

"Menjelang Ramadhan ini, eloklah Dr Mahathir memperbaiki imejnya dengan banyak beribadat dan beriktikaf di masjid daripada meminta orang ramai mengungkit-ungkit perbuatannya yang dilihat tidak elok ketika menjadi Perdana Menteri dahulunya," katanya lagi.

Dalam tulisan dalam blognya, Dr Mahathir bertanya kepada pembaca, "Saya ingin tahu daripada pelawat ke blog saya tentang apakah yang saya telah lakukan semasa saya menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang menjadi bukti bahawa saya adalah seorang diktator". -TMI

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Girls waiting longer to lose virginity, right guy for sex

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 10:14 PM PDT

July 20, 2012

A new American survey suggests that teenage girls may be delaying having sex for the first time. — AFP-Relaxnews pic
NEW YORK, July 20 — Young women in the US are having their first sexual experience after – not before – they arrive on campus, according to a survey released yesterday. The "Ultimate College Girl Survey," conducted by, an online community for college women, was conducted during the 2011-12 academic year and involved nearly 2,600 participants between the ages of 17 and 23.
Sixty-nine per cent of those surveyed said that they didn't lose their virginity until they turned 18, while 43 per cent of respondents were still virgins at the time of the survey.  For those respondents who had already had sex, 12.3 per cent lost their virginity at 17, while 9.5 per cent said that their first time was at age 16. Participants hailed from 677 different US schools, with graduating classes 2012 through 2015 almost equally represented.
"The delay in first sex in the survey seems high, which may be due to selectivity in who is interviewed," Laura Lindberg, a senior research associate at Guttmacher, told Self Magazine. "However, it's not surprising that girls attending college wait to have sex later than other girls, for many reasons," she says, citing race, income and parents' education as potential factors.
Even still, she adds that being a virgin likely has less of a stigma today than it has in recent years. "We hear over and over from readers that they are waiting for the right guy to have sex for the first time, rather than simply viewing it as an item to check off their high school or college bucket list," Kaplan says.
According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, young girls are waiting longer to have their first sexual experience. The proportion of 15- to 19-year-old females who had been sexually active at least once declined from 51 per cent in 1988 to 43 percent in 2006-2010.
For males, CDC data suggests the decline is even greater – the proportion of 15- to 19-year-old males who had been sexually active at least once dropped from 60 per cent in 1988 to 42 per cent in 2006-2010. — AFP-Relaxnews

Selepas UMNO BN, PDRM Pula Memfitnah Pembangkang, PR Minta Bukti

Posted: 19 Jul 2012 07:07 PM PDT

Komponen Pakatan Rakyat (PR) mencabar polis menunjukkan bukti jika benar parti-parti politik pembangkang diresapi pengganas Jemaah Islamiah (JI) dan individu yang pernah dikaitkan dengan gerakan komunis, yang cuba menjadi calon Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU13).

Naib Presiden Pas, Salahuddin Ayub berkata, pihaknya bimbang kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) semalam "bertujuan jahat" ke atas pembangkang menjelang PRU13.

Bagaimanapun Ahli Parlimen Kubang Kerian itu yakin sokongan kepada PR khususnya Pas, yang dinamakan secara langsung dalam kenyataan semalam, tidak akan terjejas.

"Saya minta tunjuk bukti kalau benar dalam Pas ada orang seperti ini seperti yang didakwa oleh Datuk Mohd Sofian (Md Makinuddin).

"Kami bimbang kenyataan-kenyataan seperti ini dikeluarkan ketika menjelang pilihan raya untuk mengelirukan rakyat... kenyataan yang berniat jahat,"
kata beliau ketika dihubungi.

Salahuddin berkata, pihaknya tidak terkejut dengan kenyataan seumpama itu sebab pihak berkuasa pernah menggunakan cara yang sama pada masa-masa lalu.

"Polis pernah membuat kenyataan seperti ini, mengaitkan Pas dengan kumpulan Al-Maunah, saya melihat tujuan berniat jahat ini berulang ketika dekat dengan PRU.

"Pas, yang sudah terlibat dalam politik lebih 50 tahun, memilih untuk menggunakan jalan demokrasi, menerusi pilihan raya untuk menang pilihan raya," katanya sambil menambah, PDRM tidak harus membuat kenyataan-kenyataan tidak bertanggungjawab.

Laporan media memetik Mohd Sofian, Ketua Penolong Pengarah E2 (M), Bahagian Ancaman Ekstremis Sosial Bukit Aman berkata, terdapat pengganas JI dan individu yang pernah dikaitkan dengan gerakan komunis berusaha meresapi parti politik pembangkang selain cuba menjadi calon pada PRU13.

Mohd Sofian berkata, Cawangan Khas itu mengesan beberapa elemen JI cuba meresapi Pas selain elemen gerakan komunis cuba meresapi DAP.

"Beberapa pemimpin Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) dan PKR juga sering berulang-alik ke Bangkok dan selatan Thailand yang dipercayai untuk mengadakan pertemuan sulit dengan beberapa bekas pemimpin Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) di sana

"Kesannya, idea-idea berhubung politik baru yang berpotensi menjejaskan nilai teras negara telah berkembang. Gerakan ini sebenarnya mendapat sokongan daripada badan bukan kerajaan asing yang membantu dari segi kewangan, latihan dalam dan luar negara serta pendedahan kepada kepakaran tertentu untuk menghadapi pilihan raya," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian semasa menyampaikan syarahannya bertajuk "Keselamatan Negara Tanggungjawab Bersama" pada Konvensyen Pemimpin Muda Negara anjuran Parlimen Malaysia bersama-sama Biro Tatanegara Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, Institut Pendidikan Guru dan Majlis Belia Malaysia.

Sehubungan itu, kata Salahuddin, pihaknya akan membincangkan tindakan ke atas pegawai polis berkenaan.

"Kami akan membincangkan tindakan yang hendak diambil dalam waktu terdekat," katanya.

Dalam pada itu, Pengarah Komunikasi PKR, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad juga mencabar PDRM mengeluarkan bukti jika benar wujud elemen-elemen sedemikian.

Sambil menegaskan pihaknya tidak terkejut dengan laporan tersebut, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor ini berkata, "kenyataan-kenyataan seperti ini, yang dibuat oleh polis, bukan perkara baru."

"Saya pun boleh buat kenyataan seperti ini. Buktikan siapa mereka, namakan individu terbabit, kita pun hendak tahu.

"Saya mencabar beliau bertanding pilihan raya jika berminat untuk bercakap mengenai politik," kata beliau yang yakin bahawa sedar dan tahu tentang keadaan sebenar, dan sokongan mereka tidak akan terjejas.

"Ini taktik Barisan Nasional menggunakan polis untuk membuat kenyaatan-kenyataan seperti ini menjelang PRU. Rakyat tahu," katanya lagi. -SH

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