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Michelin Energy XM2 - good for Malaysia drivers?

Michelin Energy XM2 - good for Malaysia drivers?

Michelin Energy XM2 - good for Malaysia drivers?

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 10:22 AM PDT

After ran over the Malaysia Boleh potholes the night before, all the 4 tyres of my car have been replaced with Michelin Energy XM2... Nice to drive but yet to test on the wet and slippery road. Michelin has claimed that Energy XM2 are more durable, better grip and more important it's potholes resistance and tested...

Everyone knows there are so so so many 1Malaysia potholes or Malaysia Boleh potholes scattered around the city of Potholes. This is the type of tyres we should have when we drive in the city of potholes. LoL.

Picture adapted from The Star Online
Potholes @ Persiaran Surian
I found an article in Stars stated how dangerous is potholes @ Persiaran Surian, those potholes caused my tyre flatten and made me change the tyre :(  Just wonder how the lovely government going to close this issue?

Anyway, I was lucky as i was not riding a bike otherwise i would have injured and might be said goodbye to this world. 

Being Bersih just for today

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 10:03 AM PDT


Yatt Hamzah: Kritikan Menjadikan Saya Lebih Bersemangat Untuk Cintakan Allah & Rasul

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 09:54 AM PDT

Pada Ahad lalu, sebuah akhbar terkemuka tanah air, Berita Harian menerusi ruangan B*Pop telah menyiarkan sebuah artikel yang menegur sikap Yatt Hamzah.

Yatt dikatakan telah bertindak seperti 'terlebih alim' apabila dia menolak untuk melakonkan semula sebuah rancangan memasak.

Kata Yatt, melakonkan semula cara memasak dalam rancangan itu seolah-olah menipu para penonton.

Maka, wartawan B*Pop, Raja Nurfatimah Mawar telah menegur Yatt lantaran dari 'suara-suara' yang kurang enak berkenaan sikap Yatt itu.

Selain itu, Raja turut menegur Yatt yang dikatakan suka menunjuk alim menerusi tarbiah di laman sosial miliknya.

Lantaran dari teguran itu, Yatt menerusi akaun laman sosial Twitter miliknya, telah menjawab isu tersebut dan menerima teguran wartawan itu dengan positif.

Yatt bersyukur dan berterima kasih kepada B*Pop kerana sudi menegur dirinya yang kerdil itu.

"Dan saya dengan rendah diri minta maaf jika menyinggung sesiapa," memetik kenyataan Yatt menerusi akaun Twitter miliknya.

Pada masa yang sama, Yatt menghargai teguran yang diberikan sekaligus menjadikan dirinya untuk lebih bersemangat untuk cintakan Allah.

Semoga Yatt diberi kekuatan untuk meneruskan kerjaya dalam bidang seni setelah dia memilih untuk berhijrah. -HARITS ASYRAF

WHEEL POWER: Merdeka Moments For Everyone!

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 09:00 AM PDT

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[SELINGAN] Dia Dah Lemah, Yang Afdhal Sembelih Cepat-cepat Sebelum Jadi Bangkai

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 08:27 AM PDT

Ini kisah lembu yang telah jatuh terjelepok dalam longkang konkrit yang besar dan diselamatkan oleh anggota bomba dan penyelamat.

Dimana? Tidak diketahui dengan tempat lokasinya yang tepat tetapi mesti di dalam negara bernama Malaysia.

Maka berkatalah seorang rakan, "Lembu itu dah lemah, kalau hidup pun sudah tidak bermaya lagi.. Kena sembelih cepat-cepat sebelum ia mati menjadi bangkai."

"Bila disebut macam itu, terus sahaja aku teringatkan UMNO kerana sejak kes NFC timbul, bila sebut lembu mesti teringatkan UMNO dan bila sebut UMNO mesti teringatkan lembu," kata rakan seorang lagi.

"Kalau macamtu kau cakap, kenalah sembelih UMNO tu cepat-cepat ya..." kata rakan yang mula-mula tadi dengan selambanya.

Disambut dengan deraian ketawa dari rakan-rakan yang lain...

Paralympics Opening Ceremony After 3am Tomorrow

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 06:25 AM PDT

BBC ONLINE 29 August 2012
Last updated at 08:11 GMT

Paralympic Games: Crowds line torch relay route

Thousands turned out to see the Paralympic flame

of people have turned out to welcome the Paralympic flame which is en
route to the Olympic Stadium for the opening ceremony of the

Report: Burmese Army Continues Rights Violations in Karen

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 06:23 AM PDT

Source- Report: Burmese Army Continues Rights Violations in Karen Posted August 28th, 2012

As Burma's government and ethnic Karen rebel groups continue peace talks to end one of the world's longest running conflicts, there are renewed reports of human rights violations by the Burmese army in the volatile state.

A new report by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) found that a third of the families in the region reported experiencing abuses, such as evictions, forced labor, restricted movement and sometimes physical attacks, including rape and torture.

The report released Tuesday suggests those living near economic development projects such as mines, pipelines and hydroelectric dams are significantly more likely to become victims of land rights and labor abuses.

The report comes just weeks after the United States took steps to ease bans on investment and financial services to Burma – a move that has been criticized by some rights groups.

PHR Burma Director Bill Davis says that Washington should take greater precautions to ensure that new U.S. investment does not support those linked to rights abuses.

"We've heard a lot of American government sources saying 'Well our companies are different than the companies that have been working (in Burma), different from Chinese companies. Our companies care about human rights.' And maybe they do. But a major problem is that in Karen state and in a lot other ethnic areas in Burma, foreign companies often partner with the Burmese military to implement projects."

Western nations have demanded peace with rebel groups, including the Karen, as a condition for easing political and economic sanctions against the rapidly reforming country. But clashes continue, despite a series of cease-fire deals earlier this year.

In January, the government signed a preliminary cease-fire with the Karen National Union, one of the country's largest rebel groups. But the latest round of peace talks was called off by the government this week. The talks were set to discuss the sensitive issue of a troop withdrawal.

Although major offensives in Karen state have decreased in recent months, Burma's military still maintains a large troop presence in the state. Analysts say that any withdrawal would be a major challenge for the struggling peace process.

But PHR warns that a cease-fire agreement, while positive, will not necessarily lead to an end of abuses against civilians. It is calling on the government to hold human rights violators accountable and take steps to implement further political and judicial reforms.



Raya over, back to work!

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 05:56 AM PDT

Hmmm… 2 weeks since my last blog posting. I've been taking a longer than usual Raya break haven't I?

Well, not really. It's just the blog that I have not been updating, but I have been in touch with my PLHIV clients especially inviting the single mothers and children to a Raya event sponsored by my school alumni this coming mid-September. However, I did indeed take a break from home and hospital visits. There were so many things to do at my own home!

Anyway, based on an earlier list given, HIV clinic in Taiping was supposed to be on yesterday, and since it was my turn, yesterday I drove all the way to Taiping, only to find out that HIV clinic for yesterday had been cancelled since before Raya. But nobody bothered to inform us Buddies… sigh…

Today, Wednesday, I was on duty again, this time in Ipoh. When I got to the doctor's room, the nurse told me there were supposed to be 4 new cases. 2 were already there, but one of them, a Thai lady spoke neither Malay nor English, but apparently her husband could speak Malay. After looking at the file, I knew I had already met them both during my last clinic duty. At that time it was the husband who was referred to us, the wife had yet to be tested. So I told the nurse there was no need to refer that case to me as I had already met them.

So the first case was referred to me. When the nurse brought her to the counselling room, I thought this was another case of an elderly lady. But then when I got the file, I noticed that the lady, Selvi, was actually my age, in fact she's one week younger. So, does that mean I look younger or does that mean I am also an elderly lady???? :P

Selvi was infected by her late husband. She had actually known of her HIV infection since 2004 when she got involved in a road accident and was in coma for some time. They never went for HIV treatment after that because her husband was the type who wasn't bothered. She now no longer works, and survives on Socso pension. She used to work at a factory before the accident. When asked if her late husband used to work, she said, "Dia banyak curi sini, curi sana la…"

They didn't have any children of their own, but Selvi did adopt a child, now 8 years old. Based on what Selvi gets from Socso, she and her adopted daughter should be able to survive. She doesn't have to pay rental as she had finished paying for the house using her EPF money. Only problem is, Selvi, who is a diabetic, has some eye problems as well and is due for an operation, which has not been done yet because of her HIV. That was how her case was finally referred to the HIV clinic just recently ie by the ophthalmologist.

Since her vision is quite bad, whenever she needed to go anywhere, she couldn't take the bus. She had to hire a cab, and whenever she needs to come to Ipoh for her appointments, she'd have to fork out RM70 just for transportation alone. I told Selvi we should be able to help out with her child's schooling needs. She then started to ask if we could cover her transportation to the hospital as well. While I did listen to her problems, at the end of the conversation I reminded her that she needs to be thankful with what she has. I told her about the other families I have been dealing with… who earn half of what she gets monthly and have 3 or 4 more mouths to feed. Then only she said, "Ya, ya you orang mau tolong saya punya anak punya sekolah pun saya sudah suka…"

I guess some people tend to forget that there are so many people out there who are worse off than they are…

While I was waiting for other cases to be referred, suddenly I saw Shidah passing by. Remember Shidah? She's the lady from a foreign country up north whose late husband used to abuse her when he was alive. After her husband's death, I thought things would be easier for her so she could just go back to her own country and be with her child from an earlier marriage. Apparently I was wrong. For one thing, she herself wanted to continue staying in Malaysia. In addition, even her in-laws wanted her to stay with them, for their own selfish reasons.

Selfish reasons? Shidah's husband had a job when he was alive… with EPF and Socso. They needed her as the widow to claim whatever necessary. As it turned out, Shidah has been getting the monthly payment from Socso (her in-laws aren't too happy about this) but according to Shidah, her in-laws managed to get every single sen from his EPF account. I told Shidah she shouldn't be too selfish herself. She did mention to me before that if she goes back to her country, she will lose her right to the Socso pension. I told her, while she herself has some rights over her late husband's properties, his mother too had rights and so does his brother/s since they didn't have any children together.

Today when I met Shidah, I was told she no longer stays with her in-laws. She has moved to another state nearer to the border, to join a friend doing some small business together. She came back to Ipoh just for her appointment. I told her she might as well transfer her appointment to a hospital near where she stays now so that she doesn't have to travel so far each time she has to come for her appointment.

After Shidah left the room, in came Mas, another new client of mine. After the last time I met her, she was hospitalised because of a mild stroke (but I didn't visit her at the hospital because I wasn't told about it). She still looked weak when I saw her today, this time she came with her younger brother, who took leave from work to bring her to the hospital as she was too weak to come by bus. Mas plans to join the Raya event planned for mid-September… I do hope the brother will be able to send Mas and her children to the hotel for the event.

After some time, as I was starting to pack up thinking there wouldn't be any more new cases, the junior nurse came in with another new case, Chan, a 22 year old guy. Quite a chatty young chap I must say. He even apologised for coming quite late. There was no doubt at all he'd be happy to have a buddy assigned to him. As a matter of fact, when I suggested to him that maybe he should join us as a volunteer, he welcomed the idea. Not only can he help others by doing so, he'd also end up helping himself. But before he himself becomes a volunteer, he will need to get himself to fully accept whatever that had been fated for him. By the looks of it, I think he should be able to get over the initial "shock" soon enough. All he needs is some moral support and someone to talk things out to. He now has a buddy for that…

Buddha’s advice for the Rakhines and Bamas

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 04:59 AM PDT

ကာလာမ သုတ္ …Buddha's advice for the Rakhines and Bamas against wrong beliefs, rumors and Hate Speeches against Rohingyas, Bengali and Muslims.

ေဂါတမဗုဒၵ (ဘီစီ ၅၆၃ – ၄၈၃)"အို ကာလာမတို"႔-

(၁) တဆင့္စကား အဆင့္ဆင့္ ၾကားရသည္တို႔အေပၚမွာလည္း အၿပီးသတ္ ဆံုးျဖတ္ခ်က္မခ်ၾကကုန္ႏွင့္။ (Just because President' Office Director Hmuu Zaw wrongly heard or knowingly posted that the Armed Bengali illegal immigrants invading Myanmar, EMG and Myanmar Media reports)

(၂) သင္တို႔အထက္က ဘိုးေဘးဘီဘင္ အစဥ္အဆက္လာ ဓေလ့ထံုးတမ္းမ်ားကိုလည္း အဆံုးသတ္ အားကိုးၿပီး အဟုတ္မွတ္၍ မက်င့္သံုးၾကကုန္ႏွင့္ (Just do not rely on what written and said by Rakhine histories and stories)

(၃) အေျခအျမစ္မပါသည့္ သူေျပာငါေျပာ ေကာလာဟလ စကားတို႔ကိုလည္း လက္ခံမမွားၾကကုန္ႏွင့္။ (Bangalis are burning their own houses. Set upped fake news of as if Thida Htwe was raped and murdered by Rohingya Muslims )

(၄) ဘာသာေရးက်မ္းစာတို႔၏ အရွိန္ဩဇာေအာက္မွာလည္း နစ္ျမဳပ္၍မေနၾကကုန္ႏွင့္။(Preached by Xenophobic Rakhine Monks)

(၅) အက်င့္ႏွင့္ အသိမပါ တကၠီဝါဒီတို႔၏ အေတြးအေခၚမ်ားကိုလည္း ဟုတ္ၿပီ မွန္ၿပီဟု အတည္မယူၾကကုန္ႏွင့္။(Words and ideas of RNDP led by Dr Aye Maung)

(၆) အျခားအျခားေသာလူတို႔ အျခားအျခားေသာ အယူဝါဒတို႔ထံမွ ပံုတူကူး၍ က်င့္သံုးျခင္းသည္လည္း မိမိတို႔ ဘဝႏွင့္ အပ္စပ္လိမ့္မည္ဟု အတည္တက် မယူၾကကုန္ႏွင့္။ (Dr Aye Maung suggestion to copy the Israel's methods)

(၇) မိမိတို႔အေတြးအေခၚ အယူအဆကို မိမိတို႔၏ အေတြးျဖင့္သာလွ်င္ အေၾကာင္းယုတၲိေပး၍ တင္ျပႏိုင္႐ံု မွ်ျဖင့္ ကိုယ့္အေတြး ကိုယ့္ယုတၲိ ဟုတ္ၿပီဟု မယူၾကကုန္ႏွင့္။ (Rakhine people, monks, various Rakhine Parties, Dr Aye Chan, Dr Aye Mg etc.)

(၈) ဆရာတစ္ေယာက္ေယာက္ လာေရာက္ေဟာေျပာခ်က္သည္ မိမိေတြးထင္ထားသည္ႏွင့္ ကိုက္ညီသြားၿပီဆို ႐ံု မွ်ျဖင့္လည္း ဟုတ္ၿပီမွန္ၿပီဟု မယူဆၾကကုန္ႏွင့္။ (Hmu Zaw, Dr Aye Chan, Dr Aye Mg and RNDP local leader Nyi Pu words)

(၉) ေလးစားထိုက္ေသာ ေလာကကဂ႐ုျပဳေနသည့္ပုဂၢိဳလ္ႀကီးတစ္ေယာက္၏ ဝါဒသည္ျဖစ္ႏိုင္ဖြယ္ရွိသည္ ဟူ၍လည္း တစ္ထစ္ခ် မယူၾကကုန္ႏွင့္(Just because your President and 8888 Ko Ko Gyi at first said that most of the Bengalis are illegal migrants and need to send to other country)

(၁၀) မိမိတို႔ ဆည္းကပ္ကိုးကြယ္ေသာ ဆရာတို႔၏ စကားတိုင္းသည္လည္း ဟုတ္ၿပီမွန္ၿပီ အက်ိဳးရွိၿပီဟု အၿပီးသတ္ မမွတ္ယူၾကကုန္ႏွင့္။ (Just your Rakhine monks and U Wirathu said)

ဟူ၍ ဘုရားရွင္ မိန္႔မွာေတာ္မူခဲ့သည္ကို သတိမူၾကကုန္ေလာ့ ….

Peneroka Ditipu, Berhutang 800 Unit Saham Kepada FELDA

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 06:31 AM PDT

Felda ambil alih hutang peneroka beli saham

Peneroka yang berhutang dengan bank untuk membeli 800 unit saham Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGVH) tidak perlu lagi membayar kepada bank mulai bulan depan apabila hutang mereka itu diambil alih Felda.

Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Ahmad Maslan berkata peruntukan RM360 juta yang diumumkan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak bagi membiayai pembelian unit saham itu semalam akan digunakan untuk membayar balik pinjaman yang dibuat oleh peneroka, kepada 10 konsortium bank.

"Jadi, daripada bayar kepada bank yang ada faedah lima peratus setahun, peneroka akan bayar kepada Felda tanpa faedah dalam tempoh lima tahun iaitu kira-kira RM50 sebulan," katanya kepada pemberita selepas menutup Kem Anak Muda Generasi Felda (Kemuda) dan Kursus Induksi Permuafakatan Siswa/Siswi Felda (Persada) 2012 di Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) di Serdang hari ini.

Najib semalam mengumumkan Felda memperuntuk RM360.7 juta untuk membiayai sepenuhnya 800 unit saham yang diberi kepada setiap peneroka bagi meringankan beban mereka dalam pemilikan saham itu.

Ahmad berkata peralihan itu akan dilakukan secara automatik dan pembayaran balik kepada Felda boleh dilakukan dengan potongan pendapatan, di mana ia bakal memberi keuntungan lebih kepada peneroka apabila mereka tidak dikenakan sebarang faedah ke atas pinjaman itu.

Beliau berkata dengan itu, pihak peneroka juga dapat melakukan urusniaga saham mereka pada bila-bila masa tanpa sebarang syarat, dan ia juga dapat mengelakkan 'jualan paksa' di mana jika mereka berhutang dan masih belum melunaskan bayaran penuh kepada bank selepas enam bulan, mereka perlu menjual saham itu, sekaligus merugikan sekiranya harga saham pada masa itu rendah.

Kita tak bagi (pinjaman ini) sebelum ini sebab kita tak jangka berapa keuntungan yang kita dapat. Tapi akhirnya kita dapat RM10 bilion, RM6 bilion untuk Felda dan RM4 bilion untuk FGV, jadi kita ada dana lebihan untuk kita bantu lagi peneroka," katanya.

Sementara itu Ahmad turut menafikan tuduhan pihak pembangkang bahawa pemilikan peneroka terhadap saham FGV terlalu sedikit, malah Felda dan peneroka adalah pemegang utama saham itu 39.5 peratus.

Beliau berkata 17 peratus saham itu adalah milik Felda, dan 22.5 peratus lagi milik peneroka iaitu 2.5 peratus daripada pemilikan 800 unit saham dan 20 peratus tabung amanah.

Saham itu juga turut dimiliki syarikat atau organisasi tempatan seperti Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) sebanyak 7 peratus, Tabung Haji 7 peratus dan kerajaan Sabah serta Pahang masing-masing 5 peratus, sekaligus menafikan dakwaan bahawa saham itu banyak dimiliki oleh syarikat asing, katanya. -mk

Ulasan GB

Yang untung ialah Isa Samad, memperolehi 180,000 unit saham secara percuma. Peneroka dapat 800 unit saham, hutang!

Meloponglah peneroka....

Kedua, penipuan lagi dengan menyatakan bahawa:

Felda dan peneroka adalah pemegang utama saham itu 39.5 peratus...
Jika itu pemegang utamanya, maka 60.5 peratus lagi?
Apakah angka 39.5% itu lebih besar dari 60.5%?

Kemudian dinyatakan: Saham itu juga turut dimiliki syarikat atau organisasi tempatan seperti Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) sebanyak 7 peratus, Tabung Haji 7 peratus dan kerajaan Sabah serta Pahang masing-masing 5 peratus

Bukankan pemilikan saham itu sentiasa pada bla-bila masa boleh betukar tangan? Ia bererti pada bila-bila masa saham yang 60.5% (saham majoriti) boleh terjual dan dipindahmilikkan kepada pembeli yang lain.

Dan akhirnya: sekaligus menafikan dakwaan bahawa saham itu banyak dimiliki oleh syarikat asing.

Hakikat yang sebenarnya semasa hari pertama IPO ditawarkan, tiada syarikat asing yang berminat kecuali dua syarikat yang membeli saham FGV, iaitu Qatar Investment Authority dan syarikat insurans Hong Kong, AIA Group Ltd. Walaupun sebelumnya Najib membuat peristharan penyenaraian FGVH merupakan IPO kedua terbesar selepas Facebook. Tiba-tiba, dari ratuan ribu syarikat pelabur di dunia cuma dua syarikat yang berani melabur membeli saham FGVH. Kos cetak prospektus pun tak lepas! Indah khabar dari rupa....

Dan apa cerita mengenai syarikat Genting Bhd pernah menguasai 12 peratus saham Felda Global Ventures Holding (FGVH) dengan pegangan sebanyak 407, 005,000 unit melalui peruntukan khas?

Laporan Bloomberg Peers menyebut bahawa, urusniaga FGVH antara 16 Julai hingga 9 Ogos, Tabung Haji, Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) dan Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KWAM) telah membeli saham Genting tersebut.

Genting tumpang sekaki mengaut keuntungan saham awal FGV?

ဒါေတြကို ဗဟုိအစိုးရ မသိေလသလား?

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 02:59 AM PDT

SOURCE: ဒါေတြကို ဗဟုိအစိုးရ မသိေလသလား? By ေဌးလြင္ဦး

၂၀၁၂ ဇြန္လ အတြင္းမွာ ျဖစ္ခဲ့တဲ့ ရခိုင္ျပည္နယ္ထဲက ရိုဟင္ဂ်င္ မ်ိဳးျပဳတ္သုတ္သင္ေရး စီမံခ်က္ကို ျမန္မာအစိုးပိုင္းက အပိုင္ႀကံခဲ့တာပါ။- ကမၻာက ၀ိုင္းလိုက္လာေတာ့-၊ ဒီလို မဟုတ္ရပါ၊ မြတ္ဆလင္ လူငယ္တစ္ (သံုးေယာက္)က ရခိုင္ဗုဒၶဘာသာ အမ်ိဳးသမီးငယ္ တစ္ဦးကို လူမဆန္စြာ ပစၥည္းလု မုဒိန္း က်င့္သတ္ျဖတ္ခဲ့တာက လူထုေဒါသ အံုႂကြၿပီး ျဖစ္ရတာပါလို႔- ကမၻာကို အံတုေျပာဆိုေနပါတယ္။
ေတာင္ကုတ္ၿမိဳ႔က လူသတ္မႈဟာလည္း အဲ့ဒီက ဆက္ကူးလာတဲ့ ပေရာဂ ေလာင္စာမီး ျဖစ္တယ္လို႔ ဆိုျပန္ပါတယ္။–။ ၿပီးေတာ့ မြတ္ဆလင္ေတြကို မုဒိန္းေကာင္၊ ရာဇ၀တ္ေကာင္မ်ားလိုလို ဒီေန႔ထိ ေျပာ ဆိုေနပါေသးတယ္။—

အမွန္တရားကို ခ်စ္တဲ့ ျမန္မာျပည္သူမ်ား၊ သိကၡာသမာဓိကို ျမတ္ႏိုးတဲ့ ျမန္မာဗုဒၶဘာသာ ဘုန္းႀကီး မ်ား၊ ကမၻာသူ ကမၻာသားမ်ား သိေစဘို႔– ရမ္းၿဗဲၿမိဳ႔နယ္ သေျပေခ်ာင္းေက်းရြာမွ မသီတာေထြးရဲ႔ ျဖစ္ရပ္ မွန္ကို တင္ျပလိုက္ပါမယ္။ (ကၽြန္ေတာ္ဟာ ေက်ာက္နီေမာ္ေက်းရြာမွာ အကိုျဖစ္သူ ကိုသက္လြင္ဦးနဲ႔ အတူ- အလယ္တန္း အထက္တန္းကေလးမ်ားကို စာသင္ေပးခဲ့တဲ့ ေက်ာင္းဆရာ တစ္ဦး ျဖစ္လို႔ ရခိုင္ ကေလးထဲကေရာ မြတ္ဆလင္ကေလးထဲကပါ- ခ်စ္ခင္ေလးစားတဲ့ ဆရာတစ္ဦး အျဖစ္ အသိမွတ္ျပဳ တဲ့ တပည့္ေပါင္း မ်ားစြာ ရွိပါတယ္။- ဒီသတင္းကို ကိုယ္တိုင္ ေလ့လာၿပီး တင္ျပျခင္း ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။)

၂၈.၀၅.၂၀၁၂။ – ညေန ၅း၃၀ မွ ၇း၀၀ ၾကားမွာ သေျပေခ်ာင္းေက်းရြာသူေလး မသီတာေထြး ဟာ ေက်ာက္ထရံေက်းရြာထိပ္မွာ ရွိတဲ့ ပရဟိတဘုန္းႀကီးေက်ာင္းနဲ႔ မေက်းကုန္းေက်းရြာ ၾကားမွာပစၥည္း လုအသတ္ခံရ ပါတယ္။

၂၉.၀၅.၂၀၁၂ မနက္ခင္းေစ်းေရာင္းဘို႔ လာၾကတဲ့ ေစ်းသည္မ်ားက မသီတာေထြးရဲ႔ အေလာင္းကို ေတြရွိခဲ့တယ္။ အျခားရြာသား အဖိုးႀကီးတစ္ဦးက မိမိသည္ ေက်ာက္နီေမာ္ရြာမွ မိမိရြာကိုအျပန္ ေက်ာက္ထရံရြာနဲ႔ ပရဟိတဘုန္းႀကီးေက်ာင္းၾကား ေလာက္မွာ လူငယ္သံုးေယာက္ကို ေတြ႔ခဲ့ေၾကာင္း ရဲစခန္းအားသတင္းပို႔ ပါတယ္။


ပရဟိတဘုန္းႀကီးေက်ာင္းဟာ ေက်ာက္ထရံရြာနဲ႔ မေက်းကုန္းရြာၾကားမွာ ရွိၿပီး အဖိုးအိုမွ မြတ္ဆလင္ လူငယ္ ၃ ဦးအား ညေန ၃း၃၀ ခန္႔မွာ ေက်ာက္ထရံရြာနဲ႔ ပရဟိတဘုန္းႀကီးေက်ာင္းၾကားရွိ လယ္ ကြင္းျပင္မွာ ေတြ႔ျခင္း ျဖစ္လို႔ ေနရာက လြဲေနတဲ့ အျပင္၊ အဲ့ဒီ လူငယ္ ၃ ဦးဟာ ညေန ၄ နာရီေက်ာ္ မွာ ေက်ာက္ထရံရြာတြင္း ေနအိမ္သို႔ ျပန္ေရာက္ေနၿပီ ျဖစ္တယ္။ မသီတာေထြးက ညေန ၅း၃၀ နဲ႔ ၇း၀၀ အတြင္းေလာက္မွာ ပစၥည္းလု အသတ္ခံရတာ ျဖစ္တယ္။

ေက်းရြာဥကၠ႒ ဦးသိန္းထြန္းနဲ႔ စခန္းမႈး ဦးေသာင္းေထြးတို႔ အဖြဲ႔ေက်ာက္ထရံရြာကို ေရာက္လာၿပီး ဒီကေလးေတြကို ေမးျမန္းဘို႔ ရြာသူႀကီးေတြဆီမွာ အကူအညီေတာင္ခံတယ္။ ရြာသူႀကီးမ်ား အကူ အညီနဲ႔ ပထမ ကေလးႏွစ္ေယာက္ကို ေခၚၿပီး ဥကၠ႒ဦးသိန္းထြန္္းအိမ္မွာ စစ္ေဆးခဲ့တယ္။ အဲ့ဒီ အခ်ိန္မွာ အခ်ိန္- RNDP ေဒသေခါင္းေဆာင္ ညီပုနဲ႔ အဖြဲ႔ လူ ၁၀၀ ေလာက္က ဥကၠ႒ အိမ္ကို ေရာက္လာၿပီး လူငယ္ ႏွစ္ ဦးအား သူတို႔ လက္သို႔ အပ္ရန္ ေအာ္ဟစ္ေတာင္းဆိုခဲ့တယ္။ ဒါေပမယ့္ ဥကၠ႒မွ လူငယ္နွစ္ဦးအား အေသအခ်ာေမးျမန္းၿပီး၊ လူငယ္နွစ္ဦးမွာ ျပစ္မႈ က်ဴးလြန္ျခင္း အေထာက္ အထား မရွိေၾကာင္း၊ သူတို႔ႏွစ္ဦးမွာ အျပစ္ရွိတယ္လို႔ မယံၾကည္ေၾကာင္း ေျပာၿပီး လူငယ္ ႏွစ္ဦးကို ျပန္လႊတ္ေပးလိုက္တယ္။ ဒါကို မေက်နပ္လို႔ RNDP ေဒသေခါင္းေဆာင္ ညီပုတို႔က ဆူပူေသာင္းက်န္း လို႔ ၀ရုန္းသုန္းကား ျဖစ္ခဲ့ရတယ္။

ရဲစခန္းက ေနာက္ထပ္လူငယ္နွစ္ဦးကို ထပ္မံဖမ္ဆီးၿပီး စစ္ေဆးျပန္တယ္။ ေနာက္လူငယ္ ႏွစ္ဦးက ဗမာစကား အားနည္းမႈေၾကာင့္ မြတ္ဆလင္  လူလတ္ပိုင္းတဦးကို စကားျပန္ ေဆာင္ရြက္ေစခဲ့တယ္။ ထိုႏွစ္ဦးအား စစ္ေဆးရာ ထက္ထက္ (ေထာင္ထဲတြင္ ႏွတ္ပိတ္သတ္ခံလိုက္ရသူ) ႏွင့္ သူတို႔ ႏွစ္ဦး (ေပါင္းသံုးဦး) ဟာ- ေက်ာက္ထရံရြာနဲ႔ ပရဟိတ ဘုန္းႀကီးေက်ာင္း ၾကားရွိ လယ္ကြင္းမွာ ငွက္ေထာင္ ရန္ သြားခဲ့ေၾကာင္း ညေန ၄ နာရီေက်ာ္မွာ ရြာထဲမွာျပန္ေရာက္နၿပီ ျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း ထြက္ဆိုတယ္။ (၂၉၊ ၅၊ ၂၀၁၂ ေန႔မွာ ထက္ထက္ဟာ မိသားစု ကိစၥအမႈတစ္ခုနဲ႔ မိခင္နဲ႔အတူ ရမ္းၿဗဲၿမိဳ႔-ရံုးခ်ိန္းကို ဆိုင္ကယ္ နဲ႔ သြားခဲ့တယ္။)

စခန္းမႈးက လူငယ္နွစ္ဦးအား ေနာက္ထပ္ အနည္းငယ္စစ္ေဆးရန္ က်န္ေသးေၾကာင္း၊ စစ္ေဆးၿပီးရင္ ျပန္လႊတ္လိုက္မယ္ ဆိုၿပီး စကားျပန္ကို ျပန္ေစခဲ့ၿပီး လူငယ္ႏွစ္ဦးကို ေခၚထားလိုက္ပါတယ္။ စကားျပန္ ျပန္လာၿပီး မၾကာခင္မွာဘဲ- ရစခန္းက မြတ္ဆလင္ရြာထဲကို လာၿပီး- ေကာင္ေလးေတြက အျပစ္ရွိ တယ္လို႔ ၀န္ခံေၾကာင္း- သူတို႔ရဲ႔ ၀န္ခံမႈက (၁)သူတို႔ဟာ သီတာေထြးကို ဖမ္းဆီးခ်ဳပ္ေႏွာင္ၿပီး ေတာစပ္ထဲကို ေခၚသြားေၾကာင္း (၂) ၿပီးေတာ့ သူတို႔က အလွည့္က် မသီတာေထြးကို အဓမၼျပဳက်င့္ ေၾကာင္း- အဓမၼျပဳက်င့္ေနစဥ္ သူတို႔ကိုယ္တိုင္ပဲ MP4 နဲ႔ မွတ္တမ္းတင္ထားေၾကာင္း (ရဲေတြက MP4 နဲ႔ ရိုက္ကူး မွတ္တမ္းတင္ထားတကို ၾကည့္ၿပီးၿပီ ျဖစ္လို႔ တရားခံေတြဟာ ေသခ်ာေၾကာင္း)၊ ရြာသား ေတြကို ေျပာခဲ့တယ္။

၃။ မသီတာေထြးရဲ႔ လက္၀တ္လက္စားေတြကို ယူၿပီး သူမကိုဓါးနဲ႕ထိုးးသတ္ျပစ္ခဲ့ေၾကာင္း- ၄။ ထက္ထက္ ကရမ္းၿဗဲၿမိဳ႔မွာ ေရႊေတြသြားေရာင္းေနတယ္။ ျပန္လာရင္သူတို႔ တစ္ေယာက္စီကို တစ္ ေယာက္ ၃၀၀၀၀ က်ပ္စီ ေပးမယ္လို႔ ေျပာသြားေၾကာင္း-

၅။ သူတို႔ နွစ္ေယာက္ မလုပ္ဘူးလို႔ ျငင္းတာကို ထက္ထက္က မင္းတို႔မလုပ္ဘူးဆိုရင္မင္းတို႔ကို ငါအ ရင္ထိုးသတ္မယ္လို႔ ၿခိမ္းေျခာက္တာေၾကာင့္ ထက္ထက္ခိုင္းတဲ့ အတိုင္း သူတို႔ လုပ္ခဲ့ရေၾကာင္း– ထြက္ဆိုတယ္လို႔ ရဲေတြက ေျပာခဲ့တယ္။

ရဲေတြကိုယ္တိုင္က MP4 မွတ္တမ္းကို ၾကည့္ၿပီးပါၿပီ ဆိုေတာ့ ရြာသားေတြမွာလည္း ဘာမွ မေျပာႏိုင္ ခဲ့ပါ။

မၾကာခင္မွာဘဲ ထက္ထက္ကို တရားခံသက္ေသ ပစၥည္းမ်ား (ထိုးသတ္တဲ့ ဓါးနဲ႔ ပစၥည္းမ်ားကို) ရမ္းၿဗဲၿမိဳ႔မွာ လက္ပူးလက္က် မိၿပီ ဆိုတဲ့ သတင္းထြက္လာတယ္။ တစ္ၿပိဳင္နက္မွာ ေက်ာက္နီေမာ္ရဲ စခန္းေရွ႔မွာ RNDP ဦးေဆာင္တဲ့ လူအုပ္ႀကီး ေရာက္လာၿပီး ဖမ္းထားတဲ့ ေကာင္ေလးနွစ္ေယာက္ကို လူထုေရွ႔ေမွာက္မွာ တရားစီရင္မယ္ ခုခ်က္ခ်င္းထုတ္ေပး ဆိုၿပီး ေတာင္းဆိုေတာ့တယ္။ ထိန္းမႏိုင္ သိမ္းမရ ျဖစ္ေနလို႔ ေနာက္ဆံုးမွာ ရဲစခန္းက ေသနတ္ေဖာက္ၿပီးလူ စုခြဲလိုက္ရတယ္။

ေနာက္ေန႔မွာ ေကာင္ေလး ႏွစ္ေယာက္ကိုရမ္းၿဗဲကို ေခၚသြားတယ္။ ရမ္းၿဗဲရဲစခန္းကိုပါ  လူေတြ လာ၀ိုင္းေတာ့တယ္။ ေနာက္ဆံုးမွာ ေကာင္ေလး သံုးေယာက္လံုးကို ေက်ာက္ျဖဴကို ေခၚသြားခဲ့ၿပီး ေက်ာက္ျဖဴေထာင္ထဲမွာ ထည့္ထားခဲ့တယ္။
ဒီၾကားထဲမွာ အမ်ိဳးသားေရး၀ါဒီ သတင္းစာေတြ၊ ဂ်ာနယ္ေတြ စာေစာင္ေတြနဲ႔ မြတ္ဆလင္မုန္းတီး ေရးျဖန္႔ခ်ီေနတဲ့ Face Book ေတြမွာ တရားအျဖစ္ အဓမၼစြပ္စြဲခံရသူ ၃ ဦးရဲ႔ ဓါတ္ပံုမ်ားနဲ႔ သူတို႔က ၀န္ခံသလိုလို ဗလပြလိုက္ေအာင္ ေဖၚျပခဲ့ၿပီး- သက္ေသခံပစၥည္းျဖစ္တဲ့ ရဲက သိမ္းဆီးထားပါတယ္ ဆိုတဲ့ ဓါး၊ လက္၀တ္ပစၥည္းနဲ႔ MP မွတ္တမ္းမ်ားကို အခုအခ်ိန္ထိ ေဖၚျပႏုိင္ျခင္း မရွိခဲ့ပါ။

အဓမၼတရားခံအျဖစ္ ဓားစာခံသံုးေယာက္ကို ဆြဲထားဘို႔ အတြက္-၊ ေဒသဆိုင္ရာ RNDP ေခါင္းေဆာင္ ဦးပုရဲ႔ လက္ရံုး စံျပရပ္ကြက္ လူငယ္သာေရးနာေရး အဖြဲ႔ေခါင္းေဆာင္ ျမေသာင္းက ရဲ႔စခန္းကို သြားခဲ့ၿပီး စခန္းမႈး ေသာင္းေထြးကို လာ့ဘ္ထိုးစည္းရံုးၿပီး "စစ္ေဆးဘို႔ ေခၚထားတဲ့ ေကာင္ေလး ႏွစ္ဦးကို စာရြက္ အျဖဴေပၚမွာ အတင္းအဓမၼလက္မွတ္ ေရးထိုးေစခဲ့တယ္။

ၿပီးေတာ့ စခန္းမႈးေသာင္းေထြးနဲ႔ ျမေသာင္း အကြက္ခ်ၿပီး- တရားခံႏွစ္ဦးထံမွ ထြက္ဆိုခ်က္ဆိုတဲ့ ဇတ္လမ္းကို စိတ္ႀကိဳက္ေရးသားဖန္တီးခဲ့တယ္။ ဒီအတြက္ ကုန္က်စားရိတ္အားလံုးကို RNDP ညီပုက ေပးခဲ့တယ္။

ေက်ာက္ျဖဴမွာ စြပ္စြဲခံ တရားခံေလးမ်ားကို ပထမအႀကိမ္ ရံုးထုတ္ေတာ့- တရားရံုးမွာ အျဖစ္မွန္ကို ေကာင္ေလးေတြက ေျပာခဲ့ၿပီး- သူတို႔မွာ အျပစ္မရွိေၾကာင္း၊ တရားခံအျဖစ္ ၀န္မခံႏိုင္ေၾကာင္း ရံုးေတာ္ မွာ ေျပာခဲ့တယ္။ ဒုတိယ အႀကိမ္ စံုစမ္းစစ္ ေဆးေရးအဖြဲ႔ေရွ႔မွာ စစ္ေဆးျပန္ေတာ့လည္း ထက္ထက္ က ရဲရဲ၀ံ့၀ံ့ပင္- အျဖစ္မွန္အားလံုးကို လူႀကီးေတြေရွ႔မွာ ထပ္ဆင့္ေျပာျပျပန္တယ္။

တရားသူႀကီးနဲ႔ ရဲေတြက မေျပာပါနဲ႔လို႔ အႀကိမ္ႀကိမ္တားျမစ္ခဲ့တယ္၊ ဒီလိုတားျမစ္တဲ့ ၾကားထဲက- သူက အခ်ဳပ္ထဲမွာ အႀကိမ္ႀကိမ္ ရိုတ္ေထာင္းႏွိပ္စက္ၿပီး အတင္းအဓမၼ၀န္ခံခိုင္းေၾကာင္းကိုပဲ ထပ္ဆင့္ ေျပာခဲ့ပါတယ္။ အဲ့ဒီ ညမွာပဲ- ေထာင္ထဲမွာ ထက္ထက္တစ္ေယာက္ အသတ္ခံလိုက္ရပါေတာ့တယ္။ ရုပ္အေလာင္းကို ေက်ာက္ျဖဴၿမိဳ႔က အာမာရာပါရာ မြတ္ဆလင္သုတ္သန္မွာ အာဏာပိုင္မ်ားရဲ႔ ေစခိုင္း ခ်က္အရ မြတ္ဆလင္ ေလးဦးက သူ႔ရုပ္အေလာင္းကို သၿဂႌဳလ္ေပးခဲ့ရတယ္၊ အေလာင္းမွာ ျမင္မ ေကာင္း ေလာက္ေအာင္ ဒဏ္ရာေတြ ျပည့္ႏွက္ေနပါတယ္။

မသီတာေထြးရဲ႔ ရုပ္ကလပ္ကို ဆရာ၀န္ ဦးေအာင္စစ္ထြန္းက ေဆးစစ္ခ်က္ယူခဲ့တယ္၊  မသီတာေထြး ဟာ ဓားဒဏ္ရာသက္သက္နဲ႔ ေသဆံုးခဲ့တာ ျဖစ္ၿပီး-၊ အဓမၼျပဳက်င့္ခံရတဲ့ လကၡဏာ မရွိဘူးလို႔ ေဆးစစ္ခ်က္မွာ ဆိုထားတယ္။- ၿပီးေတာ့ ရုပ္အေလာင္းကို ျပန္ယူသြားၿပီး သၿဂႌဳလ္ေျမခ်ႏိုင္ၿပီလို႔ ေျပာ ခဲ့တယ္။

RNDP ညီပုနဲ႔ သူ႔လက္ရံုးမ်ားက ေဆးရံုးကို လူအုပ္နဲ႔ သိမ္းပိုက္လိုက္ၿပီး- ရုပ္အေလာင္းကို သၿဂႌဳလ္ ခြင့္မျပဳဘဲ- သံုးရက္တိတိ ျပထားၿပီး- အနယ္အနယ္အရပ္ရပ္ကို ဆက္သားလႊတ္ကာ ကုလားေတြ မုဒိန္းက်င့္လို႔ ေသဆံုးရတဲ့ ငါတို႔ ရခိုင္သမီးပ်ိဳေလးရဲ႔ အျဖစ္ကို လာၾကည့္ၾကလို႔ လူထုစည္းရံုးပါေတာ့ တယ္။ ၿပီးေတာ့ ေရာက္လာတဲ့ လူထုပရိတ္သပ္ကိုလည္း- ကုလားေတြကို ဒီနယ္ေျမက ေမာင္းထုတ္ ပစ္ရမယ္ဆိုၿပီး- မြတ္ဆလင္ ဆန္႔က်င္ေရး မိန္႔ခြန္းေတြကို ေဟာၾကားစည္းရံုးပါေတာ့တယ္။ ေနာက္ဆံုး ခရိုင္ရံုးမွ အမိန္႔ေပးေတာ့မွ- အေလာင္းကိုသင္ၿဂႌဳလ္ ခဲ့ပါေတာ့တယ္။

အေလာင္းကို မွတ္တမ္းတင္ဘို႔- ဓါတ္ပံုဆရာ ခိုင္ျမင့္ေအာင္ကို ရဲစခန္းက ေခၚယူခဲ့တယ္။ ဒီဓါတ္ပံုကို ခိုင္ျမင့္ေအာင္နဲ႔ ေမာင္ေမာင္ဦးတို႔ ႏွစ္ေယာက္က ဓါတ္ပံုပညာ၊ ကြန္ျပဴတာပညာနဲ႔ လူအျမင္ မေတာ္ ေအာင္ ဖန္တီးလိုက္ၿပီး- မြတ္ဆလင္ဆန္႔က်င္ေရး အတြက္ အသံုးခ်လိုက္ပါေတာ့တယ္။

ေပါက္ေတာၿမိဳ႔ဇာတိ NLD စည္းရံုးေရးမႈ။ ေအာင္ဇံေ၀ က ရမ္းၿဗဲၿမိဳ႔ အင္တာနက္ ဆိုင္မွ တစ္ဆင့္ ဒီဖန္တီးၿပီး ဓါတ္ပံုမ်ားကို ရခိုင္သတင္းဌာနမ်ားကို ေပးပို႔ခဲ့တယ္။ ျပည္ပသတင္းဌာနမ်ားနဲ႔လည္း အင္တာဗ်ဴးမ်ား ျပဳလုပ္ခဲ့တယ္။

ၿပီးေတာ့ ေအာင္ဇံေ၀ဟာ ေတာင္ကုတ္ၿမိဳ႔ကို တက္သြားၿပီး- ၀ံသာႏုရကၡိတ အသင္းနဲ႔ ပူးေပါင္းကာ မြတ္ဆလင္ ဆန္႔က်င္ေရးမ်ား စည္းရံုးလႈ႔ံေဆာ္ခဲ့တယ္။- ေက်ာက္နီေမာ္ရြာကို ျမန္မာျပည္မမွ လာတဲ့ ကုန္ပစၥည္းမ်ားက ေတာင္ကုတ္ၿမိဳ႔ကို ျဖတ္ၿပီး သယ္ယူရတဲ့ အတြက္- ေတာင္ကုတ္ၿမိဳ႔ကို ေရာက္ၿပီး ျဖစ္တဲ့ ေက်ာက္နီေမာ္ရြာက ကုန္သည္မ်ားရဲ႔ ပစၥည္းမ်ားကို ဆက္လက္သယ္ယူခြင့္ မျပဳခဲ့ဘူး။ ေတာင္ ကုတ္ၿမိဳ႔မွ- ေက်ာက္နီေမာ္ရြာအတြက္ ကုန္ပစၥည္း ကိုယ္စားလွယ္လုပ္ငန္း လုပ္ေဆာင္သူ ရခိုင္ဗုဒၶ ဘာသာ၀င္ ဦးလွေရႊ ကိုလည္း မြတ္ဆလင္တို႔ရဲ႔ ပစၥည္းမ်ားကို မပို႔ရဘူးလို႔ လူအုပ္နဲ႔ အတင္းၿခိမ္း ေျခာက္ခဲ့ေတာ့တယ္။ ေတာင္ကုတ္လူမႈဟာ NLD ေအာင္ဇံေ၀ရဲ႔ မီးစနဲ႔ စတင္ခဲ့ျခင္း ျဖစ္တယ္။ ဒီေန႔ထိ ေအာင္ဇံေ၀ကို တရားခံအျဖစ္ မေတြ႔ရေသးပါ။

ဒါဆို မသီတာေထြးကို ဘယ္သူ သတ္သလဲ–

ဆရာ၀န္ရဲ႔ စစ္ခ်က္မွာ မသီတာေထြးရဲ႔ ဓားဒဏ္ရာမ်ားဟာ ေသေစႏိုင္တဲ့ ေသခ်က္တည့္တည့္ကို ထိုးတာေၾကာင့္ အေတြ႔အႀကံဳရွိတဲ့သူက ထိုးတဲ့ ဓါးခ်က္ ျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း မွတ္ခ်က္ေပးခဲ့တယ္။ ရိုးသားၿပီး အမွန္ကို ႀကိဳက္တဲ့ ရခိုင္ဗုဒၶဘာသာမ်ား အပါအ၀င္ လူအမ်ားက တရားခံအစစ္လို႔ သံသယ ျဖစ္ေန သူက ရခိုင္ဗုဒၶဘာသာ ညီအစ္ကို ႏွစ္ဦး ျဖစ္တယ္။ သူတို႔ ညီအစ္ကို ႏွစ္ဦးဟာ မသီတာေထြး အမႈ မျဖစ္မွီ သံုးရက္အလိုမွ သူတို႔ရဲ႔ အေဖ ဦးေမာင္ေသာင္းစိန္ကို ဓားနဲ႔ခုတ္ၿပီး ထြက္ေျပးခဲ့တယ္။ ဒီႏွစ္ ေယာက္ထဲက အႀကီးလူက လူသတ္မႈနဲ႔ ေထာင္က်ခဲ့ဘူးသူ ျဖစ္တယ္။ သူတုိ႔မွာ ထြက္ေျပးဘို႔ စားရိတ္ မရွိလို႔ ေန၀င္ရီတေရာအခ်ိန္မွာ မိန္းမငယ္ တစ္ဦးတည္း လက္၀တ္လက္စားမ်ားနဲ႔ ေတြ႔ေတာ့- သူ႔ကို သတ္ၿပီး ပစၥည္းမ်ား ယူသြားတာ ျဖစ္တယ္လို႔–၊ လူအမ်ားက မွတ္ခ်က္ခ်ေနၾကတယ္။ ဒါေပမယ့္ ရဲစခန္းက အခုအခ်ိန္ထိ တရားခံအစစ္ကို မဖမ္းႏိုင္ေသးဘဲ–။ အတင္းအဓမၼစြပ္စြဲတဲ့ တရားခံကိုသာ အမႈနဲ႔ ဘာမွ မဆိုင္ဘဲ- တစ္ဦးကို ႏွတ္ပိတ္ရိုတ္သတ္၊ ႏွစ္ဦးကို ေသဒဏ္ေပးလိုက္ပါေတာ့တယ္။

ဒါေတြကို ဗဟုိအစိုးရက တစ္ကယ္မသိတာလား။ မသိဟန္ေဆာင္ေနတာလား။ RNDP ညီပုရဲ႔ လူမ်ိဳး ေရး မုန္းတီးမႈ လႈံ႔ေဆာ္ခ်က္မ်ားကို အားေပးေထာက္ခံေနတာလား၊ စခန္းမႈက လာ့ဘ္စားၿပီး မြတ္ဆ လင္မ်ားကို ရာဇ၀င္ လူဆိုးမ်ား အျဖစ္ သတ္မွတ္လိုက္တာကို ပီတိျဖစ္ေနတာလား၊ NLD ေအာင္ဇံေ၀ ကို- အစိုးရနဲ႔ NLD မ်က္ႏွာပ်က္မွာ စိုးလု႔ိ လႊတ္ေပးထားတာလား၊ သို႔မဟုတ္ —– မြတ္ဆလင္ မ်ိဳး ျပဳတ္ သုတ္သင္ေရး အတြက္ "လုပ္ႀကံဖန္တီးမႈမ်ားမွာ" ညီၫြတ္ေနတာလား–။ ဆိုတာ အမွန္ကို ခ်စ္ခင္သူမ်ား ဆင္ျခင္ႏိုင္ပါေစ။

RNDP ညီပုနဲ႔ NLD ေအာင္ဇံေ၀ တို႔၏ ေဆာင္ရြက္ခ်က္မ်ားကို ဆက္လက္ ေဖၚျပပါမည္။

There was a speech against the Myanmar Constitution at the Theravada network opening ceremony

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 02:40 AM PDT

There was a speech against the Myanmar Constitution at the Theravada network opening ceremony

28 August  2012, Myanmar Muslim Media (MMM) News – Myint Myat Thu

Eleven Media reported on 6th August 2012 that at the Theravada network opening ceremony, there was a speech against the Myanmar Constitution as stated below:

"One Patron Abbot said that the Buddhism was recognized as the National Religion in 1962, so it is now already 52 years and we now started this Theravada network to promote the propagation and stability of Buddhism."

Union of Myanmar had never recognized the Buddhism as the National religion. Instead, just accepted or recognized that the majority citizens are worshiping the Buddhism.

Previous Government of U Nu's trying to establish Buddhism as National Religion resulted in the Ethnic Minorities' historical armed rebellions in Burma/Myanmar.

"During the present Democracy Transformation period, the religious extremists are trying to use the Nationalism forcing the government to confuse the religion with politics…

The (extremist) monk U Wirathu is also leading the incitation to get misunderstandings with the other religions in Mandalay…

Presently he is preparing to lead the demonstrations, disguising as if he is supporting the President, but actually instigating to discriminate according to race and religion.

During the previous religious riots, government practiced the lackasidal attitude at first because they thought the demonstrators were just supporting the government and riots spread out of control later.

Now, who is responsible for the security in the coming protest demonstrations in Mandalay?

U Wairathu is attacking the Christians and Muslims in his Face Book postings. And because there is also an ongoing Anti-Chinese propaganda spreading in Mandalay, people are worried" one Mandalayan told

Susulan Sumbang Mahram, Mohd Nor Timbang Fail Saman

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 03:49 AM PDT

Suspek kes sumbang mahram kaji fail saman

KUALA LUMPUR: Suspek utama yang dikaitkan dengan isu 'sumbang mahram' yang sedang hangat diperkatakan sekarang, Mohd Nor Jaafar (gambar) akan memfailkan tindakan saman terhadap mana-mana media arus perdana dan blog, lapor

Ini ekoran pihak berkenaan sewenangnya mengekploitasikan isu kononnya beliau telah didapati bersalah atas tuduhan melakukan perbuatan itu terhadap anaknya sendiri hingga melahirkan anak beberapa hari yang lalu.

"Malah ada blog-blog yang sewenangnya mengeluarkan gambar saya dengan dakwaan seolah-olah saya telah didapati bersalah oleh pihak mahkamah.

"Saya hanyalah suspek yang telah dipanggil untuk membantu siasatan pihak polis.

Tetapi mereka melayan saya seolah-olah keputusan mahkamah telah dibuat atas kes ini dan saya didapati bersalah. Maruah dan imej saya sebagai pemimpin politik kini tercalar gara-gara penyiaran gambar saya serta ahli keluarga yang dilakukan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu sekarang ini.

Peguam saya telah melakukan siasatan dan akan mengambil tindakan terhadap mana-mana blog yang didapati cuba menghukum saya dan mendahului mahkamah. Ini tidak adil dan satu hukuman yang jelas untuk menghancurkan masa depan saya," kata beliau kepada pahangdaily (PDO) sebentar tadi.

Menurut blogger itu, tinjauan pihaknya terhadap kebanyakan blog-blog pro UMNO mengaitkan kes itu dengan pembangkang terutamanya Pakatan Rakyat (PR), kononnya moral beliau (Mohd Nor) rosak gara-gara terikut-ikut dengan pemimpin yang rosak moral seperti Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Malah, ulasnya lagi laporan yang dibuat oleh media arus perdana juga dilihat sengaja mahu menjatuhkan hukuman terhadap Pakatan Rakyat sedangkan, Mohd Nor sudah lama meninggalkan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) bersama Datuk Zaid Ibrahim dan kini memimpin parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (KITA) peringkat negeri Pahang.

"Tuduhan-tuduhan ini seolah-olah menggambarkan satu usaha terdesak media menyerang pembangkang menjelang PRU-13 ini sebenarnya," tulis blogger itu lagi. -HD

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Can Artificial Vocal Cords Be Restored Again?

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 01:41 AM PDT

BBC ONLINE: 20 August 2012
Last updated at 22:44 GMT

Will artificial vocal cords restore singing voices?

Julie Andrews lost her singing voice after an operation

When vocal cords are damaged the impact can last a lifetime. It is not like a replacing a violin or restringing a guitar.

It is why researchers are getting excited by the prospect of "artificial vocal cords

Marcus Cicero

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 01:30 AM PDT

Marcus Tullius Cicero, January 3, 106 BC – December 7, 43 BC; sometimes anglicized as Tully[1]) was a Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, orator, political theorist, consul and constitutionalist. He came from a wealthy municipal family of the equestrian order, and is widely considered one of Rome's greatest orators and prose stylists.

He introduced the Romans to the chief schools of Greek philosophy and created a Latin philosophical vocabulary (with neologisms such as humanitas, qualitas, quantitas, and essentia) distinguishing himself as a linguist, translator, and philosopher.

Petrarch's rediscovery of Cicero's letters is often credited for initiating the 14th-century Renaissance. According to Polish historian Tadeusz Zieliński, "Renaissance was above all things a revival of Cicero, and only after him and through him of the rest of Classical antiquity." The peak of Cicero's authority and prestige came during the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, and his impact on leading Enlightenment thinkers such as John Locke, David Hume, and Montesquieu was substantial. His works rank among the most influential in European culture, and today still constitute one of the most important bodies of primary material for the writing and revision of Roman history, especially the last days of the Roman Republic.

Though he was an accomplished orator and successful lawyer, Cicero believed his political career was his most important achievement. It was during his consulship that the Catiline conspiracy attempted the government overthrow through an attack on the city from outside forces, and Cicero suppressed the revolt by executing five conspirators without due process.

During the chaotic latter half of the 1st century BC marked by civil wars and the dictatorship of Gaius Julius Caesar, Cicero championed a return to the traditional republican government. Following Julius Caesar's death Cicero became an enemy of Mark Antony in the ensuing power struggle, attacking him in a series of speeches. He was proscribed as an enemy of the state by the Second Triumvirate and subsequently murdered in 43 BC.


Here's something on

Old Cicero's philosophy which Angela sent to me...I am posting it for its tongue-in-cheek humor with no intention to offend anyone!

Rome's (of the Roman Empire) Cicero's (106 – 43 BC) philosophy is still valid even today, for any country of our globe:

The poor: work and work;
The rich: exploit the poor;
The soldier: protects both;
The taxpayer: pays for all three;
The wanderer: rests for all four;
The drunk: drinks for all five;
The banker: robs all six;
The lawyer: misleads all seven;
The doctor: kills all eight;
The undertaker: buries all nine;

The Politician: lives happily on the account of all ten.

-Author Unknown-

Requesting all the Muslims in Myanmar

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 12:54 AM PDT

Requesting all the Muslims in Myanmar

There are a lot of misunderstandings, hate speeches by hate mongers in Myanmar who are trying to stir up the Anti-Muslim sentiment disguised as a Nationalist spirit to protect the race and religion. They are pretending that they are supporting the present government and even trying to confuse the government and public by using Anti-Muslim activities to mix up religion and politics. Actually, Muslims are just made as sacrificial lambs and Islamophobia is just as used as the sugar coated disguises to camouflage or smoke shield their ultimate aim to sabotage and overthrow the present government.

It is time for all the Muslims in Myanmar to show our heartfelt support to our beloved President U Thein Sein led Myanmar Government, Myanmar Tatmadaw and especially our President U Thein Sein's latest policy revealed during the interview on VOA.

We need to advertize or made known our full support on our President, government and Tatmadaw by wearing T-Shirts printed with our Myanmar National Flags and President's picture with our supporting words on them.

We should add some requests like:

  1. To easily give or issue National Registration Cards for ALL Muslims in Myanmar.
  2. To stop Hate speeches and Hate Mongers trying to stir up emotions against Muslims.
  3. We need to add our wish at the end "For Peace, stability and progress for the whole Myanmar."

Muslims in Myanmar should put up the signposts, vinyl sheets, in front of Mosques, houses, Road side sign boards etc. in addition to paid advertisements in Journals, newspapers.

[AGENDA TERDESAK] RM30 Upah Penjawat Awam Untuk Hadir Sambutan Merdeka

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 01:33 AM PDT

Kuala Lumpur: Kerajaan Umno BN didedah mengerahkan kakitangan awam dan badan berkanun hadir ke sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan bagi menjayakan Himpunan Janji Ditepati yang bakal berlangsung di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil pada 31 Ogos ini.

Surat arahan yang sama juga diedarkan kepada kakitangan Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL).

Menurut sumber daripada Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), surat pengerahan kakitangan mula dihantar melalui Unit Sumber Manusia dengan mewajibkan setiap jabatan menghantar wakil.

"Berdasarkan surat tersebut, KTMB diwajibkan menghantar 100 penyertaan dan setiap jabatan wajib hantar wakil.

"Mengikut surat itu, mereka akan diberikan RM30 dan sehelai t-shirt, tetapi tidak diketahui bila duit itu akan diberikan," katanya kepada Keadilan Daily.

Bagaimanapun kata beliau, sebagai balasan, mereka yang hadir akan diberikan cuti ganti sehari.

"Kalau ikutkan surat tersebut, pihak penganjur mahu capai 'target' lebih 100,000 hadir program itu,"

Pengerusi KTMB, Datuk Seri Ir Mohd Zain Mohamed merupakan Koordinator BN Selangor yang juga Ahli Parlimen Sepang.

Ramadan lalu, kakitangan KTMB dijadikan alat kempen kerajaan semasa program penyampaian kurma di beberapa stesen terpilih dengan memakai baju korporat BN.

Pada April pula, 30 bendera BN dipasang di Stesen Komuter Batu Tiga dan 10 lagi di Stesen Komuter Shah Alam.

Baru-baru ini, iklan kempen 'Sayangi Selangor' yang menampilkan gambar Datuk Seri Najib Razak mula ditampal di tangga, tiang dan gerabak komuter, terutama di laluan menghala ke Pelabuhan Klang.

Gambar Perdana Menteri itu diiringi slogan 'Kami mendengar dan memahami keperluan anda tentang pendidikan' dan 'Kami mendengar masalah anda tentang kos sara hidup. -KD

Ulasan GB

Jangan terperanjat nanti, tajuk besar akhbar-akhbar arus perdana menyatakan "200,000 Hadir Sambut Merdeka!"

UMNO BN sudah menampakkan ianya dalam keadaan cukup terdesak dan kelemasan kini.

Lagi banyak di tabur, lagi banyak ia bakal kehilangan undi. Kerana hukum kebenaran dan keadilan akan mengambil tempatnya - yang rasuah itu tiada sebarang kekuatan melainkan membawa kemusnahan dan kehancuran!

ေထရ၀ါဒဓမၼကြန္ယက္ဖြင့္ပြဲတြင္ အေျခခံဥပေဒအား ဆန္႕က်င္ေဟာေျပာ

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 12:12 AM PDT

ေထရ၀ါဒဓမၼကြန္ယက္ဖြင့္ပြဲတြင္ အေျခခံဥပေဒအား ဆန္႕က်င္ေဟာေျပာ

 ၾသဂုတ္လ၊ ၂၈ ရက္၊ ၂၀၁၂ ျမန္မာမြတ္စလင္မ္ မီဒီယာ (M.M.M) သတင္း – ျမင့္ျမတ္သူ

ေထရ၀ါဒ ဓမၼကြန္ယက္  စတင္ဖြဲ႕စည္းေသာမိန္႔ခြန္းတြင္ အေျခခံဥပေဒပါ ႏိုင္ငံေတာ္ ဘာသာသတ္မွတ္ျခင္း ဆိုင္ရာ အခန္းအား ဆန္႕က်င္ ေဟာေျပာမႈ တစ္ရပ္အား ထည့္သြင္း ေဟာၾကားသြားခဲ့ေၾကာင္း Eleven Media ၏ ၾသဂုတ္လ ၆ ရက္ သတင္းတစ္ပုဒ္  တြင္ ယခုကဲ့သို ပါရွိခဲ့ပါသည္။

"ဗုဒၶဘာသာကို ႏုိင္ငံေတာ္ဘာသာအျဖစ္ ႏိုင္ငံေတာ္က တရား၀င္ သတ္မႇတ္ခဲ့တာ ၁၉၆၂ ခုႏႇစ္ကဆိုေတာ့ ဒီႏႇစ္မႇာ ၅၂ ႏႇစ္ရႇိပါၿပီ။ ဗုဒၶဘာသာ ေရရႇည္တည္တံ့ ျပန္႔ပြားေရးအတြက္ ေထရ၀ါဒဓမၼကြန္ရက္ စတင္ဖြဲ႔စည္းခဲ့တာပါ"ဟု နာယက ဆရာ ေတာ္တစ္ဦးက ေျပာၾကားခဲ့ပါသည္

ျပည္ေထာင္စုျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံသည္ မည္သည့္ ဘာသာကိုမွ ႏိုင္ငံေတာ္ ဘာသာ အျဖစ္သီးသန္႔ သတ္မွတ္ထားျခင္းမရွိ ပါ။ ႏုိင္ငံသားအမ်ားစု ကိုးကြယ္ေသာ ဘာသာသည္ ဗုဒၶဘာသာအျဖစ္ အသိအမွတ္ျပဳထားျခင္းသာရွိပါသည္။

ယခင္ဦးႏု အစိုးရေခတ္တြင္ ဗုဒၶဘာသာအား ႏုိင္ငံေတာ္ ဘာသာအျဖစ္သတ္မွတ္ရန္ၾကိဳးပမ္းမႈ၏ အက်ိဳးဆက္အျဖစ္ တုိင္းရင္းသားမ်ား လက္နက္ကိုင္ ေတာခိုခဲ့ေသာ သမိုင္းမ်ားရွိခဲ့့ပါသည္။

" အခုဒီမိုကေရစီ အသြင္ေျပာင္းကာလ မွာလဲ ဘာသာေရး အစြန္းေရာက္ သမားေတြက   အမ်ိဳးသားေရး ….အေၾကာင္းျပျပီး 

အဲဒီလို အဖြဲ႕ ေတြဖဲြ႕ျပီး အစိုးရ ကို ဘာသာေရးႏွင့္ ႏိုင္ငံေရး ေရာေထြးေစဖို႔  ၾကိဳးပမ္းေနတယ္ … မႏၱေလးမွာလဲ ဒီလိုပဲ ဘုန္းၾကီး ၀ီရသူက ေခါင္းေဆာင္ျပီး တျခားဘာသာ၀င္ ေတြကို အထင္အျမင္ မွားေအာင္ လံႈေဆာ္ေနတာေတြ အမ်ားၾကီးရွိတယ္ …. အခုလဲ ႏိုင္ငံေတာ္ သမၼတၾကီးကို ေထာက္ခံတယ္လို႔ ဗန္းျပျပီး လူမ်ိဳးေရး ဘာသာေရး ေသြးခဲြ လႈံေဆာ္တာ ေတြလုပ္ဖို႔ ဆႏၵျပမယ္လုိ႔ ၾကားရတယ္ … အရင္ဘာသာေရး ပဋိပကၡ ေတြျဖစ္တံုးကလဲ ဒီလိုပဲ အစိုးရ က သူ႔ကိုေထာက္ခံတယ္ဆိုျပီးေရာ ဆုိျပီး လႊတ္ေပးေတာ့ ေနာက္ပို္င္းထိမး္မရျဖစ္တာ ..အခုလဲ မႏၱေလး မွာ ဆႏၵျပမဲ့ကိစၥ လံုျခံဳေရး က ဘယ္သူတာ၀န္ယူမွာလဲ တိတိပပ မရွိေသးဘူး ေဖ့စ္ဘြတ္မွာက ဘုန္းၾကီး ၀ိရသူက
ခရစ္ယာန္ဘာသာကို ထိပါးေရးလိုက္ ..
အစၥလာမ္ကို ထိပါးေရးလုိက္နဲ႕ … ေနာက္ျပီး
တရုတ္မုန္းတီးေရး ၀ါဒျဖန္႕တာေတြကလဲ ရွိေနေတာ့
ဒီကလူေတြ စိုးရိမ္ေနရတယ္" ဟု မႏၱေလး ျမိဳ႕ခံတစ္ဦးက  ကိုေျပာၾကားခဲ့ေၾကာင္း သတင္းရရွိပါသည္။

‘The Dalai Lama expressed concern over violence in Burma to Suu Kyi’

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 10:31 PM PDT

'The Dalai Lama expressed concern over violence in Burma to Suu Kyi'

DHARAMSHALA, August 23: Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written a letter to Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, expressing his concerns over the outbreak of communal violence in Burma.

In the letter, the Dalai Lama said that he was "deeply saddened" and remains "very concerned" with the violence inflicted on the Rohingya Muslims.

The two Nobel laureates had recently met in London, England on July 19, for the first time.

The Tibetan spiritual leader also directed his representative in the Indian capital, Tempa Tsering, to meet the Ambassador of Myanmar. The Embassy, however, is yet to schedule the meeting.

Details of the letter were made public by Kalon Tripa Dr Lobsang Sangay during his meeting with Syed Yahya Bukhari, President, Jama Masjid United Forum on Wednesday at the latter's residence on the auspicious occasion of Eid.

Two mainstream Urdu print media, the Daily Sahafat and The Inquilab, were also present at the hour-long discussions during which Dr Sangay expressed his heartfelt Eid greetings to Bukhari and the Muslim community.

The elected Tibetan leader also sought to clear misunderstandings within certain sections of the Muslim community on Tibetans by presenting a copy of the 2010 Kyegudo earthquake photo which has been "mistakenly or deliberately" used by some websites to create negative perceptions.

The picture was actually of Tibetan monks performing a mass funeral for the earthquake victims in Tibet.

According to a report carried by the Central Tibetan Administration, the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi conveyed a message of peace and urged the "hundreds and thousands of Muslims gathered not to be swayed by photographs of dubious sources and urged them to remain calm."

"Mr Bukhari shared that His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited the Jama Masjid in 2010 and that the Imam personally received Him and that he had a lot of respect for His Holiness," CTA said.

Last week, the Kashag directed Tibetan Settlement Officers to meet prominent Muslim leaders including religious leaders and members of state assembly to apprise them with the real information.

Speaking to reporters recently, the Dalai Lama condemned the ethnic violence in Assam and urged everyone to practice religious harmony and non-violence.

"It is very sad. Almost my whole life has been dedicated to promotion of harmony. India, overall, thousand years, you have culture of 'Ahimsa' (non-violence) and also, culture of harmony among different religious believers," the Tibetan spiritual leader was quoted as saying by ANI. "So, every Indian, irrespective of what religious follower and even non- believers, I think we should realise the thousand year old India's traditional Ahimsa and traditional religious harmony, this must be retained."

The real culprits behind the violence in Rakhine state

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 10:08 PM PDT

Source: Thai Newspaper, The Nation: The real culprits behind the violence in Rakhine state  ByMaung Zarni,Special to The Nation August 29, 2012 1:00 am

It's great that US Ambassador to Myanmar, Derek Mitchell, has finally spoken out on the ethno-religious riots between Rohingyas and Buddhist people in the Rakhine state.

He points out racism in Myanmar society at large, something some of us have been saying for so long.

But the problem with shifting the new focus onto popular racism is that it lets the real culprits – the generals and their troops – off the hook.

The Myanmar regime has a direct and immediate hand in the recent communal riots between the Rakhines and the Rohingya – who it only refers to as "Bengali Muslims" – by sending the message that these people do not belong in Myanmar, even though they were born on Rakhine soil and have been in the country for generations.

For the record, I place the ultimate responsibility for the outbreak of ethno-racial violence squarely on the Thein Sein government. Successive military regimes since Ne Win's reign (1962-1988) have used the tactic of ethnic and religious divide and rule. Precedents and contemporary cases abound. In 1967, Ne Win reportedly diverted attention from the failings of his socialist economy – which resulted in rice shortages across the country – by blaming "greedy Chinese merchants". That sparked anti-Chinese riots. When the mob in Yangon stormed the Chinese Consulate, the generally trigger-happy Burmese troops (when it comes to "restoring law and order") simply stood by and watched the mob kill the deputy chief of mission on the Chinese Consulate's premises. The regime is pursuing a scorched-earth military operation against the Kachins in the north while offering ceasefire deals to the other armed ethnic resistance groups.

This is the regime that has specialised in "law and order" for the past 50 years, since 1962. It deliberately let all hell break loose in western Myanmar because it suited the regime in multiple ways for the Rakhine and the Rohingyas to slaughter one another.

Burmese generals have never liked the Rakhines people, especially those who are ethno-nationalistic and want to push for genuine political autonomy for the Rakhine state.

Troops and all other security units stationed in western Myanmar, on the other hand, have turned all kinds of severe restrictions – in place for at least 30-40 years – into the basis for extorting and abusing the Rohingyas. For instance, the Rohingyas' physical movements and their ability to marry and have children were restricted, requiring permission from the authorities and security units. In effect, the Rohingyas were turned into cash cows by the local security units in western Myanmar.

For their part, the Rakhine people felt angry that the government security troops and authorities were benefitting economically from the Rohingya. (The Rohingya population in general are very poor, while there are a handful of wealthy Rohingya business families. Many Rohingyas who work abroad, however, remit money back to their families in western Myanmar.) Also, forced labour among the Rohingya population is disproportionately higher than in any other ethnic community including those in Myanmar's active war zones in the eastern and northern regions of the country. So, the authorities extract both cash and labour from the captive Rohingya population.

But the Rakhine people felt powerless in the face of the overwhelming might of the security forces on their soil, despite their perception of the regime's favouritism to the Rohingyas, whom the Rakhine have come to consider as "animals" on their soil.

So, naturally, the Rakhine people grew more hateful of the Rohingyas and the state security apparatus, and finally took it out on the weaker of the two – the Rohingyas.

When violence broke out, not only did the security forces not intervene to keep order and nip the initial violence in the bud, but troops – some Burmese and some Rakhine themselves – in places like Maungdaw decided to turn against their cash cows and forced labourers – the Rohingyas.

This time it wasn't the greed of the troops, who had long milked the Rohingyas for their money and extracted labour that led them to directly participate in the slaughter of the Rohingyas. Rather it was the Burmese and Rakhine people's general dislike of Muslims that finally compelled the troops in Maungdaw to machine-gun the Rohingyas in large numbers.

Evidence of the attacks keeps surfacing from various independent eyewitnesses. According to one local researcher in the country – whose account of the Rohingya slaughter at the hands of the Burmese and Rakhine security forces was published in Al Jazeera English ("Mass graves for Myanmar's Rohingya, August 9) – the troops that he interviewed openly talked about "how much they hate Muslims" and described coldly the manner in which they machine-gunned down the Rohingya.

This directly corresponds with the policies of Nay Pyi Daw. This is not simply troops in local areas shooting without orders from above and getting away with mass murder. In fact, the widespread view within the military is: "the bottom line is, we do not want more Muslims in our country". So there is not simply popular racism but vertical and official hatred of Muslims in general and the Rohingya Muslims in western Myanmar in particular.

To deny this is to add insult to injury. The focus of the current riot inquiry by the presidential commission and the international media coverage needs to focus on this direct connection between popular racism and the regime's racist and violent policies and practices of the last 40 years since Operation Snake King (or Nagamin) killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Rohingyas and drove hundreds of thousands more out of western Myanmar into Bangladesh in the 1970s, under the Ne Win-Sein Lwin regime. Ne Win was the godfather, and Sein Lwin was the butcher.

Muang Zarni is a visiting fellow at the Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit, the London School of Economics. A veteran founder of the Free Burma Coalition, Zarni advocated "principled and strategic engagement" with the regime as early as 2003. @

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