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Just Look Me in the Eye Already

Just Look Me in the Eye Already

Just Look Me in the Eye Already

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 09:37 AM PDT

You're having a conversation with someone and suddenly his eyes drop to his smartphone or drift over your shoulder toward someone else.

It feels like this is happening more than ever—in meetings, at the dinner table, even at intimate cocktail parties—and there are signs that the decline of eye contact is a growing problem.

Adults make eye contact between 30% and 60% of the time in an average conversation, says the communications-analytics company Quantified Impressions. But the Austin, Texas, company says people should be making eye contact 60% to 70% of the time to create a sense of emotional connection, according to its analysis of 3,000 people speaking to individuals and groups.

One barrier to contact is the use of mobile devices for multitasking. Among twentysomethings, "it's almost become culturally acceptable to answer that phone at dinner, or to glance down at the baseball scores," says Noah Zandan, president of Quantified Impressions. (A common feint, texting while maintaining eye contact, not only is difficult but also comes off as phony.)

Some psychologists point to FOMO, or "fear of missing out" on social opportunities, says a study published earlier this year in Computers in Human Behavior. Young adults who are dissatisfied with their lives or relationships feel compelled to check mobile gadgets repeatedly to see what social opportunities they are missing—even when they don't enjoy it, the study says.

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Participate in International Museum Day Celebration at Kuching, Sarawak

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 09:15 AM PDT

Sitting together with Dr Hans from Germany. He is the President of ICOM (International Council of Museums) 

With Haryany, Curator of Penang State Museum. 

Close encounter with the CM of Sarawak. He officiated and visited the booth for International Museum Day.

Anwar Akan Buktikan Wan Muhammad Azri Itu "Papagomo"

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 09:59 AM PDT

Anwar beri keterangan saman 'Papa Gomo' 27 Jan

Mahkamah Tinggi menetapkan 27 Jan tahun depan untuk mendengar keterangan Penasihat PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berhubung kes saman beliau terhadap penulis blog 'Papa Gomo' kerana didakwa menyiarkan perkataan fitnah dan mengaitkan beliau dengan seorang lelaki dalam video seks.

Hakim Rosilah Yop turut menetapkan 28 Jan untuk mendengar kes saman itu. Beliau menetapkan tarikh itu hari ini ketika kes berkenaan dikemukakan untuk pengurusan kes.

Peguam Mohd Afiq Mohd Noor yang mewakili Anwar memberitahu pemberita anak guamnya (plaintif) akan memanggil empat saksi manakala Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris (defendan) dijangka memanggil dua saksi.

Pada 21 Mac lepas, Anwar memfailkan saman fitnah RM100 juta dengan mendakwa Wan Muhammad Azri, pemilik laman blog menyiarkan empat siri perkataan fitnah dalam laman web itu pada 16, 17, 19 dan 20 Mac lepas.

Dalam pernyataan tuntutannya Anwar mendakwa defendan turut meletakkan satu pautan web yang memaparkan siri imej dan defendan telah secara nyata dan/atau tersirat menyatakan bahawa individu dalam imej itu ialah plaintif.

Anwar menuntut ganti rugi am, teruk, teladan, faedah, kos, lain-lain relif yang difikirkan wajar dan satu injunksi bagi menghalang defendan daripada terus menerbitkan perkataan fitnah dan imej itu.

Wan Muhammad Azri dalam pernyataan pembelaannya yang difailkan pada 20 Mei menafikan bahawa beliau pemilik blog 'Papa Gomo'.

Beliau menegaskan alamat kediaman yang dinyatakan menerusi saman Anwar itu bukan miliknya dan beliau tidak mengenali plaintif secara peribadi.

Anwar dalam jawapannya kepada pernyataan pembelaan Wan Muhammad Azri itu berkata beliau boleh membuktikan bahawa defendan adalah pemilik blog 'Papa Gomo'.

Beliau mendakwa defendan turut melakukan serangan peribadi terhadap parti pembangkang dan pemimpinnya tanpa membuat sebarang justifikasi. - Bernama

Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children By Raymond Ibrahim on June 3, 2013

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 06:30 AM PDT

Attacks on Christian children, both boys and girls, are on the rise in Egypt. Last week, a six-year-old Coptic Christian boy named Cyril Yusuf Sa'ad was abducted and held for ransom.  After his family paid off the Muslim kidnapper, Ahmed Abdel Moneim Abdel-Salam, he still killed the child and threw his body in the sewer of his house.  In the words of the Arabic report, the boy's "family is in tatters after paying 30,000 pounds to the abductor, who still killed the innocent child and threw his body into the toilet of his home, where the body, swollen and moldy, was exhumed."

Weeks earlier, ten-year-old Sameh George, an altar boy at the Coptic church of St. Abdul Masih (Servant of Christ) in Minya, Egypt, was kidnapped by "unknown persons" while on his way to church to participate in Holy Pascha prayers leading up to Orthodox Easter. His parents and family reported that it was his custom to go to church and worship in the evening, but when he didn't return, and they began to panic, they received an anonymous phone call from the kidnappers, saying that they had the Christian boy in their possession and would execute him unless they received 250,000 Egyptian pounds in ransom money.

And about a month before this latter incident, yet another Coptic boy, twelve-year-old Abanoub Ashraf, was also kidnapped right in front of his church, St. Paul in Shubra al-Khayma district. His abductors, four men, put a knife to his throat, dragged him to their car, opened fire on the church, and then sped away. Later they called the boy's family demanding an exorbitant amount of money to ransom the boy's life.

While the immediate motive behind these kidnappings is money, another purpose appears to be to frighten Christian families from sending their children to church. Otherwise, why were both boys kidnapped right in front of their respective churches? (Considering that some Egyptian Islamic clerics deem church attendance as worse than attending bars and brothels, the kidnappers likely deem this the "altruistic" side of their greed and hate.) Continue here to the full article......

Rapidly Re-Islamicizing Turkey Rewrites History

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 06:01 AM PDT


There's an old saying about history: It's written by the winners. Judging from the posturing and remarks of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, he must either believe they have already won, or are so close as to confidently begin rewriting history even before the United States and Europe formally surrender. Here is the article to which I am referring:

Istanbul, May 30, 2013
The prime minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called the time of Christian emperors in Byzantium "a dark chapter" in history. In Erdogan's view, in the fifteenth century, after invasion of Constantinople by Muslims, began "the time of enlightenment," reports The speech of the conservative Turkish prime minister was made during the laying of the foundation of the new road bridge over the Bosphorus in Istanbul that took place on May 29–the anniversary of Ottoman invasion of the Byzantine empire 1453. "We are continuing to write the history today," said Erdogan during the ceremony. The Turkish authorities have celebrated the anniversary of the victory over Byzantium by a series of festivities.
President Obama would likely be the last to disagree with Erdogan's declaration (they are great friends and allies, you know), but hardly any of the Western leaders seem to exhibit even the slightest curiosity about the Byzantine Roman Empire, let alone any historical awareness of this vibrant Christian empire which endured for over a thousand years. Nor do they seem inclined to look at Islam in terms of its historical continuity being extended into our own day.

If they did, they might be surprised to learn of the steady march of Christian martyrs under the Ottoman Muslim domination, including numerous Orthodox Christian patriarchs. They might also be surprised to learn how in every territory where Islam has conquered, the result has been consistently the same: institutionalized persecution and subjugation of non-Muslims. What Erdogan proudly refers to as "the time of enlightenment" was actually a very dark chapter for millions of Christians, persecuted and downtrodden as second-class citizens through the dhimma system. (It was also not-so-enlightened for the Muslims themselves, with the Ottoman Empire of the nineteenth century earning from its contemporaries the apt title of "Sick Old Man of Europe.") 

In point of historical fact, Byzantium was the "enlightened" state, innovating (to take but a few examples) hospital-based medical care, philanthropic care for the poor, and a Church-inspired and led ethos of charity and social activism. The beloved Orthodox Christian Saint Basil the Great was an instrumental figure in this movement, as was the "golden-tongued" Archbishop John Chrysostom of Constantinople. Both (among many others) incarnated the Christian ideal of care for the sick and the poor, and spread that ideal to the wider Byzantine society.

All this was destroyed and swept away with the Turkish Muslim victory over Byzantium. In direct contrast, the Turkish Muslims instituted a brutal religious apartheid, imposing tyranny over the conquered Christians, under which all the classic forms of the seventh century Pact of Omar and the Dhimma contract were manifest: Christians had to wear drab, distinctive clothing, give way to Muslims on the street, could not build new churches nor repair existing ones. Crosses were broken off of the remaining churches which were not destroyed or turned into mosques. Their whole way of life was a perpetual state of humiliating decay and enforced subservience. The precept of "collective punishment" meant that if even one Christian disobeyed the terms of the dhimma contract, all would be held responsible, leading to frequent pogroms by the Muslims against the Greeks, often just on the basis of rumors (as seen today in Egypt and other Islamic countries).

Islamic law undergirds Islamic culture, and is thus directly responsible for what is commonly called the Armenian Genocide, which was not merely a single event in 1915 in which 1.5 million Armenian Christians were killed by Turkish Muslims, but which spanned from the anti-Christian pogroms of 1894 to the destruction of the ancient Christian city of Smyrna in 1922, and reverberated up through the anti-Christian riots in Istanbul of 1955. During this whole period, an estimated 3.5 million Orthodox Christian Greeks, Armenians and Syrians were killed, or died of starvation and sickness during forced marches. The Christian population of Istanbul was nearly exterminated during the twentieth century, from over 100,000 in 1920 to approximately only 2,000 today. The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, many of whose predecessors were put to death under Ottoman rule, bravely suffers and struggles on, in spite of the deplorable persecution which surrounds him on every side.

To this day, the Turkish government refuses to accept responsibility for its historically documented genocide against the Christians. And, as seen in Erdogan's chest-thumping remarks, the Turkish Muslims remain obstinately proud of their brutal history, from the centuries of war against Constantinople until its fall in 1453, its centuries of cruel domination of native Christian populations, and its continuation of this supremacist mindset into the present day.

Erdogan and Turkey celebrate the Fall of Constantinople, and the West congratulates them.  "We are continuing to write history today," says Erdogan, and write it — or re-write it — they do, under the somnambulant gaze of craven Western leaders too ignorant, or too fearful, to challenge Islam's claim to moral superiority, historical righteousness and eventual world domination. By their policies, posture and pronouncements, Western European nations, and the United States, are conceding the future to a rapidly re-Islamicizing Turkey, and are aiding in Islam's stated goal of a new, global caliphate determined to conquer us, just as it conquered Constantinople 560 years ago.

Every Turkish celebration of 29 May 1453 is a gauntlet flung down in challenge to the West. Each such event which goes unanswered and unchallenged by the West is another nail in the coffin of Christian culture, human rights, and free people everywhere. There are thus many reasons to repudiate Erdogan's historical revisionism.

But the main reason is simple: it simply isn't true. By Ralph Sidway, guest contributor

UMNO BN Menang Tetapi Mereka Masih Berantakan Dan Meroyan..

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 07:30 AM PDT

Perjuangan Umno sudah tidak bertenaga

KUALA LUMPUR: Selepas keputusan PRU13, parti komponen BN nampak gelabah sehingga ada cadangan untuk menjadikan BN parti tunggal.

Selain itu, ada cadangan membubarkan semua parti komponen menjadi satu sahaja seperti yang disuarakan pemangku Presiden Gerakan, Datuk Chang Ko Youn.

Mesyuarat MT UMNO, Jumaat lalu, bersetuju mewujudkan makmal khusus bagi memperincikan cadangan itu dengan mendapatkan maklum balas dan pandangan ahli di seluruh negara.

AJK PAS Pusat, Ustaz Idris Ahmad berkata, ini ditambah pula kenyataan Tun Mahathir Mohamad yang mengatakan Umno menang bukan kerana kuat, tetapi kerana Melayu berjaya ditakutkan sehingga mereka mengundi Umno pada PRU13.

"Sampai bila Melayu hendak ditakutkan kerana Melayu yang berjaya ditakutkan sudah tidak ramai, sebagaimana orang Melayu sudah tidak ramai yang takut kepada hantu," ujarnya yang juga Ahli Parlimen Bukit Gantang kepada Harakahdaily.

Menurutnya, Umno berada pada situasi yang merbahaya jika hanya mengharapkan Melayu menyokong berdasarkan emosi kerana Melayu yang celik maklumat dan faham agama tidak diserang dengan budaya takut.

Katanya, mereka sedar, Melayu musnah semuanya angkara Umno.

Beliau berkata, golongan ini mula mempersoalkan kenapa setelah 57 tahun merdeka, Melayu semakin tertinggal ke belakang.

Ini, katanya kerana Umno telah khianat amanah untuk membantu orang Melayu.

"Berapa banyak projek yang dikhas untuk orang Melayu gagal diselenggarakan dengan baik.

"Kenapa Umno hendak mengkambing hitamkan kaum lain, supaya Umno terus selamat?" tanya beliau.

Beliau menambah, Melayu terpelajar sudah menganggap, Umno mesti bertanggungjawab terhadap musibah yang menimpa kepada orang Melayu.

"Mereka mahu Melayu yang bermoral dan telus untuk memimpin negara. Umno telah meninggal rekod yang terlalu buruk kepada sejarah perjuangan orang Melayu di negara ini," ujarnya lagi. -HD

Ulasan GB

Genap sebulan selesainya pilihanraya, UMNO BN menang tetapi mereka berantakan dan meroyan seperti mereka yang kalah di dalam pilihanraya itu. Itu sebagai tanda kemenangan mereka adalah kemenangan yang tiada keberkatan.

GB sudah ulas sebelum ini. Petikan:

Hukum kebenaran dan keadilan akan tetap berjalan. Kemenangan dengan penipuan adalah satu jenayah dan tiada keberkatannya.

...kemenangan melalui penipuan adalah kemenangan yang rapuh ... dan ia akan tumbang dengan sendirinya kerana "dasarnya" lemah.

GB amat yakin jika kerajaan Najib dan UMNO BN memperolehi kemenangan dengan cara penipuan, kerajaannya akan tumbang tidak berapa lama lagi.

Dan semua yang terlibat dengan penipuan akan tetap dihukum walaupun penipuan itu licik dan tidak diketahui orang. Tetapi Allah Maha Mengetahui! Anda tidak boleh lari.

Kebatilan tidak akan dapat mengalahkan kebenaran selama-lamanya. Itu hukum alamiah, itu hukum Allah swt!

မုိက္ခ်က္ကေတာ့ ကိုးေလာက္ရွိတယ္

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 04:44 AM PDT

မုိက္ခ်က္ကေတာ့ ကိုးေလာက္ရွိတယ္

အၾကမ္းဖက္မႈေတြကို ဂုဏ္ျပဳလုိ႔
သဘာဝမုန္တုိင္းကို ထုိင္ဆဲေနခဲ့ၾကတယ္…
မွ်တမႈ ခ်ိန္ခြင္လွ်ာကို မ်က္ကြယ္ျပဳလုိ႔
အျပစ္ရွိၾကတဲ့ ငမုိက္သားခ်င္းတူတူ
အေရာင္ခြဲၿပီး သင္းကြဲေနခ်င္ခဲ့ၾကတယ္..

ငါတုိ႔ဟာ ပိုးဖလံလုိ
မီးကို တုိးဝင္ခဲ့ၾကတယ္
ငါတုိ႔ဟာ မာရ္နတ္ရဲ့အေစအပါးဘဝကို
ငါတုိ႔ဟာ ေလာကုတၱရာကိုေမ့လုိ႔
ေလာကီမွာ ထင္ရာစိုင္းေနၾကတယ္

ဒီလိုနဲ႔ ….
မိမိအသက္နဲ႔ ကုိယ္က်င့္တရားကို
အေမွာင္ထဲကို တုိးဝင္ေနလုိက္ၾကတဲ့
ငမုိက္သားေတြပါ တကား…………………………………။

Beware of that thin blue line by Commander (Rtd) S Thayaparan formerly of the Royal Malaysian Navy

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 03:42 AM PDT

From Malaysiakini

"Police are inevitably corrupted. ... Police always observe that criminals prosper. It takes a pretty dull policeman to miss the fact that the position of authority is the most prosperous criminal position available."  - Frank Herbert (God Emperor of Dune)

COMMENT "So, to blame the entire police force as a form of protest is not fair," said Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. I do not blame the entire police force for the decrepit state it finds itself in; I blame the government of the day for that. However since the home minister brought up the subject of "protest", instead of the Black 505 demonstrations perhaps it would be more constructive if Pakatan Rakyat and its supporters (of which I am one) held a massive street demonstration on this long overdue issue instead of picking on Hindraf chief P Waythamoorthy. As far as I can tell, Waythamoorthy is holding up his end of the agreement as far as voicing the concerns of the demographic he claims to represent.

Of course, Hindraf "had to concede issues relating to racism and deaths in custody during negotiations with the ruling coalition to get the concessions and promises of better economic opportunities for Indians" does make any kind of righteous indignation, untenable. When you think of how many Malaysians over the decades have perished from "sudden death" which seems to be the nomenclature of whatever standard operating procedure that works to the detriment of the rakyat that has gone unanswered for decades, the time seems ripe for an outward expression of discontent.

A massive demonstration would remind the authorities that we the people, or at least a symbolic majority of us, object and abhor the violence perpetrated against us by the security forces which are supposed to safeguard our interest.

Opening the Pandora's Box

However, while I see clear lines when it comes to deaths in custody, many others may not. In a piece about the fallout of the murder of A Kugan, I wrote: "Our outrage in some cases is also dependent on the guilt of the parties involved. We are indifferent to the fates of convicted inmates and the unsanitary (and most often criminally negligent) conditions they are housed in when it is the responsibility of the state to administer their welfare." As usual, it is the disenfranchised and marginalised that have it worse, and while they may make up the criminal class of this country, always remember that those higher up on the criminal class structure will never suffer the fate of those without means.

Therefore, while I am contemptuous of the home minister's apparent concern for the "humanitarian" aspect of this issue, I would welcome any party seeking to express their dissatisfaction of the current state of affairs in a peaceful manner by holding demonstrations. Irene Fernandez, who has spent decades and at great personal cost exposing the underbelly of our criminal justice system asks, "Why is there so much resistance from the home minister and prime minister to investigate these cases independently, and to hold those responsible for these deaths accountable? Are they afraid that an independent and transparent police commission will open up a Pandora's Box?"

Yes, that Pandora's Box of race, class and massive corruption if the duelling IGPs are to be believed is something that the establishment wants to keep a lid on. Does not Zahid see the contradiction when he says that those who go beyond the scope of the standard operating procedure (SOP) should be held accountable and in the same breath says that the standard operating procedure needs to be reviewed? No wonder the establishment see fits to ban certain media organisations from their meetings. Moreover, really, who can take anything seriously from a high-ranking minister who advocates emigration for those dissatisfied with how things are done in this country?

Malay-on-Malay violence

Do not make this a racial issue, say pro-establishment partisans. However as I wrote in the Kugan piece, "The Kugan case like most flashpoints when it comes to the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) or any of the enforcement branches of the state reveals simmering race and class tensions that are so often glossed over in this country."
azlanBearing in mind that I dispute the official statistics when it comes to non-Malay deaths in custody, especially when it concerns the Indian population, what of the Malay deaths in custody? My pro-establishment friends are quick to remind me that non-Malay deaths are always played up in the pro-opposition alternative (sic) media. Who cares about the Malays, they ask?

Certainly not Utusan Malaysia, I say. That bastion of Malay rights defenders, which sees fit to demonise every other community in this country but remains strangely silent on Malay-on-Malay violence when it comes to deaths in custody.

I assume it's Malay-on-Malay violence because we are constantly told that these institutions are 'Malay' institutions and because more often than not, the culprits behind non-Malay deaths in custody, specifically Indian deaths, are Indian police personnel. I am assuming the same applies to Malay deaths in custody. My views on race relations in this country are politically incorrect so of course whenever these deaths in custody are brought to light, interested parties would seek maximum political mileage. However the question remains, why do the propaganda organs of the establishment remain silent when it comes to this issue and always drawn attention to the fact that the opposition by highlighting this issue is stirring "racial sentiment"?

State of disrepute

For decades, the establishment promulgated the canard that street demonstrations jeopardised public order and that the police were demonised for merely carrying out their job. Recent events have dispelled this canard. In other words, it was never about us, the public but all about how the police chose to respond to us.
azlanThe same applies to this issue of deaths in custody. There is something wrong with the "standard operating procedure" of our police force. The problem may have been our apathy but at the end of the day, it is the response of the government of the day, which determines the functionality of our security apparatus.

Do not go around blaming the opposition. To any right-thinking Malaysian, it is not what the opposition says or does which has brought the police force into contempt and odium. It is what the government of the day says or does not say, or does or does not do, that has brought the PDRM into a state of disrepute.

Fernandez ended her piece with "It is also indeed equally important for the government to ratify and implement without delay the UN Convention Against Torture to reflect its political will to ensure citizens are free from torture by state and non-state actors."

I would add the treaty to that convention, the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (Opcat) of which Article 1 states: "The objective of the present protocol is to establish a system of regular visits undertaken by independent international and national bodies to places where people are deprived of their liberty, in order to prevent torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."

S THAYAPARAN is Commander (Rtd) of Royal Malaysian Navy.

အဲဒီလုိေတြ ေပၚေပၚတင္တင္ တာဝန္မဲ့ျပေနလုိ႔ကေတာ့ ဘယ္ေတာ့မွတရားဥပေဒစုိးမုိးမွာမဟုတ္ေတာ့ဘူး

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 03:33 AM PDT

အၾကမ္းဖက္အုပ္စုတစ္စုက လုပ္တယ္ပဲေျပာေျပာ ေနာက္ကြယ္ကႀကိဳးကိုင္ၿပီးခုိင္း

လုိ႔ လုပ္တယ္ပဲေျပာေျပာ အဓိကက်တဲ့ျပႆနာရ့ဲ အရင္းအျမစ္ေတြကို မေဖာ္ထုတ္ဘဲ တာဝန္မဲ့သလုိ ထုိင္ၾကည့္ေနရင္ေတာ့ ဒီလိုပဲ ဟုိေနရာက ထပြက္လုိက္ ဒီေနရာက ထပြက္လုိက္ ျဖစ္ေနဦးမွာပဲ။ တစ္ခုၿပီးတစ္ခု တစ္ေနရာၿပီးတစ္ေနရာ အသံထြက္ေနတာ အခ်ိန္ေတာ္ေတာ္ၾကာလာေနၿပီ။ ထိထိေရာက္ေရာက္အေရးယူသံလည္း မၾကားပါ။ လုံၿခဳံေရးဝန္ထမ္းေတြ အေတြ႔အႀကဳံႏုနယ္္လုိ႔ဆုိတဲ့အေၾကာင္းျပခ်က္နဲ႔ ဘယ္ေလာက္ထိၾကာေအာင္ လႊတ္ထားၾကဦးမွာလဲ။ လက္ပံေတာင္းေတာင္မွာ ေျဖရွင္းခဲ့တာ မလက္တုိမွာေျဖရွင္းခဲ့တာ အေတြ႔အႀကဳံႏုတဲ့ ဆရာသမားေတြပဲမဟုတ္လား။ အၿမဲတမ္း ႏႈတ္ဖ်ားက မခ်တဲ့ တရားဥပေဒစုိးမုိးေရးဆုိတာႀကီးကေရာ ဘဂၤါလီလူဦးေရထိန္းခ်ဳပ္ေရးသက္သက္အတြက္ပဲ လုပ္ေဆာင္ေနၾကတာလား။ အဲဒီလုိလုပ္ေနလုိ႔ကေတာ့ ဘယ္ေတာ့မွတရားဥပေဒစုိးမုိးမွာမဟုတ္ေတာ့ဘူး။ အဲဒီလုိ တရားဥပေဒစုိးမုိးေအာင္မလုပ္ႏုိင္ရင္ လက္ရွိတာဝန္ယူထားတဲ့ လုံၿခဳံေရးဝန္ထမ္းေတြေတာ္ေတာ္ရွက္ဖုိ႔ေကာင္းတယ္။ ပြင့္လင္းလူ႔အဖြဲ႔အစည္းမွာ မပြင့္လင္းတဲ့ အုပ္ခ်ဳပ္ေရးနဲ႔ေတြ႔ေနရတာေတာ့ စိတ္ေတာ္ေတာ္ ပ်က္မိတယ္ဗ်ာ။

စစ္အုပ္ခ်ဳပ္ေရးလက္ထက္တုန္းက တစ္ေယာက္ထဲ လမ္းေလွ်ာက္ေနရင္ေတာင္ မဟုတ္တာလုပ္ဖုိ႔မစဥ္းစားနဲ႔။ တစ္ခါတည္း ကြိကနဲေနေအာင္ ဖမ္းလုိက္ၿပီးသား။ အသံေတာင္မထြက္ရဲဘူး။ ခုဟာက လားရႈိးမွာလည္း ေဒါသထြက္ေနတဲ့လူအုပ္ႀကီးဆုိၿပီးေလွ်ာ္လုိက္တယ္။ မိတၳီလာတုန္းကလည္း ေဘးကေနရပ္ၾကည့္ေနခဲ့တာ။ အခုၾကည့္ မရွင္းပဲေနေတာ့ မႏၱေလးမွာ အျပစ္မဲ့တဲ့ ကေလးေတြစာသင္ေနတဲ့ေက်ာင္းေတြကို ေခြးေတြလာေဟာင္တယ္တဲ့။ ဒီလိုေတြျဖစ္ေနတာေတြဟာ လုံၿခဳံေရးပိုင္းကိုကာကြယ္ေနတဲ့ လူေတြဘယ္ေလာက္သိကၡာက်လဲ ကိုယ့္ဖာသာကုိယ္ျပန္စဥ္းစား ၾကည့္ေတာ့ဗ်ာ။ အဲဒီလုိေတြ ေပၚေပၚတင္တင္ တာဝန္မဲ့ျပေနလုိ႔ကေတာ့ ဒီေန႔ ဒီၿမိဳ႕ၾကားရရင္ ေနာက္ေန႔ ေနာက္တစ္ၿမိဳ႕ ထပ္ၾကားရဦးမွာ ေသခ်ာတယ္။
Master Gyi

Malaysia to introduce 'fair' parliamentary committee to oversee Election Commission | Connect Asia | ABC Radio Australia

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 02:30 AM PDT

Malaysia to introduce 'fair' parliamentary committee to oversee Election Commission | Connect Asia | ABC Radio Australia

PET+BLOGSPOT is the ONLINE BLOG of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association or Petpositive.Our stories are CURRENT, ACCURATE and RELIABLE. We offer both local and foreign news on animals, disability and the elderly. PET+BLOGSPOT was first

Malaysia's opposition concedes it may be time to work with Najib government | Asia Pacific | ABC Radio Australia

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 02:29 AM PDT

Malaysia's opposition concedes it may be time to work with Najib government | Asia Pacific | ABC Radio Australia

PET+BLOGSPOT is the ONLINE BLOG of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association or Petpositive.Our stories are CURRENT, ACCURATE and RELIABLE. We offer both local and foreign news on animals, disability and the elderly. PET+BLOGSPOT was first

Justice as liberation and revolutionary praxis

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 01:11 AM PDT

"We do not build, we destroy; we do not proclaim a new revelation, we eliminate the old lie. Modern man, that melancholy Pontifex Maximus, only builds a bridge – it will be for the unknown man of the future to pass over it. You may be there to see him… But do not, I beg, remain on this shore… Better to perish with the revolution than to seek refuge in the almhouse of reaction."

-Alexander Herzen, From the Other Shore, 1855-

In life there are only two certainties: freedom and death. And both are intertwined. Each entails the other. To know and face death is to know and be conscious of one's freedom and the choices that one has. To be free and have freedom necessarily means that one has self-autonomy and it is this that ensures that the process of meeting death is a meaningful one. The more we know that we are dying and choose to face death, the more we are conscious that we have freedom and choose to be free. By doing so one becomes human.

And still up to now, we are being denied this right of freedom. The State that governs us at present is intent on taking away this freedom. It takes away and perverts our right to make choices. And in doing so it deprives us of our humanity.

Hence most of us are already dead even before we die. Life today is a process of dehumanization. When our right to make choices and to determine who governs us is taken away, our whole humanity and dignity is snatched away.

And yet everyday the State preaches to us the ideals of 'democracy', 'rule of law' and the 'courts of justice'. These terms are nothing but meaningless and useless. They serve no purpose other than to disguise the violence and injustice that it perpetrates on its people everyday. These are added on to the plethora of empty and obscene phrases that continue to contaminate our minds and languages everyday such as race, religion, privileges and unity.

Those who understand the nature of power and the State will know that such phrases no longer carry any force. The costumes of race and religion have already been stripped bare. What is left now is only crude and brutal force and power. More so when the government of the State derives its legitimacy not from popular sovereignty but through force and coercion afforded to it by the abuse of State apparatus and machinery.

The State will use everything – the electoral bureaucracy, the legal bureaucracy, the judiciary, the religious bureaucracy, the police – to maintain its power and position. To maintain the interests and position of the government that sits within it. To protect those that sit in the highest echelons of the government.

Everything else is just illusions. To blind us. To desensitize us. To dehumanize us.

Oppression and injustice is tangible, and it exists in the material world. When Adam Adli was arrested under the Sedition Act, we are reminded of this. Only 66-years old ago, a certain individual by the name of Ahmad Boestamam was also charged and fined by the British for writing and distributing the Testamen Politik A.P.I. The Testamen begins with the following:


"Di-dalam-nya ada di-terangkan dengan sechara ringkas tetapi padat tentang tenaga pemuda, pergerakan pemuda di-dunia, pergerakan pemuda di-Malaya dan juga tentang pergerakan A.P.I. (Angkatan Pemuda Insaf) dan tujuan2 politik-nya. 

Moga2 buku ini akan mendatangkan faedah kepada pemuda2 Melayu am-nya dan pemuda2 A.P.I. khas-nya.

Pemuda2 Melayu – Insaf-lah."



It is true then that some things do not change. The British have come and gone, replaced by newer leaders, but the structures and features have remained the same; that of the feudal State, and injustice and oppression.

It is because that some things do not change, and refuse to change, that we seek the total overthrow and change of the existing State, including all its structures and institutions. Nothing less than that will do. We are reminded of Boestamam's Testamen:


"Begitu pula dalam pergerakan kebangsaan. Kalau pemuda itu tidak dapat bergerak dan lambat berhasil-nya chita2 dengan sechara sehat, maka tidak keberatan bagi mereka untuk memilih jalan yang keras dan radical seperti memberontak."


Reform and gradual changes will not do. The people cannot wait. We cannot stand idle while our brothers and sisters continue to be dehumanized and are subjected to live in inhumane conditions each day.

They are not slaves and objects at the mercy of State, waiting each day to be given drug-like subsidies and handouts that only continue to keep them in a state of slavery and dazed.

The calls to return to 'democracy' and the 'rule of law' and the 'courts of justice' are nothing but disgusting lies and hypocrisy at the highest levels. Save all of this for those who refuse to take a position and who are incapable of differentiating between right and wrong, justice and injustice or oppression and liberation. As Bakunin says:


"The Left says, two times two are four; the Right, two times two are six; and the middle-of-the-road compromises say two times two are five." They never answer yes or no; they say: "To a certain extent you are right, but on the other hand…" And if they have nothing left to say, they say: "Yes, it is a curious thing."


There is no purpose in talking about 'democracy', 'rule of law', what is law or unlawful, and what is legal or illegal anymore, when the State practices two different standards of law: one for the rich and powerful, and one for the poor and weak.

We are all familiar with these lines 'Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men?' But do we remember and still hear the screaming's of a young boy and his mother? Screaming cries of injustice for the death of the father who the boy has never met? Or the screams of sadness and injustice of a weeping mother and family for a son whose death has been caused by those in institutions within the State?

Do you hear their screams crying for justice and retribution? Who speaks for them? Who speaks for the dead? Who speaks out against the rich and the powerful? Against the oppressors and perpetrators of injustice? There is nothing more to be said.

Burn. Let the State and institutions burn to the ground until they become ashes. So a new humanity can arise from this grave of ashes. A new humanism can only be achieved through popular and radical resistance and protest in the material world.

For those who feel that this is just an emotional and mad diatribe seeking to promote hatred of the State, this is not. Far from that, this is a rational, systematic and conscious attempt to seek for the total overthrow of the State and its institutions that oppress, dehumanize and inflict injustice on its people.

Some have said that they can forgive, but they cannot forget.

For us, we will not forget, and we will not forgive.

[VIDEO] Chegu Bard Mengaku Tidak Bersalah, Dakwa Berkait Dgn Politik Dalaman Umno-BN

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 03:15 AM PDT

Pengerusi Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM), Badrul Hisham Shaharin, 35, mengaku tidak bersalah di Mahkamah Sesyen Petaling Jaya hari berkenaan penganjuran Himpunan Suara Rakyat 505 di Padang Timur MBPJ pada 25 Mei lalu.

Badrul Hisham atau dikenali CheguBard didakwa di bawah Akta Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2012 kerana gagal memaklumkan kepada Ketua Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya dalam tempoh 10 hari sebelum program tersebut berlangsung.

Beliau didakwa mengikut Seksyen 9(1) Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2012 dan jika didapati bersalah, boleh didenda tidak lebih RM10,000.

Pendakwaan dilakukan Timbalan Pendakwaraya, Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin manakala Badrul Hisham tidak diwakili peguambela.

Hakim, Yasmin Abdul Razak menetapkan 9 Julai depan untuk Timbalan Pendakwaraya menyerahkan dokumen kes dan pelantikan peguambela Badrul Hisham.

Badrul Hisham dibebaskan tanpa ikat jamin selepas Yasmin berpuashati bahawa beliau hadir ke mahkamah dengan rela. Beliau juga menghubungi pihak polis selepas pihak berkuasa itu gagal menyerahkan saman kepadanya.

Ketika di luar mahkamah, Badrul Hisham menyatakan kes pendakwaan ke atasnya ada kaitan dengan permainan politik dalaman Umno-BN melibatkan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

"Pemilihan Umno akan berlaku tidak lama lagi. Zahid tidak sedar bahawa kamu masuk dalam perangkap (Datuk Seri) Najib Razak dan (Tun Dr) Mahathir Mohamad. Kamu diberi jawatan Menteri Dalam Negeri untuk dirosakkan imej kamu.

"Hari ini setiap hari usaha merosakkan imej Menteri Dalam Negeri itu berlaku. Jauh daripada itu rakyat menjadi mangsa permainan politik dalam Umno-BN," katanya.

Menurutnya, Dr Mahathir ingin mempersiapkan keluarga dan saudara maranya selesa di dalam Umno-BN manakala Najib menyusun strategi untuk kebaikan Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

Smarter or Dumber?

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 08:00 PM PDT

Is humanity getting smarter or dumber with time? The answer may be both.

While IQ scores are rising at a remarkable rate, humans' underlying genetic potential for smarts could be on the decline, a new study suggests. The research found that by one measure of intelligence, the Victorians had modern folk beat.

The findings aren't without controversy — particularly whether or not the measurements used really reveal intelligence. Still, the study highlights the trouble with measuring intelligence over time: Smarts aren't defined as just one thing. What makes a person clever on the African Savannah could be nearly useless in the financial centers of Hong Kong.

"It's not simply that intelligence is going down or going up," said Michael Woodley, a psychologist at Umea University in Sweden who led the new research. "Different parts of intelligence could be changing in lots of different ways." [Life's Extremes: Smart vs. Dumb]

Are you smarter than your grandma?

The world is full of evidence that modern humans have more going on upstairs than their ancestors did: Smartphones. Heart transplants. A basic understanding that germs cause diseases.

Beyond these technological advances, though, is another hint that humans are getting smarter. It's called the Flynn effect, named after intelligence researcher James Flynn, an emeritus professor of the University of Otago in New Zealand.

Since IQ, or intelligence quotient, tests have been revised and standardized several times in the past 100 years, to see the Flynn effect, scientists have their volunteers take tests designed for previous generations. Flynn and his colleagues have found that all around the world, the new generations score higher on the old tests than the original test takers did.

The increases are no small matter, either — they vary by geography, but tend to be around three extra IQ points per decade. [Creative Genius: The World's Greatest Minds]

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Isu IPCMC: Selepas Kena Belasah Menteri BN Buat U-Turn

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 12:15 AM PDT

Paul Low kata akan cadangkan penubuhan IPCMC dalam mesyuarat Kabinet esok

KUALA LUMPUR, 4 Jun – Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Paul Low berjanji hari ini akan mencadangkan penubuhan Suruhanjaya Bebas Aduan dan Salah Laku Polis (IPCMC) dalam mesyuarat Kabinet esok dikala peningkatan kematian dalam tahanan.

Akan tetapi Low, menteri yang menguruskan permasalahan integriti dan rasuah enggan memberitahu sama ada beliau menyokong penubuhan IPCMC selepas mesyuarat dengan Pengarah Strategi MIC S. Vell Paari dan NGO India hari ini.

"Itu saya tidak boleh cakap; Saya berjanji akan kemukakan permintaan mereka," kata Low kepada The Malaysian Insider hari ini.

Vell Paari memberitahu The Malaysian Insider hari ini kedua-dua menteri MIC - presiden parti Datuk Seri G. Palanivel yang mengetuai Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar dan Timbalan Presiden Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam - dilantik sebagai Menteri Kesihatan - akan menyokong penubuhan IPCMC.

"Rakyat secara umumnya tidak gembira dan marah dengan isu ini dan mahu melihat tindakan diambil serta merta," kata Vell Paari, merujuk kepada kematian dalam tahanan.

Low mengakui awal hari ini "sesuatu perlu dilakukan" sebelum lebih ramai mati ditangan polis.

Kumpulan hak asasi manusia Suaram mengatakan baru-baru ini lapan orang telah mati dalam tahanan polis dalam lima bulan tahun ini. Salah seorang daripada mereka N. Dharmendran, mati kerana dipukul berkali-kali, menurut laporan bedah siasat semasa berada dalam reman polis di ibu pejabat kontigen polis Kuala Lumpur, di sini pada 21 Mei.

Suaram juga mengatakan terdapat 218 kes kematian dalam tahanan yang didakwa berlaku di Malaysia dari tahun 2000 hingga bulan ini, dengan rekod menunjukkan sembilan daripada kes tersebut berlaku pada tahun 2012.

Kes terbaru kematian dalam tahanan adalah P. Karuna Nithi, 42 yang ditemui mati di lokap balai polis Tampin, Negeri Sembilan Sabtu lepas.

Majlis Peguam, kumpulan masyarakat sivil dan beberapa ahli politik dari kerajaan dan pembangkang telah mendesak IPCMC ditubuhkan untuk melaksanakan reformasi terhadap pasukan polis semenjak 2006.

IPCMC dicadangkan pada 2005 oleh suruhanjaya diraja yang dipengerusikan oleh bekas Ketua Hakim Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah tetapi ditentang oleh polis, seharusnya berdasarkan kepada model Suruhanjaya Bebas Aduan Polis United Kingdom (IPCC), termasuk badan pemantau polis lain di New South Wales dan Queensland di Australia dan Hong Kong.

Presiden Persatuan Kesejahteraan Rakyat dan Hak Asasi (POWER) S. Gobi Krishnan berkata semasa menyuarat hari ini dengan Low IPCMC adalah "suruhanjaya sempurna" untuk mengelakkan penyalahgunaan kuasa oleh polis, menurut Vell Paari.

"EAIC tidak mempunyai kuasa untuk mengambil tindakan disiplin terhadap anggota polis yang melanggar undang-undang, manakala IPCMC mempunyai kuasa penuh," kata Vell Paari memetik Gobi Krishnan merujuk kepada Suruhanjaya Integriti Agensi Penguatkuasaan (EAIC).

Badan pengawasan penguatkuasaan EAIC mempunyai satu penyiasat untuk 19 agensi dan bajet tahunan RM7 juta, menurut Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Nor Afizah Hanum Mokhtar.

Beliau memberitahu The Malaysian Insider semalam EAIC telah menerima 469 aduan sehingga 31 Mei tahun ini sejak ia ditubuhkan pada tahun 2011, dengan 353 aduan terhadap polis. Dua puluh satu aduan telah dibuat terhadap Jabatan Imigresen, 15 terhadap JPJ, 10 terhadap Kementerian Kesejahteraan Bandar, Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan, dan sembilan terhadap Jabatan Kastam.

Nur Afizah Hanum mengatakan, bagaimanapun, masih belum menerima aduan kematian dalam tahanan, tembakan polis, atau serangan oleh pegawai-pegawai penguatkuasa.

No show, meeting Rescheduled

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 08:24 PM PDT

Is there so difficult to get your 15 mins meeting time?

Meeting has been rescheduled and rescheduled and rescheduled since last week until today... the person is not showing in the meeting now and I bet the meeting will reschedule again. SIGH~ Is this an indicator to me that i should move on? Or just that i think too much... >.>

Anyway, i think i gotta let the person know that this could not be continued as i got annoyed by this kind of arrangement especially I need to cut down my lunch time, rushing through the meal, getting out from an enjoyable update from colleagues and quickly get into the meeting. Wait...Wait and Wait... NO SHOW!!!  or received reschedule meeting appointment. This show how important am i... it's time to move on...

How would you have done if you gotten this situation?

Another one!

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 08:19 PM PDT

See for yourself!

Ya Allah..Jemputlah Selalu, Aku Dan Keluarga ku, Adikbradik Dan Sanak Saudara ku, Orang2 Islam Yang Aku Sayangi Dan Hormati, Dan Mereka Yang Tidak Berkemampuan, Jejak ke Tanah Suci...Ameen...

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 04:34 AM PDT



Apa Binatangnya "Red Bean Army" Itu?

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 08:22 PM PDT

Tuduhan "Red Beans Army' dibiayai DAP terbukti bohong

KUALA LUMPUR, 4 JUN: Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, Berita Harian dan Star didakwa menyiarkan berita yang tidak berasas mengenai 3,000 tentera siber "Red Beans Army" kononnya dibiayai DAP, bukannya berdasarkan fakta dan kebenaran yang sepatutnya menjadi pegangan wartawan akhbar berkenaan.

Ketua Parlimen DAP, Lim Kit Siang berkata, bagaimana mereka yang kononnya bergelar wartawan boleh bersekongkol mencipta penipuan mengenai 3,000 tentera siber "Red Beans Army" dibiayai DAP yang hanya wujud dalam imaginasi liar mereka.

Katanya, pembohongan mengenai Red Beans Army yang kononnya dibiayai DAP hanya sebahagian daripada jalan cerita yang lebih besar sejak Januari lalu untuk memburuk-burukkan DAP dengan pembohongan dan penipuan serta paling menyedihkan apabila terdapat bekas ahli dan pemimpin DAP yang bersedia untuk bertindak begitu hina dengan berbohong dan menipu untuk meneruskan agenda UMNO/BN.

Kit Siang yang juga Ahli Parlimen Gelang Patah berkata, siasatan awal mendapati satu konspirasi yang dibiayai UMNO telah dilancarkan tiga bulan sebelum pembubaran Parlimen, 3 April lalu untuk memburuk-burukkan DAP, termasuk dongeng 3,000 tentera siber "Red Bean Army".

"Mereka mendakwa DAP kononnya dengan bajet setinggi RM100 juta sehingga RM1 bilion sepanjang enam tahun lalu membiayai tentera siber "Red Beans Army" bertujuan membunuh karakter pemimpin UMNO/BN di ruang siber.

"Penyebar utama pembohongan "Red Bean Army" adalah media cetak milik UMNO/BN, termasuk Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, Berita Harian dan The Star, baik sebelum atau selepas Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13, pada 5 Mei lalu.

"Pembohongan dan penipuan mereka tidak menjejaskan DAP kerana tiada siapa yang mempercayai mereka – jika tidak sudah tentu DAP gagal memenangi 38 kerusi Parlimen dan 95 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri pada PRU ke-13 lalu," katanya.

Menurut Kit Siang bagi menjustifikasikan pelaburan UMNO/BN ke atas mereka, mereka yang ingkar terhadap DAP itu meneruskan kempen penipuan mereka terhadap pemimpin DAP.

Katanya, sehingga kini, kepimpinan DAP mengabaikan mereka kerana tidak releven dan sekiranya mereka terus dengan pembohongan dan penipuan terhadap pemimpin DAP, maka mereka hendaklah bersedia untuk didedahkan kedurjanaan mereka. -Roketkini

Ulasan GB

Memetik tulis Ahmad Lutfi Othman di dalam FBnya:

Tuduhan 3,000 tentera siber Red Bean Army yang dikatakan didanai oleh DAP, apatah lagi dengan bajet sehingga RM1 bilion memang melucukan, anehnya Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara pun boleh memberi komentar dengan nada serius. Saya sendiri tak faham bagaimana rakan-rakan media bekerja di Utusan dll, yang memanipulasi isu ini semahunya.

Sebenarnya, Umno ini sering buat tuduhan kepada lawan politiknya berdasarkan apa yang sebenarnya dia lakukan ... Semuanya hanya ada pada imiginasi dia sahaja. Sampai bila dia nak dapat sokongan dan simpati berdasarkan siri pembohongan dan pendustaan?

Austria: Teachers told not to cover Turkish jihad invasions of Europe, to avoid offending Muslims

Posted: 04 Jun 2013 04:54 PM PDT

Why is negation of history common? This makes sense. After all, they're conquering Europe now, due to insane immigration policies and Europe's own pusillanimity. Only "Islamophobes" stand in the way of the Islamization of Europe now, and everyone knows that "Islamophobes" are beyond the pale of social acceptability. Why rub it in about the long-gone days when Europeans put up some resistance to the jihad? "Vienna: Teachers Told Not to Cover the Topic of Turkish Sieges in Class In Case Immigrant Children Feel Offended," by Cheradenine Zakalwe for Islam Versus Europe, June 3

Out of consideration for immigrants of Turkish background teachers in a Vienna elementary school have been advised to no longer cover the topic in their teaching. Whoever does not comply is threatened with being transferred, reports the newspaper Krone. After all the Turks could feel insulted when they are reminded of their defeats. The Turkish wars are of major significance for Austrian history, however. Vienna alone twice faced major Turkish sieges - and beat back the attackers both times. Parents are angry about the initiative of the Vienna headmasters; even the Krone speaks of a "falsification of history". Hat tip: Jihad Watch

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