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Lim Chang Moh, friends of a few months

Lim Chang Moh, friends of a few months

Lim Chang Moh, friends of a few months

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 09:05 AM PDT

The news reached me at about 11 o'clock on Sunday morning. I was sitting beneath the canopies at the Esplanade while waiting for the lucky draws of the FMM Penang heritage trail event to complete. Felt terribly hot and bored. So I whipped out my mobile and connected to facebook. I scrolled down and read. Suddenly, I saw a posting that gave me a jolt.

Turning to my Old Frees' Association team leader, Lo Liang Kheng, I told him: "Here, read this." And he did, but the news didn't get much reaction from him. "You don't know him?" I asked. No, he shook his head, he did not know who Lim Chang Moh was.

But I did. Lim Chang Moh was our fellow Old Free who had contributed to FIDELIS, the commemorative book of The Old Frees' Association. For the book, he had undertaken an interview of Tan Boon Lin who was the Penang Free School's first Asian headmaster.

Chang Moh and I had exchanged several emails as we discussed his article. For example, at first, I had asked him whether it was possible to keep the article to two pages. Will be very difficult, he replied. In that case, I had told him, let's try to cover it within four pages. I was getting rather generous, you see, because by then I realised that Headmaster would turn out to be a mine of information.

It was not until 31 Mar 2012 when FIDELIS was launched by the Raja of Perlis at the E&O Hotel that I met up with Chang Moh. Unknown to me, he had wanted to attend the function. He sought me out in the hall and we warmed to each other. We exchanged autographs in our own respective copies of FIDELIS.

Maybe there can be a project that we could work together. We had agreed to keep in touch. We became friends on facebook. I congratulated him when he received a state award from the Sultan of Selangor. When I learnt that he had undergone gall bladder surgery in June, I wrote to wish him well. That was the last time we ever exchanged messages.

On Sunday, through facebook, I learnt that Chang Moh had passed away. We were friends for only a few months. Possibly, only seven months or even less. Three weeks after his operation, he succumbed to internal bleeding. He fought a brave fight but unfortunately, he could not recover from his illness. My thoughts are with his family.

[BERGAMBAR] Jahil Dan Zalimnya Manusia Yang Tidak MensyukuriNya...

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 11:00 AM PDT

Subhanallah. Ini otak manusia yang masih lagi hidup.

Macam mana organ sekecil ini mampu berfikir dan mengawal segala pergerakan badan dan aktiviti seharian kita? Tidak lupa dari merakam peristiwa yang telah berlaku dan temu temujanji akan datang? dan macam macam dia fikirkan untuk kita...

Amatlah rugi jika kelebihan ini tidak digunakan dari MENGINGATI ALLAH dengan mengerjakan solat 5 waktu... apatah lagi jika kita menentang ayat-ayat dan suruhanNya..

Cuba fikirkan bagaimana jika urat-urat di dalam otak ini tidak berfungsi lagi?

Dan ini lagi:

Urat ditapak tangan

Urat di mata

Usus dalam perut

Jutaan urat di bahagian kepala

Betapa besar pemberian Allah kepada kita. Apakah kita mampu menandinginya dan sanggup menjadi penentangNya pula?

Firmanullah s.w.t

"Dan juga pada diri kamu sendiri. Maka mengapa kamu tidak mahu melihat serta memikirkan?" (Surah Az-Zariyat: Ayat 21)

"Dan apakah manusia tidak memperhatikan bahawa Kami menciptakannya dari setitik air (mani), maka tiba-tiba ia menjadi penentang yang amat nyata!" (Surah Yassin: Ayat 77)

"Dan berapa banyak tanda kekuasaan Allah di langit dan di bumi yang mereka menyaksikannya berulang-ulang semasa mereka pergi dan datang, sedang mereka tidak juga menghiraukan dan memikirkannya." (Surah Yusuf, ayat 105)

Jangan kamu berjalan di bumi ini dengan sombong, sesungguhnya kamu tidak akan dapat menembusi bumi, dan tidak akan sampai setinggi gunung. (Surah Al-Israa :37)

"Dan sesungguhnya Kami (Allah) akan isikan neraka Jahanam itu sebahagian daripada golongan jin dan manusia, mereka itu mempunyai hati, tetapi tidak mahu memahami ayat Allah. Mereka mempunyai mata, tetapi tidak mahu melihat tanda kekuasaan Allah. Mereka mempunyai telinga, tetapi tidak mahu mendengar (ayat dan suruhan Allah). Mereka itu tidak ubah seperti binatang ternakan, bahkan lebih sesat lagi. Mereka itulah orang yang lalai." (Surah al-A'raf, ayat 179)

Beyond Words

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 07:15 AM PDT

"What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things…" ~ Unknown

"Our lives improve only when we take chances… and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves…" ~ Walter Anderson

"Every man dies. Not every man really lives…" ~Braveheart

"You have 50,000 thoughts a day you might as well make them big ones..." ~ Donald Trump

"If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise..." ~ Robert Fritz

"You don't get to choose how you're going to die, or when. You can only decide how you're going to live now..." ~Joan Baez

"Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities - always see them, for they're always there..." ~ Norman Vincent Peale

"The purpose of your life is not to arrive safely at your death" ~ Fiona Jacob

"The trick with courage is realising that it isn't so much about overcoming fear, as it is about not settling for less..." ~

"Your best days are ahead of you. You ain't seen nothing yet! " ~Eastman Curtis

"It seems to me that people have vast potential. Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks. Yet most people don't. They sit in front of the telly and treat life as if it goes on forever... " ~ Philip Adam

"If you can't accept losing, you can't win... " ~ Vince Lombardi

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle…" ~ Christian D Larson

"Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life…" ~JK Rowling

"Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears…" ~ Richard Wilkins

"The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude…" ~Oprah Winfrey

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid…" ~Albert Einstein

"We can throw stones, complain about them, stumble on them, climb over them, or build with them – the choice is yours…"
~ William Arthur Ward

"Having more joy does not necessarily require a life overhaul – you may just need to create more space in your life for moments of joy…" ~ Debrena Jackson Gandy

"The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise, than saved by criticism…" ~ Norman Vincent Peale

"When you move past your fear and you go after your dreams wholeheartedly, you become free. Know what I'm saying? Move past the fear..." ~ James Todd Smith

"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end..." ~Scott Adams

"Growing into your future with health, grace and beauty doesn't have to take all your time. It rather requires a dedication to caring for yourself as if you were rare and precious, which you are, and regarding all life around you as equally so, which it is..." ~Victoria Moran

"Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end..."

"To play it safe is not to play..." ~ Robert Altman

"Never look back unless you are planning to go that way..." ~ Henry David Thoreau

"Our existing thinking habits are excellent, just as the rear wheels of a motor car are excellent, but not enough..." ~ Edward de Bono

"Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time..." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"When I was growing up I always wanted to be someone. Now I realise I should have been more specific..." ~ Lily Tomlin

"Vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare..." ~ Japanese Proverb

"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is... " ~ H. Jackson Browne

"Use what talents you have; the woods would have little music if no birds sang their song except those who sang best..." ~ Reverend Oliver G. Wilson

UMNO Tubuh Unit Khas Untuk Memfitnah Pemimpin PR - Kadir Sheikh Fadzir

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 08:32 AM PDT

Veteran Umno, Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir mendakwa kerajaan Umno-BN mewujudkan sebuah unit khas untuk menlancarkan fitnah terhadap pemimpin pembangkang.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap di hadapan 6,000 orang di Himpunan Hijau Menuju Ke Putrajaya peringkat Negeri Selangor, di Stadium Kuala Selangor malam tadi.

"Mereka dah wujudkan unit khas cipta fitnah.

"Buat fitnah, fitnah, fitnah, tetapi bila keluarkan kenyataan menerangkan keadaan sebenar untuk menafikan dakwaan tersebut, tak terbit, terus dok panjangkan fitnah itu lagi," kata Abdul Kadir.

Beliau yang juga bekas menteri Kerajaan Pusat turut menceritakan bagaimana kerajaan sekarang memaksa rakyat mengisi borang keahlian Umno sebelum boleh memohon pelbagai peruntukan dan kemudahan yang sepatutnya menjadi hak rakyat.

"Kamu lapar ya? Saya ada pinggan cantik, nasi dengan lauk yang sedap-sedap.

"Kalau kamu mahu, kamu kena merangkak ke mari dan 'tabik' saya dahulu, kemudian barulah saya beri nasi kamu," kata Abdul Kadir apabila menggambarkan kesombongan Umno tatkala menghulurkan 'bantuan' kepada rakyat.

Beliau turut melahirkan rasa hormat dan kagum dengan pendirian ahli PAS yang tetap mempertahankan maruah mereka walaupun menerima tekanan hebat dari parti korup yang mentadbir negara selama 54 tahun itu.

"Sebab itulah saya tabik kepada ahli PAS kerana walaupun hidup susah, nak mohon peruntukan bantuan kerajaan tak boleh, tetapi tak gadai maruah mereka untuk mendapatkan 'nasi' itu," katanya lagi.

Sebelum ini, sudah diketahui umum bahawa beberapa agensi kerajaan mengenakan 'syarat tambahan' tatkala memohon sebarang peruntukan dan bantuan yang disediakan kerajaan untuk rakyat.

Antara 'syarat tambahan' tersebut, pemohon tersebut diwajibkan menjadi ahli Umno atau dikehendaki mengisi borang keahlian Umno sekiranya masih belum berbuat demikian.

Antara agensi yang kerap diperkatakan di kalangan masyarakat umum negara ini adalah agensi yang terlibat dengan permohonan Pinjaman Tekun, permohonan rumah kos rendah, pinjaman pelajaran dari agensi kerajaan, permohonan tanah rancangan Felda serta Felcra dan beberapa yang lain.

Selain Abdul Kadir, turut menyampaikan ucapannya malam tadi, Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Exco Kanan Selangor, Teresa Kok dan Timbalan Pesuruhjaya II PAS Negeri Selangor, Iskandar Abd Samad.

Selain itu, Mursyidul Am PAS, Datuk Nik Abd Aziz Nik Mat turut menyampaikan amanatnya melalui tayangan video.

Dalam amanat Nik Aziz, beliau menyeru semua golongan masyarakat khususnya ahli-ahli PAS agar bersedia untuk menumbangkan kerajaan Umno-BN yang dianggapnya sebagai merosakan perpaduan penduduk negara ini.

Perhimpunan malam tadi turut dimeriahkan dengan cabutan nombor bertuah yang menawarkan hadiah telefon bimbit jenama Samsung Galaxy, basikal dan ketuhar gelombang mikro. -selangorku


Posted: 16 Jul 2012 06:30 AM PDT


前些日子跟一般朋友去爬山,去瀑布玩... 蛮好玩的~
照片嘛~ 下次才上载吧~ 有些累了~ 

Dry taps in Selangor: What's Khalid doing?

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 04:02 AM PDT

I am not sure if Khalid Ibrahim had a shower this morning or yesterday. However, as a Mentri Besar, I believe his residence has a large storage tank for water.

Maybe for that reason, he is not worried over the water shortage that will affect about 4 million people in the Klang Valley.

Water supply to various parts in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur has been under strict rationing since yesterday afternoon. Worst still, the fasting month Ramadan is just a few days away.

Why must Khalid lied to the rakyat by saying water supply is ample and sufficient? Does he know that Syabas has already conducting rationing in Ulu Langat, Klang, Kuala Selangor and Kajang?

The Selangor State Government could have at least cooperate with the Federal Government to overcome the problem and give approval to the planned Langat 2 water treatment plant.

However, Khalid is such a proud man. He thinks Pakatan Rakyat can find an amicable solution to the water crisis which is expected to worsen in the next few weeks. He thought PR can solve each and every problem faced by the rakyat.

Now, what is he doing?

He cannot continue lying and 'cheating' the rakyat about the crisis. Once Syabas is on its rationing action, sooner or later he will have to answer them. But what kind of an answer? That the authority is doing its best to address it? Or advising the rakyat to bath in the rain?

Or what?

Sepatutnya Dah Lama Kerajaan Selangor Ambil-alih SYABAS

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 06:07 AM PDT

Kerajaan S'gor mahu ambil alih operasi SYABAS

Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim mengumumkan bahawa kerajaan negeri itu mahu melaksanakan haknya untuk mengambil alih operasi syarikat pemegang konsesi air negeri - Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (SYABAS).

Katanya, ini kerana kerajaan Selangor meragui pengumuman cadangan catuan air oleh SYABAS kerana pengawal selia air negeri dan ahli lembaga pengarah SYABAS tidak dimaklumkan.

Bercakap dalam satu sidang akhbar hari ini, Khalid berkata, tujuh empangan negeri di seluruh Selangor mempunyai kapaisiti air yang cukup dan melimpah.

Berikutan itu, katanya, kerajaan negeri telah membuat keputusan mengunakan kuasa di bawah Klausa 32 dalam perjanjian konsesi untuk memberi notis kepada Kerajaan Persekutuan untuk Kerajaan Negeri "step-in" dalam operasi SYABAS.

Sementara itu, dalam satu kenyataan, Khalid menjelaskan, bagi menjaga kepentingan rakyat Selangor, kerajaan negeri telah meminta Datuk Setiausaha kerajaan negeri bersama pengawal seelia air negeri untuk memantau perkhidmatan air oleh SYABAS.

Jawatankuasa tersebut, katanya, akan minta SYABAS memberi laporan harian untuk menerangkan kedudukan air semasa.

Sementara itu, kata Khalid lagi, Konsortium ABASS juga akan diminta menyertai jawatakuasa ini yang mana syarikat itu akan memanggil pakar bebas yang berpengalaman semasa krisis air 1998 untuk memantau kesahihan laporan dan maklumat oleh SYABAS.

"Perlu ditekan di sini, keadaaan sekarang tidak boleh disamakan dengan krisis air pada 1998 kerana tujuh empangan negeri di seluruh Selangor mempunyai kapaisiti air yang cukup dan melimpah.

"Kerajaan negeri menggesa supaya proses penstrukturan semula industri air diteruskan dengan segera kerana SYABAS jelas tidak berkemampuan untuk memberi perkhidmatan air yang baik kepada pengguna," kata Khalid.

Ini, tambahnya, jelas ditunjukkan apabila SYABAS setakat bulan April 2012, mempunyai tanggungan jumlah tertunggak kepada operator rawatan air dianggarkan sebanyak RM2.8 billion.

"SYABAS juga gagal menurunkan kadar air tidak terhasil (non-revenue water) kepada 20%. Tambah pula, laporan awal audit mendapati SYABAS tidak melaksanakan kerja-kerja capex (capital expenditure) mereka dengan baik," kata Khalid lagi.

Berdasarkan alasan di atas, katanya, maka kerajaan negeri telah sebanyak dua kali menghantar surat kepada Kerajaan Persekutuan pada 19 Disember 2008 dan 21 Januari 2011 untuk membatalkan perjanjian konsesi tersebut.

"Oleh kerana Kerajaan Persekutuan tidak memberi sebarang maklum balas terhadap surat-surat tersebut, kerajaan negeri telah membuat keputusan mengunakan kuasa di bawah Klausa 32 dalam perjanjian konsesi untuk memberi notis kepada Kerajaan Persekutuan untuk Kerajaan Negeri "step-in" dalam operasi SYABAS.

"Kerajaan negeri juga akan meneruskan usaha mencari sumber air alternatif seperti air bawah tanah dan menambah baik kapisiti loji rawatan air sedia ada dengan mengguna pakai teknologi terkini," katanya. -mk

Ulasan GB

Hampir dua tahun yang lalu iaitu pada 29 Julai 2010, melalui blog ni GB sudah meminta kerajaan Selangor supaya bertegas dengan SYABAS. GB suruh kerajaan Selangoir rampas Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor itu kerana tindakannya yang melampau-lampau SYABAS terhadap kerajaan dan rakyat Selangor.

Kini terbukti, baru hari ini Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim mengumumkan bahawa kerajaan negeri itu mahu melaksanakan haknya untuk mengambil alih operasi syarikat pemegang konsesi air negeri - Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (SYABAS).

Berikut ialah ulasan GB dua tahun yang lalu. Petikan:

Kerajaan Negeri Selangor perlu tegas. SYBAS perlu dirampas dan distrukturkan semula. Tidak boleh dibiarkan pegawai-pegawai SYABAS bertindak lebih sudu dari kuah.

Rakyat di belakang kerajaan negeri di dalam isu air. Pegawai SYABAS yang degil, keras kepala, ego dan berkepentingan perlu digugurkan dan diambil tindakan undang-undang agar mereka dapat disumbat ke dalam penjara.

Mana-mana anak syarikat yang enggan untuk bekerjasama dengan kerajaan negeri tidak sepatutnya dibiarkan menjadi trojan kepada UMNO BN untuk menghancur PR.

Dewan Undangan Negeri perlu membahaskan isu SYABAS dengan lebih berkesan agar rakyat Selangor seluruhnya memperolehi menafaatnya.

Sama seperti kes Hassan Ali dulu. Kita dah desak Kerajaan Selangor lucut exco Hassan Ali sudah lama. Mujur Allah menolong dengan dipecat Hassan Ali dari PAS, baru disusun semula barisan exco. Kalau Hassan masih dalam barisan exco Selangor lagi cepat PR Selangor lingkup.

Yalah, kami tahu blogger takda power nak desak kerajaan Selangor mengikut cakap kami, tetapi apa salahnya jika pertimbangkan segala kritikan yang datang dari blogger PR sendiri.

Justeru itu, dalam kes SYABAS ini, jangan berlengah dan terhegeh-hegeh lagi. Bertindak segera sebelum Selangor jatuh kepada BN!

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The Clay Balls

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 03:52 AM PDT

A man was exploring caves by the seashore. In one of the caves he found a canvas bag with a bunch of hardened clay balls. It was like someone had rolled clay balls and left them out in the sun to bake. They didn't look like much, but they intrigued the man so he took the bag out of the cave with him.

As he strolled along the beach, he would throw the clay balls one at a time out into the ocean as far as he could. He thought little about it until he dropped one of the balls and it cracked open on a rock. Inside was a beautiful, precious stone.

Excited the man started breaking open the remaining clay balls. Each contained a similar treasure.

He found thousands of dollars worth of jewels in the 20 or so clay balls he had left. Then it struck him. He had been on the beach a long time. He had thrown maybe 50 or 60 of the clay balls with their hidden treasure into the ocean waves. Instead of thousands of dollars in treasure, he could have taken home tens of thousands, but he just threw it away.

It's like that with people. We look at someone, maybe even ourselves, and we see the external clay vessel. It doesn't look like much from the outside. It isn't always beautiful or sparkling so we discount it. We see that person as less important than someone more beautiful or stylish or well known or wealthy. But we have not taken the time to find the treasure hidden inside that person by God.

There is a treasure in each and every one of us. If we take the time to get to know that person, and if we ask God to show us that person the way He sees them, then the clay begins to peel away and the brilliant gem begins to shine forth.

May we not come to the end of our lives and find out that we have thrown away a fortune in friendships because the gems were hidden in bits of clay.

May we see the people in our world as God sees them.

-Author Unknown-

ျမန္မာမြတ္စလင္မ္မ်ား သတ္ျဖတ္ခံရမႈ IUMS ႏိုင္ငံတကာ မြတ္စလင္မ္ ပညာရွင္မ်ား ယူနီယံ ႐ႈံ႕ခ်

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 02:59 AM PDT

Source:  ျမန္မာမြတ္စလင္မ္မ်ား သတ္ျဖတ္ခံရမႈ IUMS ႐ႈံ႕ခ်

ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံတြင္ ျမန္မာမြတ္စလင္မ္မ်ားအား ေခတ္အဆက္ဆက္ဖိႏွိပ္ညွင္းပမ္း၊ သတ္ျဖတ္မႈမ်ားကို ႐ႈံ႕ခ်ေၾကာင္းႏွင့္ ဖိႏွိပ္ခံ ျမန္မာ မြတ္စလင္မ္မ်ား အေရးအတြက္ ကမၻာ့ကုလသမဂၢ၊ ကမၻာ့မြတ္စလင္မ္ႏိုင္ငံမ်ား၊ ကမၻာ့မြတ္စလင္မ္ထု တစ္ရပ္လံုးႏွင့္ ကူညီေထာက္ပံ့ေရး အဖြဲ႕မ်ား အေနျဖင့္ ျမန္မာမြတ္စလင္မ္ အေရးတြင္ ရပ္တည္မႈေပးၾကရန္ ႏိုင္ငံတကာ မြတ္စလင္မ္ ပညာရွင္မ်ား ယူနီယံ(IUMS)က ဇူလိုင္လ ၈ ရက္ေန႔ ေန႔စြဲျဖင့္ ေၾကညာခ်က္ တစ္ရပ္ ထုတ္ျပန္ လိုက္သည္။

"ဗုဒၶဘာသာအစိုးရ (ျမန္မာအစိုးရ)ဟာ ျမန္မာမြတ္စလင္မ္ေတြ တစ္ေန႔ၿပီးတစ္ေန႔ အစုလိုက္ အၿပံဳလိုက္ သတ္ျဖတ္ခံ ေနရတာကို ပြဲၾကည့္ ပရိသတ္ လိုမ်ိဳး ၾကည့္ေနတဲ့ အျပဳအမူဟာ ၀မ္းနည္းစရာေကာင္း ….

လွပါတယ္။ ျမန္မာမြတ္စလင္မ္  ေတြကို ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံမွာ ပစ္မွတ္ထားတိုက္ခိုက္ခဲ့မႈ သမိုင္း တစ္ေလွ်ာက္ လံုးမွာ ဒီျဖစ္ရပ္ေတြဟာ အရက္စက္ဆံုး ျဖစ္ရပ္လို႔  သံုးသပ္မိ ပါတယ္။"ဟု မင္းမဲ့စ႐ိုက္ေတာင္ကုတ္ လူသတ္ပြဲႏွင့္ ရခိုင္ဗုဒၶဘာသာ-႐ိုဟင္ဂ်ာ ပဋိပကၡတြင္ မြတ္စလင္မ္မ်ား တစ္ဖက္သတ္ သတ္ျဖတ္ခံခဲ့ရမႈကို ရည္ညႊန္းကာ IUMS ၏ ေၾကညာခ်က္ တြင္ ေဖာ္ျပထားသည္။

"လတ္တေလာျဖစ္ပြားတဲ့ ရခိုင္ျပည္နယ္က မြတ္စလင္မ္ေတြ အစုလိုက္ အၿပံဳလိုက္သတ္ျဖတ္ခံရ မႈဟာ ၁၉၄၂ ခုႏွစ္တုန္းက ဗုဒၶဘာသာေတြက ရခိုင္မြတ္စလင္မ္ေတြကို အစုလိုက္ အၿပံဳလိုက္ အလံုးအရင္း သတ္ျဖတ္မႈႀကီးဆီကို သတိရေစပါတယ္။

အဲဒီတုန္းက မြတ္စလင္မ္ေတြေထာင္ခ်ီၿပီး ရွဟီးဒ္ျဖစ္ခဲ့ပါတယ္။ ဒါ့အျပင္ ၁၉၆၂ နဲ႔ ၁၉၉၁ အတြင္း မြတ္စလင္မ္ ၁.၅ သန္းကို  ေနရင္းရပ္ကေန ဘဂၤလားေဒ့ရွ္ဆီ အင္အား သံုးေျပာင္းေရႊ႕ေစခဲ့မႈကိုလည္း ျပန္လည္ အမွတ္ရမိေစပါတယ္။"ဟု ကမၻာ့မြတ္စလင္မ္ ပညာရွင္မ်ား ယူနီယံအဖြဲ႕၏ ေၾကညာခ်က္တြင္ ထည့္သြင္းေဖာ္ျပထား သည္။

ထို႔အျပင္ ရခိုင္မြတ္စလင္မ္တို႕အား လူမ်ိဳးတံုးသတ္ျဖတ္ေနမႈအေျခအေနကို မြတ္စလင္ႏိုင္ငံ အသီးသီး၏ အစိုးရမ်ား ႏွင့္  ကမၻာ့မြတ္စလင္ထု တစ္ရပ္လံုးက စီးပြားေရးအရျဖစ္ေစ၊ သံတမန္နည္းလမ္းျဖင့္ျဖစ္ေစ သတိေပး တားဆီးၾကရန္၊ ကမၻာ့ ကုလသမဂၢ အေနျဖင့္လည္း ဘာသာတရားယံုၾကည္မႈကို အေၾကာင္းျပဳၿပီး က်ဴးလြန္ေစာ္ကားေသာ လုပ္ရပ္မ်ား ကို
ကာကြယ္တား ဆီးေပးရန္၊ လူ႔အခြင့္အေရးေဆာင္ရြက္ၾကေသာ အဖြဲ႕အစည္းမ်ားမွလည္း လူမ်ိဳးေရး မုန္းတီးမႈ ၀ါဒီတို႔အား  ဆန္႕က်င္ကာ လူအခြင့္အေရး အတြက္ ရပ္တည္ေပးၾကရန္ ေတာင္းဆိုထားသည္။ ကူညီေထာက္ပံ့ေရး အဖြဲ႕အစည္းမ်ား အေနျဖင့္လည္း ဖိႏွိပ္ခံ မြတ္စလင္မ္ဘက္မွ မိမိတို႔၏ တာ၀န္၀တၱရား ရွိသည့္အတိုင္း ကူညီေထာက္ပံ့ မႈမ်ားေပးရန္ IUMS က ေမတၱာရပ္ခံထားပါသည္။

အထက္ပါေၾကညာခ်က္ကို IUMS ၏ ဥကၠ႒ ပေရာ္ဖက္ဆာယူစြဖ္အလ္ကရဒြါ၀ီႏွင့္ IUMS ၏ အေထြေထြ အတြင္းေရးမွဴး  ပေရာ္ဖက္ဆာ အလီအလ္ကြာရာဒဂ်္ဟီက လက္မွတ္ေရးထိုး ထားသည္။

ပေရာ္ဖက္ဆာယူစြဖ္ အလ္ကရဒြါ၀ီသည္ ၂၀၁၁ အတြက္ ကမၻာ့ၾသဇာအႀကီးမားဆံုး မြတ္စလင္မ္ပညာရွင္ အျဖစ္ ေရြးခ်ယ္ခံခဲ့ ရသူျဖစ္သည့္အျပင္ အာရဗ္ေႏြဦးအေရးတြင္လည္း ဆႏၵျပသူမ်ားဘက္မွ အစဥ္တစိုက္ ရပ္တည္ေပးခဲ့သူ ျဖစ္သည္။ ထို႔အျပင္ အာဏာရွင္ ကဒါဖီအား ေတာ္လွန္ေရးကာလတြင္လည္း ကဒါဖီအား သတ္ျဖတ္ပိုင္ခြင့္ရွိေၾကာင္း ဓမၼသတ္ထုတ္ခဲ့သူျဖစ္သည္။ ထို႔အျပင္ ကမၻာ့အႀကီးဆံုးေဖာင္ေဒးရွင္းျဖစ္သည့္ Quata Foundation ေပၚေပါက္ လာေစရန္ စည္း႐ုံးလႈံ႕ေဆာ္ေပးခဲ့သူျဖစ္သည္။

ေဒါက္တာယူစြဖ္ကရဒြါ၀ီကို ၁၉၇၆ ႏွင့္ ၂၀၀၄ တြင္ Muslim Brotherhood အဖြဲ႕က အဖြဲ႕ေခါင္းေဆာင္ ရာထူး အတြက္ ၂ ႀကိမ္ တိုင္တိုင္ ကမ္းလွမ္းခဲ့ေသာ္လည္း ၄င္းက ျငင္းပယ္ခဲ့သည္။

ျပန္ဆိုသူ SK (MMM)

Edisi Terdesak: BN Tarik Belia Melalui 1M4U Dengan Konsert Hiburan

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 03:36 AM PDT

Tidak puas meng'korban'kan para remaja @ Himpunan Jutaan Belia dengan hiburan2 'ekstrim', semalam anak2 muda ini juga dirosakkan dengan pelbagai jenis konsert dan hiburan melampau dalam program 1Malaysia 4Youth (1M4U) anjuran BN di KLCC...

Seakan2 inilah sahaja 'umpan' paling berkesan dalam fikiran pemimpin Umno untuk menarik sokongan belia... fikir2kan... - ABU

Polis Menari Untuk Negara?

Ini adalah Program IM4U yang berlangsung pada 15 Julai 2012 di Taman Tema KLCC. Klpos melaporkan 40 ribu orang? Korang boleh tengok sendiri samada klpos cakap botol atau apa?

Tetapi yang tengin sekali ialah gelagat petugas polis nih ....lebih galak daripada peserta yang lain. Memang tidak sedar diri. Adakah begini cara dia menjalankan tugas?

Catatan Oleh: alhusseyn


Sebanyak 100,000 helmet ( topi keledar ) diberikan percuma kepada setiap pengunjung pesta 1M'sia For Youth di KLCC semalam.

Tak cukup dengan air, baju T-, topi, dan sedikit duit saku....kini topi keledar diberikan secara percuma.

Dah cukup terdesak UMNO yang sedang nazak.


Posted: 16 Jul 2012 12:20 AM PDT

KENYATAAN AKHBAR16 JULAI 2012SELANGOR MAHU "STEP-IN" OPERASI SYABASMasalah kekurangan air tidak sepatutnya berlaku dan kerajaan Negeri Selangor meragui pengumuman cadangan catuan air oleh Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (SYABAS) kerana Pengawal Selia Air Negeri dan Ahli Lembaga Pengarah SYABAS tidak dimaklumkan.Untuk menjaga kepentingan rakyat Negeri Selangor, Kerajaan Negeri telah meminta

[BERGAMBAR] Tiga Pelajar Malaysia Selamat Dalam Kebakaran Apartmen Di Iowa

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 12:13 AM PDT

New York - Tiga pelajar Malaysia berjaya menyelamatkan diri dalam kebakaran di sebuah blok pangsapuri di South Meadow Apartments, di bandar raya Ames, Iowa, kira-kira 1,900 km dari sini, awal pagi Ahad.

Mohamad Khairi Zulkarnian, Mohd Aminuddin Hamid dan Mohd Khairi Ismail yang kesemuanya berusia 21 tahun adalah pelajar tahun dua kejuruteraan di Iowa State University.

Menurut Mohamad Khairi ketika dihubungi Bernama di sini, mereka kini tinggal sehelai sepinggang selepas hanya sempat menyelamatkan telefon bimbit dan dompet masing-masing dalam kejadian 6 pagi itu.

Ketika kejadian kami sedang tidur apabila dikejutkan dengan ketukan kuat di pintu rumah yang disertai arahan selamatkan diri menyebabkan kami bergegas bangun dan keluar dari unit kediaman itu, katanya.

Katanya sebelum kejadian mereka bertiga mengadakan sesi mentelaah bersama.

Katanya beliau tinggal di situ bersama Mohd Aminuddin dan Hazwan Izzudin yang pulang bercuti di tanah air, sementara Mohd Khairi pula tinggal di tempat lain namun datang menginap di rumahnya sejak beberapa hari lepas.

Terdapat 17 pelajar Malaysia tinggal di kompleks perumahan itu, tetapi kebanyakannya sedang bercuti di tanah air atau melancong di sekitar Amerika Syarikat, katanya.

Menurut Mohamad Khairi lagi kediaman mereka rosak paling teruk berbanding unit lain.

Sementara itu, portal berita Iowa State melaporkan kira-kira 100 orang tinggal di pangsapuri 56 unit berkenaan, namun tiada kemalangan jiwa atau kecederaan dilapor dalam kejadian tersebut.

Laporan itu juga menyebut kebakaran dipercayai bermula dari garaj yang terletak di bahagian bawah apartmen.

Laporan itu juga memetik pegawai perhubungan awam untuk bandar raya Ames Susan Gwiasda sebagai berkata kebakaran berjaya dikawal pada pukul 9 pagi, namun bomba berada di lokasi kejadian sepanjang hari bagi memantau situasi.

Gender Stereotyping in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 10:27 PM PDT

I love the works of Tennessee Williams, especially A Streetcar Named Desire. According to Wikipedia:

Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams III (March 26, 1911 – February 25, 1983) was an American writer who worked principally as a playwright in the American theater. He also wrote short stories, novels, poetry, essays, screenplays and a volume of memoirs. His professional career lasted from the mid 1930s until his death in 1983, and saw the creation of many plays that are regarded as classics of the American stage. Williams adapted much of his best known work for the cinema.

Williams received virtually all of the top theatrical awards for his works of drama, including several New York Drama Critics' Circle awards, a Tony Award for best play for The Rose Tattoo (1951) and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for A Streetcar Named Desire (1948) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955). In 1980 he was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Jimmy Carter and is today acknowledged as one of the most accomplished playwrights in the history of English speaking theater.

Theater scholar Charlotte Canning, of the University of Texas at Austin where Williams' archives are located, has said, "There is no more influential 20th-century American playwright than Tennessee Williams... He inspired future generations of writers as diverse as Tony Kushner, David Mamet and John Waters, and his plays remain among the most produced in the world." More HERE.

For a few months, I was mentoring two old friends' son in English Literature. He is an intelligent boy and I have featured his narrative pieces in my blog here and also here. In reality, I have not taught anyone as smart as Ian since 2005 so I have been reading his essays that he emailed to me when he was preparing for the A-levels. The whole family has migrated to Australia and he will be leaving in a couple of months to study law. And yes, I do miss the exchange we shared, even reading and marking his essays. This afternoon, I thought of sharing with you this particular essay. Initially, he could not get it and actually submitted three drafts, the first being the outline followed by the first attempt and then after my comments and suggestions, he improved his answer and here it is...(This is the raw version written in early December last year without any editing by yours truly. By May, he was writing much better than this!.) 

To what extent does Tennessee Williams use gender stereotyping in Streetcar Named Desire?
Written by Ian Khor

In the play 'A Streetcar Named Desire', Tennessee Williams uses a range of different characters in the play to bring out the theme of gender stereotyping. The main women portrayed in this light in the play are Stella and Blanche DuBois. There are also other minor women characters in the play that all support then theme of gender stereotyping such as the Mexican Flower Seller, Eunice, the Negro Woman, Nurse and the Prostitute. In particular, the main protagonist of the play Blanche DuBois was portrayed in a pitiful light and the audience will be able to see gender stereotyping through her and Stella through her actions and speech. The themes connected to these characters and gender stereotyping are the inability to separate reality from fantasy, fear of death, sensual desire and dependence on men.

By portraying the main character Blanche as a fragile person, Williams reinforces the gender stereotype that women are often the victims of unfortunate fate. Throughout the play, she has been on the bitter end of life's miseries. Firstly, she had lost her home Belle Reeve, 'The loss-the loss/ Belle Reeve? Lost, is it? No! / Yes, Stella' and had lost all of her relatives due to disease, 'And old Cousin Jessie's right after Margaret's, hers! Why the Grim Reaper had put his tent on our doorstep!'. She had also lost her husband as he had committed suicide, 'The boy – the boy died'. Although being less obvious, the supporting character of Stella also falls under the same category as Blanche, being depicted as a lesser being compared to the opposite sex. The description of the stage directions in Scene Three by Williams seems to depict Stella as the prey and Stanley as the predator as he had abused her physically, '(She backs out of sight. He advances and disappears. There is the sound of a blow. Stella cries out. Blanche screams and runs into the kitchen. The men rush forward and there is grappling and cursing. Something is overturned with a crash)' The rhythm found in the stage directions is fast and smooth, also showing the speed of the actual actions to be performed on stage by the actors. Again, this shows Stanley's abusive nature towards Stella, the man hurting the woman, linking to the theme of gender disparity in the play.

Through the way the male characters interact with both Blanche and Stella, Williams also shows the males in the play being the more aggressive, vocal and dominant sex. Aggressive as it is linked to Stanley's conduct of Stella and him being the dominant partner in the relationship. Stanley treats Stella without care for her physical health, as shown during his abuse of her during the Poker Night in Scene Three, and also mentally abuses her which was shown during his outburst during Blanche's birthday dinner. In Scene One, Blanche showed her mental weakness though her conversation with Stella. This is a result of fate being very harsh on her in the play. Through Stanley's conduct with both Blanche and Stella, Williams presents them as the suffering and mentally weaker sex compared to the males, which are represented by Stanley. The main act in the play that epitome the theme of gender disparity would be the rape of Blanche by Stanley in Scene Ten whilst Stella was giving birth to his own son.

Blanche's conduct with both the imaginary Shep Huntleigh and Mitch shows the theme of the dependence of women on men, linking with gender disparity in A Streetcar Named Desire. Blanche wanted Stella to leave Stanley after she had seen her physically abused in Scene Three. The first person Blanche turns to for help is the oil millionaire Shep Huntleigh, who never makes an appearance on the stage. She claims that Shep, '…could do it, he could certainly do it!' in Scene Four which Tennessee portrays Blanche's desperation to make a new life for herself but depending on a male figure in her life to make sure of her happiness. Blanche also looked for a new life in New Orleans through the character of Mitch which she quoted, 'I want to rest! I want to breath quietly again! Yes- I want Mitch…very badly! Just think! If it happens! I can leave here and not be anyone's problem…'Blanche again evokes the character of Shep Huntleigh in Scene Ten conversing with Stanley, using him to protect herself from Stanley, 'Who did you say it was from?/ An old beau of mine/ The one that gave you the white fox pieces!/ Mr Shep Huntleigh…' Stella has the same dependence on men as Blanche does in which Tennessee displays her weakness through Stella's relationship with Stanley. Stella claimed to Blanche in Scene Four, '… but I am not in anything I have a desire to get out of' and, 'But there are things that happen between a man and a woman in the dark – that sort of make everything else seem unimportant'. Stella also shows a weakness to be influenced past her own natural character to turn into something desirable for Stanley, as shown in the stage directions in Scene Three that, ' They stare at each other, Then, they come together with low, animal moans…'

Williams portrays the theme of sex and reality vs fantasy being the main reasons as to the males being the higher standing sex compared to the female. Blanche's imagination of a Shep Huntleigh swooping down on New Orleans to rescue her from the brutal animal Stanley is used by Williams to display Blanche's weakness and her dependence on men in order to make sure her life is lived out to the fullest. Blanche's relationship with Mitch is meant to be portrayed by Williams as how Blanche wanted her ideal man to be like, which would be like Allen her young deceased husband. Williams again shows Blanche as living in a fantasy world, where she believes that obtaining a husband as close to Allen as possible will put her life back into order. Stella is also shown having a sexual relationship with Stanley is her way of being dependent of men to have a good life. Stella was also seen in the Scene Three stage directions as being turned into an animal just like Stanley sue to their constant interaction. The relationship between Stanley and Stella is used by Williams to again display the women's weakness to sex in the play and that dependence on men for a happy life is intricately linked to a sexual relationship, thus it will not be a full and real relationship between a man and a woman. Only the man would benefit from such an arrangement.

Through a range of imagery, Williams evokes the idea of gender disparity as they have been used to portray Blanche's slow descent into insanity. The imagery of light has been used throughout the play, especially when Blanche avoids appearing in direct, bright light in front of Mitch. The light bulb in the Kowalski apartment is covered by a Chinese lantern. Blanche's reluctance to be under the light means that her grasp on reality in also nearing its end, foreshadowing her complete mental breakdown in Scene Eleven. In Scene Six, Blanche tells Mitch that being in love with her late husband, Allen Grey, was like having the world being lit in bright, vivid light. Since Allen's suicide, she said that the bright light has been missing. Bright light therefore represents Blanche's youthful sexual innocence, while poor light represents her sexual maturity and disillusionment. Williams represents this image as being the twisted soul of Blanche and of her sexual immortality changing her character from a high standing socialite to a prostitute in search of happiness.

Throughout A Streetcar Named Desire. Blanche bathes herself. Her sexual experiences made her a changed woman, but the bathing soothes her. Williams invokes this imagery to symbolize Blanche's efforts to wash herself of her promiscuous past. Yet, just as she cannot erase her past, her bathing is never done. This shows Blanche's inability to let go what has already been done and represents her weakness of mind in the play.

Blanche consuming alcohol is shown as being destructive and anti-social. Blanche always tries to keep her drinking a secret, as shown in Scene One when she filched Stanley's liquor once she just arrived in New Orleans. She drinks in order to withdraw from the harsh reality of her life. Her state of drunken stupor enables her to take a flight of imagination, such as concocting a getaway with Shep Huntleigh. Again, this shows Blanche's fantasy ridden mind and that her dependence on men is taken to new heights through her drinking problems showing the gender disparity in the play.

The tune of the Varsouviana polka is inherent throughout the play and connected to Blanche's state of reality and mind. The polka music is played when Blanche reminisces on Allen's death. The first time we hear this music is in Scene One, when Stanley meets Blanche and asks her about her husband. Its second appearance occurs when Blanche tells Mitch the story of Allen Grey. From this point on, the polka plays increasingly often, and it always drives Blanche to distraction. She tells Mitch it ends only after she hears the sound of a gunshot in her head. The polka and the moment it evokes represent Blanche's loss of innocence. The suicide of the young husband Blanche loved dearly was the event that triggered her mental decline. Since then, Blanche hears the Varsouviana whenever she panics and loses her grip on reality. Blanche's slow slip from reality to fantasy is portrayed through the polka music and again shows a mental deficiency compared to the male gender in the play.

Although Blanche and Stella DuBois are used mostly by Williams to bring the message of gender inequality, a host of minor female characters play an ample supporting role to these two protagonists. Eunice is Stella's closest friend in New Orleans and she too exhibits her own deficiency of being dependent on men, as she is dependent on her own husband Steve. Eunice represents for Stella her own low class, carnal life that Stella has chosen for herself. Like Stella, Eunice accepts her husband's affections despite his physical abuse of her. At the end of the play, when Stella hesitates to stay with Stanley at Blanche's expense, Eunice forbids Stella to question her decision and tells her she has no choice but to disbelieve Blanche. Williams uses Eunice to again show that not only Blanche and Stella are experiencing gender disparity, but this theme is inherent for all of the women connected in the play.

In Scene Ten, there was a prostitute that appeared on stage which represented Blanche's situation in the play. The image of the prostitute being chased by a male drunkard moments before Stanley rapes Blanche evokes Blanche's own predicament in the hands of Stanley. However, it is possible Williams uses this image as a main picture to represent the views of women in the eyes of men in A Streetcar Named Desire as only tools of sexual desire and nothing past that status.

In conclusion, the predicaments of Blanche and Stella aren't the only indications of gender differences in Streetcar. Being the two main protagonist in the play, Blanche and Stella represented the traditional views on women in the modern city of New Orleans as being just used for sexual desire by men. Plus, both women show a fanatical dependence on this sexual desire and fantasies are afloat for both these characters thinking it to be the right way to happiness through dependence on men. Other female characters support this theme, and Williams uses all of this to expound on the gender disparity displayed in the play A Streetcar Named Desire.

8 Kali Ibuku Berbohong Denganku...

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 01:30 AM PDT

Memang sukar untuk orang lain percaya,tapi itulah yang berlaku. Ibu saya memang seorang pembohong!! Sepanjang ingatan saya sekurang-kurangnya 8 kali ibu membohongi saya. Saya perlu catatkan segala pembohongan itu untuk dijadikan renungan anda sekalian.

Cerita ini bermula ketika saya masih kecil. Saya lahir sebagai seorang anak lelaki dalam sebuah keluarga miskin. Makan minum serba kekurangan. Kami sering kelaparan.

Adakalanya, selama beberapa hari kami terpaksa makan berlaukkan ikan masin dikongsi satu keluarga. Sebagai anak yang masih kecil, saya sering saja merungut. Saya menangis mahukan nasi dan lauk yang banyak. Tapi ibu cepat memujuk. Ketika makan, ibu sering membahagikan bahagian nasinya untuk saya. Sambil memindahkan nasi ke mangkuk saya, ibu berkata : "Makanlah nak ibu tak lapar." PEMBOHONGAN IBU YANG PERTAMA.

Ketika saya mulai besar ibu yang gigih sering meluangkan waktu senangnya untuk pergi memancing di tali air berhampiran rumah. Ibu berharap dari ikan hasil pancingan itu dapat memberikan sedikit makanan untuk membesarkan kami adik-beradik. Pulang dari memancing, ibu memasak gulai ikan yang segar dan mengundang selera. Sewaktu saya memakan gulai ikan itu ibu duduk disamping kami dan memakan sisa daging ikan yang masih menempel di tulang daripada bekas sisa ikan yang saya makan tadi. Saya sedih melihat ibu seperti itu.. Hati saya tersentuh lalu dengan menggunakan sudu saya memberikan ikan itu kepada ibu. Tetapi ibu dengan cepat menolaknya. Ibu berkata : "Makanlah nak, ibu tak suka makan ikan." PEMBOHONGAN IBU YANG KEDUA.

Di usia awal remaja, saya masuk sekolah menengah. Ibu pergi ke kedai dengan membawa sejumlah penyapu lidi dan kuih-muih untuk menyara persekolahan saya,abang dan kakak. Suatu dinihari lebih kurang pukul 1.30 pagi saya terjaga dari tidur. Saya melihat ibu membuat kuih dengan bertemankan sebuah pelita di hadapannya. Beberapa kali saya melihat kepala ibu terhangguk kerana mengantuk. Saya berkata : "Ibu, tidurlah, esok pagi ibu kena pergi kebun pula." Ibu tersenyum dan berkata : "Cepatlah tidur nak, ibu belum mengantuk lagi." PEMBOHONGAN IBU YANG KETIGA.

Di hujung musim persekolahan, ibu meminta cuti kerja supaya dapat menemani saya pergi ke sekolah untuk menduduki peperiksaan penting. Ketika hari sudah siang, terik panas matahari mulai menyinari, ibu terus sabar menunggu saya di luar dewan. Ibu seringkali saja tersenyum dan mulutnya terkumat-kamit berdoa kepada Illahi agar saya lulus ujian peperiksaan ini dengan cemerlang. Ketika loceng berbunyi menandakan ujian sudah selesai, ibu dengan segera menyambut saya dan menuangkan kopi yang sudah disiapkan dalam botol yang dibawanya. Kopi yang kental itu tidak dapat dibandingkan dengan kasih sayang ibu yang jauh lebih kental. Melihat tubuh ibu yang dibasahi peluh, saya segera memberikan cawan saya itu kepada ibu dan menyuruhnya minum. Tapi ibu cepat-cepat menolaknya dan berkata : "Minumlah nak, ibu tak haus!!" PEMBOHONGAN IBU YANG KEEMPAT.

Setelah pemergian ayah kerana sakit, iaitu selepas saya baru beberapa bulan dilahirkan, ibulah yang mengambil tugas sebagai ayah kepada kami sekeluarga. Ibu bekerja mengambil upah di kebun, membuat penyapu lidi dan menjual kuih-muih agar kami tidak kelaparan. Tapi apalah sangat kudrat seorang ibu. Kehidupan keluarga kami semakin susah dan susah. Melihat keadaan keluarga yang semakin parah, seorang pakcik yang baik hati dan tinggal berjiran dengan kami, datang untuk membantu ibu. Anehnya, ibu menolak bantuan itu. Jiran-jiran sering kali menasihati ibu supaya menikah lagi agar ada seorang lelaki yang akan menjaga dan mencarikan wang untuk kami sekeluarga. Tetapi ibu yang keras hatinya tidak mengendahkan nasihat mereka. Ibu berkata : "Saya tidak perlukan cinta dan saya tidak perlukan lelaki." PEMBOHONGAN IBU YANG KELIMA.

Setelah kakak dan abang habis belajar dan mula bekerja, ibu sudah pun tua. Kakak dan abang menyuruh ibu supaya berehat sahaja di rumah. Tidak payahlah lagi bersusah payah dan bersengkang mata untuk mencari duit. Tetapi ibu tidak mahu. Ibu rela pergi ke pasar setiap pagi menjual sedikit sayur untuk memenuhi keperluan hidupnya. Kakak dan abang yang bekerja jauh di kota besar sering mengirimkan wang untuk membantu memenuhi keperluan ibu, pun begitu ibu tetap berkeras tidak mahu menerima wang tersebut. Malahan ibu mengirim balik wang itu dan ibu berkata : "Jangan susah-susah, ibu ada duit" PEMBOHONGAN IBU YANG KEENAM.

Setelah tamat pengajian di universiti, saya melanjutkan lagi pelajaran ke peringkat sarjana di luar Negara. Pengajian saya di sana dibiayai sepenuhnya oleh sebuah syarikat besar. Sarjana itu saya sudahi dengan cemerlang,kemudian saya pun bekerja dengan syarikat yang telah membiayai pengajian saya juga di luar negara. Dengan gaji yang agak lumayan, saya berhajat membawa ibu untuk menikmati penghujung hidupnya di luar negara. Pada pandangan saya, ibu sudah puas bersusah payah untuk kami. Hampir seluruh hidupnya habis dengan penderitaan, eloklah kalau hari-hari tuanya ini ibu habiskan dengan keceriaan dan keindahan pula. Tetapi ibu yang baik hati, menolak ajakan saya. Ibu tidak mahu menyusahkan anaknya ini dengan berkata ; "Tak payahlah, ibu tak biasa tinggal di negara orang." PEMBOHONGAN IBU YANG KETUJUH.

Beberapa tahun berlalu, ibu semakin tua.. Suatu malam saya menerima berita ibu diserang penyakit kanser. Ibu mesti dibedah secepat mungkin. Saya yang ketika itu berada jauh diseberang terus segera pulang untuk menjenguk ibunda tercinta. Saya melihat ibu terbaring lemah di katil hospital setelah menjalani pembedahan. Ibu yang kelihatan sangat tua, menatap wajah saya dengan penuh kerinduan. Ibu menghadiahkan saya sebuah senyuman biarpun agak kaku kerana terpaksa menahan sakit yang menjalari setiap inci tubuhnya. Saya dapat melihat dengan jelas betapa seksanya penyakit itu telah memamah tubuh ibu sehingga ibu menjadi terlalu lemah dan kurus. Saya menatap wajah ibu sambil berlinangan air mata. Saya cium tangan ibu kemudian saya kecup pula pipi dan dahinya. Di saat itu hati saya terlalu pedih, sakit sekali melihat ibu dalam keadaan seperti ini. Tetapi ibu tetap tersenyum dan berkata : "Jangan menangis nak, ibu tak sakit." . PEMBOHONGAN IBU YANG KELAPAN

Setelah mengucapkan pembohongan yang kelapan itu, ibunda tercinta menutup matanya untuk kali terakhir kali.

Anda bertuah kerana masih mempunyai ibu dan ayah. Anda boleh memeluk dan menciumnya. Kalau ibu anda jauh dari mata, anda boleh menelefonnya sekarang, dan berkata, 'Ibu,saya sayangkan ibu.' Tapi tidak saya. Sehingga kini saya diburu rasa bersalah yang amat sangat kerana biarpun saya mengasihi ibu lebih dari segala-galanya, tapi tidak pernah sekalipun saya membisikkan kata-kata itu ke telinga ibu, sampailah saat ibu menghembuskan nafasnya yang terakhir.

Ibu, maafkan saya. Saya sayangkan ibu. -iluvislam

Commuters balk at 'Najib Express' - WAJAH NAJIB

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 08:28 PM PDT

Wajah Najib Punca Kebencian Rakyat Kepada BN. Najib, tiada padah kalau dengar nasihat orang tua bernama chedet. Berikut tulisan di blog beliau:
1. Di zaman pemerintahan Tun Abdullah Badawi seluruh negara disalut dengan sepanduk dan papan tanda besar yang menunjuk wajah Perdana Menteri bersama Menteri-Menteri tertentu, Menteri-Menteri Besar dan Ketua Menteri.

2. Seorang Menteri pelancongan mempamerkan sepanduk dan papan tanda yang mempunyai gambarnya bersama Perdana Menteri diseluruh negara seolah-olah pelancong akan tertarik melawat Malaysia untuk melihat sepanduk berkenaan.

3. Setelah Dato Seri Najib menjadi Perdana Menteri semua sepanduk dan iklan yang lama telah diturunkan.

4. Saya harap amalan seperti ini tidak diadakan lagi. Jauh daripada mereka yang menaikkan gambar mereka menjadi popular, rakyat sebenarnya jelak dan bosan melihat sepanduk-sepanduk ini mencemarkan kecantikan alam.

5. Saya akan ditegur bahawa di masa saya dulu ada juga sepanduk seperti ini yang dinaikkan oleh Menteri Besar tetapi tidak oleh Menteri Kabinet. Saya akui saya tidak ambil tindakan yang tegas menghentikan amalan ini. Tetapi tidak semua Menteri Besar yang mencuba tunjuk betapa dekatnya mereka dengan Perdana Menteri melalui cara ini.

6. Saya harap Barisan Nasional tidak memulakan semula amalan ini. Ia hanya akan menimbul kebencian kepada mereka.


  • Zulaikha Zulkifli
  • 2:16PM Jul 15, 2012
KTM Komuter trains and stations are now the latest canvas to market the Najib administration to Selangor commuters.

Christians snub meeting with Clinton because of U.S. support for Islamic supremacists

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 06:21 PM PDT

As far back as January 2011, it was clear to the Christians of Egypt what would happen to them under Muslim Brotherhood rule. It was either not clear to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, or they didn't care. Certainly Clinton's cliches about treating minorities equably today will do nothing to alleviate the Christians' plight. "Christians snub Cairo meeting with Clinton, claim US backs Islamists," from MSNBC, July 15
Prominent Christian Egyptians snubbed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday because they feel the U.S. administration favors Islamist parties over secular and liberal forces in society at the expense of Egypt's 8 million Christians. The critical theme was repeated by others Sunday in Cairo and Alexandria despite Clinton denying U.S. interference in Egyptian elections. The politicians, businessmen and clerics who snubbed Clinton were supposed to take part in meetings between Clinton and influential members of civil society.
Coptic Christian businessman and politician Naguib Sawiris and three other Coptic politicians said in a statement they were objecting to Clinton's policies in solidarity with the mainstream Egyptian. They also said that since the revolution, the U.S. administration and Clinton have paid many visits in support of Islamic political currents in society while ignoring other civil movements. The four prominent Copts consider the meeting with the Islamist parties a form of external pressure to push the Islamists to power and ignore other civil movements. They blamed the U.S. for even showing a preference for an Islamist presidential candidate.
Egypt, a nation of nearly 84 million, is 90 percent Muslim, 9 percent Coptic and 1 percent other Christian denominations. Two church leaders also turned their back on Clinton. Coptic Bishop Morcos and Evangelical church leader Safwat al Bayadi refused to meet with Clinton because of what they characterized as interference in Egyptian internal affairs and U.S. support for Islamists while ignoring the majority of Egyptians. A few hundred protesters chanted the same message in front of the Garden City Four Seasons hotel where Clinton overnighted. Clinton sought to dispel the idea. "She wanted, in very, very clear terms, particularly with the Christian group this morning, to dispel that notion and to make clear that only Egyptians can choose their leaders, that we have not supported any candidate, any party, and we will not," a senior U.S. official told reporters on Sunday.
Rights for all At a Sunday meeting of prominent women, Clinton emphasized rights for all Egyptians, not their choices. "I came to Cairo, in part, to send a very clear message that the United States supports the rights, the universal rights of all people," she said. "We support democracy. But democracy has to be more than just elections. It has to mean that the majority will be protecting the rights of the minority." The United States will "look to any elected government to support inclusivity, to make sure that the talents of every Egyptian can be put to work in building a new future for this ancient and incredibly important country," Clinton told a group of prominent women....
Later in Alexandria, Clinton presided over a ceremony to reopen the U.S. consulate in Alexandria, which was closed in 1993 to save money. The ceremony was moved inside as protesters grew vocal outside the consulate. In her speech, Clinton said, "I want to be clear that the United States is not in the business, in Egypt, of choosing winners and losers, even if we could, which, of course, we cannot." Protesters threw tomatoes, shoes and a water bottle as members of the press accompanying Clinton walked to their vans. A tomato hit an Egyptian official in the face.
The protesters also chanted "Monica, Monica, Monica," a reference to Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern who was the focus of a sex scandal with her husband, then-President Bill Clinton. Hat tip: Jihad Watch

The Suger Cane Juice Brother (BISHEN SINGH)

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 06:18 PM PDT

To day I would like to share a  little story about an 86 year old Punjabi Sikh by the name of Bishen Singh whom I knew as a little boy.  He worked as a watchman (Jaga)  at the Yin Woh sawmill in Sempalit Raub, owned by a rich Chinese Towkay. In the earlier days apparently people always referred to you by the trade (job) you did and Bishen as a young man sold suger cane juce. Hence he was called  the ' Tebu Bai' by the Malays, 'kambu Bai' ( suger cane Bai)  by the Indians and his own Punjabi community called him 'Raswalla Pahai' (Suger cane Juice Brother)


Bishen had long moved on from being a 'Tebu Bai' to a successful and fairly rich money lender but still kept his job as a night watchman at the sawmill . He lived in Bukit Koman and would cycle to his work place in Sempalit, cycling a total of 6 miles every day without fail even at the age of 85. Probably it was this routine that kept him fit at this ripe old age.

I asked him one day why was he still working at his age and he told me that his boss the mill owner had actually terminated his service due to his advance age some 20 years ago. However being a kindly man who rewarded loyalty he had offered  him to come when ever he could to the mill to keep the new younger Indian Jaga company for which he would continue to receive half his original pay which came to RM 250.  Bishen no longer needed the money but some how having worked at the mill for almost 50 years he  just could not give up the environment and the routine.

Bishen also had a great sense of humor. One day I asked him why after having lost all his teeth did not want to have dentures fitted. He laughed exposing his toothless gums partly hidden by his heavy facial hair, saying he did not have much time left and being an active member of the Sikh Temple he would hopefully have one fitted free in the hereafter.

One fine day the mill owner who lived close  to my family home died suddenly of a heart attack at age 62 and there were elaborate funeral arrangements underway. Being on leave then I too went to pay my respects. There amongst the large crowd I saw a forlorn looking Bishen Singh. When he saw me he nodded his head to called me aside and pointed to all death memorabilia like the paper models of a swimming pool, a huge bungalow with 3 Mercedes Benz cars parked in the porch, TV sets, Piano, Hell money, and all the other goodies that only  the very rich can afford. All these would later  be burnt as the Chinese believe the dead will rise in the next World to enjoy all these goodies.

Bishen then drew my attention to the paper bungalow and said "do you notice there are two beaded figures wearing turbans and holding drawn sabers, with two dogs at their entrance of the paper bungalow." Bishen continued, saying "one must be me and the other must have been put there for good measure." Turning again to me said " You see I have worked for this Chinese Towkay for more than 50 years and now the family wants  me to continue being his Jaga in the next World." Then with a show of mock anger and waving his palm he said " No! No! I am not doing it, 50 years as a jaga in this World is enough no more jaga work in the next World for me." I nodded in agreement which pleased him. Bishen (bless his soul) passed away some seven years years after this episode.

Now what made me write  this story? Well I was reading about news on Singapore  on the internet and there was this article about the governments decision to exhume the old graves at Bukit Brown cemetery to make way for a new Highway.My attention was drawn to the pix below of two Sikh guards, guarding the grave, which reminded me of Bishen Singhs words, I could almost 'swear'  I heard the old boy saying.......  " No! No! I am not doing it, 50 years as a jaga in this World is enough no more jaga work in the next World for me."   By Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd)  Idris Hassan.

[PERLU BACA] Apa Hukumnya Isteri keluar Rumah Tanpa Izin Suami?

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 07:35 PM PDT

Bercerai selepas dicabar talak tiga

PASIR MAS: "Dia yang cabar saya suruh saya ceraikan dia dengan talak tiga,"ujar Yahya Ibrahim, 82 ketika ditemui di rumah anaknya di Kampung Kubang Badak, dekat sini pagi tadi.

Pada masa yang sama katanya, bekas isterinya yang juga penyokong tegar Umno, Che Hasnah Che Ahmad, 61, bukan sahaja menolak perjuangan PAS, sebaliknya menghina Mursyidul Am yang juga Menteri Besar Kelantan, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

Jelasnya, sepanjang 14 tahun perkahwinan keduanya dengan Che Hasnah selepas kematian isterinya, beliau tidak pernah berselisih faham dengan bekas isterinya.

Bagaimanapun, penghinaan terhadap Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, di samping menuduh mengundi PAS berdosa besar beliau tidak boleh bertolak ansur lagi, apa lagi bekas isterinya 'mencabar' supaya menceraikannya.

Harakahdaily mengambil pendekatan untuk mengetahui penjelasan sebenar berhubung perkara itu dari Yahya, memandangkan kes perceraian mereka telah tersiar dalam media arus perdana pro Umno termasuk media cetak.

Ianya berikutan kenyataan yang hanya melalui Che Hasnah, semata-mata, tanpa mengetahui kisah sebenar dari bekas suaminya.

Kes perceraian mereka juga turut dibahas hangat dalam laman social facebook dan twitter yang bersandarkan PAS menjadi dalang kepada perceraian itu.

Yahya yang merupakan bapa kepada 8 orang anak (semuanya dari isteri pertama) mengakui isterinya adalah aktivis Umno.

"Malah beliau menjadi guru al-Quran pun dipilih oleh Umno dan dibayar gaji, saya tidak kisah tentang itu walaupun sejak awal lagi kami berlainan politik.

"Tetapi sejak akhir-akhir ini dia begitu mencabar, mengeluarkan kata-kata yang kesat terhadap perjuangan PAS, dia juga sudah tidak hormatkan saya lagi, apa hukumnya keluar rumah atau pergi ke suatu tempat yang suami tidak suka.

"Malah saya bimbang kalau-kalau perkataannya yang begitu keterlaluan itu boleh terkeluar aqidah. Anak-anak dan cucu yang mendengarpun menggeleng kepala kerana tidak sanggup mendengarnya,"

Yahya turut memberitahu, isterinya keluar menyertai program Datuk Dr Hassan Ali, bagaimanapun Che Hasnah merahsiakannya.

"Dia hanya memberitahu pergi program cabutan bertuah, tetapi selepas dua hari baru saya tahu perkara sebenar dan memang saya marah sebab dia tipu saya.

"Saya tak kisah kalau dia pergi belajar tajwid walaupun bergurukan orang Umno, bersesuaian dengan dia sendiri mengajar al-Quran,"

Sambungnya, perceraian itu turut mendapat sokongan saudara mara yang terdekat termasuk abang kepada bekas isterinya itu, Ustaz Che Hussin.

Akibat perselisihan faham semakin tidak dapat dikawal, beliau terpaksa berpuasa dua hari untuk mengurangkan ketegangan yang dicipta isterinya sendiri.

Akhirnya, pada 11 Julai lalu, mereka sah bercerai di Mahkamah Pasir Mas setelah perceraian mereka didaftarkan pada 26 Jun lalu.

Imam Tua Mukim Chetok, Zulkifli Awang, yang juga merupakan saksi nikah mereka sebelum ini memberitahu, sebelum mereka bercerai, beliau sebagai orang tengah turut menasihati Che Hasnah agar kembali pada Yahya.

"Bagaimanapun Che Hasnah enggan dan saya tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa, jadi saya serahkan semula kes itu kepada mereka beruda untuk membuat keputusannya,"ujarnya yang turut hadir pada pertemuan itu. -HD

Ulasan GB

GB sudah ulas sebelum ini. Petikan:

Ketara sangat wartawan yang cuba menggembar-gemburkan isu ini jahil dan tidak mengetahui ajaran dan hukum Islam.

Isteri kalau ingin berpuasa sunat pun jika suami tak bagi tak boleh dilakukan... Inikan pula keluar rumah pergi ceramah! Ini sudah dikategorikan sebagai NUSYUZ.

Nusyuz membawa maksud suatu tindakan yang dilakukan oleh isteri yang dianggap menentang kehendak suami dengan tidak ada alasan yang munasabah menurut hukum syarak. Tindakan itulah dikira durhaka.

Cuba membuat berita yang karut-marut tetapi mendedahkan pekung kejahilan sendiri. Bodoh! (pinjam perkataan Ahmad Nisfu)

Isteri disifatkan sebagai melaku perbuatan Nusyuz sekiranya ia keluar rumah tanpa mendapat keizinan suami terlebih dahulu kerana asal bagi seseorang perempuan ialah sentiasa berada di rumah suami . Firman Allah, (al-Ahzab : 33)

Hendaklah kamu tetap di rumah-rumah kamu dan jangan sekali-kali kamu keluar sebagaimana orang-orang jahiliah yang dahulu-dahulu.

Ayat ini menjelaskan perempuan di minta supaya sentiasa berada di rumah dan tidak boleh keluar tanpa alasan Syara`.

Dengan itu bererti keluar rumah tanpa izin termasuk dalam perbuatan Nusyuz, sekiranya kerana tiada alasan Syara`. Antaranya, seperti rumah yang diduduki tidak sesuai atau tidak terdapat alat keperluan asasi atau kerana gangguan jiran atau sebagainya.

Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda bermaksud: "Sekiranya aku dibenarkan untuk memerintahkan seseorang bersujud kepada orang lain, nescaya aku perintahkan seorang isteri bersujud kepada suaminya." (Hadis riwayat Tirmidzi dan Ibnu Hibban)

Sabda Rasulullah SAW lagi bermaksud: "Apabila seorang isteri keluar rumah, sedangkan suami membencinya (tidak mengizinkannya), dia akan dilaknat oleh semua malaikat di langit dan semua apa yang dilaluinya (di bumi) selain daripada jin dan manusia, sehinggalah dia kembali semula (kepada rumah suaminya)." (Hadis riwayat Thabari)

Rasulullah SAW selepas peristiwa Israk dan Mikraj, bersabda kepada sahabat wanita bermaksud: "Kebanyakan ahli neraka adalah wanita. Maka menangislah mereka (sahabat wanita) dan bertanya seorang daripada mereka: Mengapa terjadi demikian, adakah kerana mereka berzina atau membunuh anak atau kafir? Baginda menjawab: Tidak. Mereka menggunakan lidah menyakiti hati suami dan tidak bersyukur nikmat yang disediakan suaminya." (Hadis riwayat Muslim).

Dan Rasulullah SAW juga bersabda bermaksud: "Mana-mana isteri yang meminta suaminya menceraikannya (tanpa sebab yang dibenarkan oleh syarak) haram baginya bau syurga." (Hadis riwayat Abu Daud dan Tirmidzi)

Nature lovers do their bit for Bukit Kiara

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 05:32 PM PDT

Source: VIJENTHI NAIR, photos By RAYMOND OOI, 16/7/2012)
KUALA LUMPUR: Nature lovers walked the talk by turning up in large numbers at Bukit Kiara to call for the green lung to be gazetted. Signatures were also collected for a petition during the one hour walk organised by the Friends of Bukit Kiara at 8am yesterday. The petition, among others, wants a stop to all construction work at Bukit Kiara. It will be submitted to Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Chor Chee Heung.
In October last year, the National Landscape Department started putting up a 3.5m-high fence along a 4.7km stretch as part of an upgrading project to demarcate the park and increase security for visitors. The construction, which is still ongoing, caused an estimated 3,000 mature trees to be felled, trails to be damaged and has affected water quality in the area.
Selangor Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) chairman Henry Goh said the gazetting was promised by the Federal Territories Ministry back in 2006 and is still pending. "There is a proposal to construct arboretums, buildings and cement lanes, as well as shop lots and a food court within the forest. "We are not against development but it should not be done at the expense of nature," said Goh, who took part in the walk.
Others included MNS president Prof Dr Maketab Mohamed, Trails Association of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (Traks) president Scott Roberts, Global Environmental Centre (GEC) River Care Programme coordinator Dr K. Kalithasan, The Star group chief editor Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai and Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng.
Chor had earlier explained that clearing work being done at Bukit Kiara was to ensure it stays a green lung reserve. He said the security fencing was built by the Landscape Department to protect the park from illegal encroachment.
He was also quoted as saying the paths were cleared to bring the equipment and material for the fencing. However, some residents had expressed concern that the clearing work was a prelude to commercial development.
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A Huge Week 32

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 06:52 AM PDT

Week 32 has been a clumsy huge week for me. I am getting bigger and I just lose my sense of balance more and more each day. There are times I needed my hubby to give me a nudge to roll out of bed. Oh yes, that's how bad it can be.

Week 32 01Week 32 02Week 32 03

I cannot wait for Annakate to get out of me because I rather hold her in my arms than walking around clumsily like a penguin. Hahaha!

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