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PRK Kuala Besut Mesti Dikendali ‘SPR Baru’ - Nurul Izzah

PRK Kuala Besut Mesti Dikendali ‘SPR Baru’ - Nurul Izzah

PRK Kuala Besut Mesti Dikendali ‘SPR Baru’ - Nurul Izzah

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 11:02 AM PDT

Hanya 'SPR baru' yang layak mengendalikan pilihan raya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri Kuala Besut, Terengganu, kata ahli parlimen Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar.

"(Pilihan raya kecil) Kuala Besut hanya dilaksanakan bila ada pimpinan SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya) yang baru dan credible (wibawa).

"Nak teruskan dengan dakwat yang sama, dengan pimpinan (SPR) yang sama?

"Pada saya ini tak boleh diterima pakai," kata Nurul Izzah ketika membahaskan titah ucapan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong di Dewan Rakyat, hari ini.

Adun Kuala Besut, Dr A Rahman Mokhtar meninggal dunia pada 26 Jun 2013, di Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Kuala Terengganu akibat kanser paru-paru.

SPR Terengganu dalam kenyataannya hari ini memberitahu, pilihan raya kecil DUN Kuala Besut boleh diadakan dalam tempoh 60 hari mulai tarikh pewartaan kekosongan DUN selewatnya hingga 27 Ogos depan.

Dalam pada itu, Nurul Izzah turut mengusulkan pemulihan segera SPR melalui satu jwatankuasa parlimen bagi melantik pengendali pilihan raya yang baru dan berwibawa.

"Dewan yang mulia ini mesti sedar bahawa mandat majoriti 51% yang diamanahkan kepada Pakatan Rakyat memberikan hak dan kuasa mewakili suara majoriti rakyat Malaysia.

"Kehendak Rakyat menuntut agar sistem pilihan paya yang nyata gagal dan pincang mesti dipulihkan," tegas Nurul Izzah. -KD

Libyan Intelligence: Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi Involved in U.S. Consulate Attack

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 07:56 AM PDT

According to a Libyan intelligence document, the Muslim Brotherhood, including Egyptian President Morsi, were involved in the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, where several Americans, including U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, were killed.

Image of the Libyan intelligence document

On Wednesday, June 26, several Arabic websites, including Veto Gate, quoted the intelligence report, which apparently was first leaked to the Kuwaiti paper, Al Ra'i.  Prepared by Mahmoud Ibrahim Sharif, Director of National Security for Libya, the report is addressed to the nation's Minister of Interior.

It discusses the preliminary findings of the investigation, specifically concerning an "Egyptian cell" which was involved in the consulate attack. "Based on confessions derived from some of those arrested at the scene" six people, "all of them Egyptians" from the jihad group Ansar al-Sharia ("Supporters of Islamic Law), were arrested.

According to the report, during interrogations, these Egyptian jihadi cell members "confessed to very serious and important information concerning the financial sources of the group and the planners of the event and the storming and burning of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi…. And among the more prominent figures whose names were mentioned by cell members during confessions were: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi; preacher Safwat Hegazi; Saudi businessman Mansour Kadasa, owner of the satellite station, Al-Nas; Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad Hassan; former presidential candidate, Hazim Salih Abu Isma'il…"

It should be noted that these findings are unsurprising: the supremacism of prominent Brotherhood figure Safwat Hegazi is such that he publicly declares the Brotherhood "will rule the world";  Saudi Mansour's hate-mongering, pro-Brotherhood TV station repeatedly aired footage of the YouTube Muhammad movie inciting violence around the Muslim world; popular Sheikh Muhammad Hassan holds that smiling to non-Muslims is forbidden, except when trying to win them over to Islam;  and Sheikh Hazim Abu Ismail is simply an openly anti-freedom, anti-infidel religious leader.

As for President Morsi, a video made during the consulate attack records people speaking in the Egyptian dialect: as they approach the beleaguered U.S. compound, one of them yells to the besiegers, "Don't shoot—Dr. Morsi sent us!" From Raymond Ibrahim.

Priest Reportedly Beheaded in Syria

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 08:01 AM PDT

Two Christians, one of them a priest, have been beheaded by militants because they were suspected of cooperating with the Syrian military, according to an Al-Alam report. A video uploaded to the internet yesterday shows two men with their hands bound, surrounded by dozens of people, many of them armed and cheering in celebration. Note: Video Below Article

The two are brutally executed – beheaded with a small combat knife. Echoing previous beheading recorded by insurgents, the head is held up to the cheers of onlookers and then placed on the body. This month has seen an escalation in sectarian atrocities committed by insurgents, who have been publicly armed and supported by America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other actors. Indeed, the atrocities are coinciding with further arms transfers – with new advanced weaponry witnessed in the hands of militants in the past number of weeks.

The most recent beheading recorded on video and uploaded to the internet, reportedly took place in Idlib countryside. Recently, a Catholic priest was executed by foreign militants. The monastery in which he resided was burnt and looted, echoing the events of a massacre in Homs last month which resulted in the entire population of a Christian village being wiped out and their houses and possessions burnt. Two Christian bishops who were kidnapped by Chechen gunmen in Aleppo earlier this year, are still missing.

As well as Christians, Shia villages are receiving the brunt of a boldly-confident insurgency. This newly-found confidence has resulted in having just recently received confirmation of America's intent to supply them with more weapons. Last week, militants massacred dozens of villagers in the province's town of Hatla. Since then, summary executions and sectarian house-to-house raids have taken place.

The following video is extremely graphic and viewer discretion is advised. Many thanks to Arabi Souri, a Syrian activist for the translated version of the video. Syria Report

Morsi Must Go! By Deroy Murdock

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 07:40 AM PDT

Muhammad has had it with the Muslim Brotherhood. From the moment we meet, it takes the 30-something Egyptian three minutes, tops, before he expresses his crashing disappointment with his government. "On June 30, you will see another revolution," he predicts, as we approach the Egyptian Museum. "Millions of Egyptians will fill Tahrir Square and other squares around the country. We want the Muslim Brothers out!"As we admire sarcophagi, masks, and mummies in this legendary palace of antiquities, Muhammad barely can contain his frustration with current events. 

"The Muslim Brothers," as he and others here call them, "have craved power for 85 years. Now they have it, and they cannot run anything. We were happy to be rid of Mubarak, but right now, we would take him back." Egyptians rallied for 18 days in early 2011 until their autocratic president stood down. Now 85, Hosni Mubarak is on trial for corruption and complicity in killing protesters during the uprising. Muhammad is in the tourism industry. (Like others in this article, his identity is obscured for his protection.) "I used to work four days a week," Muhammad laments. "Now, I work four days a month."

Thanks to President Mohamed Morsi's economic mismanagement, Egyptians have seen unemployment rise from 8.9 percent when Mubarak got booted to 13.2 percent today. Annual GDP growth, which was 5 percent in 2010, slowed to 3.3 percent in 2012 (although it was just 2.2 percent last quarter), according to Foreign-exchange reserves have plunged from $36 billion in December 2010 to $16 billion last month. No surprise, the Egyptian pound, which was 5.5 to the U.S. dollar when Mubarak resigned, now is 7.0. While this exchange rate dazzles visiting Americans, Egyptians wilt beneath this 27 percent loss in buying power.

The Muslim Brothers' economic agenda seems to involve printing money; borrowing from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar; and awaiting a new $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund. Egyptians also are coping with energy shortages. These include rolling blackouts and gasoline lines that Deya Abaza describes in Ahram Online as "a recurring feature of Egypt's post-revolutionary landscape." "My best year was 2010," Muhammad says. "I was saving money to buy a house. Now, I have lost one third of my savings. My dreams have been crushed." One educated Anglophone Egyptian considered her prospects so grim that she recently used Craigslist to seek someone to marry her and whisk her overseas.

"Very big. Very big," one cabbie predicts about June 30 as we fight rush-hour traffic. He continues in what one observer calls Earth's lingua franca: Broken English. "Morsi out! Mubarak no good. Morsi no good. Same same." The U.S. embassy will close that day, "in anticipation of demonstrations that may turn violent."  Continued here..........

A day of mourning for those persecuted in Islamic regimes

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 07:20 AM PDT

Recently in Canada an event was held to highlight the plight of those suffering persecution in Muslim nations, and the complicit silence of the majority of our politicians and chattering classes on this matter. For while some Western governments continue to persecute counter-jihad fighters for the truth, some Islamic states continue to murder Christians with impunity.

Christine Williams is a Federally appointed Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, a member of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center Task Force Against Anti-semitism, and a nine-time, international award-winning talk show Host and Producer at CTS TV in Burlington, Ontario. She has also contributed several articles to Jihad Watch. Blazing Cat Fur and Blogwrath have more on the event. Hat tip: Jihad Watch

ရန္ကုန္တိုင္းသတင္းဂ်ာနယ္အယ္ဒီတာ ဦးစည္သူေအာင္နွင့္ဘီဘီစီေတြ႔ဆံုေမးၿမန္းခန္း

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 06:46 AM PDT


Apa Sahaja Yang Dibeli Kerajaan Malaysia Akan Lebih Mahal

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 07:31 AM PDT

Peningkatan kos pembelian 'dakwat kekal yang tidak kekal' bagi Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 (PRU-13) lalu didakwa meningkat tiga kali ganda daripada kos yang dikeluarkan pada pilihan raya sebelumnya iaitu sebanyak RM7.1juta.

Pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke 12 (PRU-12) tahun 2008 lalu, jumlah kos yang digunakan untuk pembelian dakwat kekal oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) adalah sebanyak RM2.4 juta walaupun dakwat kekal itu dimusnahkan selepas tidak dibenarkan oleh kerajaan beberapa hari sebelum pilihanraya berlangsung.

Ahli Parlimen Seremban, Anthony Loke berkata, jumlah pengundi pada 2008 adalah sebanyak 10.9 juta orang manakala pengundi pada 2013 adalah sebanyak 13.2 juta orang dan ia melibatkan pertambahan hampir 20 peratus sahaja.

Menurutnya, pertambahan pengundi sebanyak 20 peratus menyebabkan peningkatan kos dakwat kekal sebanyak tiga kali ganda adalah sangat mengejutkan.

"Saya amat terkilan dengan jawapan dari SPR melalui Menteri Di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim semalam yang mendedahkan jumlah kos untuk penggunaan dakwat kekal dalam PRU-13 adalah sebanyak RM7.1 juta," katanya dalam satu sidang media di lobi Parlimen di sini hari ini.

Beliau mempersoalkan kos pembelian sangat tinggi oleh Kerajaan Pusat untuk membeli sesuatu barangan.

Sebagai contoh, Kerajaan India menyumbangkan 40,000 botol dakwat kekal kepada Cambodia bagi tujuan pilihan raya dengan kos RM2.8 juta (US$877,800) pada 19 Jun lalu.

"Mengapa perbezaan kos ini begitu ketara dan apa sahaja yang dibeli oleh Kerajaan Malaysia sentiasa lebih mahal?.

"Semuanya lebih mahal, kereta perisai lebih mahal, kapal selam pun lebih mahal," soalnya lagi.

Dalam pada itu, beliau menggesa Kerajaan Pusat mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap pembekal dakwat berkenaan yang gagal mematuhi spesifikasi ditetapkan.

Bagaimanapun, pembekal dakwat berkenaan dilindungi oleh SPR yang merahsiakan maklumat syarikat tersebut atas sebab keselamatan.

Menurut Anthony, tiada sebab maklumat pembekal dakwat berkenaan dirahsiakan kerana PRU-13 sudah berakhir.


Posted: 27 Jun 2013 05:55 AM PDT


27 Jun 2013


Saya menjunjung kasih Titah Ucapan DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong sewaktu pembukaan Penggal Pertama Parlimen ke-13 pada Selasa yang lepas dan saya bersyukur kerana diberikan peluang untuk turut serta dalam perbahasan titah ucapan ini.

Terlebih dahulu, saya ingin merakamkan ucapan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kepada warga P.121 Lembah Pantai yang buat kali kedua memberikan amanah yang cukup besar lagi bermakna kepada saya untuk menjadi Wakil Rakyat Lembah Pantai di Dewan yang Mulia ini.

Saya memetik firman Allah, yang bermaksud:

"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, janganlah kamu mengkhianati Allah dan Rasul (Muhammad) dan (juga) janganlah kamu mengkhianati amanat-amanat yang dipercayakan kepadamu, sedang kamu mengetahui." Surah Al-Anfal ayat 27

Semoga Allah memberikan taufik hidayah dan kekuatan kepada kita yang terpilih untuk menjalankan tugas dengan baik, jujur dan cekap.

Tuan Yang diPertua,

Perlembagaan Teras Kenegaraan

Saya menyahut dengan penuh taat setia akan saranan titah DYMM agar "memelihara, melindungi dan mempertahankan Perlembagaan Persekutuan."

Sememangnya Perlembagaan berfungsi sebagai teras kenegaraan dan menjadi titik permulaan sebuah kerajaan demokratik.

Apabila Seri Paduka Baginda YDP Agong bertitah mengenai Perlembagaan ia membawa maksud bahawa Tujuan atau Maqasid Perlembagaan menjadi tunggak kepada negara kita yang tercinta. Hakikat ini harus kita fahami dengan tuntas dan jelas.

Sesungguhnya Tujuan Perlembagaan adalah untuk melahirkan DEMOKRASI TULEN dan bukan DEMOKRASI PALSU.

Justeru, segala usaha untuk mewujudkan 'Titik Persefahaman' yang disarankan baginda mahupun 'Pendamaian Nasional' atau National Reconciliation yang ditawarkan Pengerusi BN; mesti dimulakan dengan Meluhurkan Perlembagaan kearah Memulihkan Demokrasi yang mesti bersifat TULEN; yang menjadi Teras Legitimasi Kerajaan dan Kenegaraan kita.

Rukun Pertama Demokrasi Tulen adalah Pilihanraya yang Bersih, Bebas dan Adil.

Rukun Kedua Demokrasi Tulen adalah Mandat Majoriti Rakyat 51% sebagai Suara Teramai sistem Perwakilan Demokrasi (Democratic Representation) mesti diutamakan.

Rukun Ketiga Demokrasi Tulen adalah menjaminkan Prinsip Pemisahan Kuasa demi kepentingan rakyat bukan kepentingan kroni.

Jika tiga rukun asas Demokrasi Tulen ini tidak diwujudkan, saya khuatir titah baginda untuk 'memelihara, melindungi dan mempertahankan Perlembagaan' Persekutuan akan diENGKARI oleh Parlimen ke-13 ini? Bukankah ini satu PENGKHIANATAN dan perbuatan DERHAKA?

Yang diPertua,

Pilihanraya Bersih Asas Demokrasi

Rukun Pertama Demokrasi Tulen adalah Pilihanraya yang Bersih, Bebas dan Adil

Dewan mulia ini mesti sedar bahawa MANDAT MAJORITI 51% yang diamanahkan kepada Pakatan Rakyat – memberikan Hak dan Kuasa mewakili suara majoriti rakyat Malaysia – dengan jelas dan jitu.

Dewan harus sedar bahawa Pakatan Rakyat adalah Wakil Sah untuk Majoriti Rakyat dari segi Demokrasi dan BN hanya kerajaan Minoriti.

Ini bermaksud juga bahawa BN sebagai kerajaan Minoriti mesti menuruti saranan maupun kehendak rakyat atau dengan izin 'The People's Will' yang Majoriti.

Mungkin ada yang memperlekehkan kemenangan 51% dengan merujuk kepada keputusan pilihan raya Presiden atau negara lain di mana undi popular tidak menentukan pembentukan kerajaan tetapi pada hakikatnya, 51% tetap suara majoriti. Bukankah ini petanda sistem pilihan raya mesti diperbaiki agar jurang serta kontradiksi ini dihapuskan?

Apakah Kehendak Rakyat atau 'The People's Will' sekarang?

Kehendak Rakyat menuntut agar Sistem Pilihan Raya yang nyata gagal dan pincang mesti dipulihkan dengan melaksanakan Pemulihan segera dibawah satu Jawatankuasa Parlimen dan mengadakan Pilihan Raya Baru dalam tempoh 12 bulan dari tarikh pembukaan Parlimen ke-13 ini.

Ini bermaksud bahawa Kehendak Rakyat atau 'The People's Will' melihat PRU 13 sebagai PRU Transisi yang telah mewujudkan kerajaan Minoriti sementara sebelum diadakan PRU baru yang benar-benar Bebas, Bersih dan Adil.

Rakyat tahu bahawa lima tahun telah diberikan kepada SPR untuk membuat penambahbaikan sistem Pilihan Raya. Suara Rakyat melalui NGO-NGO seperti Bersih maupun Jawatankuasa Terpilih Parlimen pada 2011 nyata ditolak dengan alasan-alasan yang tidak munasabah lagi berpihak kepada BN.

Malah, kepincangan SPR terbukti apabila dakwat kekal yang dijamin tidak dapat dibasuh 7 hari terus hilang dalam 7 minit. Kenyataan oleh Datuk Kamaruddin Baria, Setiausaha SPR pada 28 April 2013; "Untuk pengundian awal ini, pengundi-pengundi akan dicalit dakwat kekal pada jari telunjuk sebelah tangan kiri. Dakwat kekal ini berbeza warnanya berbanding dengan pengundian biasa dan akan melekat pada jari selama tujuh hari.

Percanggahan atau kontradiksi isu dakwat kekal terus menebal apabila Menteri Kesihatan Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam mengakui tidak pernah diminta oleh SPR sebarang laporan untuk mengurangkan bahan kimia 'silver nitrate' atas alasan kesihatan.

Gambaran yang diberikan kepada rakyat bahawa dakwat kekal mengandungi bahan kimia 'silver nitrate' yang diperlukan untuk kekal dijari selama 7 hari diteruskan dengan taklimat cara mengguna dakwat termasuk keperluan menggoncang botol selama 30 saat.

Nyata sekali kesemua kenyataan, sidang media dan taklimat mengenai kesahihan dakwat kekal adalah PALSU apabila semalam dalam jawapan Parlimen YB Segambut, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kasim mengaku pula bahawa "Tiada kandungan bahan-bahan kimia digunakan dalam dakwat tersebut sebaliknya ianya digantikan dengan penggunaan bahan-bahan pewarna makanan yang diluluskan."

Perbuatan mengelirukan mengenai dakwat kekal memenuhi keperluan seperti yang digazetkan adalah satu 'False Claim' atau 'Kenyataan Palsu' yang memiliki Unsur Jenayah 'Fraud' atau 'Penipuan'. — saman ke atas 8 responden SPR

Kerana itu, pengkhianatan pelaksaan rukun PR sebegini harus diambil tindakan, tidak memadai dengan perletakan jawatan in toto pimpinan SPR. Kita akan menyaman lapan pimpinan utama SPR kerana gagal dan menipu dalam pelaksanaan dakwat kekal ini.

Usaha mengalih pandangan serta memperkecilkan unsur dakwat kekal sebagai satu elemen utama kesahihan proses pilihan raya seperti yang dinyatakan oleh Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan bahawa dakwat kekal tidak penting kerana Malaysia bukan negara ketiga sekali gus menunjukan bahawa logik jika negara sudah maju sudah tentu sistem pilihan raya kita sudah patut Bersih, Bebas dan Adil?

Oleh demikian yang lebih utama adalah kegagalan fungsi penggunaan dakwat kekal sebagai satu elemen penting dalam proses Pilihanraya secara langsung menjadikan PRU ke-13 CACAT (Defective) dan TIDAK SAH (Null and Void).

Bukankah ini PENGKHIANATAN Besar SPR kepada rakyat dan MENDERHAKAI titah baginda agar Perlembagaan dipertahankan?

Sekiranya keputusan mahkamah membuktikan bahawa pimpinan SPR jelas memperdayakan rakyat dan negara dalam pelaksanaan dakwat kekal, maka

tidak dapat kita ketepikan kemungkinan sebuah deklarasi dibuat oleh DYMM dengan diperkenankan oleh Majlis Raja-Raja dan Ketua-Ketua Negeri selaras dengan Perlembagaan bahawa SATU PILIHAN RAYA UMUM baru mesti diadakan dalam tempoh 12 bulan.

Sebaliknya, saya bimbang sekiranya tuntutan Sah Kehendak Rakyat untuk Pemulihan Sistem Pilihan Raya dan Pilihan Raya Umum Baru sekali lagi dinafikan – Rakyat Majoriti akan memilih untuk menghayati Tujuan Perlembagaan – dengan membentuk Parlimen 'Rakyat' sebagai institusi baru Demokrasi Tulen yang akan menobatkan kerajaan Rakyat baru.

Maka saya minta penjelasan dari menteri yang berkenaan, tatkala kita sedar satu Pilihan Raya Kecil akan diadakan di DUN Kuala Besut, apakah reformasi atau perubahan yang akan dilakukan terhadap SPR dan dakwat kekal yang tidak kekal ini, demi membuktikan sistem pilihan raya negara mampu dipulihkan?

Sesungguhnya, Tujuan Perlembagaan untuk Demokrasi Tulen mesti dipertahankan.

Yang diPertua,

Mandat Majoriti Rakyat, Kuasa Sah Demokrasi

Rukun Kedua Demokrasi Tulen adalah Mandat Majoriti Rakyat 51% sebagai Suara teramai sistem Perwakilan Demokrasi (Democratic Representation) mesti diutamakan.

Adalah tidak bertanggungjawab apabila rakyat diminta menerima keputusan PRU 13 yang diragui sedangkan usaha rakyat bersuara mengenai kepincangan PRU cuba disekat, diugut dan lima patriot yang ditahan serta didakwa dengan Akta Hasutan.

Perbuatan memangsakan rakyat atau menakutkan rakyat tidak boleh diterima lagi.

Perdana Menteri telah mengumumkan pada 11 Julai 2012 bahawa Akta Hasutan 1948 akan dimansuhkan dan bakal digantikan dengan sebuah akta baru – Akta Keharmonian Nasional.

Rakyat masih menunggu jika YAB Perdana Menteri mempunyai 'Political Will' untuk menerima 'People's Will' agar negara bebas dari undang-undang lapuk warisan penjajah lama seperti Akta Hasutan.

Sekiranya YAB Perdana Menteri tiada 'Political Will', saya mengajak beliau untuk melihat atau mengguna terus Rang Undang-Undang Hasutan (Pemansuhan) 2013 yang telah saya sediakan dan akan serahkan kepada Setiausaha Dewan dan Tan Sri Speaker hari Isnin, dalam usaha saya dan rakan-rakan dari Pakatan Rakyat memastikan demokrasi yang lebih baik dizahirkan di bumi tercinta ini.

Saya turut ingin bertanya, jika kita lihat kenyataan-kenyataan dan pengumuman-pengumuman yang dibuat YAB Perdana Menteri, berapa banyak dari pengumuman-pengumuman ini, seperti pemansuhan Akta Hasutan dan sebagainya, yang masih belum dilaksanakan dan mengapa ia masih tinggal pengumuman?

Bayangkan, sekiranya Pilihan Raya Bersih, Bebas dan Adil dilaksanakan, Majoriti 51% sudah cukup untuk membentuk sebuah kerajaan dimana segala janji Manifesto Pakatan Rakyat seperti Pendidikan Percuma, Penurunan Harga Minyak, Kereta, Letrik, Perumahan Mampu Milik, Kenaikan Royalti Minyak 20%, permit teksi individu dan banyak lagi sudah terlaksana untuk semua rakyat tidak kira jika ada yang mengundi BN.

Nyata keputusan PRU 13 lepas walaupun menghadapi pelbagai usaha, cubaan maupun perancangan jahat telah menetapkan bahawa semua bangsa tidak kira agama telah memberikan Mandat Majoriti Rakyat 51% kepada Pakatan Rakyat.

Yang telah membuat pilihan ini bukannya Tsunami satu bangsa sahaja malah yang memilih merupakan Tsunami Rakyat semua bangsa. Negeri Selangor sebagai contoh, mempunyai 50% pengundi Melayu, 34% pengundi Cina, dan 14% pengundi India, tetapi Pakatan Rakyat telah memenang sebanyak 78.5% kerusinya. Bagaimana kesimpulan 'Tsunami Cina' ini diperolehi Pengerusi BN kerana analisa pengundi yang keluar mengundi mengikut bangsa mungkin menunjukan bahawa majoriti bangsa Melayu telah mengundi Pakatan Rakyat? Adakah kertas undi diletak tanda? Adakah undi rakyat bukan rahsia lagi?

Kedudukan rasmi agama Islam, kedudukan istimewa bangsa Melayu dan Bumiputera, kedudukan bahasa kebangsaan maupun sistem Raja berperlembagaan TETAP menjadi Teras Kenegaraan kita.

Teras ini tidak pernah dipertikaikan rakyat tetapi pelaksanaan terpilih dasar-dasar yang kurang adil yang menguntungkan golongan kecil yang berselindung sebalik retorik perkauman, agama dan istana yang ditolak rakyat majoriti.

Rakyat majoriti 51% menolak hasutan perkauman yang diapi-apikan.

Rakyat majoriti 51% menolak penyalah gunaan kuasa.

Rakyat majoriti 51% menolak rasuah.

Rakyat majoriti 51% menolak propaganda media perdana.

Rakyat majoriti 51% menolak fitnah dan konspirasi jahat terhadap sesama manusia.

Dan Rakyat majoriti 51% menolak Barisan Nasional.

Yang diPertua,

Kuasa diKongsi; Rakyat Sejahtera

Rukun Ketiga Demokrasi Tulen adalah menjaminkan Prinsip Pemisahan Kuasa demi kepentingan rakyat bukan kepentingan kroni.

Semenjak tahun 2010, saya telah memperjuangkan Agenda Pemulihan Demokrasi yang berpaksikan kepada Pemansuhan Deklarasi Darurat yang telah ditolak oleh Speaker Dewan ini tetapi akhirnya telah diusulkan perkara yang sama oleh Perdana Menteri pada 2011.

Agenda Pemulihan Demokrasi (APD) juga menyarankan agar dipinda maupun dimansuhkan akta-akta yang nyata anti-demokratik seperti ISA, AUKU dan PPPA.

Agenda ini juga menyarankan dipinda Akta Pembangunan Petroleum agar Petronas diletakkan dibawah Parlimen.

Agenda ini juga menuntut sistem Pilihan Raya diBersihkan.

Dan Agenda ini juga meminta agar Reformasi Politik dijadikan tiang kelima Agenda Transformasi Nasional ketika itu yang tertumpu kepada hanya empat tiang iaitu ETP, GTP, 1Malaysia dan RMK 10.

Kesemua usaha ini bertujuan untuk dikembalikan Prinsip Pemisahan Kuasa (principle of separation of power) agar kuasa politik dan kekayaan Negara tidak dipusatkan kepada segelintir kecil golongan elit tetapi dikongsi bersama dengan rakyat secara saksama.

Pemisahan Kuasa ini termasuk Reformasi Parlimen dimana Wakil Rakyat dengan Mandat Rakyat mendapat 'Kuasa untuk Rakyat' melalui sistem Jawatankuasa Tetap Parlimen di dalam aspek Ekonomi, Kewangan, Keselamatan, Kesihatan, Pendidikan, Pengangkutan, Perdagangan dan seterusnya.

Tujuan Jawatankuasa adalah untuk memantau serta menjadi wadah usahasama membangunkan dan mentadbir Negara. Insitusi Parlimen yang dimartabatkan sudah tentu menjadikan hak dan kepentingan rakyat sebagai agenda utama.

Bayangkan, jika fungsi Parlimen dimartabatkan segala pembaziran, ketirisan dan kerakusan rasuah yang memiskinkan rakyat dapat dihentikan. Mungkinkah kemerosotan daya ekonomi akibat rasuah serta lelemahan struktural yang mengakibatkan negara jatuh dari tangga ke-10 kepada ke-25 dalam indeks keyakinan perniagaan terbaru dapat dielakkan?

Bayangkan, jika fungsi Parlimen dimartabatkan, maka prestasi pendidikan Negara dapat dipantau dan diberikan penekanan sewajarnya agar hak semua pihak terpelihara termasuk isu biasiswa dan penempatan guru-guru secara adil.

Bayangkan, jika fungsi Parlimen dimartabatkan segala projek dan penswastaan yang mengakibatkan kos sara hidup meningkat seperti harga minyak, tol, letrik, beras, kereta, harga rumah dan banyak lagi dapat ditentang dan disekat.

Bayangkan, jika fungsi Parlimen dimartabatkan, projek mega pertama diumumkan bajet 2012 seperti MRT bernilai RM40 billion yang diumumkan sebagai projek pembiayaian swasta (private financing initiative) tetapi kemudian kita dapati Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat mengeluarkan sukuk RM 36 billion melalui Jentera Pembiayaan Khas (Special Purpose Vehicle) tidak akan dibenarkan memasukan sukuk atau bon untuk berhutang ke dalam liabiliti luar jangka kerajaan (contingent liability) yang mengakibatkan hutang kerajaan rasmi dan 'tersorok' melebihi 67% KDNK?

Bayangkan, jika fungsi Parlimen dimartabatkan, maka isu pengangkutan awam seperti KLIA2 yang lewat dan melambung kos berbilion-bilion ringgit pasti dapat diatasi. Bukankah kelewatan persiapan KLIA2 sudah dijangkakan dan telah ditimbulkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat termasuk isu keadaan tanah yang tidak sesuai tanpa mendapat maklumat penuh berbanding jika adanya Jawatankuasa Tetap Parlimen mengenai Pengangkutan?

Oleh itu, maklumat apakah yang digunakan oleh Perdana Menteri ketika itu yang dengan penuh yakin mengumumkan pada 5 Januari 2013 bahawa KLIA2 akan dirasmikan pembukaan pada 28 Jun 2013? Saya minta YAB Perdana Menteri berikan jawapan. Saya kira janji yang dibuat PM akhirnya gagal ditepati, apabila jawapan parlimen Kementerian Pengangkutan menunjukkan tarikh terbaru iaitu pada 2 Mei 2014. Itupun setelah saya dan Ahli Parlimen PJ Utara menyiarkan gambar terbaru perkembangan KLIA2 yang jelas belum selesai sepenuhnya. Kita harus memastikan pemegang saham UEMC-Bina Puri Joint Venture seperti YB Senator Tan Sri Datuk Tee Hock Seng memikul tanggungjawab kelewatan pembinaan KLIA2 dan memastikan syarikat yang gagal tidak boleh diberikan peluang sekali lagi.

Apa lagi maklumat kurang tepat atau 'palsu' yang disogokan kepada rakyat yang sepatutnya dapat diatasi melalui fungsi pemantauan dan timbang tara sistem Jawatankuasa Tetap Parlimen?

Bayangkan, jika fungsi Parlimen dimartabatkan maka Petronas dan syarikat-syarikat GLC dapat dipantau untuk kepentingan rakyat. Berapa billion ringgit daripada lebih RM2 trillion hasil keuntungan Petronas dimana RM700 billion iaitu 30% keuntungan telah diserahkan kepada kerajaan yang dapat di'selamatkan' daripada pembaziran dan ketirisan untuk kegunaan kepentingan rakyat dan bukan keuntungan berlebihan segelintir kroni?

Bayangkan, jika fungsi Parlimen dimartabatkan maka krisis jerebu tahunan dapat diatasi sekiranya pemilik-pemilik syarikat perladangan Indonesia milik warga Malaysia diambil tindakan serta usaha pencegahan yang sewajarnya.

Bayangkan, jika fungsi Parlimen dimartabatkan, maka Pilihanraya juga sudah pasti Bersih, Bebas dan Adil.

Selain daripada saranan penubuhan Jawatankuasa Tetap, Parlimen juga mesti diberikan kuasa meratifikasikan perjanjian antarabangsa. Ketika ini, kerajaan tidak perlu mendapat persetujuan Parlimen dan ini mengancam hak serta kepentingan rakyat.

Sebagai contoh, didalam masa terdekat ini diharap kuasa meratifikasikan atau pengesahan perjanjian antarabangsa oleh Parlimen akan diberikan memandangkan kedaulatan ekonomi Negara kita serta hak ekonomi semua bangsa termasuk bumiputera bakal diancam dengan Perjanjian Perkongsian Trans-Pasifik (TPPA) dimana perbincangannya dirahsiakan dan impak negatif kepada Negara tidak jelas.

Adalah penting untuk diketahui bahawa rakan perjanjian TPPA seperti Amerika Syarikat memerlukan segala perjanjian perdagangan diratifikasikan oleh Kongres sendiri. Hak demokrasi ini juga mesti diamalkan oleh Parlimen Malaysia.

Bayangkan, kami, selaku wakil rakyat – saya, Ahli Parlimen Kelang, Ahli Parlimen Kelana Jaya, tidak diberi akses penuh kepada laporan analisa kos-faedah (cost benefit analysis) pra TPP yang disediakan oleh UNDP – sedangkan laporan tersebut sepatutnya menjadi teras kepada justifikasi penandatanganan TPP. Kami dijanjikan laporan tersebut minggu ini, dan akan setia menunggu daripada MITI. Dan saya harus menambah, kesemua kementerian lain wajib mencontohi MITI dalam usaha berinteraksi berkongsi maklumat dengan ahli-ahli Parlimen PR.

Malangnya, kita melihat sekali lagi usaha menafikan hak wakil rakyat memainkan fungsi pemantauan serta timbang tara apabila Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed telah menyatakan dalam jawapan beliau di Parlimen bahawa tidak perlu diwujudkan sebuah Jawatankuasa Parlimen khas buat Perjanjian Tran Pasifik ini.

Walau bagaimanapun, saya tetap akan meminta hak MERATIFIKASIKAN Perjanjian Tran Pasifik oleh Parlimen dilaksanakan. Ini akan memberikan peluang wakil rakyat menjalankan tugas dan amanah memelihara kepentingan rakyat. Maka saya minta menteri memberi penjelasan, adakah perjanjian TPPA ini akan dibentangkan untuk perbincangan di Parlimen, demi ketelusan dan kebaikan rakyat?

Oleh itu, siapa yang akan untung dan siapa yang akan rugi jika Parlimen dimartabatkan?

Tuan Yang diPertua,

Negara Musnah; Demokrasi Palsu

Saya juga ingin menyanjung titah baginda, "Janganlah berbuat sesuatu perkara yang boleh memusnahkan negara."

Dalam konteks ini, saya percaya Negara bakal musnah jika Demokrasi Palsu tidak diUbah dan tidak diPulihkan. Adalah diharap satu era baru Reformasi Politik dan Parlimen akan dimulakan sebagai komponen penting bersama Reformasi Pilihanraya untuk membina Malaysia yang lebih baik.

Oleh itu, Adakah Negara Musnah jika kita ada Pilihanraya Bebas, Bersih dan Adil?

Adakah Negara Musnah jika ada Demokrasi Tulen?

Adakah Negara Musnah jika Mandat Majoriti 51% Rakyat diUtamakan?

Saya juga turut menyanjung titah baginda, "Kerajaan beta komited untuk memartabatkan Islam berteraskan Maqasid Syariah dan akan terus memelihara kedudukan Islam sebagai agama rasmi bagi Persekutuan."

Oleh itu, Adakah Islam membenarkan penipuan didalam Pilihanraya?

Adalah Islam membolehkan salah guna kuasa dan rasuah?

Adakah Islam mengizinkan fitnah dan hasutan perkauman digunakan?

Tuan Yang diPertua,

Pilihanraya Bersih Baru sebelum Pendamaian Nasional

Islam ada mengajar kita membuat sesuatu mengikut Tata Tertib dan mendahulukan keutamaan besar dari yang kecil.

Oleh demikian, secara mudah jika BN jujur untuk patuh kepada titah baginda untuk "memelihara, melindungi dan mempertahankan Perlembagaan" serta "Memartabatkan Islam..", maka adalah wajib untuk melaksanakan Pemulihan Demokrasi dalam bentuk Reformasi Politik dan mengadakan Pilihanraya Bersih, Bebas dan Adil terlebih dahulu sebelum dilaksanakan 'Pendamaian Nasional'.

Seperti yang disebut oleh Ahli Parlimen Gelang Patah, dan harus disahut oleh PM: This should be a national reconciliation, not a national retaliation!"

Ini adalah tuntutan suara Majoriti Rakyat 51%.


IGP Khalid has no honour, says Puchong MP

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 07:28 AM PDT

Today I asked a senior Police officer, whether the IGP will resign, he actually laughed! The 3 most honorable professions in the world are soldiering, nursing and teaching. The Politicians and the Police apparently come no where near them.

From Malaysiakini

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar is now highly discredited, with the High Court implicating him in covering up the cause of death of suspected car thief A Kugan, Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo says. "It must have been brought to the notice of the prime minister that the conduct of the IGP was seriously in question with the case of Kugan pending, but yet the prime minister felt it fit for him (Khalid) to be appointed as IGP. "Now, the prime minister is highly embarrassed and he has only himself to blame for not realising the obvious, which is that the court could well find against Khalid in the case, which it ultimately did," Gobind said in a statement yesterday.

kugan samples raided by police 080409 01Yesterday, the Kuala Lumpur High Court implicated that Khalid, in attempting to cover up Kugan's death in January 2009, did not correct his statement that Kugan died of pulmonary edema (fluid accumulation in lungs), despite a second autopsy report finding that Kugan had died of kidney failure as a result of his beatings.

The court also questioned the "unilateral" action of Khalid, who was then Selangor chief police officer, to investigate V Navindran, whom judge VT Singham implied could possibly be a scapegoat, for "causing hurt to extort a confession" instead of murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code or manslaughter under Section 304.

Gobind said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak should re-examine his decision to appoint Khalid as IGP, and pointed out that Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi too was facing a lawsuit "How does the prime minister talk of greater governance and transparency with appointments like these? "In fact, the prime minister should perhaps go to the Federal Court tomorrow (today) morning in Putrajaya to hear for himself arguments in the case involving the allegations against his home minister," he said.

Gobind was refering to the case of businessperson Amir Bazli Abdullah, whom he is representing in court and who is accusing Ahmad Zahid of assault.

Syria: Civil War Death Toll Now Over 100K, War Spills Over To Lebanon

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 07:04 AM PDT

BEIRUT (AP) - More than 100,000 people have been killed since the start of the Syrian conflict over two years ago, an activist group said Wednesday. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which has been tracking the death toll in the conflict through a network of activists in Syria, released its death toll at a time when hopes for a negotiated settlement to end the civil war are fading.

It said it had tallied a total of 100,191 deaths over the 27 months of the conflict, but Observatory chief Rami Abdul-Rahman said he expected the real number was higher as neither side was totally forthcoming about its losses. Of the dead, 36,661 are civilians, the group said.

On the government side, 25,407 are members of President Bashar Assad's armed forces, 17,311 are pro-government fighters and 169 are militants from Lebanon's Hezbollah, who have fought alongside army troops. Deaths among Assad's opponents included 13,539 rebels, 2,015 army defectors and 2,518 foreign fighters battling against the regime.

Entry of the foreign media into Syria is severely restricted and few reports from the fighting can be independently verified.
The total amount of dead in the Israeli-Palestinians conflict since 1948 is less than 15,000, and yet it's the biggest travesty on this planet to many. What gives?

Earlier this week, sectarian tensions drew Lebanon's weak army into the fray. Eighteen soldiers were killed in a two-day battle between the army and supporters of a radical Sunni sheik in the southern city of Sidon. The army had earlier reported 17 deaths and said Wednesday that another soldier died of his wounds in a hospital. 
The conflict reached the capital Beirut on Wednesday when masked men ambushed a bus and attacked the approximately 30 people aboard with knives, a Lebanese official said. He said 10 people were wounded in the attack in the eastern part of the city, including five Syrians, two Palestinians and three Lebanese, the officials said. He spoke anonymously in line with regulations. 
Lebanon's state-run National News Agency said the bus was carrying Syrians headed to a TV studio in the eastern Sunday Market district to take part in a cultural program. It said there were eight attackers, who fled the area.
Have you noticed how the "international community" is silent about Palestinians being knifed? What gives? Hat tip : Eye On The World

She is Israel’s staunchest defender in the British press

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 07:07 AM PDT

The woman Britain's left loves to hate
The book chronicles her evolution from the one-time darling of the British left to one of its most hated figures – "she-devil of the Western world," as Phillips puts it. From her platform in Britain's second-largest newspaper, The Daily Mail, she has become famous for stinging attacks on the establishment, accusing it of deliberately destroying the fabric of British life by promoting multiculturalism and denying the religious nature of Muslim terrorism. She is Israel's staunchest defender in the British press, a global warming "denier" and an opponent of gay marriage. Melanie scorns the leftists at 3:48 in the clip below

Hat tip: EoZ

Possibility of the Syrian civil war spilling across its borders

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 04:13 AM PDT

Netanyahu tells troops northern training is 'not theoretical'
The exercise came as an increasingly skittish Israel is preparing for the possibility of the Syrian civil war spilling across its borders. Earlier this month, rebels briefly took control of the Quneitra border crossing, bringing the two-year civil war to the Jewish state's doorstep.
While stressing that he was not challenging anyone, the prime minister warned that "no one will attack the State of Israel without a strong and decisive response."
Hat tip: EoZ

Canada was ranked the most educated country in the world,

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 04:13 AM PDT

Israel Tied for Second Most Educated Country
According to Canadian newspaper The Windsor Star, Canada was ranked the most educated country in the world, with 51 percent of its population aged 25-64 possessing a college or university degree. Tied for second place are Japan and Israel, both with 46 percent. The United States, with 42 percent of its population holding college degrees, was ranked third.
Hat tip: EoZ

Germany Bends as Turkey Plays Domestic Violence Card

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 07:06 AM PDT

The decision to reopen Turkey's EU membership negotiations represents a shameful submission by Germany to Turkey. Conflict between the two countries flared last week after German Chancellor Merkel made relatively innocuous remarks about Erdogan's crackdown on protesters. This was greeted with threatening remarks from Turkey.
Critical words by Turkey's European affairs minister against Chancellor Angela Merkel have apparently gone too far for the German government. On Friday, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle summoned Turkey's Ambassador to Germany to the Foreign Ministry, a source told SPIEGEL ONLINE. 
Westerwelle is currently on a short visit to Ukraine, and Turkish Ambassador Hüseyin Avni Karslioglu will instead be asked to meet with another Foreign Ministry official. Earlier this week, Merkel expressed her concern over actions by Turkish security forces against protesters in Istanbul and other cities. The chancellor said she had been shocked by police deployments she found to be "too harsh". 
For Turkish Europe Minister Egemen Bagis, such criticism crossed the line. "If Ms. Merkel is looking for domestic political material for her elections, that material should not be Turkey," Bagis told reporters on Thursday. "If Ms. Merkel takes a closer look, she will see that those who mess about with Turkey do not find an auspicious end."
Source: Spiegel

He also urged Merkel to consider not only the thousands of German companies that do business in Turkey but also the "3.5 million blood brothers" who live and vote in Germany. Bagis allegedly also told European politicians that Turks in Germany could launch mass demonstrations against Merkel and that he couldn't guarantee stability in Germany were that to happen. Merkel reportedly was furious and interpreted Bagis' comments as a direct threat. Ankara had also said that there would be a "strong reaction" were talks cancelled altogether.
Source: Spiegel

10-Year-Old Girl 'Married' to 50-year-Old

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 04:10 AM PDT

LAHORE:  A 10-year-old girl was forcibly married off to a 50-year-old man Malahanwala, Hafizabad under the 'vani' custom to compensate for her father's second marriage in district.

Muhammad Akram, the girl's father, had abducted a woman named Munawaran Bibi, whom he later married out of love, reported the police. Muawaran was Akram's second wife. Following this, the village 'panchayat' (court) decided to give Akram's daughter's hand in marriage to Munawaran's middle-aged brother Falak Sher. Read the whole article here..........

Members of Oxford sex ring 'threatened to cut off the face one of their victims and decapitate her baby after she tried to tell police about years of abuse'

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 04:09 AM PDT

Members of a sadistic paedophile ring convicted of grooming vulnerable underage girls for sexual exploitation threatened to decapitate the baby of one of their young victims, a court heard today. The Old Bailey in central London was also told that one of the Oxford-based sex ring's victims has considered suicide while another suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the abuse. Statements from some of the victims' parents were read out in court ahead of the sentencing of the gang, in which they described how the seven defendants had ruined their daughters' lives.

Bassam Karrar
Mohammed Karrar

Evil: Six of the defendants listened from the dock, but the court heard that Mohammed Karrar (left), 38, had refused to come up from the cells. He was convicted last month with his brother, Bassam Karrar (right), 34 Continue here for the article in full.....

(China) Knife-Wielding Mob Kills 17

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 04:08 AM PDT

At least 27 people have been killed and three others injured after knife-wielding gangs went on the rampage through a town in far western China, according to state media. The Xinhua news agency said mobs attacked police stations, a local government building and a construction site in the Turpan Oasis in the Turkic-speaking Xinjiang region. Nine police officers and security guards, as well as eight civilians, were killed before police shot dead 10 of the attackers.

The death toll from the unrest was the worst in the restive region since July 2009, when nearly 200 people were killed in riots in the regional capital Urumqi, involving local predominantly Muslim Uighurs and ethnic Han Chinese. Xinhua said Wednesday's unrest erupted at about 6am in the remote township of Lukqun, about 120 miles southeast of Urumqi. 

Gangs attacked officials and civilians, stabbing people and setting fire to police vehicles, Xinhua reported. Continue here for the article in full.................

Jewish Woman Raped with 'Unusual Cruelty'

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 04:07 AM PDT

A Palestinian Authority resident Arab has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for attacking a young Israeli couple in Tel Aviv and brutally raping the young woman. Ahmed Bani Jaaber of Shechem confessed to the crime as part of a plea bargain

Jaaber's female victim opposed the plea bargain, because it did not require him to confess that he was motivated by nationalist hate. A confession that the attack was motivated by hatred of Israelis and Jews could have given the victim recognition as a victim of terrorism, which would mean additional government assistance in rehabilitation.

The attack last year made national headlines, due to both its brutality and the attacker's brazenness in targeting victims in the centrally located Gan Ha'Ir mall. The case was initially under a rare gag order. Continue here for the article in full........

Muslims Threaten Lawyer for Defending Christian Sexual Harassment Victims

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 04:06 AM PDT

PATTOKI, PAKISTAN (Worthy News)– The chief lawyer defending Christian women who were reportedly sexually abused by activists of Pakistan's ruling party said Monday, June 24, that Muslim militants have threatened to kill him if he and his legal team continue with this case or others, including attacks on a Christian neighborhood and rape.

Sardar Mushtag Gill, who heads the Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD) group, told Worthy News that he and a friend were "forcibly stopped at gunpoint by three armed men" Sunday, June 23, while driving home on a motorbike after meeting the mistreated women and their family in Sereser Chak No. 21 village, in the Kasur district of Punjab province.

"After we were stopped at Bypass Multan road they threatened to kill us while shooting in the air," Gill recalled. "I am confused that they didn't tell anything else…They just terrified us by their [potentially] deadly act", he added. Gill, 32, said he had spoken with the recently attacked Christians about presenting a petition on June 24 asking the nearby Pattoki Court to detain the suspects, who have been linked to the governing Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N). 

He explained that sisters Arshad Bibi, Sajida Bibi and Sauriya Bibi, were abused by armed men and an influential landlord because goats owned by the women allegedly entered the landlord's fields and damaged crops. Continue here to the article in full....

London Hate Preacher Pushes for Muslim Vigilante Squads

Posted: 27 Jun 2013 04:04 AM PDT

Extremist preacher Anjem Choudary has lent his support to a new Muslim protection group, the Islamic Emergency Defence (or rather IED sounds more like 'Improvised Explosive Devices'-Edit) , with an emergency phoneline to report Islamophobia. The new organisation, which Choudary has promoted on his Twitter feed, ostensibly aims to combat Islamophobic abuse, saying "it should not be the case that Muslims are intimidated into pacifism, or adopt a silent approach in the hope that the problem will just 'disappear'. 

"Hooliganism, for want of a better word, is unfortunately, on our streets and Muslims are being systematically targeted with physical and verbal abuse."

anjem choudary
Anjem Choudary has lent his support to a new Muslim protection group
It continues: "This does not mean that Muslims should become hooligans themselves or resort to mindless violence like the perpetrators; however, he should neither remain passive." Continue to the article  here...

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